How to Monetize Video Content in 2019
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 08:18 PM

How to Monetize Video Content in 2019


How can you monetize video content in 2019?
Chad Kodary and the team from DashClicks talk about different strategies in monetizing video content in 2019 and beyond! This is also an inside look at how the DashClicks team meets and deliberates on administrative decisions. This is a live video recorded on the Marketers Mindset by DashClicks Facebook group!


The only live in there that you already push, like it’s pushed or can we change something? It’s pushed. So we’re live so we are actually live on Facebook. We are actually a wait are we live or like how live it? Can this be all right? Let’s check cause I don’t think, I don’t believe Carlos, I think he’s lying to us and Whoa Shit. We’re live. No we’re not. We’re not. Yeah. What’s going on? Oh Man. Hold up. Don’t worry. I’m gonna you didn’t relax. I’m going to get this muted. Hey. Hey, what’s going on? Damien? Johnny. Yes. She thin. What’s up everybody? We’re doing a dash wakes team meeting. We’re talking about some video content and you know what? We want your feedback. Can we go let’s do GoPro. Hit the GoPro real quick. Hit the go pro real quick.
This is not a marketer’s mindset. Most of you guys, you’re like, oh my God, they’re doing a marketer’s mindset and it wasn’t even scheduled. No, this isn’t a marketer’s mindset. This is just like a quick meeting. What’s going to happen. Is the GoPro on, are we hitting the GoPro? Oh, where’d that delayed? Huh? Yeah, there’s a little delay. There’s a little delay. And then where we’re like, there’s a bunch of us here. We’re actually have a team meeting. So I was like, screw it. Let’s record it and let’s just show people what’s happening behind the scenes. So I don’t know how it’s going to go. You’re not really meant to be here, but we’re going to let you in any ways. So Cross, let’s go back. P let’s go up front face. So let’s forget about the cameras being here for one second.
I know I’ve got the live on and everything and it is what it is and gills, you know, just don’t make it awkward Gill. Where this is kind of what we do at the end of the day. We huddle up, we have some team meetings and we talk about like what’s happening in the world, the dash cliques. So we’re like, screw it. Let’s just all get into the studio, slip the lights on, we get the TV going. We’ll do like a cool meeting. So that’s pretty much it. So I want to tell you about a couple of different things I want to talk about. You can go p and p. Here you go. P and p without pink. So this is video content that we’re going to be talking about. Not Everybody stood up tight. You guys haven’t been on camera before. Yeah. Listen, I get listen up.
You guys got gill nervous in here. Okay. Gil Loosen up. Hi Guys. Look, so we’re going to talking about video strategy. So a couple of different things that we want to do. For one, I want to bring back the name agency long secrets. I want to bring it back and I want to go him and it’d be treasonous probably for you to is actually mostly for you cause we’re, since we’re gonna be doing all the video content stuff. And same thing with a Carlos. Everybody’s like, oh great, I’ve got the video on and scared to say anything. Yeah. So I’m just saying like Gil’s tapping me, he’s like, can you hold my hand? Agency launch secrets. I wanted to work where I want to split up different segments, right? So we’re doing right now marketers mindset on Thursdays, but I want to come up with a program where it’s a paid program where it’s more like an advanced level of pretty much everything that we’re doing.
So markers mindset’s great. We’re gonna talk about some awesome stuff. Well, without the whiteboards like we usually do, I think we should shorten it. Instead of like two hours, we’ll do like maybe like an hour, an hour and a half. I’m going to shoot for an hour and a half. Sometimes it might be shorter, but usually an hour and a half. It’s good. Like with Q and a and everything. Yeah, go ahead. So there’ll be like an hour and a half around. Okay. So that’ll be marketer’s mindset and I think we’re going to leave that on Thursdays. So we’ll do it for instead of two to four est, we’ll do it. We’ll go like two to 3:30 PM Est. It’ll be an hour and a half. We’ll go live in zoom and then we’ll go live in the Facebook group. The marketer’s mindset Facebook group, and then you’ll pull the recordings and then from the recordings we’ll shave it down or create like three or four different videos, five different videos, whatever it is, restructure it, load it up.
