Make 7 Figures Doing Digital Marketing
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 02:28 PM

Make 7 Figures Doing Digital Marketing


You think you’ve got what it takes to make 7 figures doing digital marketing?
That’s a lot of money. It’s gonna require a lot of hustle…
In this video, you’ll learn the 4 steps you NEED to master to get your business where it needs to be:
You’ll learn how to find the high-ticket leads…
You’ll learn how to make irresistible offers to those leads…
You’ll learn how to keep those leads…
AND you’ll learn how to keep growing your business…
I’m giving all this information away? For free???
If I wasn’t already making so much money, I couldn’t afford to give all this away! Learn how this happened for me, and how it could happen for you too!


That you’re going to need to basically build the right processes in your business that are gonna actually take you to the next income level that you’re looking for because it all comes down to what make you more money.
Want some more colors? Mindset. How are we doing? Everybody drove a 454 of your live with me in the chat right now. Today’s going to be a special day. People in his memorial day four 54 in the chat if you can hear me alive and awake, everybody. Let’s go. Four 54 on the chat. Four 54 in the chat. I love it guys. Love it guys. What’s going on everybody, guys? So today we’re going to discuss a pretty important topic. Since you are agency owners. I’m going to teach you how to make a million bucks. Would that be okay with you? Can you just drop a 48 in the chat? If you think that that’s okay with you. Just try the 48 in the chat. If I can make you guys 1 million bucks today, let’s go ahead and drop it on the chat 48 if that’s alright with you.
If it’s alright with you, I will proceed. If it’s all right with you, I will proceed. Butin follow B to Fowler. All right guys. So today we’re going to do a little bit something a little bit different. We’re going to do a slide deck approach. I created a slide deck for you guys. Set a whiteboard and I’m actually going to walk you through my story. So most of you guys are probably like Chad w what the hell man? Like how did you start an agency? How did you start dash clicks? Like how’d you get all these employees? How’d you get that office? If you guys want to know literally the questions or the answers to all those questions, can I get a five in the chat? Let me get a quick five in the chat if you want to know the answers to all those questions. Awesome. So some of you guys do who wants to know how much money I made each year? For the last 10 years. Can you drop eight in the chat if you’re nosy and want to know those numbers?
Awesome. I’ll share that with you too. I’m going to share everything with you today. Today. I’m going to literally rip up the curtain. I might even rip off my pants out of know. We’ll see how the webinar goes. I might get that excited. Can we get the go pro? Carlos Says No. Carlos said No. Carlos is shaking his head no. Carlos is like, if you pull up your pants, I’m coming next to you. We’re getting, I’m getting front seat. Said from getting, I’m getting all the secrets from dash accelerator. Phillips said I love it brother. Awesome guys. All right, so we’ve got enough of you guys on here. We’re going to get started. Ah, let’s Go pee and pee real quick and don’t be dirty. I didn’t say P P and I said p and p just for all of you guys out there.
All right guys, so today we are going to, by the way, I’m right down here. I’m here. I’m over here at keys, can’t see me. I’m right over here. Okay guys right here by the way, right down here. Bottom right. Hey, how you doing? Hey. Okay, good. All right, awesome. So tonight we’re going to talk about the exact path I took to grow wildly profitable seven figure digital marketing agency and how you can too. Even if you’re starting at zero, like sub zero, like nothing. You have zero clients, okay? Like you got nothing, okay. Which most of you guys like Chad? I just started, I just started. Jay said make it rain. Carlos, can you give me the money going over there? We’re gonna make it rain for you people who hasn’t seen me make it rain in 49 in the chat. 49 the chat 49 in the chat.
I hate doing this shit cause you just got to clean it up after. But I love you boys and ladies. What’s going on? People? What’s going on people. All right guys, I made it rain. Now we got that seven figure moment and we’re making it rain in here. I love it. Okay, good. There you go, Jay. That’s what happens. Don’t tempt me because I do shit. Okay, so let me get this all out of the way so we don’t have any insurance issues. Carl’s like, you own the place you’re going to see yourself. Okay. All right, let’s go back to p and p. Now we got that out of our system. So I’m going to talk to you guys about the exact path I took to grow a wildly profitable seven-figure digital marketing agency and how you came to once again guys, if you’re at zero, even if you have one client, this is free.
If you have 10 clients, this is still for you. It’s okay because I want to get you guys to that seven figure mark. Okay, so let’s get started. So guys, this exclusive live training will cover four steps. Okay? One, de-stress, cuatro, there is no single, just four, okay? The first step is we’re going to teach you how to make your prospects and offer. They can’t refuse. So they come to you with credit card in hand. Now do you guys, do you guys want to see that? Do you want me to teach you that? Can we get like a 97 in the chat real quick. 97 in the chat if you want to see that, how to make your prospects and offer they care refuse, so they literally come to you with credit card in hand. Okay, good. I want to make sure we’re all on the same page. I’m number two how to consistently generate high ticket leads and swiftly close the deal.
Number three, how to be in the results. Getting business verse plowing through your customers and getting stuck in the hamster wheel. Number four and the mud, the one that we love the most. How to actually 10 x your operations with insane momentum and sales and revenue. Now if you guys want to see these things, I’m going to need a little bit of love. Okay, so the first thing I’m going to need is a number of dropped in, let’s say one oh four in the chat, just so I know everybody’s on the same page. Amazing. One Oh four in the chat. We got one on fours in the chat. That’s beautiful. One fours in chat. Okay, awesome. We’re going to get started here. All right guys. Now, very important. Before we get started, before we get started for one, please have laser focus on what I’m about to teach you here, okay?
It has real implications for your business, which basically means pay attention, okay, too. There is a reason why you signed up for this training. So don’t it yourself, close all the tabs and everything operating in the background. Turn off your phone and give yourself the time that you need to discover some game changing strategies to create and scale your own marketing agency. So basically in short, guys, stop effing around, close all the tabs. Let’s take 10 seconds. Drop a 98 when you guys have closed all your tabs, you silence your phone and you’re here with me. Just drop in 98 cause what I’m about to tell you, if you actually go on and take action, you can make 1 million bucks. Okay? Cause this is what I did and I made 1 million bucks. So I’m gonna show you how to do it, okay? Most people won’t show you cause you’re greedy.
Not me that he loves you. Remember that. I’m going to show you everything. Okay? Here we go. So who is this Webinar for? Just so you know that you’re in the right place and your time will be well spent. Okay? Anyone who makes a living by providing high touch services. So freelancers, that’s you, web developers, graphic designers, marketers, sales representatives, agency or like anything in that space, okay? If you’re a service provider of any kind, this Webinar is for you. If you currently have a digital marketing agency and you want to serve more clients each month and make more sales, guess what? This is absolutely for you, okay? If you’re just starting an agency and you don’t want to jump through hoops or waste time and money on strategies that don’t work, you want the exact end-to-end blueprint so you’ll be off to the races from day one.
This is for you. You are definitely in the right place. Okay? Now guys, even if you don’t have an agency, but you thinking about starting one, which most of you might be right? You might be like in that situation where like, Damn Chad, should I start needing to see it looks like this cool thing to do. So even if you’re there, this training will literally help skyrocket everything that you’re about to do. Okay? So you want to be told exactly what to do, how to do it so you can start your agency with as much momentum as possible. Now, if you guys or any one of these people that I just named, can you drop a 17 in the chat really quick for me? 17 in the chat. Now guys, one very important thing. If you are not dropping a 17 in the check, that means this Webinar is not for you.
I’d like to thank you for your time today. You can go ahead and click the x button because this million dollars is not going to be a good fit for you. Okay, so just go ahead and click the x button. You welcome yourself out. All right guys, for those of you who dropped the 17 I’m about to drop some fire on you. Here we go. Now, if you’re any one of these people, it’s absolutely that you stay until the very end. Okay, so here’s my promise to you guys. If you make it the whole way through the training, we’ll be giving out some free swag bags at the end. Plus I’m going to give you guys an offer that you can’t refuse, who wants some swag bags and some crazy offers like always drop a 99 in the chat, 99 in the chat. Good. We’re all on the same page.
Now guys, I know you’re used to a whole lot of storytelling on Webinars, so I’m not going to subject you to that. We have too much important shit to talk about. Okay. But I do think that if I have the audacity to ask you to spend time with me on this training, that I should at the very least tell you a little bit about who I am and why I’m worth listening to. Okay guys, my name is Chad [inaudible]. I’m a founder of a, of a, a digital marketing agency called Social Agency and obviously dash clicks. Okay. We’ve been knee deep in this thing for about 10 years. Guys, in 2018 alone, we did one point $9 million in sales. We’re well on track to doubling this number in 2019 most of this is recurring based services people that pay us basically every single month for services. Okay, and guess what? I’m endlessly proud of that. Enough about me. Let’s talk about what you actually came here to do. Now before I go forward guys, I need a favor from you guys. If you want numbers like that for your revenue goals, go ahead and drop a 977 nine 77 in the chat.
It’s pretty cool. People came in here and take some action today to think right. Good. All right, great. All right, so here’s what’s up with digital marketing agencies right now. According to forester, digital marketing spending in the u s alone is going to near $120 billion by 2021. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pumped to be a PR, a part of an industry that’s legit, so prosperous. Okay. Think about that guys. Think about that. But here’s a critical problem. Most digital agencies are not participating in that wealth. In fact, they’re struggling to drive leads and close clients. They flat out don’t get enough new business to sustain themselves and they end up out of business before they even take off. Now if you guys feel like that might be you, like you don’t get enough clients to be able to just scale really fast.
Can you guys drop a 77 in the chat really quick and be honest? Don’t be one of those people, okay? Don’t be, don’t lie to yourself. You never gonna get anywhere by lying to yourself. A lot of you guys, right? We’ve got 70 sevens across the board here. This webinar is really going to help you guys out a lot today. Okay guys. So here’s a question. Why are so few people getting paid well in an industry that is clearly ripe for wild profits. Now guys, I’d done a ton of research on this. As you guys already know, I’ve spoken extensively with people in the audience. People just like you, agency owners, right? To find out what’s holding prophets hostage. And here’s what I found out. The agency owners who are not participating in all the wealth that’s circulating in the digital marketing industry are making four critical mistakes and you’ll let me know if I’m on the money.
