LIVE Cold Calling! Cold Calling for Agencies
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 04:16 PM

LIVE Cold Calling! Cold Calling for Agencies


Have you found success cold calling for your agency?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks does a LIVE cold call and shows you how you can perform cold calls for your agency! This video is a highlight from the fourth video of our YouTube series, Marketers Mindset.


Let me read information. I won’t be, we will get it today would probably tomorrow. Okay. Maybe we’ll do something. So I’m looking for trouble. Ones shot people on the first call. Triple one in the chest. We talked together.
Let’s do realtors. So let’s talk about one thing really quick. You can find data from multiple places. So if you want free data, you can go to Google maps. If you want read data, you can go to Yelp. If you want free data, depending on the industry, you can go to [inaudible], Groupon, Groupon. If you load up Groupon or if you want paid data, you can use sales genie. When we had our call center here, we use sales genie for sometimes other times. We would buy data and then input it into our [inaudible] predictive dialing system. And then we would get incoming leads like that too. Dale’s Uni is really good. I think sales, you need like 99 bucks a month per user. And then you can go in there and filter like all the realtors in a certain location or whatever it is. You can put multiple different filters on there and they can just going to listen, then you can cold call. So essentially just does all the filtering for you and organizes it. But for the sake of just showing you guys how to do this, I’m going to go here.
Okay, let me go to Google maps. I’m just going to type in realtor. Alright, let’s have some fun with this. Let’s have some fun with this. All right, so what I don’t want to do is, okay, a lot of times I don’t want to call if I’m calling like a real estate company, I don’t want to call like a keys role t or keys realtor or something like that. I want to call I want to call more of personal like realtors, like people that I know that way into their phone. So let’s see what I can find and let’s just call some people.
I’m going to do some fun stuff too, actually. So we know this was completely random. If anybody knows south Florida, can you pick a city for me? Just dropping a city in the south Florida area? Tamarack, Boca. Let’s do Boca Focus. Got some people with money. Bang realty. No. All right, let’s go. Here’s some realtors in Boca. All right, let’s get some people on the phone. Come on. Come on. I didn’t have Google maps. Let me reload this page. Let’s get some people in Boca. Where are you realtors? Where are you realtors? Real tea. Real tea realty. I’m on Remax, remax, premier. Where is the person that I’m looking for? Dan Greenwall. Ooh, a net and that. What are you doing in that? Let’s check you out. [inaudible] We’re seeing who you are. You got a review on here? Oh boy. All right, let’s have some fun in that. You’re going to be my alright. Six one. Here we go.
Thank you for calling. Real key hero. [inaudible] Your party’s extension. You may dial it at anytime. If you need to buy or sell a property, press one or agents showing instructions.
Can you guys hear me? Drop a one if you can hear me.
Thank you for calling reality hero.
Yeah. How are you doing? Because people are not. Please
And how can I help you, sir?
Oh, I’d like to possibly list my house.
Okay, that’s fair. How can I help you?
Oh, hey, how are you? I just got a quick question for you in that. I have a house and I live in plantation and I found you guys online have two questions for you. One, do you focus on just like doing, selling? Like if I wanted to sell my house, would you deal also buy houses to like,
Oh well we lift properties and then we work with buyers as well.
You list properties and you work with buyers as well. Okay, got you. Yeah, and I’m actually specialized in working with realtors. I’m actually on your website right now. It looks like it says it’s under construction. And you’re in Boca, right? It looks like you guys are in Boca. Would you have a couple of minutes if I may be drove down to your office? Are you, are you in an actual office to your one 50 East Palmetto? Yeah, so I’m actually not too far away from him right here in Fort Lauderdale.
Oh, I work out of the Miami office. Oh, you work in the Miami office. Okay, got you. Would you be interested in meeting with me? I focus basically on people that are in south Florida, realtors that are in south Florida who are looking to basically get cellar, basically sell their properties for at least $300,000 and up. Would you be interested in, if I help you maybe get like one or two people who are interested in selling their homes with you on a monthly basis?
What do you do? You’re like in a marketing firm?
No, I’m actually a, just a, I do marketing for realtors. That’s it. That’s not a firm or anything. It’s just just me. I just worked with realtors in the local area.
