How to Use InstaSites to Build 5 Second Websites
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 02:07 PM

How to Use InstaSites to Build 5 Second Websites


Tired of making the same cold calls as everyone else? With InstaSites, you can create a website in 5 seconds. We’re not talking about lorem ipsum text, either. You’ll be able to create a beautiful, fully-functioning website that’s full of content.
How did we do it? What can it do for you?
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This is what you’re going to do with this. You think about, forget about the software for a second. It’s not about the software, it’s about the strategy of using the software. Because if you’re just going to go out and you’re just going to start building website for random people and upload a list and like never speak to them, you’re just wasting your time.
Hi Guys. First and foremost, welcome to another episode of marketers mindset. My name is Chad Kodary. For those of you that don’t know me, I’m the CEO and founder of Dash Clicks. It’s a platform that most of you guys are on right now. Using it to scale your agency, using it as a platform, using it as client reporting tools, using it for your agency tools, using it for education, using it for your affiliate dashboard. Like we offer so many different things and we are so cool at the same time and smooth and sexy and good looking all at the same time. And let me tell you some of the people, it’s very hard to do that. Okay. So what we’re gonna do, guys, we’re talking about a couple of different links today. Okay? The first thing that we are going to do today is engagement.
Okay? I want to make sure once again that everybody in this group is engaged. So I need to ask you guys for a favor. When I say something like drop four 96 in the chat, go ahead and drop it. Like actually go and drop four 96 in the chat. We need that engagement. We need that. Love. That shit lights me up guys. And when you dropping a four 96 my level goes from here and it goes higher and higher and high. And when I get to like those high levels, I start pulling back the curtain sharing secrets that I shouldn’t even be speaking about. That’s probably not written right here on the sheet. So when I say go ahead and drop on a four 96 in the chat, you stop what you’re doing. You go to the chat, it’s three buttons for nine, six enter like that’s it.
That’s all you gotta do. Okay? So I want to make sure that one, everybody is awake on this webinar too. I want you to take your cell phones, put them to the side, take your cell phones, put them to the side. Okay, close out tabs that do not need to be there. I need you guys to be right here focused with me because over the course of the next couple of hours, I’m going to show you guys how I took insights and sold millions of dollars worth of advertising. I’m literally going to show you how to do it right here, right now. When you’re done with this Webinar, you can actually go out and take action, okay? Now, if you’re getting phone calls or you’re watching some crazy youtube videos while you’re watching this, you’re not going to be focused. So I need everybody’s focus. I need you guys to get attention and focus on what’s about to go down here. So put everything out, close out all the tabs that you don’t need to do that. We’ll wait 30 seconds.
So let’s get started. Okay. So the first thing I want to talk to you guys about is Mike Story. Okay. And I’m going to talk to you guys a little bit about how we use insights. Now. I’m going to demo insights for you on how to use it, show you guys how to use it the best way possible. And then I’m going to go over all of the techniques. We’re after you build the website, how do you actually prospect and go out and sell them? Okay. So just three things that I’m going to do right now. Okay. So we actually hit the GoPro really quick. Carlos. Carlos, can you put your hand up? So me and Carlos built this tool about three years ago. Okay. This was one of the first ever big tools that we built and we built it just for us to use for social agency, which is our retail agency.
We wanted to do, we want it to do something that was outside of the scope that nobody else had. We wanted to actually, you can go out front face Carlos. Robert said, I love you Carlos. Oh, well good. At least someone loves you. At least someone loves you. Carlos. Carl’s writing in the chat. I love you too. I love you too. It says chat canary. I love you too. But anyways, guys, like this was a tool that we built three years ago and when we were first building the tool, the thought process was we were doing a lot of cold calling, right? We’re going out and we’re trying to reach out to people and you guys don’t have how it is when you’re doing a cold call. You’re picking up the phone, you’re like, Hey, I’m Bobby. You just want to see if I can do some marketing for you, right?
You go and you go through that process and you’ll have your page and you’ll have your script. And that’s completely cool, right? But the problem with that is, is you’re doing the same thing that everybody else is doing, okay? And that’s issue number one. Okay. The second issue that falls into place as you’re probably doing like, hey, we’re going to do like a free report for you and show you like where you’re struggling with your agency and like everybody else is doing that too, so that’s problem number two, right? You’re not differentiating yourself from anybody else. You’re doing the same thing that everybody else is doing. You’re offering them a free consultation, you’re offering them a free some type of report. They can go out and scan their business, but when has somebody ever called the business and said, hey Bobby, I took the last couple of weeks to build you a custom website because I saw that your current website was probably not a good fit for you.
I see that you’re running ads and you’re bringing these people to an old website. I wanted to pick to take it upon myself and my team. We spent the last couple of weeks building you a custom website and I want to just send you over a quick link so you can view it. I can either shoot you an email or I can just send you an SMS right now to your phone and you can check it out right now. That’d be cool with you guys. Can you guys do me a favor? Drop in the chat. If somebody called you and said, hey, you just built your website. I want to send you a link so you can view the website right now. I can just shoot you over an email or text message. Would you say yes or would you say no, just go ahead and drop it in the chat?
Yes or no? It’s a freaking website like they just built. If somebody called me like I took so much time, I took two weeks. I went out and built you a whole website and I just want to send it to you and I want you to just tell me what you think about it. It’s gonna like kill the old look at your old website. It’s completely new. It’s responsive, it’s custom. I already wrote all the content for it. I got all the images and graphics. It’s like a 60 page crazy website. It’s fully responsive, works on a desktop, mobile tablet, like everything is completely done. And Bobby just wanted to showcase that with you because I thought that you would like it. I thought that you would like it. Okay. So the first thing that we want to focus on is that differentiating yourself around and essentially making yourself separate.
Making yourself separate from your competition. Okay. So what we were able to do is we were able to actually go out and build a call center. Okay. And guys, by the way, question, just save it to last. Okay. so what we were able to do is we were able to number one, the first thing on any businesses to break the barrier, that barrier of, why are you calling me? I don’t trust you. I don’t know who the hell you are. I don’t know anything about you. You just randomly called me out of the blue and you’re asking me to do marketing. Okay? It’s one of the hardest things to do in this industry. Okay? And you guys probably had done cold calls yourself. You know that it’s tricky and you know that it’s difficult and it’s an issue. Okay? So the first thing that you can do is make yourself different.
Step to the side and say, Hey, you know what? Before I ask you for anything, I went ahead and took the time. I took the time, I had my team work on this. I went ahead and I built you a website and I want to send it to you right now. Okay? I want you to actually see the website. It’s live. You can check it out. I’ll send you a quick preview link and you can view it. Okay? So the first thing that happens is you go in and you break the barrier. You break that barrier of trust. Okay? Anytime we’re doing a cold call or anytime you’re dealing with somebody like that, there’s always a gate up. Okay? So for us, when we were building the tool, we were like, how the hell can we build something that just lets us drop that gate so we don’t have to deal with that issue?
Because literally that’s like 99.9% of why you are not selling to the people who you are randomly calling if you’re doing cold calling or cold traffic or anything like that. Right? It’s an issue. So the second that we figured out that problem and we were able to go out and do that outreach outreach, that gate dropped. Okay. And let me tell you guys something the second, the second that we were able to drop that gate in a cold call and on a phone call or doing anything and at the same time provide an immense amount of value by giving them something that they can see without you asking for their credit card first. Cause Marketing is hard to sell marketing, you’ve got to go out and you got to convince somebody first why they should, why they should be working with you. First thing, why they should be signing up for marketing, what the ROI is, what that’s gonna look like.
Then you’ve got to get the contracts and you got to go through all that process. But what if you can use this as a way to just get your foot in the door and say, Hey, my name is Chad. I want to provide a little bit of value for you. I’ve built a whole website for you. I want you to check it out. I want you to see what it looks like. Would that be okay with you? What are you guys think they’re going to say, guys, let’s go ahead and wake up. You think they’re gonna say yes or you think they’re going to say no? Drop it in the chat.
Yeah, they’re going to say yes, right? So when you’re cold calling, think about this, okay? You go out and you make a hundred phone calls. Okay? Let’s just say hypothetically, all hundred people answer the phone. Out of those hundred people that answered the phone on your current marketing pitch, forget about instance sites. Put that to the side on your current marketing pitch pitch. How many of you actually go out and you’re like, hey you know, I did a scan on your website and looks like we can do some SEO for you and help you. It’s a Facebook ads and you do your pitch out of a hundred people that you call, give me a number, drop it in the chat. How many of those people actually schedule a consultation call with you out of 100 phone calls? Let’s just say all of them answered, how many of those hundred people, we’ll actually schedule a consultation with you and give you the time of the day on the current pitch that you’re using right now, which is probably like, I’ll help you like rank or I’ll help you get more leads on Facebook, right? You want to hear what our stats was when we were doing outreach and we would call a hundred people and get a hundred people on the phone.
You guys want to hear it drop? Yes in the chat if you want to hear what our outreach method was. Jeron said GC would love these stats. It is right? So most of you guys your time. Now think about this, most of you guys are cold calling yourself, right? Your time is actually wasted doing these calls, right? So if you can get more from your time, 30% or actually 10 x more from your time with that one little thing, be a value to you, yes or no, drop it in the chat. And if you can 10 x your operation to just get more people who are interested in your services to book an appointment with you, do you think that that would help your current situation? Yes or no? Yeah, we got yeses across the board. Okay. And it makes sense guys, cause you guys are out here and you’re doing hard work. Okay? It’s a life changing number. It really is. Now guys, I want you to think about this. Okay? I’m going to give you a real life changing number that you’re going to see, right? Let’s go here. Let me write this page out.
