Mastering Prospecting & Lead Generation for Your Business
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 05:08 PM

Mastering Prospecting & Lead Generation for Your Business


What do you do to prospecting and lead generation for your business?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks talks about mastering prospecting and lead generation for your business! This video is a highlight from the seventh video of our YouTube series, Marketers Mindset.


We can have different questions. A lot of stuff can happen inside of an actual live phone call, right? So this needs to be somebody that will be able to basically swing left swing, right? Like fight. You ever seen boxing? Was it like going through in there fighting, right? This is your fight or this is the guy that’s right here is going to go out and fight for you.
All right, so this section guys, I’m gonna teach you guys how to actually master lead generation and prospecting. So now you have your process. Who’s all hyped up? Three Oh three Oh three Oh you guys like that’s not a number. Chad. That’s a mix. Three Oh three Oh three Oh boom. Somebody wrote it. Three Oh Matthew, thank you listening. I didn’t say three. Zero. I said three. Oh, pay attention. Guys can build a process without paying attention. Three Oh three Oh three hill. Now everybody home. So almost about a three Oh one right? All right guys. So mastering, prospecting and lead generation guys. So now you have your factory built, right? Let’s just say you went out and you built your house. Okay, this is the foundation or you didn’t build your house, sorry. Ooh, all right. You went here and you have your foundation.
We’re done. We went here, chuck. We went and we build our foundation. Okay, this is our house. Now I got to actually start, let’s say building the support beams inside of the house. Okay? And I don’t know how I’m going to do this, but I’m just going to build an analogy the whole way I go, dude, you just gotta be with me. Okay? You’re going to be with me on it. So now we’re going to start building support beams inside of the House to actually support the house and support the sales, right? You need money, you need money to pay for the house. You need money to pay for all this equipment, right? So how do you go out there and actually do that? How do you go out there and prospect? How do you go out there and prospect? Who wants to learn my prospecting techniques? Who wants to know how exactly our prospect drop a 500 in the chat. 500 woo. You got a lot of 500 great. All of you guys. I’ll see you inside of the dash accelerator program. I’ll show you exactly how I can show you here. It’s too long. It’s can be wait too long guys. There’s, there’s several ways. I’ll give you a sneak peak though. So now we’ve got to start getting that intake. We got, we got to do prospecting.
Now guys, I want you to understand the difference between prospecting in sales. There’s two complete difference between this, okay? There’s prospecting, then there are sales.
Does everybody understand the difference between prospecting and sales? So you guys on the same page, 400 in the chat, 400 in the chat. You guys understand prospecting is okay? So prospecting is you going out and finding your ideal client and laying a little touch point. Boom. Now this prospect prospecting, this can be multiple things, okay? This can be you and this could be sending an email. You can send a cold email to somebody or a warm email if you have a list. Okay? We still got on time guys. Everything good time. Awesome. So email, you can do outbound calls, right? Whether you want to call it cold calls or warm calls, wherever you have your list from. Okay? And New calls you guys can do, a lot of you guys are doing like messenger bots. If you have a list, right? Mess in your, ah, bots walk-ins.
You just walk into a place and prospect, right? There’s so many different prospects and costs you sales pay you exactly hundred percent right? Erica saw, there’s so many different things that you can do. You can do all these things. There’s many more, right? Prospecting can even be creating a video and uploading it to youtube and you might not even think of that as prospecting, but it is a way of prospecting, right? You’re going out and you’re trying to target a specific group, specific niche, specific person, and you try to gather their attention. You’re waving them down and try to get their attention. I say, Hey, I’m here. I’m here. I can offer you these services. And then you’re trying to get them interested, right? So here you’re trying to build interests.
Here, you’re trying to build interest, you’re trying to get them interested in what you have to have. Now guys, I’m going to talk to you guys about one thing that I’m gonna squeeze in here really quick. So in our agency when we were doing like a shit ton of outbound and prospecting is outbound you guys, okay? This is outbound. Outbound. This is outbound, okay? We actually do not do outbound anymore in our agency because we’re so busy that we only get incoming, okay? Which is like a marketer’s dream. It’s a businesses dream where you can go out and you have so much business that you don’t even need to do anything out, but you don’t need to reach out to people, okay? So if you look at this, like this is outbound, right? Going and sending emails, calling mess, doing setting message bots, walking into people. It’s all outbound style prospecting. Okay? So what we had is we had, let me go to a new one.
Well we had, actually, I’m going to take a picture of this one sec guys.
So we had three pillars, right? We had, we had prospecting.
No, that’s not pro painting. The first one is not probating, it’s prospecting guys. So we had prospecting, we had sales was just closing. Can anybody, does anybody know what was right here in number two? Drop in the chat. I’ll send you swag bag. What do we have in the second port lead qualifying. Actually Joe, that’s close enough. We’ll give it to Joe. Open up a live chat will give you swag bag. We had what we call in our industry. This can be fronting, this can be called qualifying.