No, I was good. I really just focused on, towards sales and foreclosures. So we don’t really, I mean, unless the traditional seller was referred over to us and we would take them, but If its traditional, I could ask you. Oh, so you work directly with the banks. Understood. So you w so you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t necessarily be interested if I can get you like two people that wanted to sell their homes in the Boca area, like on a monthly basis.
I really don’t work with traditionals. I mean, I do it for lot of referrals and stuff. I would be probably wasting your time. It was just like, just, just the bags, just over stuff I don’t have to deal with.
So that’s, that’s, that’s completely interested. So you just work with the banks?
Yeah, most of the time. Yeah. If we just traditional it, it’s mostly just, Referrals or something like that or [inaudible]. Gotcha. Yeah. Okay. Not a problem. Well, Hey, I appreciate your time. Yeah, no, yeah, no, I appreciate it. I just I found the actually on Google that’s why I called you. So but what I’ll do and that is if for some reason anything changes, my name is Chad. Yeah. This is my own company.
And you do do websites and stuff? We do, yeah. So we do websites. Well I do website, I do a bunch of different things. But I actually see your website again. Do me a favor, send me over my route if my really [email protected]
Okay. My realtor, Okay. Send me your information. I will do a little good at today, but probably tomorrow. Maybe we’ll do something I’m looking for.
Jump on one of the chat people on the first call. Shuffle one in the chat.
Okay. Maybe we can work together and you’re, where are you now? I’m in Fort Lauderdale and I actually live in plantation, so I’m probably like maybe 15, 20 minutes from the book. I don’t have my real estate license though. Nope. But I’ll, I’ll tell you one thing, like my whole family pretty much does real estate. I’m very familiar with the real estate market, especially here in south Florida. And I think like I can, I, I just, you know, I think that we can do a lot together. I’m local and I see that you need a website. I mean getting a websites, you know, I see it’s under construction, right. So getting a website would be good. Maybe doing some like local listings online. There’s a lot of different things that you can do just for like basic online presence that are helping get out there more. So even if you work with the banks and you’re doing foreclosures, send
It over to me and I will with your information cause I’m actually flying, I’m still fine right now. So let me be with the and I’ll, I will, I will try to each market and how’s that? Yeah, that works perfectly fine. I’m going to go ahead and I’ll send you over my confirmation and then for some reason, if I don’t hear from you, I’d just like to follow up. So I’ll just follow up with you tomorrow afternoon to sound good. All right, awesome. I’m not going to give away your number to nobody. And do me, can you do me one favor in it? Can you just make sure you do a really good job on the, a client that you’re working for? I know. I just hope that you closed the deal or I hope that you make a sale.
All right. I will speak to you tomorrow. Have a good one on that. Bye Bye. Bye. All right. Like come on. I’m going to sell her a website. I’m going to say I’m not going to call her back, but I’m going to sell her a website. I’m gonna send her some Google business listings. I’m going to send her some. It needs a website. You need something, so that was like a fun, not going to call her back. Yeah, probably won’t get up and I’ll break. Applause. Can I get some applause? Can Somebody show me some love? Jump into in the chat. Drop a two in the chat for the first call. Drop a two in the chat. So yes, writing a script is every people are going crazy. I’m dropping a Tommy, can you actually write, let me give her a call tomorrow. Sure. Let me just give you her.
I’ll give it to you after. Just remind me. Yeah, I’ll have my team call them and then we’ll close the deal. We’ll probably sell her website for three grand or something like that. But yeah, she doesn’t like the agency Allen said. And what I do, a lot of the times when I’m doing cold calling, I try to make it seem like I’m at a company and I know it sounds weird, but it’s like a psychological thing because people get phone calls from companies all the time. They don’t want to speak to a company. They want to speak to like a real person. Right. So when I’m more personal, it works just better. All right, I’m gonna have some fun. Let’s keep going with this. That was funny, right? First, first phone call, first phone call, man. Damn. Yeah. And a lot of the times is, you’ll probably see that I did that switch at the beginning. I was like, yeah, I want to sell my house. And I did that because I thought that that was the gatekeeper. I didn’t know that that was the actual person that I was trying to speak with. Right. So I did that and then I completely switched it up. Let’s keep going. Let’s keep going. Let’s keep going. Let me find another one. Where does the person’s name [inaudible]? Are you person with a name? Where are you person with a name?