You’re not. Okay guys, I want you guys to get pumped up, okay? And I want you to do me a favor. Now I’m going to go through these four slides real quick and if you feel like any of these or are you guys, I want you to just drop a number two in the chat, okay? If you feel like any of these can relate to you, okay? And be honest with yourself, we are here to learn and work and engage with each other. If I go through these slides and you feel like it’s touched your little heart in any way, just drop a number two in the chat. Okay? Guys, critical mistake number one, you don’t know exactly what to sell, meaning you don’t know how to package your services in such a way that people will come to you with credit card in hand. Now. If that touches your heart in any way, please drop a two in the chat.
Good. Alright, awesome. Critical mistake number two. You struggle to find a steady stream of the right people to present your offer to. And when you do find those people who show interest, you failed to close the deal. Go ahead and drop it in number two, if that touches you in any way, shape or form. I want to use this as some type of a poll guys to see where you guys are out on here. So if this is for some reason, touching your heart, drop a two in the chat. Okay, very important guys. Critical mistake number three. You fear that you won’t be able to get results for your clients or when you’re busy servicing your existing clients, marketing and sales. Take a back seat. Go ahead and drop in a number two if you feel that way. Guys, if this slide makes you feel some type of way. Alright, good. Critical mistake number four. You don’t know how to scale your operations. So there’s forward momentum and an increase in sales every single month without the time suck and the turbulence that goes with growing a service based business, and this is probably the biggest one, guys, go ahead and drop a two if you feel like that’s you.
Now guys, unless you’ve already hit $1 million in sales, every single one of you should be dropping a two in the chat. Every single one of you should be dropping a two in the chat. By the way, for those of you guys who are new to this whole thing we got Instagram right here on the bottom left. If I looked down Instagram talking to you, we got my side panel right here. This is where all your comments are coming through, so I’m not randomly looking to the side. I’m actually reading your comments right here. And then we got our DSLR camera right here in front of us and we’ve got the GoPro up top on the roof, which is what we’re on right now.
Yes. Awesome. All right, let’s continue. Hi. So would you agree with me that these are major problems for you? I’m obviously sure you do because we just polled, so here’s where we come to a turning point. If you can fix problems, you’ll be way on your way to wildly profitable marketing agency, one that easily commands high dollar clients every single month and allows you to deliver a truly transformational experience to any one of them. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Guys, can we get a 97 in the chat? That sounds lovely. It sounds delicious. If you asked me, okay, now I know it’s doable because I did it and I’ll walk you through all four steps that I took right here. Right now. Who wants to see that? Can we get a yes chat in the chat? Yes. Chat in the chat. Mostly guys who are watching like, Damn Chad, you keep making me drop numbers. My fingers hurt. Well, I’m sitting here and standing for two hours. My throat hurts on my leg hurts, so engage with me and I’ll engage back with you. Let’s go people, let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. We got to wake up this morning making time right now. Here we go. Step number one, get your pen and papers. This is going to be an important one. Step number one, get your pen and paper. This is going to be an important one.
How to make your prospects and offer they can’t refuse, so they come to you with credit. Quarter Hin. This is by far probably the number one struggle for most agencies. Flat out. You can’t sign up clients, no matter how well you look at it, you’re struggling to sign up clients, okay? Now, if that’s an issue for you, I’m going to tell you exactly the simplest solution to solve that problem, okay? When I surveyed my audience, so many told me that they struggled with what to sell. Sure you know what your expertise is, right? Perhaps you might be a web developer or a copywriter or a graphic designer, a funnel builder. You know what you’re good at, but how do you actually package it in a way that sells like gangbusters, right guys? Because we all know, just because you’ve got a skill and an expertise in something that doesn’t mean you can automatically transform that into sales, right?
So before I get into actually how to package and irresistible offer, I want there to be no confusion about what I mean when I say offer. Okay? It’s very important. Guys, listen to this. Here’s what an offer entails. An offering tails. Your core service entails your price, your extras, right? What will you add to your offer to make it more valuable? Your delivery details, right? How will your service be delivered if you’re a copywriter, perhaps you’d want to present your copy in a Google doc or create a wire frame of the sales page you just wrote for the copyright. You’re external transformation, guys, this is the tangible result of your offer, right? Your internal transformation, right? So this is the intangible result of your offering. How will your clients feel when they achieve their ideal result? How do you think your clients will feel? Right?
So now that you guys know what an offering tails, here’s the key to making sure it can mans sales, okay? The key is, first thing you need to be outcome. You have to be outcome driven. It’s so important, guys, okay? You cannot charge a premium price if you don’t deliver premium results. Okay? It’s super simple. You need to give your customers a complete and total transformation and end to end experience that they can go from absolute dreadful situation to a dreamlike situation. Now, if you guys agree with me on this, go ahead and drop a 78 in the chat. Okay. Thinking about taking somebody who’s in just a completely shitty situation and you’re able to then bring them into this like dream of a beautiful situation, don’t you think that that’s something important? 78 in the chat? It is, right? Yeah. Good. Now the question becomes how do you identify the golden outcome, the one that people would pay you big bucks for.
Number one, start with your audience. Who Do you want to serve? Is there a specific niche or niches that you specialize in? Number two, dive deeper into their pain points. Here’s the interesting thing, okay, guys, people will pay more to ease their pain than they would to have your solution. People would pay more to ease their pain, then they would to have your solution. Now. I know that sounds funny. You may be thinking ease their pain and having my solution. Isn’t that the same thing you’re writing today is logically, but buying decisions are less logical guys and they’re more on emotion. Okay? Finding your prospect’s pain point in communicating that language of pain is the most single, most powerful sales tool that you will ever have. I want everybody to take your pen out and I want you to write this last line down.
Write this loss. This is probably one of the most important things that you can take away from this entire Webinar. Okay? Go ahead and write this last line down. Can we show the screen real quick? Pain triggers, action and sales is all about getting people to take a specific action. This right here is one of my golden nuggets. You know when they’re like in the Webinar like, oh, you’re going to get my pickups, some golden nuggets. Write this shit down and actually put it in your head. I promise you guys, this will change the way that you run your agency, okay? This is what we literally like. This is, this is our whole model here, right? So here’s some examples. You probably like chat. I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. You’re talking to me about this Cleo, Ms Cleo shit and I don’t know.
You’re driving me crazy. I don’t know any of the shit that you’re saying. You’re just going deep right now. Well, we’ve got to go deep. We got to go real deep, but because I’m awesome, I’m going to provide you with some examples. Okay? Example number one. A restaurant owner is struggling with filling up seats during his slow times of 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM example number. That’s a pain. That person, that restaurant owner, they’re feeling that pain right here. Trust me. They’re feeling that pain, okay? They got staff they’ve got to pay for, they got food that’s going bad, okay? Trust me, they got rent, electric bill. They’re feeling that pain, okay? I promise you that example number two, a dentist is having trouble finding new patients that want teeth cleanings. You’d probably like chat. That’s really not a pain point, but it is. If you ever been to a dental practice, most dental practices actually have specific people on staff just to do teeth cleanings all day. That certain job that basically means if they’re not booking teeth cleanings, guess what? The owners owner’s losing money. That’s pain right there. Okay, guys, feel that that’s pain.
Example number three, a painter is struggling with not having enough commercial jobs. Now for those of you guys who know painters, especially the ones that do commercial properties, commercial properties, where the big bucks is at, okay, those were bigger buildings, bigger units, warehouses, whatever the case may be. That’s pain, pain, okay? These are just a couple of examples. Now what I want you guys to do is go out and unveil the solution. You know who to serve. You know what their pain points are. You know what you’re good at. Spell out the results in vivid details or there will be no questions about the value that you provide. So here’s some examples of the unveiling of the solutions. You’re ready guys. Let’s go back to the pain point. Example. Number one, a restaurant owner is struggling with filling up seats during his slow times of 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM Chad, the hero is going to come up to them with the solution, create a Facebook campaign with a coupon that brings people to their restaurant only from two to 6:00 PM create an offer, a free appetizer where the purchase of any meal only available every day from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM you just solved their pain point.
If you build a Badass campaign, you solve their pain point. Would you guys agree with me on that 89 in the chat? Is that a solution to a problem right there? It’s a simple solution. It’s not like I’m not a rocket scientist. It’s a simple solution. Example number two, if a dentist is having trouble finding new patients that want teeth cleanings solution, create an SEO campaign on ranking them for teeth cleanings and their local city, get them longterm results so they never got to worry about that again. Solution. Example number three, if a painter is struggling with not getting enough commercial jobs, create a Google adwords campaign targeting searches for people looking for a commercial painter. Okay, so here’s the thing about marketing guys and I’m going to teach you a little [inaudible]. It’s not all about results, okay? Obviously it is. Results is a huge thing, but when you’re talking about growing an agency it’s, it’s really about finding the pain points and coming up with the solutions. It’s really that simple. If you want to sign clients up, because if you can just hit somebody’s pain point and come to them solution, guess what?
You’re gonna make some money. Now if you can do these three things, the question of what service to sell and how to make your packages irresistible becomes abundantly clear, guys. Okay? Step number two, who’s ready for step number two? Can we get a little shakedown? Say Yes, yes in the chat. Shake it down. Shake it down. Let Daddy get a quick swig of his vitamin water so I don’t get poached here. I think they’re ready. I think we got to come to them with heat.
