Make a lot of Money Using Instagram – w/ Josué Peña
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 02:09 PM

Make a lot of Money Using Instagram – w/ Josué Peña


Instagram marketing is popular, but it’s often misunderstood. In this video, you’ll learn all about growing your account and getting clients. You can also use this if you choose to fulfill Instagram social postings for your own clients!
You’ll be getting this information from Josué Peña – the man who became a millionaire by the time he turned 25. In the last 18 months, he’s made over 3 million dollars just using Instagram. And now? He wants to give you his secrets.


So good. It’s Groupon. Takes half your money. If I sell 20 then okay, and I’ve got a breakeven to be at 15 k you’ve got to double you gotta double that. You’ve got to sell 30 of them shits. Okay? You got wax 40 asses. You got racks. Funny axes a month. 30 asses a month have to get waxed in order for you just to break those cheeks have to get waxed inside an hour for you just to break even.
Guys, I feel something happened in here. I feel something happening. I feel like somebody is about to pop out and special guests with their hands. Oh, Swipe Petty Ya. Hey, they made me fill me seven and a check. Java 47 in the Chet, tell us how you feel. Tell us how you feel. People. Four 87 in the Chet rust over there. Drops allowance buttons on you guys. It’s a beautiful day down here in south Florida. I got my good friend little swipe pen in the house and we are going to teach you how to maximize your answer. Granite counts in that. What else are we only did you [inaudible] how to maximize the SCM account, how to grow it, and also going to get clients for your agency so that you can use. That’s clicks even better and on top of that, we have a really special and big surprise. I say what is, should we, I don’t know if we should tell them yet. [inaudible] Does one secret. We were like a big one.
Massive one. We can tell it to you yet. We’re going to, what does the praises for two minutes we will let people pile it. Well, you got to comment. You [inaudible] big, big. If you only did say to me, that’s not even the big supplies. Go ahead and go up there real quick. We got another care. Unless you can see the sides of our face just as beautiful as the front of our fees. [inaudible] Room calls be a tree salsa. We got the money going. Shit is happening at the DQ headquarters or at the DCN quarters. Y’all can’t even spell wrong. Company name is totally get awkward guys. Do me a quick phone call while everybody pars in before we released the big secret. Can you just drop one or you from in the chat? Go guys. I said I’d be following these, this big crazy, insane secret. I got a quick announcement to make for those of you who know we released our dash accelerator program a about a couple of days ago or was it with selling was Monday this week, right? We are Chad somebody. Jeffrey said, Chad is the fucking man. Show us the money. Thank you Jeffrey. So basically what we’re going to do guys is anybody knows we can spray it. [inaudible] Accelerator. Can we get this just to, can we get the little there for you?
Accelerator guys. We’re going to be doing it all until the end of the day. Totally sell out. So just go into your dash list account instead of 2100 bucks. It’s three 97 with all the bonuses and everything. You guys already know the routine. You can pick it up today. We’ll leave that right under there. I think it’s somewhere right under there, right? I think it’s right here. That little banner right there. Okay, good. We just making sure all the same page. Let’s Go pee and pee real quick. Oh wait, we [inaudible]? No, we’re not a and p. All right, let’s go PMP. All right guys, we’re going to show if something crazy with you, we’re gonna share something insane with you that is very big. Huge, huge, very, really big. Okay. If you guys want to hear this being crazy, insane, secret three 87 in the chat, we’re not going to say it and we’re not going to continue until everybody drops to three 87 Facebook everywhere.
You’ve got to have blog three, eight, seven, three, eight, seven, seven, three, seven. I tell them, just go. Alright. Alright, so if you’re at a computer, what you’re going to do is hit that real button that we hit it and we hit it I to him yet I’ve got yes below, right? We’re going to hit this and you’re going to see the big huge secret bowl. You’re going to go to and that’s going to take you to a very special place that we’re going to talk about today, which is going to be here. I’m going to show you live right now. I need boom. That’s going to take you to Instagram, [inaudible] on the big dog, [inaudible] laser doggers on this. Then we’re going to show you how you can use Instagram to grow your business, to monetize it, to get more agents, clients for yourself, and also to help your clients make a lot more money as well out.
You know what, I don’t even think we got to do before we sit here and drop heat for you guys again, before we started dropping bombs and we started getting everybody excited and waving everybody. Do me a quick favor. Okay. If you guys are in a situation right now in your agencies where you need more clients, can you drop the number one in the chat below or even do a quick poll to make sure that we’re all on the same page? If you need more clones for your agency, drop the number in one below. If you don’t drop the number on below, we are assuming that you are rich as hell. You have more than enough clients and you don’t need any business [inaudible] you are in the wrong place. You just got an exit out of here. We’ll see on the next one. Thank you for your time. Make sure we’re on the same page here. I’m going to show you not only how to make money using Instagram, we’re gonna show you how to get clients using Instagram. When I show you how to grow your Instagram account, pretty much everything that’s like Instagram, somewhat related. Social media, who ain’t even trapped in some Facebook secrets? I don’t know. Really? See, it depends on how excited you guys get us. Okay. It depends on how excited you get us. Now guys, if you’re watching this, there’s a couple of different places that you could walk to possibly be watching this. We got one killer of just right here in front view. Can we, that site came up phone real quick. Oh, there’s a side camera right there, which we just got from the beautiful people.
We got two long Instagrams right here. Let’s hit the GoPro really quick. We got to go up top. We got two cameras live right here on Instagram. We got our side Mount of the right over here, which we see all your beautiful people on Facebook in our Facebook group and live on my personal Facebook page. So run broadcasting are over. This is also going to be on youtube after. So if you are watching this on Youtube, guess what? Subscribe to our channel. You know, we get more videos like this, right? Your video comment on the video, engage and we’re gonna show you some more shit. And also share with a friend. [inaudible] Friend. It’s Kari. Share with your grandma. Yeah, shower with your grandfather. Share with your parents. Okay. These tactics can help anybody of all ages. Okay. So share out the world. Get everybody excited. And and you guys, let me first to get started.
Maybe we should start, I don’t know, number two, two of you onsite. Two down below if you want us to start right now. Oh my goodness. That’s who’s this cover like right away. I absolutely love that. So let’s get it. I’m gonna let you take it and I’ll say fast and I just tell him a little bit about yourself, who you are, what you do in case there’s people here who have not heard of you yet. Let’s let them know what you do. Okay, so I just post pictures on Instagram like they 15 year old girl. Let’s go PMP real quick.
I’m just getting so, so what I do is mainly Instagram marketing as you probably have already guessed. And in the last year or so in the last 18 months, we got over $3 million just with Instagram marketing, without paying for traffic, without paying to acquire new clients. And it has been crazy. Crazy awesome. So we have an own issue. Your marketing agency, that’s what we focused on. We have helped clients all over the spaces. Lady boss, maybe you’d like, you’re new to the clickfunnels community. You really know them. Oh, your lady boss. They are like Kevin David Russell Brunson dialogue give you like this [inaudible] yeah, like all like a lot of big personal brands and I’m like the guy behind the scenes that runs the show. Our team runs the show, I should say, not me. But that’s Kinda what we’ve done and we’ve done it a very short amount of time and I came, I didn’t start this whole business stuff because I wanted to make money.
I want it to become a professional soccer player. It was actually seven years ago. I had a notification today that seven years ago started on Instagram, which is crazy. We’ll do like overnight success. Seven years took me to get overnight since there’s no such thing as an overnight success, but I’m gonna show you today something that took me five years to learn. You’re going to learn it today in just a few hours. So you’re basically saying you’re going to save them five years of their lives. Exactly. People, we send people invoices for stuff like that. I just want everybody to be on the same page today. We will not invoice you. We are going to give you some free mileage, which you can then take home and share with your grandparents and most importantly apply. And on top of that, make a little bit of cash case. If you want to make a little bit of cash, maybe a lot of cash, maybe some real cash, maybe a little below 78 in the chat.
Would make room 30 cause the cleaner’s coming tomorrow in the chat. Hi, beautiful. Let’s get started. Let’s get started. So the first thing I want to touch base on is let’s talk about how to grow your account. We’re going to start like this, how to grow your account, how to monetize it, and then how to find clients. Love saucer. Love it. Cool. So let’s say first started grow and my process is like what we call like the four pillars of Instagram’s very simple is, I mean they’re happening, it’s like common sense versus was market research, constant content, consistency and networking. Just those four things. Okay. And if you look, first thing one, the first one, right? Everything else falls right after. Okay. Now the first one, market research. I want you to put in the comments section below market research. I want you to make sure that you’re paying attention.
Okay? Comment market research right now on the chair right now. Good, good. Mr. Marker. Research. Good, so that’s it. This is literally what you’re going to do. Whatever niche that you’re in. Let’s say you are in the entrepreneurship space, right? You can go to, for example, an account like one of our students right here. Actually fact to success, 155,000 followers, right? You can just see what you’re going to do is visits. What logo do they have, what kind of bio do they have, what kind of name? The name is important is old branding, right? Then you’re going to go down and see what kind of content is he posting and you’re going to search what I called the beat p piece or the best performing posts. These are the posts that have proven to perform above average, so we’re going to like just do a test right here.
Let’s see if we could actually do that. Okay, so that one. Okay, so that one has like 2,500 let’s see, this one has a 4,000 we’re just trying to see what the average engagement is on this one. Let’s see. This one has 6,000 so this one right here, probably one VP that you saw 4,000 right here. Let’s just keep scrolling through. Ah, let’s see. This one right here, I think it was one of the definitely been peaceful 5,000 so we get anywhere from let’s say 2000 to 4,000 anything above that is we’ll consider a BPP. So what you’re doing is literally just modeling success. So let’s say you want to build an entrepreneurship page, which if let’s say for example, you’re building an agency, this is one of the easiest things that you can do is see what the bpps are and just model it.
And the beauty about this is that you don’t have to create your own original content. You can simply reshare content from other people as long as you credit the original creative. Okay. Now let’s say for example, you are in the fitness space. Another one of my clients right here, the lady boss, right? She’s killing it. She’s absolutely killing it and it is going to see, for example, there’s a combination of user generated content or UGC and her own content as well. The beauty about this is that it leverages out your time, it keeps your audience engaged and everybody went. So as you can see right here, this one here is the dental content. This one right here is all different content, but this is just a mean, right? This is just a meme. Like we, I want to leave Warren, I gotta hit the gym for longer.
There’s some fruit but that would mean four hours after getting home. Boom. Right? It’s a funny thing cause she’s in the weight loss space. So as you can see like it’s a combination of user generated content, testimonials and just meme and stuff like that. She is resharing, she’s not creating that mean she did not make it herself. She just reshare content. So you can obviously just post only or we’re gonna come there like I’m going to one of our clients where here, let me just go right here to the luck. If you want to state 100% in brand like Gary v or [inaudible], you can always do this as well. But from what I found also, infographics work extremely well. So let me just scroll here real quick and find an infographic that literally blew up like crazy. And the reason why infographics worked so well is because it’s something that’s very sharable.
So take that up. 81,000 likes when he normally gets anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 all because infographics are so, once again, what you tried to do, it just searched the bpps or the best performing posts in your niche and you’re like, okay, let’s wait. But how do I found five more counts? Well, simple as this chicken up, you find one account and then there’s like little thing right here that has a bunch of suggested pages right here. So you literally can go like to this right here. Boom, this is my, I said one oh one and just click this little thing where again and it just pops up again. And you can do this over and over again. And after you do this 10 2030 times, you start noticing patterns. The most important part out of this entire process is the market research. Okay? I want you to lazy.
Don’t be lazy, Lazy, take time to build market research correctly. If you are understanding what I’m saying in the words that I come out of my mouth, drop a number two down below two and then below you’re talking too fast. I can, I’m sorry for specifics. I did. I’m also Dominican and Latino like we’ve kind of do that. My bad. I want to learn during this. He said he’s going to machester dance for you guys. He’s used to be ready. Him and Carlos are going to bust a move that was not intenerate area, but okay.