Awesome. So now take this, take those same hundred calls. Well let’s just say that this was one person, okay. This was just one person. Okay, that one person can do about 30 bookings per day, okay? Now, this number is not a hundred percent accurate. Tell you why I’m going
Off active calls, okay, so if we want to make this more realistic, we’re not going to say a hundred calls because you can go out and you can do calls and I’m going to show you guys at a 10 x this too. We’ll do that towards the end, but let’s just say if we do it on a perspective of actually speaking to somebody, we give like a realistic number, okay? Let’s say we give a realistic number and let’s say we do 50 calls. Let’s say we do half that. We crunched that. Let’s say we actually hustled and we call 150 people per day. 200 people per day and 50 people actually answer the phone. Out of the 50 people, what’s 30% of 50 somebody help me out here. 30% of 50 30% of 50 what is that? 15 okay, 15 how would your life change if you can have 15 new calendar appointments on your calendar? Every single day.
15 here. 15 here, how would your life change? Right? It would be life changing, right? Dan said, yeah, it’d be life changing. Now think about this guys. What if you took this number and you multiply that? Let’s say you 10 x that Shit too and you had 10 people calling and those 10 people each got 15 numbers. When you get 150 people interested in your services, new, drop that on a calendar. How would your life change then? This is what we were doing guys. Okay? The numbers are insane, okay? Now obviously these numbers are going to fluctuate for every single person, okay? But I’m going to show you guys the scripts that we use. I’m gonna show you guys how we did this. I just want you to understand the mentality cause most of you guys are thinking about, this is just a tool. You’re thinking about it as a piece of software.
It’s another piece of software. It’s another tool. What am I going to do with all this? Like this is what you’re going to do with this. You think about, forget about the software for a second. It’s not about the software, it’s about the strategy of using the software. Because if you’re just going to go out and you’re just gonna start building websites for random people and upload a list and like never speak to them, you’re just wasting your time. Okay. You might have people that bite, but like this is the right way to do it. Okay, so I’m going to go back. I’m going to rewind a little bit. Okay Dude, show me I have to leave. I’m stoked. I want to purchase. Yeah, so all you want to do both, it just, it’s as easy to just logging into your dashboards account. Okay? You literally, can we go p and p really quick? It’s as simple as this guys. All you got to do is just go into your dash x account, click by agency, Click agency tools in the main menu. Once you click agency tools, you’re going to click on insights. It’s going to bring you to this page. There’s subscriptions
You can purchase or three actual paid subscriptions. Any one of those subscriptions, you can just purchase those and you’ll be inserted into the raffle. Okay guys. So let me go back to the mindset stuff really quick so you guys can understand what’s going on here. Okay, awesome. By the way, guys, can everybody wake up 304 in the chat? Go. Let’s see how quick three Oh four in the chat. All right, so let’s say that’s on awesome strategy, right? You want to go out, you wanna do your cold calling. I guess the main, the main thing here is that you really want to focus on is the mindset, the shift, understanding what this tool is actually capable of doing. Okay. Just give you a little teaser. I’m going to go into way more than that. Okay. So when we were doing this, we had a team of 21 people going out and breaking the barriers on people and saying, I build your free website.
They were actually going there. We’re giving them the website. And when we first started doing it we did it two ways. The first way that we started doing it was we would actually give away the website for free and we would package it into other marketing service. That was saying, you know what, Bobby? We’re going to give you the website completely for free. We usually charge like three, four grand to build a 50 page website like this. I’m just going to comp the website build for you since we already built the whole thing out. However, I think I can help you do some SEO or some Google ads for your business and help you actually drive traffic to this brand new website that we’re going to give you 100% for free right now. If you guys think that that would be cool.
Can you say yes in the chat? If you think that that would be cool. Did you say yes in the chat? Go ahead. Hi Guys. I’m going to show you guys actually how to use in society. Okay. I’m going to show you guys how to use the platform. We’re going to start with that and then after that I’m going to show you guys how to actually go out and sell into sites. Okay, let’s go p and p really quick. Okay. She is sometimes we still work through her. Carlos came in here with the Ethernet cable. He’s wiring me up so I can get better connection on my, on my side screen. Thank you for that. Carlito. All right, cool guys. So all you gotta do for insight, did you just go over here, log in your account, it’s now available. If you click agency tools, you will see our two agency tools.
One is the agency website. If you don’t have an agency website, I highly recommend you get that. We’ll talk about that another time. The second one is in society. So all you gotta do is just click on insights and it’s going to take you to the insights overview page. Okay, so this is what it looks like. Pretty simple guys. Now I’m going to go through this with you. Okay. Now on insights there is four different plans. There is the light version which is free and you can build three insights per month. Essentially guys, this is just for you guys to test it out, go and build a site or to see how the whole software works and then obviously jump into one of the paid plans cause you’re going to be super limited to really doing anything on here. Okay? Like think about it. If you’ve got, you want to go out and book 15 calendar appointments per day that’s going to last you like not even a quarter of a day and then your subscription is going to be out.
So that’s the free version. Okay. Now the free version includes three insight belts per month and our single site builder. And I’m going to walk you guys through the whole process where you can actually go out and build one website at a time just by simply filling out a form. And then Bam, the software will actually go out and build the site for you. It’s going to be access to all of our site templates. Okay? So right now we had seven site templates. I’ll go through that in there for you guys. Seven different industries. Now our goal with insights is to actually launch new templates every single month. So every month there’s going to be new industries, some, so the light plan, it’s going to give you access to all the site templates. Now, every single month we’re going to have a web developer dedicated and a content writer dedicated to just building out more templates for you guys.
So every single month we’re going to be injecting and it’s going to be right there and available for you guys. Read any insights tool, new industries. I know some of the popular ones that we’ve been asked to do that we already started working on is real estate solar, like a lot of these really awesome industries that you’re looking for, they’re going to be coming in very soon. Right now we have 30 day site storage, so we’re going to actually give you guys 30 days after you build the site to actually go out and sell the sites. You have a Lysol prospecting method. After that, it’s going to go into the purge section inside. So we get 30 day site stewards. We’re going to store your sites in your, my entire site sat for 30 days on the 31st day. That site is going to get moved over into the protection and on the protection.
You can just recreate the site whenever you want. I’m going to show you guys how to do that to a, then we have our premium into site pricing. So once you go out and you’re doing all this prospecting in and somebody bites and like, you know what, I actually want to buy this website. This is a bad ass website. It looks amazing. I want to buy it. You literally just go into your insights plan a and interiors insights account. You just click add to cart checkout. It’s a $97 one time fee to buy the website and then it’s $25 a month, which includes hosting and that’s a sales certificate and access to the drag and drop platform. That client also automatically gets added into your dashboard. They get sent out a welcome message, like a bunch of really cool techie should happen in the back end, which makes you look like a total badass.
Okay, so that’s the first thing, okay? Then also, so that’s the light plan, okay? Now that’s select plan. You can build three sites a month. After that, you go into the basic plan. Now the basic plan is you can build now with a hundred websites a month. Okay? So you go from three sites to a hundred websites a month, okay? But what’s also included basically includes everything in the light plan, but it also includes the, the availability to actually send out SMS and email notifications. You guys like Chad, why is this important? Well, you can be on the phone with somebody and say, hey Bobby, I just built you a website. I’m going to send you a quick link to it right now. Just pull your phone out, check your phone real quick, and it’ll be there in about 30 seconds to a minute. Just pull your phone out.
Ah, send you a quick link if you want. You can even stay on the phone. We right now we can, we can go through this website together right here, right now. Okay. If you’re so if you’re so excited about it because I’m excited about it cause I just spent weeks building you the site, right? So you can literally do that. You can send off an SMS and an email notification. Now just to give you guys a heads up, this is the capability to send SMS notifications, okay? But you still need to purchase SMS credits. So you can just go right down here. And if you’re purchasing any of these paid plans, you want to go on and purchase SMS packages. So you can purchase a hundred to 5,500 or thousand SMS credits. All the pricing and the cost per credit is right down there.
And then you’ll have the availability to go out and send SMS notifications and email notifications. Okay. Then the next one is our plus plan. It’s one 97 a month. You can build 250 [inaudible] sites per month, okay? And now it also includes everything in the basic plan. But this is probably one of the most badass things we have in insights. You can build shit in bulk. So what happens now if you go out and you’d get a list, so what happens if you can actually take an excel file? You can go back, maybe you can do a couple of different things. You can go out and you can just go to Google naps and just build an excel file with a bunch of plumbers or painters or whatever industry you want to go after. Put ’em on an excel list, uploaded into two insights. It’s a site to actually button.
You upload a list of 250 you’re on the plus plan into sites. We’ll actually build all of those websites. You just upload it, the notification preferences, select the template you want to use and walk the hell away interstate. It’s going to build everything for you, everything for you, and you don’t have to do anything. You just walk away. Okay? Talk about prospecting there, right? Who loves that? Who loves that 450 to chat if you love it, four 50 in the chat if you love, love it, right? So you have access to our bulk site builder. Okay, that’s one 97 a month, 250 into sites. You get access to all of this cool stuff. Plus the book site builder. Then the premium plan, which obviously this is the one with the most value because it has every single feature, right? So for $297 a month, you can actually build out 500 in society per month.