That’ll be a free content like we do usually. Then we can put some pretty cool idea. So I know we sat down a B and we were talking about like different videos and what we want to do. So I took what I took, the ideas that you had and I restructured it just a little bit. And this is what I came up with. Okay. So what I want to do is agency launch secrets. So me and angel were talking and we’re talking about like the Billy jeans, what’s it called? The Gene Pool, right? So how Billy gene has a gene pool, took a group where they talk about like, I don’t know how there’s like 5,000 people or something in the group and they pay like a small fee every single month, but they get access to like all this crazy and insane behind the scenes content and it’s just amazing.
And we’re going to be bringing me angel, Tommy Gill, Carlos, like everybody from the team. We’re going to be going, everything going over tons of cool shit and people are going to love it. Right. So we’re going to talk about is, and the strategy is we’ll do agency launch secrets. We can do a Mondays from like 12 to 1:00 PM Est. It’ll be one hour, it’ll be on zoom and it will be in a private Facebook group that we’ll create. Okay. Are we just keeping that name? I think we keep the name now. We’re not gonna use the call. She’s going to keep the name. Yeah, cause I liked the name and the branding and all that cool stuff. Right. So we can just keep that. Right. And then what we’ll do is, so this is originally, I was like, maybe what we’ll do is every week we’ll select an agency, they’ll, we’ll, we’ll create like a blast and like we’ll get agencies to submit their information and they’ll tell us basically what they’re struggling with their agency.
Right. And we’ll pick one person that submits like a lot of cool shit that they’re struggling with and we’ll get that person to come on live and it’ll be like webinar style and that person can literally be live and ask us questions and we’ll help them fix their agency in a way. We’ll have them build their agency. But then I thought about like watching that repetitive might be a little too repetitive, like doing that every single week over and over and over. So here’s my thought and you guys could tell me your idea. My thought is maybe if we do, if we do the trainings weekly, that’s four week obviously, right? So maybe we can do one week, we can do that. Like maybe the first week of the month we can do like fix my agency and agency launch secrets. And then the other three weeks we’ll be like, topics that we’ll go into like, like you do like Instagram hacking or linkedin prospecting. Like what tool to use or like how to build a call center and what tools you should use there and like how to go out. And it could, you know, create like retention. What billing to you system to use, what like to do for Google ads and call tracking. Like what, like all these different like topics that we’re talking about. Like I think we can create like different topics in each video or each week we can talk about a different topic. Okay. I liked the initial idea though of just one.
No, I just want to just working with agencies to figure out their issues and right there on the spot like clarity [inaudible] Paul, I think also like, oh, maybe kind of just do just two different type of calls. So two days of so two weeks out of the month maybe do the agency thing that you’re talking about where we can choose an agency, bring them on live, we pick up, you know where you’re at and then just kinda break it down and give you the tips that you need to, you know, get to that next level. And that’s you on the spot, Huh? Solve your issue on the spot. Yeah. Basically exactly from where you’re at right now and break your agency down like to the point where we’re giving you everything you need to like after that call gets to the next level and then maybe two or the other.
So the other two weeks literally talk about strategies. So every other week almost like also pick another agency like within the group, right when we pick you first specific strategies. So maybe you know the first and third week do something for, you know, like you were saying with the agencies and and breaking them, their, their agency down from where they’re at to get to the next level. And then maybe the second and fourth week be something like how to like get a, the best strategy to attack for a car dealership or yeah, we can do that. Cause I know everyone here has a specific niche that they want to go after and you know, with Dash Clicks now at your disposal, you have the ability to offer more than one service and it might be a service that you’re not comfortably pitching yet. Cross can you hit the front end?
So kind of maybe, you know, if you have a niche in mind that you want to go after, maybe you have a niche that you been going after. You can’t yet figure out how you’re gonna really implement all the things that she likes now has the offer, you know, we’ll break down that niche and really kind of strategize with you and how we would go ahead and pitch that service or the services to that specific niche with the exact processes in place. Cause I know everyone can learn from that because it’s really taking the foundational information of marketing and implementing it to different industries like different niches. So it’s in a great way.
It’s one oh one in the chat, one on one the chat and you love it.
