Mastering Consultation Calls for Your Business
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 06:48 PM

Mastering Consultation Calls for Your Business


How do you approach consultation calls for your business?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks talks about mastering consultation calls for your business! This video is a highlight from the seventh video of our YouTube series, Marketers Mindset.


Number three, we are going to talk about consultation calls. A lot of you guys and dash weeks have been struggling and you know it’s a big issue because you can’t get any deals and he can’t close any deals if you can’t master this whole consultation call thing, right? So like going in like getting this is you, hey, it’s me and this is your customer. So this is me, not me physically, but like you. And then this is a potential client client. And I’m even going to add an a at the end of this because I’m feeling the Telemundo today. Client there. Hopefully I spelled it right. Maybe I did, maybe I did it. Who Cares? So this is you and this is your client. They’re bung up that I’m gonna know lot clear debt. All right, good. So you have you, and then you had your client and then you guys are going to do this. Let’s see if I can draw this out. Who’s ever, who’s ever seen this? It’s like Bam, right? Hold on. This is not what it looks like yet. Wait, people don’t, don’t be dirty. And then this is your ear and this is their ear. And you guys who’s never done that with the cups and you’ve taken the two cups when you’re a little kid and you saw that, that would work.
Who’s ever seen that? This is a phone call. People right here. This is a phone call or this can be a screenshare.
Whatever it is. Perfect. Preferably, I would recommend you guys do a screenshare because when somebody sees your face, it’s a lot more personal and they trust you more. You get that guard gate down, right? The guy on the right, it must be an MMA fighter. Looks like he got cauliflower ear. Probably right? So you can use it as a phone call. Use a screen share. You can do a Skype call, you can do a Facebook call, you can do it. What’s up? Call you knew whatever you want. There’s multiple things that you can do in a consultation call, right? Usually what we like to do is the zoom call, simple gay. A lot of you guys can get zoomed for free. I think it’s for free up to 40 minutes. You can go and go to, get your free account, and then Bam, you can do a 45 minute or a 40 minute call or you can just pay like 10 bucks a month or something and then you get like unlimited.
Right? So doing a call, a cable, what do you say during this call? Right? You ever, who’s ever been on a consultation call, right, where you’ve already done the prospecting, you went through, you did the prospecting, okay, and you have somebody who’s interested, you’ve got them on the hook, right? You’ve went fishing, right? You guys have all been fishing, right? You went out, you threw out your bait, you got them hooked, and now you’re like, right, let’s speak. We’ll speak tomorrow at 2:00 PM we’re going to do our consultation call guys, wake up. Have you ever done a consultation call? 235 in the chat, two 35 in the chat. So you guys are going to go out and you’re going to do this phone call. Like you need to have a structure for a phone call. Okay? I’m going to get rid of my beautiful artistic poetry here.
Sometimes I don’t understand the shit that I say, Carlos. He know that we’re going to let it go when to let it go. All right, you’re going to do your consultation call. Now for those of you guys who’ve ever done a consultation call and be completely honest, because if you’re not honest, you will never learn, okay? Drop a two zero in the chat, 20 drop a two zero in the chat. If you’ve done a consultation call and most of your consultation calls are getting on the phone with the client and just going through like random questions and it’s super awkward. The guy gets on the phone, you’re like, oh, how’s your day? Great. How’s the weather out there? Oh, oh, it’s good. The weather’s okay. All that’s great. And then you’re like, you’re really awkward and you don’t know like even how like to go into the conversation.
Right. Drop the 20 in the chat if you’ve been there. I’ve been there, I’ll drop a 20 in the chat. I’ve been there through hundreds and thousands of phone calls. Okay. Drop a 20 in the chat. Matthew said scripted, usually scripted to sub events. A script is good until it sounds robotic. Right. And I think that’s what you met until some extent. So I get that. Yeah. So most of a lot of got to drop in 20 right. Joe said lead the call. Yeah, just ask about their business. Yeah. And that’s easy. Right? But there’s, I’m still seeing, there’s no structure for the call. Okay. So when I’m talking about structure, I’m talking about an opening for the call.
