How to Use the Facebook Audience Tool to Find Your Perfect Audience
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 08:22 PM

How to Use the Facebook Audience Tool to Find Your Perfect Audience


How do you use the Facebook Audience tool to find your target audience?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks talks about using the Facebook Audience Tool to find your perfect audience! This is a live video recorded on the Marketers Mindset by DashClicks Facebook group!


What’s going on marketer’s mindset. How are we doing today man, how are we doing today? I’m about to do something. I’m going to help me make a lot of money and I just started figuring out, share my screen and show that you guys, I just want to see some cool stuff. Just hang tight. Well she’s going to pull up the Facebook group really quick. Let’s see if we can get this on. Make sure my audio guys if you can hear me by the way, got my airpods in. She can hear me. It looks like it is working. Cool. Mute this. Give me one second guys.
All right, cool. So I think I’m back on and all right, awesome. Yeah, audios. Good. Hey everybody, what’s going on here? I’m going to try to like not yell today cause then I have to boot camp tomorrow and that’s going to be a long call but I if you guys can hear me good and you can see me good. And you just drop a one on one in the chat. Trump a one and zero one in the chat. If you can both hear me good and seeing good. If you cannot hear me good, let me know. If you cannot see me good. Just let me know too. I’m not in the office. I’m actually just sent my house and going out in the backyard and I’m still in a little bit of work. What’s going on in our con? What’s going on? I’m Philip A. Benjamin Brandon, what’s going on guys? I’m gonna do a little Facebook ad, a little training today and I want to show you guys some cool stuff. You guys are cool with that. It’s going to hit the light by go, go, go, go hit the light button. Hit it all. Hit the like button.
No, it’s funny, I always use this be alive thing and I never actually look at the actual platform itself. For some reason I’m always looking at Facebook and there’s always like a 32nd delay between your comments and what I’m saying, which kind of sucks cause it takes me out of the zone a little bit because I’m like, hey, you’re up one oh one and you’re like, nobody drops on one on one for 30 seconds. And I’m like, Shit, is anybody being active here with me? And like 30 seconds later, boom. Everybody. I’m like, Oh, they do love me. Okay. So he wants to see me share my screen and just do some audience testing for new campaign that we’re going to run. I’m gonna bring you inside of our ads manager. That’s cool. She’s just letting me know and I’ll do it.
It’s cool with you. Just let me know and I’ll do it. Alright, well here we go. Sorry, I just closed out this Facebook and give me one second. Let me open this back up. You might hear the audio for a second. I’ll shut it off. Right. Awesome. So, all right guys, I’m going to go out and share my tune. And once again, I am not in the office as you can see behind me. Right. they actually get this going. Yeah. So I’m actually just in my house in the backyard, just hanging out lakeside side, had some music on it, shut off, don’t know what happened to it. But that’s cool. Completely fun. Cause I’m going to concentrate right now. So has anybody heard of, obviously I’m sure a lot of you guys have heard of Russell Brunson, right? Anybody here heard of Russell Brunson and click funnels, the owner of click funnels? You guys have heard of Russell Brunson just saying Hashtag yes. Hashtag yes if you’ve heard of Russell Brunson, heard of Russell Brunson.
Go ahead guys. You shoot me a quick little Hashtag? Yes. Right. All right, cool. So if you guys have heard of Russell Brunson, you know that a lot of the campaigns that they run, and I was just in the funnel hacking live event in Nashville a couple months ago, maybe like a month and a half or two months ago. And I was at the funnel hacking live again before that, the year before in Orlando. So was that both and I really enjoy, I really enjoy the structure and the way that Russell Brunson and click from the members of the click funnels community, the way that they tell you to structure your ads and how you should follow like specific processes. So for me, if any of you guys have ever heard of the dream 100 things, you can put your hand up. Just put your hand up. I know it’s awkward.
You’re probably standing there and I can’t see you with your hand up. But just say maybe like yes or just hashtag dream or Hashtag 100 it just comes in to let me know that you’ve heard of it. So I know that I’m not talking crazy. Such a beautiful day here in south Florida. Let me like, let’s, let’s turn away from this. Look how nice the lake is, man. I love it. And give you guys a little palm trees, kids playing outside. It’s a beautiful day here in south Florida. It’s like 70 degrees sunny shining. No, that sounds funny. Shining. All right, let me stop the BS and let me share my screen with you. We’ve got enough people on, so I’m going to actually bring you into my ads manager. So hang tight and tight.