Okay. I’ve been to take all the questions at the end. So we’re gonna do a huge Q and a DNR answer every single question. Okay? now with that, you’re gonna have the ability to customize the SMS notifications, customize the email notifications, and actually personalize the notifications with merge tags. And I’m going to show you guys how crazy that shit is going to get. Now you’re talking about bringing your conversion numbers through the freaking roof, okay? With a personalized message going straight to your prospect. And I’m going to show you how to build that in just a moment. Okay? So it’s pretty simple. These are the three plans, okay? If you’re planning on or if you’re on the fence about using insights, you better jump over the freaking fence cause time is running. Okay? We’re letting 200 people in, grab one of these planes and get into the raffle before one 30 okay. Also, like I said, if you guys are grabbing these planes and Grad SMS packages so you can fire off SMS messages, you guys know the difference between the conversion rate of an email and a SMS message. Go ahead and drop it in the chat, drop it in the chat. What is the conversion rate? What’s the average conversion rate of an email campaign? Let’s say you fire off an email campaign. What’s an average conversion rate?
Average conversion rate, Jamie said 50%. Probably not. 3% 10% average conversion rate for email campaigns. Let’s just say on a good day or like 20, 25%. Okay. What do you think it conversion rate is when you send an SMS message? Go ahead and drop it in the chat.
It’s like freaking 100% almost because it’s going straight to their phone in their pocket. So the chances of them reading at that versus you firing off an email and they’re getting buried in all the other hundreds of emails. They get a day from spam and Facebook and Yelp and reviews and all that other crop. It goes just just like a way to just get straight into their cell phone. Wouldn’t that be cool? So think about that. Okay, so SMS package is very powerful. Over here is your account overview is going to tell you what plane you’re in. As you can see, I’m just on the Freebie plan right now and I’ll show you how to upgrade and do all that cool stuff in just a second. You’ve got the active plan shows me how many site credits I have. So many has SMS credits I have, and then down here we got some FAQ.
This, for those of you guys that are still on the edge for whatever freaking reason, just read some of the FAQ. Okay, awesome. So that’s pretty much that. Okay. Now what I want to do is I’m going to be a boss right now and I’m going to purchase the most expensive plan. I’m going to go over here. I’m going to click upgrade plan. Okay, and then you’re going to see on the top right it says instasites premium added to cart, and then right here at the bottom it says complete your order. There’s a green bar there. Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and click complete my order. Okay. As we can see it. One ad, an ad, an instance sites premium to my account and added it for Demo Agency, which is just the, the, the, the name of the agency that we’re using for our demo account is 270 is $297 per month.
I got my credit card already loaded in there. I’m going to go ahead and place this order. I’m going to get home and get going right now. I’m going to place this order right now. We’re going to get going. Awesome. Congratulations. Your order’s processed successfully. Now, for those of you guys who are processes order, it’s going to say continue to step to add clients and sent onboardings. You can just ignore that. Since this is an agency tool, there’s not any onboarding documents for you guys. Okay? Now if you just go back to agency tools after you purchase, if I go to insert sites, I’m going to see here now that my active plan, you can see it says active plan under the two 97 my psych credit just went up to 500 my active plan went to premium, but I have zero SMS credits. Okay, so I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to buy a thousand SMS credits because you can see the cost per credit goes down as you buy bulk, just like anything in life.
So I’m going to add that and you can see the top writes in SMS credits, thousands added to the cart. I’m gonna go ahead and click complete order. I see that SMS credits thousands a thousand SMS credits, just a one time fee of 150 bucks. That should do me again. Go ahead and place the order there. Awesome. I’m going to go back to agency tools now. Like look how quick this is to get started. You can do some less than 30 seconds. Okay. All right, cool. Now I go in here. Bam. I got a thousand SMS credits. I got 500 site credits. I am ready to rock and roll. Okay? And also you can see now there were some lockboxes right here under bulk insights builder and notification templates because I was in the Freebie plan before, but now those lockboxes are available and I can click on any, every single one of those links.
Who wants to see how to use insights the right way, the boss way, the way where you can make it a lot of Moola go out and drop a 400 in the chat. Awesome. Everybody wants to see cheese. Whew. Woo. You guys get me excited like I need to. I’m getting excited here. Okay, let’s go. All right, cool. So the first thing that I want to do is I want to actually go to my single instance sites builder. Okay? So let’s just say I want to build a website for somebody. Right now. Let’s say I’m in the prospecting phase. I just spoke to Bobby, the painter, Bobby the painter’s ready to roll. He wants to see what his website looks like. I’m going to go ahead and start building a site. Okay, so I’m going to drop this in. I’m going to say Bobby, the painter.
Okay. That’s a company name. Then I’m going to drop in the phone number. I’m just going to put in any random phone number, 999-NINE-NINE-9999 909 cool. Bobby’s got a bad ass number. I’m going to drop on an email address. I’m going to say Bobby at Bobbie, the painter, the now I’m thinking about this now, I have used this email on almost every single one of my demos. If this is a real email, Bobby, the painter’s getting unloaded with some advertising stuff. Okay. He better start booking. Okay. Hi, so let’s keep going and then I’m going to do street address. Okay. Now, one cool thing about this guys and one thing also that you should be aware of is right now for SMS, okay. We are currently sending, you’re able to send out SMS text messages. It’s going to use this phone number, whatever phone number you put in here, that’s a phone number that it’s going to use to fire off that SMS message.
Whatever email you put in here, that’s the email that it’s going to use to fire off that email notification. Okay, so SMS currently we can send SMS to the United States, to UK, to Australia into Canada, and we are working on adding more. We’ll be adding more in the coming months. Okay, so I got that down. Now also, one thing you should keep in mind is the stores, the asterisks, those are the required fields. So you need to have the business name, you need to have a phone number, you need to have an email address, you need to have the city and you need to have the state or province if you’re doing Canada or something like that, right? So you get, you get the gist here. Okay. It’s just a simple form film. I’m going to fill this out the right way and I’m going to say one, two, three gritch street.
Okay. And let’s say man, sweet three zero, zero and the city is in Miami State is in Florida. Zip Code once, two, three, three, three, one, two, whatever country. Let’s do u s and day. First name. We’re going to say Bobby, once Bobby’s last name dropping to chat. Somebody give me Bobby’s last name. Drop it in the chat. Give me a last name for Bobby. Easy one that I can type in the painter. Somebody said painter. All right, let’s use Fisher. Somebody said fishing. Cool. All right, so pretty simple. I want to, and I filled out the form a side from talking to you guys. This would probably take me like 15 seconds to fill out. If I got a site screen and I’m on like Google or something like that or I’m on Yelp, I can literally just copy and paste this shit in like five seconds.
Okay, so that’s it. I just fill out the form. Now I want to go here and I want to turn this on. If I want to send email notifications. Now if you’re in the premium plan, you can actually go out and you can set up custom templates, which I’m going to show you how to do in just a minute. And I’m going to show you how to do that Chin style. So hang tight. Okay, so I’m going to turn this on and I’m gonna turn this on and you guys can see it’s got no templates available. If it says that it’s okay, they’ll still get an email notification and still get a message. It just going to be sent from our default view, which later on today, Carlos was going to add a little tool tip here, which is going to show you what the email and the SMS looks like for just the default template, okay?
But if you want, you can completely customize your own. If you’re in the premium plan and that’s how you skyrocket your freaking conversion rates. And I’m gonna show you how to do that in just a second. Okay? Now, what industry is Bobby in? These are the seven industries we got available. We’ve got locksmith painting, roofing, plumbing, towing, electrician, HVAC, and we’re adding new ones every single month. We’re going to add a couple new templates, so in a couple of months there’s going to be a shit ton of industries and templates in here. What Industries Bobby in? Come on, somebody said painter. Good. Bobby the painter man. All right, cool. Now we just want to check this box off to agree to the terms of service and we’re going to build this bad boy out and we’re going to wait. One, two, three, boom. We’re ready to roll. We’re ready to roll now.
Tech. Now let me tell you something, peeps. If you can get a group of web developers to build your website that quick, come see me. All right, so what’s going to happen is now it just dropped this website into the cute section under your my insights tab. Okay, so you can see that right here in my insights is hovered over or underlying and it’s inside of the actual Q tab. So basically what cued means is think about this as a tab that’s basically like in hold. The system is actually building the website. Once the website is being done and it’s actually completely built out, that website is going to Mo. Move over from the Q tab into the prospecting tab, which literally should take probably seconds, probably about less than a minute. Okay, so if I go now the CCL, it’s as business named Bobby the painter phone number nine nine nine nine (999) 999-9999 that’s see the phone number I put in the email, Bobby and Bobby, the status is queued date schedule.
If I go over to prospect’s priority there. Okay, let’s reload this. Bam. There it is. It’s already there, so you see that it’s out of the queue. The website is already built. Bobbi, the pain are right there. Now you, you now see date created, right and assigned to the website Id. The status is in prospect, which means you’re in the prospecting stage. Okay? I’m going to actually go out and I want to see what the hell this website looks like really quick, so this is what Bobby’s going to see. Okay? Bobby can literally look at this and check this out on a desktop. Check this out on tablet like look how bad ass this website is, but what if I just want to look at it on desktop up at the top. I can just click the little computer icon. Check out how bad ass this website is.
Don’t you think this will completely kill any like regular pain or websites that sound like the go daddy website builder? You got think it would kill that. Can you drop a yes in the chat? Yes in the chat. If you think that this looks better than one of those like GoDaddy builders, shitty websites that every other painter has. Right? But check this out. If I’ve got a resident, oh, but look, let’s go second. Let’s go back a second. I forgot to say the main thing. Check out the content that’s injected. Check out the contents object and go PMP. Real quick. Channel the cutters injected. It says Bobby and the pain are up in the top left. Need a qualified painter, Bobby. The painter can help it injected Bobby, the painter’s phone number and all of the buttons, painting services, trusted painting services in Miami, Florida.
