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How to Use InstaSites Software to Super Charge Your Sales

How to Use InstaSites Software to Super Charge Your Sales

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Welcome to another episode of the Marketers' Mindset.

DashClicks is a platform that you can use to scale your agency. Apart from that, you can also use it as a client reporting tool, a source of education, and an affiliate dashboard for your agency.

Marketers' Mindset is a podcast and video series where Chad Kodary, the CEO of DashClicks, shares the best-kept secrets of digital marketing and agency business.

You won't find these tips and tricks documented or published anywhere else.If you prefer the video format, here is the link to the first part of this webinar.

What Is InstaSites?

DashClicks’ InstaSites is a website-building automation tool that renders a niche-specific website within seconds. You can use InstaSites in multiple ways, but its best and most innovative use is for prospecting.

InstaSites as a Powerful Prospecting Tool

We built InstaSites almost three years ago for our digital retail agency, “Social Agency.”  The idea behind it was simple. We used to do a lot of cold calling to reach out to people.

Typically, people use the same old script for their sales calls, and sadly it doesn’t work anymore. 90% of the agencies offer a free consultancy and a free audit report to show their prospects where they are struggling. This approach doesn’t differentiate you from others, so, obviously, it has no appeal.

When you use this approach, you offer immense value to your prospect. It must address a big pain point. You will begin by saying that a few weeks ago, you audited their website and found that it had several flaws in it. A significant issue with the website is that it fails to engage visitors. You must be wasting your ad spending when a website doesn’t offer a good user experience and can’t engage or convert.

You can add, “So, our team spent a few weeks and built a custom website that will drastically improve your conversion rate. I would like to send you the link to view it. I can send you the link via email or a message on a social media app such as WhatsApp.

Employ some empathy, and soon you’ll realize that it’s an irresistible offer, and even you can’t say “no” to it. It’s a killer offer when somebody uses their resources and time for two weeks and builds a whole new website to allow you to kill the old look of your website.

How Is an Instasite Different From Ordinary Websites?

Your new 60-page InstaSite is a highly responsive, custom-built, niche-specific, and content-ready website, with all the images and graphics already incorporated. DashClicks’ backend team has already built it for you, so you can use the preview link, import it into your website builder and activate it.

This offer differentiates you from others and dramatically increases your odds of converting a prospect.

At least, it gives you an edge over your competitors to be considered for the second round of sales i.e., an invitation to provide a demo.

So, first, you set up a call center and use these tactics to break the barrier, i.e., lack of trust. The hardest part of cold calling is that it’s challenging to establish trust over the call on the very first attempt.

It helps you drop the gate, the entry barrier for 99.9% of cold calls. And you provide value without even asking for their credit cards which the prospects will most likely love and accept.

The Number Game

Think about making a hundred phone calls and offering the same old stuff that everybody does, such as website issues, Facebook Ads, keyword rankings, lead generation, social media services, etc.

Sadly, if you are a marketer, you must be aware of the dismal results this approach gets you.

Suppose you need 10x better results. What about one person making about 30 bookings each day? Making 100 calls answered doesn’t sound realistic, so let’s put it as 50. So, let’s assume that you make 150 or 200 calls using an automatic dialer, and 50 people answer your call.

Call 150-200 People Using Automatic Dialer

How To Use InstaSites Software To Super Charge Your Sales - Video 1 Time Stamp: 12:24

Now, you can book an appointment with 30% of those, and in this case, it means you have your appointment calendar booked for 15 people. It can be a game changer for your marketing outreach.

Pro Tip: With ten people in your call center, you can raise this number to 150 (appointments booked).

Now, you have 150 people interested in your products on your calendar — ready to listen to you. It doesn’t happen through an outrageously innovative software program but through a software-based strategy.

The Modus Operandi

To implement this tactic, first, you need to sign up for DashClicks. Then you need to click My Agency>Agency Tools in the main menu>InstaSites.

You'll reach the subscription page, where you'll find four paid subscriptions. You can purchase any of these four subscriptions.

Select InstaSites App

This strategy is so good that you won’t think twice before implementing it.