Well who would, who would like that if we could break down, you know the struggles of an agency? No, this is just me screaming regularly. There’s no camera here. This is normal chat. No Cam when you guys are not here, just so you guys know. I like flip out. I’m like one-on-one, just throwing out random numbers. Right? Okay. Next. He says, where’s the podcast? Podcast is coming yet it’ll be on here. It’s coming. Right. So let’s talk about this because it will speed roll this and then everybody wants to go home. So agency law on secrets, what we’ll do in that is we’ll spin up the content, we’ll figure out like a content strategy for that. We’ll, we’ll talk about different niches and all that stuff, but we’ll also maybe twice out of the month, so every other week we’ll just flip it around. We’ll literally grab an agency like almost like we’re doing a live event, we’ll grab an agency giving the crowd, we’ll get that guy on and like for an hour he, he or she will be able to like drill us with questions and sometimes it’ll be me alone.
Sometimes we can have a panel of you guys depending on what the topics are though. They’ll pre ask their questions and like a survey or something, we’ll send that. We’ll figure it out. Like if we show and say this next Monday we’re going to talk about how to strategize and how to get dentist clients. Figuring exactly, you’re in the dentist, you probably wouldn’t want to be on that. Let me tell you something. They’re going to be into dentists after the call. Okay. alright, so that’s that. And then we have insight downs where it’s like, Holy Shit, we’re going to talk about something crazy. We’re going to do that weekly. I think we’ll do that Tuesdays from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM and the reason, and you’ll see kind of like what I’m doing here with the time zones. So like the first one agency long two groups from 12 to one inside dashes from one to two marketer’s mindset is from two to 3:00 PM 3:30 PM.
And I want to do that because there’s so many like people in dash leaks that are worldwide and I want to get like a little bit of a different time zone. So some people might not be able to watch live, they’ll watch the recordings, but then other people will actually be able to watch live. So maybe just like separate the time just a little bit. So it’s all like the same time every, every week. That’s just my thought process. What do you guys think about that? That’s fine. It doesn’t work fine. Tommy saved the change every week for the same? No, no. Like agency launch secrets will be every Monday from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM inside dash will be every Tuesday from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM marketer’s mindset will be every Thursday from two to 3:30 PM and by the way, so like let’s stop. Let’s go to this like inside Dash.
So inside dash is basically going to be like us doing like interview style. Like we’ll lab up like me and angel or me and Tommy or me and Gail or mean cross for me. And you even were talking about videos where you can do whatever we want and it’ll basically be a one hour session. We’ll try to keep it, maybe not like 45 minutes. We don’t like stretch out the time too much. Right. But we’ll do like an hour tops if it runs that long. And there’ll be an interview where it’s us literally talking about stuff that’s trending stuff that’s happening in the industry where it’s, it’s not like whiteboard, like this is going to be like whiteboard style where it’s like, oh you’re having a problem with this. Awesome. This is what we need to do. We go here, we go here, you gotta do this, we open up a website, we help you fix your problems.
Right. That’s agency law and secrets there it says there’s no whiteboard. This is just like talking and yeah, like literally just like a conversation. Yeah. Conversation. Exactly where it’s interview style in the w we take this and we repurpose this with Mr Doxy cause I know you’re watching and I see him leaving comments. We repurpose this into inside dash and we’ll have like a podcast and the DAX will come in, he’ll set up the whole podcast and then we’ll do that. And then we have our regular marketers mindset that we deal, right? Which is just like the regular whiteboard trainings to teach agencies, like just the basics of like how to start an agency, what you should do, how to structure this, how to do that. Right. So that’s just like we’ve done like 10 of these, 11 of these now. Now we’re on number 12 right.
And then we’re going to split up. So we used to do, we used to do the webinars that we brought Ryan Stewman on. We brought orally, good ski came in, which wasn’t really a Webinar but a Jeff Hunter. We had Bob Main God, we had like all these people that came in like these high level influencers. So what we’re gonna do is maybe once a month at least, maybe more, if we can get more, I’ll get in touch with people. Like I know we had Dennis, you coming on in like I think like two weeks or something like that. I got to figure it out. I forgot what date in a week or two and we’ll bring that one person on and that’s going to be like influencer secrets. Those are like the guys that make millions of dollars in the marketing and advertising industry and they’re going to come in and for an hour they’re gonna share all like the insider secrets that like they use or they grow and scale on both their agencies and their, their social media marketing companies or whatever it is. It’s all in the same niche and in the same industry. Right.