Yes. Let me see. Lady boss. Let’s go back. So lady your real quick. Where is the page? Boom. All right, so the market research, we understood that part. We know what content works. We know the Hashtags, they work, we know the bio, the caption, we know how their audience is reacting, we know the profile picture, we know all these little things, and whether you do, you simply model it. That’s it. That’s it. So second pillar, what was it? Who remembers the second pillar that I just mentioned? Whole remembers the second pillar that I mentioned. See Elevation, football intent. Well, actually Alation football. I see, I see a comment right there. If people actually want to find out where I started, this was my first. Hey, let me see. Elation. This was my first page and why I started doing everything in the first place right here.
This right here. I want it to become a professional soccer player and this is what you need to channel to. I want to become a professional soccer player. And I came from the art. I was trying to figure it out and basically I just knew, okay, social media’s the way to put myself out there and that’s how I did it. And I actually got the chance to be a pro and doesn’t succeed. Okay. So yeah. Anyways, there’s a little back like history lessons for you. Let’s just go back to lady boss over here. So second one content. I see the comments right here. Content, content. You were paying attention. I liked that, Jeremy. I liked that. Carlos and I liked that. I like that. All right, so content. Now here’s the cool part. What content should I post? Well, it’s a good question. You used did the market research, exactly.
No, exactly. So you already know what kinds of works in that domino falls. Third Pillar, who remembers is, I’m just going to say consistency, right? How many times do they, should I post? Well, usually the market research so you know what content to post or how many times a day should you post ideally, if you’re not sure at the very minimum, at least once a day. Okay. Now, fourth one, networking. Who are the people that you are going to be like engaging with one of the people that you’re going to be working with? Well, usually the worker research on 10 2030 accounts. Who was your network? Those 10 2030 accounts. Simple as that. As you can see, the number one thing that you need to be focusing on is the market research. Just like on any business, you’re not going to start a coffee shop down the street, just wing it and put a hundred grand in without and hoping it works without knowing if it’s the right location.
Knowing how much equipment is gonna cost me, like knowing all these little things, you’re not going to do that. Yeah. The most important thing I think in any business than what people I think lack the most because they’re lazy. Just by human nature. People are lazy. Yup. Is they don’t want to go out and do the work up front. They want to just wing it and see if it works in the kit. Most of the time it doesn’t work. That’ll put you in a hole. Yeah. Right. I spent like literally what I just showed you took me four to five years to learn from 1211 2012 all the way to 2016 I didn’t have any success whatsoever and it was because of that reason. You can also, for example, to ease your pain. You can also go to our website called social right here. And you just put your Instagram accounts in and it sold you analytics and a bunch of other stuff. You can also go to Ninja can we just put an anybody’s Instagram account? Cause I want to go, this shit works cause I’ve never heard of. Listen, I’m about to learn something.
Shit. I’m right here face to face and I’m learning. So I’m taking this out. So let’s say I put my, Oh I Count Pena right here, right? You see, get to see the farmer growth. You can see cool. All of this stuff. So it allows you to do market research a lot easier. Right? So any account that you want to search, you can put it right here. [inaudible] You want, ah, okay. I just wanted to see how Seattle, okay, that’s cool as hell. Yeah. Let’s see. That’s clicks. Well we just opened that space. That’s, I looks like personally. Wait. Oh the first one to be. Okay. So basically we need a scrape data. Basically out of the hell is that sexy guy in the background. All right, so only know you can use socio potato or Ninja lytics come on to actually do help you in the market research.
Now who understood that part? I want to know. I want to know coming in the chat if you understood it. Oh, do you want us to repeat that whole segment? Once again? Seven, seven only counts seven. Somebody said URLs. What were the two year olds again? Social, potato and Minda. Lytics.Com social Ninja with Yup. Make sure you write that down. Yeah. Can somebody, if you can at your show conscious, just go ahead and drop in and chat someone. We’re busy up here teaching the world. Yeah, there we go. Thanks for the lazy. So sell, show up and sell it off. It wasn’t me. They came to go me the market research to find the you all. Whatever. We just speak about work research. Yup. Now let’s do this. Now that we know what kinds of works, how much does your post, what networks you use at the end of the day, social media is all about two different things.
Content and distribution. That is it. We have a massive victory TV show right now. We have zoom, Facebook, Instagram, and youtube later on. So this is the message distribution plate. But the content, as you can see is this. So is it gonna be the same way your network will be your distribution channel, even if you have to pay for ads and stuff like that. Now here’s the cool part. How do you find and get clients? This is, this is some shit that I don’t even know if we should be dropping or like, let’s see, how’s it? Can you make money on it? [inaudible] Money like just [inaudible] it’s always fun to get some followers, but how do you actually make some cash? How do you know? How do you make that [inaudible] we got to reload cash in the chair. If you would like to show, if you’re mass reloading to show you how to make cash using Instagram cashing check leads [inaudible] in the chats. Oh Geez. Okay. Cashing chat. Don’t overloaded or else won’t work. Oh yeah, that’s a problem. It was my first time using a money game, so I’m not cash cash, cash, cash, cash.
Money just sitting on there bumping off. Nothing crazy. Just don’t buy off the simple mess. We clean. Are you guys? You guys haven’t stripped [inaudible] well who got my money? Nelson said so let me just show you the money on Instagram is made on Instagram stories. I want you to repeat. That’s to me, the money on Instagram has made where on Instagram stories chat. Instagram stories. Okay. The chat room. Make sure everybody has. Yep. So let me show you. Let me show you some statistics. Let me tell you some statistics and that people will think, oh, but I have a small following. I cannot make money on mystery. I’m going to show you how many, actually we should ask this at the beginning. How many calls do you have right now on Instagram? Coming down below. Drop it in the chat. How many followers you have an Instagram page?
Go follow 30. I want to know 500 is 308624004287 800 probably 97. So there should be more comments right here by [inaudible] on Facebook all by this guy who has 100,000. Okay, 1.5 k I’m guessing. Cool. So let’s just say an average person, let’s just say an average of 1000 followers you have right now, okay? Let’s just call it an average. Here’s the cool part about Instagram stories. Between five to 10% of your total followers were what? Your stories every single day. Okay? So let me just, with a 1000 followers, you should be getting anywhere from 50 to a hundred people watching your stories. That is 50 to a hundred people. You have their attention every single day to drive value and to pitch, okay? Now you want me to say, Oh hell sweat, but I don’t have the 10,000 followers so I can not get the swipe up feature.
I cannot send them to a link. There’s always a workaround that I always do this. You can always tell me, direct message me this word in order to get this results. So this is what I do for example, right? Let’s just say, let’s just, let’s just, I’m going to show you this one right here, right? If it looks right, this is a simple video. I literally just winged it. Don’t go like this. Send it to my team and they posted it with that little cute designer or whatever. How do, okay, so again, I’m just providing value right here. I’m doing this skip all the way to the very end. Just value, value, value. I’m going to show you like why this works. Okay. And a bit. Now here’s the cool, this is an important one. Now you see this right before you pitch, you want to put a poll to pre-frame the audience.
If somebody watched out, I’m not gonna Count, but that amount as far as 15 times, I think there’s like 10 stories. That’s what, 15 150 seconds. That is, we’re two minutes, right? Or in there. That’s over two to three minutes. On a certain, that’s like eternity. They’re in. So they’re watching this right now. If you go to your phone, you pull up and you vote yes. You got to see about a 90% of people voted yes. So does it make sense? Cool. This is swipe up right now. Actually I can even do it cause I’m a messed up I think. But this is a swipe up feature right now. Okay. People are swiping up after the poll because I pitched them. So you can do the exact same thing and simply your story pre-framed with a pole and then tell them, swipe up. Direct message me x word in order to get this result in other than direct messaging, you start conversation via DM.
I’ve made literally hundreds of thousands of dollars via direct message on Instagram just by doing this stuff. Okay. can we repeat that really quick to make sure everybody’s on the same page? I made hundreds of thousands of dollars from Instagram direct message. Another cool thing we all throw in this shit that I used to do. I don’t do it anymore because I just don’t have the time to do it. But which one was the one that you were just selling or was this one? Yeah. Yeah. Okay, cool. So, so on these I, if you do the yes or no, you can actually see people who want to yes. Either who voted yes. And people do have the time. We can actually go out into the outreach and say, hey, I see voted yes that you were interested in what I was saying or you’re interested in my program or whatever it is, here’s a link to something free and then shoot them up.
The value that to get them into your webinar or some shit like that. If you’re in that corporate world, the case we don’t. Once again, don’t be lazy, Lazy people don’t make any money. Or you can just create an don’t like a system in place and just hire a VA to do a 40 or that [inaudible] they bought that. Right? So I’m going to show you, you’re like, Oh sir, but that only works in your niche. I don’t know how to do it in any other niche. Let me show you e-commerce and also if fitness, right, so is one of our clients. We actually, we call this the Instagram story Webinar. We built this for them last year and is absolutely crushing it. They’ve done millions of dollars from this develop. Know. Here’s a cool thing. You know that Webinar, you always start with your story, yours like pre-framed back or like, Hey, I lost 65 pounds.
This was me. No, right? So again, I was, he’s, he’s telling a story. She used to relate it. She’s making people get that connection, right? So it can feel some type of way. Exactly. Feel some type of way. So here’s the cool part. She’s now pre-framing the audience before she does the pitch. But here she’s going to put multiple polls in it. They struggled with working out consistently. Now my view for stories in 10 15 that’s a minute, right? People are committed by this point. People have you see, again, if you won’t, I cannot vote on this, but if you go on mobile and you’ve already gonna see 80 to 90% voting yes right here. So you struggle with NDI consistently. She’s showed making people raise their hand. Exactly. She’s just making me more like raise their hand and at the end of the day, people follow you for that anyways.
So you know for a fact they’re gonna vote. Yes. Okay. So whatever problem you’re solving, you put it in a form of more question. Okay. Instead of saying like, Hey, ask me anything. Like I see a bunch of people like doing this and I’m like, ask me anything. No, but what is your biggest struggle with your agency? Or what is your biggest struggle with your Instagram? Or what ones are bigger, stronger with fitness or whatever. Whatever the problems you’re solving. What is your biggest struggle with x? And people are going to tell you because they follow you for that reason. Okay. Now here’s the cool part. I started with all of it right now, 24 hours only because Instagram stories, I’ll take an l so you can play on the urgency and scarcity part, which is your two major assets as a marketer, right? You Go, boom, this is so similar to Obama.
Like I’m surprised, right? Yes. Yeah. So check this out. The value stack right there. Boom, boom. Or you’re gonna get, and there’s a Seymour, there’s a swipe up thing. Oh, it takes us there. And as you can see, boom, and it have obviously UTM parameters to track the sales. They literally made hundreds of thousand dollars every single month just from this thing. Killing cells, killing it. Now again, boom. Does manuals, right? You put this, someone who’s out there, boom, right here, right? Again, mind you like look at the amount of stories she’s supposed to. Like people are committed, people are committed by this point, right? Boom, boom. It’s like a burner fix mix between yep. Seeming approved yet moni or, yeah, exactly. Boom. The valley site, 24 hours only. Swipe up, don’t miss out. Yada, Yada, Yada, boom. Right? And you can put it as a highlight, which turns it into an Edward Green.
Which one was that? That was, that was all the way right here. So this is the one thing that I’m seeing. I’m going to learn some shit today. People, the people that I bring on, you know, I don’t know this shit. I can’t even sit up in here and help guys. I’m about to step to the side. Let this man take over the rest of his lungs. I’ll be over here in this chair if you need me to just [inaudible] what was it that was, it was just slowly enough if you need me right here. I don’t remember. It was like one of these highlights. Yeah, but she got Brussels. Exactly. So now that you’ve quit putting on, you can put it right here into a highlight and it turns it into like an evergreen kind of funnel. He’s because, and again, shit ever. And again, like she’s been doing this for a year, by the way.
So wow. Like that’s the reason why there’s so many highlights. No. You might be saying like, oh, what I have a supplement or have an econ or whatever. Here, let me show you this one right here. Oh No, it was only searching through 9,000 more. Oh No, wait, I was just talking to [inaudible], so let me show you. Let me show you. If you have a supplement, you have an econ store or whatever, you want to do something similar, you can do it as well. It doesn’t matter if you have some information products or if you’re selling e-commerce or your clients selling this stuff. You can show this right here. Let me show you this. You like pancakes. How can I do turn this shit up? Yeah. Well, you can’t do it on desktop. On mobile though, right? Pre-Framing. Hey, do you want my craving crushing pro waffle recipe?