We got it from the fire right now. I gotta bring a fire. Let’s do this. How to consistently generate high ticket leads and swiftly close the sale. Now, most of you guys are probably like, Oh shit. This is what I’ve been waiting coral here. This is, this is a slide. This is the section that I’ve been waiting for all year. It’s the slide deck. It’s going to save my life. All right, hit the GoPro. I want it. I want them to see Carlos laughing. Carlos is like, damn it, Chad, you’re so silly. You’re so silly. Said, dropping silly in the chat. If you think Chad, silly in the chat. Silly, Billy. Yeah. All right guys. I’m going to show you guys right now how to consistently generate high ticket leads and swiftly close the sale swiftly. Basically, for most of you guys who don’t know what that terminology means, it means fast. Okay, now we’re on the same page. Here we go. Now, here’s the thing, guys, to lay the groundwork for an agency that has the potential to scale to seven figures, you can’t just have leads that trickle in, okay? It doesn’t work like that, and you certainly can’t afford to close only like once or twice a month, right? You need to be closing all month long like clockwork, because the heart truth is if you’re not making sales, you don’t have the business. Does anybody agree with me? If you are not making sales and you don’t have the business, can we get a hundred and the chat?
Zero sales, zero business? Does that make sense? You guys on the same point, right? Everybody’s on the same point here, right? I’m not going crazy. If you ain’t making sales, you ain’t got a business. How you got a business if you’re not making money? Right? Okay, good. Now, that may sound like a big demand, but don’t worry. It’s absolutely doable. If you have a proven action plan to get these hot leads flowing in consistently and converting them how to generate high ticket leads. I’m going to do one of these like little sneak, like Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam. They don’t know. They don’t know what’s going to happen too. They want to see the slide too. They want to see the slides too. They want to see it. Maybe. I don’t know. You guys want it. Do you want this slide? Do you want me to show you how I do this?
Do you want me to show you how I do this? 800 in the chat. Let’s go people. Everybody’s got to wake up 800 in the chat. Let’s go. All right, good. Here’s how to generate high ticket. This is what we do. Okay, so for those of you guys, look, Charlie truck news doesn’t work. It’s because you’re not doing it right. Okay? I do this shit and it works. Trust me. I scaled my eating sheet over seven figures in sales by using these exact sales tactics to generate leads. Get your screen shutters ready. Get your notepads ready, pull out your phones, put it back in your pocket because you didn’t listen to me. I told you no phones a lot. All right? Here we go. Guys on foot, on foot, on foot, on foot. Most of you guys are like, Chad, stop repeating yourself. You might think that there’s a glitch in the system, but there’s not.
Now what is on foot? Getting your ass in your car, parking in a plaza and walking into businesses. This is how I started my agency. Don’t be lazy. I promise you, you get out, you go in your car and you walk into a hundred different places every single day. People will know who you are. You’ll start getting business cards. You will start making money. Do not be lazy on foot is how I got from zero to my first 50 clients. That’s how I did it. I didn’t do anything else on foot, okay? That’s the first thing that I did, okay? Don’t be lazy on foot. Next Facebook campaigns. Now for those of you guys who have a budget, who want to allocate some budgets, running Facebook ads to automate some inbound lead generation, you can run Facebook ads. Now, for those of you guys who don’t have a budget, I don’t recommend recommend running Facebook ads. I recommend going on foot. It’s free. You can just go, Phillip, you’re taking go cold calling. This is how I went from 50 to over 250 clients. This right here, cold calling. You see me do it live.
That’s how it’s just pick up the phone and sell wolf of Wall Street. Pick up the phone and sell. Okay guys, call center. Once you get really good at cold calling, you just hit exit and you build out a whole call center. The room we’re standing in right now, if you hit the GoPro once again, for those of you new B’s who haven’t seen this before, this actually used to be our call center. We don’t do our call center anymore because everything we have now is inbound, which is the best thing that you can have, but it took us 10 years to get there. Okay, let’s go back. Pain people referrals. Once you actually start making people money in helping them, they will then refer other people to you because they want to see those people succeed too. Okay. Now, has anybody ever made any money doing any of these five lead generation tactics? Can you drop a five in the chat? Any of you? If you ever went on foot, have you ever ran a Facebook campaign? Anything at all guys? Anything at all guys? Have you ever, have you done any of those things?
Yeah, a bunch of people at works stop saying it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work for you cause you don’t know how to do it. Change up your strategy. I promise you it works. Okay. Facebook lead generation. Here’s some proof. This is when we were running campaigns for a dental campaign, okay? This was in 2018 25 bucks a lead. 206 leads spent about five grand, generated about 206 lead, probably 10 x star. Our ROI on that. Okay? Charging, you know, 1500 bucks for a Facebook campaign for dentists. Here’s some cold calling and call center results.
Go and look in the agent connects guys. Okay, look at the agent cadets. Okay. 4,452 that means people connected to our agents. People like people. Okay. 2,300 we’ve connected with 4,405 we’ve spoken to 4,452 painters. We’ve spoken to 2,302 towing leads and guys, this is in a one month. This is on February 1st, 2018 to February 28th, 2018 these are the results of our cult center. We have like 21 people that work in this. Okay. You’d probably like Chad. That’s a shit ton of phone calls. How he edits. It’s a lot of talk time. Okay. We’ve spoken to 1,184 locksmiths in that month. 687 plumbers, 409 med spas.
Thinking about the numbers guys, that’s a lot of people speaking to. Okay. Step number three, how to be in the results, getting business versus plowing through your customers and getting stuck in a hamster wheel. Now most of you guys who are watching this, you might already have a customer or you might have five customers and you might be experienced something that’s called the hamster wheel. Almost every business or agency experiences it. It basically means one month you get a client, but you also lose a client on the same month and next month you get a client and you lose your client. Has Anybody experienced this so-called thing called the hamster wheel? Drop a 10 in the chat, 10 in the chat. Yeah, right? It happens. It happened to me all the time. It happened to me for years happened to me for years. You get a client that comes in one way and then boom comes out the other way.
So what happens there guys? What happens when you get stuck in a Hampshire? We just keep going round and round. Nothing changes. You’ll go, you’ll get two clients and next month and you’ll lose two clients and then the next month you’ll get five clients and you’ll lose five clients and as you scale up, whatever comes in comes out and it gets stuck in a hamster wheel and you’re stuck. That’s it. You’re screwed. Okay guys, it sucks, okay? I’m going to teach you how to get out of that. I cannot emphasize this enough guys. If you do not get results for your clients, you’ll be one of those who struggle and scrape your way only to have nothing to show for. Literally. If you cannot deliver, you’ll be stressed, fearful all the time, and your client relationships will wear you down and more importantly, you will be out of business fast.
Now obviously dash gloves is a great solution for all of you guys who are going out selling services that you don’t know how to fulfill. You can now do that with dashes. You can just drop your client in and you don’t have to worry about it. We can fulfill all of the orders for you and work with you as a team. Okay. So this is very important. Guys. Screenshot, they shit. Let’s screenshot this. Make sure you have this, putting your back pocket and sleep with it at night. Okay? Now, I don’t want that for you. I don’t want you to have an insane, I want you to have an insanely profitable business. One that creates the kind of impact that matches your bank account guys. And that’s some tap dollars shit. So let’s talk about how you can get the best results for your clients.
First, understand that. And you don’t need to be the biggest or most experienced expert in the business. You don’t mean to have a big team to provide excellent service shit. There’s tons of agencies that are one man operations that kill it, k, but you do need to be obsessed with giving the clients a return on their investment. Okay? Most of you guys are missing that concept. Unfortunately. Most of you guys think it’s all about just grabbing a client, tossing them in, or starting to do whatever it is that you guys do for your clients. And you’re not. You don’t like, there’s just, you’re just collecting a paycheck. It doesn’t work like that. Yeah. Even if you’re using dash clicks, you have to be accessed with your clients. You have to speak to your clients, you have to build the relationship, you have to get the results. You have to do all that. What’d you guys agree with me? 99 in the chat. 99 of you guys agree with me on that.
Yeah, it’s important guys. It really is. By the way, guys, for those of you, cause a lot of people are jumping in to the live stream. I see a bunch of you guys on Facebook too. Make sure you stay until the end. Okay. We’re getting very close. I want to make sure you guys stay until the end. We’re going to be giving out some swag bags and I’m going to be giving you guys an insane offer. Trust me, you don’t want to miss it. Stay until the very end. Plus you are going to gain a shit ton of knowledge along the way. Stay until the end guys. Okay, very important. Now, incidentally, we’ve already covered the one thing that your results depend on. Can you guess what it is? Hit your offer. It all starts with the offer.
You’ve already seen how to create an offer that will send your prospects into a buying frenzy, right? But there’s a catch, a critical distinction that you need to know, guys, okay? Wowing your clients with an above and beyond outcomes is not just about the offer, but how you can deliver that. I’m gonna repeat that. Wowing your customers with an above and beyond. Outcome is not just about the offer, but how you deliver that offer. Okay? So I created something. This is my system that I work on. It’s called the rule of four. Okay? Screenshot this shit. This is important. Screenshot, put screenshot in the chat. If you’ve screenshot this and you have this saved, truly simple screenshot.
So the role of four is pretty simple. The first thing that you need to do in an agency sell, okay? You have to sell. If you don’t got two sales, you ain’t got no business. We already discussed that. All of you guys all this wrong. Can you concur with me? You’re on the same page. Okay? You need to go out and do sales, but once you sell, it goes into the next phase which is onboarding. Okay? This is onboarding your actual clients and getting them into the system and making sure that you’re getting all the information from them and retaining all the info that you need to create a successful campaign and setting those expectations. All that stuff is done right there in the onboarding. Okay? The next one is fulfillment actually going out and if you sell Facebook campaign, building the Facebook campaign and building the funnels and adding the pixels and conversion tracking and all that stuff.
Okay? Now guys, Dash Clicks does onboarding and we also do fulfillment for you. Okay? We actually do the entire build-out, right? You want a website? We built the whole website for you. We do both the onboarding and the fulfillment. We don’t do the selling and you just got to go out and sell your clients, but we’ll go on there. We’ll onboard the customer through our auto automated onboarding process, and then we’ll also fulfill the order for you through our fulfillment center right in the Dash Click store. It’s super simple. And then lastly is service your customer. Now this is a hybrid of both what we can do for you and what will you need to do with your actual customers. So most of you guys are like, Chad, what the hell do you mean by service? Service is a hybrid between optimizing your campaigns. If you’re running a Facebook campaign, a, our team actually goes out every single day or every single week, whatever it is, and we’ll go on optimize your campaigns for you.
