How to Make $10k Per Month Using LinkedIn Prospecting – w/ Robb Quinn
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 01:11 PM

How to Make $10k Per Month Using LinkedIn Prospecting – w/ Robb Quinn


Have you tried making money using LinkedIn prospecting?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks is joined by Robb Quinn and Temple Naylor of Agency in Box and talk about how YOU can make $10k per month using LinkedIn Prospecting… On Autopilot! This is the first video of our YouTube series, Influencer Secrets.


Here we go. What’s going on? What’s going on everybody? Hey guys, we’re changing it today. Looking up inside of my office. I’m not behind the white screen. I got my computer set up. Boy, this is going to be a hell of an episode. This is going to be a hell of an episode, guys. I’m so excited. I’m going to get rob Quinn on here just a couple of minutes. Probably any minute now and I’m excited. We’re going to have this going to be probably one of the biggest webinars that we’ve done because we have dash clicks is entire following my entire following in here. We have rob queen’s Temple Naylor is going to be jumping on with rob. We’re going to be providing you guys with tons and tons and tons of knowledge. If you’re ready to go, drop off five in the chat right now. Show some love, show some love. Let’s get this going. People. Let’s get it. Whew. It’s going to be a big webinar. All right, let’s see what we got. We got Philip here, we got David here, we got spin here we got Joey, William Dennis. Why are we getting to spend all the way here from Germany? Whoo. Well thank you for joining us here.
Guys, who’s ready to go? Who is ready to go? We are going to give it a minute. We’re going to let rob jump on here.
Guys, audio, we need to hear you came here. You, there it is. There we go guys. Today. today’s going to be a good day. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m inside of my office. I’ve got the whole studio behind me. I moved in here. There’s going to be a little special occasion for those of you guys who don’t know. We got Rob Queen from agency in the box in the house. We got temple, both of them from front center media agency and the box. And then you got a new a new course is coming out. What’s it called as? Some work sales, right? Failed Man. Woo. What are you guys going to be showing people today? Cause I don’t even know this. I’m excited to learn it. Well. Step one, step one.
Oh our tire leads in process, so how to set up letter and how to get the automation going. I’m going to show you actually a funnel that we give away in our program that’s coming up. The new one, our sales. Why not show a little bit inside the arms sales I guess? Yeah. We’ll go into the artist’s sales program. We’ll show you guys also after the Linkedin, how to set up a profile funnel because what happens is all those linkedin connections, they want to know who you are like are you like legitimates who? Right. Oh, they’re going to go to your Facebook and you want to make sure that you could funnel those people, go to your Facebook and they don’t go into this funnel that temple’s going to show you guys through linkedin. Then we can pull them in through Facebook.
That’s fine. I’m super stoked about this. I don’t even know how to do this, so I’m really pumped up. If anybody is watching this, guys, if you’re pumped up, can you drop a 10 right now in the chat and show these guys some love? Because the more love you show these guys, the more pumped up they’re going to be in, the more they’re going to teach you.
Oh, the best part is how much does it cost to run this for three months? Everything. We’re going to show them, well, technically you can do it for free, but if you want to send up to the Max messages, it’s Ah, 25 bucks a month. So 25 bucks a month to land, you know, at least a three to a minimum on a 12 month contract deal. If you can afford that, just get out of the game. Get off this call right now.
Basically, we’re going to show you how to make $10,000 a month, spending $90. And I said, no, this is a no brainer. This is a no brainer guys. All right, so hold on. Before you give all the juice away, just hold tight. Hang tight. All right, I’m getting this live. I’m doing live. But second, don’t live on Facebook. So we got a slide on Facebook, which is good for those people who did not take action. You’re going to miss out because we’re not going to be answering your questions. You can just see us, but we’re not going to talk to you. So if you’re not registered for the actual Webinar and you’re not inside of here with myself, rob and temple, I don’t know what you’re doing. I just, I don’t know what you’re doing. Alright. So guys, like what are you doing right now that you’re not here? All right. I am so excited right now.
So I’m going to go through a couple of different things. We, we, so we’re going to get a, there’s more people jumping on as we speak. So they’ll probably trickle in throughout the next like five or 10 minutes. Some people like to be late for some reason. I’m also unlike on Instagram over here on the side, I got my phone with cup on the side. I might on Facebook, I might fear, I’m like everyone, we got the Dash Click studio and we got the guys in the house. I’m super pumped up. I get a monster in me and I’m ready. Light up, ready to go. Guys. Can we get some work? Can somebody drop a 493 minute chat right now and show some love for 93 let’s go. If you want these guys to show you how to make money.
I thought Theresa comment in there that he’s getting pretty excited due to wreak. I know you’ve had a lot of success in agency in a box, so I can tell you right now that what you’re about to see in our new artist sales program that we’re using to literally, we’ve already signed 13 and a half thousand dollars in new SMMA monthly revenue on contracts. So that’s $13,500 a month in reoccurring revenue in the last, is it 24 so three weeks?
I mean these guys guys, for those of you guys who do not know who rob Clinton, Temple Naylor are, these guys are killing it in the agency game. They have the probably if not one of the best courses out there for entrepreneurs and people who are looking to grow and scale their agents. You just go in there, you can buy any one of their courses. They have agency in a box and they have the order of sales, you can buy either one of them and it’s like, I think agents need in boxes, like a perfect name for it. It’s just like everything you need in a box. And then tie that to dashboard for those of you guys were on here. Don’t know what dashboards is. Dash clicks is your entire white label fulfillment agency. So we’re gonna give everybody free access to dashboards. All you gotta do is just go to
You get free access, you can sign up, we asking for any credit card, there’s tons of training in there. Sales videos. We go live like this once a week. I mean, it doesn’t get any better, right? So what I’m going to do guys is I’m going to go through my little itinerary here. Okay. So we can stay on track and be a professional here. But I’m gonna do a couple different announcements and then I’m going to let Robin Taylor just blow your mind. So first announcements that I want to make guys for the, I’m going to share my screen real quick cause you have to see this. I mean this is something that you got to see. It’s something that you just have to see guys who in here has purchased your agency website. If you can go ahead and drop like a 333 in the chat.
If you’ve purchased your agents who website already, who’s taken advantage of the insane offer, 50% off 249 bucks. Who’s done that? I think rob. Rob, you purchased it for your agency, right? Yeah. It’ll go live next month and we got it set up for you guys. So yeah, we’re pretty excited to have that rocket and yeah, look at this. Three 33, three 33. I mean we got tons of people who have purchased her agents who website for 50% off guys as this is what the website is going to look like. I mean it’s as simple as that. Look how bad ass this looks. All of the services that dash clicks offers, all of the technology, that dashboard software is all built right in here. So you can showcase this to your clients. I mean, why go out and spend five grand or six or seven grand to have somebody go build you this website with all the copy, with all the graphics, with everything, when you can just buy it for 249 bucks, have it sinked in synergize with dash clinics.
It’s like a no brainer, right? So guys, this deal is ending on February 1st if you have not purchased your agent’s website, I highly recommend you go right now into the storages. Go right in here. Go into the store logging dashboard. If you don’t have a dash account, go to get your account. If you don’t have a dash account, I really don’t know what you’re doing in life. Go inside, get your dashboards account, go to the store right in here. Go to agency website and these are preorders and they are going to go live on February 1st on February 2nd. This price is going to be 499 bucks going to double. So if you don’t mind paying double, then just wait until after that. If you want to save 250 bucks, buy it now. Buy It today guys. We’re in 2019 if your agency and you don’t have a website, I honestly don’t know what you’re doing with yourself.
You need something online to showcase your business and you need something professional and sexy in my opinion, just do it. It’s a no brainer, right? I mean, rob got one. I think a lot of the students inside of the agency in the box, I’ve already taken advantage of it. So if you don’t have that, go get it. All you gotta do is go into the store, jump in and do that. And that’s pretty much it. I got another thing that I’m going to do that’s going to be crazy and I’m doing it because I’m just excited. I think I’m going to just going to do it. Should I do it? Drop like another bomb right now on everyone. Oh wait, what are we doing? I don’t even know yet. I hadn’t even said it. Guys, if you want to hear something crazy, if you want to hear something crazy and you want a crazy offer them to give you right now, drop the 434 let’s see who’s listening for 34 in the chat and I’m gonna give you guys a crazy offer that you can’t refuse and you’re going to be like, Holy Shit Chad, what are you doing for 34 pounds or 34 or what is it?
Four 34 44 for 34 guys, I’m doing this one time only. Okay, at the end because getting here, just show your face. We got crosses peaking, peaking on the side, cross getting. Who wants to see our meeting? Our lead developer of dashboards. Drop of 122 if you want to see the man’s face. He the guy who built this crazy software that you guys are using, so this is him. He doesn’t like to be in front of the camera, so like to make him be in front of the camera. But anyways, guys cross while you’re still here. Carlos was so nice enough to input this thing called a coupon code inside of dashboards today. That’s available for everybody if they want to purchase anything excluding website. But anything else inside of the store we’re gonna give you guys 35% off for today on who wants to drop a one on one?
If that’s something that sounds pretty cool, just go in and get 35% off of the anything inside of the store. 35% off guys. If you guys want 35% off, all you gotta do is go into the store and just type in. So you go to the store. Let’s say if I want to go and I want to get a, I dunno, Facebook ads, which just probably not gonna work as this already activated system. So Carlos, is there anything that you recommend that you want me to buy right now that you think would be a good campaign for us to run? Is there anything at all that you can think of, Carlos? All right. Let’s see. Called tracking. Let’s say we want to go here. I want my call tracking. I just go in here. I probably call tracking. I’ll add it to my existing company that I already have in here, which has made one of my clients.
Let’s see what happens. Let’s see what happens. Come on. Internet. Oh, we got a bust. We hit a bus call. What are you doing? A 434 I get Carlos to fix your shit. Carlos. I’m going to try this again. Yeah, a little glitch. Did it add it to the store? No, it didn’t say. You just go here and go to call tracking. We’re going to do it again. No hard feelings. We’ll do it again. We just go in here. We added look how easy it is. For those of you guys who don’t know what dash is or having used it, just go on your ad to the court and then I type in once another coupon code. Anybody want that coupon code of 35% off? Anybody wants that coupon, go for 35% I’ll say drop it in the chat right now if you want it.
