Importance of Omnipresence and Networking
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 08:38 PM

Importance of Omnipresence and Networking


What is omnipresence, and what does it have to do with networking? How did hanging out with billionaires give Gary Coxe a new perspective on his business? Learn all this and more from Nick Santonastasso, Gary Coxe, Cody Durakovic, and Leandro Thomas.


Now you guys can see what our sexy ass is look like. Bam. That’s one thing you guys are going to get used to real quick is the light of the delay. Yeah, there’s a delay. It’s like a 32nd delay. So don’t think people are not leaving comments. That gets awkward. Quick 30 seconds. [inaudible] Speaking out in a different country and the translation, say a joke five seconds later. So what’s going on guys? We’ve got our special guests here that came by the Dash Clicks headquarters today. I’m gonna actually let them introduce themselves because they’re probably gonna tell you a lot more about themselves than I can. We’re going to start off with the main himself. What’s up?
My name is Gary Cox. I’m a business and life strategist and ultimately I show people how to figure out what the things are that are sticking them or keeping them stuck to have more success. We all have things stuck in our past. You know, maybe it’s a decision we made in our past that we regret that still holding us to this day. A trauma, divorce. It could be anything or are we doing very, very well, but for some reason we’ve got some kind of thought processes or beliefs that keep us from getting to the next level. My job is to go in there and I do it very, very quickly. If you’ve seen my work, perhaps maybe on Dr Phil shows the doctors and that’s pretty much what I do. Seminars, books. My one book is don’t let others rent space in your head.
Love it. Love it. I’m going to skip myself. I’m going to guess you guys, well actually you know what? We’ve got some other people, maybe they don’t. Yeah, cause we got to [inaudible] right? What’s going on? My name is Chad Kodary. I am from DashClicks. DashClicks is a software platform, a strictly for marketing agencies, social media marketing agencies. If you’re in the digital marketing space, we can definitely help you out. And we have a software that lets you come to us. You can white label and fulfill all of your digital marketing services right through our platform. All you gotta do. Just go On top of that, we do tons of actual educational stuff like this, like whiteboard. We have on our affiliate program, we have agency tools. We do a lot of really cool stuff. You just got to check this out. It’s to dash [inaudible] dot com or swipe up. We’ll send you both to Amazon ll, sending to get a two in one and we’ll get a little coupon combo going for you. Oh man, the Awesome. I will let somebody go nuts.
All right. My name’s Cody Derrick Kobek. I am in the fitness health and wellness space currently own and operate two nutritional supplement stores in Tampa, Florida nixed trainer. All my fitness coach. I’m also in the e-commerce fitness space as well to where I will be, you know, in currently internationally coach and mentor people in the fitness, health and wellness space. That’s pretty much all I got. You know, love me on Facebook, Instagram, co-leader Kobek hi, three equity underscore Dura Ellis connect. If you guys have questions, I’d love to be able to answer them for you.
You always see him beating me up in my videos.
He has this guy, he’s also my bodyguard. So I don’t want to say much. I want him to just to see what actually goes down.
Do you want to go? Go ahead. What’s up everybody? I’m the Android Zario. Find me all Instagram and Facebook over the handle. Thomas. I’m a video marketer. I help businesses do awesome and make more money by producing kick ass content, basically is what we do. So that’s anything from videos to infographics and there’s digital content to help you guys convert. That’s what we do. We pretty much help businesses nationwide. You know, convert online. That’s us. You love it man or without us. But
Yeah, that’s important. But you have to pay the extra. When he puts his hair down, just remember that he’s going to bill you extra conditioner.
[Inaudible] Staff. So we’ve got a lot of different crowds in here. So some of you may know me from that divine guidance, Zombie Prank Guy, but I’m now I’m a bodybuilder. My model, but most importantly a shifter of perspectives. And so global keynote speaker, I’m touring around speaking on mindset, but business, I’m 22 years old, built a six figure company and under, you know, a little over a year and a half. And so just here to make people look at the world a little bit differently. So I’m excited to be here.
Love it man. Thanks for sharing that collective wisdom. We’re going to chat [inaudible] China, can I come? [inaudible] So first and foremost, for those of you guys that are inside of Dashboards, one thing that we’re thinking about doing is aside from the dash con event that we want to throw at the end of October, November ish we want to do something special and I was speaking to Gary about it. We want to see if you guys might be interested, right? So whether you’re watching the slide hashtag live you’re watching live. By the way, Hashtag replay for watching this after we know most of you guys might be at work, might be your nine to five. You might be doing something. We don’t know what you’re doing, but we’ll figure it out after. So if you’re watching this after, just make sure to hit hashtag replay. But anyways, guys, how would you like it if I took, let’s say it was, what is it like 10 people in total or seven out of 10 people, including you, right?