Yes or no? Yes. Right? People are watching you and falling for that reason. Step number one. Well, she just simply does the little recipe thing. Simple as that and mind you, physical part, this secret ingredient. Oh, her product. All right. Surprising and obviously it has a Seymour which takes you to that landing page where you can actually buy it. Okay. And Boom, right here she tells you the benefits of the product, all the stuff that you’re going to get, the result that you’re going to get with it. And obviously she keeps doing her recipe. She keeps doing her thing and she just does the protein waffles and shows you how to do it. So if you have an econ product and you come store or if you have an information product or you’re selling services or products and does that matter? You can do this as well.
As long as you follow this simple process and framework. Again, it’s your stories is literally where the money’s at and you don’t have to be doing it all the time. You can literally just take let’s say Monday and you film 10 vertical videos like this with your phone, right? 10 vertical videos and then you save it and then you upload it through the entire week. You can also do it that way now where you don’t have to be doing Instagram stories like a 50 year old girl Aka, right, so not making sense. I’m 16 yeah, that makes sense. I want a heck. Yeah. Down below. If this made sense to us. Understand in the chips come a double and again, yes, a big following in order to do this, because I walk into the numbers by the 10% of your total audience, we’ll watch your stories every single time.
So we have a thousand followers, 50 to a hundred people who were your stories and between five to 10% of those people will do any sort of call to action you give them. So that means 50 to a hundred you guaranteed five to 10 people raising their hands and doing any sort of call to action. You’d give them on a 24 hour time period. If you’re selling high ticket stuff, which I suggest you do because you can sell it like easily sell it through BMS, that means between five or 10 leads for free. They were qualified, they are senior. Every single day are going to hit you up. And this does not count for the fact that your count is growing too. I got a question for you cause you said this is something that I want to learn. Okay. so I’m going to ask this shit like cause shit, why not?
So I want to grow my page yet. Right. And let’s pull up, let’s go out. Let’s bro here, go check [inaudible] c h a d KOD, c h a d k o d r y k. O. D. R y. Right there. That’s six man right there. Alright. Yeah. So obviously I did, I just some lazy, I’m one of those guys and I know we just said that lazy people [inaudible] but I’m doing other shit. Let’s just be real. Okay, so first of all, give me some tips on what I need to do. The first thing you got to do is blessed Instagram account. Yes. Yeah, with the money. Oh, as blessed.
There you go. Yeah. Too much money. There you go. So now that it’s blessed. Okay, now the first, let’s start with a stone top. So right here, the bio is on your personal card. The first thing people see when they come to you. I’m also right here. I will definitely put a picture of more of your face. People connect with your eyes and smile. The eyes are the windows to the soul. So you want somebody with, oh you like bad days. I got that right. I got that too. [inaudible] I’m going to watch this replay. You guys are going to see me actually change all this shit in lieu tonight or tomorrow, sir. Okay. I won’t need to audit and just tell me what I need to do exactly. So profile picture name is fine. Right here, the bio, I want you to have something more like your before and after.
Like I don’t like your story. And then I like this. I help marketing agency skyrocket with our an easy platform, but I don’t like right here, like he doesn’t really tell me kind of the results. So for that problem, results, problem, results. Okay. So, for example, it’d be, we’d go right here. This is Kinda lazy too, but which is fine, but then should be like, well learn to grow and monetize your, the results, grow and monetize your g straight call to action. And basically you say Kinda like what results I’ve gotten for myself over 15 million followers on Instagram, which is 100% true between multiple accounts and zero to 3 million in twin and 12 months with the grant and obviously the results that we’re doing. So yeah, we did the description. Yeah, we did the bio. This idea that some of the top don’t do it yet.
I’m testing some stuff. So don’t look at the excess that okay, where is it? Where are you? Oh No. Right here. Okay, so bio redone, problem solution, kind of what we do, we do for people is strong call to action. So get forever free access. Why would I want to get to the action? And you’re right, you’re right. I stood up. Why would I want, okay, he’s not the man is right now. Let’s go now. My new Lamborghini’s are cool, but people can not, you know, I cannot relate to you that much is correct. You don’t know. You’re not telling me what to sell. You’re not telling me Kinda like play that video yet.
Tell me. So basically like you’re like, if you’re trying to use Instagram for you know, your life or your family to share, this is perfect, but you’re trying to make money. I’ll bring you on another way. So what should I put in there? As long as you go through and tag and you know, like other things I can do the Lamborghini pictures, you can put them here and there. But for example, let me show you what I’m doing right now. My own Instagram counts. So if you see this stuff, motivational video kind of gets people hyped up. And these videos right here, our old value based videos, okay. If you look at them, I’ll let you just youtube videos. We have to go [inaudible] they’re just, you can get curious. We’re going to create these videos tomorrow morning. We have to after where we’re going, look at what we’ve done to the floor.
Yeah, I’m the cleaner. Okay, let’s go back to p and p. So I definitely understand. So while you make videos, these are just youtube videos. For example, if you look at this one right here, this is just dumb though obviously is framed for Instagram TV, but if you play it right, is this a youtube video that I posted on Instagram? Right? I’ve got a question for you and I’m sure people in the audience, what is like, so this is, is this an actual poster? Is this actually Instagram TV? That is an Instagram TV and you can actually post it on the feed as well. So you can do both if you upload. Let’s see. Yeah, let me, let me just reframe it. Yeah. So let’s say for example, right here, this is where you actually upload and right here [inaudible] this right here. So what, what’s, what is the benefit of Instagram TV talk right now and about that?
Cause I got someone new [inaudible] so it’s big on that. Think about this. When your wife wants something, what do you do? You finish you better. If you’re watching this, you’ve got to get up and telling you right now I want to dissolve. [inaudible] What did you do when your wife wants something? You get her that shit. It’s use pilot to her because happy wife, happy life. So Instagram right now, once Instagram, TV, they’re pushing it hard, extremely hard. And what do you do? And give them what they want. You give them what they want because here’s the thing, you got to understand this like I want you like change your mindset and your framework. Your goal is to make Instagram as much money as possible. Then you’re like, wait, what will you wait? I’ll get it. Here’s the thing. Instagram makes money from ads. Facebook makes money from ads.
Youtube makes money from ads. Every single social media platform makes money for math and the only possible way that they make money is like keeping people on the platform. Okay? So your goal is to keep people on the platform as long as possible with your content, which is why it’s so important to do the market research, to know what content keeps people on the platform in the first place. Okay. So the more money you make Instagram, the more they will push you and the more you will be rewarded and the more money you’ll make. That makes sense. Comments three, six, nine [inaudible] Rick [inaudible] this shit, this shit at 2016. I love that. Cool. You understood that so perfectly. I have more questions. Go ahead. I’m going to let this end right here. This is going to be educational to the world. Sure. All right. So all these things, so as an example, so this is, and I’ve never really done Instagram TV.
It’s going to be new to me. Okay. I usually do youtube videos. These are Youtube idiots and I just frame it for [inaudible]. Can we get the Gilbert again and up? We are about to unload tamale on all of this cause we have a shit ton of footage. Yeah, that’s how we’re going to be. So, okay, quick question for you and sure. It’s on multiple questions for me. Probably like 89 questions. We’re gonna start with number six, the Ne it’s a good number. [inaudible] We’re going to do, so my question for you is you have now taken this as a 10 minute video. Yup. Okay. This is a youtube and maybe similar, just reframed it in the size obviously for Instagram. And you have added a thumbnail cause you’ve done there, right. Okay. Just put that pipe button right there. That button is electric is a, this is, this is perfect.
So I made it had the top, yeah, exactly. This is, okay, great. It’s until the frame, like this year, LTV is nine by 16. Correct. Youtube is 16 by nine. So basically instead of me trying to like Redo the entire video, I’m like no, that’s good that I just posted it here and works and it works. Yeah. Hasn’t got exactly. So not like [inaudible] you got more views here than on Youtube, which is funny. So it makes sense. Yeah. So you get out of here. There we go. All right. So if I go back, cause I really want to get into Instagram TV and I’m sure that you guys that are probably watching this take advantage of this shit. Okay. So how frequently are you doing the Instagram TV? So right now my old team is posting about one or two times a week on Instagram TV.
Okay. We’ll probably want it two times a week on a CMC. We’re testing a few days, but ideally you want to scale that up to one time a day. Now mind you, mind you if you don’t have the capacity, it’s like your audiences I used to that you probably don’t want to go all that hard on it. I like, I thumbed those a lot too. These are the teachers who don’t know those he’s done other than Badass. Right. They’re really nice. Yeah. So let me show you, let me show you. I’ll show it. Yeah. Let me show you an example of somebody that’s absolutely getting me right. Again, you know you do the market research that’s, that’s literally only do market research. Okay. Let me show you something. Right? These are the videos I’ve done before. Posted no wrong in the heat. Now he’s posting on Instagram TV.
Why? Well, because it’s fricking converting like crazy. And basically you just put click baity tug thumbnails down bottom. You’re young enough to pull up. What am I pulling off? I’ll click on it and then I see it. Right? So basically if you feel like they weren’t watching this video, so 1.4 million views is set right now is pushing is going to be hard. And just, let’s see, let’s see his feet. Okay, let’s see his feet. Want us to go on to video two, three. Oh, it’ll show you like right here. This is so like from the last nine post, one, two, three, four, five, five or the nine posts are, you’re gonna see videos. I got another question for you. Are you ready for it? Heavy guys are like this, this, this, this shit’s going to get engaging real quick. Cause this is the shit that I want to know.
Chad, you’re going gonna add this to the answer. Graham service offering industries. Maybe one day. Who knows? Yeah. All right. So my question is, let’s say I’m a lazy person. Yeah. Okay. And I don’t want to do this shit. Wake up in the morning and do it every day cause Beatrice doesn’t want to list shit enough. You can also, how can we do this all in one day and is there a scheduling system or a tool that we can use that’ll just, you have this and so, so obviously for example, if you don’t want to be on camera, you can always do infographics. FYI, infographics blog like crazy. Like I’m sure you’re right here, right now. Let’s just say you’re like, I want to schedule content in batch. You can also do that right now there is like a few apps out in terms of schedule, but we use one, what’s it called? Story-Tell. Why is everything around me? Spanish.
So I’m right now on just several of like scheduling apps. But from what I found in my own testing, again I have like 15 accounts myself that I own between and not counting clients. So I’ve found that it limits your reach, it limits your reach when you scale your like that. Right now we’re building one ourselves are going hook you up later. Much like that. But like right now, like that’s what I found that it’s like limits your reach is like is a problem. If again, if you would just want to free up your time and you’re okay with the limited reach, like a little bit. That’s why you can use our accounts like a southwest like eight p a p p eight. I that’s a good one. One of the island to, exactly, it’s like a scheduler scheduler. It’s like just for Instagram stories too.
And all I know it does not those stories or Instagram TV, that’s the bad part sucks. There’s no point in using [inaudible]. I mean going use that. You asked me questions I go to, I answered. So basically these are going to be, right now there’s no platform that allows you to post and schedule content. And so how do I give you an example? You can like for example, you can definitely do this. Let’s say you go to Instagram TV, you hit upload and you can do this from the computer. You can do this from the computer. Exactly. And you just can save it as a draft. That’s what I do. So I’ve always, for example, if you’re got on now what you’re going to post normal in the feed or on this GMTV. You can always say that as a draft. That way when you’re about to post that you can just hit a button and boom, that’s it.
Go pro real quick. Oh countries shit’s about to go down this week. We have a lot of work to do over here. I’m to be a trace [inaudible] sitting here struggling with this Instagram shit. Trying to figure this all out. This guy. Okay, this is good. So, alright, so can we get an [inaudible] in the chat, in the chat to prove this amazing production together with cuddles helping around the house. 49 in the chat, stopping production. So who here thinks they can go apply this Instagram story tech meet right now today and make money with it? I want to know who’s going to do it this week. Say me and the chat, say me and the chat. I don’t want to see it. You want to like send me a message or tagging your stories and we had yet so I can see it. I’m going to see it.