Okay? But service also means customer service. It means speaking to your customer. It means speaking to them at least once or twice a week to make sure that everything is okay, that their campaigns are running smoothly, that their expectations are being met. You guys understand what the rule of forests, can we get a four in the chat if you understand what the rule of four is, can we get this back on a big screen real quick? For those of them who didn’t get a chance to screenshot the rule for, it’s pretty simple. One thing that I’m good at, God’s making shit that’s really complex, really simple.
It’s really simple. You sell a customer, then you onboard them. Many fulfill the orders, then you service them. Stop. It’s not rocket science guys. Okay? Now here’s a comment that I get all the time when it comes to serving clients. Chad, I hit my revenue goal last month, but it won’t happen this month because I’m focused on client delivery and not as much on sales. Well, that’s an issue. Okay? Can do everything. That’s why a lot of people use dash collect for their fulfillment check. How do I keep generating leads every month while still having the time to deliver results for my client? Same thing. You can’t do everything right? So if you want to be in the results getting business and in the sales business and the scaling, you either need to have an in house team that’s going to manage that for you and do all that work or simply you can just give it to dash clicks and we’ll do it all for you. Okay guys, so at Lucian, you see what I just did that
I found a problem dash flicks was, is was the whole, the whole concept of dash lakes was the fact that we saw, we saw up a pain point in the industry, right? All these people needed a fulfillment center. We needed this platform, they need all these tools and we just give you guys a solutions. Would you guys agree that we were giving you guys solutions, the education, everything that we’re doing? Can we get a 99 in the chat if you guys agree with that, that dash clicks is literally, and this is, I’m not even gonna drop it. Should I drop it? Shit. Fuck it. I’ll drop it. Ah, this is our new tagline. It’s going to be coming out. We’re rebranding a little bit. Our new tagline is beautifully crafted agency solutions. Who likes that? Can we get a yes, beautifully crafted agency solutions because that’s really what we’re do. We knew where the end to end solution for agencies. We pretty much do everything for you guys.
Now those are obviously great questions and that brings me to the final step of this process. Step number four, how to 10 extra operations within seeing momentum in sales and revenue? Okay guys, three steps that triggered the growth in my agency, okay. This is where we get into the spicy shit. This is where people start feeling uncomfortable because Chad has now literally ripped off the curtains, possibly will rip off his pants and a shirt and they are going to feel uncomfortable about the situation. We are going to start talking about numbers. Guys. This is going to get very personable very quickly. Okay, so pay attention. Here we go. The first thing that I did that I did is I decided to open up a small office and turn this into a local business. And that guys were talking about 10 years ago. Okay guys, 10 years ago I opened an office.
As you can see on the right, that’s my office. That was like enough for like two seats, three seats, and I’m, that’s me right there on the bottom right. And then on the top left you’ll see a picture of Angie, which that’s Angie right there. Basically to free myself and delegate my everyday tasks. I hired my first employee, her name is Angie. That’s her right there. Okay. Then I created a simple process using a project management software called teamwork. Okay. As you can see, I, you know, when an order came in, this is like the first protocol of me like creating the process and all that cool stuff, right? You know, you always hear product, process, Croak protocols, all that cool stuff, right? So you can see stage one onboarding, stage two, research, the three preliminary setup, design and development, prelaunch launch, right? So these are actually things that we do in dashboards to basically create almost like a factory sell approach. We can get these orders out on time and with QA and with everything 100% perfectly for you guys. Okay. These are the three, the three milestones that started everything. Okay. Guys screenshot
Now had that I was ready to scale my agency. Okay. Then at the beginning of 2015 I felt like I was still missing something. Guys, I was following this company called mad wire media based out in Colorado. They were actually my inspiration. They were the ones that want it to be just like most of you guys probably have that. Have you ever done Orange d on other companies or if you see these other companies can you drop an eight in the chat if you have another company that you always follow for some reason you want to be just like them. Right. Whether it’s dash clerks, social agency any other agency, any other business, just drop an egg in the chat. If you have this one company you wish that you can be just like them. Okay. So for me as I was scaling my agency, that was the mad, whiter and media, I want it to be just like them. Okay. They had big offices. That’s a picture of their office right here on the right.
They have lots of employees. I think there are about up to about six or 700 employees and they do awesome work. So just like every other smart business person, I basically studied their business model and reversed engineered what they were doing and how they were doing it. Now most of you guys, when you think about r and D or needs by the way, research and development, okay. So when you’re thinking about r and, d, The most important thing about Oren D’s consecutively doing it and see seeing how these businesses shifts, how they take shifts, right? Because businesses change sometimes daily, right? Like dash clicks. We change daily, like we upgrade, upgrade, upgrade, right? And if you’re following that on the business that you’re looking after, for those of you guys who dropped an eight in the check, you’re going to see those shifts. Okay. And then that that you can kind of like just piggyback off of that and just go with that shift and go with that shift and keep moving. Right? So that’s what we did for a long time with Mattawan Armenia. What I realized next changed my life forever.
Can we get this on the big screen real quick? What I realized next change in my life forever. If you guys want to know what that is, 49 in the chat, 49 if you want to hear that like wow, life changing. Holy Shit. This is crazy. There’s a lot more you guys. I’m going to need some help here. 49 in the chat. Don’t make me go into the panelists and call you out. If you’re not participating, I’ll kick you off. This a kick you off this live. I kick out, I kick you out. I kick you out. I’m just kidding with you guys. 49 in the chat. All right. Get recurring revenue.
That’s it. It’s not a science recurring revenue. Okay guys, let’s go back to this screen. Let me show you guys something.
This basically means for those of you guys who don’t know what that is, that they were signing people up for a service in charging them on a monthly basis. Okay. Now that’s just like your cell phone service or your cable provider, right? All these elements had one thing in common. They were all needed and you had to pay monthly for them in order to keep the services going. The process was pretty simple guys. Okay? Find a customer, make a sale, service a customer monthly and get paid monthly. It’s pretty simple guys. This is not rocket science. Like I said, I like to take crazy shit and just make it really simple. Okay? Not Rocket Science. So I then changed my business model. I started offering services in which people would pay me monthly for guys. Now, for those of you guys who don’t know, when I was starting my business, I was not offering recurring services. I was doing like websites and printing and graphic design and flyers and business cards designed like the most.
I would say I didn’t make shit. I didn’t make any money. Okay? I didn’t, well, I wasn’t making money. Okay, so this is what I started offering. SEO. SEO was actually the, to be honest with you guys, SEO for me, it’s my favorite service. Okay. Most of you guys probably like Facebook ads or Google ads, right? Cause that’s what’s trending right now. But believe it or not, SEO is actually probably about 60 to 70% of our retail agency. Okay. People want it. There’s a high demand for it. They know what it is because it’s been around for so long. You can charge a premium price and it’s also a longterm play. Will, there’ll be with you for at least six to 12 months. Okay. SEO is what we’ll actually put money in your pocket every single month. Google ad words. Okay. Social media management. Facebook ads, let’s say. Okay. Facebook ads or even posting on social media website maintenance, which I don’t recommend offering too much anymore, but I put it on here because we did start offering it. Okay. We’ll charge a monthly fee to maintain their website. Give them a couple of hours of work.
Ready to see what my next three years look like. Guys. Who wants to see some numbers say numbers in the chat, Chad? Say numbers. You guys are all nosy people. Jeez, you guys are nosy. You just want to put your nose in everything, don’t you? A little sneaky. Sneaky you. Okay. Nosy. You’re nosy. If I could touch you, I would tap your little nose. Okay, here we go. So to compare, here’s the stats from the previous three years. We’ll do a little comparison. I guys needless to stay, I opened my agency in September of 2009, which means actually in about, what is that? Like a couple months we’re about to hit our 10 year anniversary of us being open. That would make me an OG. Okay, so I’m not going to go 2009 cause 2009 would actually be pretty embarrassing. I didn’t make shit. I actually worked for three years and made nothing literally, but we can see some realistic numbers. 2012 we did 78 K in sales. 2013 we did 97 in sales, 2000 and 1,442 cane sales.
Now keep in mind guys, right here on the left is before I started offering recurring services, this was me doing like my flyer design and setting up my like Facebook pages for people and building websites and doing printing and that stupid stuff that I don’t recommend people do anymore. Then here’s what happens after that. Okay, so here’s the stats after we changed that model, okay, 2015 588 king sales. It’s a pretty big jump. If it’s a pretty big jump, you guys think that’s a big jump drop, say jump in the chat, say jump in the chat. That’s a pretty big jump, right? 2016 817 cane sales. That’s a pretty big jump. Say Jump to say, jump to in the chat. Jumped too in the chat. 2017 1.2 $3 million in sales. Say Jump three in the chat.
This is what happens when we started offering recurring services. Guys. Can we go front face real quick? I want to explain to you guys something. The way that recurring services work once again is people pay you monthly for a service, which basically means if you sign up two clients the next month, those two clients will pay you again. Plus you’re going to sign up another two clients, okay? Now you got four clients paying you every single month. Now in the third month you get another two clients, okay? Now you’ve got the two clients for month one and the two clients, or month two, now all paying you. Now you got six clients in month three that you just hit it their credit card and then you keep doing that. Okay? We’re craving services trust out of York’s. Okay, let’s go back to the slide deck.
So this is basically what happened when I switched to a recurring based business model. Okay guys, my team was like, yeah,
Oh, truck. You’re the man. Thank you for doing that. Thank you for making it rain on us. Hey,
No lapse on that one. That was on a good one. Maybe not. Okay. We’ll keep going. By the way, I forgot to mention one really important thing. I also made it on the front page of the Miami Herald, which I thought was pretty bad ass because I look good looking in the photo. Just thought it was cool so I added in there. All right, let’s recap the total sales stats for nine years, not including 2019 by the way, guys. Okay. Or, yeah, 2018, sorry. Oh, they were UL 2009. There’s my petty $8,000 in sales. Okay. 2010, 18 2011 24, 2012 78, 1397, 14 one 42 15, boom. Five 88, 2016, eight 17 2017 1.2 2018 0.9. You got to see what happened right there. Say yes in the chat. If you guys see what happened right there, that’s when I started offering recurring services. That’s when I completely changed my marketing business. Everything complete mind shift, the services that I was selling, my offers, everything changed, everything. I stopped offering all the, that I was offering in the first three years. Change everything. Okay guys, let’s go back so far. To date, my company associates is a 3 million, a little over $3 million, not counting the 1.9. So pretty close to $5 million in sales over the years. There’s a screenshot from quickbooks right there.