Come on. A person with a name. Ooh. Ooh. Where are you? There you are. Let’s go guys, you got to light me up a little bit please. 439 in the chat. If you want me to make another call right now, 439 in the chat. You know, guys, before I make this phone call, just some advice. What I usually do when I’m making phone calls, and like I said at the beginning of doing this, this is completely freestyling. So isn’t that scripted? This is stuff that I’m doing with you guys right here over the phone. Okay. So the phone call can go any way. Okay? So when you’re doing phone calls, you need to have a followup method. A lot of the times you’re going to call people, they’re not going to answer. You’re going to call people, they’re not going to be interested. You’re going to call people, they’re gonna tell you to go f off and they hang up on you. Right? It’s cold calling. It happens. Okay. So let’s roll. Let’s roll. We are calling Patricia. I’m going to do something a little different. I’m just going to go straight up with this one. [inaudible] Can I been the Tricia? Hey Patricia. How are you? Is this Patricia Mundane, is that your last name? Yes. Got You. Okay. You’re a Boca, right? Just wanna make sure I’m speaking to the right person. No. Oh, I’m reason it says, oh, but you’re not I think I might be speaking to the wrong person. You’re not in Boca, right?
I’m not. Gotcha. Okay. I see. For some reason cause I’m on. Maybe just to let you know, I don’t know, your phone number was listed on a, this is a Boca Raton a realtor.
Oh, okay. [inaudible] Practicing right now. [inaudible] Okay. No, I’m, I’m actually, I’m local and Mexican plantation. I’m a couple of minutes away from you guys. I actually, yeah, I work with with local realtors and brokerages on getting them seller leads, so like people who are interested and basically selling their home, but mainly in like the Boca kind of Boca plantation area. That’s why I was reaching out to you cause I thought you were in Boca. I’m not really practicing. Wow. Okay. All right. Well that, hey, that, that makes perfect sense, but I appreciate your time, man. Do you know if you might be practicing maybe you know the future, is this like a full time thing that you’re doing?
Oh No, I think I’m currently so. Okay. Anything else but always keeping your list that if I do want to participate that you try. Absolutely.
Cool. All right, so what I’ll do, Patricia, is I’ll just put you I’ll just put you down like as one of the context to follow up with just, just to Kinda tell you what I do. I just basically help ’em sellers look for real estate agents and brokers in the area. So people who are looking to sell their homes, I connect them with you. So if that was something that you were interested in for any reason? This is my cell phone number. You can always call me back. I, I usually get about one to two listings per month for real estate agents. And we focus on getting people who want to sell their homes for over $300,000. Okay? So if that’s something that you’re interested in, just say my number on your phone is Chad the man. And I’ll save your phone number and I’ll reach back out to you. All right? You too. Bye guys. Not every phone call you’re going to do is going to be 100% sad. The Med. Carlos, what are you laughing for? Can we hit the GoPro really quick? Yeah. Can we hit the GoPro real quick? And I like to have fun with phone calls. You know what? Screw it. I’m calling somebody in Texas. We’re going to Texas people. I’m going to get my accent on them. We’re going, we’re going to Texas. We’re going to Texas. I’m getting somebody from Texas on the line right now.
Let’s go guys. So what I’m saying is start a conversation. Even if that lady, she wasn’t practicing Tommy on the beat [inaudible] Bacon in here. So even if even if even if that person was not interested, I made an impression I should save the phone number as Chad demand in your phone. Okay. Yeah, she didn’t giggle. She, you know, she was pretty intense. But well moving into Texas right now, people, that’s my favorite. All right, here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Oh Man. Here we go. We’ve got a lot of customers from a Texas. I love the southern accent. Like legitimately. I love it. I do it all the time. So I’m gonna have some fun with this one. I’m going to have some fun with this one. Come on thingy. Work for me. Works for me. Works for me. Go refresh Google maps. You need to fix your stuff.
