Mastering Agency Scaling; How to Grow Your Business Now!
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 07:01 PM

Mastering Agency Scaling; How to Grow Your Business Now!


What are the things you have done to scale and grow your business?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks talks about mastering agency scaling and how you can grow your business now! This video is a highlight from the seventh video of our YouTube series, Marketers Mindset.


So you can out intake 50 clients a day. Your whole back end is built just fucking 10 x everything.
Scale your agency, just 10 x start, Tedx and everything. Who seemed grant Cardone, 10 x. Everything with extreme momentum. Extreme momentum caused a lost a, Oh, I’m back. Nevermind. Boehm extreme scale guys. Now that you have your foundation bill, now that you’re ready to go out and get clients. Now that you’re stacking your clients, now that you know how to do your consultation calls, you can retain clients, keep them forever. You have that factory made, right? So once again, have you ever been in a factory? Everything’s rolling. Just rolling. The orders are coming in, they’re making them boom factory. You got it. Now you, how do you get a bigger factory and how do you scale that? Right? Who wants to know how to do that? So in our agency, I’ll give you an example of 10 x in case you don’t know what 10 x means.
Okay? So in our agency we started doing cold calling, cold calls, okay? We did cold calls for maybe a couple months and then we opened up call center panics. That’s 10 x. We did cold calls. There’s one person doing cold calls and we had a call center of like 15 people actually by the math. That’s 15 x, so we’re in a better than grant Cardone. Forget about grant card, don’t. I’m starting a new brain and it’s called 15 x. You can buy your hats. It fixed 15 Tenex, one version of tedx seeing what’s happening with these 10 next thing, email.
I started sending people emails one at a time, one at a time. I would fire off emails. I would go to websites scraped finally like a cool thing of are cool business and I really wanted to work with and I would fire off an email and I would craft my email. Once I crafted my email, started doing blasts to thousands of people using crazy softwares that you guys would ever would never even imagined. All right, 10 x [inaudible]. So you tedx again, you guys on the same page here. You guys want another analogy of Tedx who wants another analogy of Ted x? Who wants another attitude? Simple analogy. Here you guys go, you run Facebook ads, right? Facebook ads, spend 50 bucks a day, optimize, optimize, optimize, get your shit going. Then you expand to multiple campaigns, whatever it is, FedEx. Now you’re spending 508 Tedx, Tedx, and you can do all of this stuff because guess what?
Your whole backend is completely built out, right? So you can now intake 50 clients a day. Your whole back end is built just fucking 10 x everything. Okay? Actually I’m gonna, I’m going to get in trouble for saying 10 x 15 x. You can’t cast me for that grant. I’m a 15 x everything. 15 x is a new brand. Carlos, we’ve got to get 15 x shirts, okay? 15 x shirts. [inaudible] God, this is the way we tell x in our agents and we do this with everything that we do. We create one thing and these are just some of the things, okay? I’ll show you tons of more in the accelerator programs. You guys are going to be in there. These are some of the things that we’re going to be doing with, we take it, we mold it, we create it. It works.

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