Alright, cool. So this is our actual ads manager and as you guys have probably heard me preach and preach and Preach Das cliffs actually done pretty much, I’m not going to say $0 million in advertising since inception, but we’ve done 728 bucks. And a lot of this was just done in the last couple of maybe month or so. Most of it has just been remarketing. We just have a really small remarketing campaign going. I mean you can see like how minuscule this is, 367 bucks seems been running probably for like maybe two or three months. What did viewing here is, and by the way, we’re getting sign ups for $4 and 59 cents, which is great. And that number is going to continuously go about 80 signup. So far in this campaign itself, hundreds of impressions. So if I actually to this campaign, and you’ll see this is basically a remarketing campaign for people who never signed up.
Surreally small budget. Nothing crazy because, you know, when we started asking to, we’re getting so many sign for like, you know what, we really don’t want to run ads. Let’s build the process first. Let’s build a system, let’s make sure dashboards is running right, let’s make sure our staff is running right. And then once we are ready, we’re going to start running ads, right? So right now I’m in the middle of the bootcamp and the bootcamp frozen guys were in the bootcamp. The bootcamp ends on the 12th of this month. And after that it ends on a Friday. So I’m gonna take the Saturday and Sunday weekend to just hang out, relax. And then that Monday, which is April 15th, all the way to Friday my goal is to be working with my video person. Her name is Beatrice, a video person that we hired a couple of weeks back.
She’s awesome. And we’re going to be shooting tons of videos and I’m going to actually start running a lot. A lot of ads for dashboards. They were going to invest heavily, probably tens of thousands of dollars on a monthly basis sending traffic to multiple different places. We’re going to be creating some funnels. We’re going to sending people to the Dash Fleet’s website and we’re going to be doing Facebook ads and we’re going to be doing youtube ads. And then we’re also gonna be doing remarketing on both plus display ads on Google as well. So we have a lot of really cool stuff planned, but I just want it to like really bring you into our ads manager so you can see like, like we’ve really done nothing like you guys see dash links all over the place and you’re like, Holy Shit, like 720 bucks for somebody to spend. That’s really how much we spent.
And you let these campaigns, like I created that geo-fencing campaign when I went to funnel hacking live. It wasn’t, didn’t really do that good, but I only spent like 44 bucks and just wanted to test it. So what I did here was just some cool stuff to get ideas when I went to the actual funnel hacking live event. And I’ll go here and I’ll go to my actual ads. So obviously the goal for this was to get people to sign up to the actual dashboard. I get people to sign up to dash weights. We had a little bit of a budget. I ran it from the days of the event. And what I did is if you see here, I actually put in the address of the hotel and I targeted people who are a one mile radius around that. And then I also targeted people who like Russell Brunson, because I know that people that are going to the funnel hacking live event, they’re obviously going to be there and then they, they most likely like Russell Brunson’s, they can make sure that I’m targeting people that are actually at the event, which is pretty cool.
And then my ad said something silly and stupid like, no, I liked that. Really Corky a really quirky m ads. Let’s see if I can let me go to this ad preview ad and I’m just going to view it while I can’t view it on mobile. That’s fine. Basically said something like this said, Hey Chad, I hate chat. Yes, I’m geo-fencing the funnel hacking live event. I’m here too. I want to give you free access to our agency platform. And then it just talks about dash shoots and stuff like that. And then I have our remarketing video. This is honestly probably why we’re converging around that. And then it says, you know, funnel hackers only frequency platform access. And let me go back really quick. You know, I think we better, we didn’t get much, you got like two signups and that cost me $22 each and get to sign up and I just shut it off.