Episode five all lower case apply. It will literally take 35% off any order inside of the actual dashboard. So for those of you guys have any clients that gonna expire tonight, this is only for people who want to take action. If you’re not one of those people, you don’t want to take action. This coupon code unfortunately is not for you. 35% off. I’m going to drop it in here. Episode five episode. Let me see if I can spell this right. Oh, Mapstone fine. Whoever wants to go grab it, go buy whatever you want. Any cards you want to add to the dashboard, you can do it right now. You get 35% off. It’s expiring tonight at 1159 e s t three January 24th those of you guys watching the replay, that’s it. By the way, guys, for those of you guys watching this live Hashtag live for those of you guys watching the replay Hashtag replaced, we can kind of gauge where our audience is coming from. All Right, Carlos, thank you. Alrighty. Who’s ready for the main event? We are. Who’s ready for the main event? I guys, what I’m going to do is I have a feature that I’m going to be launching inside Dash Greg’s. I’m not going to show it to you right now. I’m going to let rob and Taylor do their thing and blow your mind. Okay? And by the way, guys, let me get out of this screen sharing thing so I can get your full screen, but I can see what’s going on here.
All right, there we go. By the way guys, by the way, everybody always likes, all right, I’m back to normal.
Are we ready to do this? Taylor? Nailer you know what, even I’m going to make it even sweeter. Whoever stays until the end. We’re going to give away some swag bags with some tee shirts and some bags and stuff. So if you stay all the way until the end and you listen a Robin and a temple and let them show you how to make 10 k a month, spending $30 a month. If you think of that might be a good fit for you and you want to win some goodies, go for it. Dude, I’m gonna let you guys take over. We got some for you too. If you stayed till the very end. Ooh, double duo gifts. Stay till the end. Stay until the end. All right, let’s do it right. We will be loud guys.
We’re live. I see it. Perfect. Perfect. So we’re going to show you how to set this up. So literally for 90 bucks you have an automated funnel running for you 24 seven for three months, for three months. So let’s show you how this happens. So pretty much first things first is obviously you need a linkedin. That’s no brainer. I’m not going to talk too much in that. We obviously have videos that you can look all cast on our channel and how to optimize it. Reach out if you have any questions on that. Well, I want to show you how to automate it now once it’s optimized. So first things first, we need to download a software called Leonard. You can literally go to meet not easy. All you gotta do. Drop that in the chat for those of them for some reason. Can’t go to [inaudible] dot com drop it in the chat. [inaudible] Boom, boom. There we go. So after that, obviously I was going to hit use later for free. Right now, click that. We’re going to stall it.
Any day now usually this, this installs, there we go. Bam. Could I just stop real quick from there? When it goes to our settings, it’s only works on chrome guys. I need to actually explain that. So I got to go have myself. This only works on chrome if you’re not already using chrome. I don’t know what you’re doing. Actually. I see your Bob has us a far pulled up on his not gonna try Connie Buddy out. I’m just saying get on that chrome life even on that girl might get on the chrome lug man. So are you going to go on chrome? These three little dots up here. From that you go to more tools and then we go to extensions. Pretty simple stuff guys. Pretty simple stuff. You want to make sure divulging mode is turned on up here. That’s simple. It’s not that hard to do. Just turn that on from there.
You’ll see this little dropdown happen. We’re going to load on pact. We go our desktop. We’re actually gonna. It’s been a little lost. If it is. We’re going to actually unzip this real quick. I lied to you. I know. So she said, I know, I know. We’re going to zip that and then from there we can go to loan impacts. Remember that how to do this correctly. From there select, it’s going to install it that easy. Really? That easy. Almost done. Look at that. We’re almost done. Next click the Lennar browser, Len Lennar browser button. Right? Click that and then boom, we’re good to go. This is now installed. So what we want to do is make sure we have a series of messages set up. So the way this works is we’re going to type in our niche into the search bar on Linkedin, whether that’s real estate dentist, gym owners, whoever, lawyers, and what we’re going to do is obviously send them a connection and an outreach message.
That’s a no brainer. But secondly, once they accept our connect, we’re going to send a second message and that message is going to have a symbol offers a short, simple to the point say, hey, you know, what? Do you like this much added to your bottom line every single month. We like this many leads out. It’s your bottom like your to whatever service you’re offering. And from that they’ll click the link. Just out of curiosity, who’s not going to click the link? You have a a big claim, right? I mean, we’re all going to click the link. If there a big claim, they’re going to click that link. They’re okay brought to a funnel, but I’m getting a little hit myself. I just want to let you know the detailed plan. But first things first, we’ve got to set those messages. So let’s do that. So we’re gonna Click on here and we’re going to go to CRM
From there. And we definitely we already had the pipeline full. Look at that. From there, we’re going to go to templates, connection in vitaceae ones. So first things first, we’re going to click on this. You can add new ones. Obviously you won’t have this, you can add new, add the title, call it whatever you want him to do. Example, first message and let me put your, your texts in here. You know, want to connect whatever that is, put in their name, obviously. Make it a little more personable. Hit Save. Let’s give them that first message. Do you want to give them that word for word? Exactly. Alright. Actually I think, I think we have it over here.
Screenshot time. I don’t know if it was actually out, but here we go. We got this one right here. This is the first semester that we use. So you know we should just pull up the portal and pull up the description. Oh man, these guys are like first and foremost these guys are throwing back the curtain. Yeah. Okay. So you might want to stop screen sharing on a separate,
Not going to give you all the kids but they’re going to give you most of it.
We just don’t want everyone to see all of our funnels. We’re going to show you specifically.
All right. First of all, can I feel like we’re going to sleep here and I’m going crazy cause this is like nine blowing shit right here. If you are on the same planet as us and this is exciting you can you guys drop a 312 in the chat right now to get these guys excited? I think the more you guys excite these guys and the more we can get these chat going.
Yeah, I think the poor they’re going to shift. Yeah. We’re going to go ahead and show you what we use everything for dentists. So this is everything we’re to show you is for dentists. I’m not going to lie. I wasn’t expecting to show this, but we’re here. This only happens on marketers mindset live guys, they are about to blow your minds cause my mind’s already blown and then we didn’t even start yet and I’m excited. All right, let’s share this again. Let’s go back.
All right, we’re back in business. So we now got the scripts. So like I said, we’re going to click on this drop down CRM. We’re going to get brought here. Go to templates, that easy connection invitations. This is the first message when we’re sending a connection, we’re going to go to add, I’m going to call this we’ll call it game changer for now. First message from that. This is what we have. So this is your screenshots on this is when you can screenshot all of this. So what we’re going to have is on our mentions right here, copy and paste that. Throw it in here and obviously let me clean up this formatting. Put in my name just so it’s custom tailored and it says, hey there, whatever the name is. After viewing your profiles thing, we both benefit by being connected only to help you agree. Pretty simple, straight to the point. Nothing crazy. You’ve already all seen this. So many safe. Now we want to set up that second message so when they connect we can now sell it to them. So we’re going to go follow up messages. We’re going to go to ad, same process.
Okay, I got that right here. Yeah. Instagram on the side. People are going to like watching this. They can hear you guys on my Instagram feed and they can’t see you. And their mind is being blown up. So this one’s a, this one’s a little funny the way we do it. So our second message is we say, I want you, that’s the first thing we start off with. And as you can tell probably anyone that’s sending you that on a professional business, a network, you’re going to be a little curious of what they say. So it’s getting them open. It’s kind of that click bait title. So we say I want you, and then to say, hey, again, whatever the name is, I want you to check out this extremely short video and how we add an extra 120,000 to your bottom line in less than 30 days.
I show my entire process. Nothing is what? Hell. If you want, feel free to check out the extremely short, straight to the point video here. Then we put the link to the funnel. We’re going to put that right here. I’m gonna show you guys have fun on the second. I guess too. We’ll get that away as well. We’ll show the profile funnel first and how to like, you know, how to take number here to Facebook, to the outpatient. Okay, fair enough. So we’re gonna do this right here. Put the, put the link in for whatever that funnel is. Hit Save. So now we have our messages set up. So we’re gonna go to Linkedin and this is where the automation happens. It’s where the magic happens. I’m going to, you know, type in dentists.
What we got here, we got in people that would work better. Now look at this. I have 460,000 people to send my funnel to. If you’re telling me you have a decent funnel, even if you had a a poor file and you’re sending out to forums and 60,000 people and you can’t get a couple of clients, I really don’t know what you’re doing. I don’t know what you’re doing because it will give you, ours is automated to the whole thing is a hundred percent automated. Dang man. So like you just got to set it up. Yeah, don’t, yeah, exactly. Type that in in people. We going to do dentists for example, I’m going to go to connect. I’m going to choose that connection. Invitation is a game changer. First message and then we have the second message after they accepted game changer. Second message, boom. Those are two templates we just filled out was everything. Makes Sense. Draw me a good number. Chet, 473 jumping into chapter. We’re 73 if this makes sense.
That’s good spice up. You’ve got to wake people up. Like usually I like to pause like every, like four or five minutes and throw out random numbers and see if everybody’s on the same page. Maybe because people, you can’t be, if you, if you came here to make money and learn, don’t fall asleep
100%. I liked the random number thing from that. Want to make sure it’s real quick cause I’m going to add onto that. Make sure it’s an hour. I like to send a daily after, while they’re there, their interest is still dating. They’re probably on linkedin still or close to it. At least from that. We’re going to hit send and look at this. Many of them and others stepped away. Now it’s going to be sending this every 25 seconds. And because linkedin has strict rules in that, we don’t want to act like a Bot. This will take coffee breaks, it will relax. It will sleep. Restart. It’ll act just like a human. Oh yeah. Except they don’t get sick. They don’t show up late. Right. They don’t, they don’t, they don’t complain about like, so this is your employee. That’s not an employee.
That’s crazy, man. How much is this software for everybody? I guess that’s probably wondering
25 bucks a month.
Okay, so for those of you guys who want to take one night and not know bowling and buying a slice of pizza and make 10 k a month instead 25 bucks, I mean it would be dollars for 90 days, start making 10 k a month.
It’s, it’s, and this is what you guys are using right now to, to prospect and get the incoming leads, right? Is it, am I right?