The system is even optimizing this. Okay, look at this about section about Bobby, the painter at Bobby, the painter. We provide high quality services in Miami for, you’re like, check this out. It’s injecting everything and literally built a whole website. Okay, look at this. I’m going to scroll down. Why choose Bobby, the painter phone number? Bobby, the painter in Miami. Look at this. All Bobby, the painters and the footer and the contact information. Look at this and then if I go to residential, click on this. This is like a 60 page website, Miami residential painting. Bobby the painter. Look at this interior painting, exterior painting docks, index roof painting like every single, every single residential painting services that a painting person can probably offer, right? Let’s go to roof painting. I’ll click on that. Look at this page completely on roof painting. Look at the Sidebar, Scott, Bobby, the painters phone number, just injecting in.
Anybody getting excited, just go ahead and drop a four oh four in the chat. And this is somewhat getting you excited. Look at this, look at that. And would you like to know more? We offer some of the best painting services in your area. Just call us. Here’s the phone number. What if I go to commercial? Oh my God, look at all this more pages. What if I go to industrial more pages? Look how awesome this is. What if I go to about us? Beautiful about us page talking about Bobby, the painter. If I go to contact us, all of Bobby, the painter’s information is there. Paint on the guy’s freaking map like the map. Drop that right on his fricking office building. Okay, so let’s check this out on tablet. Wow, it looks pretty sexy on tablet, but we all know that about 80% of the searches come from mobile, right? So check this out. Look at this. Let’s go to commercial chip, Moon Law, the commercial services. Oh boy, we’ve got a contact. Check this shit out. Okay, so the reason why I’m showing you guys this is if you send this to Bobby, the painter, and you send this to Bobby, the painter. Do you think Bobby, the painter is going to get excited? Five oh five in the chat?
Yeah. Hell yeah. Bobby, the painter is going to get excited. This is how we sold millions of dollars worth of digital marketing. This is right here. We just did it right. All right, cool. So let’s go back. So now we got your site, Bobby, the painter, and it’s giving me, right? Then if we click on this little icon with the little eye, it’ll actually show me all the information that I filled out on the actual original form. Okay? That’s pretty much as simple as that. Okay? Now guys, if you guys want to actually buy the website, let’s say you call Bobby the painter and Bobby, the painters like to, this is the sexiest site I have ever seen in my life. Let’s rock and roll. I don’t even want to speak anymore. Just take my credit card and bill me right now for this shit. All you gotta do is say, all right, charge Bobby’s credit card, get them all in your invoicing system and get them charged for whatever merchant process where you have, and then all you gotta do is you just go right here and on the screen itself there’s a little green purchase button.
You just click at the court. Look how easy this is. Complete your order. It’s going to add that in the court insta site’s website for Bobby, the painter price is $25 a month. It’s setup fee is $97 it’s $122 to go and activate this site right now covers your setup fee, covers your $25 a month charge, which includes hosting for Bobby and that’s the sales are different for Bobby. Access to the drag and drop web builder. Bobby’s access to the actual dashboard, which is fully white, labeled under your agency. Okay, so let’s say I’m ready to roll. I’m just going to click place order.
Give it a second.
Well, can you fit second? A little bit of love. Carlito Carlito Carlito now we go. Congratulations. Your order has been placed successfully. Awesome. Now on this step, this is where you guys can go and click continue to step two. Okay, I’m just going to dismiss this right now and all you got to do is literally you can see like the onboarding docs for Bobby, the painter or reload this page really quick. All right, so if I go to onboarding docs and I go to set up y’all, you got to hit proceed. Hold up one second.
Bang, Bang, Bang. All right, cool. So now all I gotta do man, I’ll get out of this cause this was a test from earlier. All you gotta do is put in Bobby’s first name, Bobby’s last name, Bobby’s email address. Toggle this off to send Bob the onboarding documents. The onboarding documents is literally just Bobby filling out his contact from whatever’s left that we didn’t already pre-fill cause we’re bad asses and we do everything with technology. So it’ll take Bobby like a less than a third of a second to fill out the onboarding [inaudible] probably like two questions that it needs to get asked. Okay. But it’s also going to fire off an email to Bobby the painter, which is gonna be with all of your branding. It’s gonna say Bobby, the painter. Here’s access to the dashboard is how you go in and edit your website every time you want to make any edits, right?
So if I go over here, let’s go back to the dashboards homepage. Okay, if I go under here, I now see Bobby, the painter in the dropdown. If I click Bobby the painter, I can go right here and look what it activated. Kate shows Bob to the painter’s dashboard. Bobby, the payer now has access to the CRM. You’ll also get access to the builder. There’s Bobby the painters website, right? I can literally go in here, I can click edit website, I can go and I can actually edit the entire website. So like Bobby, the painter could go in here and edit anything that he wants. Need a qualified planner. Do you need a qualify painter? Like that’s how simple it is. Click the check mark. Click republish.
Guys, if you can’t charge website maintenance for this, this is like shit that takes two seconds. Okay, Bam. Done. Okay, awesome. We went and edited the whole website. Okay, now guys, all you have to do from here, this entire process was automated. It was just you filling out a form, adding something to the court. Checking out takes less than 30 seconds. Okay? Takes less than 30 seconds. Okay? All you have to do now, and we already made your life super simple. You just go back to agency tools, go to [inaudible] sites, go to tutorials, check this out, guys, set up custom domain, two minute and 32 minute and 32 second video. All you have to do is take Bobby’s domain name, change the DNS records, which we show you exactly how to do it. Takes literally two minutes and 32 seconds to do cause we do it live in the tutorial and that’s it.
You’re done. You just walk away. Okay. Now how much you guys think that you can sell this website for? To Bobby the pain or go out and drop it in the chat. How much do you think you can sell this website forward to Bobby, the painter, Matthew says, one cane, nine 99 700 Chris and said 10 k thousand and 1497 nine 97 two K don’t head. Come on guys dropping in the chat. How much you think you can sell this website to Bobby, the payer for drop it in the chat, drop it in the chat. (450) 080-0990 seven $99 a month. Yeah, you guys are a hundred percent right. You want me to tell you what we charged? I’ll tell you what we charge 4,500 Steve said, Phillip said free. I like that. Two guys. By the way, if you guys are watching this after and you’re watching this on youtube, there’s going to be a subscribe button somewhere around here.
Just go ahead and hit that subscribe button. If you’re watching this on social media, take that little finger and tap tappy on the light, dropping some comments below whether on Youtube, whether you’re on Facebook, dropping all your comments below. We love when you guys engage with us. Trust me and makes me like get amped up. I’m already getting excited. Okay, so that’s all you got to do. Just go on point that domain name over. I’m going to talk to you guys about like the sales and how much we sell it for in just a second. Okay? So that’s how simple it is to go out and build a website just with a single instant sites builder. Like, dude, you just fill out a form, call Bobby, send them an SMS, send them an email message and like that’s it. Just go and sell. Sell the website.
That’s all you gotta do. Okay? By the way, guys, we’re only we 25 minutes away from shutting down the Raffle, okay? For those of you guys, I know new people keep jumping on. This is a crazy webinar. Thank you guys for staying with me. I’m about to drop even more crazier stuff in just a second. So hang tight. For those of you guys who purchase any one of your insights subscription, whether it’s a 97 one 97 or two 97, we’re going to take your name and we are going to throw it into a raffle and we’re going to pick a name out of the box and you’re going to get your whole month comp on us. We’re going to refund you back your money. You’re going to join into sites on us for an entire month. Okay. so make sure the cutoff time is one 30 EST, which is in about 23 or yeah, something like that.
23 minutes, something like that. Right? So make sure if you plan on getting it, you can literally purchase an instasites subscription in less than 30 seconds. You just open up a new tab, log in your dash clicks account, go to agency tools, click on insights, pick a plan, click one of these buttons added to the cart and checkout 30 seconds. Gavin said just made another $3,500 a month because of this tool. Yeah, Gavin has been crushing it. Dude. Gavin props you’d Rather Gavin put up? I think he did like a five k a month charge the other day. Now you just sit another 3,500. We just had another member of our group Walters sell a $4,500 a month contract with this tool. Like you guys went out and you took action and you’re pre-selling this. It’s pretty crazy. Okay, so Kudos to you guys. So I showed you what the my insights tab is.
I showed you the overview section. I showed you the single sides builder. Now let’s go to the big boy, okay. Now if you’re in one of the bigger packages, if you’re on the plus or you’re in the premium package, you have access to the insight, the bulk and builder. Now if you don’t have that, this will be locked out. There’ll be a bit little lock icon next to the book in society’s Builder Texts and you won’t even have access to even access this page. Okay? That’s why I keep telling you guys like if you’re thinking about scaling, if you think about growing like don’t get the $97 plan, $97 plan is cute. But if you want to actually go out and scale your agency and close deals like Gavin did, Gavin took the [inaudible], the two 97 plan. This guy is probably building hundreds of websites today, okay?
So here there’s three different things that you can do here. First thing you can do is upload a CSV file. Okay? Now we made your life even simpler. If you see this right here on the top right hand side, it says download sample template. All you gotta do it. Just click on that. It’s going to download an excel template for you. You literally take that excel template, you put all of your contact information on it for the website you’re trying to build. Then you just re upload it. You just go in here and you go back here and you go to upload prospect CSV file, click on it, attach the freaking template and upload it in. Okay, so you have the CSV file here. Then you have the copy and paste from excel. So copy and paste tools call. You can just copy and paste.
It’s got to be in this format. So just following instructions honestly to make your life super easy, I recommend just using the easiest method here is a CSV file. Download the template, add your information and upload it in like that’s how simple it is. Okay guys. And then you have manual entry. So let’s say if I want to just, if I spoke to like six people today and just want to go in here really quickly, just click this little green plus icon. It’s going to open up a form. You just fill out all this information, click add or you can even click Adam, continue. And you can just do this like five or six times in a row. And then once you have that done, once again, like let’s say you go in here and you out, you upload a CSV file. I’ll think about this.