So that campaign didn’t really do wellness. I created it. I think I created like at the airport when I was on the way to funnel hacking live. So it really wasn’t like a well thought out campaign. I was just like, shit, I just really want to try the geo-fencing thing and we create a campaign, see what happens. So I guarantee if I would have had a better video targeting and probably made me a better landing page because they sent him straight to the sign up page, our conversions would have went up. And then we had the dash accelerator bootcamp. So we actually had eight people that purchased from this ad and that’s $38 and 97 cents, but each one of those purchases were at a minimum 1,997 bucks. You can see that right there. And then if I split those up so you can see seven of those purchases actually came from the remarketing campaign and one came from just a straight up cold bad that I targeted people.
So just a total of eight. So I spent here about, what am I spending $311 and seven Oh eight, let’s see, eight times at a minimum of 1997. Cause I know we had a bunch of order bumps to what did they do here? 1997, eight people that purchase. What is going on here with this fricking calculator? One come on, nine, nine, seven times eight people that purchase. So I made about 16 grand off of this campaign, spending only about $311. So that’s pretty cool too. And then if I go back here, so then we have our dash six remarketing campaign and in our dash clicks remarketing campaign, we’re basically targeting people here, just seven bucks a day. Like I said, we didn’t want to run ads and we want to just get everything organically, which we’re doing and we’re killing it organically. But then at the same time we were like, shit, there’s a lot of people that do on our website and don’t sign up.
Let’s at least have a small budget. So we did that too. I’m gonna Swing over to Facebook real quick guys, if you guys have any questions what’s going on guys? Hey everybody. All right, cool. So let me swing back over here to the ads manager. So here what we did is we have a remarketing campaign set up and the Pixel is targeting people who signed up for Dash Clicks and the conversion is obviously dashboards or the pixel is on our dash x website and the conversion of people who signed up, who went through the whole completion process. And then there’s a pixel right after the end of our completion process. And that’s just not even signing up. That’s actually signing up, getting the confirmation email, clicking the confirmation email and then inside of your dash shoots down Bam. Then you get that picture we know you like went through the full signup process and here we’re targeting people who have not signed up in the last 14 days. So people who went to our website and then left those people we’re targeting for 14 days with this ad. We’re targeting people that are between the ages of six 17 and 65. And then we’re only running ads just on a Facebook feed because that’s where you see the most success when we’re running ads or conversions. And we have hopefully a one day click where they just click it. And and sign up. That’s what we’re tracking. And then if I go over here, you can see the ad itself.
So the ad basically says, and I think we’re only, yeah, let me switch over here. So let’s go to, yeah. Okay. Well remember it’s only on, it’s only on mobile. Same for running cause we shut that spark off because desktop doesn’t really get much. But here it says you never finished signing up for your free gastrics account yet forever free access and it just has a bunch of check marks, says what it is that you’re getting. And then the video here, and it’s funny cause this, this video that I did I was actually in front of an audience of about 50 people when I shot this video. And I did it at the funnel closers event in Dallas, Texas at Ryan Stewman event. For those of you guys, you know Ryan Stewman, he did a marketers mindset with us. I invited me to speak at his event.
And during the event I was showing people how easy it is to just without your phone and just create an ad because people over always overthink everything, right? So you can see like perfect example, like that’s what I did. And, and it was such a funny ad that I was like, screw it. Let me just add it as a remarketing ad and see what happens. And we’re basically getting conversions. We’re getting people to sign up the dash points with this ad for $4 and 59 cents. So that’s how much it’s costing us for every sign up that we get. And we’ve already got 80 people to sign up. And it’s called stuff like I said, $4 and 69 cents and we spent $367. So as you can see, guys, we, we really haven’t spent a lot in ads. That’s it, right? If I go back to our campaign and I’m inside of my campaign manager for Dash Clicks you’ll see that we really, I mean, that’s it.
That’s all we spent. We spent a total of lifetime and I’m in lifetime, a total of $728 in ads. That’s it. Now, this month that we’re coming up, like I said, our first month that we’re going to be running ads, which hopefully I’m going to be sending up the ass from April 15th, all that first week. And then after that we can done, I’m going to go live with the ads, right? And it might take 24 to 48 hours for all the ads to go through the approval process mean the attributes we’re planning on for the first one, spending about 10 grand in ads. And then as we see that the ads are performing or a B split testing, a lot of different videos and copying the main pages. And then as we do that, we’re going to start scaling that up. Right. so let me swing over to Facebook. Do you guys have any questions so far?
