Mastering the Agency Foundation So You Can Grow Your Agency
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 05:05 PM

Mastering the Agency Foundation So You Can Grow Your Agency


Have you laid the foundation for your agency?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks talks about mastering the agency foundation so you can grow your agency! This video is a highlight from the seventh video of our YouTube series, Marketers Mindset.


We had an influx of order, like I’m talking about like hundreds of orders in this store that we had. Our system has started to start slowly, you know, a couple things leak through the cracks. And what do you do? You fix them, you optimize them, you fix them, you go in. That’s like what we do, right?
So guys, the first thing that I’m going to talk to you about today is this whole lesson and I’m going to be upfront with you guys is going to be built off of the dash accelerator program right here. Okay. So obviously I’m sure most of you guys have heard or know of the dash accelerator program. So I’m going to talk to you guys and I’m going to give you guys used to sneak peek of what’s in that program. And not only that, I’m going to educate you guys obviously at the same time and entertain you. Okay? So here we go. So the first topic that we need to go over is this is your agency. And when we do this, like an interactive thing, right? So this is like a mini series of what’s going to happen in the accelerator program. This is your agency. How many of you have an agency drop a one in the chat. If you have an agency, if you have an agency drop one. Awesome. How many of you have built a proper foundation for your agency?
So this is your agency and this is the foundation. Joseph has defined foundation. So who in here right now can intake 50 clients and handle it? I’m gonna Rephrase that question because I see a lot of you guys dropping a five in here and you’re 100% wrong. And I’m gonna be honest with you guys. Okay? Brian said with dash place. Yes. But guys, it’s about if somebody dropped it in here, it’s all about systems and automation. So yes, that’s definitely big part of foundation guys. Okay. I have a huge team in there. All right. Outside. Okay. Now a few dropped 10,000 clients on us, which might be like 50 clients for you guys. Cause we have a big team. It might be just one of one of you guys, right? It might be just, you know, one man team might be two or three person, whatever, right?
So if you drop 50 brand new clients, it’s going to get a little intense, right? You’re gonna have to serve as 15 new clients. So when I’m talking about a foundation, I’m talking about being able to actually intake a massive amount of clients in a short period of time. Okay. And when we started our agency originally, our never ever forget this, there was a peak in my agency when we, when we, we actually peaked, right? We started with sales and we started like actually signing up clients, right? And this was, this wasn’t recent. I’ve had my agency, for those of you guys who don’t know our retailing, she’s called social agency. I’ve had it for 10 years. Right? So when I started you know, maybe not 10 years ago, I was maybe like six or seven years ago when we really started to like ramp up, right?
You know, we were going out and we were, we started signing up clients and we, we were used to, and this might be kind of like where you guys are in a stage, you’re used to maybe signing on like one client a month, two clients a month, right? Which is completely normal and that’s fine, right? You’re used to that. You’re inside of that mentality where you’re like, Bam, you know, you can go sign up a new client, you do the consultation call, you send them out the contract, get the contract back. And now from there, what do you do? You know, you bill him, you put him into your quickbooks system, you go through that whole approach and then he dropped them into desk. Lakes, right? But like, think about that. Now what happens if you do that same thing and you drop 50 new clients?
What do you do now? What did you not, so I’m going to rephrase that question. If you guys still think it’s the same, I want you to drop a 10 if you think right now today, if I gave you 50 new clients, can you handle that? Do you think the foundation of your agency can handle that? Can you drop in a 10 drop a 10 in the chat? If you think that right now I can go and I can give you 50 clients and you’ll be perfectly fine. Everything is going to run smooth. You’re not going to have any issues. Brian said, hell no, no way. No Way. Zero. Yeah, and you know what guys? I was just like you. Okay? I had the same exact problem and it took me years to figure it out. Okay? It’s all about systemizing is about building processes.
It’s about building protocols, about doing automation. It’s about having a team where for you guys, your team might be dashboards, which is even better, right? So you don’t need to worry about all that, like hiring and HR and going through that whole process. Right? But like right now, if you dropped in 50 clients, it would break your system. And I’m going to tell you why because it happened to me. Okay. So like six or seven years ago when we started, you know I was on average, I was getting like one client a month, right? I was going, I was getting, I would get my one client a month, you pay me, you know, 500 or a thousand bucks a month, whatever it is, you know, I’m just giving you guys an example. I would go out and I would do my services, whether it was SEO or you know, building them a website and doing, you know, Google ads or whatever the case may be.
