How to Sell Funnels (Funnel Closing Strategies) – w/ Ryan Stewman
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 01:26 PM

How to Sell Funnels (Funnel Closing Strategies) – w/ Ryan Stewman


Have you found any success selling funnels to your clients?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks is joined by Ryan Stewman different funnel selling strategies so you can close funnel sales for your agency! This is the third video of our YouTube series, Influencer Secrets.


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Oh, Rio de Janeiro, that’s where I’m from. Dallas. That I would join just to let you guys, obviously for those of you guys who don’t know, Ryan, most of you guys already do, but for those of you guys who don’t know, Ryan Ryan, maybe we should introduce yourself. Alrighty. Well, so you know, I am a prolific mistake maker and I have made a lot of its mistakes, but I believe that you learn from your mistakes or at least that’s the best way for me to learn. And because I have done a lot of experiments to gain a lot of experience, I’ve become an expert in business sales and marketing for about the last 10 years I’ve been coaching people online how to grow their business, started off in the mortgage niche. And now most of our clients are business owners. The way that I got hooked up with Chad here was I was speaking at an agency event for a mutual friend of ours and and got connected with him. He came out and spoke about dash cliques at an event that I had just last week or week before last and as soon as you Dallas. Yep. I like what he’s doing with, with dash flicks and everything else. And so we connected because I have a program called funnel closer where people sell funnels. And then the biggest bottleneck we were having was finding people to fulfill it. Obviously Chad fills that whole force. So it’s a really good match force.
Awesome guys. And for those of you guys, if somebody wants to jump in, I know we’re going to be talking about funnel closers when you’re talking about how to sell photos. We’re gonna be talking about a shit ton of stuff right here in the chat. But if anybody for some reason is so excited about what you’re saying, Ryan, where can they go and get this funnel closers? Course it funnel [inaudible] dot com guys. And by the way, looking here, but I got the camera right above me so I’m not, I’m not not looking at you guys. Okay? It is weird when you do this stuff from a laptop versus like having a film crew or whatever like I normally do. It’s like, man, this is high numbers raw. That’s what it is. It’s well, we’ve got a bunch of people inside of the group. What’s going on? Facebook group guys, if you’re watching this live. And I said, if you’re watching the replay, hashtag replay.
All right, so what’d you want to talk about today, man?
Oh man, we might, we might have a beer together and just hang out and talk and let everybody listen to it. Most of your people that are agency owners, right? They’re all agents, you know, so everybody that’s live that’s watching us, they are all agency owners. These are guys who I would say to hybrid between just starting their agency, have their agency. So we’ve got some big agency owners in here with 50 to 100 clients that are doing multiple seven figures a year in revenue. But I would say the, I would say that in, in general in dashboards and most engagement we get is when we talked about how to sell shit, because that’s what everybody knows. They want to know. That’s like the starting point. How do I go out? How do I actually sell stuff? And there’s gotta be like a strategy, right? Does everybody want to know how to sell funnels for what do you, what do you sell funnels for Ryan? What are your in funnel closers? What are they doing it for?
Anywhere from, you know, for me personally, 6,000 and I’m still them for as much as 60. So 60 k who wants to sell a $60,000 funnel? Can we get like a 400 drop in the chat? Right. I can utilize this up right now because if we don’t get the engagement here, Ryan’s not going. Continue on guys. Just gonna leave him and be like, man, we gotta get this going. Let’s go, let’s go.
So let’s talk about that. Like how to sell funnels, right? I built a whole program around it so I can’t teach you everything in the hour that we’re going to be here today. However I can’t teach you a lot, you know, but, but first we’re going to have to like remove ourselves. Take a step back and we’re going to have to talk about something higher than just sales because most of us go through like ups and downs in life and make a bunch of sales. Then we end up fulfilling on them. We’re starving again. We got to go out and we got to make a bunch of sales. I’m going to teach you a different process than probably maybe some of you do this, but probably different than most. But first I’ve got to rewire your mind where you understand really where you’re coming from.
Cause so many people, like they go out and they start an agency. Let’s say we’ll just use you guys a business as an example. He start an agency and you’re like, okay man, I just need to go out and make sales. I don’t really have a game plan is going to sell anybody that I can’t. And and, and obviously that’s not the most effective strategy. And does it work? Yes. It’s not the most efficient strategy either, but it is somewhat effective, but it’s not the most effective. And so let’s talk about two types of paths that people go down in order to get to the cell. And then I’ll put it together at the end where you, how you can use the things from one of these two paths to really be able to make a lot of sales in your business. So I call it power versus force, right?
Like most people are trying to force a sale and so what they’re doing is they’re, they’re spamming people in the DM. They’re spamming people with emails or knocking on doors. They’re popping into businesses, they’re cold calling people, they’re trying to force some happen because force is an immediate reaction, right? Like if I force this bottle over in front of me, it’s immediately going to get knocked over, right? If I forced my will upon somebody, then it’s immediately going to get have. So people get addicted to this instant gratification, this horse sales. That’s why so many people say, Oh man, just gotta go make cold calls. Oh Man. Just got to talk to as many people as possible. The more hands shake, more money you make and so on and so forth. And while forces of effective, it’s not efficient, okay, but forces is instantaneous. Power takes time.
We think about probably the most powerful thing that we know of. That’s the sun, right? I mean, if you were just like, what has the most power that you can think of? It would probably be the sun. It took the son 4.6 billion years to generate enough power to be able to warm and cool and you know, make our planet have life on it, right? So power is not something that comes overnight. If it, another example of that would be, you know Prince William, you know, he’s going to be king soon as his grandma’s gonna pass away and he’s going to be king soon. He’s been groomed to have that power since the day that he was born. He’s not going to step into immediate power. He’s been groomed in that power’s entire life to where when he steps into it, he just becomes the title of powerful.
But he’s had power for decades now, right? Yup. So, so if force is door knocking, cold calling, spamming DM, bothering people, power is where you make power moves, right? And set up a podcast. You start video blog on youtube, you start blogging on a blog, sites like stuff like that. You go and you get other influencers to talk about you. You get PR. Those are power moves. Well, the great thing is forced. You got to go to the target. When you get on the side of sales where you’re in a powerful position, you become attracting because power is attract. Power attracts, sorry. And so when you become a powerful salesperson, then you start to attract things. But like I said, it takes a while for your podcast to pick up some steam. So I’m going to, you’re not ed my let you shit’s not going to blow up overnight.
You know? And truthfully, ed didn’t blow up overnight either. He’s been doing this shit for 25 30 years. And so you know, your podcast isn’t going to blow up overnight. Your video’s not gonna get a billion views, probably not even a hundred thousand views. The first few videos that you put out, right? Like you have to think, but that’s still power moves. It takes awhile to build that power. But guess what? Then you start attracting people into your life. The posts that you put on Facebook, right? Or they forced where you’re calling people to action, trying to get them to opt into your shit all the time and everything else. Or are you making power moves where you’re just giving some advice to them and sitting back and having people hit you up in the diem and go, dude, I like that. How much is it to work without human scrape value?
So you have to start thinking like every move that you’re making to get dollars for your business. Is this a forced move or is this a power move? And I guarantee him, and I know I get it right, some of you are going, yeah, but I’m just getting started. I can’t wait six months for a paycheck. Right? And now 100% understanding it doesn’t mean that you can’t force shit to happen, right? The second, all the while making power moves until enough power has been generated for you to take your foot off the gas with the force. But the big mistake that most people make is they never dedicate enough time to the power moves to be able to ever take their foot off of force because they rely on it. And so the biggest problem that most salespeople have is their whole life is, is built.