Any questions so far? What’s going on? Anthony, Wally and Michael Nelson. Mike Injuries, Kelvin, Justin. What’s going on? Everybody? So we’re going to be doing that. And and that’s what we’re going to be doing. So we’re going to be, we are going to be doing about 10 K in ad. That’s the budget that we set for the first 30 days and we’re going to see how that run. So what I’m going to do right now is, you know, with dash clicks, you know, you’ve got to think about your target market when you’re running ads and who you’re actually going to be running your ads to. So you got to go deep into psychology and thinking about like the people who are actually going to see your ads. Like how are they going to connect with it? What’s gonna entice them? Right? So for us, people like us, like dash scripts for our audience, we really want to target and our main audiences, people who own agencies, people who build funnels, people who build websites, content writers, website developers, graphic designers, right?
Those are the people who can use dashboards. They can use our tools, they can use our platform, they can sign up to our courses, they can use our white labeled fulfillment, right? You know, thinking about somebody who builds funnels, which we have tons of people like this, they can go in here and they can outsource her funnel building to us. Right? So a perfect example of that is, you know, if I was to, if I wanted to create an ad of somebody who I know for sure are most likely is in the funnel building space, I probably want to target people who like Russell Brunson, Russell, Russell Brunson as an example, right? So over here you guys can see if any of you guys have ever heard of the dream 100 the dream 100 is basically the hundred people who would be your most ideal audience. It’s a list of a hundred people.
And I did it from the past, but I want to refresh my mind and I want to just do it again. And I even put up a poster in the click funnels community, which is also an awesome group. It’s like 200,000 people in there. You guys aren’t in there, you know, highly recommend jumping in that group as well. I’m always been there and I’m pretty active. And you know, I wanted to know what people would be against it for me to target, right? And a lot of people dropped in tens of influencers that are in the space. But really what I need is I need people who I can actually target, right? So I need people, I can go here and I can type in like Russell Brunson, right? So I can go in here and I can target Russell Brunson. For those of you who never use audience insights in Facebook, it’s fricking bad-ass.
So really all you gotta do is once you’re in your Facebook ads manager, it’s going to all tools and just click audience insights and it’ll bring you to this page. And you can do like tons of demographics of really cool shit here. So you can see people that like Russell Brunson in the United States. And let’s just start off by people in the u s okay, let’s share. I want to get my audience up and I want to target people who work 25 minutes, okay? Let’s just say for some reason that’s what I want to do. Okay? Now I want to target both men and women in the United States, and I want to target people whose interests are Russell Brunson, right? So Facebook actually tells me 59% of those people, that specific demographic is inside of the 50, 59% of those people are women. 41% of those people are men.
And then it tells me their relationship status, their education status. It tells me what other pages that they like as well. So you can see they like Russell Brunson, a lot of people who like Russell Brunson also like Gary v, they also like click funnels. They also like digital marketer, right? So you can see like just this alone is giving us tons of ideas and other things that we can target as well, right? So when you’re building out your dream 100 like this is like a bad ass place to go, right? So for me, if I was going to create a ad and I was going to create a whole campaign based on somebody who likes Russell Brunson that lived in the United States, my ad would literally say something like, let’s go on funnel hackers. Now I know you guys are building funnels and funnels can be a really tedious process, but what if I can give you a platform where you can manage all of your clients inside the platform and I can give you a whole funnel building team right at your disposal.
What do you think? That’d be great idea. I can do this all for free for you, above or below. And I’ll give you three actors forever free access to our dash glitz agency platform until you create kind of right now and get watched tons of free tutorials on how to go out and actually sell funnels and you can have full access to our marketing support system team through live chat. Like I’m just giving you guys an example. I’m doing some fly here, but like I would create a campaign based off that alone and then I would create multiple other campaigns. You see what I did there. So I know people that like Russell Brunson are in the funnel building space. Okay. So when I’m running the ads, I know that they’re in the funnel building space and I know that through dash clicks we have a funnel building fulfillment program, right?
