Mastering Client Retention & Communications
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 06:59 PM

Mastering Client Retention & Communications


What strategies do you implement for client retention?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks talks about mastering client retention and communications! This video is a highlight from the seventh video of our YouTube series, Marketers Mindset.


Forms of communication. All you need to do is communicate with your clients. That’s it. Make sure that they are happy and most of you guys like, I don’t care about this. This is so stupid. This number five. Well guess what? If you don’t have number five, you don’t have a business, okay, who knows what number five is? I’ll give you a swag bag. Number five. What’s the fifth most important thing about having an agency? Drop it in the chat. We haven’t talked about it yet. Okay. You went out and you built this house. You went out, you got clients, people are in the door. You got a whole family here. You got your foundation down pack. Alright. The soil’s smooth and sexy and everything’s working perfect. Yeah. Checkbox here and got a checkbox here, right? Anybody familiar with real estate?
Anybody knows? How do you become successful in real estate referrals? No, not referrals. How do you become successful in real estate? And I’m going to rephrase that question, not actually being a realtor. How do you, like if you, if you are actually owning real estate, how do you become successful? More doors guys. More a viz, how do I get more of these? How do I get more of these houses? Right? I went out and I bought this house. Now I want to go out and I want to buy this house, buy this house, right? I just want to keep going. Bye. Bye. Bye Bye. Boom, boom, boom. Right? These are all your clients. Think about houses. This clients, let’s do a little analogy. Let’s say you are into real estate. Your job is a person who’s into real estate is go out and buy houses. Now with real estate.
Yeah, all in here. I could probably wipe out ways like a hurricane or a twist or some crazy shit like that, okay? But when you have clients, these can get very vulnerable. A lot of stuff that can happen here. You can lose the clients. This can be lost. Then you can lose this. Then you can lose this, right? You start losing clients, right? And then what happens is you’re back at zero, okay? And that goes back to the first part of the video. You can just go in and you just break breaks. Your whole process breaks your whole infrastructure. You literally crush your house, okay? You lose your home, okay? If you have 50 clients, you start losing a client a week, you’re going to lose four clients a month in a couple of months are going to be out of business, okay? So the most important thing guys is how do I keep these homes? How can I keep them so they never cancel? I don’t want any of these people to cancel. I love them so much. They each pay me every single month. They love them. They can never cancel, right? What? You guys want to know how to do that? Who wants to know how to do that? So what I like to do inside of our agency is what I call stacking method. I like to stack.
I like to just keep stacking clients, okay? Now each one of these clients, don’t forget here, can’t forget this, can’t forget our little assembly line, right? I stack clients, okay? And a lot of times what I’ll do is we’ll group clients by department. So we’ll do department one. Okay. Then I’ll start clients again. Boom, boom. Client stacking, client stacking balls. You guys like Dan, Chad, a sexy, that’s sexy. [inaudible] just stack and climbs on top of a factory wheel. Oh my goodness. Right? So I’ll drop them into departments. And for you guys, luckily for you, you don’t, you don’t need these departments dash folks. We’ll do that for you, right? So you can s you can stuck easy. It’s so easy. It’s how you can just start. You get 10 clients and you start stacking them. Tennessee old clients, 10 Facebook clients, right? I’ll stop these clients, which is my buckets.
Again, I bucket my clients too. I bucket all my clients, okay. And I make sure I make sure that every single one of these buckets is perfected. Okay, we’ve got another bucket here. Okay. All these are going through the factory. Okay? Provide value, love dash clicks, free up time. Boom. Kevin. Got It guys. So if you guys can provide value for your customers, provide results for your customers, do communications with your customers, communicate with your clients. Build the rapport, build this. Then group them in, segment them and make sure that the work, once again, dashboards is going to do all this for you. You don’t need to do it, okay? This is the beauty of dash clicks. We’ll do all that. We’ll do the bucketing. We’ll do the segmenting for you. We’ll do the work. We’ll, we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting. You don’t need to worry about it. Forget about it. Take it out of your brain. Boom. Throw it out, toss it out. You’re done. You don’t have to worry about it anymore. Okay? Take it out. We do all this hard work for you. Everything here will do, will do. The only thing that you need to focus on if you are using dashclicks.
It’s consistently having calls, emails. He knows what this is called. Throw it out. Swag Mag. What’s a call? What’s an email? Throw it out to Sydney swag bag. Come on. What is a call considered? Communication Veto. Mazel Tov. You just got yourself a swag bag. Open up a live chat. We’ll send you a swag bag. Guys. These are forms of communication. I don’t care how you communicate with your clients, whether you’re doing a phone call, whether you’re doing an email, okay? Whether you’re going to visit them at their house, whether you’re going to wine, dine them and take them out to dinner, whether you’re doing a zoom call, whether you’re calling them on Skype, whether you’re messaging them on Facebook. Guys like forms of communication. All you need to do is communicate with your clients. That’s it. Make sure that they are happy. Make sure that you build rapport. Make sure that you can go through this process. Yeah, followups is good. Like in our retail agency who wants to know our communication method? Anybody? We do one of these a week.
we have a touch point every single week. Everybody will go out. We’ll do a touch point. We’ll start stacking stack, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom stack. That’s how you keep stacking. Okay guys, so if you want to stack, if you want to be, if you want to use real estate as an analogy and you want to have a bunch of houses and you want them to keep paying you forever, guys, communication is probably one of the biggest forms of that.

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