Sorry, I got a question though. Do we, do we know if this covers the whole spread because in every category it seems like there might be, depending on the content we’re recording, it might be kind of overlapping a little bit
Of yeah, it’s, yeah, we’ll structure it in a way where it’s not. So I think here is more of like more of like tactical. Yeah, exactly. Like tactical. Like what software sees like the secrets like going out and building like their whole Instagram thing going out and building, right. This whole linkedin automation using like Zapier to automate half your day. Like shit like that. Like tactical, like
Back inside dash be more like a, like a virtual Q and a. So where everyone submits questions and then you know, we can do that. Yeah. Like some of the topics, we’ll bring those questions, we’ll just bring the person in and then we’ll tackle that in, in depth. Yeah, 100% sewed or something like that.
But that’s more like with the Yeti Mike. Right. Actually the Yeti Mike like two seats together and it’s, it can be here.
Exactly. I don’t know about the questions, you know, coming from the qualities or from the audience. I think we covered that agency launch and you know, I know Webinar that you have on Thursdays, so maybe have inside dash in different sections of dash cliques. So like maybe one day it’s positioned to know Web Demar like the web department. And then I know there’ll be in Carlos’s cubicle section over there, you know, little corner in talk about, you know, maybe we’ll see is Carlos’s back cause he doesn’t wanna speak to anybody.
That’s fine. So we can do that. That’s completely fine. So we have basically agency on secrets inside dash and then influencer secrets. Those are going to be our will and marketer’s mindset obviously. But marketer’s mindset will be like the free stuff that we do, right? This we’re going to have to devote a lot of our team and a lot of effort and a lot of time and it just costs the company a shit ton of money to like go out and plan all this stuff. Right. So for this we’ll have like maybe like a small monthly fee test. Can you look the DVO Gil? I told you, forget that the camera’s here mean, forget that.
All right. Whatever it is. So Gil’s down cause this first time on camera. So these will be, and let’s talk about this. Let’s grab the elephant out of the cage and if you’re watching this, honestly I want, let’s get some input dude. Cause like the elephants often out of the room, elephant out of the cage or the room. When is it? Out of the room? No, let’s no, we know when you’re on a sales call, it’s let’s take the elephant out of the whatever. What’s a room? Is it her? Paula, what did I say? Elephant out of the cage. [inaudible] Same shit. All right, so let’s take the elephant out of the cage real quick. Okay, so like we’re going to have to charge for a couple of these things. Marketer’s mindset we do for free. I think we should keep doing it for free.
We bring value every single week. People love it. They watch it, they consume the content. There’s thousands of views on the content. People like when we’re done going live, they’re like, ask us when the replay is. We’re going to be where they’re going to be like they love it. Right? I think we should keep doing that. It also is a way for us to get users into dash clicks because people watch that and then they go to dash tricks and they sign up and they love it, right? Yeah. They learn a little bit. Okay. This I think, and you guys tell me what you want to do. I think influencer secrets inside dash if agency launch secrets, we have two options. It’s a lot of content. This is once a month. That’s an hour. Okay. This is four times a month. That’s four hours. This is four times a month.
That’s another four hours. That’s four, eight, nine hours a month of just fresh content and us like always we probably are going to overdeliver on each one of these and they’re going to end up being an hour and a half or some shit like that. Okay. Just like we always do like marketer’s mindset is supposed to be two hours are times where we went like already gets good was here was like almost three hours. Right. So we’ll over-deliver and we’ll have extra content and then we can also, we were speaking earlier, we can have our graphic designer create like PDFs that they can download like cool shit like assets to go along with it. Right? The influencer secrets. That’s going to be all the influence that we’re doing interviews with. Yeah, it’s like webinars side by side. I think that should be part of the free content cause that’s just exposure for us all.