Those of you guys who are in for those of you guys were in the premium plan, let’s talk about the big boy plan right now. Okay. For those of you guys that are in the premium plan, you have the availability to to build 500 insert sites per month, okay? Now what that means is you can literally go right now and you can get a list of a hundred plumbers on Yelp. You can go to info group USA or exact by a list of a hundred plumbers. Okay? For like 50 bucks or 20 bucks or something like that. Take that list and literally just upload it in here and fire off email and an SMS messages to everybody on this list and then just cold calling them and say, Hey, I just sent you a link to your new website. Get a second to speak.
Can we chat for a minute really quick? I just spent about two weeks building new site. Would that be cool with you? Okay guys, wake up, let’s go. 399 to chat. Three 89 the Chet go, go, go. Right? So think about that. I get a list of a hundred painters right now. I take that list I uploaded in here, literally takes me one second to upload the list and I go over here, toggle the sun, toggle the sun, I go down here, I select because I got a list of a hundred painters. Select that, click this, and then click build in society. I don’t have a CSV file uploaded, but if you do, it’ll allow you to do that. And then what’s going to happen is you’re going to take those hundred websites and it’s going to add them to the my insights tab right over here.
And they’re gonna all be in the cute section. And what’s going to happen is the system is going to go site by site. You can just do that. Like literally, you just go to [inaudible] site, you upload your CSV file, select your email or text message notifications. So like the template you want, click build insights, go to the movies, hang out, go to movies, hang out and go bowling with some friends. Go eat dinner with your wife. Come back. Maybe half hour, hour later, all the sites will be built for you right here, ready to prospect. None. That’s how you use insta sites like a boss. Okay. That’s it. Start building shit in bulk scale. When you’re talking about scaling, we were talking about taking it to the next level. You can’t do that by building three sites a month. Don’t be cheap and being light, plane, come on people. We’re here to make money. We’re here to grow as a team. Today has been a long day. We were up last night adding a bunch of final touches on this. Me and Carlos were up till like 12 at night. I don’t even know how long it was fricking long. Okay. by the way, for those of you guys that are on here, if you want to follow my life, you can just go to Chad Kodary on Instagram and you can watch everything that we did yesterday behind the scenes.
Cool. Oh, Neville said 46. Can I change plan? Yeah. So what’s cool about this guys is I’m going to go back to the overview section. You can actually upgrade anytime you want. Okay. So if you’re in the $97 plan right now, all you have to do it, just go right here and click upgrade. It’ll say upgrade over here, just click upgrade. And the system will actually credit you the amount towards your next month. So you do not lose any money. It’ll automatically do the calculation for you and you can upgrade at any time that you want. So for those of you guys who use this and you’re already in the $97 plan, you’re like, Oh shit, if I upgrade right now, I’m going to lose my 97 bucks. No changes are the system’s going to credit you like $93 or some shit like that. I don’t know.
I’m not a mathematician. And it’s going to upload that and it’s going to deduct it from the two 97 that you would pay and you would pay the difference, right? So you can upgrade right now if you’d like. If you’re in the $97 plan and you want to be Boston step up to the next level and using this tool the right way, you just upgrade real quick. Just one click of a button. Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang. All right, cool. Let’s get back in here. Awesome. So that’s the bulk insights builder section. Really simple to use. Now guys, we always use these complex softwares and these complex tools and it’s like, ah, how do I do this? This is also confusing, like I can use this as the crazy software and like it’s just, it makes my life and my ted turn. I’m not a techie guy, like, did I do anything here that was technical at all? Go ahead and drop it in the chat. Did I do anything so far that required me to be a developer or a coder or a website designer or a graphic designer or an it specialist? Did I do anything here right now during this demo that required me to be in this crazy scenario where I have to know like crazy coding or anything like that that I do. Anything here? Yes or no? Drop it in the chat.
No, I didn’t. All I did was just fricking fill out a form. It took me two seconds. That’s the power of insights. Okay, people. Now we’re going to swing over for those of you guys who are in the premium plan. This is my favorite feature by far. Okay. Favorite feature by far? Okay. Get ready for this shit. And guys try to hold all your questions until the end. We’re going to do Q and a at the end. Okay. I cool. So what I’m going to do here now is I can create unlimited amount of email templates and SMS templates, right? So check this out. Let’s say if I know that I want to create a template, I know I’m going to start targeting painters, okay? But I might want to target painters, roofers, plumber, whatever it is, right? Let’s just say for the hell of it, I want to target painters.
All I gotta do is what do I want my email subject to be? What do I want my email subject to me? What would you guys put as the email subject? Typing in the chat. So what you guys want to focus on here is strategy also very important. Okay? There’s two different types of people that you might be sending this message to. You might and you can, that’s why we do, we have unlimited templates. Customize, create like a hundred templates for all we care. Go in there. It’s unlimited. Okay, think about this really quick. If you are sending a message to a person who you’ve already spoken to and you told them that you built them a website and now you are sending them that message, that message is going to be different than the person who has never spoken to you before. Would you agree with me?
Yes or no? Yes or no? If you agree with me. Yes. It’s two different messaging, right? So let’s just say I didn’t speak to this person. That messaging is going to be completely different. Let’s write one up together. Okay? So for me, my messaging would be if I never spoke to this person in my life, and this is a straight up cold email and cold text message, we’re going to create one too. I’m going to say new website for, oh, come on. I gotta learn how to spell at one of these days. Maybe. Who knows? Maybe I’ll just be a really cool marketer. I’m going to say new website for
Now guys. I’m not going to just sit here and write in every single business his name. That would be insane, right? What if I can just go down here and click business name, boom, and it drops it in there. It’s called the merge tag. It will literally inject the information that you put when you built the websites or whatever that business name was. It’s gonna drop that business name right here so that way you can use this at scale. I’m going to add an exclamation point. Let’s do this. Let’s say we filled out the whole form. Okay? For the whole form, we got the first name, the last name, the email, the address, check out how completely customize this. You can get you ready for this? All right, so I’m going to write up a quick email. Okay. I’m going to say, Hey, and then I’m going to go here. I’m going to click first name. I want to put in the guy’s first name. Oh, I dropped it up here by mistake. Sorry, give me one second. We delete that. I’m going to say, Hey, first name.
It’s called business name. All right. Maybe we found a bug bear rug climb whales bug everybody say dammit Carlos. Everybody say dammit Carlos, there’s a buck. Buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck. I Carlos was literally walking out of the room to go fix it. Okay. It’ll probably be fixing like 30 seconds cause that’s how we do shit here. Everybody said Damn it. Carlos, you gotta push live again for that or no? No. Alright cool. Alright cause you can go fix that in one second. I’m going to keep talking about psychology and by the time he gets back in like two minutes, we’ll go back to this. Okay. So think about this really quick. You’re going to send two different types of messaging. Okay? You’re going to send message a, which is going to be somebody that you never met, never spoke to, never anything.
You can send message being something that you just got off the phone with. It’s just more of like a warmer prospect cause you just went out and did that whole thing. Okay. So you’re going to want to create two separate emails. I’m going to do the message, the SMS message one in the meantime, okay, so let’s say I want to do an SMS message, okay? It’s the same concept. I can inject merge tags. Now one thing I want you to be familiar with is merge tags themselves. So what is an actual merge tag? A merge tag is the information that you are giving to insights. We will take that information and inject it in your messaging to be able to customize the content. Now this is only available in the premium plan. That’s why it’s very important that you jump up to the premium plan because your conversion rates when you personalize your messages.
If you guys know anything about marketing, literally skyrocket through the roof, skyrocket through the roof. Okay? So I’m going to go in here and I’m going to say, oh, one thing you guys should know also is, and you can read this little thing down here. Each SMS message is limited to 160 characters. Keep in mind the insights preview link, the link that you’re going to send your clients out. Website link is 45 characters on its own, okay. Also, when adding merged tags, this will always change the character limit as each merge tag will result in a different character limit. What that basically means is if I go in here and I put in business name in here, that business name can be Bobby’s painting or it can be Bobby, the painter, the best painter in the world, which is going to be longer, right?
So we don’t know what that is until we actually fire off the SMS. Okay? So what I recommend doing for SMS is keep it short and sweet because every hundred and 60 characters that the system sends, it’s going to bill you for one SMS credit, okay? It’s going to deduct one SMS credit. Now, if you create a long ass text message and it’s like 600 characters, which you don’t need to do that, you’re just blowing up somebody’s phone for no reason, that’s insane. Then it’s gonna deduct like three or four credits. Okay? So just keep it short and sweet. You can get it all knocked out in one credit. We used to do this, we’ve got it all knocked out in one credit. So this is what we would do. Okay.
You said, hey, hey, first name.
Now keep in mind this is for messaging a, we never spoke to this person as a cold message. Okay? So Hey, first name, I decided to build you a new website.
Here’s the link.
Let me just click Bam preview link dropped in the previewing.
