Knowing the Exact Metrics For Your Google Ads Campaigns So It Can Perform Flawlessly
DashClicks Team
May 3rd, 2022 at 03:30 PM

Knowing the Exact Metrics For Your Google Ads Campaigns So It Can Perform Flawlessly

Understanding the user’s intent is the key to success in marketing and advertising. Since it’s difficult to crack the user intent code, you can use user data to solve the sales riddle. Your message should match with the people’s needs and wants. And Google Ads has been developed to help you with this.

The only platform that can compete with Google in terms of sheer vast user data is Facebook, and Google wins hands down because of its ever-increasing search query volume. The latest data by Statcounter suggests the share of searches on different platforms is heavily tilted in favor of Google and its properties.

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Search query becomes a powerful indicator of intent as it reflects the searcher’s state of mind. It proves that Google Ads is the king of all the ad platforms when it comes to creating adverts based on user intent.

Therefore, Google Ads is still the most popular advertising platform compared to Bing Ads and social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc.

Now, it’s crucial to understand the paid search metrics that matter the most for marketers. This article will provide you with the top 10 Google Ads metrics that marketers are using across the globe.

1. Impressions

Impressions are simply the number of times an ad appears before a user. Usually, it’s flashed either by Google or Google Display Network. However, it can’t be determined if every time an ad is shown on a SERP, it’s indeed seen by a user or not.

2. Clicks

Clicks is a highly relevant metric as it reflects the active responses your ad receives. When your ad catches someone’s attention and they feel compelled to click the blue link, it’s known as a “click”. It will still be counted as a click even if users aren’t able to reach your website after clicking the blue link, because of issues such as poor Internet connection or a 404 error.

3. Cost

Money is an important consideration as it decides whether you’re able to achieve your goals within your budget or not. It tells you how expensive your campaign has been so far.

4.  Average Cost Per Click

This metric tells you how expensive the clicks have been in your campaign. Divide the overall money you’ve spent on your campaign by the number of clicks you have received and you’ll find out the CPC.

5. Conversions

Conversion is a metric that shows whether a user has taken the desired action or not after clicking the blue link. It can be a newsletter sign-up, filling up a subscription form, web page visit, a pdf download, a survey, landing page views, or simply impressions.

Goals of Conversion Strategies

6. Impressions by Campaign

Impressions by campaign” is used when you need to compare the performance of different campaigns. Classify the total number of impressions by each campaign you ran and you’ll receive the numeric value of this metric.

7. Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

CTR is a critical metric that tells you the rate or ratio of people actually clicking your ads out of those who just happen to see your ad. Divide the total number of clicks by the number of impressions your ad receives and you’ll get the CTR.

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8. CTR by Ad Groups

When you run Google Ads, you divide the ads based on the set of keywords targeted. These divided segments are known as ad groups. So, CTR by ad group stands for the CTR of each ad group.

This metric helps you discover the keywords and topics that have the necessary volume to generate results.

9. CTR by Campaigns

When the click-through rate is studied with respect to individual campaigns, the metric is known as CTR by campaigns. This metric helps you in multiple ways. For example, you get to know which keywords, ad groups, and campaigns are yielding the best results and generating engagement.

10. Cost Per Conversion

This is one of the most critical metrics that determines which strategy to continue with and what to chuck out. It gives you the average cost per conversion in a campaign. To determine this metric, divide the total cost of the campaign by the number of conversions.

Remember, conversion is not always referred to as a prospect turning into a paying customer. A conversion is the attainment of anything that you set as your campaign objective, such as a signup or download, etc.

Track All Your Crucial Paid Search Metrics in One Place

As discussed above, there are several crucial metrics that marketers need to track for an actual assessment of your campaign performance. However, it can be a nightmare to track them separately. One way to remove this hassle is to go for Google Ads Integration into DashClicks’ white-label platform. It lets you visualize your campaign performance in a single dashboard with the help of graphics and tables. It also allows you to generate ad reports instantly for your own review purposes, or share them with your clients along with your branding on them.

Google Ads Integration with DashClicks’ White-Label Platform

When you avail DashClicks’ Google Ads Fulfillment service, you get access to our white-label platform trusted by thousands of agencies worldwide for its quality Google Ad services.

Google Ads Campaign Interface

When you implement our Google Ads Integration, you get detailed reports at the ad sets and campaign level. These reports facilitate you to analyze numerous pieces of random data by presenting them at a granular level. They also provide you with the insights into the campaigns and ad sets that are performing at the top and what you need to do to further improve their performance.

KPI Reporting and Campaign Monitoring

What sets this platform apart from others is the fact that it allows you to get the desired KPIs with a single click. So, you don’t need to dig through loads of complicated datasheets. Differentiate between what’s performing and what’s not without getting into the tedious process of analysis and manual reporting. With Google Ads Integration into our White-Label-Platform, you can streamline everything and save hours of productive time from being wasted in manual processes.

Google Ads Integration With DashClicks

Search and Shopping

Another feature of our Google Ads Integration is that you can combine both search and shopping ads through it. You can easily separate both types of campaigns to discover the ones that are delivering the best performance and ROI.  With it, there is no place for guesswork and exporting numerous reports to understand the campaigns.


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