Here’s the crazy part. In the last three years alone, not including 2018 when we switch to a recurring based business model we did 2 million, $785,000 in sales. That’s just in the last three years. That averages to about a million dollars a year. Who wants to make $1 million? Say 1 million in the chat. Say 1 million the chat. Do you want me to show you? Say 1 million in the chat, guys, come on. You don’t wanna make 1 million bucks? Fine. Don’t say it. All right. Don’t participate. Don’t be one of those guys and gals. So I basically had literally what I always dreamed of having right at a growing business. There’s a picture of me and my team. I was making lots of money. There’s again, picture of me and my team from a couple of years ago. I was my own boss at thousands of customers, full time employees, big office space. I had my dream car, my dream wife. So after all this, for some reason I did not feel fulfilled. Guys, I’ll be honest with you guys, okay? Who’s ever seen this started from the bottom. Now we’re here. That’s what I felt like I was, I honestly dreamed of having all of these nice things, but for some reason I just was not fulfilled. Okay. After all the hard work, after everything I’d been up to in the past nine years to build this all up to where it is now, I just wasn’t fulfilled. I felt like I had a mini empire, but for what? Right? I just didn’t understand. Okay, guys I was lost to be honest with you. So I do a little digging and what I realized was that I had already surpassed my goals without even knowing it. I was moving so fast and time was going and stuff was happening in the business was growing that I moved so fast that I surpassed my goals without even knowing.
Guys, over the years I built a process that was so easy to manage and highly profitable. My process was so good that I literally put myself out of the job at the time. I went to my office every day and literally had nothing to do. Trust me, this wasn’t a bad thing, okay guys, but obviously in the hustler, so I got my ass back to work. It was simply the result of making four shifts that I just walked you through, okay? This isn’t theory or fluff or untested ideas. This is practical information. I used to grow my seven plus figure digital marketing agency, okay? This is not crazy stuff, so I’m going to ask you guys a quick question. Let’s do a quick poll. Do me a favor. Why did you show up today? Can you drop it in the chat and be honest? If you’re not honest, I’ll kick you out of the chat.
You’re never allowed to chat again. Why did you show up today? Drop it in the chat. Phillip said to learn more. She Aden said, want more sales? Shargel you guys are going to quick. Sean said, learn how to scale my business. Scott said, starting out and looking for guidance markets that Marcus has to refine my systems and processes. Bradley’s has gained more knowledge. Doug’s had more customers, more money. Christine. Christiane says to learn more, we’ve got curiosity. Scale my business to grow everlasting recurring revenue. Jamie said, I love that because current income is 500 a month. Jared said, okay, want to be successful? Want to learn how to get more, how to pick your brain and nosy a knowledge learned from like-minded individual or industries. Cool to get some of Chad’s cheeky secrets. Looking to learn. All right, good. Learn copies of success.
Reminded of the fundamental scale my business. Somebody said discount. Offer a to see what the entails are starting. Scale my agency to see you. Handsome. Thank you. To learn how to automate inbound leads to figure out how the salt works. To learn from the best. Yeah. You guys are leaving. These are all quality comments. Okay guys, so now I don’t know obviously why you showed up today, all of you, but it’s more likely, probably one of the two things. Okay? You either want to start an agency and you don’t know where or how to get started, or you already have an agency and you want to make sales with predictability down to the dollar. If you are in war, any one of these two things, can you drop a seven in the chat, seven in the chat of any one of these two things, or you, you gotta be in one bucket or the other. It’s either you have an agency and you want to make money predictability literally down to the dollar. Or you want to start an agency and you want to figure it out. Awesome.
And if that’s why you showed up, take a moment to consider. What if you could create service packages that are so in tune with what your target customer wants that they buy without a moment’s hesitation. What if you had powerful systems that brought more of the right people to your door and gave you all the tools to deliver mind blowing results for them. And what if you had an entire team to help you literally grow into stain, profitable powerhouse of a business or an agency? Guys, you’ve seen the results. Okay. You’ve seen the numbers. You’ve been following me around for months. Okay? You’re probably following me on my Instagram. You probably follow us on Facebook. You show up to all of our live webinars. Kay. You know, we know our shit for the most part. Okay. We’ve got a big agency here and these results aren’t because I’m smarter than you. I’m probably not. Honestly, I’m really honestly not that smart. I’m just a good marketer and a good business person. Those are my two strong suits. Everything else I suck at or that I have more resources at my disposal because I didn’t, when I started, you guys saw the pictures. I didn’t have shit. I started out in my parents’ room.
But simply because I have a formula that works, one that has been nine years in the making and continues to serve my business to this day. Okay? Guys, to this day, so here’s the obvious question. How do I get this system up and running so I can start seeing results quickly? Who wants to start seeing results fast and doesn’t want to wait? Can we drop in 92 in the chat? Who wants to get fast results, doesn’t want to wait, is sick and tired of waiting and trying to figure this shit out for themselves and jumping through hoops only to get nowhere. Jump on 92 in the chat guides and be honest, okay? If you’re not honest with yourself, you are not going to make any money.
Well, I’ve got some options for you. Okay? Option number one, you can do what most people will do, which is go at it alone or keep using the same strategies that don’t work. The time-suck distressed, the defeat that can continue to be your story if that’s what you are. Or option number two, you can choose to build a digital marketing agency that reaches those crazy income levels that I just showed you that literally has in measure and measurable impact on the people you serve. Because guess what guys? Your clients will be taking action. They will be seeing the results that you promise. They’ll become fierce advocates of what you have to offer. This is how you do a danger time running an agency that transform your life, not only and the life of your clients. Does that make sense? You guys? Can we get an 80 in the chat if this makes any sense to anybody in here? Eight zero in the chat please. Guys. 80 in the chat. Let’s go. We gotta get some momentum. I need everybody to get up out of their seats. Let’s go check it off.
Now guys, if that’s what you want, if that’s what you liked, we’d go full screen here. I want you guys to join me inside our brand new program dash accelerator. Kay. Guys, I told you guys that I’m going to have something crazy for you at the end of this. Okay? This is literally the exact process I and many others have used to build agencies that pull several seven figures in recurring revenue from package services to landing clients to getting results for clients. It’s all covered in there guys.
Let’s go. Let’s go right inside. Okay. 21 and a half hours of video content. Six plans with highly detailed videos in each k six lesson plans, seven accelerator days with literally like checklists of stuff like all the tools, the links to the tools that I use on my context of Rolodex is for my fronters that I hired from my call centers in the Philippines. Like everything is in there. Okay, guys, cheat sheets, sales scripts, contract templates. My hundred plus keynote template that I use. This one right here. This is what I use on stage. You just tweak it, okay. And entire volt of live sales and prospecting calls. Then you can listen to and learn. Okay. All the trainings are now available right now, guys. Okay, and here’s what you’ll create. You’ll create service packages that people already want to buy. You’ll create a lead generation machine that keeps people bringing the right people to your doors in droves.
You’ll create a sale systems to convert these leads into clients who are crazy about the work you do and the impact you have on their lives. You’ll create a client experience that wows because you’ll be in the results getting machine, okay? You’ll create systems and processes that buy you time to focus on high level tasks so you can actually scale big. So let me quickly walk you through the lessons. Okay? Who wants to see all the lessons really quick? Wants me to go into this 46 in the chat. I’m going to walk you through so you guys can understand really what this can do for you. Okay guys, lesson number one. Okay, this is a two hour and 19 minutes minute video day one, mastering the agency foundation. Okay? Start off with a welcome message and then I teach you how to actually set proper expectations for yourself.
Get your mindset right. Then I teach you what your main focus should be, how to actually clear and have like a a sniper approach. Okay? What niches to pick, which ones are the good ones, which ones that work. So you know, waste time, what softwares we use in our agency so you don’t waste time had actually set up all those softwares like sharing my screen like this video on the left, that’s it. Like actually share my screens and build all the softwares with you. I teach you all the department breakdowns. I go through a whole Q and a list and this is live recordings. There was like 20 people live in this bootcamp that we did. Okay. Then let’s see, number two, we have a two hour and 19 minute video optimizing your Instagram account. Then I teach you how to create an automated Instagram lead generation.
I actually show you how to set up the software and go through everything one by one, how to have a totally hands off approach and just get leads incoming on both Instagram and linkedin. Okay. And I actually, this is not like me just saying, oh go here and do this and do that. No, like I literally whip it out and I create the software and set the whole thing up with you and hold your hand the whole way through. Okay. Then Q and a. Lesson number three, mastering consultation calls, three hour and 23 minute video, how to knock semis, Instagram posting so you can make money where to actually go and what companies to use to purchase data, what tools to use for data scraping, how to actually create a websites in seconds with insights and monetize. How to actually go out and do live cold calling.
And I think I even do a couple of live cold calls in there too. How to create bulk websites using the data and then use that using insights to monetize live sales. Call selling a website. That’s me actually calling live. There it is. How to actually find fronters prospectors who will go out and do all this work for you. What actually interrupt interruption marketing is and how you can actually monetize from it. How to actually write and create prospecting scripts and then Q and a three hours and 25 23 minutes. Lesson number four, mastering personal branding, social media hacking, and public speaking. How to actually create a structured consultation call like literally creating a closing call. Like I literally give you my closing script and I write it in front of you, okay? How to actually create social media pages to maximize your presence. How to use Facebook groups to hack to go in there, literally hack Facebook groups, okay.