I would go out and I would do that. Okay. Then at that point I was like, right, I’m going to hire a sales rep and I’m gonna really try to take this to the next level. Right. And I hired a sales rep and the sales rep actually went out and I was, I was, I wasn’t ready for what was to come because the sales rep went out and I went from going, I went from going to one client a month and I had like a two person team. It was like me and one other person. And then now a sales rep. I went from going to one client a month, which I doing the consultations and the prospecting. And then I had my other employee who was doing the production, you know, building the websites and posting on social media and doing the SEO and all that stuff.
Right. And then now I had the sales rep and the sales reps would go out and he would get in his car. He actually had a vest, bows like a 60 year old sales guy and I shit you not, this is a real life story. His name was Bruce who was a six year old sales guy. He just got out of jail for robbing a bank. Literally. Okay, I shit you not. And he would jump on his best book. And he would go and he would park in a plaza and he would go to every single business and he had a little folder that I printed with him and he would say, hey you know, we just want to stop by. We’re in the neighborhood and we’re a local business. We’re right down the streets, we’ll call it social agency. We wanna we want to do a, an online business report.
And this is what the report’s going to look like. This, you know, it’s like a 10 page report. This is what the report’s going to look like. You want to do a complete for free. And then we want to have one of our t, one of our people from our marketing team are going to, you know, jump on a live call with your world, share our screen and we’ll go through the whole report. And and then if you need anything and we help you out with any of your pain points, then we can help you from there. Right. And we did that. Okay. And he went out, he got on his fest, Ba, his two buttons were open on his shirt and the wind was hitting him in the face and he was on his best buddy was going. And guess what guys?
He came back the first day with like eight business cards and he started running those and we put them into the system. We had this tool that we were using back in the day, I forgot the name of the tool. We would just create a report really quick. It was like a, a website audit or some shit like that. And it would go and we create a website audit and then we would put it into CRM system. And I would come in the next morning and I would go through the list, right? Say, Hey, Bobby this is chat. Bruce was actually just in your restaurant yesterday and he ran a complimentary report for you. And I’m here to do the presentation. Do you have five minutes? Or if you’d like, I can maybe schedule it for another day. Right? So we would go through that whole process.
And what I realized was we started to get clients. Okay, we went from getting one client a month to 25 clients a month that broke our system. Okay, so the reason why I’m asking you guys, if you have a foundation, it’s really easy to just say, yes I do, but do you have a real foundation to be able to handle that? Cause I didn’t. Okay, I did. And I only realize that now. Now that I have a lot of employees and I had everybody working and there’s multiple people on our team doing different things and we’re organized and we have a protocol and a process. I didn’t know what a foundation was. If you felt you were winding me back six years, I had no clue what a foundation really was. So this is a foundation of your agency, which essentially means there’s multiple gears here that happen right here.
There’s multiple stuff that happens here, okay? You’re talking about your process, your protocol, your automation, your contracts, your email sequences, the way that you go from closing a project to billing, the way that you go from billing to putting it into your quickbooks, the way that you go from putting it into your quickbooks, to actually now transferring it over to your team to start working on the account, your communications, your retention, like everything from a to z has to be built in this foundation. If you don’t have a fact, and this is what I can replace this word, foundation, what’s the best way to replace a word foundation? Jo said scalability. I love that. That’s a great word, right? Systems. Zack said once again, I’m thinking of one word. If you can, if you can pop this one word out, then I’m gonna give you a swag bag. What’s a word that you can replace with foundation? They said structure, team, automation, process, infrastructure, process. One word. Come on and keep going guys. You got this. Foundation, pillars, strategy, tools. Nobody’s going to get this one. Nobody’s going to get this one. They said mindset. No, none of that.
None of that guys, unfortunately, even not dash clicks. Even dash leaks. Is is a part of your team. We are your partner. We are to help you, but you need to have a structure. You need to have the infrastructure. Yet all of these are great, but that’s not the word that I’m looking for. Okay, I’ll that’s another one guys, don’t worry. I’ll do a bunch of these route and you guys are gonna have changes. Twin swipe bags. Thank you for the gaybies. Keep engaging because you get people, you get people’s minds flowing. Brian’s had pancakes, unfortunately stopped pancakes. Brian. No guys, it’s a factory.
It’s a factory. Have any of you guys ever been inside of a factory? Can you drop a 101 if you’ve been inside of a factory one-on-one, if you’ve ever been literally like inside of a factory and you’ve seen how everything works, right? Yeah. Douglas said it assembly line, right? You guys know how factory works.