Their whole pipeline is built around force. So they can never take a vacation, right? They can never take time off, right? They have to work all these extra hours. They have ups and downs months because they’re always trying to force shit to happen constantly. They wake up at the beginning of the month or two months, every other month, whatever it is, your cycle that you’re on and you’re like, oh shit, I got to go make sales today. Where’s I can tell you when he’s stepping into the power side of things. This morning I woke up to $17,000 before, before I even opened my eyes this morning, right? It’s been more sensitive because of it and get this to a $2,500 of that 17 was from a blog post that I wrote almost five years ago. Zoom saying a move that I made back then and turn it into a power move today in that blog posts has made me a lot more than $2,500 in the lifetime.
But it’s a move, a power move that I made a long time ago that’s still paying dividends today. And so most people, they spend their whole life going these ups and downs in their business because all they ever do is make force moves you gotta make these power moves to, to give the authority. Because the other thing that power is, is it’s Influencive, right? If I have power, right? If the King of England has power, he stands up and he says, Hey, we’re going to war with you know, Nairobi or whatever the fuck. Right? Then the people were like, dude, he’s the guy in power. We believe him. That’s who we should go to war against. Right? And if power will lead all the way to people giving their life for something, think of what it can do for you and your sales. No, but, but unless you understand that principle, you’ll, you’ll, you’ll never beat that up and down way of, I call it the force of average that we have to deal with.
And it’s not just in sales. That force of average will hit you at home. It’ll hit you at work, it’ll hit you in your health, it’ll hit you in your mindset. It’s coming at you every which way. It’s like a virus on this planet trying to keep you average, right? And those of you that are watching this, you obviously want to do something a lot more than average. When anytime you step up above average, you start fucking up the grading curve for the rest of the average motherfuckers back there. Then they tried to step up on average and it’s like the world comes against you to test you to see how bad you want to break. Above average, most people fold. Most try and do some above average shit, some extraordinary shit and the force of average slap them in the face and they like, right?
And they just go back to like give me my $40,000 a year job, right and hurt. I did one deal and it didn’t work out. I’m just going to keep them regular job, right? That’s how a lot of people are, but see those of us that are going to push past that, we got to learn to get slapped a lot. It’s going to happen, but when you make power moves, you’re going to get slapped, right? Your mother, your father, your cousins are going to sue who? Fuck you think you are. Tony Robbins, you writing articles and getting PR, what? You didn’t pissed your pants until you were like 17 years old and now you’re going to be some kind of fucking speaker like there. Everything that the planet can use against you to try to keep you from being successful is going to come at you.
But I’ll tell you what, once you start breaking it and for me it took like six months. You know, I’d like to sit here and be like, dude, you know what man? I made one post on Facebook, shit, next we got a Lamborghini diamond pink, you need a hose. I was damned bills, errands but, but that wasn’t, that wasn’t what happened at all. It was like little by little bit by bit, but, but what I can tell you is the first six months in this business were tough for me when I started my own business because I didn’t have that power yet and I was making these power moves, but I didn’t have the power and yet it was still generated. And because of that, right? Like these, these power moves that I’m making about six months into it because I refuse to quit about six months into it, there was like a tipping point where people went, Oh shit, this guy knows this stuff and now I’m telling you 10 years later, it’s an everyday thing that comes in it because I’ve generated that power.
So first before we stuck about any tactical stuff that you can do to close sales, I want to put you in that frame of mind. You with me on that Chad? Yeah, I’d love it because I agree with you with everything you’re saying because I’ve been in the game since 2009 and it’s taken a long time to build that value man. You just got to keep rolling through it. And, and I think the first thing that you said is probably the, probably the, the, the most critical statement, like going out and spamming people and like sending like thousands of DMD every day. That’s just not gonna work as nobody knows who you are. So you can sit a thousand pms is not going to do anything right? So you need to go out there and you guys got to build value first. If you guys like, if you guys are understanding what Ryan’s telling you, you guys right now, can you drop like a 450 in the chat right now so we can make sure that we’re all on the same page before moving forward and how he shows you guys how to make some crazy amount of sales using that mindset.
So what’s four 50 mean or Jews pick random shit. Put random shit man. That’s my thing. I pick her up. I gotta get the seat with me. When we do these webinars, people start sleeping man and I can’t and just say thing in Dallas, man, when I was out there and speaking at your event, man, I got to wake people up. I gotta shake people, man. It’s like a five or 10 minute thing where I’m like wake up everybody. You wake up man. Are you getting this? I love him man. Right? Let’s go. By the way, guys, for those of you guys we’re on right now. I know we’ve got a shit ton of people here on the Webinar. We’ve got people in the live, in the marketers mindset, Facebook group. We got people right here on incident. You fucked up because you should’ve been right here.
You’re watching my back and the front of me looks better than my back. So you gotta jump up. You got to go to Duxford. Satcom you got to go get his shit together, man. Okay. But look, if you guys stay all the way until the end, I’ve got something special for you guys. I’m gonna give away some free beats. I’m gonna throw out some swag bags, but we’re going to do a lot of raffles, giveaways, a bunch of fools. Let Ryan talk and listen to what he’s got to say. If you want to make some money.
So if I was to start out as an agency, like brand new and I’ve been there, you know, like one of the first things I did was I had a social media agency. I ran people social media will go in. I would make their posts for them. I set it all up and HootSweet and everything else, right? The first thing that I’m going to do is going to start talking on social media about things that my audience is interested in, okay? And it’s not business, right? It’s not social media management. I’m going to talk about things that are going to be entertaining and interesting so that more and more people start migrating to my page. A great example of this is Gary Vaynerchuk, right? He just goes out there and he says all this motivational shit that people like and people start more and more people start showing up to his page and then eventually, you know he sells this, that or the other little widget, a book, shoes, some stuff like that, right?
We know all along he’s attracting big time fortune 500 companies. So let them do the social media management for, right? So if I’m going to run a social media agency, I need to prove that I’m good at social media and I need to start getting engagement. Not that fake shit you buy either. I’m talking about like real stuff. I want to be the example of what it is that I’m trying to demonstrate in the marketplace. When when I sold mortgages, I owned a hole, right? I still own the home, but I’m saying when I sold mortgage, I had a mortgage. When I sold forwards, I drove forwards. I still drive before I’m a creature of habit if you haven’t figured that out. But, but like that’s that. Like why would I sell you a Ford if I’m driving Alexis, I don’t believe in my product enough to drive it every day.
That’s like insane, right? So you need to be demonstrating if you are going to have an agency, whether it’s funnels or whether it’s whatever, you need to be demonstrating that you know what you’re talking about. And again, nobody probably cares about your agency, right? They care about the results they at first, they’re there to be entertained and second of all, and I’ll explain a formula in a second, but second of all, they’re there for results, right? Like if they’re going to take you up on an offer, it’s going to be because of the results of that offer, not because of you or your agency. Oh, I hope you guys get that. Like nobody really wants what we sell. They have a need that they, a desire that they need feel and your product to, to the prospect may be the pathway for them to get that fulfillment, right.