So yeah, but that shit, leveraging audiences, teaching partnerships that will allow you to, okay, think about that. You have a bunch of you guys want influencer secrets referring. If you guys want an influencer, first of all, if you’re watching the slide hashtag glad you’re watching the replay. Hashtag replay if you want influencer secrets for free just Hashtag influencer and we’ll give it to you for free. We’ll think about giving it to you for free. If not, we’re going to charge you and it sucks. So like engage or you get charged. Okay, so that’s influenced your secrets. So like the webinar style where it’s like side by side, recorded on zoom, we’re going to give it away for free. I listen. What do you guys think? First of all, we got a whole bunch of people that people love and they’re only good to see them if they’re nice too. Should be your free content. And then those
Two be the paid. Yeah, ABC lost. This is going to be tactical info that we’re going to really go in depth when they add like question for example, like what will I think, I think they two lots of secrets is going to be a little more tactical than the inside dash. Honestly
Sleepy cause inside dash just kinda conversational. But it could get into that tactic also because it’s puts all in or whatever. That doesn’t cover the fallback plan for those people would be the inside dash where they can submit those questions and get more in depth. This is like whatever. Well this is for sure. Then she allowed to just for sure 100% straight up inside dash right. See what we’re doing with the word and people love the shit. They love consuming the behind the scenes. They love us. Just like forgetting about the cameras for a second and just like talking like this is business people, right? So for those of you guys who were trying to like scale your agency like this, the shit that you need to be focusing on and talking about, right. This is what we do every day after we have a team meeting usually like this.
And we just talk about what we’re going to do. And then Tommy always looks at his watch and he’s like, okay, you gotta go. All right. So this is what happens when, same sequence of events every day, right? So just so we can do this, cause we could wrap this up. So you’re saying agency launch secrets and inside Dash, that’s eight hours of content every single, every single month. That’s a lot of freaking content. Tactical, tactical content. Not only that, we’re going to create a video library. Hit the GoPro real quick. Carlos, put your hand up, put your hand up. Carlos and B treats both. You guys hands up happy. So both of these Badasses be treated is going to be taking all of that content and organizing it and making it pretty. And we’ll even like, I know like Billy Jean does where he adds like the section, so like it’s an hour might be long, right? Maybe we can talk about like, like it and like I dunno like nine minutes. We start talking about this at 16 minutes and 35 seconds that we start talking about this. Right? Like the breakdown
Really happens because you know, you’ll end up talking about a key point or key question for x amount of time. And then that then transitions into, right. What’s the next question we have? And then that just, you don’t have the previous,
But we’re going to like, almost not transcribed but like it’ll be bulleted under the video. That’s what I’m saying. Just not pre-plans pre-cleaning yeah, a hundred percent a hundred percent
Feels for a pink boxes that basically tell us what that group’s going to be about. Yeah. I think that we should actually explore and make like a list what, what the, what we’ll cover in each section and then we can break these things up because you know, you’re gonna have an interview as marketers mindset and insight dash makes to launch can all be kind of similar in some sense. So we should break that up into like sub categories and say this is what this is going to be for and come up with some of those bullets I think. So you can completely clarify what’s inside dash, what’s 82 launch, what’s different between,
Well these are just the overviews overview but we’ll go into, into granular detail. But reality is is we’re giving eight hours of content. So let’s say like, I’ll use this as an example. Let’s say we start this next month as an example or whatever mid next month because now we have the dash boot camp. For those of you who didn’t get your seats, go get your seats and that’s you left honestly dash boot camp, that camp, go, go, go get out of here. Call Doorstep,
Talk to is pretty much signed up so far. So if you, if he, if you guys want to jump in, I would definitely do that right now because
Yeah, like, like this shit, all of this stuff, this is all going into the bootcamp and I’m like compressing eight to 12 days now. So like I release some fire to me. Yeah, I know. They don’t even know. They can’t even tell them. Don’t tell them. Just leave it, leave it. Okay. I’m going to drop a golden nugget. You guys were in the market as mindset group. I’m not going to tell him what it is. I’m going to drop a golden nugget, a little Freebie from Daddy. Hey, I’ll drop them a group for you.
That I had him. I, you know, I had to convince him, but I honestly think that this alone pays for itself. Like just what he’s gonna release tomorrow. What does a five, five minute video, maybe not even, it’s like two and a half minutes of when he’s going to release tomorrow is going to convince you to jump in the boot camp alone. Like, yeah, just think about that. Yeah. And that’s not even live. So just, just,
We’re just saying go get the bootcamp. Go. Yeah. Anyways, back to this, we got agency loan secrets. We’ve got inside that. So let’s say as an example, we launched this shit April 1st I’m just giving you an example. Okay. Let’s say like for somebody who signs up three months later, six months later, dude, that means every month, eight hours of content is going to be recorded in four k footage loaded into the dashboard with tray, like not transcriptions but like just like bullet points for every video. All right, like organized. We’re going to organize it like almost like a Netflix of agency content, right? So that’s eight hours, eight hours, eight hours. That means after this, like if you’re fourth month in and you just find dash x and you sign up for it, you’re already at one day, 10th street, quick, quick, quick, quick quiz before 24 hours of content on the pressure.