Initially, we offered the website for free and packaged it with other marketing services.  The standard development cost of a 50-page website is around $4000-$5000.

An InstaSite can open numerous sales opportunities in front of you.

It allows you to sell your client SEO, Google Ads, and content marketing services. If your client struggles with bringing traffic to their website, you can offer them your paid and organic marketing services.

InstaSites Overview and Plans

Let’s move to the InstaSites overview.

InstaSites has four different plans.

The lite version is free. It allows you to build three InstaSites per month.

So, if you want to use it for commercial purposes, opt for a paid plan. Furthermore, the free package will not work if you’re going to book 15 calendar appointments per day.

We are in the process of creating more templates for various industries, and every month, our developers are busy designing new and innovative templates. Dedicated content writers inject fresh content into each template.

The Lite Plan

With the Lite Plan, you get access to all the site templates. The 30-day site storage option provides an additional 30 days window to build and customize your site before you sell it to your prospects.

After 30 days, your website will be automatically removed. However, you can recreate your website when you buy it by paying a one-time fee of $97, followed by $25 per month. It includes hosting an SSL certificate and access to the drag-and-drop website builder.

It will automatically appear in your dashboard with a welcome message!

With the Lite plan, you can build three sites a month; with the basic plan, you can create 100 websites a month. The basic package also allows you to send SMS and email notifications, instantly sending the link to the website you have created using our tool to your prospects.

It is crucial during prospecting if you want to improve your conversion rate.

Pro Tip: Keep your lead response time under five minutes.  A Harvard study shows that businesses that respond to leads in five minutes or less are 100x more likely to connect and convert.

Thus, the capability to send emails and SMS instantly makes you a winner.

InstaSites Plus plan

Our InstaSites Plus plan costs $197 a month and allows you to build 250 InstaSites per month, apart from the features you get with the basic plan.

Suppose you have to build 250 websites for businesses such as plumbers, painters, roofers, electricians, etc. All you need to do is make a list of these 250 businesses, enter their business details on an Excel sheet, and upload it into InstaSites.

Select the notification references and a template and leave the rest to InstaSites. InstaSites Plus will automatically create 250 beautiful websites with an average of 50 web pages. The best part is you don’t do anything to make those sites.

InstaSites Premium Plan

The $297 premium plan offers value with a bulk site builder and a feature to build 500 websites.

So, I recommend you buy SMS packages along with these plans so that you can fire off SMS messages just after your sales call.

SMSes have a higher conversion rate than emails as they go straight into a customer’s phone and have much higher chances of the recipient reading them. Most emails get buried under the flood of incoming emails from social media and other random marketers.

To switch to a premium plan, all you need to do is to click on Upgrade Plan.

To purchase the Premium Plan, choose InstaSites from a dropdown on the top right, add InstaSites premium to the cart, and complete your order.

Now step two is to add clients and send onboardings. Ignore it, as it is an agency tool without any onboarding documents.

So, go back to agency tools. Under My Active Plan, you’ll be able to spot my site credits which are now increased to 500. As you don’t have any SMS credits, buy a thousand SMS credits.

The cost per credit goes down as you buy in bulk. You just need to pay a one-time fee of $120. The entire process shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.

You’re ready to rock and roll with 500 site credits and a thousand SMS credits.

How to Use InstaSites Like a Pro?

While on a free plan, you might have seen some locked boxes under Bulk InstaSites builder and notification templates. In a Premium Plan, those locked boxes are now available, and you can click on each one.

Go to the InstaSites builder, enter the prospecting phase and speak to your prospects. Let’s suppose it’s Bobby, the painter in this case. Bobby is interested in the website and wants to see what it looks like.

You need to enter his business contact details, such as business name, address, and phone number. The software will use the same phone number to send out SMS messages and the email address you enter to send emails.

Currently, the tool can send SMS to the US, UK, Australia, and Canada, but we are adding more countries.

You can set up custom templates with a premium plan. Initially, the tool wouldn’t display any template (flashing a message “No Templates Available”). Still, you’ll receive an email and SMS notification that it will soon be sent from your default view. Set this button to “ON.”