We have an integration with click funnels in dash clicks. So I know that these are the things that I should say, these are the, these are the target points of what I should say to people who like Russell Brunson to get them to join into dashboards. And I would have to do that for every single person. I wouldn’t show ads to somebody who likes digital marketer as an example or a social media examiner. Right? Which is another huge Facebook community. Right? I wouldn’t talk about ads if you’re talking about funnel building. I was talking about ads that are talking about like Facebook ads, right? If I was doing, if I was doing, if I was targeting people that like not digital marketer but social media marketers or social media examiners, a lot of, a lot of people like that whole community. And that’s another thing of like really getting in the brains and understanding and doing the research and finding out who your actual community is.
Who is it that you’re targeting? Who are the people that like Russell Brunson, forget about who Russell Brunson is, the people that are like Grocer Brunson. Why do they like him? Why do they follow him? What is that reason? And then you want to target those specific people and basically them with that exact concern, right? I know that they’re like funnel buildings, Russell Brunson’s, whole things about funnel builders, but people who like them are all about funnel building and using click funnels. So guess what I’m going to talk about in my ad click funnels and funnel building and I’m going to talk about how it can solve their problem and how they can get something for free by clicking here, right? So I want you to just think about that. I’m going to swing over to Facebook really quick guys, if anybody it’s anybody, if that makes sense.
You can you guys drop a Yes, Chad or Hashtag hell yeah and the Hashtag hell yeah. Right now on the chat for me, if that is starting to make sense to you. For those of you guys, you know, if you’re thinking about running Facebook by guides or whatever the case is, the tribe the hell. Yeah, right too. I’m not going to bore you guys in Sydney or bill my dream 100 but this is what I’m going to be doing on April 15th. Right. I’m going to be going through the audience insights manager and I’m going to be going through each one of these. I look at it as, I can even click on click funnels. Okay. It’ll bring me to the page we used to bring you I think to here, but that’s fine. What I’ll do is I’ll get out of here. Let’s say I want to do some research on click funnels photos.
That’s if they have, yeah, see sometimes and that’s why I targeted Russell Brunson. Cause sometimes you can’t even target click funnels, right? Because for some reason they don’t let you target every single person. Okay. That’s another thing that you really want to be sure of. Like swing back over. Let’s go back over to Russell Brunson as Facebook is letting me target him. I know that that’s a person that I can target. Okay, so what are other people like? Russell Brunson? Well, look at this. James Wedmore. I’ve never even heard of these people. Okay, Kate. I don’t know what I mean for that machine. Gary, John Bishop, Henry Fernandez, I. These are all other people that are relevant to Russell Brunson, right? Digital Marketer. I’ve heard of digital marketer before, so I would probably want to go out and do research on every single one of these people. And you can see inside of the United States now what if I wanted to do u s Canada? I want the United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Australia, whatever. Let’s just do this. Alright, let’s get enough to be an example. Share the audience went up from 200 K for 238 right? And you’ll see this be affinities, right? So like guys doing research, like when you want to run ads, like look how specific you can get on Facebook. Right? And that’s why a lot of people love doing Facebook ads is because he can get shit for really cheap stuff for really, really cheap. You guys agree with me on that? Let me swing over to here really quick.
You guys agree with me on that? Has Anybody ran Facebook ads before? If you’ve ran Facebook ads before, can you drop the three Oh one in the chat. If you’ve ever ran Facebook ads before, drop a three or one in the chat. In the meantime we’ll do that. Like that awkward like Dan and Dan and Jen [inaudible] hey yeah, three Oh one right? So you guys have ran ads before. We ran ads before. Like have you not used audience insights? Because audience insights is like, it’s like giving you everything that you need. That’s how, that’s how like awesome that is, right. So anyways guys, I just wanted to come in here. I know to Sunday and I’m still in the back. My wife and my daughter are both taking a nap and I was like, screw it. I’m going to go back to the backyard and I’m going to whip up my laptop and I’m going to start building out my dream 100 and just started getting ready for all these ads that I’m going to do.