Call me. It’s Chad from
Whatever dash clicks,
No drop in agency phone number. So now what’s going to happen here is gonna say, hey Bobby, I decided to build you a new website. Here’s the link and I’ll actually give them the preview link. Call me, it’s Chad from dash lakes and it’ll drop in my phone number, the agency phone number, whatever phone number is on my agency account. Are you guys getting this? Yes or no? If you get this, go ahead and drop it in. It’s pretty simple stuff. I’m not doing anything technical. I have not coated anything yet. This is just, I’m just creating a simple message. Have you ever guys wrote an email like that’s all I’m doing. It’s really simple, right? That’s it. That’s my template. There it is. We’re done. I’m going to click save. Okay, so I’m going to call this outreach template
And I’ll say first name because I have the person’s first name. Sometimes you might have the people’s in, so customize these templates. Then I’m gonna hit accept k and then Bam. There’s my template right there. Outreach template right in the drop down. Okay. If I want to create a new template, I just go over here and create another new template and just type in whatever I want here, click safe. Call this dummy template, click accept, save that. Now I’ve got most of my templates right here. Now let’s say if I want to go back to the outreach template and edit it, I’m going to go back here and I’m going to just do some editing here. Okay? Whatever, and then I click update. Are you sure you want to update? Yes, like that’s how simple it is. Had I caught it? Anything here guys? Is Anything here confusing?
Nothing. This is built for marketers. This is not built for developers, okay? This is built for you to go out and market your services. You can make that money and start getting some clients fast, okay? So the same thing is here, okay? Now I know Carl’s was working on it, but you guys get the concept, okay? This will be fixed the next couple of minutes. All you got to do in here is put in an email subject, okay? Then you’ve got to go in here and you’re going to drop in. You know, here is my message, okay? Just as an example, here is your site. Here’s my message, whatever. I’ll drop in a preview link or won’t. That’s what he’s fixing. So he can’t do that. So that’ll be fixed, right? And then here we want to do the reply to email. So what is this? What is the reply to email? Chad, what are you talking about? You’re crazy. What are you talking about? Chat? It’s like nothing is crazy here, right? Nothing is crazy here.
That’s the email. So you’re going to send them an email and it’s going to come from a white labeled email. It’s going to be co, it’s going to come from a, I think it’s [email protected] That’s it. But if they’re like, holy shit, this is crazy, I want to speak to this guy. And they reply back to that email. That’s what email they are going to reply back to. Pretty simple. Oh, it’s a touch screen issue. Yeah. Okay. So actually it’s not a bug, it’s the fact that I’m on here. So you guys can actually do that and everything will work just fine. Good. everybody say I take it back, Carlos. All right, cool. So it’s the same, same concept here. So you just dropped [inaudible] but your email, my [email protected], that’s it. And you just drop in your email and you click save guys and it’s going to ask you again, create your template c l reach complete, whatever it is.
Okay. I spelled it wrong and that’s it. Same thing here. You want to edit that website? You just go over here, edit whatever you want. Click up thing. Say the changes super quick in and out guys. Okay. Because we got busy schedule, busy schedule gotta be in and out. Okay. Now if I go back and I want to build the website, okay, I fill out the form like usual. Now if I want to turn this bad boy on, I can select my template. If I’m in the premium plan, Bam outreach template, I’ll turn this on. I’ll select my template here. Dummy template or outreach template, whatever it is that I want you guys see how cool that is. Super quick. Now imagine creating multiple templates. Imagine creating one template for painters and customizing the whole messaging. Like, hey, we work with painters in your area in blink and then you can drop in the city name. Okay. Can you actually go back p and p really quick. This is actually what we used to do. Okay. I know I can’t do it whenever actually do here because on here it works. Okay, so this is, don’t do this in the SMS. Do this in the email, but we’re having a problem with the touchscreen and the issue here. So your, your should work perfectly fine. So the [inaudible] should say, hey Bobby.
No, we do this. So, hey Bobby. I specialize in working with painters in, oh look at this city. I took the time to build business name. Hey brain new website. Yeah, it’s a drag and drop. Okay. Took the time to build Bobby, the painter, a brand new website. Okay. Now I know you service the city name again area and that’s the area. Well that’s the area I live in too. Let’s say if you want to go local, I live in too. Here is the new website I built for Bobby, the painter drop in the preview link. You see what’s going on here? Looking forward to working with you. Bobby, hit me up if you like what you see. Best regards,
Chad could Derry. I’ll drop man, my agency name right there. I’ll drop in my agency phone number and I’ll drop you my email address. Customize message. How cool is that guys in two seconds. Quick custom message. Quick customer message. Now think about this. You can create one for every single industry. This will take you like an hour and you can create like 50 templates in an hour. So go in there and have fun with this crate, the different messaging. Okay, can we get that too? All right, one 30 guys, one 30 all right, cool. So we’ve got a bunch of people in here too, so we’ll leave this right here. Okay guys, these are all of the people that purchased our insights subscription, okay? I think that’s already the cutoff. So you can still don’t purchase your anthracite subscription. Obviously don’t be limited to this. This is just a raffle for a free month that we’re going to give off.
Okay? So think about this guys. I went into the coder thing. I’m not a coder. I don’t need to learn code for this shit. That’s how quick it is to build templates, okay. On top of that guys who make your life even easier, like always like everything a dash flex does. If you just clicked tutorials, we created a tutorial video on how to use each and every one of the features. I’ve got a 16 minute here on the overview of the entire intersite platform. I’ve got an account overview of what the account overview page looks like and how it all works. I’ve got the my insights page. I’ve got the single insights builder. I’ve got a bulk into sites builder, how to use it. I got the notification templates and how to use it. I got a video here on how to purchase your and society. I got a video here on how to set up your custom domain name once you purchase your insight, how to set up an SSL certificate, how to use all the editor pages and how to use a platform like everything’s here. Okay? Everything is here. That’s how quick it is. Everything is here. Okay guys, can we get a three Oh nine the chat three Oh nine the chat right now. If you’re like, Holy Shit, shout. This is crazy. Three Oh nine the chat three Oh nine in the chat.
Guys. I want to do a quick poll before you answer. Don’t type anything yet. Okay? It’s going to be the number 600 if you have purchased and subscribed to instasize, can you put in a 600 in the chat? Go 600 on the chat.
A lot of you guys. Cool.
So now you guys know how to use ins to sites. Pretty cool, right? Who hasn’t been to show you how to make money with it? Okay, cool. I thought you went to, I’ll show you. We’ll do this for another like 20 minutes guys. A then we’ll do Q and. A, then we’ll do the raffle and then we’ll get you guys lit up in the get you guys to go start making some money. Okay guys, so I’m going to go over a couple of different techniques that we used to make money with the insights tool. Okay? First thing that you can do is probably the simplest thing. Gavin, are you still on here Gavin? He’s still on here. Say Yes, I’m on here.
Hopefully you’re on here. There he is. Gavin. Gavin, what’s the first thing you did when insights came out? What did you do? The most simplest thing that you can do, just go ahead and drop it on the chat. Just the simplest thing. Create urgency and how’d you do that? What did you do? Made a Facebook post guys, I posted on Facebook and just created a little post on Facebook. Said, Hey, I’m giving away a free website. These are the industries. If you’re in any of these industries, I’ll create a free website for you. Just hit me up in my diem. Gavin, how many people responded to all? I saw you doing posts like for like weeks up until this. How many people responded to you? The most simplistic thing that you can do? 367 holy shit. Okay. I wasn’t expecting that number out of those three 67 I know you have a bunch of them already sold.
How many of them sold? How many of them sold 20 k now how many of them you think you’re going to sell once you start sending them the links to their website that you sold those 20 people without them even looking at the website, which is Kudos to you. Okay, and you’re just going to hold all questions till the end, brother. I got you. I’ll answer all the questions. Just a couple of minutes. Easy. 100 right? And what are you selling those websites for? Can you share that with his Gavin? 250 bucks. He’s not a savage. Okay. What’s the point in you selling it for 250 bucks? Are you going to do anything with that after the sale?
SEO, Google ads. That was our strategy guys. That’s what we did with insights. We went and we sold them websites. We even were selling websites for one 99 okay, one 99 one time fee plus 49 bucks a month for hosting. One time, one time, 399 bucks, 49 bucks a month for hosting. And then SSL certificate and access to the drag and drop pop form and colors. And
Then 30 bucks. Oh, so you’re even more of not a son of bitch. Right? So think about that. Is that expensive? Most of you guys just said you can sell this website for 1500 for 4,500. Somebody said 10,000. Right? Think about that. Don’t be a savage. Sell them it for low. Okay? Because what’s going to happen is you’re going to sell them right here. And then what we used to do is we used to wait seven days, seven days after the site went live. So we ran the credit card, ran the credit card, got them up the value letter, check this out. So day one was right here. Okay. That was sold. We sold them on the website. Okay. Then we waited today seven, they seven.
Hey Bobby. This is Chad from social agency. Yeah, I just you know, it looks like we activated your, your awesome website seven days ago. I’m actually calling from the customer service department. I just want to see how you like the website. Can you give me some feedback and just try and get some feedback for our team. All the websites. All of a sudden you guys did an amazing job. You got it up so quick. It was so much better than my other website. It’s like a 60 page website and it was only like 200 bucks. I pay like four grand from other websites. It looked like shit and you guys gave me this website for 200.0 that’s awesome Bobby. It’s really awesome. Hey, by the way, Bobby you know, I was taking a look at some of your marketing stuff also because I’m in the customer service department.
I want to see it. We can help you out a little bit more. I realize that you’re not getting a lot of traffic to the site. Right? And I see that, you know, your Google maps, Google maps listing I see that you’re not really in all of the listings. I see that you’re not really posting on social media, so I think it might be a good fit. If you want to send some traffic to the website, we can do something that’s really simple and we’re actually running a promotion on it right now and we can get into, we can get you in the promotion today, okay? It’s $199 a month and we put you into 70 different listing networks, okay? In Google business listing is one of them, and Yelp and all these other awesome networks. I can send you a list after the call.