Structure Number One. Then after the opening, and actually I’ll use it, I’ll use like a prime example of a structure that we just built in the phone in our new business development departments. So like Angel Right now when whoever you guys you got who spoke to angel, who’s bumped angel dropped the 236 in the chat. If you’d spoken to angel two 36 just only drop it to 36 have you spoken to angel? You’ve had your call with him. So guys, can you let me know when you jumped on the phone call, if you felt like you were in a structured call? Okay, can you drop a 100 if you’ve dropped the two 36 are Matthew, James and Matthew and James, I guess both of you guys are dropping you to, okay. Jameson 100 Matthew said super structured and you know why? Because I literally sat with Angel for a week and we structured how we’re going to structure the call. Okay? And what’s going to happen is on each point of the structuring system. So on here we saying this, you see this here, okay. And here we’re going to see that, okay, too. So here is, here’s actually, I’m going to draw out the structure for our new business development phone calls. One is the opening. And during the opening questions we are asking questions, we are taking action on the phone call and we are going to ask the agency questions. We ask agency payment questions. Yes. Gave me two questions. And I think there’s six questions in total that we ask question, you know, whatever payment. We have six questions. I hate spelling them a marketer. We asked six questions during that phone call and depending on how you answer those questions, the call actually gets segmented. So if you answer these questions in a specific way, we route you this way and now you’re on a completely different path. Okay? If you answer these six questions this way, we take you here and now you’re on a completely different path. We call this the bucketing system, alright? And you guys are probably like Chad, you’re dropping us in freaking buckets.
That’s racist, you have to segment your audience. You have to know who your audience is because if, if for us, I’ll give you an example. If we are talking to you and you have 300 clients and then we’re talking to somebody else and you have one client, those two Kohl’s there we’re not going to beat, we’re not going to talk about the same thing. Can you guys agree with me like if I have call a which has one client and I have an agency B that has 300 clients, am I going to tell agency a and B the same thing? Do they need to, is that going to be the same conversation? Right? Can I drop? Can I get, can I get some love? Can I get a 200 in the chat? If you agree with me, is that going to be the same conversation between a and B?
Right? It’s not going to be the same conversation guys, because if you have one client we’re going to talk to you about getting an agency website, getting a foundation for your agency, possibly joining the bootcamp accelerator program like these are the things that you need because you need help to get from 100 to 300 clients. You’re not at this guy yet. The guy who has 300 clients, he doesn’t need to go into the bootcamp program or buy an agency website or maybe he does Aiden to have said, well, whenever you get my point right, W it’s, it’s segmenting your audience and dropping them into different buckets. And then based on the bucket that they’re on, they go into a specific, right here, they’ll go into a specific segments, right? You segment them out, they go into specific segment and they go into structure, right? So for each bucket that we have, unfortunately, or actually fortunately, what am I saying?
Like if we, if we start, if you got on the call right with us right now and you had zero clients in your agency, why would we talk to you about how to add and purchase, acquire through the store? You don’t how many clients? We’re talking about how to go out and get a client. That’s going to be the structure of the phone call and we’re going to give you the tools that you need to go out and get clients. All right? And then maybe on the next call we’ll go over like, oh, once you have clients, great, we’ll structure it and this is, this is how you go on purchase, right? So we don’t waste time. Like think about this guys, okay, think about this in a bigger picture. Think about to intaking 1500 calls a day and using a system like this. Okay, so now when I asked you guys a question again that I asked you guys the beginning, you think if I can drop in 50 clients that you’ll be able to handle it.
Clients also get segmented. Every single client that we have, you’re dropped into different buckets to bucketing system guys called segmentation based on segmentation. You can start automating. So segmentation, like segmenting your audience. Once you segment, you create a structured call. Now for those of you guys who might be targeting, let’s say dentists, right? You got one nature going after dentists. The way that you’re going to want to structure your buckets for these calls is, is this a dentist that has one practice? Is it said you might only have two buckets. You might have three buckets, 10 buckets, whatever it is. Does this dentist have one practice? Does he have two practices? Does he have five or more practices? Right? And for those of you guys who have ever, who ever registered for those calls, why do you think we ask you those questions inside of Calendly?
Do you have one client? Do you have five clients? You have 10 clients? Because when we get on that phone call, we know the structure of how that call is going to go. And we’re not doing it because we want to like separate you from like everybody else. We’re doing it because this is the way we know we can help you best if you don’t have clients. We’re gonna give you all these pointers and tips and everything that’s going to happen. So you can go out and get clients to be successful and then you’ll make it to bucket number two. And once you make it the bucket number two, then you can go to bucket three, four, five and we’d push you down that list. We accelerate you down that list. Okay? So think about that. When you guys are doing consultation closes, you need to have the structure. You need to have some type of guidance.

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