Whoa. Yeah, you’re at like 24 hours of content just by jumping in, which means literally it’s a full time job just consuming our content. Like that’s how much content is going to be in there. So, and it’s going to keep going every single week when we’re talking about new stuff does count like when I sign up? Probably not. Probably not. For those of you guys who have not scheduled your call with angel, I don’t know what you’re doing. It’s a half hour free session with this mind of gold. So go do it in order to do, and how do they do and how do they schedule a call with you? Yeah, we’ll give you a reverse discount burst or versus gallons. You’re gonna reverse discount. But wait, how do they schedule a call with you if they want to?
Yeah. So if you guys haven’t scheduled a call you should have a few emails sent out. So you should check your inbox. If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your junk or spam folder. But if you can’t find it there, you can also open up the chat and your dashboard bottom right hand corner. And just you know,
Say I want to speak to angel, just say I want to speak to angel, send you and we’ll send you, we’ll send you the magic link to book and then what’s going to happen is rocket and tell you what you’re going to get. But at the end of that 30 minute call, if you take the time to let this man make your life better, we’re going to give you a Freebie. Something crazy what you’re going to love. I’m not going to tell you what it is. You’re gonna have to go through it. Okay? So agency long secrets inside dash eight hours of raw fire. Amazing content every single month recorded in four k edited after by professional video editor, like with all of the stuff like craziness and we’re even gonna take that footage and we’re gonna break it down into little mini segments, which we can also probably load it in there, right if we want.
If you just your ladies and you just want to watch the mini segments and you don’t want to watch the whole hour, maybe we can do that too. Maybe we can do that too. We might’ve been given some swipe up files. I don’t know what we’re going to do yet. I Dunno. We’re going to do yet. I want to create, how do you create your own swipe file? I always see started doing this and then we snip it. No. But no but I’m saying like you know how like in a Instagram you go to and you go to the jifs and you click swipe up and whatever and it shows you like all different swipe up. How do I want to go in there with the swipe up? How do I do that? A profile and you have to have I think 10,000 followers.
What else? What else? We got to have just your profile set up as a business and you can implement a link for the swipe up. Now that I know how to do this swipe ups, we do it. But I’m saying how do I get my own swipe up where people can select me doing this movement and swiping up cause I seen some shit like that. Yeah. Where that purchase swipe up secrets, I don’t know. And then another secret courts, which is not even calling it if you just scroll a little bit to the secret section over here. All right, great. All right, so are we in agreeance that agency launch secrets inside dash we are going to create this like hidden gem of just fire content with amazing stuff happening and marketers mindset, the usual influencer secrets, which really was marketer’s mindset. We’re just going to split up the brands because this is, it’s more like webinar style.
It’s not whiteboard. So this is the Whiteboard, right, and that which is in here. And then this is the just you know, screen next to the screen type, webinar style, just talking. And you know, a lot of these guys like I think Bob came on a couple of weeks ago and had like a whole presentation that he did. Jeff Miller did like a whole webinar presentation, not Jeff Clark, Jeff Hunter, sorry. So like, yeah, a lot of value. So these will be free. These will be like just a small fee of monthly. We’ll figure out what that is. Maybe like 97 bucks a month or something like that. But I’ll be able to consume. Yeah. But there’ll be able to consume like all the like don’t get Netflix, don’t get Hulu cancer. Your Comcast and just get this. That’s like what this type of shit that you need.
Ooh, Ooh, yeah. So Carlos, yeah. Carlos, we’re going to have to cut. Yeah. Carlos, can we go, let’s get the go pro on. Get the go pro on Carlos. So Carlito is a get gonna create a substation. It’s going to be called del everyone doll. And and now I’m going to end up getting sued by Telemundo for the shit now. But anyways, Carlos, Carl’s is going to create, you’re going to have, remember we spoke about creating a way for us to just load content. So we’ll code in a structure and you’ll just, you’ll have your own dash lights account where you’ll, you’ll have like an admin account where you can go in there and just, we’ll have the Vimeo files set to private that can only be embedded there or some shit like that. And we’ll just load in all that stuff in there and then it’ll be nice and secure.