That need fulfillment. And so like, let me give you an example. When I sold mortgages, I understood that nobody wanted a mortgage. Like, like, honey, we got to go get a mortgage. Right? That’s not how it works. What happens is they say, we need a place to live and in order for us to buy a house that meets our standards, we’re going to have to borrow money from the bank. So if I’m selling a mortgage, I’m already selling them something they don’t want, right? But instead I’m selling them on the fact that I’m going to help them move in their dream home. You see, I’m selling them the thing that they want. My mortgage is just the bridge that gets you from where you are right now to sleeping in that new bed and that dream home that you’ve always wanted, right? But if I’m trying to sell this like 4.5% interest rate, then I create this battle between them because they don’t want a mortgage and now all the sudden if they’re going to take it, it’s gotta be as cheap as possible.
Instead, what I did was I just reframed the psychology and said, hey, whatever happens, I’m going to help you get your dream home. But I outsold everybody around me in mortgages because everybody else was arguing rate. And I’m talking about fulfilling their dreams, the real reason they’re there in the first place anyway. Okay? So you’ve got to understand that. So you’d have to ask yourself, those of you that are watching should be taking notes. You have to ask yourself like, okay, so who is my perfect prospect? Right? Like for me, when I first got started online, my perfect prospect was a loan officer and that was all I sold to a, because I only teach what I know. And at the time, all I knew was car washes and mortgages in there. Ain’t no money in the car wash game, right? Not for the people working there anyway, so I taught mortgage people to do what I did.
If you want the results that I got or better, here’s how I did them. Kate’s, but I carved out a very specific niche, so a few things that I did right to make my power moves. I created hardcore and I started using language on that site that only loan officers would recognize like DTI, LTV, dealing with appraisers, pissed off at real estate agents, things that loan officers understand because those were power moves to attract that audience, right? Like if I, if I’m going to sell to a marketplace, I got to think, act, breathe. I’ve got to be a part of the marketplace. If not, then my offers won’t make any sense to them because I’ll be thinking of the offer through my own blinders versus the ears that the marketplace needs to verse the ears at the marketplace has. I need to be able to convey my message to their ears properly, right?
And so I got to learn their language because if I talk like an outsider, they’re going to be skeptical about me. But if I taught like an insider, they’re like, well, he speaks the same crypto language that we have. So you know, he knows about all this insider Morgan’s lingo. He must be an insight, right? Little things like that man go a long ways, right? And that lower skepticism when you use the right words. So when you’re making your posts on Facebook, right? When you’re building your funnels, dude, you need to figure out who exactly you can help. And first of all, go after one vertical at a time. I stayed with the mortgage business people for four years. Right now I don’t hardly have any mortgage people, but I stayed with mortgage people only for four years before I branched out. And it wasn’t until I built my own million dollar business.
I’ve started teaching other people how to do the online stuff and taking in other entrepreneurs as well, right? So first dominate one vertical, okay? Then you can always expand into, you know, other verticals from there. The next thing that you got to do is you’ve got to start searching for prospects in the right places using the right methods. Like the, let me give you an example. Like somebody goes into your DM and they’re like, hey, here’s my number. Give me a call. Right? Like why would they do that? You’re already communicating in the DM. Why would you get them on a phone there you already have a direct path of communication. We already know that they’re comfortable texting there. Why would we want to sell them on getting on the phone? That’s just one more sell. One more decision. We don’t need them to make, right?
Like learn to have those conversations where the people are. So like what I do and I’m gonna give you guys like some super ultra like really common sense cause nothing I’m talking about right now is like, you know you need a pen and a paper and a math formula to figure out. So I’m pretty damn simple, right? That’s like my big gift on this planet is taking big complicated shit. Making it super simple for you. So I’m going to break this down for you. How to get leads for your agency, whether you sell funnels, where he’s so Facebook ads, where you still social media management, whatever it is from Facebook groups king. And so now that I’ve got your mind right now that I got your your sales skills up to, to the wavelength that I need you to be thinking about right here of power versus force, all that stuff.
Now let’s talk about some practical stuff to to round this thing out here. So most people, when they go into a group, they like to just post in the group. They’re like, hey Yo, I, you know, I’m here, thanks for the add. Or they try to get attention that way. It’s not how you do it. First of all, if you know your perfect customer like we just talked about and you know the niche, you’re going to enter key words into Facebook to find groups that fit that, that fit that niche. You’re going to join the groups and you’re going to be quiet. You’re not going to go in there and immediately try to get people’s attention and shit like that because we know I’m an admin. What’s the I’m in the Facebook power admins group. I’m one of the top admins on Facebook.
I run one of the largest groups on Facebook and and we know your tricks right when you come in there and we just let you in the group and two minutes later you fucking spam us. We know the tricks. Do we kick those people right out because we know that we’re trying to maintain a community in every good group. That’s what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to maintain a community. And if you go in there and you’re a distraction to the community or a taker from the community as opposed to a contributor, the admins won’t want you in there. And especially if you start to out shine the admins, like if your post gets more attention than there is, you’re, you’re asking get in trouble too.
Especially if you’re selling a competing product. Now instead, what you do is you go in these groups, join the groups, and you don’t send people from requests. You don’t spam the fucking walls in there. You don’t do none of that shit. Instead, and use the search bar inside the group. Like if you go on the group, if you’re on desktop, there’s a search bar up top. But if an actual search bar to the left underneath the group, okay, that search bar is just for that group. So many people don’t even really take the time to look at Facebook to realize all the little different intricacies that are on there. So you can search that group. So type in whatever it is that you sell. If you sell funnels, type in the word funnels you. So websites type in the word website use. So Facebook ads, type in the word Facebook ads.
Then go and see all the search results that show up in that group with those keywords. And then simply leave comments on those posts. But not like, Hey, buy my shit. Not like, Hey, I was listening. This was a power move. You know, for me to lie down of that stuff, right? Just add value, you know, hey and just give an example. It’s like, you know, if somebody got a post in there and they’re like, listen, my landing page is not converting. Anybody have an idea on what I can do to up, you know, get my landing page better. You might go in there and say, well to me it’s about three things, right? And it looks like you’ve gotten at least one of those three things covered. The three things are, it’s about an offer, an audience, and a technology. It looks like you’ve got a page together.
So you have the technology. It’s either your audience or your opera. So who are you targeting right now? Right? And so you starting this conversation with them from a place of value to actually help them out, right? That’s a power move. You make those moves inside these groups for a couple of weeks. You know, a few comments here, a few comments there. Then you finally post in the group and because you’ve helped other people along the way, they’re going to start engaging with you. The artificial intelligence that is the Facebook algorithm is going to show those other people that you’ve already engaged with your posts inside the group cause you’re all inside the group together and now all the sudden you’ve got attention in a backing of people from the group that automatically know you and that springboards your popularity inside these groups. Right. And again, that’s a power move where people see you, they see people commenting on your shit and they’re like, oh who is this person? Then they find out what you do for a living and then ultimately most of the time they’ll reach out to you and say, hey, how do you think whatever it is that you still can help, whatever it is that I do for a living, we all think about that.
Anything. It is amazing. I think people need to wake up. Let’s go now they’re coming, jumping the chat. They’re blowing up the chat over here. I can see it the whole time. It’s funny cause I’m watching. I got two screens open, I’m watching the zoom chat and then I’m watching the marketer’s mindset, the group chat, and just everybody just talk and talk and talk and guys, wake up, wake up, drop 600. It’s one 30 time to get out of your pajamas folks. People like it’s front. We never usually do this on Friday, but I know yesterday was Valentine’s Day and everybody was with their significant other.
He’s like, it’s take away from your movie and Butler
Can I get seven, seven, seven. Do you want six k funnels guys who wants to like sell a funnel for a massive amount of money? Can you drop some?