Okay. Alright. Me Glover Nelson, I remember you. Carlos Ricardo in San Mercedes. Still on me. The Chai. Jen. Bryce. Take action. Yes. Ash Bradley. Let’s go jump on the chat if you’ve got [inaudible]. Sean, Sean, if you have more than a hundred followers and one 50 followers, you can try this yourself right now and start applying it. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have. I’m going to do it next week. Why next week? Jeremy? Why not this? Why not? He’s like, because I’m watching the dash accelerator. Okay, awesome. So now that you know how to grow and monetize your Instagram account, let me show you how you can get clients and a few techniques that you probably have not heard before because that mind you again, I built my own your marketing agency $2 million without paying a single penny for any traffic or tights. Okay. So because I’m watching all the best way. Yeah, that’s smart Jeremy.
That’s smart. I’ll let you, we’ll let you go once you go or we’ll make a slide on this. Yeah. All right. So here’s the thing. The first thing that I’m going to, I want to show you is this. You can go to pay this like backsies looks at us or any other entrepreneurship page. Again, just hit the little thing right here, right? And boom, there’s a ton of pages of this, right? And what you’re going to do is simply put [inaudible] promotion. I’ll at a post [inaudible] whatever you want to call it. And obviously let’s say for example, you know, funnels, you know, application phone, like you know how to close people on the phone for your agency. Use me more leads. And people coming to you right off the traffic neutral. Like here’s the cool part. Stuff like this is so crazy cheap. Now you can go and purchase Latinos.
You’re gonna story right this and you just post it on your stuff. Tell people to swipe up and they go to your application for their funnel. Right. To only do you have 10,000 plus obviously. Well, you can purchase it from other people or you’re like, hey, I don’t have to know the haulers myself. That’s not enough. I don’t have, I don’t have 10,000 followers myself. I want to have this today right now and I want to make money and close clients for agency. You know what I heard there was this one app, a thing, it’s called kicks k I x or something like that. Kick. Yeah, kick your Kik. Cody, the clever investor, and you’ve got Ryan Simmons van. I was talking to him and he also presents it and he was telling us about it, how you can go on Kik and you can find other in other pages like that.
Have you know, a hundred thousand $200 million, a million followers, whatever it is, and you can pay these guys. You’re like 15 year old kids and it just ramped up pages and sanely you’re getting like 150 bucks and they’ll shout you out on their posts for like 12 hours or six hours. Let me walk you through a numbers guy. I’m an engineer by degree, so I love numbers. So all right, so this one, let’s assume this one charges you 200 bucks, right? I doubt it. I doubt it. But let’s just say 200 bucks for an Instagram story that last 24 hours. Right now, if we go back to the numbers, 135,000 followers, five to 10% of that is anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 people. Let’s just assume for a second numbers as it 5,000 po five and people will watch it, five to 10% of that.
We’ll do any sort of call to action. That means between 250 to 500 that means 250 to 500 clicks to your landing page. To your offer, right? Let’s assume you have a 30% conversion rate. That is 10 2075 people asked me [inaudible], I’m not the numbers guy, so 75 people at the very minimum by paying 200 bucks, 75 people. If you only close, let’s say you suck at sales, you shouldn’t, but let’s just say you close it and you suck at sales. That is 75 10% of 75 to seven people. As I say, you only close one person, one person at $2,000 a month, you paid 200 you close them for 2000 and you’re using desk clicks and you pop it in the middle by, you don’t do anything.
Let me see something real quick. Let’s get that one. That’s what makes you want to say that’s still here, right? That’s money right? There ain’t no [inaudible]. That’s money, right? Is it bleeds you’re looking for? Yeah, like it’s is so fricking easy to make money on Instagram and just use it as a traffic source. The problem with Instagram is that this, people see Instagram as making money on Instagram, which is not the case. You make money off Instagram. You don’t make money on Facebook, you make money off Facebook. You don’t make money on Instagram, on Facebook ads to make money off Facebook ads. Instagram, he doesn’t another traffic source that right now it is extremely under utilized and under-priced. Okay? Influencer marketing. It is so crazy powerful and you can utilize it today just like I showed you. So again, if you want more pages is hidden a little bit and you simply go and search more people.
Let’s do say lists. How do I like a page like this is an example. Let’s say don’t have to get my posts on there. How would they do that? Because I’m talking, that’s probably a question that they have. Yeah, so for example, if you’re on your phone, you can like, there’s a little thing right here that says email or you can send them a message, right? Right. You send them a message that’s on an email and they have, they will usually have in their bio cake at whatever. You can send a message there as well. You say, Hey, well or hey like just get straight. Yeah. How much did you trust off promotion? Or for example, this case they have his own personal account. You can message them about personal as well. Right? So go. So, right. So you say, Hey, I want to buy promotion on your page. How much is it? They’re going to say is 200 bucks. Whatever the case, the post, you send them, the posts give to caption, boom, done deal. Or you send them the story, the video, boom. Done deal. It isn’t simple as that. It’s not complicated at all. You just pay via paypal. Always pay for the, no, not friends and family always pay services and services and goods.
And here’s a little trick and they say you set it up, friends and family like that. I watched them as friends and good goods and services because of tax reasons. You know, I got to like my accountant said, just say that right. There’ll be fine and you just pay the 2.9% fee, which is like super low. But you run that just in case somebody you know runs off with your money or whatever, which is not gonna happen if they’re reputable and big like this. But it’s better to be saved. This hard piece saves and sorry people. So some ones that touring the bucks, you make two grand if you suck medic. Okay? So like this is something super simple that you can start doing today, even if you don’t have an Instagram account or even if you have any followers whatsoever. Okay? Makes Sense. Comments are 800 hey, I’m doing a chat comment at 800 and a day and this makes me feel some type of, hey, a hundred in the chat.
Oh, I’m doing the chat. Eight zero zero says yes. [inaudible] Paul Jeffrey, our funds own Sean Ash. Mary had a Ludo ray and everybody’s in this. All right. Alright, so I’m gonna show you another little secret technique that I’ll love to use to get more clients. And this one’s going to be on Facebook. All right? We all know Facebook, right? So we all know Facebook groups too. Here’s a core part of our Facebook groups. They all have your ideal customer Avatar in them. You just have to find out a way to basically get them off there. But you got to do it in a smart way. So this is the click funnels group. Right. And obviously you cannot lead men from it. It’s one of those derby. Yeah. You cannot lead Gen from it. But if you drop amazing value on them, you’re gonna to wait your, your preach.
Cause this is like, this is my shit. [inaudible] For like seven months since you’ve been watching us on. Yeah. Like that you people, the main thing right here is again, provide value up front and that’s it. Okay. You’re going to wait, I promise you. Okay. Check this out. This post right here, it was made may nine 2017 to 188 comments. Okay. I’m going to, I don’t know if I should say this cause I don’t know Russell’s gonna see this but [inaudible] so I then that lead from that post. Okay. People looked at my profile, they hit me off, they message me. So just putting it out there. Okay. It was just straight up value for free from this post alone. I made about $25,000. Can we come to a PMP real quick just to show that post right here. And don’t be dirty people. I’m not saying PP.
We’re going to PMP. Which posts was it? This one right here. Let’s do this. Really. So take yourself, I’ll do opening. Actually Bam. How do you actually open? No wait, no, no. There you go. Bam. So it was a long post by this Sidney, like three hours to write, but we didn’t, we weren’t to work three hours to make 25 grand. Yeah, I look so and so like it was like a long, like it was straight on valley like it was, it was not bluff at all. Okay. It was like long shadow value is like shit you get on Wikipedia. Exactly. So take this out, right? Take this out. 288 comments. Okay. So right and I did this, I’ve done this multiple times. You can just search my name and the click funnels group and you’ll see a lot of different posts with a lot of written comments.
Okay. And here’s the cool part. Now here’s the most important part. If you do this, let me go, okay. When you do this, your Facebook profile needs to be optimized, okay. Right here it needs to say, what do you do? I help brands and businesses reach millions of people on Instagram that are 69 times already. Right? And it has the link [inaudible] dot com which is the Webinar, right? What happened in the other, the I you dong? Oh yeah, I need one. I need to put, I know. Yeah, but as you can see like the posts on my profile resonate and are in line with what I’m posting on everywhere. Okay. Because when people go to my problem, they see like who is this guy? Right? Course. What is he about? Okay. Like the profile picture looks decently nice. The banner look on your land cover photo.
Yeah. So like, and again the posts themselves are engaging people engaged with them, people like them and they’re going to be able to see that this guy is not just some like random kid that pure overnight in his truck trying to charge me two grand or whatever per month to just manage or do my Instagram marketing. Right. So as you can see, you combine the groups for my value for free. You optimize your Facebook profile and you’re making a lot more money. Okay. Now he’s another one. It’s probably, I don’t know if you’ve heard about this, but this one is actually cool. Then you know that Groupon is a free place where you can get free leads from [inaudible] since about to go down people.
Well before we go any further, can we chat if you would like us to drop the tsunami on you. And I don’t know if that’s real. Is that real tsunami? I’m still like, oh we still alive. Oh sorry about the cutoff. Cause they can only go on for an hour. For those of you guys watching whether you have or you do not have [inaudible] account. And look, first of all, I probably should have said it because I feel rude now. We want to get a step stepped across it, but you guys remember, what the hell is that and what are you guys doing here? Shooting money at people. Dash clerks is an agency platform. Guys, in what we do in batch sheets, you just go to [inaudible] dot com you get a forever free account. And we do live videos like this where we have education for agencies. It’s strictly for agency owners. [inaudible] We do live videos like this. We also have a, we also have a shit ton of agencies tours that you can use software tools. We also have our agency platform. We do white label for film or for Tyrus. If you have like Facebook campaigns or if you have click funnels, if you have read signs or if you have social media posting, if you have queries or Google ads campaigns or Facebook ad campaigns or did you like that? We actually will fulfill that right here in our documents headquarters in sunny south Florida. And it’s all done right through a pup from you. Just go I mean, how easy was that tree to create your account? It was, there was just like two seconds done. Done. That’s it. And it’s like, oh, like what else you have to do in life? I just go get a dash account. Cool. So who’s ready to learn this group on strategy has literally right here, like all up for grabs, like up for grabs. Just come in and down below a number one. If you’re ready to make some money off of Groupon, one of the chat, if you want to make money on Groupon, on Groupon call. I said, I’ll tell him once. Awesome. So take this out. I want to, I to like do this a little more attractive.
What niche? So I’m like the categories that we have right here. Which one should we go on? Like I want to, I want people to comment down below. So I’m on the chat. We do beauty spas, James food and drinks, restaurants like beauty spas or what did we do? What did we do? What, what, what do you want us to do? Spa. Spa. Okay. Beauty spots. Boom. Right here. Perfect. Let’s do that. [inaudible] Let’s do this. Let’s make it bigger cause okay, then we’ll be able to see it. Alright, we’ll be like super big. All right, now you can definitely see this as like, this is exponential image. All right, so we’re going to start right here by price, high to low. And then we’re going to try to find bipolarity. We’re going to see the top seller and when we’re trying to find is people that are not top seller because they’re probably not making money on Groupon. Okay? So people who have lower views let’s see.
Right? Eight reviews. Boom, right here. Mind you. Like there was people like with selling a hundred reviews and this one had eight. Now let’s scroll through the right here. I’m going to show how you can make more money than just managing Instagram or Facebook or whatever. So this is live. I don’t even know what website they have. Hopefully you just shake your ass. Fix Es thinks the website could have stinks. Let me see how you can just use instasize for this and just throwing that out there. Yeah, I’m just going to throw that out there and we’ll continue with the date in here. So yeah, it does think it’s taking a long time to load. So first of all, I believe in that escalate because you can build or what is it like? Yeah, we just launched our new instasize story a month and a half ago. You can literally build websites within five seconds.
This shit is probably still loading or it’s been so long until the year 1906 it’s still loading in 1976 the Lux go daddy builder website. We bring you inside me and the hell out of people. How do you convert with Shit like this? I don’t know. Is this, what, is this a pamphlet online? What is going on here? Is this a brochure? I don’t know if I find this. As you can see if a, it’s bad. Okay. It’s real bad. Now let’s, let’s just say we’re going Facebook. Let’s seem to actually have a Facebook page in the first place. Oh God. It’s a picture of a couch.