Sounds good. Cool. alright, so I think we’re good. Yeah, well we can do about that. It’s just, you know, the way to promote it is the same thing you’re doing with the webinars, you know, threw away around the place. Just real short swish. Swipe like something that tells you what this is about. Real quick. [inaudible] Promotional promotional material for the promotions. Yeah,
There’s a ghost in here. Something happening in here. Yeah. I’m pretty sure something’s happening in here. Catalina thought you’d left us with that. Hold on Carlos. We gotta go p and p. Just don’t leave us like this with the GoPro.
How does that get me the hell out of here and that being on this Telemundo, I told them to stop recording me. I’m going to CC somebody have to deal better over here. If you are watching Telemundo, please do not send it to me. I don’t unfortunately in three emails, send them straight to Tammy and Tom is going to help you out and I’ll help you with that. With all that legal galleries. Legal issues. All right. Agency land secrets inside Dash. Bundling them up into one. Amazing. Fun-Filled phenomenal. As in any other words. I can answer this before we close this out. May Synonyms. Amazing. Come on everybody secrets. Spectacular. Exclusive. Send out now with an AFL grand. Carlos, just throwing out Carlos [inaudible] of course. Cars being traced. Can we get one synonym? Cutting edge. Ooh. State of the art. State of v. O. What else we got? Next one gets a swag bag. One of a kind. All right, good. Alright, so dude, everything’s going to be in dash lakes, so they’re going to log into dash links. They’re going to log in dash lakes. They’re gonna create their membership fee for this, which is going to be maybe 97 bucks. He’s like nothing. And then they get to watch like all the contents that cheap though. Yeah, because I want everybody to be able to get in a hundred percent cheap though. I know.
Balance. Good. That’s actually good. Hopefully they got the back of your head, but that is a, yeah. All right. Good. Agency launch secrets inside dash paid quality content behind the scenes. And then we’ll rewind and we’ll get like all of the other amazing keywords that angel used. And then we have the marketers mindset and influencer secrets, which we’re going to get. What I want to do is also separate these brands. I want to separate the brands completely. So I want to create, we already have an agency launch secrets logo. Separate the brands or for unrelated brands. Brothers one that says dash marketers mindset by dash clicks. So then it change this instead of inside Dash. We’ll change it to something else. Angel’s secrets. I don’t know. We’ll do something else. Charlie’s angels. No, Chad vain joke buddy. Don’t do that. I’m gonna make that the new Telemundo show for real.
We need like names that all are related to dash same family like this looks like for different, yeah, but you know what I want, first of all, we’re never changing marketers mindset kiss he gotta get that is by Dash cliques, right? Well these are all influence your secrets by dash inside dash buy dash place actual title, like wherever that is. Yeah, we can do that. We can do, we’re the creators. Tommy, we can do whatever we want. Here we are the creators. Okay. So yeah. So let’s just pretend everything says by dash clicks and small under it agency lawn secretory, you have the logo inside Dash. We can create something cool. Put like Gil’s face, like the Billy Jean logo. We’ll put Gil’s face and insight. Actually that’s not sellable. We can’t sell people. The retention rate is going to be really bad on that. People just can’t until just from the logo.
And then we’ll have marketer’s mindset and then we should finally create a marketers mindset logo. Also, two things with secrets in it. It’s a little redundant because people love secrets on me. Don’t, you know, whispering this into their ear. Like, why are you cursing world lashing on television? This is kind of new. We’re a national television. If you don’t appreciate Tommy persuasive copy, can you please drop a two Oh two in the content? Thank you. Agency launch secrets influencing. Yeah, be a little more creative. Not sure about that timing. Or maybe we get to see, Ooh Huh. Just Chamber of see now all of a sudden it gets in, you get try to get in the zone. Now all of a sudden, well I’m going to beat this, you know, this is important. Yeah. So all right, let’s just say we’ll figure out the names after.
We’ll figure out the names after. But are we like set on this or was this set in stone? Because I know we have the bootcamp. What you’re going to just drop it again, whoever didn’t join the bootcamp, you go to dash boot we’re actually www cause I’m not sure if Carlos fixed or redirects. We made sure you had a Is that fixed by the way? All right. If you got a dash book and it doesn’t work, just open up a live chat ticket and say Carlos, what the hell? And he’ll fix it for you. But anyways, you go to dash bootcamp dash. That can be a second brand that we do mash boot camp. That can be second. I like that. It can be a second but dash bash the dash died.