Let me get a developer here. Fixes Google maps. Well, I’m on Carlos [inaudible]. He’s busy. He’s busy, he’s busy. I want to get somebody with a name. I don’t want no Kell. Keller Williams. I want somebody with a name. Where are you first person with a name? You were the first person. I’m going to be calling my first and last name. Come on. Nobody in Texas. It has a first and last name. I want a personal realtor. Oh no. That’s the team. I don’t like that. I mean I can try. Screw it. I’ll try it. Sometimes when they see team, it’s like a company, right? And a lot of the times it’s like a whole team and you’ve got to work wonders. Did you speak to this person? But we’re gonna try anyways. If I can get this thing to work. Why isn’t this working? Oh. [inaudible] well, help me out here. Oh, there we go. Don’t do anything. Don’t do anything Carlos. Oh, what did I do? Come on. He’s like freezing up. Google maps. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. 576 in the chat right now. Guys, get me Let. Before I do this, let’s go five 76 five 76
Then there’s office man. How are you doing? Do you know if a bill is available by any chance? Ah, it’s on the phone. Man. Do you know when he might, he might be available. I don’t know. Pop in a couple of minutes can have call you.
Yeah. What? I can do it, can I leave you my phone number? Yeah. Yeah. I’m going to go ahead and leave you my phone up. Can you give me a few? Everybody cares. He goes, no. Are you guys you guys are focusing on just selling properties or are you focusing on also getting buyers to sell their properties or rentals? What do you guys mainly focus on?
I love it. Oh, you do? Oh, okay. Listings and fines and then you know, help people with rentals also.
You Do, oh, you do do Randall’s. Okay. Okay. Alright. I just wanted to make sure, because you know what, I’m I’m looking to help people in the, in the, in the Midland area, in Texas. And basically what we do is we focus on connecting you guys with about two people a month who are looking to sell their homes. And our goal is to get the homes to at least about a $300,000 value. So do you know if that’s something that bill would be interested in? Because I’ve been looking on Google maps for local realtors, but I’m going to be honest. What was your name again? Price. Robinson. Okay. Hey Price. My name is chat. And you know, I’m looking for somebody personal to work with cause I’m just like a one man operation and I just, I’m looking for like a local realtor in the area that I can send two people a month that want to basically sell their homes for at least $300,000. Plus. Do you think that bill or yourself, I don’t know what your position is there, might be interested in doing something like that?
E mind I just had to giving your number and just let him calm isn’t with you.
Got You. Okay. What I can do is, do you know if he’ll be off the phone maybe in like 15, 20 or maybe even an hour if I call back in an hour?
Probably. Okay, cool. Well I’ll just give him a call back. I’ll just put his name down here and I’ll give him a call back. But I appreciate you so much. Thank you.
You’re welcome. Huh? Have a good one. Bye. All right. What would I do on that? What would I do in a situation like that follow up? Joseph said, don’t try and use an accent. Michael said, follow up, call back, call back, call back, call back. That person will go in my pipe drive list. As you know, I maybe probably create a in my actual pipeline I’d probably create something where it’s like, you know, spoke to a receptionist or follow up or something like that and I would follow back up with them, but I would leave the notes and I would say spoke with price, need to speak with bill, Bill’s on another call and I would call, I would set that call back for an hour from now and I would call back and I would say, Hey, is bill available? And hopefully bill answers the phone and if bill is available and I would say, hey bill, I just spoke with price about an hour ago. You told me you were just on a phone call. I just wanted it to reach out to you and then you would start your little pitch. Okay, so basically that’s what you need to do. Okay, so that’s phone call number three. Let’s keep going. This, let’s have some fun with this. Is Anybody having some fun with this? Cause I know I’m having a pretty good time. Can you drop a 10 in the chat? All right, let’s go next. Next.
I’ll do it without the accident. This time. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Dan, comb the realtor. South Texas. Ooh, Ooh. We got a two and one. We got a two and one don’t we? Now, here we go. Here we go. 598 598 if you’re ready for this call. Five 98
Hello. You have reached Dan Goleman work. Come home for the fastest response. Please text me, would you please text me? Once again, that phone number eight one seven.
I’m going to leave a message, but I’m not going to leave my phone number.