Entirely Customize Your Website

How To Use InstaSites Software To Super Charge Your Sales - Video 2 | Time Stamp: 15:43

You can entirely customize your website if you're in the premium plan, and that's how you skyrocket your conversion rates.

We have templates readily available for seven industries, including locksmith, painting, roofing, plumbing, towing, and electrician HVAC, and we add new ones every month. So, soon, you'll see plenty of templates.

Select InstaSites Template

How To Use InstaSites Software To Super Charge Your Sales - Video 2 | Time Stamp: 16:06

Check the box off to agree to the terms of service.

You need a whole group of web developers to quickly build your website. My InstaSites shows that your website is in the “Queued” section right now.

Website Appears in the Queued Section

Once this website is wholly built, it will move from the “Queued” tab to the “Prospecting” tab. It will take less than a minute.

Website Moves to the Prospect Section

How To Use InstaSites Software To Super Charge Your Sales - Video 2 | Time Stamp: 17:35

The website is ready now; you can show it to Bobby, the painter. This is how the website will look on three major screen types i.e., desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

3 Screen Types of the Website - Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone

How To Use InstaSites Software To Super Charge Your Sales - Video 2 | Time Stamp 17:48

It’s much better than the website you make using the popular website builders available in the market.

Now check the content injected. The home page says, “Need a Qualified Painter?

Website - Desktop Preview

How To Use InstaSites Software To Super Charge Your Sales - Video 2 | Time Stamp 18:02

You can also see a call button here. Overall, it’s a highly conversion-oriented page without any fluff or unnecessary fancy text. It includes all the relevant keywords, such as

  • Painting services
  • Trusted painting services
  • Painting services in Miami, Florida

The “About Us” section is also optimized. The title is “About Bobby the Painter.”

About Bobby the Painter

And it reads like this: “At Bobby the Painter, we provide high-quality services in Miami for you.”

So, it injects everything visitors need to know about the business. They can instantly locate the contact numbers and the services offered.

The Websites That Offer Excellent User Experience

The InstaSites tool builds engaging and high-quality informative websites.

The InstaSites template for the painting industry builds a 60-page website highlighting all the services you may offer, such as Miami Residential painting, Bobby the painter, Interior painting, Exterior painting, Docks and decks, roof painting, etc. These services are similar to what every residential painting service can probably offer.

For example, if you look at the roof painting section and click on it, the page you reach is entirely on roof painting. On the sidebar, you can see Bobby, the painter’s phone number just injected into it by the system.

There is enough excellent content in the commercial and industrial painting sections.

You can view his complete contact information and a map on the Contact Us page.

Optimized for Different Devices

Try this website on multiple devices, and each time, it looks stunning. This website is mobile optimized, so it will likely receive tons of mobile traffic.

Didn’t it excite you? If you feel excited, what will happen to Bobby, the painter, when he sees such an intuitive website? Wouldn’t he get excited too?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Using this secret recipe, we sold millions of dollars worth of digital marketing here at DashClicks and Social Agency.

It’s more likely that Bobby, the painter, will dance with joy when he sees this website. It’s highly functional, detailed, conversion-oriented, and pretty. They may decide to buy this website immediately and provide their credit card details.

Add the Website to the Cart

How To Use InstaSites Software To Super Charge Your Sales - Video 2 | Time Stamp 21:23

You can get Bobby, the painter, on your invoicing system and charge them for this beautiful website.

Look at the little green “purchase” button on the screen and click “add to cart” to place the order.

It’s easy to complete your order.

So, the InstaSites website for Bobby the painter costs $25 a month with a setup fee of $97. So, a total of $122 has to be charged for the first month, and it covers an SSL certificate, the drag-and-drop web builder, and access to the dashboard, which is fully white-labeled under your agency.

Place the Order

How To Use InstaSites Software To Super Charge Your Sales - Video 2 | Time Stamp 22:10

Onboarding Docs

Look at the onboarding docs for Bobby, the painter.

Onboarding Center for Bobby the Painter

Go to setup>>Click on “Proceed.”

Enter Bobby’s first name, last name, and email address and send Bobby the onboarding documents. The system will quickly shoot an email to Bobby, so he can fill out his contact information from whatever’s left that we didn’t already pre-fill.