So about let’s say about 10 people in total, including myself, Gary and a, I think one person from his crew. So maybe about seven of you guys if we took you guys all the way here. So you guys get to come here. You come to beautiful Miami and I know you guys are from all over the world, right? So you can come a beautiful Miami. Then we go from Miami in Gary’s jet and his private jet. Then we fly out to The Bahamas. Gary has some people that are going to pick us up in some rolls Royces. Take us to the sandals hotel. We’re at sandals. We’re going to be drinking and eating and having a complete master mind for the entire day. And then after that day is done, we’re going to be flying back to Miami and you guys can go home from there. Marriage, it’s going to be a full one day event and we’re going to be doing it with Gary and his business on his planes and cars and through his connections with sandals.
Now if you guys are interested in doing that, I want you to do two things. One, just drop a hell. Fuck yes. Shout in the comments below. Or what you can do is just shoot me over a DM and I’ll give you more information on how you can join that. Keep in mind guys, you guys know there’s thousands of users inside of dashclicks. There’s only seven seats that can fit on that 0.7 people up. So if you’re interested, just go ahead and reach out to me and we’ll let you know a little bit more details. So the concept behind this is, you know, like Chad has mentioned, I’m gonna personally, I fly the jet so it’ll be me and my other pilot will fly the jet, we’ll take you down to The Bahamas at sandals resorts. And it gives you the opportunity to have the ability to spend, you know, a full entire day with somebody like Chad and myself. And there’s no agenda other than, you know, you’re there to pick our brains. It’s one full solid day. You don’t have to, you know, get out of your routine of work for days or anything like that. And not to mention for those of you who are in the branding, him hit, right, where can you go for the investment of this for the seven month people that we’re going to pick and get your own private jet rolls Royces, limousines, coaches, Five-star Sandals, resorts, and then just the footage alone. Cause I’ll bring an assistant with us that does all the footage and if you want to, you know, bring your own cameras and stuff and then when you’re done, you get somebody like Leo or somebody on your team to put together a kick butt video package for you. That in itself is worth the value, not to mention what we feel that we can help you in growing your business as well.
Completely prices and you can do this whole thing in your pajamas. If you want to do this, you’re bringing your pajamas or maybe a suit. I don’t know. We’ll figure it out. We’ll figure the fire. Okay. Short shirts and flip flops and sandals at sandals. [inaudible] If you want to join, that’s a secret keyword. Same as at sandals. Just Hashtag it below IBM. Yes. I want them to be happy. [inaudible] This is not an affiliate program. People don’t get excited. [inaudible] We’ll figure it out.
Yeah. Seven lucky people. If you’re serious about your business, you want to take it to the next level. Definitely hit up.
Yeah, and maybe, maybe you guys will come with us too. Maybe we’ll, we’ll take two jets and we’ll just, we’ll figure it out. Maybe we’ll let more people in. We don’t know what’s going to happen. Only knows right now there’s literally seven seats. And if you want to be one of those lucky people, you gotta just drop a comment in the chat or shoot me over a DM and you might be one of those lucky people to join us in The Bahamas drinking. What’s like the famous drink in The Bahamas? Bahama Mama. Very Bahama Mama can’t drink baby. No, you can’t drink the drink at the end. We are going to join and learn during the day. Yeah, exactly. That. Keep in mind the more Bahama Mamas that I drink, the more you’re going to learn. So just make sure you sit there. And in all seriousness, I think it’s important for them to understand the value that they’ll get behind a mastermind group like this. I mean, I mean all of us, I’ve met a large store, well, I assume a large number of people in our network from these mastermind events. So you know, take a serious you know, drop a comment, John, the hashtags get involved. You know, find a way, in fact, that’s good. I flew chat and Nick and Leo down to, to meet with a, I’m sorry, Cody, to meet Chad down here today. And what’s an experience like that? So it’s amazing.