And to make money from them. How do you think dash click screw Facebook groups. I show you guys all my secrets, okay. Places to actually find local events for you to speak at keynote speaking templates and videos. I give you my hundred page keynote speaking template cost me like four grand to create how to find local events and monetize and speak in front of people and get high ticket clients. Okay. Lesson number five, mastering client retention and communication. Live closing. Call with a prospect like literally live. I get a client and I close him live. Okay guys, how to actually run a remarketing campaign. Okay. How to put a price tag on your deals and charge the right amount so you can close deals. Had actually gone and find pain points like literally lied. This is all during a closing call and setting client expectations.
All of this is done through the closing is how to actually step out of your comfort zone, start making some real money, what domain reporting tool I use and how to actually use it. The tools to find the prospect’s pain points quickly. Client communication, client retention strategies and QA two hour and 50 minute call lesson number six, mastering the agencies scaling. Okay, so when we scaled, we’ve, we built a call center and that’s how we blew up. Real quick, real fast. Okay. I’m going to teach you guys how to actually set up the call center using the exact call center software that I use. I’m going to teach you guys how to upload data into the software, how to actually go on and create campaigns with phone lists, how to do email and SMS automation using the actual cold calling software, how to ad campaigns, how to create agents, scripts, how to set up agent dashboards and calling two hours and eight minutes.
I also give you my contact for my call center that I used out in the Philippines so you don’t have to go on upwork and try to find one for yourself and burn thousands of dollars for no reason. This is the exact call center that I used to run all of my campaigns. It guess what I was using? Insights. This is it. This is how I made seven figures, okay, guys, right here. Okay? Now guys, I know that that sounds like a lot, but I want you to have every single thing you needed to actually succeed. I’m 100% committed to results, so I want to make sure you’re covering all front and skies. I also included a bunch of bonuses. Bonus number one, seven service contracts. When you’re in the service business, we’re time is money. It’s super important that you protect your time and your work. Okay? Service contract is a must for every pod project, especially for those of you guys. You want high ticket projects, okay? You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars that are like I did pretty much to get a lawyer to drop all these up, I will give you instant access to all of our seven contracts, which are the main services that we offer in dash clicks. Just plug and play.
Plug and play, guys.
I’m going to give you my sales scripts, the ones that I use in my call center. These are the exact sales scripts that I use in my business. Generate multiple fingers in revenue, okay? They’re yours to swipe and profit from. Simply literally plug them in right into your sales process and start converting clients instantly. I’m going to give you my keynote speaking slide deck. Get my hundred page, public speaking, keynote slide deck. Okay. This is literally the exact slide deck that I use to close high tech and clients and niche-specific events. Okay? All you gotta do, just go in there and customize it. Throw your information on it, tweak it the way you want it, and it’s yours. 10 live sales and prospecting calls. It’s one thing to get potential clients in your door. It’s another thing to close that sale, right? So how much of a difference would it make to your bottom line if you knew exactly how to close a sale? Swiftly and confidently. Right guys, you’ll get to see the process in action with talent, real life calls from our agency. You’ll learn exactly how to close clients like a pro guys who was five fronting calls, which is your, your prospecting calls to go out and do you use for prospecting to schedule appointments. And then there’s another five actual deals like crook, getting credit cards and closing the deals. Okay guys,
So there you have it.
Are you ready to create and scale your wildly profitable digital marketing agency? Guys, can we drop a 100 in the chat if you are ready to scale with extreme momentum, 100 in the chat,
100 in the chat.
Good. A lot of you guys, now I know you’re in year to hear what the investment is. Guys, you’re probably like, oh Chad, what is this gonna be? Guys, the total value for this program is $4,997. It’s probably honestly more than that with all the shit that we put in there with like bonuses and everything cause that should cost us thousands of dollars. Okay. Now guys, on April 1st, 2019 we did this stash accelerator bootcamp live and multiple people literally just paid couple of weeks ago, they just paid $2,194 for this program live. Okay? Now we recorded this entire event. So not only do you get to watch it live, but you get to see all the comments, you get a more structured approach because everything now built in and edited for you and ready to go right inside your dash clicks account. But because you showed up here and are willing to learn, you gave me your time, okay? And I want this to be super affordable for anyone who wants to get started right now, guys, okay. When we originally launched the Dash Accelerator Program, $2,200 was a lot for people and I understand that. Okay? So I sat with the team and we decided to make a crazy offer for you guys. You’re ready for it. Let’s go full screen.
Yeah, you can get this all right now inside of your dash six account for $397 literally everything that I just gave you, almost 22 hours of content. All of our contracts, accelerator days, my contacts, my tools that I use, literally my proven process that I’ve used for the last 10 years and combine it into literally a 13 day boot camp. Okay? All you need to do just go literally right now it’s available. Okay, log into your account, click education in the main menu, then click dash accelerator. It’s this simple click education in the main menu of your dashboard. Let’s all go ahead and open up new tabs. For those of you guys who want to take advantage guys, by the way, staying until the end, we’re going to give away some goodies and we’ll do some Q and. A.
Let’s go open up a new tab. Can we go full screen real quick? Open up a new tab, click education, then click dash accelerator. All you gotta do is click the green enroll button and you can check out and get all this right now for three 97 you’ll also have lifetime access at while with the training is structured in six lessons to be covered in 13 days. Guys, you can self pace, you have the options to go through the lessons that slowly or as quickly as you want to accelerate. Now guys, I do want to say something. The three 97 price is going to be available to the first hundred people that buy. Okay? The 101 person that buys, it’s going to be four 97 from 101 people all the way to 200 people. After 200 people purchases, it’s going to go to nine 97 okay, so this is something that you want, I recommend jumping in. There’s a lot of people on this webinar that are going to take action and we also launched this at 9:00 AM, which means a shit ton of people have already taken action. Yeah. As you can see, my phone is ringing right now. If you want to get this for the discounted price, let’s go full screen real quick.
Jump into a new tab, get into your dashes count right now. Get it and steal it. Okay. Now I want to show you guys something really quick, how fast you can make your money back. Let’s go full screen. You can use our system to literally just close one deal at 1000 bucks. Even less would work as the whole thing’s literally three 97 for those of you who are getting in right now, okay? You can cover the entire cost of the course. That’s it. Keep in mind the course teaches you how to sell recurring services so that $1,000 sale will be actually a $12,000 annual contract. Hopefully now you just made $11,000 profit from one sale. That’s if you’ve got the course and you relate a nine 97 but you can get it right now for three 97 it’s like a no brainer. How about this? Just the contracts in the course are worth three 97 forget about like all the video content just to freaking contracts that are there. What about the slide deck template that’s worth like four grand? Okay. Just any one of those things. Just the bonuses are worth more than the entire price of the whole course. Okay? Then you can use our scaling module, so we’ve got over and over again. It’s a no brainer. Now guys don’t want to speak to you guys about someone from the heart because I went through this shit. How would your life change when you can charge more for services when you know exactly what softwares to use and how to use them? There’s no guessing games, guys. Okay? There’s zero guessing games. You know exactly what software. It’s easy. Just go in there. I walk you through setting them up. You had an, you have an entire team working for you so you can enjoy your life and only worry about high level tasks.
You never have to worry about losing clients because your service and your process will be perfected. Okay? Guys, you can make enough money to support yourself and your family without being stressed, which was for me, the biggest one.
Guys, this course was designed to save you time, 10 years of valuable time to be completely honest with you. That’s how long it took me to create my empire, to learn from my mistakes, to learn from my success. I’m literally going to hand you over my freaking superpowers like these are my superpowers. This is what I’ve worked 10 years for this my super power. This is what I know I told you at the beginning of this. I’m good at marketing and I’m good at business. Those are the two things that I’m really good at. Aside from that, I’m not getting a lot of other things. Okay, let’s keep going. Full screen.
Guys. We’re going to do some Q and a really quick. I’m going to give everybody 10 minutes to get their dash accelerator access so you can log into your account right now. Once again, you get started. Literally right now it’s a one time fee, $397. You get everything right now in your dashboards account. Fully organized. You log into your account, you click education in the main menu, then click dash accelerator. Okay guys, go ahead and ask me some questions. Fire off questions. We got one Masiya says, did this include the agency plan or do we still need to purchase the agency plan? I’m not sure what an agency plan is. If you can let me know what that is, that would be great. I help you out. I have no clue what that is. If you’re talking about the agency website, it does not this completely separate. What are the questions? We got guys, you can ask me questions about the program. You can ask me questions about. Let’s pull up Facebook really quick. Ask me questions about scaling your agency. You can ask me questions about anything guys.
Okay, what questions you got for me? What questions you got for me? Drop them in. Drop them in the chat.
I’m pulling up Facebook too guys. So if you guys are on Facebook you can drop in question there too.
What questions we got? What questions do we have guys?
What questions do we have? You guys better go quick. Okay guys, cause I’m gonna tell you something. These hundred seats are gonna fill up fast. Okay? These hundred seats are gonna fill up fast and then you’re going to be pissed. You’re going to get fomo and then it’s going to get awkward. Okay guys, don’t make it get awkward. Do not let life get awkward on you. Okay? I’m Ryan said what inbound lead generation strategies are discussed. I teach you how to use do inbound lead generation on Instagram, a completely automated Instagram software that we use to generate inbound leads. The same thing with Linkedin and automated lead generation system for Linkedin. Call center, which for you, once you build a call center, it’s completely inbound. Would schedule bookings. Okay. how to actually go out and Facebook groups and monetize that to get inbound leads.
So there’s a bunch of like inbound lead generation techniques, Facebook ads, which is also considered somewhat of inbound as well. If you’re doing it the right way. Craig said is the agents who website the foundation of the business so I can purchase that at the same time. Yeah, 100%. Like you should definitely have if your agency and you don’t have a website, like, come on, think about that guys. You’re gonna try to sell people websites and you have a website. You got to have that. Okay. Doug vis shows how you sold the insights. Actually this program is literally revolved not only around every other service, but mostly around insights. It’s literally my secret to insights. Okay guys is a huge part of this is in society. Okay. Very important. What other questions we got guys? What other questions? We got? One of the questions we got guys.