When you do text me, please send me your name, your phone number, and the property address you’re interested in and I’ll get back to you very quickly. Thank you. Again,
This is how you leave messages at the tone. Please record your message. When you have finished recording, you may hang up or press one for more options.
Yeah. Hey Dan, how are you? My name is Chad. Huh? I’m looking for a local realtor to work with in the South Lake area. And I came across your Google business listing you and it looks like a Dan and Ebi. And I’m looking to basically connect you guys with some sellers in the South Lake and local community area to people who are looking to sell their homes. And our target market of finding these people is people who have houses or homes or apartments that are at least $300,000 and up in the area and connect them over to you guys. So if that’s something that you would be interested in, if you could please give me a call back, I’d really appreciate it. And then you’d leave your phone number. I’m not gonna Leave Scott, my phone number. I’m just going to hang up.
Voicemails, people, voicemails, smells, people. Okay. God. So what’s cool about this is you can do this and you can automate this even further. So doing this is cool. Who wants to see how I automate this? You like automation. What’s automation? What’s that thing called? Automation. So some of you guys who have watched episode, I think it was one of marketer’s mindset when building a call center, you can use this thing that’s called a predictive dialer. Okay. And then a predictive dialer, which you can do is you can purchase leads. So you can get leads from anywhere and just purchase leads. You can purchase leads from Info Group USA. You can just go and you can purchase 5,000 realtors in south Florida. They can filter it out, purchase those leads, drop ’em into a predictive dialer system like and if you want to use call tools, you can actually speak to our rep that we used to deal with. His name is chase, I believe he’s the VP of culturals. We’ll give you a good rate.
You take that list, you drop it into culturals. Okay. And the system, we’ll actually make the calls for you. Okay. Let me actually open this up for you. No, it’s not robot dialing the system. Okay, so you go and you drop in a list of let’s say 5,000 people, 5,000 people. Okay. And drop ’em into [inaudible]. Okay. Okay. Predictive dialer. Yeah, the predictive dialer. Well then make phone calls for you make makes outbound Kohl’s. Okay. The hardest part, or one of the hardest part about cold calling is making outbound calls. Sitting there and dialing, and I’m one of the, one of the pieces is we’ll send her away. Oh, calling is the rain time. So you’d have to go and think about it. You have to take your hand. Look for the member. Go on Google find right? Might take you a minute to find somebody for using Google.
Then you got to take that information. You got to hand dial it in your phone, which might take another 15 seconds, okay? Then you’ve got to wait for the phone to ring, which might take another 30 seconds. Okay? So you’re losing about three minutes on every phone call, okay? You’re losing about three minutes on every phone call. So you could take 5,000 people, you can put them into a predictive dialer, they’ll do the outbound calls for you and the second someone answers the phone. So what the system does is you can set up different channels and based on the amount of reps that you have in your seat. So as an example, if you had five reps or even if you’re by yourself, let’s just use that cause most of you guys are doing this by yourself. If you have one person set it to three channels, okay? There are three channels on here.
What this will do is it will call three people at the same time. And when somebody picks up the phone, so it’ll go. It’ll make the outbound calls. It’ll automatically transfer to live agent transfer to live agent. Okay. Dropped 5,000 people in. You put them in a predictive dialer. It calls three people at the same time. Speed things up for you, which means all you have to do is just sit there and wait for your phone to ring. You pick up the phone and you start your conversation. You start your script. Has anybody used a predictive dialer before? Can you drop a four in the chat if you’ve used a predictive dialer? Tommy, can you make sure Stephanie gets me all the new website orders? You’re getting them kid again. Yeah, and I’m going to put them in. We did the raffle soon that by the way, we’re in about probably about 10 or 15 minutes.
We’re going to do our raffle for the Yeti and the Amazon Echo, so make sure you stay here live. We’re going to be doing this in a couple of minutes. If you have not purchased your agency website, guys, well purchase your agency website right now. If you want to get in the drawing for a Yeti and if you want to get the agency website for 50% off, which is 249 bucks and you want to grow and scale your agency with a bad ass website. So it’s like a win, win, win, win, win, win. So if you don’t have your agency website need to take action guys, it’s 2019 take action and go get your agents, your website, you buy your agency website within the next 10 or 15 minutes. Well go ahead and take your name, we’ll drop it into the bucket right here and I’m gonna pick a name and a couple of minutes and you might win a Yeti mic.