I’m a little bit, I mean this morning we woke up at like five 30. I’m tired. We were, yeah, I mean that’s how I woke up to nick playing his harmonica. But anyways, so, you know, we woke up early we hit the road, got to the airport you know, don’t have to check your bags. You hop on a private plane here in Miami and hour and a half later, oh, hour an hour. Yeah. I mean, yeah, for sure. We were flossing, but you know, we ended up in Miami. You were here, you know, network yet networking with some awesome people. I mean, today alone we’ve, we’ve met with some CEOs of some large companies. Sales was, or we know we need to meet you and when what you’re doing. And then I get to network with, you know, people like you who are you know, potentially gonna help me now with growing my brand and my business is so it’s crazy. You know, it’s absolutely net worth is your mind
There’s that, there’s so much truth behind that because you don’t know what you don’t know. And when you network, I mean stop and think about, you know, I’m very blessed that I get to hang around billionaires and when I hang around billionaires, I find out who, who do you think they met? Work with billionaires, right? So anytime you want to get to the next level, it’s all in who you’re networking with and always remember that. And it is because what it does, I remember one day, sometime ago, you know, I was doing a program charging a certain amount and just because I networked and hung around another person and I realized, wait a minute, you know, and I’m not saying this judgmental about the other guy said this, this guy isn’t any smarter than I am, but I found out he was charging more, doing the same thing that I was. So the next client that I spoke to, I tacked on $6,000 because I was just hanging around that guy and I got an extra $6,000 off of that sale. I would not have probably gone that mental direction if I had not hung around that guy. So just that alone, right there is six grand I think. I think the common theme is we were talking about it before. Does Omni presence, yeah. Maybe let’s see this real quick. Let’s just go all of us like your quick definition of what Omni presence is and like
Why it’s important you wanna start. So great question. I believe that 100% sense for me is just being in as many places as you can shake as many hands, whether you’re meeting them in person or you know, as we are going live, obviously you can’t be with everybody but kind of feel like we are. And that’s what it’s all about. You know, you want to go off and you know, shake hands cause you never know who is gonna remember you for a referral or you know, some piece of business later on down the line. So that’s why that’s boring and where
I think about that. Yeah, I think omnipresence, like you know, people, oh man, humans are very disempowering creatures and so like we’re very negative. We tend to focus on the things we don’t have, the things we want that we don’t have. And so, you know, people have limiting beliefs that handicap them. Right. I always say the biggest disability is a bad mindset. It’s not the physical body, it’s the limiting beliefs that hold us back. And so one of the biggest limiting beliefs is like, I don’t have the resources. Well, the reason why you don’t have the resources, because your vision is not strong enough. You don’t have the emotion. And so if you’re, like we were talking about before, if you’re, if you’re passionate enough about what you’re doing, then you’re going to find a way. I mean, being resourceful is probably the number one entrepreneur like trait.
You need to be it. Just figure out how to do it. And so being omnipresent is like, find a way to get in front of the people you want to get in front of or find a way to get into that room or find a way to learn as much as you can about whoever’s crushing it. I always say, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You just got to make it smoother, right? So like what are you doing to get in front of the people you need to get in front of? What are you doing to get into the rooms? Like what are you doing to make the, create the content?
A hundred percent how many presidents, I mean, it’s simply nothing more than creating opportunity. Right? You’re using as many platforms and people as possible to get your story or what you sell or whatever your mission is out to other people so they know what you’re doing, which is obviously again, you know, just networking, right? It’s extremely important and everything that all of us do without my network, I wouldn’t be standing here right now. Right. you know, every time I get around a new people I realize that I’m capable of more. And I think that it’s really, really powerful because if we stay, you know, focused on ourselves and what we’re doing on a daily basis. Yeah. Like we’re in the grind and we’re, we’re definitely achieving or working towards some type of goal. But, you know, being around people like, you know, you, Gary and nick and being in a private plane, like it pushes me, it pushes me more.
Right? And, and then again, creating the opportunity to be more self aware of the fact that other people are doing much more than you on a larger scale. I mean, it’s just extremely motivating, motivating. And I think that you’re right. So you get around other busy people. I want you to deal with you right now. Omnipresent, use every single tool that you have. You know, Instagram, snapchat, Facebook, I mean all these platforms. I mean they were created to help network and market businesses and to build relationships. And I truly believe that life is about experiences and relationships. And again, without a network, you don’t have those things. So Omni presence being a moment of great opportunities, don’t wait for them. Yeah, I mean, I can tell you for me for omnipresence is not
Just, most people will think that omnipresence is just like, oh, I see you on social media. I see all your like remarketing ads and your all your cold ads that you’re running to me. And I see that. Right? But it’s, it’s way more than that. Like omnipresence is a reason why all of us are even in this room together. Like think about it. I flew out a couple of days ago to Texas, to Ryan Stewman million dollar mastermind. I met Gary, Gary Message me today. We met at the airport with his jet and we [inaudible] each other one Friday, a couple a couple of days ago, a couple days ago, right. I think about that now Gary is introducing me to these awesome guys. This is like networking in itself, like thinking about the person angel right here. Flip that camera around really quick. Angel Angel is a person who who I met at one of the click funnel, a funnel hacking lives event, Russell Brunson’s clickfunnels event.
I met Angel. Look at Angel Angels here. Now he runs our sales department of dash clicks. Can you show Tommy really quick? Tommy has been my friend since I’d been like eight years old, right? So I grew up with Tom in the same neighborhood. Like if you guys think like this is all about just I see your ads, I see rads. It’s not, it’s about your network. That’s omnipresence to me, like the people that I know, the people that I speak to, the connections that I make, like I’m sure somehow we’re going to all do something together after this. So for me, that’s what Omni presence is.