Right. And and then I thought it was like, screw it. Let me actually just open up be live and just let me just explain my thought process of how I’m going to do this thing. Oh, and another cool thing is for those of you guys who watch dentists use marketer’s mindset, which is bad ass, it probably one of the best marketers, mindsets that we’ve done. You know, dentists use whole approaches. How do you actually warm up your audience? Right? So you can go out and you can run cold dads and cold dads. It’s cool. Right? So the ads that I was running on my remarketing campaigns, those, that’s a warm audience, right? Because there’s people who already know dash flights is, they’ve been to our website, they’ve engaged with a little bit, they’ve watched some of our videos and then Bam, now we’re going to show them some cold. Dad’s about to try to sell them stuff. I was trying to get them to sign up our platform with things like that. Right. So it’s always good to warm up your audience and dance. He has a really cool approach with what he does. And I’ll share my screen with you again.
Let me go back. Let’s go here and, all right, cool. So I’m gonna go to my Facebook page real quick and get out of this and let me go to dashboards really quick.
So I’ll go here. I’m going to dash clicks and I think I did it yesterday. I boosted a post and this was like right after I heard the whole thing with den at you. Yeah, this was a post that I boosted. We absolutely love shooting videos. You might already know. Here’s the behind the scenes of the clip of our Dash Accelerator bootcamp program, right? There’s literally like no advertising here. Let me ask you to scroll down to the post. I mean that was like the snippet of it. Scroll down or no was the posts alright? Yeah, I’ll scroll back up. So yeah, you can see like there’s no buttons. You’re telling them to buy anything. This is not a salesy ad. All I’m doing is you’re showing them this video.
So this was us, you know, doing behind the scenes of shooting our commercial for the dash accelerator bootcamp. Right? And all I did was basically saying, and I honestly, I didn’t even have a video for this. I just wanted to try it because I got so high dub after I was on the phone call with Dennis. You as well. You guys just try this, right? So we absolutely love shooting videos, as you might already know. Here’s the behind the scenes clips of our dash accelerator program. So really my goal here and if I have used some results, my goal here was just to get ten second video views. That’s really all I wanted because what I’m going to do is I’m filling up a bucket here. Okay. And here, once again, I haven’t spending, what’s my ad spend $29 or no, sorry. Yeah, my total budget for this is $27 guys, look at this.
Spend $4 and 64 cents, $4 and 64 cents. Okay, so I scroll back up. Yeah, I can see the age of the graphic and here’s who I’m targeting. I’m targeting people between the ages of 25 and 55 that like Russell Brunson. I’m just, I just wanted to run a quick test. So I think I still like, yeah, like almost 30 bucks. Just 27 bucks, I swear. But look what happens here guys. Okay. So so far I have, I’ve spent $4 and 64 cents and I have 356 people in my bucket. This is my warm bucket. Okay. These people are people who have not signed up for dashboard. Okay. They don’t know anything about that strict. This is an ad that I’m showing to cold people who like Russell Brunson between the age of 25 and 55 that live in the United States. Okay, that’s it. So I have 356 people. One thing that people fail to understand is this is not just a number.
You guys are always looking at numbers and metrics. Like these are essential real people. Okay? Imagine having 356 people in a room with you. That’s what I have right now. They got 350 people. Okay, so $4 and 64 cents. You guys see how powerful Facebook is. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to let this run up. I think I got this running for seven days. I’m going to let this run out. Okay? I’m running this ad, so April, April 20th okay, so I forgot. I added a couple more days, 13 days. All of this ad run on. What I’ll do is I’ll probably end up with, I don’t know, maybe 1500 to 2000 well, let’s see, I spent $4 and that’s my average right now. Total budget was 27 divided by four to six let’s say 6.75 times. I’ve got about 356 let’s just say if I stand the same exact track, okay, I’m going to have almost 2,500 people in my warm bucket that I’m going to go out and then I’m going to remark it and I’m going to show them a bunch of other dashboards that and to get them to sign up for dash because guess what?
They’ve watched at least 10 seconds of my 15 second video. Okay. They’ve engaged, they know who Dassler kid is. They have seen my face, they seen me yellow Lamborghini fly by it. So the next time I show them an nod, I might show them another ad with me doing a video or something else. Right. But then it’s gonna say sign up the dashboard. Okay, so you can see your like how cheap it is. Look at this cost per ten second video. It’s costing me 1 cent every time somebody watches my video for more than 10 seconds. Okay. You guys, are you guys getting that? Like how crazy that that’s like the power of Facebook. Okay. And they actually go solo here real quick. So is that pretty cool guys? Right? And you guys drop into comments if you think it’s pretty cool dropping some comments if you have any questions for me too, I’ll go out and I’ll drop, you know, jobs as much knowledge as I can, but like I just really wants to bring you inside of my ads manager so you guys can see like how is this, how you know, how cool this is, how powerful this is most importantly, right?