I’ll think about this. Let me, let me explain you how I did that. Okay. And we do it all the time, right? And let me explain how I sold the our funnel system for six grand. First of all I’ve demonstrated results for a really long time now. You know, it’s like, Hey, I helped this person, this person, I got a lot of celebrities. I got two Superbowl winners, I got a bunch of millionaires. Like, so Pete, I bade all these power moves for so long that people trust me. So I could go on Facebook right now and I can post as like, Hey, I’m willing to build three funnels for three different people. Here’s all what’s included. There’s six grand a pop. These will be the last three funnels that I build for the next six months. And I guarantee you within 20 minutes I’ll make 18 grand, right?
Not because of my popularity now, but because of the power moves that I’ve been making for so long and the trust and the goodwill that I built up the authority. There you go. Good answer. Juvie. The authority that I’ve built up this whole entire time, plus we have a track record of building some Badass funnels for people. You know, we’ve we built a lot of funnels that have helped a lot of people, especially in the real estate world. You’re not found out that like click funnels, we’ll do the two comma club. If you sold $1 million of real estate shit, there’s like 400 of my clients who should be filling those things out because we’ve, I mean, a million in real estate is not a whole hell of a lot, right? But a million is a million. And and so we’ve done that. Like, shit, if it gets to that point, we’ve earned at least 400, you know, different to comma plaques and shit like that.
I have to hang in my office now. So I have that reputation as someone who’s like good at doing this stuff. And so when I make a post about it, people come to me. But if I only made posts about that stuff all the time, nobody would fuck with me. They’d be like, Hey, he’s always like trying to force us to call the action and sell his funnels and shit like that. So instead, I use a process that I call em three. And if you go to Amazon, I’ve written 10 books in three is one of them. And you can read a little bit more on the process, but you can go over to obviously and type in my name Ryan Stewman and all the books that I’ve written have come up in three is the last one that I wrote. And it’s, it’s important, it’s real thin, it’s real short, I think it’s like 10 bucks or something like that.
And the point of the book is to teach you how to operate on any social media, not just Facebook, not just Instagram, not just linkedin, but like on any and really any media period. And so I remember back in the day, people’s like, yeah, you know, I, I buy media and then I advertise on social media and now they just lumped it all together again, they’re just back to buying media. And some of that includes Facebook and Instagram and snapchat and all the other stuff. So the m three method, like it dates back to like the time when they were writing newspapers on rice paper in the Egyptian pyramids. Right? Like this process that I’m about to break down for you. It’s been happening ever since you’ve been alive and really ever since civilization could communicate and try to influence people to a certain point, right?
Persuade them. So it’s the 80 20 rule of marketing. So m three stands for the media marketing method. Okay. And it’s the 80 20 rule of advertising. Like when you watch TV, 80% of the time you’re being entertained by whatever show you watch, about 20% of the time you’re watching for commercials, right? But, but because they’ve entertained you so much, you’re willing to endure the commercials. Are they as fun as the content that comes on the interchange, you know, but you’re willing to sit there and endure them. Even though you could do better without them, but you’re willing to endure them because of what’s to come is so entertaining. Right? Same thing on the radio. You listened to a few minutes worth of music. They have, you know, a minute or two 30 seconds worth of commercials. If you look through a magazine writes two or three pages worth of content and then a page or so worth of advertising.
If you go on Google, like the 20% of the top search results are paid advertisements, the other 80% is organic SEO and so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. We can clearly see that this method works or the biggest companies and the largest media outlets in the world wouldn’t use it, right? Like if you look at Facebook, you see ads in your newsfeed, you scroll five or six posts and there’s an ad in your newsfeed. You tolerate that ad because you’re trying to be entertained by the posts from your friends, right? So we know that works and all our social media profile is, is a media channel. Nothing more, nothing less. When I get my phone and I go to Facebook or I go to Instagram and I log in, that’s no different than a cable box on my TV and I’m going to go channel surfing.
The thing is I ain’t got time to channel Surf. If I turned on my TV, there’s like five channels I watch, right? CNBC, comedy central, and a couple of other ones, right? Like bt and con. The country channel, like I’m not really watching a whole lot of channels. I’ve got like five or six channels that I like to go to. Well, it’s the same thing for most people when they log into the social media, they’re not following hundreds of thousands of people so that they can see their stuff. They’ve got like four or five of their influencers that they like to go check out and be in front of. And like that’s their entertainment. Just like comedy central is inside my cable box. Ryan Suman is inside your Facebook and Instagram Apps, right? Like I’m just another channel that’s entertaining you with the content that’s coming through there. And so when I start to understand that all my profile is, is a media channel that I’ve got to operate, like the way that other media channels monetize their media, which is 80% entertainment and value for my audience.
First of all, it relates back to no one who the fuck your audience is, right? And second of all, 20% of the time can be a commercial. But if you look at the way that they do commercials on TV, if you look at the way that they do commercials on the radio, they don’t just go, hi, this is a commercial interruption reminding you to buy our shit wanting 105 shit. Right? Like that. That’s not what happens. Instead they like try to tell you a story or make it entertaining or it’s the old spice guy on a horse or it’s something that’s entertaining. Yes, there’s product placement. Yes, there’s an implied implicit call to action, but it still entertains them these days. Like matter of fact, the Superbowl was just two weeks ago and most people watch the Superbowl for the commercials. It’s one of the rare TV events, especially of its magnitude that people actually want to like stay for the commercials and because they make these commercials entertaining, right?
If you watch Budweiser you know, they’ve been making entertaining commercials for forever and again, it’s implied that they’re selling you beer, but really they’re still entertaining you. So you would follow that. That’s what the big dogs do. Budweiser’s a huge company. And so our Anheuser Busch rather. And so what you’ve gotta do is you have to model that. So your page needs to be 80% entertainment, entertainment, entertainment, something funny, something thought provoking, something challenging, right? Something that’s that’s trending or buzzing that your industry would probably be in on. And then 20% some sort of valuable call to action, right? So it’s something that’s entertaining. So for me, what works well is I tell stories about clients or situations that I was in. We call that the three method, right? You have an experience, you extract the lesson, and you educate the people who are following you on that experience.
And so I might talk about one of my clients and their success. I might talk about some fun that we had at a business retreat. It’s still implied that I’m doing business. It’s just like the Clydesdales you see Clydesdales you immediately think of Budweiser, right? Like it’s implied that you’re doing business, but at the same time it’s a power move because people didn’t reach out to me and they say, hey man, how do I get to be one of those guys that goes on the private jet to do business with you? Or Hey man, how do I get to be in that room full of people that you took that picture of where you were talking about brainstorming for the day, right? Because even my commercials are disguised as still value ads, right? So like when people scroll my page, you can see a hundred likes here, 200 likes here.
If you go to my Instagram, it’s thousands because I have such a bigger audience and it’s an easier platform. I have thousands and the reason why is because it’s like value, value, value, value, rap, business pitch value. And I’m telling you right now, we are doing, last month alone between two of my companies, we did $336,000 so you can’t say that this shit doesn’t work, right? It can’t be like, oh, well, you know what? Stewman you know, he doesn’t really make that much money or his company, Bob, I’ve got like four fucking employees, you know, like this. Once you build this machine, and again, it’s powerful now, but it wasn’t powerful in the beginning. But once you build this machine, the sky’s the limit. I’ve done the same thing in my real estate business. You know, I started posting about real estate. People started sending me deals, right?