Is a furniture stand. It’s supposed to be a beauty spa. I guys, they also sell couches. There’s a furniture store. Yeah. So yeah, this is, this is straight up bad. So as you can see those like who’s going to take this lead? Like we were getting this cold email, this person right now and say like, Bro. Yeah, what’s up? Sucks. And your Facebook sucks and you’re probably, your Facebook got sucked in to get your shit together. People please. Yes. So they’re literally leaving money on the table and we got them from Groupon, Groupon, and we got them in here. Miami. So you can definitely switch to the local area. This was in Miami right here. And you can just call them up right here. There was phone number or you can just walk into actual business. I’m calling him right now. Hold on one second.
We’re gonna do this right now. Life. I can’t even bear this anymore. We got to get this done. If you guys want me to call live cold, call these people. [inaudible] Gotta be good. This is good on cold call right now. Number 287 in the chat. You know, I’m going this shit on. Everybody says protocol to where are we? Seven right now in the chat. All right, here we go. Here we go. All right, well listen, I want to propose that an email by that I was really shit about. I want to about Dr [inaudible]. Oh, this guy only speak Spanish. He’s, this happened to me again. Let’s, let’s watch. Let’s bless them first with money about cause this, oh well that was awkward. That got awkward quick. That’s an overload right there. All right, let’s do this. Here we go. So this is what I would sing. This is what I would say to people. This is lot. This isn’t that. This isn’t that we’re going to, is that recording?
Good afternoon. Sure is the static.
How are you doing? Who can I speak to about the Groupon offer that you guys have?
That would be the doctor.
Okay. is that, that the various, is he available right now or
No, not at the moment is where the patient should have been purchasing one. Is that,
No, I just, I’m, I’m actually down here. I’m in Fort Lauderdale. I’m not too far away from you guys. I see you guys are in Miami shores, but I was on your website and I see that you guys have some issues on your side. It’s one thing give you guys a heads up. I don’t know who would be the person to talk to about that.
Yeah, sure. Let me go ahead and get his email. I’ll shoot them over a quick email because it’s, I think it’s pretty important. I know you guys are sending a bunch of people there. I don’t want to ruin your business. Just try to help you guys out a little bit.
Okay. That’s great. Can you give us the better for you? Okay. That would be v as in Victor, e n g r [email protected]
Awesome. Thank you so much. What was your name again? I’m so sorry I didn’t get that. My name is Jessica. Jessica. Jessica. It’s, it’s a happy Thursday to you Jessica
This week, you know, are you having a good day today? Yes, very good. All right, good.
Well I’m, I thank you very much for your time. Just I’m going to go on and shoot him over a quick email. And by the way, Jessica, are you also, are you, you get, you handled the marketing or anything like that or is that all him?
Oh, him. Yeah. Oh, him. Okay. Awesome. Thank you so much. You’ve been a, you have a blessed day. You too. Bye Bye.
All right guys. That’s how easy it is. And we get an email and then we dropped them at the pipe drive and choice. CLM says, Mike, my new mind you, like Danny said, he handles marketing. He’s a doc doctor, not a marketing guy. Come on just in doing patients, not marketing for the business. Well, what, how can we do one more of these? Because I’m just getting my ass on hold right now. Let’s, let’s, let’s find him. Find me. Anybody else that is just for the love of God that has a website like that. Alright guys, mind you, this person you can, this is, this is what I going to email him. Ready for this. Hey Dr. Valdez, racer medical spa. Right. This is the email I would say. Hey Dr Bayless, I just spoke to you. I just spoke to Jessica Rose, her name. Jessica.
Yes. I just spoke to Jessica. She told me to reach out to you. I’m actually, my name’s Chad, I’m local right here down the street from you guys and, and our Fort Lauderdale. I found you guys on Groupon. I went to your website cause I have to buy my wife a facelift and Bam, when I realize Roz, your website is actually underperforming and I just wanted to see if I can provide some services to you guys. Here’s a couple of things. Random to rub set right now we can fix to help reconvert convert that on, make more money. Now with lists like five things that are wrong. I would say first thing I would do is I would change your slider, your sliders, taking about over a minute to load. And it’s causing people from not being able to build your website. Now, right now you’re running a group on that and you’re sending people to your website and it’s not layering.
So you’re just wasting money and time. Okay? The second thing you have to do is change your website because it’s from the 60s. Okay? And then the third thing that I would do is take off the furniture picture that’s on the color photo on the Facebook page. And people don’t think that your bed and beyond airbnb. Okay? So those are the, these are the things that I’ll do right now. Now, if you guys can agree with me, can we drop a six 77 in the chat? Amen. Six 77 a chat. Who’s, who’s next on this list? Ah, [inaudible] so this one, I mean, this, this was just not that bad. So I probably should buy a worst one, right? Yeah, let’s do actually know what, no, screw it. All right, so let’s let’s go into palm. Pedro. Okay. Yeah. Hit about. Let me see what’s going on here.
So I have a zone advanced Linzer medical spa. Why does it sound like a hospital? Advanced wings are, how advanced are they? I guess that’s a situation that isn’t really [inaudible] up pain. All right, cool. Let’s do this. How many reviews do they have? They have eight, eight, eight reviews. Horrible. Let’s do this. Okay, let’s do this. Just try and tell him, tell him they’re trying to compete on a red ocean. I’m might have gone. I’m going to guess that I was trying to go to Facebook ads. It’s like my money. I’m going to go completely different on this one. Who’s ready to do this? Who’s ready for this? Is that [inaudible] in the chat? If you’re ready to me. The unknown on the range of the spa. Let’s bless them with the seven 99 with check had been clasp last. What do they do here? Laser removal. Laser hair.
Yeah. Hi. Hello. Hi. How are you? Hi. Is this the laser spa? Yeah. Yeah. How are you doing? I see you guys have an ad running on Groupon, right?
Maybe they don’t maybe change that was out pretty bad. Yeah. All right. We got the point. Okay. We got one. As you see this, businesses suck at marketing. They suck at getting the actual person to buy can pick up the phone and dial, pick up the phone. We went through this a hundred times and dial. Okay. Pick up the phone. They said do one more. All right. All right. Let’s find you. I’ll let you find once a week. This isn’t like [inaudible] you guys like, Oh, you’re calling all the people and you’re getting every single room you speak to Chad, this is a setup. I’m sure it is. This is a setup. Let’s see. Pardon me guys. I just want to make sure if this is, if it’s still there. Yeah. They were still running 85% off the gastric salary. The program, right where there’s a whole library of Med spa has no idea what it is.
Okay. Weight loss, fat and silver, like reduction, 11 ratings. Let’s see the website. Let’s go bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang. They don’t even have a picture of an ass or couches of the football picture. Let’s see. Wait, let me see. They actually have a website. They don’t have a website, which is perfect. All right. God bless America. It’s America and they’re in Harrison. Three. They’re right here. Where’s the vulnerable for? The love of God is right here. How’s it going to take this business and do not know marketing like in group one and you’re not showing the phone number. Aw. My job for the public that I dialed the wrong number. I’m praying to God. This person deserves a drive in not even a phone call. Let’s see. Christopher says, use it dash for 85%. I’ve known it’s just aren’t, you don’t use any coupon code. The dash accelerator is 85% off. It’s three 79. You just get it right now with your dashes account. Let’s see if we can actually send a message. So, hey booboo. Do you need to let’s see the accident. Respond to hi real quick.
Do people not want to make money? What is going on? Unavailable.
I know cause they got lunch set. Nobody in this room wants to make money. Yeah. So as you can see, this is, I need to train hard. Oh the call me back. Oh here we go.
Hello? Yeah. You call me? Yeah. Doing
Oh I’m sorry. I know you’re calling, you guys are running a Groupon promotion, right? Yes. Perfect. Okay. So your, are you Rosa Name Your company? Cause I’m just, I I, I’m sorry you hung up but I want to find somebody else.
Are you interested in the laser?
Yeah, I run a laser in my legs.
So let me ask you guys a quick question. I see that you guys are running a Groupon but I don’t know how effective it is. And I have a bunch of people in south Florida that want to do laser and I’m looking for a place to send them to. Would you guys be interested in getting new business in the Miami area?
So lanes or have you, okay, give me your phone number. And then your all your information if you can. Because I have to talk to the doctor.
Got You. Okay. What was the doctor’s name? I think I spoke to him in the past.
No, I don’t know. I don’t know, but [inaudible]. Okay. my name is Chad. Your name is what? Chad? C. H. J. D. Okay. Yeah. And your phone number? Nine five two (955) 495-4495. Okay. [inaudible] dirty again.
Yeah. And I want to just, I want to send them about a, I would say maybe like 50 people a month to come do laser. That’s my specialty.
What is the name of your company, the name of my company is called Social Agency. Yeah. We’re in Fort Lauderdale and we specialize in working with a laser removal companies down here in south Florida. And on average we send about 50 people a month to your business. So if it’s something that you’re interested in, the doctor wants to make a little bit more money every single month, just tell him to give us a call, we can help them out.
No problem. Thank you. What was your name again? Yeah, Ramona
Remainder now. Okay, perfect. Thank you so much. Beautiful. Have a great day. Got gotta be smooth. You’ve got to be smooth, by the way. I don’t know why people pick up the phone. You call me.
I’m like, when you put a Spec on my name and I’m like, don’t kill me. Sorry. No, sorry for wanting to get lazy. So you guys see the point is that this is our Groupon. Chances are, yeah, this is what we’re dealing with is what we’re dealing with. Their website sucks. Their customer support sucks. It’s like Ramona’s [inaudible] he had a whole experience is just horrible and you can come in as that professional and just make that experience better all the way from like, Hey, maybe you should get a different Ramona. Maybe Ramona doesn’t know how to answer the phone. You need to get a real receptionist. We need to Redo your website. Like you come in there and you’d be that problem solver. You want to make more money. I just had an experience trying to get my lens lasered in. I couldn’t even book a damn appointment.
Okay. This is what you need to do to be successful. We need to get a new Ramona. We need to get a new website. We need to change the picture on your Facebook page and not look like a freaking bat and ball. Okay? Yeah, I was gonna Walk to my house with a few. I can’t even do it because you’re not taking any appointments cause you don’t even know the doctor’s name. Okay? So this is where it gets awkward. Okay? Does everybody understand what’s going on here? Can we drop a seven 88 in the chat if you are in agreement with me, if that isn’t going to work. Seven 88 in the chat, they use their clock. One ingredient. We didn’t even see any of these businesses have the Instagram logo on their website, which means it’s another thing that you can easily up sell to them and help them make more money.
Come on guys. You’ve got to get with the problem. Look the shit that we’re teaching you. Can You go pee and pee real quick? It should go. Our teaching here is not brain science. We are not rocket scientists. We do not work for NASA. We are everyday people. We are just like you. We are not special. We might be better looking. That’s about it. What is it again when he’s having the rob set as the Facebook stuff, like I can’t even deal with this anymore. It’s just getting me nauseous. I already, I’ve already had a stomach ache more. Yeah, let’s, let’s just go do this. Just leave it there. The things that you guys need to do and everybody always over complicates things for some reason it’s like why are you making it so complicated? You just freaking go on Groupon. You find the shittiest companies that are out there that have the shittiest experience, exposure, everything you get to the main year, you point out the problems of all the experiences that you’ve had.
You give them like really instant solutions right there on your phone. If you’re not lazy, the pregnant, take them like email them or follow up. Don’t be lazy. Put them in a CRM, drop them in pipe drive, roll them over down your sales pipeline and just keep following up with them every day until you get somebody to pay you two grand a month. I mean it’s that simple. I don’t understand why it’s so hard. Like you can also do this on Instagram too. You get, let’s say you’re specialized in gyms, gyms or every single gym has an Instagram page. You can do it hit the gym. Mark is see what they’re doing. They’re struggling or you know, hardest for Jake to just keep getting. Yeah, like angel, can you come in here real quick and you’re standing behind me giving me anxiety saying buying the camera and people want to see you. They want to see that workout routine. Angel, what’s going on? One thing I wanted to add to what he just said actually was as a micro speaking, they can’t hear me. Everybody can hear me. I don’t ever have my [inaudible]. One thing I want to mention, I’m going to use his mic is, is when you go in and find gyms or spas or whatever on Instagram, a lot of the times if you look all well, penny doesn’t have it on here, but usually they have the call me or email me on the phone on the phone. This is a messed up. Okay. So I’m the phone, you’ll see and literally think about it, these, these businesses, because they’re using Instagram to go find clients, they have their business email literally right here. So guess what, with just a click of a button, you can have a template saved in your phone, or you could just go type in gym up here and you’ll find hundreds of gyms. You can email by just clicking email. And it takes you two seconds to copy and paste the message that turns into a response. That could be a client. Exactly. So I just want to add to this. This came up here and told me how to step up your game.