Hey guys, sorry for my handwriting. My handwriting sucks, but it is what it is. Cause I’m trying to move quick for you guys. You guys hear me? So you’ll understand the process. Can we go pee and pee real quick just so they can see the screen? So we had prospecting their front. So what we used to do is we used to do a shit ton of automation here, so we used to automate, automate this, we used to automate and then after it was automated, then it would go over here and then somebody would either qualify this lead, right? They would go in there and qualify and if it was a qualified lead and Phil’s a good fit for us, then Bam, they would go over to a sales rep and you guys are probably wondering like, why would you like do all of this?
Why would you go through? Why wouldn’t you just like jump on a phone call with him? Right? When you’re, when you’re, once again, when you’re focusing on volume guys, when you’re really focusing on volume, we’re focusing on large amounts, maximum amount of clients. Like I’ll give you an example. In a call center we used to do about 1,015 hundred calls a day incoming, not outbound, thousand 500 incoming calls a day. Talk about breaking a system, right? That was like at our peak. So we used to have our prospecting, so we’d go out and get all of this information. He used to just shotgun, boom, you see shotgun, everybody used to prospect, get all the people that we want are interested in our services. We used to get them somewhat interested and then we used to take that and then we used to have a department, which we used to call our fronters or we used to have or quality qualifying guys, right?
They used to take that information, take that customer, and they then they dissect it, okay? They go out and they dissect everything and they make sure that that is actually a good lead for us. And if it’s a good lead for us, then they’ll drop it into a scheduling call or drop it into a closer closer’s hand and that closer, this is your guy, right? Right. Here is your guy. This is your guy that’s going to go out. You fully trained him or it can be you, whatever it is. And then as you scale, you know, you’ll build that out. You’ll build that process out, okay? But this right here is your closer. This is your highest paid guys. The guy that’s going to go out and do the, this guy’s going to go out and close the deals, get that contract signed, get that money in.
This is your guy. You do not want this guy dealing with this people cause it’s gonna burn these people out. These people just need to work like a factory, okay? It’s very hard, even though sales, you know when you’re talking about like factory and building like this system, right? So, so sales is very difficult to build like a factory because you’re on a call and every call can go different rate. If you’ve ever done ever console, if you’ve ever done any consultation calls, right? Calls can go a different way. Things can happen, right? We can have different questions. A lot of stuff can happen inside of an actual live phone call, right? So this needs to be somebody that will be able to basically swing left swing, right? Like fight. You ever seen boxing where they’re like going through and they’re fighting, right? This is your fight or this is the guy that’s right here is going to go out and fight for you.
So what I want you guys to focus on is this, this and this. You got to build the system. Thank you sir. You got a gun? People who are like, how the hell did that keyboard just magically appear? Who did that? That was Kevin lead thought. All right. So yeah, so like going back and like, this is like what you need. This is the foundation. This is our layers. These are three layers, right? We so prospect, Bam, God, shoot a shotgun, get everybody go out and actually then qualify and do your little fronting approach and then, and fronting this is, this can also be used as part of prospecting. So we had frontiers here too, which would do like outbound sales is in our call center, right? Everybody on the same page with me. Can we drop like a three Oh three in the chat?
Can we wake everybody up? Can everybody get up out of their seats real quick? Let’s do a stretch together. Everybody get up out of their seats. Let’s do a stretch. Andre said, would this be three different people? Eventually? Yes. These are three different people. A lot of it. At one point we automated everything here. So I’m going to teach you, I’m going to go in like in the dash accelerator program. I’m going to go into each one of these in depth and I’m going to talk about the people and actually how to automate and what we use to automate and the systems and the software is, and I’m going to be building that with you. You’re going to be building like all these automation tools to get this and go out and do that. Boom Shotgun. Get a thousand leads coming in, Bam, right in that had actually go in front and qualify and make sure that these are good people.
Now this, this can all be one person. Okay. And then once you, once you start getting clients, right, then you go out and you start shaving this off. You know what? I don’t want to do prospecting anymore. You’re going to handle the prospecting. I’ll do the qualifying and the sales. Okay. Or whatever it is, and you chop it off right here. Okay. And I’ll do the front end. You’ll do the back end and then Bam, we’re good. Okay. So like this is, this is like, this is what you got. You have to have a, okay. So when you’re going out and you’re doing the prospecting and you’re doing the, you know, you’re going out and you’re doing that whole, like sales style strategy, this is the way that you should be building. And obviously we’ll go more in depth.

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