Yeah. This is one of them. Exactly why, where to dive into the profile now. Yeah, I actually, I like to send it straight to that application. So you won’t call it profile. Well yeah, it will send it straight if you have vacation. I want to show you guys a profile model because what will happen is if they see you here and they don’t quite trust you yet or trust the application, yeah, they’re going to go look at you on Facebook. So we’re going to show you how to set up your Facebook to make sure that you can catch those people. If you, if you end up getting some of those people, boom, 100% so, and then we’re going to show you guys our actual application process. Let’s do that real quick before rock shows. I want to make this clear. When you have this up, you cannot cancel out of this tab.
You need to keep it going at these for an hour after you stop it. Cause remember we’re saying those hour a all messages right after. So what do you want to do? It doesn’t mean you can’t be on her computer, just have the tab minimized and pull the new chrome. I just want to make sure that state a clear at this point is 24 seven you’ve obviously you can keep the tab open. People at Facebook. And I also, I got, I got another thing for you because I know a lot of people, they like to say a, you know, well what if, what if I’m sending this and I closed my chrome and I shut off my computer and someone accepts my invite. It will actually send to you. As soon as you open up Linkedin, it’ll send all those followup messages immediately. So you’re good to go. You’re covered no matter what. This Bot is smart. What do you want to pull that out? This is good. Right here. I’ll pull up my Facebook. Perfect. All right guys, so we’re here. This is how you want to set up your Facebook page. So we a frame this, a little aggressive know.
Here’s how this is going to go down. You’re going to be here. Now. This is going to represent your agency. So it’s going to say something more along the lines of how we generate x amount of new whatever within whatever your nations in the span of whatever time frame. So then it’s going to be a click. Here is they’re going to click on this and then for you it’s going to say see if you qualify for us to go to work for you. And then this link right here is the same link that you put in that second message on Linkedin.
Should we just show the real example that we use for our staff here? Oh yeah, yeah, that’s our show is, let me stop sharing. I’m going to pull up or some private DMZ.
Hey, so we’re gonna show you guys what we actually use for the staff here.
This is actually been kind of crazy to find it. One second. Got All your Tinder links. I know. So I got gotta do. Yeah. Yeah guys, can we get this? I need another number. I need another number. I need 493 right now. Need everybody alive and up loud enough. I’m sitting here taking notes on my desk because I’m literally gonna have all my sales reps and all my team use this method to start prospecting and generate leads.
Boom. There we go. So I apologize. We we just had everything reorganized cause Robin, I don’t know how to organize anything. So we paid someone to come through an organizer thing and I couldn’t find it. Alright, this is a real example right here. An actual cover photo we use. So just like rob was saying, you have a killer headline that you know they’re not going to, any real practical business are that actually cares about their business is going to take two seconds to just look at, they’re going to click that. That’s when they get brought to the Facebook like rob was saying.
And then you click on that and then right here is where you had your copy. And then this link will go to your specific application funnel, which we’re gonna show you in a second. Just make sure that we set up your profile funnel. You also have this, your featured photo. Your intro right here is going to say exactly what you do and just a few words. We help dentists get 10 more patients in the span of x amount of days. And then you’d come over here and drop your application funnel here.
And then the featured photo. And they click on that. The same thing that you have on your banner. You put here again. And then you also put the application funnel right here. So your application funnel is here, here, and here. Like on that.
So this way if they do go to your Facebook, they can see that. Or they go to your photos cause they’re like, who is this Weirdo? They click on photos. What they’re going to see if they go to albums right here, here’s what they’re going to notice. They’re gonna see all these things. Okay, he’s got videos, featured photos, profiles. Let me see what let me see what all of his pictures look like.
Is he a Weirdo partier? He’s not aware now of ouch. So he comes over here, flops this consistency,
Same message every single time I see I have that link on every single picture. You’re gonna do that same thing on everything here. And then when you go to albums, again, you should always have a testimonial folder. So you’re going to see here, you go to agency in a box. We have the agency mailbox box link right here at the very top of the description. You go to any of these pictures.
This’ll be your agency links, your application funnel. Boom, boom. So a testimonial application funnel link. So now all they’re seeing is, wow, this guy looks like a professional. It looks like he’s generating results. Let me just click on this. And they click on it and then Bam, now you get them to your application file. So let’s go ahead and are you guys digging this? You want to get a 1,222 so let’s go to the application file now because now you guys know how to do it through Linkedin, how to catch them on Facebook, how to set up your profile funnel, and now where to go to the application? 100% let’s do it. So without further ado,
Let’s go. This is the application fall. They get brought to that simple. There’s actually a, sometimes a lead magnet and pop up where you can get their name, email, and phone number. I don’t need to do that. So I have an email marketing campaigns on the back end, but something you definitely can do. However, this is where the magic happens. They’re going to arrive on here and they’re going to see your VSL. So for anyone that doesn’t know VA is so in five minutes, just so you guys can see that, it’s like what did it, you’ll just simple daily here. I’m one of the members of the head of fulfillment today. I’m here to ask you if you want us to build and manage your patient acquisition. So it’s a whole video that only lasts nine minutes. That explains exactly how we set up the results from a to z.
That’s exactly it. And you don’t want to give away everything. All you’re doing is giveaway the bonus, the bonuses, the pain points of why they can’t hit those bonuses and how you get those bonuses proofs. So all that happens nine minutes and they say, they say, screw it, let’s book a call. They’re going to go through this application, they’re going to fill it out. This application is going to prequalify them. You’re going to see how much money they have. If they’re actually legitimate, they’re serious. If they’re qualified. So not hopping on beating someone, qualify people. Cause who likes to do that? I hate it. I hate hopping on. I hate that they ruin your rude. You’re just, I don’t like it yet your states brought and no one wants to talk to two poor business. I want to do this zero books. Let’s do zero and it will do zero with this application.
So they’re going to see you’re gonna see how much they make, all that. How serious their business. Wait, we did say you guys are going to get something in call. We already mentioned that. We did. All right. Don’t tell me what is the, let’s keep going. What it is. They can stay until the end. They can stay all the way until the end. I never tell them the goods they’re going to fill this out. I don’t even want you to sell application cause obviously you get this funnel later on. But when they fill it all out, then boom, you’re counting the lights gonna be right here. They’re going to choose a time. And from that they get brought to the thing you paid for one more time. That VSL to rewatch it, see this, like if they want to watch it, they’re going to scroll down, have social proof campaigns, you know, everything you would want to see as a business owner.
That’s all in here. That’s the entire funnel. This funnel is not just like a funnel we put together. I’ve been using this funnel consistently for the past five months down to land, all the way up to six k clients. So that speaks for itself. You’ve seen the screenshots on my wall. You see me do it. Just implement this. So wait a second, they’re going to go through the application, but then how do they close the deal? You know what? I’m glad you asked. Would it be helpful if we had something that could also help them close the deal? It could be. It could be, but wait a second. Don’t we have a, well, we have the thing. Oh yeah, that’s right. Let’s go. Let’s look at, I want to 1 million. I want a 1 million before we show this because this and not a one m we want the whole thing written out. 1 million column is included column as a group, we want to come up to common comments. We send it back.
All right? All right, let’s get into this, but just show little snip. Well, let’s go into the program. Do we have the pitch deck? You know what? We do have the pitch deck. All right, let’s pull up the dentist pitch deck that we actually, oh my God. Oh my Lord. Should we just go through the whole bang? You know what? Screw it. I don’t care. All right, let’s do it. We’re not gonna present it to you. We’re going to show you everything here, guys. So boom, oh well, I should probably click start how we do it. How we do it immediately. Here’s the value ladder for dentist. Why should you choose this? Get rid of those cars cause they’re nasty. Come on. [inaudible] Why you should use these. Why? Why you want to use these? The entire process. Oh, oh, you want to see our ads?
Okay, here’s the targeting. Here’s how we do it in the Google placement. Oh, you’re going to see the funnel. Here’s the funnel use. Oh, here’s a second page of the funnel. Oh, here it is on mobile. Oh, here it is on mobile again. Oh, you want to see what a notification looks like after they get started? Oh, there it is. When you get the lead, oh, you want to see what it looks like in dashboards? Transparency. Oh, you want to see what it looks like when you call up a customer? Oh, it’s right there. Oh, you want to see a total [inaudible] screenshots or get me excited. Oh, you wanna see the entire process again. It’s simplified. Oh, you want to see how well we actually do. There are some results. There are some results. There are some results. Those numbers really over here. You want to see how we do it and what it looks like in the manager or there it is.
Oh, here’s some more. Oh, there’s another. And then over here is what your competition is doing. The standard stuff. You want to spend all that money. Probably not cause you’re tired of losing money. You want them better value. Oh we have that. So then we come over, we choose tier one do you wanna choose tier two or do you wanna choose tier three? Which option you want to move forward with? I’m not asking you if you want to work with us. I’m saying what option do you want to move forward so now they have options. That’s how we’re closing deals so consistently because giving them tiers to choose from. Well how do you get this? By the way, if somebody wanted to get this, how would they get it? That’s a good question. That’s a great question. What’s that program we have that we’ve already had like seven numbers jump into in the last week as the May artists. Sales, s m m a art of sales. Should we drop weight? Oh are we dropping links right now? We dropped the link. Drop the link in the chat man. Show them where to go. Take the temple’s going to go find that. He’s got to stop this screen share.
I’ll tell you guys is that not everyone gets in because there is a qualifying process. We’ll at least let you guys jump in to see if you qualify and if you do then you’ll jump on a call at temple to go over the details for the second application process but any, what do you guys think and we get some feedback. I want to hear if somebody is stoke run and can got like a 394 if you’re just like extremely short right now because I think that this is insane and this is what 25 bucks a month you go, you download it, you add it to your chrome as an extension, drop it. You set up your messages which took five minutes or did you use the same ones that these guys are using and tweak it a little bit? Press play and go and go grab some drinks or something and come back in a couple of hours where there’s leads in your done.
