How to Use Facebook Lives To Generate Revenue For Your Agency
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 08:48 PM

How to Use Facebook Lives To Generate Revenue For Your Agency


When did I decide my business should use Facebook Live? Why should yours? In this video, I explain what makes live videos different from other kinds of videos. As a bonus, you’ll learn why I always ask you to drop numbers in the chat.


What’s going on marketer’s mindset. How are we doing everybody, how are we doing guys? I want to talk to you guys a little bit about how to make or how to generate revenue for your agency by using Facebook lives, which is just like a super simple tool that we all use on a day to day basis that I use. I’m gonna whip open my side screen here. Just bear with me one second. Get this bad boy going.
Ready to go? What’s going on everybody? If you guys can hear me and see me two zero zero and the chat, go ahead and drop it below. I’m going to share with you guys my favorite tactics to actually going live on Facebook. I’m also gonna share with you guys some cool stuff on not only going live on Facebook, but how do to use the lives and monetize on those live videos to make even more money. So if you guys want to see that and you want to hear that because it’s probably something cool because it helps me make more money for your agency. So go ahead and drop a 300 and the check a wait until a couple of people pop in and then we’re going to get this started. We to get this started. So what’s going on everybody? Oh, where are you from? Going and dropping in the chat. Where in this world are you from? Drop it in the chat. I want to know where in this world are you from.
Where are you from? People we need to know. We need to know what’s going on. Pedro Kelvin, Damien, Eris, Philip, how’s it going guys? You’ve got a bunch of people piling in Greece. Wow. That’s actually pretty bad ass. I want to go to Greece.
All right guys, I’m just going to get right into it. So here’s a couple of things that you can literally do right now to start making more money for your agency. Now keep in mind, you can only do this if you are not scared to use video. So if you’re not scared to easily whip out your phone and just shoot a quick video and go live, just like kind of like I’m doing right now, I’m not doing anything crazy. I’m not using any expensive equipment. I literally just have a [inaudible] tech camera that’s hooked up right over there. It was like 70 bucks. And then I have a Yeti mic, which is right here, which I’m not going to move it cause it’s like tied down and shit. But the getting Mike was maybe like 150 bucks. So for $200, if you want to set up like a professional going live environment, you can definitely do that.
Or you can just do it regularly and just whip out your phone and you do it on your phone. Everybody’s got a phone, right? So you can literally do that. That’s the easiest thing that you can start off by doing. Okay, just use your phone without your phone and start going live. Go to Facebook, hit the live button and start talking. Now what you want to focus on, and this is what I did literally right before I went live today, is you want to focus on a topic that you should talk about. You don’t just want to go live and start rambling and babbling about nothing because the engagement levels are going to start going down. People are going to pop in and out and it’s not going to be very engaging live video. The goal of having a live video is to get as many people on as possible and at the same time to engage as much as possible.
That’s why I keep telling you guys to drop numbers inside of the chat because what that happens is the more numbers that you drop in the chat, the more engagement that this will actually get. Now I know we’re inside of a group, but even if we’re doing this, let’s say on my personal page, which I go live on my personal page here and there too, but when you start dropping numbers and you start engaging in the actual posts, those people who engage with you, their friends now see that, right? Cause you just commented on it, right? And it starts that viral effect, right? So do me a favor guys, if you agree with that, go ahead and drop in a 250 in the chat. Two 50 in the chat if you guys agree with what I’m saying. So once again, let’s take a step back.
The first thing we’re going to go back to the basics. Nothing crazy. You know, okay we’re going to take out our phone or you can just go buy like a [inaudible] gtech camera on Amazon for like 60 bucks and get a Yeti mic on Amazon for like another 150 for like 200 bucks. So you can probably get like a whole professional setup and you should be doing this multiple times a week. Like for me, I’ve dedicated in, I put it in my calendar and I just started doing this recently. I’ve been alive in the group a bunch of times, but never really on a schedule, right? So I’ve been putting it in my schedule to go live three times per week. That’s what I’m dedicating, right? I’m dedicating to go a half hour live every time in the group on Mondays or Wednesdays and Fridays. That’s my dedication.
Right? I got it in my calendar. I know that every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I got to go live in the group. I got to speak about something, right? So set a time, set a schedule for you to actually do that. Okay? Then what you want to do is think about a topic, okay? Now, topics don’t make it boring, okay? So first thing you want to do, once you think about that topic, like the topic today was how do you use Facebook lives to generate revenue for your agency? Okay. So I know that I’m speaking to agency owners. I know that agency owners want to make more money. And I know that everybody knows what a Facebook live is. So I’m going to talk about how to collaborate that whole thing, right? And just create a very silly, a very, a simple, sexy title.