What are the other niches are you going to create for insert sites? We just want solar. I know we have a, I think real estate coming out next week or this week. Sorry. and then we got a couple other lifts. We’re actually going to work together and putting a full list for you guys and we’ll make it public.
How many softwares are used apart from DC? Not that many. Most of the softwares that are used are more of like the front facing softwares, more of like maybe like project management and like booking systems. Right. And then some, a bunch of like automated shit that like gets you like inbound lead Gen. So yeah, tons of stuff like that.
Do all the instance sites have about 50 pages? Not all of them, no. Most of the ones that are on there do. I think the solar template that we have is like almost 20 pages or something like that. So they’re, they’re pretty high up there. They’re, they’re not like three or four page websites. One of the questions we got guys hit me with it. Hit me with the questions. Hit me with the questions guys. Literally, and I got my phone out here. You guys better hurry the hell up. Okay. If you want to get, can we get a full screen real quick? Be Truth guys who sees that number on the top right? Can you guys drop a three nine seven in the chat? Drop a three nine seven if you guys see that number. Now most of you guys came on this Webinar with issues because you want it to learn something, alright? You want it to go out there and you want it to learn. You want it to educate yourself. Okay? Now guys, I want you to do something differently than I did. Okay? Did you shoot? That? I had is this shit took me 10 years to build.
Let me repeat this.
This whole thing that I had the whole operation, it took me 10 years to build. They started in September, 2009 I wouldn’t want that on any of you guys. Okay, so I’m taking literally everything that I’ve learned in 10 years, all the good shit. Think about the, the, the millions of dollars that we spend in Orange d and tools and softwares and hiring and literally everything from a to Z, only the good shit. Only the fire for the last 10 years. All the fire that was in here, everything like literally look at this, all the freaking fire that was in there for the last 10 years, putting it together for you guys in a 13 day bootcamp, which you can take at any time, it’s always going to be available to you lifetime access, right inside of your dashboard, okay? All of the contracts, all swipe files, sing about the swipe files, contracts, swipe files, okay? Now, if you came on here to this Webinar and you, you’ve reached the end of the Webinar and you for some reason have not gotten this for three 97 okay? When you wake up tomorrow and this is nine 97 and you got to pay for that, that’s gonna really suck. Hey guys, and I’m going to tell you why you need some type of guidance, especially if you’re starting an agency, okay? Cause chances are right now in the situation that you’re in, you’re watching videos, you’re jumping on webinars, maybe you have a mentor, right? Or something like that. Maybe you’ve taken some other courses. This is completely different, okay? Most of the people who actually do courses don’t practice what they preach, which is unfortunate. Okay? This is something 100% different. This is actually everything that I preach that I’ve done, that I’ve went through, that I’ve suffered with that, like all the solutions to all my problems. It’s all right here. Okay. And we just sold this literally, we just did the live bootcamp for $2,194 a couple of weeks ago, April 1st, 2019 okay. April 1st, 2019 so if I see you on this Webinar and you see me and I’m talking right at you at the camera, I’ll come even a little bit closer so we can make it intimate.
If you’re watching this right now and you have not yet purchased the dash accelerator program for $397, if there is something that is holding you back, I want you to drop it in the chat right now and I will answer your questions, okay? Because a couple of things are gonna happen. One, you’re gonna end up losing out on the offer. Okay? Two you might end up never getting it at all and you might end up having a badass agency but it might take you a couple of years cause you’re going to have to do all that on your own. Okay. I want you to do me a quick favor. If you have not purchased your dash accelerator for three 97 before we’d go to some freebie stuff, I want you to drop in objections right now in the chat and be honest, okay? We’re all here to learn from each other. Go ahead and drop in your objections in the chat. Shawn said bought it. Jason got who actually went out and bought it right now.
Can you guys just drop a a seven in the chat? If you just went out and bought it and you made a smart move and you actually got it, is it still three 97? Carlos? It is. Right. Okay. Angel said, my English sucks. It’s fine. You can go at your own pace. Angel, you can go at your own pace. You do not need United speed through the course. You have a lifetime access to it. Okay. You can even take a Rosetta stone course and then come back and take the course. Okay. If you really wanted that back, but don’t let that stop you. Okay. Most of the stuff, any ways that we show on there is all screen gym and stuff. Okay. It’s all screen sharing stuff.
Paul said like lifetime access. Yeah, lifetime access. So what happens is you’ll get to a sales page. Can I get out of this really quick Carlson? Oh, here we go. Cool. Awesome. Can we go full screen here real quick? Awesome. So this is the page that you guys are going to see when you go. All you gotta do once again is when you log into your dashes account, you’ll end up on the homepage here. You just click education in the main menu and then you click right here. Top left. That’s accelerator. Yeah, it’s still three 97 for those of you guys want to take it now. And then you’ll see literally everything here, right? So you’ll see right here at like, there’s a little two minute welcome message mastering the agency foundation. Here’s all the timestamps, right? Accelerator Day, all the checklists of everything.
Three hours and 12 minute video checklist, three hour and 54 minute video checklist, accelerator day. And by the way, you guys like all these are checklists. The checklists are fire. This is like all the shit, like all the links, the tools, the contacts, like the checklist might even better be better than the videos. Right? I bought the website, can’t afford the car right now, but I will get to it after Atlanta Cup of corn. It’s awesome Sean. Okay. Nick’s head need able to get it today. I want this period. Yeah, I recommend getting it soon cause I don’t know when we’ll sell out, but once we hit that 100 mark, it will be, it is gonna start creeping back up. Will there be a replay, Howard? Yes. Actually the replay is actually live right now inside of the marketer’s mindset Facebook group. You can just go there and that’s where the replay will be. But yeah guys, it’s that simple. Like you just go here. Okay. Everything is here. It’s still three 97. You just click the enroll now button, adds it to your cart, checkout, and then instantly when you go back to education and then go back to the dash accelerator, this page will completely unlock into the course. You know what? Let’s buy it right now.
Alright, I’m going to check out right now. This is what happens when the checkout guys, look how easy it is. Okay checkout. I’m done. Order one through. Awesome. I’m just going to click education in the main menu. Then I’m going to go to dash accelerator. Here’s the course. This is what the backend looks like. Look at this shit guys. Look at this. Mastering the agency foundation. Okay, let’s play some of this stuff.
This is their like real people agency. Just like yourself going through like setting up softwares, like everything showing you guys like exactly what to do. Right? And then like these are the accelerator days. He can see like I’ll show you guys one of the accelerator days. This is just like the beginning stuff. Okay. It’s not really that important. Once you start getting more into the actual days, you’re going to see some crazy ass shit. Okay, so like can be like going in like sharing my screen like so much shit with you guys. Okay. Look at this agency foundation. All the swipe files. Check this shit out. Guys. Contracts, web design, contract, social media, directory management, content writing, SEO, ad words management, Facebook ad campaigns, scripts and templates. Front are scripts, closing clips, scripts, cold calling, scripts, referrals, scripts, keynote speaking template, bonus calls. Look at this shit. This is me inside of my call center. I found this video and drop this shit in there. Okay, I’ll play it really quick. You can’t hear the volume, but that’s, can we get the go pro real quick? That’s this room. Okay. Let’s flip back one ticket. That’s this room.
Let’s go full screen real quick. Sorry. Actually I’m getting confused. Yeah, let’s go full screen on the TV. Sorry. Yeah, so right here, front end calls, look at this three hour and 29 minute fronting call for minute and ten second front end call, six minute front end call, five minute front and call. Format in front of the call. For those of you guys who don’t want the front end call is up front and call us, trying to call people and cold call completely pitch them and actually get a scheduled booking. This is what it is. Let’s keep going. Then we’ve got an actual closing call. Closing a deal in 13 minutes. We want to see that right? Closing a deal. 47 minutes and this is actually a big one. This just closing like a Google ads client in a website. 29 minute closing call. 15 minute closing call.
Seven minute closing call. You guys want to see how quick we close deals? It’s all right here. So you’re saying like chat, I suck at doing these calls. I mean just just listen to us and just copy us. Just do the same shit like you don’t want to make it confusing. Everybody keeps making shit confusing. You don’t have to do that. You don’t have to do that. Cool. Okay. Plus you got this sexy ass guy right here. So not only do you get the course, we got a sexy ass person teaching you shit. I should charge you double for that shit. How can dash accelerator in insult sites work best? Paul? This course is literally revolved around insights because we’re us scaling our agency. We used insights. That was our tool. We built it, we used it. That was our proprietary tech. So this whole course like on this last day marketing.
Yeah, mastering scaling secrets. Like literally I actually show you how to go out and build a call center. Show you how to build the software, what software. So you use like the whole thing’s insights, everything. Everything I give you, my call centers a number or on Skype you can reach out to him. Okay. And what’s cool about this is for those of you guys who planned or wanted to build a call center, it took us about a year to find a good call center. Okay? And I’m talking about the type of call center that won’t rip you off. The type of calls here that won’t take your money in bounce because these guys were in the Philippines, you don’t know who the hell they are and you’re not going to flag in the Philippines for 500 bucks, right? The type of call center where like you can pay like four bucks an hour or some shit like that for employee.
Let’s just go out and get calls for you. It’s my exact call center. It’s a culture that we used to millions of dollars in sales, so guess what? The Guy, his name is Chris k’s in the Philippines. He just moved to a bigger office and doubled up on space. He can see like 80 people in his office. He’s got a huge space out in the Philippines. He’s one of my good friends because I worked with him for the past two to three years. I’m going to give you his information and guess what? He knows that you’re calling. Okay. I told him, Hey, we’re launching the dash accelerator course. You’re going to get a shit ton of people calling you double up on space and get ready. He’s ready for you guys. Okay. He knows what insights is because he’s was selling our chip for two years. He knows the scripts that we use.
He knows the softwares that we use. He knows everything. It’s all in the course. Everything is revolved and everything is interconnected. Okay guys, I’m Jay said, how many centers would you guess you hired or would you guys have tried? Oh realistically, probably about six. I would say five to six. And each call center was trying them for either a couple of, a couple of them were like a week or two. We realized they were garbage. And then some of them were, I think it was like one we had for like three months, four months. That was the longest one. And then Chris was our last one and we kept him for years.