Another email your system will send to Bobby will be about your branding. It will inform them that they can access the dashboard and edit their website when needed.

Bobby, the painter, now has access to the CRM and website builder, and they can edit their website.

Access the Website Builder

How To Use InstaSites Software To Super Charge Your Sales - Video 2 | Time Stamp 24:00

They can edit anything they want, click the check box and republish in less than 30 seconds.

Edit the Entire Website

How To Use InstaSites Software To Super Charge Your Sales - Video 2 | Time Stamp 24:14

DashClicks makes your life super simple. Just go back to Agency Tools>>InstaSites>>TutorialsAnd check this out.

Check Out the Agency Tutorials

How To Use InstaSites Software To Super Charge Your Sales - Video 2 | Time Stamp 25:00

That’s all. You can now point your domain name to the fresh website.

The Sales Process Summary

Let’s sum up the InstaSites sales process here.

A. Sign up for the DashClicks dashboard

B. Create an account for your agency

C. Go to Agency Tools

D. Choose InstaSites

E. Buy the $297 plan and complete your order

F. Buy a list of plumbers, roofers etc. from Yelp, InfoGroup USA or for a few dollars and start firing off emails and SMSes to everybody on the list

G. Create a spreadsheet using your prospect’s contact details for the website you’re trying to build and upload the CSV file on the tool

Steps: From the Top Right, download a sample CSV file template >> Download an excel template>>Add your information and re-upload it.

H. Go to website builder

I. Choose a website template based on your target industry

J. Build a website using InstaSites for Bobby, the painter

K. Fill out a form

L. Call Bobby or send him an SMS/email

D. Sell the website using the script suggested below

A Sales Call Script to Sell Your InstaSite

You can try this script for your first sale call.

Hey, I just sent you a link to your new website. Can we chat for a minute quickly? I’ve spent two weeks building you a wonderful website. Would that be cool with you?

The ads for InstaSites work because nobody can offer your 50-page website within seconds.

Use This Cool Script

Here is the script you can use and share with your frontline callers.

Hey, Bobby! How’re you doing? My name is Chad, and I’m calling from Social Agency. I’m actually local, right here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’m right down the street from you. I was going through your website, and I see that your website is outdated and it’s not doing too good on Google Searches. So, I got my web development team to build you a brand new website.

It sounds crazy, and a random phone call, but I want to work with you. I’m looking for some painters in the area to work with. So, I took the time to build your website, and I would love to send you the link. All you need to do is to preview the link, and if you like it, I can activate it for you.

Okay, may I know your email and a good phone number?

(Note down his email and phone number.)

Okay, I got it.

So, I’ll go ahead and build your website in about one or two minutes.

(or, I’m going to go ahead and send you the link to the website in about one or two minutes.)

You’ll get an email and a text message with a link to the website. You can find my contact information at the bottom.

If you’re in the premium plan, which you should be, all you need to do is fill out the form, select the industry, click painting, and turn on notifications. And it’s done.

If he is busy, you can still send the link and check with them after some time.

The InstaSites Plan That Will Skyrocket Your Sales

Buy a premium package and SMS credits and use your call center agents to sell these irresistible websites. Make long-term customers by offering additional digital marketing services such as SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, local SEO and email marketing.

Don’t go for the $97 plan; if you want to scale your agency and earn real profits, go for the $297 premium plan. It has a bulk website builder that allows you to build 500 websites to skyrocket your sales.

Some Tips About Using InstaSites

Here are a few useful tips about using InstaSites.

Watch the video for details.

1. Take a list of 100 businesses. These can be painters, plumbers, roofers, electricians, etc. but make sure that you choose one business type at a time as we have industry-specific templates. So, choose painters first and upload their list as a CSV file.

Bulk InstaSites Builder

How To Use InstaSites Software To Super Charge Your Sales - Video 3 | Time Stamp: 00:32

Suppose you choose 50 painters; they will appear in the My InstaSites tab once you upload them in the Queued section.

Select My InstaSites

2. Select your email or text message notifications>> select the template you want>> click Build InstaSite.

And you are done. You can move outside for half an hour, watch a movie or catch up with a friend and the system will create bulk websites for you.