It’s super, super powerful. So what do you guys think so far, man? Right? One, what didn’t you? What don’t you like to spend 1 cent to get a ten second video view and then fill up your bucket with a bunch of warm people and then after that just run ads to them instead of running ads to cold traffic. That’s what we’re going to do, right? What’s going on? Just in what’s going on in rough. Hey everybody, what’s going on? Yogi Nelson. Michael. Hey guys, welcome on. Welcome on. Eric, what’s going on? By the way guys, if you’re watching the slides, Hashtag glad you’re watching the replay. Hashtag replay once again. If you guys are watching this, just a little different scene. I’m just hanging out in my backyard, right? Just a beautiful sunny day in south Florida and I was just planning our Facebook ad accounts that were not Facebook, Facebook ad campaigns that we plan on running for dashboards and I just wanted to share some insights with you guys. I said, Yo, give me a few ideas on some campaigns I want to run or you just gave me a few ideas. There you go man. Hopefully, hopefully that helped. Eric said what’s up pimp or what’s camp? Well thank you. Hopefully I’m a pimp baby girl.
Phillip says always 110 Justin Phillips is live. Thank you guys. Yeah, so hopefully this is just one little golden nugget Edwards video. That’s great. Then I did my job for them to help you guys out. Right? So, as you guys know, I always do live videos like this. So if you’re watching the live video, the only thing that you can do is just be engaged, man. Being gauged in the videos, like comment as to the like button, enjoy the videos, enjoy the content, right? We’re not charging. Okay. And not only that, invite your friends to the group if you’d like to comment and think that people could make use of this content to invited to this group. Oh, another thing is I’m actually going to do one thing for you guys real quick and I want you guys, so give me one second.
I’m going to send you guys the link real quick. You guys are like, oh, he’s gonna try to sell something. No, I’m actually not going to try to sell you anything. There you go guys. If you guys want also we’re about to unload. I would say probably about 40 different videos on our youtube channel, which we just completely revised and we’re organizing and we hired like a full time person who can go out and shoot videos. So if you want, what you can do is you can subscribe to our youtube channel and any time a new video like this comes out, you’ll get notified. Demand that you’re available to watch it. You know, sometimes we go live at any different time. You can just go back and watch them. At least you’ll get that notification right? So you can just go to our youtube channel, hit the subscribe button, we’re going to unload probably like 40 or 50 new videos and a lot of you guys had never seen before and we have like they’re fully edited professional videos with like graphics and like they’re chopped up.
We took like a two or three hour videos, chat them up into like five minute, 10 minute segments. Like just literally imagine going into a video, spending three hours watching the whole video and just ripping out all the golden nuggets and creating many videos that have it there. So that’s what our video editor is doing. Cause obviously shooting a lot of new video content and a lot of other really cool stuff. So if you want guys, it’s totally free. You can just go to our youtube channel, just hit the subscribe button, subscribe to our Youtube Channel, and then you can watch over our free content. So hopefully that helps. I’m also one other announcement. I want to make a want to make, not make a, what are the knots I want to make is our affiliate program. Guys, if you guys have not, I’ll share my screen really quick.
One really important thing that I really need you guys to do, especially because they know a lot of you guys have been working so hard to show your affiliate link. So let me go ahead and swing this down here. Okay? So for those of you guys who plan on it or already have started sharing your link with other people, like I need to make sure that you guys are getting paid for this. Okay guys. So really what I want you to do is if you haven’t done this already, the only way that you can get paid is right here. Just go here, click the button and create your stripe account. That’s all you gotta do. Okay? Just go ahead and quit your stripe account if you already have stripe connect account. Okay. If you already have a stripe connect account, they’re really, all you guys have to do is just, you can just go in and click that button once again and at the top it’ll say API demonstrates connected account.