You might win an Amazon Echo. Yeah, he might win both. Right? So you go when you do that. So usually in a regular call center or cold calling area or whatever you want to call it, I’m a normal human can do on average of about a hundred phone calls a day. So I’m can do more, so can do less. I really depends on how motivated you are to just dial up. Okay. In a predictive dialer approach, we used to do about 300 to 400 phone calls a day per rep. You’re like three or four times in that, right? So what you would do in a day, you can do now four times in a predictive dialer. Okay, so predictive dialer works. Awesome. Okay. I’m actually going to go back. I’m going to do one more phone call. Let’s do one more phone call. Let’s see. Well, sickle flies. Let’s do one more phone call. So you like this searching. Does it kill a person? This could kill a person. [inaudible] This is slowing down the time. Get leads, drop them into a system. Don’t do this. Work off the volume. All right. I think we found one. Let’s see. Yeah, we can get one right here. Do this one. Do this one. Yeah,
There. Sorry. The number you have dialed is not insurance at this time. Thank you.
Thank you for calling college muscular grill team. Talk to the signage realtors and the most status stuff like this. In New York. Please listen to the following options before making your selection. If you are a realtor looking to show one of our properties, please call the listing agent directly.
That was an invalid entry. Oh, come on. You should make your choice now or press your if you hear your options again. Thank you for choosing. Charles. What? Well I try that extension
Guys. 450 450 we got some more agency websites. More people who purchase our agency websites. Just drop them in the box.
Can you say that message?
Let’s do roundup math real quick. Let’s do round the math real quick. I made four phone calls, pretty much four or five, something like that. I made a total of four phone calls. Okay. The first phone call that I make, he’s interested. Interesting. And I don’t know what yet. Okay. Interested in buying something. Okay. So if I was local and I wanted to go out and meet up with her, I would probably sell that lady website cause she’d never website and she needed one. Okay. And then I would also sell her on maybe doing a local Facebook campaign or I would try to get into her lower local listings program. Okay. And I get her into a local listings program, something small with a website, and then work my way up the value ladder. Okay. And I had another person that I spoke to that was a follow up said she wasn’t practicing, but keep her name on file. Then I had another person that was not available.
Okay. And I had another person that was no answer. Four different things happen here during the, you know, 15 or 20 minutes of me making phone calls. Okay. And got one person who was interested in possibly turn into maybe a two or $3,000 deal. Who knows. Okay. Now guys, do you think that it would be beneficial for you guys to do this multiple times? Did they, do you think that this one, if you just stopped with, you’re doing, you just stop what you were doing and you made a golden, you’re saying, you know what, I’m going to dedicate making a hundred phone calls a day. I made four phone calls here or phone calls and then look at the spread that I have at somebody who’s interested. I have a follow up in the future when she starts practicing again, I have somebody who just wasn’t available, which I’ll follow up and I’ll call him again.
Okay. I spoke to the receptionist or whoever that guy was, right, so I know what his name is and then I have somebody who just didn’t answer with a predictive dialer. What’s cool about this guys, especially with like cult tools or something like that, you can actually set certain actions to happen on certain stages. So if I disposition a phone call, that’s something somebody said interested, I can incall tools, have a text message and an email that go out to that person automatically that basically says, hey was really nice speaking to you today. I look forward to our followup call and then the email we’ll fire off and say, hey, was sewn in. So nice speaking to you today. Here’s the link to my calendar so we can book a call and get things started on your account or get things, you know, set up a prospecting call.
I can go here and on the follow up I can of different types of follow up and I can have different sequences. [inaudible] SMS message could go off here. Say, Hey, thank you for your call today. Store your number and save for it. Follow up with you later on. I need another email. Here’s my contract. Have to change your mind, not available rotation. Call them back in 15 minutes. The system automatically calling back, no answer. Call them back in 15 minutes or call him back on the following day. So you can do multiple different things here, guys, based on dispositions. So you can do cold calling with swag and style is what I’m saying. Good.

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