I feel wrong with the all cash on the floor. [inaudible]. So there you mentioned right now, like one of our students who number Wendy, right? She’s a mother, she’s actually a nurse and she literally would cold email I think between like 300 to 500 people, Syrian from like zero to $20,000 profit in 60 days just from getting off your ass. You see? And I’ll say, you know, and it was like automatic, like she just like dumped a bunch of emails and cold email, boom, boom, boom, boom every single day. So it’s all that [inaudible] it’s all stepping up. Guys are, and you just got to stop being lazy. I can tell you that if you’re lazy, you’re not going to make no money. You can get lazy. I haven’t you [inaudible] one thing, build your answer. I’m a Calico rat. Like Roman, the volume. If you, let’s say you’re your gym, like you’re doing gyms. I help gym owners or gyms get more clients. We have a hundred leads per month just for you. Click below. Boom. That’s it, right? Like it’s got id, All right guys, we’re going to do a quick little sketch. So everybody’s on the same page, okay, this might be you, okay? This might be the person that you want to be. Okay. Now, in order for you to get from here to here, you need to get off of this, which is what’s called an ass, okay? And you need to drive and go here and go into this. Well now you’re off your ass. Can you see what’s going on here? People, you can be lazy once you get rich in order to get rich can be lazy, okay? I’m just telling you straight out stuff. They don’t teach you in courses. This is free information that we should be invoicing for, but you sit here and you get it for free, okay? Now you might think that this is a joke but this is dead serious because there’s a lot of people that we speak to in bash clicks that open up live chats that expect for some reason leads to fly on their lot overnight.
Lots of people that signed up to insights that are just like uploading rest and then like fricking blasting 500 people with an email message and then they’re not doing anything. You just turn them away like no you need to do this, you need to take your ass in, you need to get off of your ass and what you need to do is call every single person. They pick up the phone. Like I just did this shit live in front of you. Okay. Like it took two seconds. All I did was I got, I got the leader information for two people. I was like two for two in the person. The person called me back again. The third person that I called, I think we’re out of business. I don’t even get out of business completely. [inaudible] Probably. Yeah. All three are, they’re not out of business.
They don’t hire us. They will go out of business, which is the most important thing that you need to realize. Now let me teach you guys something really quick. So who are we called? We were just calling spots, right? Fact spots. Yeah. Cause doctor like these are mobile and whatnot. Awesome. So I want to do a quick calculation here. You’re the math guy, right? I’m gonna need you to help me out with [inaudible]. I’m good at once. There are two things. If it’s marketing and business, I suck at everything else. I, so here’s what we’re going to do. A storefront, cause most of these leads are places where either in a building or a store front, right? We just call people in Miami. Okay. Average rental. Okay. For those storefront, right? Little business, there’ll beautiful business. That’s what your sign is and everything is pretty and you’re going to window on the door for no reason. So an average store is about two k a month in rent or go on the low end. If you’re talking about like a small little thousand square foot [inaudible] per month in rent. Okay? And you got this and you go, now you have Maggie, the receptionist, Ramona, Ramona, Ramona. That doesn’t lie. Customers that might, whatever. Let’s just say 2000.
And then you got all the machines that are here. Like all your laser machines that wax that ass. Okay. And these machines are on finance. He shits are not cheap. Okay, well that’s for the hell of it here. That’s another $2,000 per month. How much do they charge for leisure? I think it’s like 50 bucks a session. Does anybody know? I’ve never done these or anybody in here done these or I knew already here like it live right now has the laser is how much is a laser? How much are those? They’re like ready? You can kill it anyway. It’s like total like two $3,000 to three grand for freaking lazy cash too. Cause insurance laser before they were like $1,000. Well, what the hell do you get for $1,000? Holy Shit. Are they getting you a freaking laser or is it okay? Let’s just say the thousand bucks is 1000 bucks. Okay, let’s just say we can start adversely tack on electric and this and this. Let’s just say 50,000 let’s just say it’s 15 Kmarts. Let’s go to a new picture. See, it’s 15 came off, right? Numbering the shit. I don’t know where I’m going with this. Let’s just choose 15 k months, which sounds about average for a business owner to have inexpensive.
Nope. All right, cool. Awesome. We’re going to go outta here for one sec. I’m gonna check this out really quick. You ready for this? I agree. We’re going to go to Ramona’s little group, Huh? Great. To now I want to get a Groupon. Okay. Which means nonsurgical under the eyes. It was actually 61% off souls. [inaudible] 2000 normal. Yeah. Okay, so seven 74 cool. Where am I going here? So it’s $774 a. All right. This is where I need your help. How many of these do I need to sell to? Just level out for the market?
We thought it was an architect or an engineer. What’s going on here? Come on. All right. $773 divided by 15 k this is one. All right, cool. All right, so 20 these, so I need to sell 20 laser hair removal, so I need to wax that ass 20 times. 20 Times 20 asses. Any twats 20 asses a month in order for me to just break even. Okay. Without docker eating, that’s without anybody making any money. This me just breaking even. Okay. Now realistically, I’ve actually ran spot campaigns. I’ve ran, we’ve done leisure. We’ve ran a pretty much campaigns for anything you can think of. Okay. I know for this type of spa style is remover style industry. I know that we used to get leads, we used to get leads on Facebook. I’m talking about good leads that are qualified and some stuff like that for about $10 a lead, which sounds pretty crazy.
Okay. Now this is obviously running a very similar style Groupon style approach, right? Where you’re doing like an offer and it’s crazy and the whole neighborhood is shaken up because it’s such a crazy offer. Right, and as $10 per lead. Okay, $10 a lead. Now how many leads can I afford to get? I’m s I’m certainly, I’m selling 20 of these. I’m spending 15 I’m s I have to break even 15 thousands she’s, this is a lot of fricking leads. This is a lot of leads. If, let’s say if I spent two grand, which is I think our average, you want 1000 bucks? Screw it. Let’s go down 1000 bucks. How many leads can I get for 1000 bucks? That’s a hundred a hundred leads. Okay. That’s an average conversion rate for Facebook Queens, I think for spas, 30% yeah, that makes it pretty, that makes pretty good sense. 30 people. Oh, sweats. 30 people. We’ll probably call it all also.
Yeah, on the phone you go down a fucking business. That’s considered a Ramona. Yeah, there you go. Not a freaking business. Okay. Now you guys are probably like Chubb. What you did just make 0 million cents. Okay. But I’m gonna break you down to a little bit. Okay, so we did the math. Now we just added another two K here. So now we’re at 17 k? Yeah. Okay. Awesome. All right. $17,000 no hairs per month. All right, phenomenal. Now we’ve got 30 people to sign up. I’ll start a new campaign. How many people in 30 times? 99 right? What does that, yeah, so let’s 2120 all right. Yeah. Something like that. The seven 44 times 30 is twenty two thousand twenty two thousand three hundred but let’s just say today. So without doing anything just by adding $1,000 in ad spend instead of on Groupon with a shitty website and doing fricking nothing, nothing helping you and having a couch as your profile picture. Just by adding 1000 bucks an ounce spin. Now we are somewhat in the clear and we’re making a little bit of money. Now Ramona can go get payway when she goes home, they were ready to understand what’s going on here, how easy it is to flip a solution to find like a very simple pain point and just flip it into twos like solutions and there like that phantom seven, the chat for that 97 in the chat for one 97 and the check.
So why don’t you want to do now is you want to call Dr I Ramona or whatever the doctor’s name is and you say, listen, I see that you’re running a promotion on a coupon and I see that you have eight reviews. Chances are you probably have nobody buying your promotion.
Seven 33 right now. Divide that shit by two cause Groupon takes half that. Yup. Okay. We forgot to say that. Okay. Groupon takes half of that shit. Okay. So now you’re back left to you going out of business. Okay, so Ramona, listen up. Okay, we forgot to say that. That was a big thing. So good. It’s Groupon. Takes half your model. If I sell 20 then okay. And I’ve got to break even to be at 15 k you got to double double. You’ve got to sell 30 of them shits. Okay? Yeah. Waxed 40 assets. You’ve got racks from any axes a month. 30 asses a month have to get waxed and whatever for you just to break cheeks. Those cheeks have to get rocks inside. And now for you just to break even 80 cheeks. Okay? Chips [inaudible] go. Gopro [inaudible] three, three, three asses per day. Somebody said, oh yeah. So if you can think about that, you need to wax abs cheeks or 40 answers per month in order just to break even versus you just creating a little Facebook campaign and spending maybe two or three grand in ads and generating leads for about $10 million. You have to create it. You do shit now. Now we’re getting somewhere people. We didn’t get someone now people. Okay, and if you don’t have dashes it can. You just got to go to [inaudible] dot com and you can get one. It’s just simple as that yet. Okay, and let me see something. I just want to make sure that we’re still good over here. We’re still good, right? It’s still down there. You got to see that. Can you draw up in 87 if you still see that right down there? I just want to make sure. Is it still here? It’s still there. It’s still there. It’s 85% off the dash. You heard it people. Okay, two can I teach you all the shit? You can just go and get it right now. I’m like, these are all my secrets. You can hear live cold calls, you can get like all my strategies, everything. Just go get it.
When will you add more templates to dash quick ted? I’m not sure it’s a good question. Not sure you guys just think about that really quick. Okay. So use the psychology used the flip used to be the salesperson. Call him and be like, look, I know you’re running a Groupon. You’re probably not making shit and they’re taking half your profits. They’re holding with profits hostage. You, okay? Well we’re going to do for you is we’re not going to hold your profits hostage. We’re going to get you leads on demand when you want them. Thank you angel for the whole life. That’s why we don’t have children in the studio.
Cause like when we flip, thank God we got him when this bitch, hey listen, I’m look in seriously guys, if you just really think about it, okay. That’s really all you have to do. Yeah. Just like Groupon is holding your profits hostage, they’re taking half your money. Will you freaking 50% partners with Groupon? What kind of Shit is this? Okay, this is disrespectful and they take it before expensive. They take him to the dog. What in the world? Okay. Now what if you Dr Bobby, I’m Bobby, the doctor. One of you could control everything. What if you can control how many leads you want to do? What if you were out of town for two days and we just still want any reason you shut it off, right? Whether you want to turn it up one day because your mama sister just came there and now she needs a job and you’re hiring both of them and that Ramona in the minor are both working for you and you need to make sure that both of them are accessing at least three asses per bit. You can just turn that be ad spin real quick. Okay. So yeah, full control over all your ad, all your ads. Plus you get [inaudible] acid life has gotten out of control. There’s a lot of them got out of control. I’m going to get ripped at this app. Yeah, it’s a truth. And, and what did you say was, I know being funny or being engaging, but this is the, this is, this is, yeah, this is the lesson to be learned and obviously what we’re doing it to engage you guys to make you guys laugh a little bit. But if you really look at the bare bones bit like without us laughing or doing any stupid shit if you just go to them with a simple solution and it makes sense, they’re going to take it. They’re business owners, they’re in business to make smart decisions and they can present a smart decision to them and you can get ahold of them at the right time from, they’ll do it.
Okay. So just once again, get off your ass and just help Bobby the doctor. And if you like to type for example, they want, I see a question right here at the e-comm stores on Groupon. The personal place to do that is on Facebook groups. You can just go and you search e-commerce. Actually, let’s, let’s do that, right? Okay. yeah, just drop it down there. Bam, Bam. Let’s just go to whatever on Facebook and let’s just go right here, E-com, right, boom. And we’ll just select grips and there’s a ton of them, right? And what they just, you saw on, on the clickfunnels one is drop value bombs. And these are the people that are your clients, Adam, as a friend of Facebook, and you start posting engaging content that’s valuable to them on your profile and inside the groups. And obviously on your profile you can definitely pitch, I suppose that or create your own group or you create your own [inaudible]. There’s actually a, yeah, and or you can just say, for example, let’s just say you go on Facebook on honestly, I mean, you type in Hashtag beauty, let’s see. We can actually find beauty counter. What does that, I have no idea what that is. Let’s see. All right, so this one is an ECOM and, well, Kristen Cologne. So let’s see, what is she doing?