Come on. What am I doing? Go, go, go factory. Right? This works. It’s gotta be, that’d be an easier way for this. Alright, so guys, this is how factory works. Who Guys? I’m sure you guys have obviously seen like the profit where he’s like product process Pete or people product process, something like that, whatever. Right? So like a factory like, okay, let’s talk about a factory really quick here. You got a new order?
Step one in your factory. Okay, here you got billing. Step two in your factory. Okay. This is an assembly line guys. This is an assembly line and it’s going okay. It’s got to keep rolling. It’s got to keep rolling. Okay. To the assembly line. Okay. You got your billing, then you got your onboarding team.
Boarding team. Okay, and then you got your, well actually, sorry, this is three and then this is for, all right, so new order comes in, then it goes the billing department, then it goes to the onboarding department. Right? Are you guys with me? Can you drop the 300 if you’re with me, what do you think the next step is? Fulfillment. Sorry guys. Just marker sticks so I can’t type. Right. That says fulfillment for fulfillment. Which guys? Yes, this is what you can bring dash clicks in, right? That actually is going to help you with this. This is probably the biggest one, right? Cause then that’s like multiple people and processes and trainings and systems. Yeah, that’s great. But like a dash lakes can now actually help you with this DC. You see what’s happening here DC, right? But there’s multiple things that happen after this too and I’m not going to get into that, but I’m just going to, this is the foundation.
This is your agency, right? And what’s happening here is you guys are looking at this as little blocks, but there’s so much shit that happens here. So much shit that happens here in between. So much shit that happens here in between. So now I’m going to ask you the question again. Do you think you can drop 50 brand new clients into your agency right now? Literally today I’m going to push over 50 clients and you guys think that you have this whole thing down, packed, drop a hundred if you think that you can do that, let’s try that again guys. It’s really difficult. It’s not something, it’s not that you can’t just wake up today and pay him 50 clients. It doesn’t work that way. You have to have a system, you have to have a foundation guys. You have to have your whole sequence ready.
You have to have everything happening. Like there has to be multiple people. If you’re going to be hiring multiple people or if we’re going to be doing this yourself, you have to have systems and protocols and processes and automation and there’s so much shit that you can be doing in between, right? So like this is really important as the first thing that you should focus on before you think about going out and getting a shit ton of clients building this. Because if you build this and then you take 50 clients and you drop it in, you’ll go smooth right across the board. You go right across the factory line, boom, you’ll work like a factory. Keep going round and round and round. You’ll work like a factory right round and round. So this is what you guys need to focus on first. Before most people and most agency owners and most people inside of Dashchle Ex, you know, I hate to say it, it sucks, but like your main worry is I want to get 50 clients right now.
That’s why I ask that question. You guys all dropped the five. I said, can you handle 50 clients? You’re like, yeah, bring it on. Let’s go. Like be strategic about it. Be Smart because I was in your shoes and I said that multiple times. I said, yes I can do it. Bring the clients and then you know what happened? I went out and I got 25 clients that month. That old guy with the little vest, but driving, he was driving, his vesper came back and I remember I even remembered this, he has in this little helmet that he used to work two on the vest. We used to come back was a little, how many used to put it down as buttons were all open. He was like a six year old guy with white hair everywhere. He used to come into the computer, you know, put an all of the reports, run their ports, drop them into the CRM.
Since we used to go through that whole process and then Bam, close 25 clients at broke my whole system. You know what happened? I had to give people refunds, I had disputes, I had bad reviews. So like focus on vis first. I promise you the clients will come focus on this first. If you guys are on the same page as me, can I get a 303 three Oh three in the chat right now. If you’re on the same page as me and you agree with me, then you should start with this first. Because if you have vis, this can ever turn right. And this can sometimes be rocky too. Like when we open up dash clicks, we had an influx of order. Like I’m talking about like hundreds of orders in this store date we had, our system has started to start slowly. So you know, a couple things leak through the cracks and what do you do?
You fix them, you optimize them, you fix them. You go in, that’s like what we do, right? Why do you think we launched the onboarding center? Right? We realized that people weren’t sending the onboarding documents back on time. They weren’t sending it in a, in a, they weren’t sending all the information that we need to get started and it was too confusing. So we went and we saw that there was an issue here with the onboarding. We went in, we fixed it, but we still had the process all panned out. We understand the foundation and then you can fix and optimize along the way, guys. So like, this is what you should be focusing on as the first thing that your agency needs to have. You need to have that foundation and you need to be ready to like intake a massive amount of clients.

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