Is that like am I, is that what I’m seeing right now or am I going crazy? Pretty strict. I’m dropping this thing right now. This thing is your six figures for 2019 Oh, actually I lied to you again. Yeah. Let me drop a link. I’ll give you, you know what would be helpful if people could understand how to actually type in prepared for every single thing and be able to sell anything without having to know anything about the product I’m going to, I’m crazy like we did yesterday. Interesting. Yeah, no, I agree. Maybe we should show people what that type of information would look like. You know what I think [inaudible] he wants to see that. They don’t even care about that one. Really in dollars trillion with a t. So here’s, here’s the thing. Any monkey [inaudible] they really dropped out of Detroit. People were like, what? How many Zeros are in a trailer? No. Commas. I send it back.
Any monkey can go through a pitch deck. Yeah, that’s a great pitch deck. Yes, yes, I smoke. Yes, it makes you look credible, Yada, Yada, Yada. But anyone can go through that. Anyone can memorize that. The sale happens once you ask for them to sign up with you because who just says, yeah, let’s sign up right now. Obviously we all get those, this one in a hundred if you’re lucky, and those kinds of people freak me out personally. Anyone that wants to sign with me like that, I’m like, Whoa, a little, a little needy. What’s going on? Do you, is he looking at weird what you’re doing yet? Like what’s happening right now? It’s too easy. I don’t feel happy cause everyone says, let me think about price is too high, too long contract. You talk to my wife, whatever the stupid objection is to get around it.
You know what I see happening? People can’t even do the introduction. Oh yeah, like the easiest part. Like yeah, they usually just show up and they’re like hi. So like they don’t even know how to start the start this meeting. Why am I here? So they don’t even know how to start the meeting. We’re going to show you how to start the meeting affectively. I can’t even drop jifs in here. I will drop a CIF. I dropped the let’s do it Jif. All right, we’re now, we’re not going to go through all the videos where to show you, cause that would take forever cause we have so much material on here. But we are going to show you the videos that are available when you jump in. Yep. 100% so this is when the steel starts. I’m going to show you everything I’m not gonna show you.
Just obviously that went shifting, leading up to it. How to be a world-class close. Let me share my screen real quick. Yeah, that would be helpful. I can just talk about it. I can pick the picture. Okay. So let’s just open the tabs just so they could see the material on the videos. So we’ve got meditation. This is the developing world class closer mindset module, meditation, affirmation, loggers. I can’t even pronounce that. Reciprocal reciprocity. Reciprocity. Yeah. It’s a hard word. So it’s like a lot of syllables. High school drop out, high school dropped. I’ll make an hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Body confidence environment. This isn’t what you think it is. I know where it is exactly what it is. Confidence, image, perception, handling, rejection. Perfect. Now let’s get into the actual cool stuff that needs sales command. It’s law of a green law of, of questions.
Law of emulation, law of influence, love, effective communication. Booking the best meeting. Do you want? Do you want what type of meeting? The best dating, best meeting, the best grading. Don’t set up this meeting ever in the world. Okay, let’s go into the next one guys. Understanding linguistics, selling words. How to be able to get rid of words that people might like and replace them with words that make people them. Okay. How to control the meeting. How to use tonality to get people to emotionally and best in your story while you sell stories. Sell how to come over here and cut out the BS and get to the truth because we’re in a new age of sales where they can sense bs from a mile away. Okay? And then three buying stages. Okay. We’re dealing with the introduction to the meeting. How you sell yourself to get them to buy you.
So this way they buy whatever you’re selling, come over here and how to sell your entire process. Not your features, not your benefits, not your product, but your process. My what my problem is. Say it again. Yeah. Say it again. Process. There we go. There we go. So then you’re gonna come over here and how to close the deal. This is the magic guys like this has tons of videos just in this out of close the deal, our best closing lines, how to position the framework. Right. You can go into the next boys wanna say, keep in mind we’re [inaudible] this course. There is a loss and there’s like 12 closers in here. We’re still adding more. He doesn’t know because you should always have at least six closes for every specific kind of objection. So for the money handling objection, you should have six closest for that because let’s be honest, the first close doesn’t always work.
We don’t want to repeat the same thing over and over again. So we’d tell you what exact close to say, how to say it. Word by word. The tonality. Everything. Yep. Now we have the objection having bottles cause like I said, this is where the sale starts. This is what I love. So we have all that in here. It said ever growing list. There’s way too many to count on there already and we’re still adding them as we go. I mean, let’s be honest, we got the money now we’re at the, what do you do with the money? What do you, what are you going to do with it? Well first I’ll put it in a land bows. Well ouch. Do not do it.
That’s a sexy land. But you leasing, is that your wife’s car bro? I don’t know whose car it is. It’s just somebody. So I drive it all the time. Becky, Jay’s for the thumbnails, but we want to make sure we don’t buy the Lambo and then they charge us back and then we’re screwed. And then we don’t have a way to pay for the Lambo payments. So we tell you how to handle chargebacks, how to never going to charge back 99.99% never get a charge back again. Collecting the payments, how to finalize the onboarding. Obviously setting expectations is very clear because I’ve been, I’ve been through this, I would just sell and not sex mutations at all and then I lose the client the next month because they, what they had in mind was completely different from what I sold. So now we teach you how to set those expectations.
You can have a client for life and that’s what this is all including need to expectations, what to expect in the customer, what the customer should expect you. Timeframe results, lead leads to expectations, expectations for their lead conversion. So you know, we don’t get hit with, oh, what can I expect? What’s going to happen now? I don’t know. This is all weird. What’s going on here? Now they’ll just stay quiet. We can’t have an easy going client. We can send to dash clicks, have that be passive. Join that passive money. Is that easy? And we’re not going to stop there if you guys haven’t noticed. We actually practice what we preach. That’s what we posted. Live videos all the time about actually closing deals because we actually run a business doing what we’re selling in this product. So we’re going to include in the bonuses where you’re going to get all of our live closes.
That where to continue to upload. Then as we keep selling, because here’s the thing, we’re in the trenches with you. We’re not teaching something of theory. We’re teaching something of guaranteed, tried and proven. We do it every day. We do it every day. And I mean this is kind of a protection environment. So I know you always like to say it. I think I’m going to beat you to it. So you don’t always get the headshots vine Stewman, Eamon Gaji, Sam Ovens, all brick. Great cats. I like him, you know, brief basis. You know how to sell. Well, let’s be honest. Have we ever seen sold to a business owner? Have we ever seen those live closes? I haven’t yet. I think only grant Cardone. Greg Cardone, that’s why I even mentioned the name. Yes. But all those other cats, I don’t want to see the closes. And you know, the thing is we do this thing out. Maybe they close in the past, I won’t, I won’t blame them, but now they’re just selling their product and not in the business. We’re in the business where the office, right now I’m hopping on a sales call and 15 minutes. I helped on sales calls yesterday. We close 22,000 total conviction. Went back to back yesterday. So this is what we do day in and day out and we’ll be adding all those closest to your bonus right here.
How do they guys, how do they get to this? If somebody like wants to buy it or get in the program, can you drop a Lincoln?
So we dropped the link but we don’t accept everyone in it. So you have to go through that link we sent you to go through a qualifying process. If you pass the first application, you’ll get a message in a few hours or one of our assistants for responding and then through my messenger. And then you’ll go through the second second application process with temple.
100% nice. That’s awesome guys. I’ll take it through a chat Bot, just so you know. If you don’t say, if you haven’t subscribed, my chat Bot hit get started and then it will send you to my actual or to the actual application.
Awesome guys, guys, if you haven’t gotten this RFI on the program, if you’ve even taken any one of Rob’s programs like agency in the box, this is their new program. This is coming out. This is, I think for limited a group of people. So you’ve got to go through the whole application process just to get it. So do it. And if there’s something, first of all, first and foremost so I can get everybody excited when you get rattled up, did anybody learn anything from rob in temple? Like if you did, can you drop like a 597 in the chat right now? If that’s something that you did, you think that you learned something from them? And if you’re on social media, hit the like button. Hit the share button, comment guys, engage. This is awesome.
And guys, we stayed until the end. We still got something for you.
We’re not, oh, we’re not done here. You know what? I’m going to, I’m going to do jump in. I’m going to share something crazy. I’m going to go on and share my screen. Let me go ahead and share my screen really quick is I, I’m gonna, I’m gonna share some shit right now that you guys are gonna be like, Oh my God, this is it right now. This is your right and who wants to see something crazy happened right here, right now. And we’ll see like a crazy new feature inside of dash clicks drive a 434, 434 they said, give us the goods’ Chad, give us the goods. All right, let’s do a little quick test. I’m going to log in a dash clicks and I’m gonna share my screen really quick. We got pretty much almost, almost everybody in here is in dash clicks. Can you guys do me a favor? Do you guys see for those of you guys inside of Dash cliques? Do you guys see anything here? Anything new here at all that you guys see that you’re like, what is that?
Is there anything new that you guys see? The on boarding things. That’s right. Yeah guys. So for those of you who have placed orders with dashboards before, and those of you who had not even place orders with the escalates, this new feature is pretty much done. We’re in Beta testing right now and we’re going to be launching this probably on Monday, which is like a couple of days away. So look how cool it says. I’m gonna walk you guys through the whole process right now. Who wants to see this happen right now? Live 492 right now. They’re ready to jump in the chat. Don’t I need to drop in the chat Instagram? I don’t know when you’re doing over there, you’re behind the scenes. You should have been registered for the Webinar. You’re missing out guys, I’m gonna go through this real with you real quick. So let me go ahead.
Let me actually, I’m going to go through the buying, how you actually buy something on dash clips, how easy it is, what happens, how you can add your client to the dashboard instantly. Right now, how you can send clients onboarding documents instantly, all within like 30 seconds. Who wants to get their mind blown right now? Wants to see this crazy ass automation that we’re doing inside the platform. Rob’s like me because every time I onboard a client, the desk place, I got to fill out the onboarding documents. Not Anymore. Never again. Never again. Guys, look how easy this is. Let’s say I want to go in here and I want to go to the store and one of our popular sellers is Facebook ads. Okay? I’m going to go in here and I’m going to add the basic Facebook ads. I’m going to create a new company and let’s do a, let’s do Bobby’s Bobby’s agency. Let’s just call it that. Or actually let’s do Bobby’s plumbing. Let’s say this was for a plumber, okay? Bobby’s plumbing. Okay. I’m going to go ahead and insert a, an email info at. I’m gonna enter this email.