And the titles need to be catchy and short. And I’m gonna tell you why, because when I hit the live button, you guys actually get a notification on your phone saying that I went live and it says the title of what I’m going live about, right? And if that title somehow interests you, that’s what gets me to actually join onto the live session. Okay? So it’s very important that you come up with a sexy title. And if you don’t have a title that’s sexy, make sure you sexify that shit before you actually publish, okay? Come up with a sexy title. Okay guys. Now, if you’re using a computer, okay? Like I am, most of the time when I go live, I like to use a program that’s called live. And you can go there and the website is B e l I e. Dot.
T v. B live dot. T v. Okay. It’s 25 bucks a month to create an account. And what it does is it allows you to actually go live and it has got like a whole reporting thing here. It’s got metrics and it shows you the, the comments and you can do a lot of cool stuff with that. You can share your screen, right? So you can do that if you want to take it to the next level, right? In will cost you 25 bucks a month, then you just, you have this sort of thing, like this will thing that’s floating across the bottom here. You can do cool stuff like that. A lot of really cool stuff that definitely, in my opinion, is worth at 25 bucks. Okay, so now let’s take a step back. So, okay, so you have your Facebook equipment, you got your, your, your not your face, you gotta your, your, your camera equipment, either at your camera equipment or either you’re gonna need your phone, whatever it is.
You’ve created a sexy title. You’ve added these into your calendar, so you’re doing them consistently. Now you hit the light button and what are you going to do when you hit live? Okay? Once again, we spoke about getting people to drop in comments and engaging in the actual posts. By the way, if you’re live right now, guys hashtag live if you’re watching the slides, if you’re watching the replay, do me a favor and Hashtag replay, see what I did there. I’m making you guys engage in drop more comments so I can start stacking and building up those comments. And what happens is I start building more engagement off of that, right? So once again, like seriously, if you’re live right now, Hashtag live if you’re watching the replay, hashtag replay it’s that simple, okay guys, you want to make sure you do that multiple times in the episode because when you’re thinking about alive, people are coming in and out of the live video, right?
So you might have somebody who came out at the beginning of the video and he heard your message, and then you might have somebody that came on in the middle of your video or at the end, towards the end of your video, right? So you want to constantly repeat that type of stuff, right? Once again, it’s all about building engagement, right? So having a sexy topic, providing good value, getting good engagement, these are the things that build up your audience, okay? And allows your posts to go viral. All right? So, and by the way, guys, when I say viral, you guys are thinking like, oh, millions of people are going to see it. It can even be 20 people or 30 people. It doesn’t matter if viral is different to different people, okay? And when you go live, you have two people on your life, and then the next day you go live and you have 10 people on your life.
That to me is considered a little bit of a little mini viral effect, right? So you want to make sure that you do that, okay? Now, once you have people on and they’re engaged and they’re dropping content, the next thing that you need to do is provide value. So something like I’m doing on here right now is I’m coming on and these are my like secrets and tactics that I use when I go live. I’m sharing them with you and providing you with value, right? So in return, what that causes for us is you guys actually get to view, you engage in our posts, right? And that in turn will actually help us make more revenue for our agency later, later down the road. Because you’re going to keep engaging with us, you’re going to keep watching our live videos and later on down the road, maybe you’ll use dash clicks for your white label fulfillment or for your agency tools or for your website or whatever it is.
So these are the things that you need to keep in the back of your mind, okay? Now also, it all has to do with your audience, okay? You don’t want to go live about a topic that’s really random in front of an audience that’s not direct, okay? So for us, we built a group, it’s called marketer’s mindset by Dash, like scoring the right now. And that’s how you’re watching this slide video. Okay. And what that basically does is I know that every person in this group is an agency owner. So that way my topics that I choose for directed towards agency owners, my engagement, my questions, the things that I’m talking about, everything is literally at a sniper approach right at your face. Okay. And you know it and you love it and you comment with it and you engage with it, right? Because it’s so direct.
So your messaging has to be direct. And if you’re going on your personal page, you’re going to have a bunch of your friends and your family. And some of you guys might be like, oh my God, channeling. I don’t want my friends to see me go live and talk about my business. That’d be crazy. Well, guess what, how do you think I started? I grew my agency. He started going live on my Facebook page, or sorry, my Facebook personal page. Right? And people realized that I actually did marketing and advertising and I was the authority figure between all of my friends on Facebook and I was the one who was doing all the marketing and always talking about, you know, Google ads and Facebook ads and building websites and new things that are happening in the industry. And then what happens guys, is the next time that they have a business venture or project or they speak to somebody or somebody asks a question, Hey, can you recommend a good Facebook ad specialist?