Let’s see. She’s on condoms. All right, so this, this is, okay. So I’m thinking, okay. Pallet of clay. But yeah, like this is actual company, right? So they have 112 Kate now basically sends it to her brain bit irritate. So I actually doing a good job actually. So let’s see. Yeah, doing a good job on this one. But let’s, we can do, okay, come on. Go Up. So it’s actually a really nice Instagram I think. Exactly. I know I got screwed on this one. Let’s see. She’s got pallets of columns over stories, everything matching. So this one is a personal brand and you can definitely try to see, let’s see. Well, companies that do lists typically perform really well because they know what they’re doing. Yep. I figured. So let’s just find somebody else. Let’s see. Beauty Product. Oh, actually no, let’s just step and makeup like, oh, I cannot spell today.
Make Up. Okay, let’s see. Make a ideas. Let’s see. We can find any commerce product over here. Blas, much certified DME for inquiries. This, I definitely need help. They definitely need help. Like this. Is that so simple as that. You can definitely hit them up on the mobile. You have the email and the phone number right there. So now that you’ve made them, so would be a rate codes. So for example, for this one I will definitely try to say something like first I was trying to see what they do. Like what do they actually sell? Cause I have no idea the request is for inquiries, but what like about blush much. But what like I don’t know. So basically I will first start to see what they actually do. I’m guessing like they do make them like they like if you’re wearing a wedding number, do they sell makeup?
I’m not, I’m, I’m, I’m guessing like they’ll do your makeup if you’re going to a wedding or an event. Basically that’s where I’ll start. Hey, do you do makeup? I’ll see about your tag by any bar Mitzvahs. None at all. So basically I will just reach out to them and say, Hey, do you do any makeup for an upcoming event that I have? See the [inaudible]. Yeah, exactly. So, and then from there you basically say, okay, would you like to get more clients for your makeup? Where are you located? Or you look at it, I don’t even know. I think is Bay Bay, Bay Bay, Bay Bay, but I’m not sure where that is. Like just trying to find way where they’re located and then from there close them on ads because of what we’ve very simple. So guys like this is like, like again we’ll re write out like lives, there was no plan at all.
So yeah. Yeah. So how many, how many of you guys thinking Oz this, it’s not a trick question cause you should know this shit. You’ve probably seen all of our lives. But how many people do you think have you just sat there and just went on Groupon like we did and that was like the easiest thing in the world has gone Groupon, find shitty companies and call them and give them solutions. You can make a hundred phone calls a day. How many leads or qualified leads do you think you’ll pick up from that you just dropped out in the chat real quick? What do you guys think? You can get like I didn’t know what two out of three on now and now just cause the third person that mentioned the phone and when I call him getting a lead is getting the a person’s information and phone number that I need to speak with.
So chicken salad, you can get to that point. You get both ways. Also just search the location. Right now we’re, I just put Miami on the top. I would say the phone is a lot easier than on the desktop. But this one, the screamer obviously is try to sell something. Transformation, boom. Makeup artist. My American waters that are not deposits, I’m running from the wall. You definitely don’t want to put that in your bio. That’s like I say, I don’t want to do business with you. Don’t give me your money cause I’m gonna scam you. I that’s, yeah, that’s, that’s not the pages like BCIT is. But I bet you see you’re not getting any clients since he has 700 followers. Instagram ads, somebody super simple, too broad for that. Let me see the story on the phone. Blocking Nicole. She has a seat. She has no wait, let me see. I cannot believe this. She doesn’t have any videos. Okay. Alright, good. Yes, you’re ready. But basically she does make up for events obviously. So this is the part that she’s kind of doing. Right, but book your appointment. Why? Okay, let me pull this out. And you’re doing this. This is the most stupid thing you can possibly do who aren’t in their right mind is going to go from Instagram stories to their phone. Remember that phone number, type it and call. Just say swipe up direct message and he makeup. Not unless you’re Chris Angel and you can remember the phone number.
Yeah. Like, like no, like this is good. Like the videos are decent but just no, no. Like, right. So again, simple ads for this stuff or absolutely crush it. And let’s get some Q and a going then because people are just going to ask questions. Yeah. Jeremy said, what’s the best way to get past the gatekeeper, Chad reception. Okay. The Lord. Yeah, I want a cold call. I want to cold call away. Yeah. Well I like to do is a, I like to just pretend like I know the person. No, I’m like, hey, this is the doctorate. Or you can just say, Hey, I want to send you business. But unfortunately you speak to the person in charge. I’ve got about 50 people that want to get their asses waxed in south Florida and I need to know where to send these assets to.
So it’s just something like that, you know. And you wanna make sure you bring a gun. Yeah. Are you introducing linkedin and your services run as for white label? They and she’s, no, we don’t plan on doing linkedin at the moment. Dash clicks. That is fire or that is, yes. OK, good. Who’s got questions? Drop them in the chat below. We’ll answer those questions. We go there a couple of minutes. Live on here, ask the questions and we shall answer. Okay. Asks the question, how do you put a price on the working? Do meaning if you, if you if you talk to a client, the, you have to break down. If we do x, we charge money. If we do y and then we charge the money, like a breakdown. Yeah, that’s what we usually do. And this was all pretty easy for you.
Inside of Dash Clicks everything is broken down. Like once you log in a dash trek hit the fulfillment link in the main menu. And then once you hit the thermal link, you’ll be inside of the store. You can just literally go to any of the services. Whatever services do you think are good. Like for that spa, I would run Facebook ads to a funnel. Okay. So I know what I want to do. Yeah, I can build the website too. Exactly. But if the person’s being cheap and you don’t want to like overdo it, just you’re going to send traffic to the, to the funnel, just do that first and then make them a little bit of money for a couple of weeks and then you can go back and build them a website. Right? So for that all you literally to do, just go to dashboards, go to the store and go to Facebook ads, go to the funnel.
Literally copy and paste. Exactly. There’s checklists of exact items that we do. Put it into the contract. Oh Shit. If you want, there’s a little thing right here. I think it’s still there, right? The dash accelerator. We just give you all of our contracts and everything there. You can just copy and paste, send it to your customer. And then that tells them exactly what they get. So it’s not necessarily packaging. The services are done separately, right? It’s if you want Facebook ads, that’s one service. If you want us to do funnels, that’s one service. If you want us to do Google ads, that’s a service, right? So thinking about those different types of services and what I would say my recommendation. Yeah. See the price that you have right there at $1,000. Yeah. And not even that, like we even have the SRPs like standard retail prices.
There you go. So next to all whole prices in dashboards, there’s a little thing that there’s this RP, which is standard retail price, what it stands for. And it’s literally double what we charge. It’s what we recommend you charge. If we’re charging 500, you should charge at least a thousand. You can charge more than that. They like charging more, but that’s just me. So acid or do you run ads for agency often? Your white label agencies and getting all the city. Yeah, and we actually do that all the time. In fact, most agencies start with us, use us for their services for, they use us to do a social media posting to get them into directories, to use our agency website tool to run Facebook ads for them. So yeah, 100% ash. Jeremy asked a how do I get the value over the phone, for example with a local plumber and we just get the leads off Google maps, dude.
So Jeremy, if you’ve never heard of insight and society’s like instant value gratification you can build a, the the painter plumber that you just said we have plumber is one of the [inaudible] templates. You can rather them like a 60 page website within 30 seconds. Like, here, I’ll show you how to do it. You Ready? Watch it. Here we go. We’re gonna build a shit ton of value right here, right now. Okay. So we’re going to go home. I’m going to sit down. All right. You ready for this? Yeah, let’s, let’s, let’s put it into sites. Chad, stop them messaging me. Chad, leave me alone and we’re going to go to insights. A, I’m going to go to a single site builder. I’m going to go in here. I’m going to type in the business name and I’m going to type it in.
Yeah, yeah. Just, yeah, you go in, go anywhere. Yeah. You’ve got a group. I like all the information is here at greater than a website. Like anywhere that has data. Think about this. Yelp, Google maps, yellow pages, like all these places, they had this data and just copy and paste. Okay. Really simple. Okay guys. So let’s just say, can get Bobby on the phone. I just literally put Bob, whose business ain’t Bobby the painter? I put his phone number in here. I put his email, Bobby and Bobby, the His address. One, two, three rich, rich street. Okay. We’ll take off suite three or three cause we already got that there.
Alright, cool. I’ll just leave it. We get the point. Two Lazy, Miami, Florida, three, three, three, one, two United States. Bobby Fischer. Congratulations. I’m going to fire off Bobby email using my cold email template. If I want to be lazy and just fire off cold emails, I’ll fire them off an SMS using my outreach template. He’s a painter, so I’m gonna pick the [inaudible] template. I’m going to go here, I’m going to build the insights. I’ll do a quick little shakedown and we can spray some money on the [inaudible] websites already. John, will you just don’t bother your website? Ah, let’s go over here. I’ll just refresh this bad boy about. Great. Here we go. And Carlos, please make sure this works. Don’t make me look bad cause there we go. All right. No more. Was that like nine seconds? Bother the patient who’s website and we’re gonna go to preview.
And we’re going to go full screen mode right here and shit. There it is. Bobby the painter. And here’s Bobby’s brand new website. Talked about that for value. Huh? Wow. Look all this contact information. What is this like Brando a 60 page website. Shit, look at this Bobby. There’s a lot of services. Bobby even does roof painting. We didn’t even know that Bobby can do that. Look at that. Bobby’s phone numbers all over the place. Food. You like to work with Bobby? Shit. Am I not? Why not? Let’s go to, I want to contact Bobby de shoot. You look at this, Bobby shit isn’t even on the map. Okay. We even dropped the pin on Bobby’s Mama’s house. So like guys, if you want to job value, just go to [inaudible] sites. If you do not want to pay for insights, you can get a free subscription by just going to [inaudible] dot com you can do three of these every single month.
That’s how you drop like a tremendous amount of value. Now imagine calling Bobby the payer. You’re like, hey mommy, I just built a free web. So for you to take 60 pages, would you be interested in just seeing what it looks like? Great. Let me just send you a quick link. I’m going to send it to your text message and I’m gonna send it to your email or be there in less than 10 seconds. Value bomb. Okay. Value bomb. Do you do, yeah, make it rain on Daddy. Peter said, do you do Lee come websites? Some insights? Not yet. Oh, I need to do is sell and market in my agencies. When partners with Dashboards, you need to sell, you need to get clients and then you also need to do project manager. Just call your customer once a week. Okay, no big deal.
How would you cold sell a gym owner or personal training? Or we’re getting into like some serious shit now. All right, you asked for it. I shall deliver. As you get on in here, I’m sweating. You can just stand next to this stand next to us or just have all so, so the question was, well, how do we get a, how do we get a gym owner or, or a stranger? How would you go called sell a gym owner, allergist and our trainer, am I paying to go on Instagram? They have an Austrian boat. Go ahead. Yeah. So while we can go find their instrument value account and we can go find a personal trainer here, let’s just go find them real fast, right? So I can’t tell it with my fingers in it. Oil what they practice. Personal trainer, literally like personal. Oh, there it is. So you click on that and then guess what? Look, we’re going to have tons of people who, let’s see this guy
[Inaudible] look at that personal trainer. So now I have my ideal customer, right? So I want to go and attract Jonathan. Mark personal trainer, right? I want to get him more business. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to research, do some research, cause the whole goal here is the prequalify that right? You want to make sure that if you do reach out to them, it’s gonna make sense to them to even work with you. So let me do some research. It’s going to take me a few seconds. So I’m going to go through his page kind of like posts waves, make sure, okay. So we’ll see. Okay. He’s pretty active on, on Instagram. He has a few posts. Okay Great. There are another good though. They’re not that good. So there’s an opportunity there. So that’s one of many opportunities that we have, right? So we keep going.