People said, hey man, what about this? They’ll take a look at this deal. Other people started hitting me up saying, Hey, can you find me deals? The next thing you know, I got fucking people calling deals for the people that need deals to get them to the people that have deals. Again, all from power moves on social media. And again, if you go look at my page, there’s no blatant, you know, hey, who wants to buy real estate? Or Hey Blah, just go look yesterday, the pitch that I made, I said, if I could, would you right? Like if I could put this together, would you willing to do this? Trick this. I’ve been doing it for forever. Like it’s, it’s nothing new to me. I’ve been doing this shit for a long time, but now I’m letting my audience know just a little bit in a cool way to get them to chime in and now I’ve got to listen to people that I can go back to and say, Hey, I got properties in Dallas.
If you’re really interested, you see the difference. So most people are trying to do all this forceful stuff and I know you’re like, dude, you’re the hardcore closer. Like you. You’re like, what the fuck are you even doing here? You go on soft on us. It’s not like that man. I’m not going soft. Get smarter. I’ve been at this game for a long time and I’ve been generating power for a long time. So I’ve gotten smarter with the responsibility about how I’m doing this. And you know, while some people are still picking up a yellow pages right now and calling every lawyer in the book, trying to sell them a funnel to get people in there, every chiropractor in the book, Dude, I’ve been generating power this whole time. Now here’s what you might say is the campus, Stephen’s got a 10 20 year headstart on me. It doesn’t fucking matter. Right? There was somebody who had a 10 or 20 year headstart on me 10 years ago when I got started and I still seem to be able to thrive through this. So I want you to think the same way.
What would it be like the most ideal thing, cause I know some of these people are just starting their agencies or just getting into it. What can be like a move that they can make right now or something that they can like do maybe within the next 30 days that can help them get some type of power or authority for free, go to it’s a helper, and it’s a free PR site. And Dude, every morning for fucking four years. I woke up at five 30 sat at my computer and answered every fucking one of those things that I could on Haro on their emails every morning for five years. And if you Google my name right now, there’s 275,000 fucking pitches of results for me. And here’s the thing, you get on Haro, they start picking you up, then you share it on Facebook and you’re like, hey, they just quoted me in this so-and-so blog. Then all of a sudden people start thinking your authority like, Oh shit, they quote my man’s over here, right? They, they, they, they start seeing you as this authority figure man. And this is a power move, right? So it’s help a reporter out, help a reporter out. It just, if you just Google Haro, h, a, R, O it’ll show up. But it basically, you want to be a credible source for the media. And so everyday they’re looking for sources and they send you an email two or three times a day. Dude, you should be filling them all out until you’ve got enough money to where you don’t have to anymore. That’s what I did.
I know some of the things, some I’m saying, some of the things that I did like really simple stuff that you guys can do right now, like Ryan said, to just jump into groups like I remember I used to go into like the click funnels group. I used to go into like massive groups and just answer people’s questions like people, people are going in there, they got pain points. They not understanding how to do certain things. They’re not understanding how to get their first client and not share some value. Show these people like what? Why do you think me and Ryan were sitting here right now educating you guys. We’re providing, we’re doing it right now while we’re talking to you. We’re providing you guys value so we can become an authority like it is what it is, right? That’s what we’re doing. We’re not sprinkling magic dust on you guys like what?
You’re sitting here. You’re learning from us. We’re educating you. We’re not asking you for any money, we’re not selling you anything, but I guarantee you that most of you guys, when you leave here you’re going to go and you’re going to buy something, you’re going to go and you’re going to buy Ryan’s book or you’ll go jump into the funnel closers program. Oh your start fulfilling orders with dash base. Nobody has said anything about buying anything. We’re just sitting there providing guys nicely like go to go to these Facebook groups, go start commenting, show people who you are, comment provide value.
You know if you think about it, about 20% of the stuff that I just told you over the last 45 minutes was you know about some products and shit that I have. But the way that I presented it to everybody, it was still like value and then those products just happened to be a part of it. Right? So like you’re, you’re exactly right. It’s what I do all the time. I’m one of the best in the world at it to be just be straight up like I think dash clicks. I think we’re open to like what? Like four and a half months. Right now we’ve got a couple thousand users inside the database and we haven’t spent $1 on advertising. I’ll pull up my Facebook ads. We just started running remarketing and the funny part is you know that ad that I shot that I shot when I was doing your life. That’s the ad that I’m using for remarketing with demis puppet. Okay. I think I’m spending like five bucks a day on ads. I haven’t spent, I think it was like $30 in advertising in all dashboards, histories and we have thousands of people inside of the platform. How do you think we got thousands of people inside of the platform? It’s by doing this marketer mindset meetings is by doing these lives is by posting shit on Youtube. It’s by having other influential people like Ryan jump on, right cross promote like guys. And also I think one of the big things is if you’re really trying to get your name out there, don’t be scared to like reach out to people. Like, I was scared to reach out to Ryan at the beginning.
When you do it, man, don’t, don’t be assuming. And again, even when you reach out to somebody value first, the best thing that you can do with some social reconnaissance reconnaissance, go see what that person’s talking about and then go hit them up and be like, Yo Bro, I just saw on your last post you were doing this, blah blah blah. Have you ever thought about that? Right. And like add them some value to where you’re not just coming and be like, Yo man, I’m sinking. You could probably buy my shit or bring me on your podcast. I fucking, I delete. I read every message I get. I’d delete that shit when people just fucking come from this like taking standpoint. I don’t even acknowledge them.
Yeah. I think when I originally spoke to you I was like, I did a shit ton of r and D for One. I’ve been following you for awhile. Right? Cause I like to follow influential people that are in my space. But I think when I reached out to you, I was like, dude, this guy’s offering these courses. He’s teaching people how to go out and sell funnels. My Product Dash flicks fulfills funnels. This is like a perfect marriage, right? So I didn’t come at him saying, Hey, I want to give, I want to, I want to sell all your people dash glitz products, right? I was like, no, you offer product. I offer product, let’s do something together. I think we can provide value to each other, right? And that’s why we’re sitting on, that’s what I’ve been doing guys. That’s how I grew dash place, right? Going after and speaking to people, speaking to people, providing value, right? Getting into their networks. That’s what you need to do. And you can do that so easily. Some of you guys just need to get out there, post it on Facebook. Like I’ve been posting shit on Facebook. I’m gonna go live on Facebook for years, ma’am. So easy, like five minute life. I take five minutes out of your day every day. Find something valuable to say and just go like stopping scared of what people are gonna think of you, right? Like you said at the beginning, like dude, I’ve been going live and yeah, when I saw my friends like later on they’re another like what? You’re weird, you’re going to live like you’re not scared of all these people. I’m like, no, this is what you can get because I just had like a $10,000 order today from that live video. What did you do with your life? Right? So you social media, be out there that it’s a network.
It’s a social media network. That means you can connect with other people. I don’t think people realize how powerful social media is like thousands of users in dash clicks from social media. It’s like, come on guys, you guys, are everybody in the same program here? Can we go? We shake people up, wake people up and we got like a six 15 the chat right now. Let’s go. Let’s go people, let’s go. We’re not going to continue unless you engage. If you’re on Facebook, if you’re watching the slides on Facebook, same thing we do Instagram or watch my back like share, comment, engage you guys, let’s go.