So guys, you get all of this, everything, the whole shit, everything. Okay. People just pay 2100 bucks for this a couple of weeks ago. Okay. The price, the retail price, the recordings, which is what this is, it’s not live. Right. It’s the recordings. Which kind of is like the same thing almost because those people were watching live and you can hear them asking me all the questions and stuff. Oh we still had the a hundred Carlos, can people still buy it? 100 they still care. Okay, good. Any other questions for me guys? Go on and drop them in the chat real quick.
What are the questions you guys got? Drop them in the chat. What other questions? Let me flip over to Facebook really quick. Lori said when you giving some swag a couple minutes, we’re gonna some Q and a first angel said do all the same people that do the front call. Do the close calls. Well like listings. SEO. No, it’s separate and it’s funny cause the last day I’d go through that entire strategy. The last days literally like two plus hours of me just building the call center. Okay. That’s the last day.
Guys, what questions you guys got? We got angel in the house. What’s up angel? Everybody say, Hey, hey, let me go right here. Nope. Let me swing that back in. Now you’ve got two bad asses for one on marketer’s mindset. What’s up everybody in the house right now? What’s up everybody? We’ve got a bunch of people. Paul, we got Shawn, we got nick, we got Howard, Jay, we got Philip, we got a bunch of people in the house. Angel don’t have my call the other day, Bradley and said, what’s going on? [inaudible] Nice to have you guys. Once again, I want to go over this and maybe we can get somebody else’s perspective because I built the freaking course. You, you’ve seen the dash accelerator course, obviously you’ve watched a bunch of the videos. What’s your thought process for an agency that’s either starting out or an agency that even is establish on taking the dash accelerator over the course, especially for these freaking prices? Yeah, so, so when it comes to these courses and things like that, you know, a lot of the people a lot of times think that there’s going to be like a one size fits all solution for things. When it comes to things like this, right? And starting your agency and growing and scaling your agency, what you’re looking for really are things that are going to make what your currently doing more effective. Yeah. Right? So the secret is being effective, not just doing work. That’s not going to get you absolutely anywhere. So a lot of the times, you know, we think we’re busy, we think we’re moving forward, but in all reality we’re also just spinning our wheels and not getting anywhere, you know, near to our goal. So what the accelerator is giving you are the systems that you’re going to need to basically build the right processes in your business that are going to actually take you to the next income level that you’re looking for.
Cause it all comes down to what making more money, right? And, and all, all that. You guys can say you’re all passionate about doing all this. But ultimately, I mean we all are doing this to, you know, sustain our life and I know what we’re, you know, for our families or whatever it is that your goals are, you know, this is what we’re doing it for. So ultimately being effective in your business is what’s going to allow you to scale your business and take your where you’re at right now and do things more effectively. So whether it’s prospecting and you know, maybe you’re prospecting by cold calling and cold emailing and it’s not working well. Have you ever had someone teach you the right way? I’m not sure if you have or maybe you have and maybe maybe fail doing those ways. So learning it different, you know, with different ways and in different skill sets like Instagram, right? Who’s right now using Instagram to their advantage. I have personally gotten hundreds of clients from Instagram, whether it’s consulting or even Facebook ad clients. Just because I’ve used my Instagram to basically reach out to business owners as someone who can help them grow their business.
And there there’s a, there’s, I think the Instagram is an hour and 45 minutes or an hour and a half or some shit of just the software that I use to generate, I generate, and this is for [inaudible]. I generate about a 10 to 20 signups per day automated through dashboards for dashboards. And I remember like the whole system,
I remember that it was, I don’t remember, I remember the name of the person specifically, but like within minutes of them taking the accelerator, like him finishing that day, that that got results using the Instagram system that he’s teaching to get a client lit all within minutes of him taking the, the accelerator training. He went into tech took action. He’s, he’s put all those systems in place and you literally got a client within you know, minutes with him.
Yeah. Not only that guys, if you guys want, we’ve the people who’ve taken a live boot camp, they were nice enough to leave their thoughts as a review for us. You can even go to our dash clicks channel and I’ll drop in the link for you guys and you can actually see what the people who have actually like these are the people you’re going to see their faces in the course. They were there live. Right? So these are not like fake reviews and shit. We don’t do that. That shit here. These are real people who have gone through. I’ve taken all the courses. Okay. so let me drop in the link for you guys in case you guys are like on the edge and you’re not sure what you want to do here, right? Maybe this will help you tip you over before it’s too late and then you have to pay double for the course. So let me go ahead and get that playlist link for you guys. We put it all on one playlist, your dash accelerator bootcamp.
All right, so here’s the link guys. I’m just going to drop it in the chat. I’ll put it in Facebook too.
So that’s the link to a playlist where you can see like all the reviews.
So like literally these are the people who, like I said, are in the course and if you watch the videos and then you take the course, you’ll see these people in the course are there for 13 days with me. Right? So let’s see what we got in the group we have, but all is done in the people from the call center. Oh yeah. So Angel. Yeah. What is he talking? So he said, ah, yeah, so he was talking about, let me answer that question. So he said front closed call. Yeah. So you can and can’t, I don’t recommend doing it like that. I recommend doing your fronters app off shore and then keeping your closing in house. That’s the way that we did it. So this if you hit the GoPro really quick for me, Beatrice this room was our sales reps, right? Let me actually swing over really quick. So this room is our sales reps.
Right here. This is where all of our sales reps was and then our fronters were out actually in the Philippines. Okay. So I’m actually going to give you guys my call centers information and you can go out and you can steal all my people. The tools that I use, the softwares that I use, my scripts, insta sites, dash clicks, like literally everything is at your disposal. Can we go right here real quick? And Patrice, this is like, it’s a no brainer. It’s a no brainer. 3M is a no brainer and this shit’s probably going to end soon. And then it will be at four 97 okay. And then after that it’s going to be at nine 97 okay, so let me ask, yeah, go ahead and just ask you guys a question. Let’s Go pee and peel. So if we can be true. Sweet. I’ll leave that up.
How many clients from all information that Chad is talked about right? This entire, how long have you been on here for an hour. Two hours. Two hours. Tired. Two hours. Which is really just describing to you what’s inside of the Dash. Click accelerator and my entire expat of all of that. Right? You think, how many clients do you think you need to make back? Three 97 let’s just say out of everything he taught in there, all you did was take away one of the key things. Jamie says he needs seven clients at three to get three 97 Belgian. We put a a a one. Oh, okay. Yeah. Say JV. What are you selling for? $3 $5 you know, so you know how many clients, and be honest, I mean this is one client away. You’re one client away from not only making three 97 back, but actually what profiting, meaning this isn’t an expense anymore.
What this is called, who knows what this is called if you actually make money from it, does that, does anybody, that’s a trick question. Swag bag, whoever gets it. Black bag, whoever the swag bag. What’s the answer to this question? We should be on a swag bag. Angel. Angel are Jerome. Got It first. Maggie, Maggie. Love Mine. Jerome Jerome Marketer’s mindset. Boom. There you go. And that is correct drum. It’s an investment and investment, which means that you’ve gotten a return from it. So you’ve gotten an ROI from investing into a product or service like the dash accelerator. Jerome, go ahead and open up a quick live chat. We’ll send you a swag, bro. Profit profit happens after you have gotten your return. So that’s the obviously end result. But the investment is the perspective that you should have when you look at something like a three 97 investment.
Right? The reason we don’t spend money a lot of the times is because it doesn’t give us a return. So we’re over here spending, spending, spending, spending expense, expense costs, costs, fee fee and no return. And don’t forget about the fricking bonuses, like there was contracts that spread the things thousands on, and I’ve probably spoken to about over 500 of you so far and I would say at least one third has asked me about contracts, proposals, like what do I do? What do I use? What do I send the clients after I get the deal? Like what does, what does it need to say? Like what’s the structure? Like how do I collect their money every single month on autopilot without having to just send them an invoice, right? And wait for them to pay it, right? Where you could just have them sign a subscription form that says, hey, every single month on this specific day, guess what? We’re going to take the money out of your car that you put on file for our services. Sign here please. No contract but still sign here. I even included, I don’t know if you know this, cause this was kind of last minute, I even included
A a swipe template for my slide deck, which is like, it costs us like four grand to create with content and graphics and my time. It’s probably even more than that because my time is priceless. So just, I mean, yeah,
Everything altogether. Like you can’t go try and pay a lawyer or someone to write up a a, an agreement for you for this price.
Yeah. Brenda said, well, well the contracts and these bonuses be available once it goes to nine 97. Yeah, it will be. It will be. But if you’re even thinking about that, you might as well just get it. So,
Yeah, great question. Brenda. To me, your soul, I mean, your soul, you’re not even soul, you know that this is going to work for you. That’s the difference. And so Brenda, someone like you thinking that already, you should, your gut should be taking action. Like you should be going out there because someone like you run that is going to take massive action on something that might be, you know, I don’t know, reach to do, maybe I have to put this on a credit card, three 97 on a credit card. But guess what? That’s what credit cards are good for. To get to, to invest, to get a return, right? We leverage the bank to get money in our pockets so we can pay that back. But the drop a real estate course from the teacher, I am sold, just don’t have the money. All that’s wrong. I know. No problem. But you know, in this case, you know, get creative, right? Ask, you know, a relative ask, you know, best friends. See if there’s somebody who can cut here, can I help you out on this? But in this case it’s only going to be limited to the first hundred. So if you can make it happen, you’ll find a way.
Once again, guys, if you’re coming on now, we’re giving the entire dash accelerator program away for three 97. This was just sold on April 1st for 2100 bucks. I’m first a hundred people get it for three 97 second set of people, of 100 people. We’ll get it for four 97 everybody after that, it’s going to go back up to the retail rate, which is nine 97 if you’re thinking about it, stop thinking and make moves in life. That’s the only way to make money. Okay? So thank you guys once again for joining us. We appreciate your time. Hopefully we’ve taught you some stuff and I’m sure the rest of your day peace out everybody.

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