Oh you’re not allowed to save the dad’s card and you can’t say it cause we’re live. I keep telling you, you’ve got to watch what we say here. We dropping out all the nuggets. This is after this. We should do this live like this is like what are we going to call this? This is part of what is this? Is this inside [inaudible] subsets bro. We need some sex in order for an episode of inside Dash and nobody even knew it. This is like is this, how long have we been alive? I’m thinking Beatrice, I’m thinking every secretary should have like 33 or four components. Can we go front team [inaudible] plan, are we gonna Bundle these two [inaudible] pricing that we haven’t really discussed with you so we’ll take these two. Are we going to have that the option actually to have someone purchase one or the other? Maybe you can give them a bundled price for getting both.
Probably just one price because it’s going to be so cheap. They’re two completely like one goes. They all kind of interconnect with each other. Yeah. What you don’t get out of the tactical information here, you can ask in here and you’ll get specific information to your scenario. So the bundle includes both basically. Yeah. And it’s cool because as it grows, right, you’ll see, you’ll have more questions and new questions from new perspectives and new people where everyone can learn as a whole because you know, collaborating now it’s like we all think differently and same concept there. And I know this was like, so this is like a strategy session we’ll ever, we’ll call it like for those of you guys who have an agency who are building a team and like this is what we do. Like we’d go in here and we like build these structures, we put it on paper or whatever screen, whatever the hell you want to call it. And I’m like, just draw it down. Like we figure it out and then we have a team meeting or we’re like, are we all in agreeing to this? Awesome. Let’s do it. And then we just do it. That’s it. We just have our whole team. Do it. I don’t know like how your now your company Nike is doing, what’s that? What’s that Jeff? With Shyla buff. Just do it.
Just do it. If you’re not in the Dash Cam scared to death. She just bring Bobby the painter on this life. There’s Bobby, the painter. First and foremost, Chris, are you watching this? Chris and Ruby, are you watching this slide? If you’re watching this, say yes, Christian Derby. If you guys will, I’ll just check them. They’re watching live. Chris and Julian Juvie GBU, Chris and Jeremy, first of all, I did not know what Bobby the painter look like and I’ve been talking about Bobby, the painter for years, and he throw up that Jif and Bobby, the painter came for like, do you want to see it? Did you guys here to just check this out?
Check this out, bro. Bobby, the fricking painter is real like I’ve been talking about this guy for years and this is a real guy. Things in the post that I made. Yes. It’s going to be somewhere here now on the post. That made me realize, what do you mean? No, a derby thrown up to all Swedes in both the, the original Bobby, the painter check this out was right. Is that an actual man? There he is. Bobby the painter. I know. [inaudible] Have a show. Go to the post. All right, so that Bobby or the painter was there. No, they can’t see this. Bob Is by me. They, they’re in the freaking group, so they’ll just go find it for, Geez. All right, look and then Bobby, the painter was there and then Bobby, the painter came back again here cause everybody asks, where are you from?
So I dropped in south Florida. Bobby, the painter was there again and I, Bobby the painter came out again over here. He was paying some stuff. I’m thinking of changing Bobby, the painter and the golden nuggets. Just boom. A little dabble. A little dabble. Gill. Just right there. A Little Dab. That’s cool. That’s cool. I see that. We’ve got to learn here. Let’s slick move right there. You got to just learn. All right, well this has been, I think, a beautiful life session. I think I forgot the camera was here the whole time. This has been just so awesome. So I don’t know. But anyways, guys, we’re going to close this out. If you had, if you’ve been watching this and you’re watching the live hashtag lodge watching the replay hashtag replay, but more importantly, swipe, swipe, swipe. More importantly, like we want your feedback.
So tell us what you think about this conversation. Like what kind of content do you want? What do you want to learn more about? Do you like these four different brains? Can you come up with any cooler names that we didn’t think of? Like drop them in the comments in your voice can help change shit. So like, go do it. Like your voice counts. Where does that from or like your vote counts like God damn president election, right? Your vote counts. Every vote counts. Okay. Alright guys, I think it’s pretty much, you can chop it off. Thank you everybody. Thank you to Telemundo for letting us, I’m recording. Recording your studio.

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