Well I just want to say this to end everything and and I’ll let everybody return back to normal if that’s what you choose. But listen, you can choose to like find ways to overcomplicate and doubt yourself and, and not take action on the things that I share with you today. Or You could just drop your ego, get rid of your fears and just go do the shit and push through any feedback. And he pushed back and he fucking any forces that come your way, just like keep continuing to make your power moves in in six months, just fucking six months of your life do the momentum will start to pick up and your life will change. It’s not going to happen overnight. The things that I just taught you, it’s not going to happen. Oh, my group Facebook strategy alone. I told you you need to wait two weeks. But guess what? You repeat that process over and over and over again. Six months later. You’re the man. I know. I’ve been through it and I’ve seen a lot of my clients go through it,
So I appreciate you having me on chat. Yeah, 100%. You got some time. We’ll do some quick Q and. A. yeah. Real quick man. I’ve got about 10 minutes. All right. Awesome guys. Anybody got any questions for Ryan and Ryan? We’ll hop off. I’ll stay on. I’m going to show you guys some cool stuff. I’ll do some Q and a for you guys. What questions do you have? Drop in the chat right now. You’ve got 10 minutes skill. Go Gavin to Chad is the man. Thank you. We need questions though. Drop questions. Anybody got questions for Ryan?
All right. Jared says, how do you power move a car dealership?
So if I, if I did that, you know when I was there, so first of all I would create phone sites. I go to phone and I’ll create a phone site for every trade that we take in every model. Not ever but one for every model, even one for every trim level. And every time a lead came in, a customer came in or I sold some shit on at the dealership. I would post it on social media and I will make sure that people got that link. It’s like, hey, you want to know more about this model, here’s the link with a video on it. You want to know more about this car, here’s the link with a video. So like in my day we didn’t have phone sites. So when I did was I went out and I, and you can go to my youtube channel, look this shit up cause it’s still on there. And I would film each car and then I would just like act like, like I’m pitching the car to them. If people come in and they’d go, I’m looking for that dude cause they knew me as the guy on video that sold more cars than anybody all through social media.
We’ve got another question here from Jason. Jason, how long did it take you to sell your first funnel?
Well I had already been, you know, running an agency and some authority and shit before I started selling funnels. So probably the, the second that I offered the first funnel to be built for somebody, I probably sold it. But to get my like first client for my social media agency, which would be more comparative, I probably took me, I dunno a week, but I work fast dude. Like, and once I got one, I got another and he hit him up for referrals. Dude. So you know, but, but I’m not your average person. You shouldn’t compare yourself to me. Cause in, and I don’t say this like out of ego, but like in my office they say 48, seven cause I do in one day what most people can’t do in two. So like I just make shit happen. And just because I was able to get deals quick, like that doesn’t mean that you’re able to get deals like that. Dude, it might be a couple of months for you. But I guarantee if you work as hard as I do and you spend your time efficiently, you’ll fucking get deals faster than, than most guys. We’ve got one last question. Drew me ass. How long did it take you to actually get comfortable selling funnels? Because funnels is like complex. It’s like complex and everybody makes it seem like it’s complex even though it’s not. But how, how, how long does it take to actually get come through?
Well doing that? So, you know, I’m always willing to like sell something and then figure I’m willing to jump off the cliff and build a plane on the way down, you know? And so I’m not uncomfortable selling anything as long as I believe in it and it’s ethical, right? Like I couldn’t go sell, you know, sex traffic slaves or some shit. Like
I haven’t, for those of you guys like asking that question, you can go out and sell funnels.
I obviously believe in funnels. They change people’s lives, right? And so but I will say this, when I decided that I was going to, you know, deal with funnels, dude, I live, eat, breathe. And slept like 2011 to 2014 dude, I bet I watched a million fucking youtube videos and bought all these programs and everything else. Like I didn’t just stick my toe in and be like, well you know, maybe if this works. I’m like, dude, I’m fucking get rich from this shit. And that was my mindset from the beginning.
Guys, can we take Ryan for jumping on right? I’m gonna let you go get your boy. Can we get a 600 for Ryan? Jump in the chat. Thank you Ron. I’m going to stay on guys to stay on with me. I got some special stuff for you. We’ll go through a bunch of other really cool shit. So hang tight Ryan. Thank you brother. I appreciate it man. Yeah, sorry you cut out a little early on. He like said fam brother.
It’s all good man. I got a five month old. I know how that is, but I was up all night last night. Hopefully I dropped enough value in 45 minutes where it doesn’t matter. Anyway, more than an up brother. Thank you for appreciate it man. Thank you very much. We’ll be in touch after Ron. I appreciate it brother. Thanks Shan. Yup, you got it man. Guys was so how crazy was that? What? What kind of value guys? Can we get a three 33 in the chat right now? Can we light up? I got some really cool stuff for you. If you want some cool stuff ain’t tight. Paying tight, paying tight. I guys, I want to offer you two things. One, I’m going to do some Q and. A so you can ask me a bunch of questions too. I’m going to give away some swag bags in just a minute and three, I’m going to give you guys a coupon code for something insane.
Who’s ready for it? Can we get a one 55 jump into chat? Go, go, go. You can you integrate and go, well I’m 55 aren’t guys whose purchased their agency website. I want to know who’s purchased your age. You have to say, can you drop a 12 in the chat if you’ve purchased your agency website already? Awesome. A lot of people have purchased and agency website get, so when we were pre-selling our agents who actually say doing it at 249 bucks, I was a Presale, right? Then we did, we’re doing a limited time off the right limited time offer and I would just three 49 and then in a couple of days it’s going to go back up to four 99 which is going to be a retail rate. So who here knows that we’ve already built you a website? Does everybody know that? Can you drop it 15 if you are familiar with the fact that we’ve already built your website, do you know that right?
I’m going to show you guys really quick where your website is sitting so you can actually go get right now. Okay, so if you guys are logged into your dashboards account, I want everybody to just take two minutes. Go ahead and log into your dash clicks account. Okay guys, log into dash clicks and go to agency tools. Click on agency tools. Guys, your website is already built for you right here. You can literally click on this link and it will open up a new page with your website, with all of your information on it. Okay. Now guys, if you have not uploaded your, your logo into the platform, all you gotta do is go right here. Go to agency profile. Okay, fill out this information. This is what gets sent to your website. Fill out this information, then go to branding. Okay, Upload Your Logo here, Upload Your Fab Account, upload all of this stuff, and then go back to agency tools and your website will automatically be updated.
So you can see right now exactly what your brand new website will look like. So who wants this website for a killer price? Who’s ready for an offer? Who’s ready for an offer? Can I get a 33 in the chat? If you’re ready for an offer, 33 in the chat if you’re ready for an offer, 33 in the chat. If you’re ready for an offer, I guys, I’m going to give you an offer. It’s going to end today at 11:59 PM est, which is literally in a couple of hours. Okay. If you go and purchase your website right now, so you click agency tools. Okay, agency tools. Then you click purchase website. It’s going to add to the court on the court. I’m going to give you guys a coupon code to get the website at the presale rate, which we are never ever, ever going to do again.
This is a once in a lifetime offer right here because you guys came here and he took action. So those of you guys who are here, those of you guys were on Facebook. Those of you guys want Instagram. Those of you guys watching everywhere. This is going to end today, so this is the coupon code. I’m going to type it in the chat. The coupon code is episode eight episode eight that is the coupon code right now, episode eight. It will expire today at 1159 p. M. E. S. T. Okay. It will expire at 1159 two nine e s. T. So if you want to get your agents who website is the last time we’re ever doing it, this price ever again. Ever get literally guys. Okay. Should go get it right now before it expires. Now I would do some Q and a for you guys. I’m gonna do some Q guys. Wanna Reinhardt, the cut off short, but I think you provided more than enough value for all of you guys. How awesome was Ryan? Can I get like a 350 maybe? That was awesome, right man. He’s all about getting your mindset right. I’ve been following him for years. He really helped me on it. Honestly,
Nelson said, what’s the price we’re offering with this code? It’s $249 if you buy right now, right now, you got to go buy right now. It’s expiring two nights. No it do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. All right guys, let’s do some Q and. A. Let’s go ahead and shoot out some questions and then I’m gonna give out some swag back. You want some swag bag? Hanes up, spirit fingers. Nelson says, what if I bought it yesterday and fortunately, no, sorry guys. Offer is available literally right now. We just got activated and it’s all the way until the end of today.