We can connect, they just log in here and then it’ll connect it. And what we’re going to be doing is we do payouts on the first and 15th of every month. So the first ever pay out commission is coming out in a couple of days and which is going to be on the 15th so I want to make sure, once again, if you guys are sharing your link and you’re getting your earning commissions, you need to go over here, you need to click create account and literally takes less than two minutes. All you gotta do just fill out the form, creating your stripe connect automatically synced up with you, and then you just get automatic payments. Like on the first and 15th you’ll just get automatic payments. It really doesn’t get easier than that, right? So you want to get paid. Once again, all you gotta do is if you want to share your, your link with people, just go here, click on this link, click on this little icon and it’ll copy the link to your clipboard and then go out.
And you can share that with the world and start earning money and bash will actually pay you 5% recurring revenue on any subscription that any of your agency set up for or agency sign up for their clients. Like you can think about how that spider web down and make a lot of money, right? And we already have affiliates right now that are making over a thousand dollars, $2,000 a month by using our dash affiliate program, like they already locked in the MRR, the monthly recurring revenue. So like if this is something that you want to do, guys, it’s so simple, like just get people to sign up for a free dashclicks account. Our team will do the rest and we’ll go out, we’ll do our you know, business development call with them and we’ll get them onboard. Dash X we’ll demo the software platform for them, we’ll get them introduced to all the tools and videos and marketing materials and everything like that.
Get them into our white label, will, we’ll be your sales reps, right? All you have to do is just go out and share this link with people and then you get paid in, totally tracked, login into dashboards, dashboard, go here and just literally track everything, right? So that’s the beauty of the affiliate program. But once again, you know, we have a lot of people that are already making, like, I think we’re looking at it the other day, we have like somebody who earned I forgot what the name of the agency was and I’m not gonna say it anyways, that’s private info. But we have somebody that earned like, I think it’s like $850 that was about to get paid on the 15th they’re probably gonna end up owning more than that cause you’re just half the way into the, into the affiliate cycle. Right? So they’re probably gonna end up getting like 1000 bucks or 1500 bucks paid and they didn’t set up their stripe connect account.
So that’s an issue. You’re not going to be able to get paid. It’ll just be stuck in pending until you set up your stripe connect account. So very important guys that you plan on using our affiliate program, all you gotta do takes two seconds. You’re going to strike, connect your stripe connect account or create a new one, two seconds, and then you can start getting paid. You just gotta do it one time. That’s it. One time for life. And then we just pay you for life. We just keep sending money to your bank account every single two weeks on the first one 15 money will show up in your bank account. That’s all you gotta do. That’s how cool our affiliate program is. Guy. So as any of you guys joined our [inaudible] program, if you joined our affiliate program and drop a one on one drop out one-on-one, if you’ve joined our affiliate program, drop a two Oh one if you shared your affiliate link with other people. And have already gotten people signing up under your affiliate link two oh one in the chat. If you’ve done that one on one, if you just signed up for the account and haven’t got anybody sign up yet. Kind of curious to see what’s happening.
Kind of curious, curious to see. Awesome. There you go. One-On-One, Nelson Phillips at two Oh one nine Philip you shared your link and you got people to sign up and how easy is your man? Right? You shared your link with somebody and that’s really it. Eric said would love that. What would you have to Redo a stripe account number if you have it with click funnels? No, I think you can possibly use your, or if you already have a stripe account I think you can use that. I know you have to have a stripe connect account, which I think links up to your stripe account anyways, so you can give it a shot. Like just go to your affiliate center, Click that button that says create an account. And at the top of that page it’ll ask you if you already have a stripe account. You can just log in and connect that way instead of creating a new accounts and just go ahead and try that and you should be good to go.
So yeah, guys, I’m gonna go back inside and I just wanted to get some fresh air and do a quick live video for you guys. So hopefully as always, guys, if you love the content into like button, if you’ve learned anything disrupting Hashtag yes, I’ve learned or yes, learned or learned or something, just let me know. Okay. We love the engagement. The more close you guys can do, the better. But just share, share, share, love, love, love, engaging, gauge, gauge, peace out everybody. I love you guys and I’ll see you guys on the next slide.

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