I’m going to add this to the court. I got Bobby’s plumber. I’m going to add it to the cart. So I go to my court and I see that, oh, this was added from before. Oh, by the way, if you want to use a coupon code, I’m not gonna use it or whatever. It’s already applied. So for those of you guys who want to go out of this world and get 35% off, do it. Let’s see. I also want to add a funnel to that, right? So actually know what, screw it. I’m not gonna have a funnel. I’m just going to do a Facebook campaign. Okay? Just to make life easy. The coupon codes applied. I got 35% off, so it took $324 off. Look at the earth. Yeah, it took now 324 I was brought all the way down to 551 bucks. I’m gonna proceed to checkout. Okay? I see my total here. I’m going to use my credit card that I already have on file. I’m going to go ahead and place order.
Who’s different place in order I’m dash rates. Can we drop a 150 inside of the chat on one 15 side of the chat if you’ve ever placed some orderings on dash place. Anything new here that you guys see? Is there anything new here that you guys see?
There is now a step two option inside of dash clicks so you get to your order confirmation page. It tells you exactly what you just started, gives you a breakdown and then I can go here and I can continue to step two oh wait dash glitz is smart dash looks is going to come up with a pop up. If you have not already created your custom domain name and added your logo into the dashboard. We want to make sure that you’re secure so you’re not sending people dash emails. But let’s say I want to do that. I can just go here. Okay. And I can just go here and I can just set up my custom domaining here or set up my branding. Do that really quick. Set up my custom domain name. Okay, so for those of you guys who have not set it up, the system will let you know that it hasn’t been set up yet and you don’t carry show show dashboards branding, which is completely up to you.
You can just click proceed for now. I’m just going to click proceed cause I’m inside of the Dev account. Boom, look at this. Looks like these are some onboardings that I haven’t done yet and I’m just going to click finish later. I don’t want to do these right now. I want to do Bobby’s plumber, right? So I’m going to add Bobby to the dashboard right now that Bobby, let’s say Bobby Cain is his name and I’m going to put in Bobby’s email address. Let’s say [inaudible] dot com and what is this? What does this do here? Does anybody know what that is? You can now send, first of all, you can add your clients in the dashboard on the spot and now you can also add the same time, send the clients the onboarding documents and let them fill it out. So I’m going to go in and I’m going to send my clients the onboarding documents. I’m going to click complete incentive.
It just went ahead and send my client the onboarding document. It’s under the welcome email and the onboarding document. And this is exactly what it looks like. Your client is not going to get a welcome email. It’s going to look just like this. Obviously it’s going to not see anything that’s related to dashboards and it’s going to come from your white labeled email and your logo and your branding. Then it’s going to say you’ve been added by Rob Quinn. Let’s use Rob Quinn too. Front and center, Front Center media dashboard. Okay. And it’s gonna give you a link where now the client, all they gotta do is click get started. They set their own password and now they have access to your white labeled dashboard. So this whole thing is automated. Now the client can automatically be added to the dashboard on the spot while you’re checking out guys.
Okay? So they’ll get that and then they’ll get another email that’s gonna have your logo up here. And it’s going to say get your onboarding started. Bobby is gonna say, Hey Bobby, it’s rob from front and center media. We need to fill out your onboarding documents. We can begin working on your account. The onboarding documents are time sensitive and need to be filled out as soon as possible. Front and center media team cannot begin working on your account until these onboarding documents are completed in full, so please fill them out at your earliest convenience. Thanks. Click the button below to get your onboarding started. They will click the start onboarding button. It will bring them directly to here. So let’s go to Bobby’s plumber guys, we just placed them a word for Facebook ads. There’s an open Facebook ads onboarding doc and there’s also a general onboarding doc, which the client responsibility can see everything here.
You can see the status of the onboarding, not all by going through right here, the onboarding center, which is going to be live in a couple of days. So you can actually go in here. You can say, you know what, I want to see all the pending onboardings that I have. I want to see all the onboardings that are completed. I want to see everything. Okay, so I’m going to go back to let’s say Bobby, the plumber, Bobby’s plumber. I see that there’s two onboardings that Bobby needs to fill out for his business. I see that they’re both in pending status. I see the date and time that they were sent. I see that the days that it’s late, so Bobby, for some reason is late. I know that he’s late. I see whose responsibility it is to fill out, which by the way, guys, if you don’t want to send your clients an onboarding document, you want to fill it out yourself on behalf of your client on that screen before that toggle that says yes or no.
You want to send your clients the onboarding documents, you just click no and it’ll send the onboarding documents to you and it’s now your responsibility to fill them out. But let’s say for some reason Bobby didn’t get the onboarding email. You just go right here and resend the email to Bobby and they should that it gets the email. Okay. Now let’s say I want to go ahead and fill out the actual onboard document. Look how cool this is guys. I just click continue. It brings me to the onboarding document. It asks us all the questions that you need to do and it’s got completely smart logic in here. Okay? Campaign information, targeted demographics. It will not let Bobby continue without filling out all the required information so you as an agency owner don’t have to deal with this anymore. It’s all white labeled and it goes straight to Bobby.
All under your branding, all under your domain. It doesn’t get any better than that guys, but rather this, this happens to all of us. Robin’s happened to you too, right? Let’s say you go in and you send the client the onboarding document and like a week went by, I’m like, what the Hell is wrong with Bobby the plumber? Why is he not filling out the onboarding documents? Well, you don’t get to do anything anymore. The system. After two days of bobbing, not filling out the onboarding document is automatically going to send them a reminder email every single day at 9:00 AM whatever your agency’s time zone is. As a reminder to go into the dashboard and fill out their onboarding documents are going to get every single day. We are going to harass the clients to make sure the canteen onboarding document filled out so we can continue moving the process. How amazing is this guys? Can somebody drop like a 575 if we just blew your mind? So now you can go in there, you can purchase a service, you can add your client to the dashboard, you can send them white label emails for both the welcome bringing them onto the dashboard, both the onboarding center, sending out the onboarding documents all on the spot. How cool is this, right?
Five guys. Then on top of that, when your client logs in, they also have an onboarding center here too and if they have any onboarding documents that are not due, the system will recognize that and it’ll give them a little notification here. So pops up in their face every time they log into your dashboard. So look how cool this is guys. And then if they complete it, it’ll say complete and then allow you guys to actually view the onboarding documents. So as you can see, these are just a bunch of tests that we’re running, but we’ve got Bobby deployment [inaudible] two onboarding documents. Abi Mitigate your shift together and send you, send us the onboarding documents. Guys, how crazy is this? How crazy this I feel you guys laughing. I’m just like so excited because this was like a feature that we’ve been working on for so long.
This is crazy though. This is awesome. So glad this is in play now. So no more. Can you guys add my client to the platform? No more. Can you guys run my credit card so I can purchase this service no more. Oh, I’m still waiting for the onboard documents. You don’t have to do anything. Just go in here. Buy The service right now. You can use a coupon code 35% off. Check out, add your client, send them the documents and look away. We will deal with everything else, or the onboarding documents are set up to gather all of the information that we need. Oh. And on top of that, to make life even cooler on the general onboarding document. And then while they’re working on this, so I’m in the Dev server on the general onboarding document. Guys, go back onboarding. So if I go to the general onboarding document, let’s see if I click edit another working on this.
So let’s see if it works. Okay. It works. So the client can actually go in here and they can set up whatever notification emails that they want. They can drop in their website URL, they can drop in all of their address and information, they can upload their logo. And what’s going to happen is when I go to companies, it’s going to automatically update everything in the system so you can see it, Michael Company, it does everything for them. So it makes your dashboard look pretty, it organizes everything. When the client logs in, they can see their logo and all their information. The whole thing is white labeled all under your brand.
That’s how I feel right now. That’s up y’all right now. I let my energy, I burst in my energy completely. They said this is great. You let me get it. 600 if you think that this is insane. 600 600 all right, I’m going to get back out. Yo, that’s crazy Chad. That is a major, major updates guys and that’s going to be a game changer for most of the businesses because one thing that’s been halting, and this is how, this is kind of how we roll it, the escalades, we see pains in our business and we come up with solutions through our technology on how to and automate those processes. So one thing that we saw as we were getting tons of orders and it was taking three weeks, four weeks, five weeks to get onboarding documents because we would have to go to the agency owner, the agency owner would have to go to the client, get it filled out. Sometimes they would send it back. It’d be missing information. Our campaign guys can’t start in the campaign missing information. Not Anymore. Not Anymore. The system’s going to do everything for you. You don’t gotta to deal with it. Dash clicks has got this guys. That’s crazy. I’m super stoked. So for those of you guys who don’t have dash lets go and get your mind blown. Somebody says hot sauce, client retention. Screamed on
Guys. Literally now you have an effective front end and back end process. I mean losing is not an option. Winning doesn’t have to be a guessing game if you don’t want it to be so real. That’s it. Real close to close real consent. It’s dash clicks. Oh hold on. That seemed really complicated. Can you say it again? Yeah, yeah. That was that. Let me, let me set up the funnel and close to meetings how we say, okay send it to dash clicks. Is that it? That’s it. That’s all it is. That’s a, that’s an easy six graders. See right there. Easy to too easy yet I wish, I wish I had this from first starting out
You guys, by the way, I feel like tons of people starting with the Q and a. We’re gonna hit Q and a. Probably about like five or 10 minutes. We’re gonna run through a couple of different things and then you guys can ask us anything you want to answer, any questions that you have we’re going to do right here, live in front of you guys. Okay. One thing that I do want to drop is we are going to be releasing a lot of these videos on certain platforms. So for those of you guys who are already inside of baskets, I’m going to drop in a couple of links. If you do not like us on Facebook, that is our Facebook page. You can actually go and like us on Facebook and we’re going to be dropping a lot of cool content in there. If you don’t have us on for some reason you’re not following us on Instagram and every platform is different.
Like right now I had Instagram live right here, side view, nobody has that, right? So if you’re not on Instagram, you need to get on Instagram. Join us. Also, probably the biggest one but one of the biggest ones cause everything’s important. But Youtube. Okay. We dropped all of our videos on youtube, so a lot of people ask us where all the replays are. The replays are gonna go to youtube first. So if you don’t subscribe, just go to youtube and subscribe to our channel super quick. You get all of our videos and on top of that, all of the videos that we record or uploaded into the platform and they’re stored for life under university and Marketer’s mindset. So this video will have replay and we’ll be in there however it’s going to take a couple of, probably, maybe four or five days to get in there.