Everybody. When I think of Omni predators, I think about being everywhere all the time. So I personally have three cell phones. You guys saw the and I, and the reason is is like if I’m going to do a live, I’ll do three different phones and iPad. I try and get out as much as I possibly can and the exposure and you know, like, like these guys saying, getting, getting in front of the right people and not only just, you know, getting in front of them but also see what you can do to help them too. We talked about that way, you know, adding, yeah, it’s gotta be a win-win. Everything that I do, if it’s not a win-win, even though if, if, if I feel somebody can do more for me than I can for them and I don’t feel like it’s a win win unless I have their permission to kind of get some information and help from them, I don’t feel there’s a win win there. So there’s value, there’s value, it’s value less than me. So that’s what we were talking about in every relationship. I think everybody here can say one thing we have in common, we’re setting up win-wins here for everybody. Everything we’re doing is one way.
Oh, 100% face value and I, and, and, and we’re all in this together. Yeah. We were talking about last night on a little live that we did about contribution and how we can contribute more to society and, and leaving a footprint like nick says you know, here on this planet. And again, the network that we’re creating, you know, just the fact that I met you today and that you today, oh, actually Gary, you as well.
I feel I like, I feel like I’ve known him longer, but you just have, you know, good presence. But you know, again, what my point is that by coming together that we’re, we’re allowed to, you know, contribute more, right? Give you guys more of an opportunity to learn from us or just share our stories and our perspectives. And I think that’s again, what it’s all about as well. Like not just like, oh how are we going to benefit from it, but how are, how are, how is our crowd or audience going to benefit from the information that we’re putting out there? And I truly believe that’s what drives people like us, what we can give back
100% like values. Probably like the biggest like stamp of anything. Like I just learned the power of valor. I know somebody new, like I was speaking to you guys this morning at the airport. I was like, we launched dash clicks like seven months ago and for me I was always like in the agency mind and I was holding everything in. I don’t want to share anything with nobody because it was like these are my secrets. If I tell people how to do this, then they’re going to go out and do it. And then like, then I’m going to go out of business. But it’s not like when we flipped over to dash quicks like we have thousands of users that sign up to our platform in the last couple of months with $0 million in ads. We have not spent any advertising money. And it’s the reason of just coming up here, doing these whiteboard videos, bring awesome people like this and providing value back to the community. And then they see that value and guess what success comes with bringing value. So then it comes back to you. Right? So like value is like major something that I personally learned last couple of months and I think it’s like I can’t like stamp of approval. That should enough. That’s like the most important thing to me. Now I want to actually, I want to touch base on that. And creating value and adding value to people. To kind of circle back with joining an extra mastermind group or networking group. I think that it’s very important to make that investment in yourself by, you know, putting yourself around people that can help you add more value to your clients. Cause you’re not gonna fill in those gaps by yourself. You know, like there’s people that are really good at things that I am not. And by being part of a strong network, I’ve been able to fill out those gaps, those weaknesses with people that I can have do that for my clients. That, you know, they allow you to provide more value to them. And at the end of the day, you know, charge more for those services. You know, it’ll be a good thing. But I would’ve never done that had I not, you know, invested into becoming a member of a group. You know, it doesn’t matter what group, as long as there’s a group of likeminded people that you can, you know, all that provide by to each other in turn, providing that value to your clients. Going back 11 minutes, does that, sandals resorts, how’s that?
And the longevity. Longevity is key. One of the core values, and not only in personally but in business and like I’m here for longevity. And so we were saying providing win-wins is like, you know, so many people are in the mindset of like, oh, what can I get from this dude? Or what can I get from this? What can I get from this? You know, this opportunity and that, and that’s not a winning mentality. A winning mentality is like, how can I provide like as much value as I can to this? So you know, he can help me like both the boats float, like winners want everyone to win. And so right now you may even even maybe be like self-reflecting and saying like, oh, I kind of hate on people when I see them. When will you better like cut it? Because that’s what winner’s mentality. I’m here for longevity. I’m here for win-wins. That’s like key. Yeah. You want to build relationships. Like you got to nurture them. You have to have long you like, you have to have longevity in mind, not quick fixes.
And I feel like as long as you’re doing something for the wrong reason, that you’re eventually gonna get caught [inaudible] sniff you out and they’re going to tell you it’s not going to end up good for you. So he asked me to write yes. That’s a take. It don’t be a taker. Very good. Yeah. So don’t be a taker. Do not take, don’t go into group. And so taking, taking, taking, just getting good. Yeah. You give good. You get good. All one. Hello. Well whoa guys. Who’s signing out? I don’t know. Like a, that’s crazy. This is going to be ended up being like one of those means like, you’re just going to say it’s like a Jeff or something like that. Oh, me and nick usually end it with something that we do. Like we do it.
Got me and Sharon, if you’re gonna, if you’re going to end it, if you’re going to kill a chicken, have you guys, that was, that was fun, man. That was fun though. I love it, man.

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