All right. Phillip said, I know onboarding is coming. Affiliate link, affiliate link. Who wants to join our affiliate program? Who wants your affiliate account? Can we get like a four 50 I want to see who went. Who wants to join our affiliate program for 50 if you think, I do think that you might want to join our affiliate. Who wants to see what our affiliate dashboard looks like? Nobody has seen this yet. You want to see what that looks like? Can we get a three 33 if you want to see what our affiliate dashboard looks like cause it’s almost done. Who wants to see that? Hmm? Why do you guys want to see that? How about you went to Graham once you are affiliate program. All right. Right. I’ll show you guys our affiliate program. How about that? How about our affiliate dashboard? Huh? Now guys, keep in mind this is not 100 built and Carlos is probably gonna shoot me for showing you guys this but it is what it is. Okay. So I’m going to show you guys at anyways cause I’m super cool and excited about it and I can never hold shit back.
Alright, cool. Cool. Here we go. Here we go. Boom, boom, boom. Share screen. Let’s get these going.
Ah, doesn’t this look familiar? Who knows what this looks like, right? Doesn’t this look familiar? Who knows what this looks like, right? What does this look like? Guys? Go ahead and drop it in the chat. What does this look like? This remind you of anything. Everybody says click funnels. That’s right. We actually took the heterosexual from clickfunnels because we liked it so much and we rebuilt the whole thing and did it ourselves. So this is basically going to be our affiliate program. You guys are going to each get an account. It’s automatically going to give you an affiliate link, which is going to be this gray bar, which is missing right now. And that’s what we’re coding. It’s gonna show you everything. It’s going to show you everything here. This is all dummy content, guys. That just did not. Nothing in here is accurate, but you guys are going to be able to see your monthly recurring revenue, your signups, your paid users, your paid user conversion rate, your churn rate, lifetime value.
You’re going to see the agencies that are purchasing the actual products for you that you guys are going to be getting commissions on. You guys are going to see what they actually purchase as far as the dollar amount, your total commission amount the day that they actually signed up, right? So you’re going to have an affiliate link that you’re going to be able to share with everybody and guys, how easy is it? And that can saves you guys face to face, okay? How easy is it to promote dash clicks? How easy do you think that’s going to be? Hey, I’m going to give you a free dashboard where you can fully white label. I’m going to give you client dashboard, which you can fully white label. I’m going to give you tons of free video content. I’m going to give you tons of downloadable pdf files. I’m going to give you life support with marketing experts like and it’s free. Here’s the link to sign up. Affiliate link. Boom. Who thinks that? That’s crazy, right? Who thinks that? That is crazy? It’s a no brainer. If you think it’s crazy and I get a four 25 four 25 write on the check, go.
Guys. Our affiliate program is going to be coming out. We’re hoping. Don’t mark my words. March early March, March 1st to the seventh, somewhere around there. First, early week of March. Okay guys who took action and both the agents who are upset right now, the discounted rate with the coupon code, episode eight typing eight if you did it, type in eight go. Boom, boom, boom. Rebecca purchase. Boom. Nelson said bought it yesterday already. Good. You took action. Awesome. Eight, eight, eight, eight, eight. Very good. Very good. All right guys, let’s do some Q and a and I’m gonna give away some sweaty baggies. Anybody got any questions for me? Drop it in the chat trapping in the chat. If you guys got questions trapping in the chat, drop it in the chart.
Well, kind of Q and a. Are we doing? What kind of QA? All right, boom. What kind of support can we get for the free website after we purchased? It’s a, it’s a self-purchase product, so essentially it’s a, it’s a drag and drop web editor. So you go in there just drag and drop everything. It’s really, really easy to use. Plus on top of that we provide tons of web tutorials in the agency website tool section. If you go to right now you can actually see what it looks like, how you can control everything, how you can edit everything, how everything works. All video tutorials that we created for you guys. Michael said coffee or energy drinks, energy drink was today. To be completely honest, Philip is very nice and worth it. Thank you. Philip. Can we integrate Calendly for appointments scheduling? You can, so Calendly just gives you an embed link. You can go in there and just embed it right into the website and not a problem guys. And guys, if you like, if you don’t have a website, this is like the first step. And even if you have the website, take your website, open it up in a town and take our new agency website. It’s already built for you. They can go check it out right now inside your dash account, you just click agency tools and you click preview website. No, open it up. You can check it out, put them side by side, whichever one you think would convert better or do a better job. That’s when you should go with, okay. Johnny said, so what’s the different about the agency website than a normal website? For one, it loads fast as shit. So I think our Google page speed does, we’re like a 98 or 99 out of a hundred. It’s already pre optimized for SEO, right? It’s fully responsive. It’s got all the graphics and images and services at dashboards offers. It’s fully what they build under your brand and the coolest part, it’s already built. You don’t have to do anything. All you gotta do, just purchase and put your domain name over and Bam, you’re done.
What is Gus asks, what is your recommended retainer for dentists? Usually I will do recommend a retainer, depends on what you’re selling them. Try to get them between one to two K per month. That’s what I would do and I was on Facebook ads. Okay. well you have a car bonus in the future with an affiliate Jason Ass. That’s so funny that you said that because we were actually talking about that the other day that I wanted something really cool. We’re going to do something even cooler than a call. Hang tight. Okay. I can’t tell you what that is. Okay. We’re still working on it. As Ruby said, Chad has given away his lambo. No, no, no, no, no. Actually maybe it’s good. Maybe I might. Who knows? Who knows? Who knows? Guys? Once again, if you’re jumping on right now, you’re jumping on later.
You jumping on. I see a lot of you guys at Facebook, a group they are jumping on right now. Use the coupon code episode eight. That is for your agents who website. If you haven’t purchased it, it’s going to be a discounted rate of $249 instead of three 49. It’s expiring today at 1159, p m e s. T. And this will never, ever, ever happen again. That rate will never be in the history of dashboards happening again. So if you’re thinking about getting it, today’s the day. Okay. Nelson says, can we get more testimonials for clients for authority hacking? We first started, yes. We’re actually working on a skew of we’re working on skew of tutorials and all that stuff, like testimonials and all that stuff. So yes, we are let’s see. Cory said, watch a tutorial for the website, but where can we change the feature image? You can easily do that. You just click on the image of any, you can replace the image. So that’s an easy, easy little swap right there. Now can you make a custom case study pdf for niches? Yes, we’re definitely going to be working on that.
Walter says, what’s cooler than a free car? The suspense is killing me. Can’t tell you brother. It’s going to happen to him. We’re still in discussions over it.