So that’s why we highly recommend you guys get it live. The last thing, the last thing that I highly recommend that you do is jump on our VIP list. Okay. I just dropped the link right there in the chat for VIP list jumping our VIP list. Anytime we run crazy promotions, anytime we’re going live or we’re doing something crazy, that messaging lists, we message that group first. They get first rights to everything and then we message everybody else. Okay. So if you want to jump on the VIP group, it’s completely for free. All you gotta do, just click that link, subscribe with your Facebook thing and you’re done. That’s it. Every time we do something you’ll get notified. Nice. Any questions or anything that Rob Temple, you guys want to drop in Q and? A?
I guess if you guys love sales because you can’t get to fulfillment until the deals close and you can’t close a deal until you have a lead. So, well we could drop in our Facebook group if you guys want to join that. We have a free drop it in there in that group and that group has like how many people? It’s like 35 or 3,700 people. Like something crazy. It’s been scaling pretty quick. We’re about 10 3,900 shit.
He’s 3,900 people. And guys, if you think about this, because a lot of people when they think about like group numbers and stuff like this, they’re thinking about like these like numbers. These are not numbers guys. These are real people just like yourself. And that just being in a room with 3,900 people like and being able to bounce ideas off of each other and ask questions and get answers back. Like guys, it’s a no brainer. Okay. It’s a no brainer.
And when I go live too, so temple will go live on Mondays with a new sales subject. I’ll go live Fridays and then temple and we’ll do a lunch and learn every Wednesday. And as so subject isn’t fluff, it’s actual stuff we use day in and day out stuff that’s even sometimes in the course.
And you get a free greeting gift when you get started. When you jump in there, we’re going to give you 15 of our training videos, where to give you all of our quick win tools. We’re gonna give you are a tool belt for six figure mindset. We’re gonna give you all of our interviews. Chad’s echo, one of them with the pros doing six and seven figures already. So you guys will get all that stuff just for joining the group. It’s a totally free gift for you guys. No brainer. No brainer.
All right, let’s do this. Let’s get to it. People are asking questions. Let’s fire off some Q and a and then me and rob and temple are going to give you some freebies and gifts and really cool stuff. Okay, so I’m going to be giving away some swag bags. I know Robin Temple got some stuff that they’re not even gonna tell you what it is until the end. I see they’re doing. Just don’t tell them. Make them stay. Make them wait. Make them wait. And I know last week we did something crazy. We gave away last week a Yeti. Mike, Somebody won a Yeti. Mike, I think it was Daniel something. I forgot his last name. When you’re getting my visit in here, you can see it. And then somebody also one a, Oh boom, Daniel, he’s in here. He wanted Yeti. Mike. Last week we gave away Yeti Mike.
We also gave away an Amazon Echo. We’re going to be doing crazy stuff like this, like every single week, and we’re also going to try to stay consistent with this life. So for those of you guys who love these videos, like marketer’s mindset videos, we’re going to try to do this every single Thursday between 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM Est. We’re going to be dropping in new people every time we go live. Okay? We’re going to be getting bringing on guest speakers where I’m going to be in the back, inside of the studio, jumping on the whiteboard showing you guys some crazy stuff. So, and it’s all three. I’m not asking you for anything. Everything is free. So like what we just showed you guys is just pure knowledge. Like these guys, rob and temple are doing this using these methods, using the leopard software, Leonard software or whatever it’s called, start 25 bucks a month and they’re closing deals left and right.
I mean templates closing. I see his live videos every day. The Guy Closes like 25 k Danes and deals just by using the software’s 25 bucks. Right? So follow their process, followed their process because it works. Okay guys, let’s jump into some Q and a. And m just fire away questions, guys, any questions that you guys have? We’re going to answer them. We’ll dedicate about a half an hour to Q and a and then we’ll give away some freebies. So any questions is what is the Facebook profile and influencer page? Normal on Facebook was a, was the Facebook profile an influencer page or no more or normal Facebook page? I think it was a normal Facebook page, right?
Yeah. It’s just, I mean you should set it up for your business page, your company page and your personal page.
Do it for all of them because the formats of saying do you have a banner and a future photo? So you should have those for all of them. Any videos, you may make sure you put a link to your application funnel and every single training video you do, but make sure you wait to put that link in there until after you do the video. It will kill the reach and you put the link in there while you do the video. So wait until it’s done. And wait for the algorithm to let the traffic organic traffic die down a little bit. And then link your application funnel and let people know that. So at the end of the video, let them know like I’m going to let you guys get in. Maybe if you stay till the end, cause I’ll put a link tomorrow in this post. So this way they can keep coming back to your page.
Yep. And guys, they’re asking us, somebody was asking, Giovanni says, what is the software called? If you guys don’t mind dropping that Lincoln again for everybody who came on late.
It’s called me Leonard. I’m juggling right now.
Yeah. Meet and Leopard somethings and meet Leopard. It’s, I don’t think it’s leopard. I think it’s Leonard. Right? I meet Leonard.
It’s meeting needs.
There you go. So that’s the link. And these guys are so nice that they didn’t even drop it in the affiliate link. They’re just taking these straight there. Like what are you doing, Zetas? Are you guys planning on offering agreement documents as part of the pre onboarding process? So we’re going to be having, and I guess one thing that we talked about, we had like a whole team meeting inside of dashboards and we spoke about this I think last week. So once we knock out like all of the major updates that we want to launch, like I know right now the next two things or three things, three like major things that have on our list, it’s going to happen in the next two months. Is one the agency website, which is going to be launching February 1st. If you don’t have your agents who have said 50% off, just thrown it out there.
The second thing that we’re going to have launchings our affiliate program. So there’s going to be an entire affiliate dashboard. We can track everything that we’re hoping to go live on February 15th, but he’s going about like two and a half weeks or something like that. And then what we’re doing is for those of you guys who were already inside of that splits and a purchase from us, you know that when you go and you purchase a service from us, Rob Robin Tumble, you guys know it cause you guys are already in the process, but you get like this slack channel, right? We’ll leave you like this private slack channel. So we’re actually working on creating a smart chat and we’re integrating it straight into dash clicks so we can automate and make things even better as far as communication between us and the agencies.
So that’s a huge one that we’re going to be doing. So that’s that. And that’s after we do like those big things, we’re going to be building out a suite of agency tools, so we’re gonna be building out, some of you guys have seen like this tool that we have when we go and we can like fill out a form and it automatically builds a website, right? For specific industries. We’re going to be offering that soon. We’re working on getting that into our pipeline. We’re going to be offering that as an agency tool. What about like creating proposals on the fly? We’re going to be offering that as an agency to, to continue to log into dashboards and create a proposal on the spot. Okay? It’s all going to be synced up with dashboards. We’re gonna have an agency CRM, which is going to be hooked up to all of these leads.
We’re going to have a way where you can go and you can actually scan a businesses online presence and it’ll show you how their social media is doing, how their SEO is doing, how their Google ads is doing, how everything is maybe a full report of their business guys. So we’re gonna be creating tons of these styles of what we call agency tools. And inside of dashboards there’s going to be an agency tool section. We have tons of shit that you can get. So it’s like no brainer. All right, let’s go. We got some more questions. This one’s for Rob Quinn. I’m super analytical and I’ve been creating the process for my business for about a month now. I’ve been trying to create everything, have it set up perfectly before going after clients. Would you recommend jumping in headfirst or would you recommend taking the time to create the process, the workflow sales process and everything else that’s needed?
Leo, me, our low Leoni asset, I hope I pronounced your name right. Yeah. So I’m pretty analytical too. But here’s what I’ll tell you. This, the universal concept with anything in life, it’s a lot easier to solve your problems when you have money. So money isn’t everything, but it is a tool to make your life more convenient. So before we start focusing on like getting your processes would, you should work on it, but do it when the world is sleep, when the world’s awake, take advantage of ending presence. So make some money and continue to work on your systems. But trust me when I say this, go ahead first because you can solve your problems a lot faster when you have money. 100% man. And I second that. That’s perfect. I know got a couple of questions from, so Rebecca asked him to Q and.

  1. how do we integrate our services into dashboards? So essentially it, you can just go into the store, Rebecca and you can just purchase any services and dashboards will actually fulfill all of your orders on behalf of you so you don’t have to do anything or team right here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in our office office that I’m in right now. I’m all the way in the back and my studio slash office. We will fulfill all of the orders for you. So anything from Google ads to SEO, to Facebook campaigns to funnel building, to directory listings, to content writing, to website design to literally everything that’s inside of the store. You can go in there and purchase it and we will fill it for you. It doesn’t get any better than that. Jordan ass is in dash lakes. How do you link their Facebook business account?

Is that part of the onboarding? So that’s something that we do for you. The onboarding document, we’ll gather the information for us to actually send them out a white labeled link where all they do is they just take that link and they jump in right away. They at our team sends you the link, you can use it yourself or you can send it to your client. It’s white labeled, you press on the link and then it asks you for access to your Facebook ad account and manager or Facebook business page and Facebook ad account. And then it automatically hooks up into our system and we integrate everything in the backend like that. So it’s super simple. Yeah, super simple process.
Yeah, it’s like, and what’s cool is we have the rest of you guys who are not familiar with escalates, which most of you are. We have a full development team in house that are releasing these massive updates like daily, weekly. Like there’s tons of stuff that we’re doing. Okay. let’s keep going cause we got a lot of questions here. MS, scroll up a little bit so we don’t Miss Anybody’s. So Samuel said, when the clients, when will the clients be able to purchase services without us having to physically buy it from the store? Right that we spoke about that it’s not something that our future features list. Right now you have to go and buy on behalf pretty much of not your client, but your client’s buying a service from you. You just go into dashboards and buy it from there.