Who Do you think they’re going to tag? Who Do you think they’re going to call? It’s going to be you because you’ve drilled and you’ve brainwashed them multiple times with your live videos. Okay? So don’t be scared to go live, okay? If you’re scared to go live, you’re missing out on literally a bucket of gold, okay? The lives or where the money is that, okay guys, because guess what? I can communicate with you guys. You guys agree with that? Let’s see. Jimmy said, my high school friends don’t pay my bills unless they become a client. Laugh out loud. You’re 100% right. That’s why you need to expand your network. You need to start friend requesting and connecting with people that are outside of your high school friends. You need to start front requesting people who own businesses and start building a network.
Guys is very, very important. You can even build a group, go out and build a Facebook group that’s related to your Mitch. If you’re targeting roofers as an example, go out and build a Facebook group talking about like roofers unite or something like that, okay? And go out and look on Facebook and get a bunch of people that are roofers and invite them into your group and start going live and talking about roofing stuff. Okay? Now if you’re doing it on your personal page, like when I started going live, I had like 300 people on my personal page and not all of them were my high school friends, right? Obviously. But a lot of them were people that own businesses. There were people that were in high school or college or I don’t know, whatever the case is, right? Cause there’s a bunch of friends and family, but it doesn’t matter.
It’s one person out of the 300 or 500 or 1000 friends that you have that because you went live, they decide that they want to do business with you. And that’s now a $1,500 a month contract or $2,000 a month contract and you just made an extra $24,000 a year by simply doing a 30 minute live video and providing some value. So that’s what I’m trying to get into your brains guys. And you need to do it consistently, okay? Because you’re going to go live on Facebook and you’re going to go live and there’s going to be times where nobody jumps in and there’s like maybe one person jumping in and out. You’re literally sitting there talking to yourself, right? But guess what? People Watch replays, okay. People Watch the replays and if it’s on your personal feed, you can actually see like you can go back to the day later and Facebook will tell you how many people viewed that videos.
It depends on how big your audience is, that number is going to differentiate. Right. Aira said any advice on how to grow your group? Yeah, you have to provide value and you, I would also look into partnering with other people in other groups that are similar and providing value in, in, and maybe, you know, people see who you are and then they go to your page and then they see your group and stuff like that. Right. So that’s a good way to do it. Or literally you can run any marketing campaigns. You can do like organic approaches of just going live. If you have a mailing list blast for mailing lists, get them into your group. Right? there’s multiple ways of doing it. Okay. For us, we do pretty much all the above. We do everything. And I think our group around, I know my group the other day cause we just sort of posting we, we s 2000 members and these are 2000 agency owners from all across the world who are also using dashclicks.
Okay. Obviously we have much more members than that in dash clicks. But if you think about it, there’s 2000 people that every time I go live, I had the potential to speak with and maybe share some information with them and provide a little bit of value like I’m doing her in this video. So think about the importance of what you’re going to say, how you’re going to say it, the engagement, the people you’re going to be talking about. Like all of these things should be a lesson for you guys when you go live in your next video. Okay. So any last questions for me before I jump off? This was so far about a 14 minute video, which honestly shouldn’t be perfect enough or something like this. This is some, some little tad bits of some goal that you guys can see along the way.
I’ll stay on for another like 30 or 60 seconds. If anybody has any questions ask them now and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions that you guys have. If not, I’ll jump off and I’ll see you guys in the next episode of also, Oh, by the way, everybody, very, very important. Let me go ahead and get this link. Click that link and make sure you are joining me tomorrow. We are doing an agency’s startup masterclass. You’re saying, Chad, what the heck is that? Right? It’s a free class. It’s gotta be a two hour session where there’s probably, I think we already have about 300 people registered on, we’re doing a 500% cap. Go. It’s completely free, 100% free. I’m just going to be showing you guys a bunch of cool shit that you can do. If you’re a startup agency or if you’re a newer agency or if you have an agency for a year, even you have names you for five years, screw it.
Just join in because you’ll probably learn things that you might not be aware of, right? Like I learned new things every single day. So it’s very important that you just click that link, you register it to 100% for free. It’s going to be tomorrow, which is going to be Thursday the 20th from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM eastern standard time. It’s going to be two hour live video. I’m going to be whipping out the whiteboard. I’m going to be sharing my screen show you guys a bunch of cool stuff right here on the dash quick studios, so make sure if you have not registered for that, you registered for that. The link is right here in the comments and that after I published a video, I’ll also post it in there in the description. That’ll also be in the events as well. In the actual group. You can just click events. It’s all over the place. Just click forward, click on it, register for it. It’s 100% for free.  So I’m going to go in and sign off here and I wish you guys the best of luck. Use these methods. Start going live, be consistent, start generating.

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