Guys, what are the questions we got? So is the agents who website completely customizable so that mine doesn’t look the same as everybody else’s? Yes, 100% we have hundreds of people who purchased the agents who website and they’ve let in there and they’ve tried things around, they’ve change images, they’d swap content, they change the colors, change the menu structure. It doesn’t look anything like it, but the heart and the foundation has already built for you guys. So to build that website took us months to write the content from that website, took us months to create the graphic for that website, the graphics for their website. It took us months, have our SEO person go in there and optimize all the Meta tags took us months. So that’s what I’m telling you guys. This whole thing is built already and you get it right now for $249 plus 25 bucks a month, which includes hosting and an SSL certificates. You don’t even need to worry about that. And access to our drag and drop website builder guys. It’s a no brainer to 49 today’s the last day. Get it while you can.
Sense. How many clients can dash clicks handle for Facebook ads? Bring it on brother. We’re on a hiring spree. We can handle anything. Robert Nelson, are we supposed to be on zoom for this meeting? Yes. You shouldn’t be on zoom but I got Facebook over here cause I’m nice. I’m answering some questions over here on Facebook. All right, let’s see what else?
Somebody says, I bought the agency website for some reason I can’t see your name. I bought the entire website. I’m super pumped up. Nice. He said all of them fill up. So when you get a lead through the site, how long does it take to go into your CRM system? It doesn’t go into the CRM system. It will go to your email address. So whatever email address is actually hooked up in your agency profile, it’s gonna fire off an email with the information right there automatically. Nelson said, can I get some help with fixing the client login? Weak link. Yes, for sure. It’s opened up a support ticket and we’ll help you out.
Aaron said, can you give us a quick overview of the onboarding steps from moment? We close the crime? Yes. Yes. Great question hearing. Okay guys. And I’m going to answer one question. So fight accidents and how much would a developer charge for that type of website? We built our social agency website, which was the concept for it and it was about 6,500 to $7,000. So if you want to go, you can go pay that somewhere else or you can just get this website to date right now for 249 bucks and it’s already sync your dash. It’s kind of built, just gotta point your domain over. Boom. Done. Okay. Let me go to Aaron’s question. And Aaron said, can you give us a quick overview overview of what happens when you add an a client? Yes. So what’s happening right now is you go, you purchase a service, your client gets automatically boom, the, the company gets automatically added into the dashboard after the service and then read the next day, send you out.
Work is the same day depending on what time you purchased. Cause we’re, you mentally work from nine to five, right? So based on what time you purchase, within 24 hours, we spire off a slack channel invite for you, which is a private slack account, which is you and our team where we can collaborate and get all the information we need from you. Then all you do is just fill out the onboarding documents and send them to us. Bam. We’d start working right away. That’s the old is right now. However, next week we’re launching our new onboarding section, which we extended about a week as we want to add a couple new cool features in there and do some quick buck tests and make sure that it’s good. And what’s gonna happen then is you’re going to go and you’re going to do safety, you’re going to purchase something from the store right after you purchase.
You can automatically add your client to the dashboard as a user, okay. Which will be fully white label. And then you can automatically send your client the onboarding documents. The client is going to get a welcome email, welcoming them to your white label, beautiful dashboard with all your branding on it. Okay. And they can go on, they can set their password, set up their account, and then they’re going to get a separate email with the onboarding documents. Once again, fully white labeled with all of your information on it. They click the link, Bam, they go into the onboarding center, into your dashboard, which is fully white labeled and they’ll see tasks that they need to do, which is the onboarding documents. Okay. They can go click on it, fill out the information for the onboarding documents. If they don’t know how to answer questions, it’s not a problem. We provided a toolkit for every single question that we asked with examples of exactly how to do it too. No questions on what information you’d be filling out. Okay. To alleviate phone calls for you guys. The whole thing is going to be automated and then once we get the onboarding docs, boom start working. So hopefully that helps.
Nelson says, is there anything that can’t be integrated to the emergency website? Not that I know of. I mean there’s thousands and thousands of softwares on the web, so I’m not sure. I’m sure there might be something that can’t be integrated. I’m just not sure what they are. Let’s see. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. What else we got?
Guys, who’s joined our Facebook group, by the way, I know some of you guys are coming on right now. Some of you guys are already on the Facebook group. For those of you guys who didn’t join our Facebook group, you can just click that link joint. It’s a free group. With all of the dashboards users in all, all the people marketing people from all over the world. Okay, so we’re going to be building up that group. We’re going to be providing tons and tons and tons of really, really valuable content. Just go in there, go in there and you’ll get it. Okay guys. All right. I’m going to give away swag bag. Really quick. Guys, out of this entire meeting or Webinar or whatever you want to call it, what was the number thing that you learned from Ryan, which you should have taken into consideration? Drop in the chat right now. Aaron said no.
Well, making power moves. No mindset. No audience offer technology. No, it’s one word. One word. Dropping the chat. What do you need? Longterm power. No group packing value. No one word authority. Boom. Got It. Be Crawford. Be Crawford. Awesome. B Crawford. What’s your agency name and your shirt size. We’re going to go ahead and send you off with swag bag with a bunch of really cool stuff.
B Crawford Agency name. Alright guys. I’m going to give away another swag bag.
Another swaggy Baggie. So be Crawford Agency name if you want your swag bag. If not, we can give it to somebody else. Be a Crawford. Awesome. what shirt size are you? What shirt size are you shopping in the chat. All right guys, I’m pumped up. Ryan pump me up large. Awesome. We’ll send that out. Tommy. Yo, can you write be a Crawford Large Agency name is BIA Crawford large. Send them swag bag. Be a Crawford. Thank you sir.
Woo. Somebody says the chat over. I’m trying to hear Ryan. Ryan just got off, but the replay is going to You don’t have a dash. These kids got get your free account or you can join this group right here. Which is going to be the marketer’s mindset group and the replay will be in there for you. Okay, bud. There you go. And we actually just went live. We’re still aligned in that group, so it’s going to be right in there for you.
Carl says, are you from Dallas also? I’m not. I’m actually in sunny south Florida. I’m in Fort Lauderdale. It was in Dallas couple of days ago. I spoke to Ryan’s funnel. Closer event. Woo. Guys, that was crazy, right? We got some more questions. Let’s do it. Let’s, let me go into the Q and a really quick. Did you do to tune? I already answered these questions. All right guys. Once again, if you’re coming on or if you’re joining right now, episode eight is the coupon code that you need to use to get your agents who website for 249 bucks once in a lifetime offer. Get in today. 1159. You don’t get it. Too Bad. You’re gonna end up paying double. I love you guys so much. I will see you guys by the way guys. Oh, I forgot to mention something crazy. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, hold up.
Wait a minute. Hold up. Wait a minute guys. We’re doing something crazy tomorrow. Which we never do this. Okay, we never do this, but tomorrow we are hosting a live Webinar on Saturday and I’m having already Gheskio for those of you guys who are familiar with him, he’s going to be coming on. He’s going to show you guys how to generate clients, high ticket clients on demand. So you can click that link right there and you can actually register for the Webinar flying into the studio. We’re both going to be on that white board right there drawn shut up. It’s going to be a crazy event. Okay? Once in a lifetime thing, just go ahead and click on that link. You can register right there. Facebook. I got you. I’ll send it to you too, so you can click on that link right there. If you want to watch that.
That’s going to be tomorrow from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM est Saturday February 16 two to 4:00 PM Est. We’re going to show you how to generate high ticket clients, high ticket clients. Bam. All right guys, thank you for joining our episode eight of Marketer’s mindset. I appreciate it. I’ll see you guys on the next one. For those of you guys who joined our Facebook group, leave comments, leave love on this check. Hit the like button. If you’re watching live Hashtag blog, you’re watching replay hashtag replay, share the post. Invite people to this group. Let’s get this going. Have a good one guys. Enjoy your weekend.

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