All they seven. Okay, so here we sold them a website. 199 bucks, okay. Plus 49 a month, okay. Here. Hundred 99 bucks a month, one 99 a month, and I think we even had like a onetime setup fee here of $99 one time. Okay, that’s on day seven. Okay. They seven don’t be a savage. Remember that? Provide value, okay, think about this in a larger scale. Think about this on when you, when you have 50 people that are all inside of the sequence in your head that day, seven hits, boom, they get a phone call, they seven hits, boom, they get a phone call. Okay, don’t be savage. Trust your boy. Okay, now we go up.
Then when you to wait, I think this was a 21st day. So give them three weeks from the day the purchase. Okay. Three weeks from the day, the purchase. Hey Bobby, what’s going on? Just want it to reach out to chat, to give them customer service. Just making sure. It looks like we got all of your listing set up. Looks like we got everything inside of your dashboard. Looks like your website is activated. It looks like everything is working perfect. How do you like the service so far? Can you provide me some feedback so I can share with the team? Awesome. The feedback’s great. You love everything. Cool. Awesome. Hey, by the way, Bobby if you’re interested I see that you haven’t been posting on your social media services and also your website is not ranking. I think that we can definitely help you out with that. We’re actually running a promotion. Everything is always on Promo. You realize everything’s always on sevens, on promotion is the urgency. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s building that momentum right here. We’ll tell them SEO, now you start getting into the bigger plans. S, e, l, K, whatever. I’ll drop down here. SEO, we go nine 99 a month.
You guys see what’s happening here? Don’t be a savage, okay? He’s, I’ll tell you what happens if you are not a savage and you do this the strategic way. Instead of going out and trying to sell websites for 10 grand, you might tell one website a year. If you’re putting a 10 grand price tag on that, but if you’re putting $199 price tag on that, you’ll sell in volume and then you drop them into the sequence, right? So think about this, okay, think about this. Okay, I go out and I sell 20 websites
This month.
Guys? How many websites do you guys think that you can tell if you decide like, screw it, I’m going to dedicate full time. There’s going to be my full time job. I’m gonna use the insights and I’m going to go out and I’m going to sell. I’m going to sell as much websites as I can. I’m going to sell them for 199 bucks in $49 a month. How many websites do you think you can sell in 30 days? Go ahead and drop it in the chat and be realistic about a two. Don’t say like a thousand or some shit like that. Okay, let’s keep it real. Lot of you guys said like 50 60 we used to do that. Let’s not go crazy. I don’t like over selling. Let’s go under, let’s say we sold 20 okay. Now can somebody do the math for me really quick? What’s 20 websites times $199 20 times one 99 go do the math. Drop it in the chat. Somebody helped me out 20 times. 90939803980. Okay, so that’s going to be your one time fee. One time fee. Great. Now can somebody do the math for me? What’s $49 times 29
80 awesome.
Cool. So this is month one. Month one we sold 20 websites that month. One. Okay. Three thousand three thousand nine hundred eighty dollars one time offer $980 a month. Now let’s slice this in half, okay, what’s nine 80 divided by two chaplain and half man. 80 divided by two
Nine 80 divided by two four 90 cool. Alright, what am I doing here for nine zero four nine zero okay. What’s a $97 times 20 let’s do some math people. $97 times 20 do the math for me. $97 times 20 is 1940 right? Okay, so what’s 1940 actually, sorry, what’s 3,900 it’s 1940 I’m an idiot. 1940 awesome. So this is your profit. This is your net. After you pay the fees to dashboards, you get everything going. You are not as savage. You did minimal expectations, which is 20 websites a month, okay? You made $2,000 and then you booked another 500 in recurring revenue cause this is are getting paid every month,
Seven days later out of the 20 people, and I have real life numbers for you. What was our conversion rate on selling them seven days later or one 99 listings manager package. So if I have 20 people, what was our, what do you think the conversion rate is? Give me a percentage rate out of the 20 people, what percentage of those 20 people on day seven when I call them actually bought our listings manager package? Somebody said 50% 10% 80% 40% guess what guys? Those people, they’ve already done business with you. You’ve already swiped their credit card, you’d spoken to them, you’ve sent them emails, you sent them invoices, they know who you are, they’re going to take your call and they set it, okay. And if they don’t, it’s because they’re busy. It’s not because they don’t want to talk to you. So you’ll call them again on day eight okay? But what I’m trying to get into your guys’ mindset here is these people are your customers. They are not your prospects anymore. You are not as savage. You provided value to them. You are not a savage. You provided value and they are happy. They will be threatened. They’ll be thrilled with the website. I promise you that. Okay? Cause we sold hundreds if not thousands of these websites. Okay? We actually had 40% of the people.
Buy on day seven, 40% of the people out of the 20 people would buy. What’s that number? What’s 40% of 20 40% of 20 drop in the chat. Hey, cool. Awesome. So eight people, eight people. Now let’s do some math again guys. What is eight times $199
Eight times one 99 what is it? 1592 awesome.
1592 okay, and then what’s I think we were charging like 99 bucks or some shit. What’s, what’s $99 times eight, right? 99 Bucks Times eight
Seven 92 okay, one time fee. Okay. Now let’s do this again.
What’s 1592 divided by two 50 92 divided by two 1592 divided by two seven 90 somebody said we’ll go with that. Sounds about right.
Okay. Guess what?
Dash does not have the setup fee for listings manager, so this is all going to your pocket.
Okay. This is once again your net. Now,
Now your seven days in seven days into this campaign. Can you guys drop either a drop a yes. If you’re understanding where I’m going with this. Most of you guys, when he bought your insight subscription, you were probably thinking, how the hell am I going to charge people five grand for these websites? Like that’s my goal. You set a goal in your head, you’re like, shit, it’s websites. I can build my website. I got to pay 97 bucks for it and 25 bucks a month. Like I can probably sell shit for like three grand. Well, that’s because you’re a savage and sometimes it’s okay to be savage button. If you want to use strategy, you cannot be a savage. Okay? Day Seven. Okay, now I’m not going to go through this whole loop. Okay. But what I will do is I’m going to draw this out and you guys can take a screenshot.
Okay. Screenshot time people day one. Then we go day seven then we go date 21
Day 21 and then I think we would follow up with them like, like at the two month mark here.
Just see if we can get anymore. Okay, so day seven I would sell website
For $199 and this is a one time fee. Okay. Plus $49
All month.
Okay, cool. Day Seven. I would sell listings package. Okay. I would sell this for $99 one time fee plus one 99
Cool. You guys get in there so far. Awesome. Then here I would come in and I would sell SEO. Okay. And that would sell SEO for Adam. Even have a setup fee on SEO. I would just go straight in, but you guys can charge a setup fee. You can charge like one 99 for setup fee and that’s if you want to be a bit of a savage. If not, you give him a free set up fee. It’s not that big of a deal. We don’t charge setup fees anyways in dash quicks for SEO. When you charge them nine 99 a month.
Okay. Then two months later I would go in and I would start to do subtype of PPC campaign Kane. I’ll tell you why. Because PPC is a larger investment. Okay? PPC means they have to shell out your service fees plus all of these fees plus ad spend. Okay? So now they’re on the whole like five, six grand a month. So if you’re going to plan on going in with PPC, that shit’s going to be a little bit difficult. May God be with you. Okay, good luck. This is our value ladder day one, day seven, day 21 and then we’ll go PPC here and we would do again nine 99 here a month. And then you can even do a setup fee once again of one. Well depending, now this is, these are your running ads here. Okay, so you do a setup fee of nine 99. Again, time offer because you actually have to build out the entire campaign. She can see like once you start getting here,
Starts getting a more expensive for the customer. Okay, so check this guy, check this out guys. Okay. They one website, provide value, provide pure value, amaze them with an amazing website to such an amazing website. This is the coolest thing ever. This guy call me today. Bobby is going to go run until all his little pain buddies. This guy call me today’s sold me a freaking website, paid $199 for this thing. Check this out. He’s going to pull out his phone. It’s going to be in all of his, like probably being like Sherman Williams with all of his painting buddies and be like, check this shit out. You know how many referrals we got from the shit that then would drift into the day one campaign and when again, through this sequence, right? So think about the sequence. Don’t think about just being a savage and milking them right on the spot.
Sequence it out. Don’t be greedy. Trust me, it’ll come. Okay. So we used to do this on a large scale. We had about 21 people doing this on the front end, okay. Then they would dump their in and then we would have with some of those people from our 21 person team, our like top tier sales reps or customer service reps would then call them, get our feedback, okay. And then sell them into listings on a promotion that we were offering. You guys see what’s happening here and then work your way up to sequence. Okay? The value ladder, if you can never picture a value ladder, okay? Value ladder starts off with a low minimal product and then it goes up higher and they pay higher. Then it goes up again. They pay higher, it goes up again. They pay higher, right? So what do you look at the, look at the fees here.
Look what’s going on here. Okay, so I’m matching up. Make sense? I hope so. Make sense? Now, how do you get people here? Think of this as a funnel. How do you get people right here? Who wants to know that? Who wants to know how to get people right there. On Day one, I’m going to show you, go ahead and screenshot this guys. I’m going to wipe the screen. Go ahead and take a screenshot. Screenshot this. I’m going to wipe the screen. All right. I’m wiping the screen screenshot before you can and Bam. All right, cool. You guys watch a replay. There’ll be a replay. This, okay. It’ll be in the marketer’s mindset face group. For those of you guys who are not there, you need to go to search and Facebook marketers mindset, buy dash, click, join the group. You’re missing out a lot of free content that we’re dropping in there. You’re missing out. I keep telling you people, you’ve got to listen to me, okay? All right, cool. So your main focus should not be to get to two month two, your main focus is how do I dump people? Or actually, let me write this really quick. Let me do this a little bit sexier, okay?