3. You can upgrade your plan anytime you want and won’t lose your money. So, for example, if you are in the $97 plan, it will be deducted from the $297, and you’ll pay only the difference.

4. You need not know coding to create these websites.

5. The second message has to be completely different from the one when you did prospecting.

6. The tool allows you to send customized messages in bulk. Go to the email and SMS templates page to create the second message. The automated tool will automatically extract the business name and other information from its database and inject the “merged tags.

A merged tag is a piece of information you give to Instasites. We will take that information and inject it into your messaging. Keep in mind that each SMS message is limited to 160 characters.

The InstaSites preview link you’ll share with your clients is 45 characters, and business names can extend, so write your message accordingly. With unnecessarily long messages, you’d lose your SMS credits.

The message can be: “Hey Bobby! I decided to build you a new website. Here’s the link. (It’ll actually give them the preview link.) Call me Chad from DashClicks.

Here is the outreach template sample.

Outreach Template Samples

How To Use InstaSites Software To Super Charge Your Sales - Video 3 | Time Stamp: 05:54

Enter your email separately in the provided space; if your client presses the reply button, their mail will land in the sending server email (such as and can be lost.

Easily Customise the Email

How To Use InstaSites Software To Super Charge Your Sales – Video 3 | Time Stamp: 13:26

Assign a template name.

You can easily customize the message.

This way, you can create 50 templates in an hour.

Find Tutorials for Everything You Need to Build InstaSites

Use Tutorials for everything if you are stuck while creating InstaSites.

Tutorials are available for everything, including Single InstaSite Builder, Bulk InstaSites Builder, Notification Templates, Purchase InstaSites, Setup Custom Domain, Setup SSL Certificate, etc.

Check Out the Tutorials for Everything

How To Use InstaSites Software To Super Charge Your Sales – Video 3 | Time Stamp: 18:10

How to Upsell?

Upselling is an art, and we have charted a date-wise map of how to approach a customer for upselling your agency products.

In this video, Chad explains the process of step-by-step upselling that every agency owner should learn and practice. It prevents you from looking savage as you don’t charge exorbitantly for the website. Still, you make decent money through a one-time fee (OTF) and monthly recurring charges.

Sell 20 Websites a Month

How To Use InstaSites Software To Super Charge Your Sales – Video 4 | Time Stamp: 6:48

Now, look at the math when you sell 20 websites a month.

You earn $3980 as OTF and $980 per month as recurring income. Now it adds up even further when you offer your local listing services after seven days. Look at the screenshot below.

This additional service (local listings) will bring $792 OTF and $790 per month recurring income.

You might think you can easily sell this website for $3K to $4K. That’s fine. You can do that, but it would be savage. You can instead earn a decent income slowly through this value-based upselling process without hurting your client.

Watch the video for details.

Pay attention to the sequence. Also, save the first call for the fronters, i.e. the frontline sales callers, which can be the 21 members of your call center. The next upselling can be assigned to senior sales reps or customer care officers. Remember to take your customers’ feedback regarding their first purchase and cautiously offer the second product and tell them its benefits.

Pitch Other Offers to Buyers

How To Use InstaSites Software To Super Charge Your Sales – Video 5 | Time Stamp: 02:50

A week after you sell a website, you can pitch a customer for Local Listings, and after 21 days, you can pitch for SEO services. If everything goes fine and the customer is happy, call them after two months for your outstanding and affordable PPC services. OTF is a one-time fee followed by recurring monthly charges.

Watch the video for details.

The value ladder goes from a low minimal product value to a higher product value.

The outreach methods other than using call center agents are as follows:

A. LinkedIn automation

B. Social media advertising

C. PPC Campaigns

D. Cold Calling

Reach Out Methods

How To Use InstaSites Software To Super Charge Your Sales – Video 5 | Time Stamp: 15:30

Final Thoughts

We successfully use these strategies to sell InstaSites and other digital products. If we can do it, you can too. So, take your first step with the $97 plan, and if you see it’s working and helping you close deals faster, upgrade it to $297 and enjoy the fruits of scaling.

Super Charge Your Sales With InstaSites
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