So that’s what we have right now. Ned says, what is dashboards that went to the white label fulfillment platform and fulfillment services for your agencies. And you as an agency can, could go to, create your free account, watched under videos. When you fulfill all of your orders, you can use this entire platform. It’s beautiful. Literally just go to Dash-in for kind of get more information. Phillip said, don’t love money. Just love what money can do. All right, let’s see. Let’s see. Let’s see. Let’s see. Somebody says, Anthony says, well, you’d be helping with Youtube ads. Youtube ads is on our features list. We don’t have at the moment. But we will in the future. Liam says the Dash could syndicate with press releases. We don’t offer press releases right now. No. Ryan has a question. Robyn temple, do you guys have a white label sales program? Example, temple closes the deal for you and you work on commission.
So rob does have a program and it’s called AIB agency in a box, which [inaudible] dropped a couple of times. You can check that out. I’m not personally in there. You want me? You’re gonna have to get the artists sales program. However, if you want to have someone close the deal for you, you don’t want to learn sales yourself, that’s fine. That’s why he developed a, to seen a box team of closers there close to deal for you. All you have to do is sip the meeting so they’ll close the deal for you and Das clicks fill it or you, I don’t close your deals though in that program. We have a team in there that does that.
Yup. And that seems bad ass because I’ve seen these guys alive. Closed deals. Like rob has literally closed deals and dropped them into dashboards from the closers. So easy close your deal. Dropping in dashboards. We got another question from Akhmed. He said you guys fulfill in the real estate niche. Yes, I know. Temple and Rob Celta realtors all the time. I think they just the last year you sold this to realtor and yes, we fulfill orders for realtors and we can pretty much do anything that you need. Voltaire says if a prospect asked for proof or performance or previous campaigns they want to see Facebook screenshots of business manager or something. Does dashboards provide anything that your prospect, previous campaigns, we do have a couple of case studies that are inside of the platform right now our team is going to be working on adding more of those. We’re just really heavy into development of the platform itself. So we’re working on getting those hopefully as soon as we can. Edmonton is, can we buy the funnel separately without joining the program? I think that’s where you guys, right?
Yeah, so that’s a really great question. We do sell it separately. At $6,000 but we have something a lot better for you guys getting in the program at the end of this. We’re not going to talk about it yet. We’ll wait till the end.
Wait until the end. Make them wait man. Maybe. Let’s see. Another question for, I believe for you guys, Rob what is the commission to use that service agency in the box? So I guess they wanna know what the commission structure is maybe for the closers. Maybe want to break that down for them.
Yup. Great question. Your first month you’ll break even when we sell the deal for you, we give you the prospecting tools and all that stuff. This meet Leonard Program is an agency in a box. So you’ll, you’ll break even your first month and the second month you’ll make a two to 300% return on investment after paying the fees per dashboards to manage your account.
And this is contracts, right? So you guys are signing people up for like three months, six months. It’s not like a monthly thing where let me get one month and then the client’s going to bounce on you contracts that these guys have created to lock in the client and once you get them into dashboards to know no brainer, they’re getting, we’re going to kill it for them.
And Yeah guys, exactly. We’ll never do one, one contract that’s a toy. It doesn’t make sense. Sense. It’s a three month minimum.
Yup. Damien said, or the agency in the box cultures using the art of sales process and techniques?
That’s a great question. So they do use some of our techniques, but we actually have different closing styles because obviously everyone has their own closing style works best for them if they’ve already learned sales before we even talk to them, hence why we, they came on, they do what they do best so well, they’re closing deals left and right, so they had their own style that they learn that they implement. They do our starting to take our course and their, and some of our, our tactics and techniques. But there are different styles but same concepts that a, that’s 100%.
Perfect. And then somebody asked up for the lead agency in the box and I said, how much is it? So maybe you guys want to shed some light on that for these guys.
Here’s the thing guys. I want to make sure we understand the difference. That agency in a box has a done for you service. If you want to learn how to do it yourself and you want to get are the actual pitch decks that the closers use cause they use our closing process. You can’t get any of that or the application funnel unless you’re in the art of sales program. So this is just simple to where you do the manual prospecting or you use use meet Leonard, which is automated. But we teach you how to cold call and everything else too. And then we close the deal for you and dashboard services. If you want to learn how to do that yourself. So you grow your agency and then have dashboard services. That’s what the artist sales will be for. I’ll drop the link in here so everyone can eventually go into that.
Perfect. And then Zac acids are going to be a replay yet there is going to be replaced. Replays are going to be inside of dashboards. I’m just click on university. Then click on marketer’s mindset. We upload all the marketer mindset videos in there. However, if you show up live, you get to obviously watch a whole thing. If you’re watching the replay, the replay only goes in there a couple of days after. Just make sure you’re watching stuff live. Guys, we’re going to be the first ones that we got another question when when we buy something from dashboards to client, Ken clients log in and see reports. Or is it exported PDFs? No, it’s realtime reporting. And we also give you guys white label pdf reports which we actually manually send out to you guys, which you guys can send to your clients.
But yeah, your clients. Right now, I guess with this new update, you go on their purchase service add your clients, have the platform right there on the spot. Onboarding documents get sent out and it’s done. Like, it’s as easy as that. So yeah, your clients have full access to the dashboard. It’s fully transparent. That’s what we believe in here at dash lights and be transparent with clients. So yes. Leiva says, or Olivia, sorry, I’m missing some questions. Pete says how does ad spend get billed ad spend? For Daschle purposes we recommend that you see you bill your clients separately for ad spend. However, sometimes you can build them together. But in reality if you want and you can have your customer’s ad spend or customer’s credit card hooked up straight to the Facebook ads manager and they get billed for their ad spent.
Livia said, wait a second. If, so, if I got this right, and even seeing the box, we can have you bring in the lead and close it for us and then we’d ask what’s brings results for them. So we just are the first contact with the client and then get the money minus your commissions pretty much. And you manage the client. Yeah. And you manage your client, which dashboards and just getting easier and easier and easier to be able to just manage your clients. Like, like right now as you can see like this this onboarding platform that we have, right? It’s like that was a headache for a lot of agency owners. They had to download the onboarding dots. They had to send it to the client manually. They had to wait for the client to fill it out. Then they would have to send it back to us.
Not any more guys, this whole thing is going to be automated. So it’s just going to be to keep getting better and better and better and better and boom, it’s going to be the best. What am I screen out here so I can see you people’s names. Brock said, so for Shopify dropshipping campaigns, the Facebook campaigns are normally pretty large and complex. How do you guys typically work with Shopify stores in terms of Facebook ads? It’s not a problem. We can handle pretty much any campaign that you bring our way really easy and Temple and rock and closing deals for you on their hand. I mean it’s a no brainer. Simple stuff we do. We do it all the time. Okay. Do you guys do reputation management and dashboards? Edmond says it is our future features list. So yes, we’re going to be offering that suit.
Giovanni says rob, that link is going to ITC. Is that right? I don’t know what that is. I just dropped a new one. I have put It’s dot org my bed. It’s in there. Okay, cool. So he just, you just updated link for you guys. It’s agent’s going to box dot. Or Zach, can you guys give a ten second overview of what this Webinar was about? Unfortunately, we can’t, you just watch the Webinar after a want to save time for the kinds of people that are in here. Does dashboards come with white label dashboard? With our logo when the clients log into your ports? Yes, you can fully white label the dashboard. You can upload your logo. You can create it, put it on your custom domain name. Nobody will know anything about Ashley. It’s completely white, labeled under your agency, under your brand.
Everything is yours, not ours. We’re just in the back end for in the work for you or like your soldiers. When is email marketing coming? Daniel? It says soon. Not right now. Will you be offering GE? Google my business as a service in the future. Jeff asks, we already offer that. It’s under a listings management services. So we purchased the listings manager service. We do the Google my business listings to also be purchased from SEO Service. Google my business listings in there as well. I would pay for email marketing and many chat services. Many chat. It’s something that’s coming soon, probably in the next, maybe like two months, three months. I’m like that. So it is on our future features list and that’s soon waiting. This is a possible for dashboards to get UK businesses in the top three pack. I noticed you don’t do listen for UK. Yes we can. We don’t. Our directory listings program is not in the UK. However, we still will do the Google my business listing. So yes, we can do that. If you’re not using the funnel on Linkedin Jordan ass can we still use the link to the VSL if we are in the agency in the box? If it’s the same video question for you guys?
Yeah, you can send it, but just make sure that you have a third message that follows up because that will not have an application on it. It’s just the video that we have for you. So if you send that, just make sure that you say, Hey, I’m going to follow up with you tomorrow. Change the second message. Say, here’s the process on how we generate results consistently or x niche from a to Z.
I’ll follow up with you tomorrow to see what you thought and have the third message go out and say, Hey, I hope you liked it. If you want to book a time to talk more, here’s my link to book time on my calendar.
Yup. Perfect. do you guys operate with B2B niches? We definitely do. Yes we do. Let’s see. I’m not in dash wigs, but you offer a discount after x amount of clients. We do not all of our pricing. I think this is fair for everybody. All of our pricing is stored inside of the platform. It’s the same whether you have one client or a hundred clients does not matter. So you get the same treatment as everybody else. Rob, what do you recommend saying to a client that wants to go a month, a month and not a three month contract?
If you don’t trust me, it’s not going to work out. So I’m sorry I wasted your time because at the end of the day, I’m sure you didn’t ask your wife that if you guys would get married and then you.
I love it. I love it. They said, well dash well dash it’s rank for Google maps listing. Yes. We just discussed that. Jason. let’s see. We got some more in the Q and a concerning the Facebook ads packages. Only one add included. No, we actually split test multiple ads. We’d be getting that question a lot on our old pricing guides where somebody had said one ad, it’s not like that. We split test multiple different ads, multiple different ad sets. Okay guys. Let’s see what else we got if you’re not okay. Same question. Yes. So real guys, first and foremost, can we get like a 737 like drop in the chat right now? Seven 37. Can we get let this latest up right now and get us excited? Seven 37 let’s go. Let’s go guys. Like who knows what that is? Is anybody watched? If you can, I kinda want to do this like a little study here. Who has ever watched any previous marketer’s mindset video? Can you drop a 10 in the chat right now? If you’ve ever watched a previous marketer’s mindset video drop, attending the chat right now. Get crazy right now.
It’s getting so hot. Like everybody that’s staying on it right now, he’s going to lose their freaking minds with what we give yet. Ah, you know what? I can’t wait for it because I want to hear what the hell it is. Just drop it. Go for it.