Anybody know what I’m drawn out here? Cola said a glass of beer. Unfortunately not none.
Anybody know what I’m drawn out here?
Funnel sales funnel. Just like everything in life, everything. Like if it’s about a sales funnel, taking somebody’s escalating them here and then them going down right there and bringing them out of the funnel, making a shit ton of money along the way. Okay? Now what’s cool about this type of funnel is unlike other funnels where you’re generating a lead and you’re dropping it into the top and then you’re showing some value and you’re doing this and then you only make money out of the bottom. My funnels are a little bit different. I like to make motherfucking money on every single step of the funnel. So I make money here, I’ll make money here, I’ll make money here and I’ll make money here. You guys get that? Who likes that? Awesome. So what can we do to get people here? Cause your main goal is to get people in here.
You want people to go into the funnel, you’ve to get people into day one, right? You’ve got to sell them that website. It’s not a difficult task, people, it’s really not. You’re giving them a freaking 60 page website for 199 bucks. It’s not brain surgery, okay? You just send them the link, customize your emails and Rolla, they’ll start purchasing. Okay? We had a lot of them, so what we’re going to do here is the first thing that we can do. Here’s just two social media posts, posts on social media, social media posts, not past posts. First thing, post on social media, Gavin did it. Sold a shit ton of websites post on social media,
Post on Facebook posts on your linkedin. It’s a first thing that you can do right now when you leave this what? When you leave this Webinar, this is something that you can do right now. You can literally leave the Webinar
Go to your Facebook page or your Instagram or your linkedin or wherever it is that you do all social. You shouldn’t be everywhere.
Just post on social media. If you want to amplify this, you can do social media posts with video, with video, shoot a video. All right? You guys like what? What do you mean video? Chad? What the hell are you talking about?
Hey, what’s going on? This is Alex from DNC website marketing and we’re doing something crazy today, like something insane. Okay. If you’re in one of these industries, I want you to do me a favor and go ahead and send me over a DM. I’m going to have my team create an entire website for you without you asking me for $1. And I know you think I’m crazy just cause my tone is high, but I am, I’m just going to like build your websites or if you’re in any one of these industries right here, all you gotta do you shoot me over a DM? I’ll go add and I will build you a website completely for free. I’ll let you check it out. And if you like it, we can activate it on the spot. Just go ahead and shoot me a DM.
I think most of you guys were like, oh, hi, I got to hire a film crew now and I gotta get all my, my, my, my website and my video guys. And oh this is going to be like a nine year production. I’ve gotta shoot a whole commercial for it. I’ve got a Barbara Chad’s Lamborghini for the video. Like there’s so much stuff that I got to do. No like this is what you gotta do. Pull your phone out. You can even go live. Go live on social media. It’s even better and amplify shit. Okay. You go live on social media. What’s going on? Social media. What’s going on with my boys and girls and men and women and everybody else out there. How are you doing? Okay. We’re doing something crazy today. We are giving away a free website for anybody that’s right there in the industry as above. I dropped them right there. We’re getting a free website away. All you have to do is just dropping a comment and say me and I will reach out to you with a free website. See you soon. Bye.
Two minutes. Two minutes. Real quick. Two minutes. Okay guys, everybody get that?
Everybody’s like, Oh, I’ve got to get all this. I’m going to get this crazy stuff and you don’t get do anything. Just whip out your phone.
I do it all the time. You guys see me? I go alive and make thousands of dollars in sales by going live. It’s really quick. You just need this. It’s it till I got need. Okay. All right. Next thing I know a lot of you guys, I’m not going to go through the whole process right now, but it’s called linkedin automation linked in to Misha linkedin automation. Okay. There is a tool, what’s the tool name? It’s called Leap Leonard, I think. And somebody dropped it in the chat. I’m using link leap, Leonard. I think it’s like 30 bucks a month. You can set up automation, which basically means you can literally message only painters in your area. A personalized message said, hey, I want to have and built you a website. Can you DM me? If you’re interested in so I can send you over the link.
You don’t even have to build them the website yet. Just get the interest right. It’s that simple. Okay. You just let that shoe run and you start generating leads on autopilot. You don’t do anything, okay? You let the system and the tool sell for you. Does that make any sense? Does that make any sense? And we did a whole video on it. So if you go to our youtube channel and dash clicks, you’ll see there’s a video that I did with me and Rob Quinn and Temple Naylor. It’s in there. We’d like did like a two hour session of how to go out and build this whole linkedin automation. Take that strategy, partner it with dash with with insights and gold. Like it’s that simple. Okay, that’s simple. Okay, next P P C campaigns. How many people you see running ads talking about click the link below to get a free website, free custom 60 page website and doing something crazy.
How many people you see doing that? How many people you guys see doing that? Drop it in the chat. You see anybody running ads saying, I’m going to build you a website. Like, if you fill out the form below, I will build you a website in the next one hour and I will send you the link. Nobody, nobody, nobody is doing that because guess what? Nobody can do it. Nobody has an SSA sites. You have insights. Okay, so get with the program guys. Symbol PPC campaign. Okay. Symbol PPC campaign. Put a hundred bucks, put 500 bucks in it, run it, test it, it doesn’t work. Tweak, optimize. Just like any other great marketer with you. Okay guys, next cold calling. This was how we made the millions.
Hey Bobby, how are you doing? My name is Chad. I’m calling from Social Agency and you know what? I was just going through your website. I’m actually local. I’m right here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’m right down the street from you actually, and I was going through your website and I see for, you know, I see that your website’s outdated and it’s not doing too good at the Google searches and that thing called Google. So actually took it upon myself to just get with my web development team. And I went ahead and built you a brand new website. I know, I know it sounds crazy and I know this is a random phone call, but I just really want to work with you. I’m looking for some painters in the area to work with. So I took the time to just build your website and I just, I would love to just send you the link. All you gotta do is just preview the Lincoln. If you like it, I can activate it for you. Okay. So what’s your email and a good phone number.
What’s your email and a good phone number. Oh, okay, got it. Yeah. So what I’m going to do, Bobby, is I’m going to go ahead and I’m gonna build your website in about one or two minutes or I’m going to go ahead and send you the link to a website about one or two minutes. You’re gonna get an email, a text message with a link to the website and at the bottom will be all my contact information if you’re in the premium plan that you shouldn’t be. And that’s it. That’s all you gotta do is just fill out the form, select the industry, click painting, turn on notifications. [inaudible] Done. Hey Bobby, would it be okay if I send you this? I mean if you have time we can go through it together right now. It only takes me one minute to send off that little email to you or that message on a, I’m, I’m painting the House right now. I’m on the roof. I’m doing my thing. I got my, my bar, my boy Billy Bob with me. I can’t do this right now. Call me back at four. Okay, no problem. I’ll get you my calendar. Use Calendly, set up a Calendly schedule it out. Send up notifications so he remembers to call you or he remembers that you’re calling him. Okay. Everybody get that? Four oh four in the chat. Cool. Cold-Calling. The next thing that you can do
Is the amplifier cold calling and he built the damn call center. Okay. That is how we sold millions coke home. We sold a couple of hundred thousand, but this is a, some millions. You open a call center and amplify this shit. Okay guys. Now I’m not going to sit here and show you how to build a call center. That’s a whole other video. However, we just launched the dash accelerator boot camp or would not launch it. We did a dash accelerator boot camp, which was from April 1st to April 15th. There was a lucky hand, few people that actually got into the program. Now they went through the Promo. In fact, one of the people Walter, I don’t know if you’re in your Walter, you in here, just say, hey, if you’re in here, Walter, if not, it’s cool.
Okay? It might be at work.
You guys were in the marketer’s mindset Facebook group. Walter closed the deal for $4,500 yesterday coming out of the dash accelerator bootcamp using the insights as a pre-frame saying, hey, I built your website doing all this. He actually sold a $4,500 a month for three months, a contract to do like their ads and a bunch of other cool shit. Okay, so think about the power then. Now, for those of you guys who did not get a chance to get into the dash accelerator bootcamp, the dash accelerator bootcamp literally took all of this stuff. It took this stuff in an integrated into sites. The whole thing was mainly revolved around [inaudible] sites because that was the tool and it was how many hours of content? I think almost 20 hours, right? Was it 20 hours? There’s 20 or like 18 hours of content. I’m just showing you how to take this tool in society and just kill it.
Okay? So what we decided to do here with Dash Clicks, cause we’re nice people is we’re taking the entire dash accelerator bootcamp and recorded the whole thing and we’re going to have it available. It’s probably going to be for sale, but what the people who joined the bootcamp, they paid $2,000 and then an order bump. A lot of them got for like contracts and all that cool stuff. It’s about 2100 bucks to join that bootcamp. Okay. We’re going to take all those recordings and in the next couple of weeks, we’re going to be making that available in dash clicks. All right? So who’s excited for that? Drop a yes. Drop a yes. Guys if you do not have your instance sites account, we still have plans available for purchase. You’ve seen the Webinar. I’m not smarter than you. I don’t have more reasons. I might’ve spores more resources.
I’m just an everyday guy just like you. Okay? So if I can do it, you can do it. Okay. This is a tool I used and these are the strategies that I used. Go out and get your insights plan. If you’re hesitant about jumping in, just jump into the $97 a month plan. Try it out, feel it out. If you see that it’s going good for you, you can always upgrade at any time without losing any money. Okay guys, so congrats to our three swag bag winners. Congrats to our winner for a winning his premium insights account refunded back into his account. Once again, thank you guys for showing up on this episode of Marketer’s mindset. The inside special, we love you guys over and out. Have a good one. Everybody.


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