So called [inaudible]. This guy has to know in different language, but like the type of printer. In this case, what’s up? Usually we have a contact info. Either email me or contact me. So let’s just say it’s here and we found it right now we have his phone number, we know his, his stuff. If he had a website, we can go take a look at it as well. But a lot of the times they’re not going to be on point and they need our help. Right. Let’s do this. Let’s see what he’s on his story. It’s on Spanish, Spanish. Why did you wanna posting videos himself? I don’t get it. I seriously don’t get it. I do not understand this. Remember, ultimately people buy into you right now, your product and service. So if you’re not the face of your business, then how do you expect people to buy from you?
Right? So getting to the answer in your question. If I were to want, if I wanted to reach out to Jonathan here and treat gay to offer him some type of guidance, right? Cause it’s really guidance. We’re guidance counselors in a way. That’s the way I see sales, right? We’re guidance counselor. We’re going to guide you to the purchase, right? I start selling you. If I call Jonathan, Hey Jonathan, I’m the best market in the world. Come hire me. He’s going to hang up the phone on me and go back to his workout. So I want him to stop what he’s doing actually engage with me and I’m going to reach out to him and say, Hey Jonathan, I actually run a local digital marketing. And in quote on quote, I would start, if you guys are just starting out, I would start local, right?
Cause local loves local. If I say I’m right down the road, I’m literally walking this since are five minutes away from your gym, I can come by any time they love that versus working with me all the way in Florida. They’re in New York, they’d rather work with you if you’re in New York versus me in Florida, no matter the experience, right? So if I call Jonathan and say, Hey, let’s just say for example, Jonathan is local, mind you. Okay? So Jonathan’s local, he’s right down the road at a gym, Personal Training, Gym k and I’m going to call him and I’m going to say, Hey Jonathan, I’m actually right down the road, right? I happened to come across your profile and your website and I saw it needed, you know, it could use some help, right? And I actually went across and I looked up some of your stuff and I noticed that you do some personal training and it seems to be, you know, obviously towards the Spanish demographic and I can actually I’m getting a lot of requests for people looking for personal training.
I’m looking for an expert, you know, I’m just wondering, do you have the capacity to handle more personal training clients? How does he do it? Right? Cause ultimately what’s their end goal? Getting more training clients or of let’s just say go to a dentist. What is their end goal? Let’s say their highest ticket item is dental implants. They want more dental implant clients. So for example, you want to find what their ideal, what, what the product is that they want more of. And a lot of the times find their high ticket item. Because if you tell them, hey, you want more $10 memberships, he’s going to be like, no, I got that under control. He needs more $1,000 personal training programs. So guess what? If you can help him get more of those training programs, guess what? He’s going to stop what he’s doing. He’s going to say, hey, trainer, or, Hey, personal training guide.
Give me two seconds. I got a call and he said, Hey, what’d you say? That’s what I want to say. Well wait, you set up, you could help me get more training. Hey, but guess what? If it gets a little bit better because you remember when you call them initially they’re in power. Okay? It says it’s going to get a little deep. I’m going to drop some value here and then I’m going to let [inaudible] take it away. When you call them, you’re not in power because it’s a credible call. They weren’t expecting your call, so they’re like, dude, I’m in the middle of the train program. Like I can’t talk right now. That’s great. Your only goal on that first initial conversation is to get the appointment to get the appointment, get the appointment, get Jonathan to say, hey, John back. We’ll help you get more personal training programs and I know you’re probably super busy busy right now.
Probably working out in the middle of another training program. I completely get it. Let’s schedule a time sometime later today or tomorrow where we can sit down, have some time and I could show you exactly how I can help you do that. We’re going to show you how people just came in who thinks they can do that, who thinks Jonathan will stop what he’s doing to actually, literally that conversation is three minutes. Who has three minutes in their day and I’m not talking about calling Jonathan. Hey Jonathan, you know I saw your last posts. That workout you got like, it’s awesome. Like Jonathan doesn’t have time for you for that. Okay? He wants you to give them exactly what you’re asking, who you’re calling for instantly and get off the phone. He doesn’t have time for that. So that’s what’s going to make you different. You’re here to do business, not to Chit Chat and you’re calling him for one intention to help him grow his business and you’re going to be the vehicle to get that to happen.
Does that make sense guys? So literally the, it’s a sea of opportunity, whether it’s a gym, dentists conjure up and TMZ. And then this last thing is the last thing I’m going to say before I go. They need you more than you need them, okay? Other than other ones are when you’re, when you’re calling him and the other one, when you’re calling them and they hang up, guess what? They’re loss. Guess what? There’s another gym two seconds away. And if you ha, if they hang up on you, guess what? Boom. Real. I’m going to just call your competition. That’s totally cool with me. Right Click. Okay? And that’s it. So that’s what I’m gonna leave you guys with. But everything these guys are saying, whether you pick Instagram, Facebook, linkedin, you flip signs outside. You do. And you wear those crazy like, you know, I told one of those crazy suits that people wear outside and they spin outside in front of the business. Whatever it is that you do, okay? Your business owner does not care as long as you can get them the result, that’s all they care about. So no matter what avenue you used or what strategy, just pick one and go for it. But I’m just saying I’d rather flip signs. Then I run Facebook ads and flip signs outside. Yeah, I’m sweating. I’m inside. Oh shut. Damon and Jo, do not let Angel Nixon come in and go bro. Look what happened. Good. The Dope Trot. The whole camera angel, your band that’s on the studio. We got this [inaudible] band from the students. My God, you on here? I am just so excited. But he’s dropping cameras. He okay, you didn’t have a mic so he dropped the camera. That would’ve been a $5,000 mistake right there. Holy Shit. Alright, so we got some more questions. A it was Kate Kate said, and for brewed dashboards for Facebook ads, for example, what does a project management workflow do? We have one DC ads manager we work with. What kind of communications provided? All great questions. So the first thing that you should definitely do is run, if you hadn’t been in that already, schedule a demo inside of your dash x account.
So you can just go right up here to your dashboards account. Now I don’t have it because I’m in the demo calendar right up here. You will see a red button on the left of your profile picture. They will say take 20% off. You can actually get 20% off any order. If you schedule a call with our dash connect team or the walk you through the entire process room or showed me Arbor the works and then they’ll activate with 20% off coupon code inside of your dashboard. Okay. oh, let’s switch you other camera cause it looks like we’re getting hit with a tornado. Now why don’t you sign on a client? It’s pretty simple. The way that it works is you go to the fulfillment store, you go, you add anything you want to the court, you check out. It’s as simple as that.
Within 24 hours, we send you a slack invite. Every automated onboarding documents get fired off your clients. You can add your clients to the dashboard. The whole thing is white labeled button. You even see a cat. Once we get a hold of you inside of slack, you’re assigned a project manager who would be your main point of contact for all your agency clients inside of your agency. OK. Once you go from there, we started working on your cat. We start working later today. So it’s pretty much that symbol. It’s literally go purchase what you need from the store, go into the slack account, your account manager was there, Bang. We get started right away. So hopefully that makes sense.
What are the questions we got? It came a real thing. There was a broken torque torquing. Yes. Angel. Hi. Well the questions we got, we got a minutes. Can we still get in the bash connect program? The Dash Cadet program is still open right now. We are not accepting any applicants. We are fully staffed for right now. However we’re growing tremendously fast. So who knows to say in a couple of days or a couple of weeks, we won’t need more people and more hands on deck. We do have all of your resumes. So if you, some reason did not apply for the dash connect program, I still recommend applying because what we’re doing is once you apply, we filter through your resumes and we find the ones that we think are a good fit. And then we highlight you in the excel column. And then once a slot opens up, guess who we call the ones that are highlighted right and submitted a video.
Make sure if you don’t submit a video, whether they even look your application FYI generally said, just put the color dashboards for four 30. Looking forward to scaling my company with Chad. Thank you for the value you provided, whether you’re really good looking. I appreciate that journey for all. Make you very much. Where can we apply again? You can apply, just open up a rod Chet and we’ll send you the link. I’m not sure what the link is. I forgot. Have you had many people start from scratch and just sell your services? Probably about 50% of the users in dashboards. Yeah, 100%. So for us we’re, we’re trying to fill this out as we grow our brand and as we grow our business where we realize the people that we service, our startup agencies, which are agencies literally that have just really realized they woke up today and they’re like, I want to start an agency start ups, right?
So we can help you. We can help freelancers, people who might be web developers or web designers or photographers or, I dunno, anybody in that space that can sell services that has already been in business. We’re perfect for you. Marketing teams with just people like us. Sway is an example who has a whole marketing team where maybe he needs help running Facebook ads. We can take over all his Facebook ads, right? We can use Facebook ads department. And then we also work with enterprises, which are large agencies may be hundred to three, 400 purple, a purple, 100% agency, huge agencies. They’re just outsource work to us, right? So those are really the four main avenues that we focused on gay guys was, well, we got questions coming in tonight. One of the easiest niches. I thought you said bitches for a first.
I was like, excuse me. What are the easiest [inaudible] our gyms are pretty easy for us. Medical Spas are easy for us. If you’re talking about Facebook ads yeah, high ticket are good too. But again, like just quick results. Easy results are more local. Brick restaurants are super easy, like stuff like that. Local brick and mortars. Assets, sick with love eyes. I appreciate that. Robert Nelson said, oh we’ll be well we’ll be able to affiliate for easy. Yeah. So our affiliate program, for those of you guys, can we go pee and pee real quick? Cause I’m about to shock some people who didn’t know about this. Guess what? People were going to fill your program. Yes. Right. We can’t be click funnels all, it’s exactly like the dashboard. Okay. Cause we really liked the way that it looks. Okay. So what happens is as an affiliate, let’s say you know someone else, which would be a more than one phone in your life, then you probably know more people.
Okay. So what that basically means if your other friend wants started, regional marketing means your has one has run the network. I’ve won. Whatever the case may be. All you have to do just go into your affiliate account. Say, Hey, while you’re here, check out this link. Okay? Check out that link. You send that link. You’re like, hey, you can go sign up for a free dash account right now, like not only this link right here and then what happens is as time goes by, people start signing up under your link. You can see that right here. We’ve got some dummy data in here. Okay? Now all you have to do is just get paid. It’s that simple. You send out a link and you get 5% commission for rife on anything that they purchase. I’m going to give you guys a quick example of how that works.
Okay? Here we go. Might get confusing for you. I know you do. You have an agency. You have not used Ashoka yet. You haven’t registered yet. Here’s my affiliate link. Go sign up for dash clicks. You go when you sign up for dash clicks. Congratulations. You are now an affiliate of me and you just made money. Yeah, that’s it. Okay. Now, anything else? Road dies for his agency or if he Rhodes in right now, a hundred clients for the rest of his life of buying clients are buying anything from Dash squeaks. I make 5% of anything that’s of wholesale right now. I was like, dude, I’m about the ball out in dashboards and spent a hundred grand today. We’re going to pay you five grand. Now that’s recurring one of the paying five grand every single month. Okay? Now obviously that’s a crazy figure. Just be realistic. Now, let’s say ups $1,000 and he drops into client for 1000 bucks.
It’s 50 bucks a month that you would get. Now, let’s say that you did the same thing a hundred times. Really only those, maybe just do a post and say, hey, check out this bad ass platform. Take out the swing for a free account and a hundred people signed up over time. Now you have a hundred people signed up on your affiliate link and you just get paid every day, and guess what? Every time somebody buys something, we even send you an email notification letting you know that you made money. It also shows up on your dashboard here. Literally, it gives you a bunch of cool metrics and shit and you can watch cute video of me. So it is literally as simple as that. Okay. But can we get set up for an affiliate program for agency? Yes. You’re automatically set up. Shondelle says, does DC work with recording loads as well? Sure. I don’t see why not. Hey, you want to look? That’s click works for any business that wants or clients and customers. If a business doesn’t want more clients and customers, that’s good. That doesn’t work, is not a good fit for us. If you know somebody that doesn’t want to make money, I’m probably that again. Yep. Yeah. We would like work with people who want to make money.
Last question. Do, I hadn’t jumped in the chat and then we are going to leave this for forever and then we’ll come back next week. I, that’s pretty much it. I’m gonna wrap it up guys. I want to thank our hosts. Wastes so much for jumping on board, dropping some value, but until you get to 35 in the chat, 25 in the chat, chat 25 in the chat. We made it rain. Thank you guys so much. We will see you guys on the next episode on a good one. Bye.

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