Yeah, Julie does do it. Just go for it. Do it. Just do it. Are you sure we should actually sue so we get all involved. I Dunno. I want to see what’s your favorite number one seven seven 7.7. Oh, we got decimals in the house. People who are, we threw a decimal in that weird bass. No decimal. And I send it back. But all right, so check this out guys. So you know that our funnels, okay, the funnel, if you only wanted the funnel at six grand, okay, we haven’t for a dentist and then you also get it for gyms. So you get both of those in our art of sales program. Now if you jump into the artist’s sales program this month, so it’s the 24th get at least seven days. So he concludes today, 31, so eight days you jump in this month and we’re going to let you guys, Oh, assume you can qualify whatever.
But you have to qualify versus, but assuming that you qualify, we’re going to let you into our $10,000 program or the art of sales for $2,000 that’s how you [inaudible]. So you’re going to get weekly calls with us every week. You’re going to get all of our live closes that we continue to live closed deals and the agency ourself, our own agency. You’re going to get the application funnel, you’re gonna get a course with over 50 videos, over 50 videos, and you’re going to get the entire pitch deck that we use, like you guys saw to give them each tier. So what you would pay crazy amounts of money for anywhere else. We’re going to give you over $2,000 we jump in for the end of the month. Can I get like 600 and
The five and a half? If you guys are like 35.56 35.5 I’m dropping in at six 35.5 where would I go if I want to get this rob?
Yeah, that’s a great question. That’s a great question. Let me link that one more time, one more time. Cause remember guys, and maybe if you can say it too, because I love these comments won’t be in the replay.
Ooh, yeah. Oh it’s actually a bit like, okay, why don’t you need to click on it right now. Hold up in your Chat Bot and your mini chat. Shabbat, Shabbat, Shabbat and your messenger. Facebook Messenger. Sorry, I’m on marketing comp right now. This is the one time you guys are going to get it. Like Bob said, not everyone’s going give sets in. That doesn’t mean you won’t get accepted in the future. It’s just obviously we’re letting people in for 2000, it’s basically nothing. We want to make sure we let an action takers that want to win. Right? cause we want, we want the testimonials. Maybe we’re getting less and right. So that’s your link right there. Click that right now.
Hey guys, by the way, Giovanni said this is the art of sales, right? Is that what this is? Oregon sales course to just go ahead and click that Billy link guys and get ready to scale. Your agency is 2019 guys 2019 this is the life to be in the Internet business. If you want to make seven figures and you wanna make six figures, you want to make 10 came on, you want to buy a Lamborghini. If you want to do cool stuff, and what you need to do is go out there and get sales guys EMF up. Guys, can we get a 777.477 7.4 if you guys are excited as I am right now, guys, seven seven and 7.4 let’s go. Sounds like a radio station. 3.4
Yeah guys, make sure you click that link right now because if you don’t, you will miss this. We’re not gonna put this down.
Click the link. Click the link guys. Let’s do some swag bags. Who wants a swag bag? You want a swag bag? Type in swag. Drop it below the shirts. So songs, shirts, often silky guys, drop a swag. If you want a swag bag in drop a swag. If you want a swag bag, well there’s a lot of people are swagged out right now. Let’s keep going. Let’s keep going. You guys got to get me excited or else I’m not giving nobody swag bags guys. By the way, I’m gonna throw it out there one more time. If you have not purchased your agents who website you have literally like seven days or so to purchase it or else we’re gonna charge you double and then you’re going to regret not purchasing. You’re going to get Fomo, you’re going to get pissed off because all of the other agencies are going to have an agency website and yours is not going to be even nearly or my newt as nice as theirs. And it’s not going to be integrated into dash clicks and you’re gonna miss out. So go get your agency to website.
Yeah, and I get people asking me all the time, oh my prospects, I kind of see your website. What do I say? There’s nothing to say. Just get the website, show them the website, man. It’s like 250 bucks. It’s like a no brainer. You can invest that into your business, but you’re asking, you know, business owners for three k six k?
The way that I can’t pick an agent. You name, you don’t need an agency name. Just go get your eating tips that you can update it at any time. Those are action guys. Take action. If you want to make money in life, you’ve got to take action. That’s it, man. Can’t be sleeping that I am going to give away. Swag Guy. Let’s see some cool rob and temple. What are we going to do to get a swag bag going? Let’s get maybe a question or something. I don’t know. I don’t even know what we’re going to do. Pick a number. Somebody cool. I will scream. It’s not here. What is it? What’s your best closing line? I want to hear your best closing line. That’s closing line dropping. I’m gonna send you swag back right now. We’ll send you a tee shirt. We’re going to send you a swag bag. We’re setting your pen mouse pad, drop it, drop it in to youtube and the Facebook group, if you’re not in the my Facebook, Rhea, SMA, art of sales, welcome to the family. You guys are going to see, use that clothes once and then he didn’t, he didn’t say yes, you’re gonna see me. You said again where I stood up and he didn’t shake it and they’re going to see me do it again to close the deal. I did the welcome to the family three times of where I got the deal at one a times he didn’t even shake my hand or stand up. It hurt. And my son and my son was in the room with us and we still closed it for 3,500 a month.
Yeah. So we got, we got welcome to the family. We got visa or mastercard swag, swag, swag. Here’s the link invoice.
But I did learn it from you. Yes. Oh, Uriah. And you saw it yesterday. Yeah, dude, that’s my favorite line. Oh wait till you see that video guys. There’s so many times where I’m like, it’s not an issue and there’s no reason you shouldn’t get started today. It’s not an issue like wait until you guys see this video. We went so hard on this sale cause it to our close in person. We’re in a conference room. We filmed this left in the middle of and he left in the middle of it. When temple stood up, I was like, how can we turn this into a positive? I was like, I’m done haggling. Here’s what we’re going to do.
Yeah, no brainer guys, why don’t we do this since it’s your question, go through the list and pick your favorite one. We’re going to send somebody a swag bag right now. Pick one person. Which one is going to get the swag bag on the tag of the swag?
We’re just going to do Philip because use my favorite closing line of all time.
Well, maybe he’s taking action. He was the first one to say anything. That’s what happens when you take action. Philip, what is your agency name and what shirt size are you dropping in the chat? And we will send you out a little swag.
Afterward, marketing agency. Tommy, Tommy, come on in here. When did you send a swag bag to affluent marketing agency? He’s a large and his name is Philip Swag. Like once you come over here and say hi to everybody. Tommy, why don’t you come on over here and say hi to everybody. This is Tommy blow our operations manager at our CFO. He might might’ve even spoken to him. You remember these guys? Jesus doppelgangers, easy flow marketing agency. Large name is Philip. This is his second swag bag coming through your Philips. Somebody said you look like Tom Cruise. Two people said you look like Tom Cruise. You know, wait, hold on one second. I want to sell it one more person. A swag man. Let’s get one more going now guys, if you want a swag bag, pick it up and try me. Pick it up because I need to get excited. Number eight. Number eight right now, let’s get this light going. Eight right now. Boy. Oh boy. So we dropped the seven and I saw that. Who dropped the seven [inaudible] right now. Ask them any question you want. Whoever answers it is first. [inaudible] First aim correct is going to get a swag bag right now. Yup. Any question you want? Any question you want, we can ask them. Well, what’s, what’s, what’s thankless thing? Question related to gas. What? Amman spot. Let’s put me on the spot watching related to dashboards. What’s the one thing you gotta do when you sign up? The deck speaks for us to do the work. What is it? One thing, what is it? What’s the one thing tied to the purchase? Jordan said onboard. That’s my boy Jordan. Right there. Somebody said pay you after the person join. We’re going to send you swag. Jordan. Jordan. What’s the last name on Jordan? Jordan. Hello Jordan. Hello. What’s the shirt size and agency name? We’ll do one more. Let’s make three shirt size agency name. Congratulations. Just one shirt that looks like and a bunch of other cool stuff. Brand rocket, large Jordan roll-on. You have the first one? Yeah. Philip from FM Morgan Agency. Lord. Let’s go one more. Let’s go one more. Let’s go one more. Let’s go one more. Alright. I’m gonna do some crazy. Who bought the agency website? Who bought an agency website? Let’s check. Oh boy. Oh boy. Blowing up.
Oh boy. All right. Ask the question. Any question you want. We’re throwing a swag bag out. Throwing a swag bag out. First one is affluent branding and the second one was second one. Jordan. Brand rocket as, let’s go one more. One more swag back. We’re going be giving out. Oh, by the way, guys who’s going to this event, who’s gone to the tedx event looks like a good time. Yeah, drop a yes. If you’re going to the TEDX event, drop a yes. If you are going to be at the 10 x event is I’ll be there. We can meet up. Nobody’s going to text, man.
I’m also going to be, another cool thing is I’m going to be speaking at Ryan students event on February 5th and six which is called photo closers. I’m going to be speaking at his event. There’s a small group of like 90 people. I spoke to Ryan yesterday, so I think it’s sold out. Two came by in tickets, but for those of you guys, if you guys were going to that event, I’ll see you there. And then who’s going to click? Who’s going to the clickfunnels? Bad trouble. 500 if you’re going to click funnels, event size one through the chat right now, if you go to the clickfunnels event, Liam is going, that’s it. I know you guys are going rob temple. You’re coming. Yeah.
All guys. Let’s do one cool one. What car do I drive? Drop it in first one to drop it in the color. Navy color. Yellow Lambo. Boom. Michael said Michael. 18 Michael 18 first one that said the name and the color. Cause you’re listening. Michael, what’s your name or your agency of what shirt size are you telling Michael Aden? Michael Aiding. Okay. Somebody said a Prius. Michael Adan. Media large. I think he got like 36 flags or something like that. Congratulations Mike. You got shirts? You can feed everyone in Africa with all your shirts.
All right guys, I’m going to close up this awesome episode five of marketers mindset guys, thank you all. I’ll do a big shout out. Can we get a 444 for Rob Quinn and Temple Naylor? Can we get a four 44 and after these guys coming out, just dropping straight knowledge on everybody right now and given away their secrets of what they do to make money, guys. So show some appreciation for these guys. Think you guys coming out. Thank you guys for being afforded dash lakes. Thank you for everything. Thanks. Thank you. Appreciate that guys. Over and out. Have the good old man. I’ll see you guys in episode six.

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