How to Make 10k a Month: Step 5 – Upselling
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 07:37 PM

How to Make 10k a Month: Step 5 – Upselling


So, you’ve turned a lead into a client…
You’ve delivered what they wanted, and they’re happy with your company.
Do you rest on your laurels? No.
Do you go out and find new clients? Yes! But that’s not all…
You also need to upsell the clients you already have.
That’s how you really start raking it in. That’s the secret sauce that lets you make 10k a month!


So let’s go on the screen real quick here. So the first one, we’re setting a goal. Our goal is to get 10 new clients at $1,147 per month. That’s our goal. And our goal, let’s add it in here actually. And our goal is in order to do that, we’re going to make 100 calls per day.
And you follow the same approach that I just did. I just did a live freaking cold call for you guys. I didn’t have to do that. I did it because I wanted you guys to see how simple it is. I doubted like four numbers and I think it was a fourth guy that answered the phone.
What lead software do you use? CRM CRM is called pipe drive. Pipe drive. One word. Just go to Google type in pipe drive. It’s like 10 or 12 bucks a month. I use it. It’s awesome.
So number one is setting a goal. Okay? We want to get 10 new clients at $1,147 per month. Want to make a hundred calls per day in order to do that. The second goal is setting proper expectations for yourself. You need to give yourself at least three months to do this every single day, at least for five days a week from nine to five. That’s 40 hours a week of just doing this cold calling all day, 40 hours a week. Number three, what to sell, what to sell. The first thing we sell is a website, 199 bucks, $49 or $199 setup fee, $49 a month. Then we sell them listings manager at one 99 then we sell them social media posting three now, and we sell them SEO for six 99 how to sell it. Super simple. You go to Google search search, one of the, I dunno, eight industries that we have in freaking insights. Okay? Since you’re gonna, if you’re gonna go that route, go to Google maps, search that industry like I just did. Start dialing deer. Little pitch like I just did. You can still mine if you’d like. Get that lead. Build them an insight, put them into the CRM system. Pipe drive. Schedule the call for tomorrow and you’re going to follow up with that person every single day. Every single day. Sean, I promise you the math is right. I’ll get there in a second.
Now we’re going to go to number five and what I’m going to do here is I’m just going to open this screen up and this is going to be on number five. Okay? Upselling since we already had the drawn-out, this was where it all is. Gonna make sense? Did you like Chad? Well, I’m not going to get rich off of website. Ryan. How am I going to do that? Well, [inaudible] [inaudible] that’s how you do it. Okay. That’s how you do it. Should I do the famous one? She did the famous one. Just Carlos GoPro hit the go pro for me. Hit the GoPro for me. At least we can have some fun while we’re learning, right? Hi. Cool. Step number one, you go out and you sell them a website check. Let’s just say you went out and did that. You went out and sold them a website, okay? How’d your $99 setup fee? $49 per month. Now you have $49 we’re not even worried about the setup fee. Let that be pocket change for you can go get some pizzas, okay, add that right here. $49 per month, and actually not to the 10 k but it’s going to equal 10 k. So let’s just do this. It was 0001407147
Some website, sell them a website. Take you to get me back in the bottom right. People are scared. They think I left. People are scared. They think are laughing. They’re like, oh no chairs. Please don’t go. Don’t go. No. All right, cool. Then you wait seven days, seven days, and then you call them back and you sell them a listing. Hundred and $99 per month. Add that to the top line value. Okay? And realistically it’s going to get out of here to the 1,147 awesome. So now we are at one 99 plus $49 per month for that company.
One 99 who knows what that equals what’s one 99 plus $49 what does that equal? Can we get some love in the chat to 48 awesome. Thank you nat. Thank you. Net. Then you’re going to wait 14 days. You wait 14 days and you sell them the three 99 social media package. Okay, and this is upselling. That’s gonna add to that bottom line right there. Now what’s the two 48 plus three 99 how much is that when somebody out not up for me. That’s six 47 thank you Brenda. Much appreciate it. Then you are going to 30 days after that and you don’t let that sink in a little bit. You don’t want to be a selfish pig. You’re going to call him back and you get to try to sell them SEO for six 99 per month. But SEO includes listings. So what you’re doing here is you are upgrading them at the 30 day mark. You’re saying, hey, you’re in our listings program. You’re paying one 99 for just a difference of 500 bucks. We could be doing SEO on your website. We can be adding content to your blogs to add more value to that. Okay, so we are going to take them out of listings manager because it’s included an SEO and we’re going to be adding that right here and I want six 99 plus six 47 that’s 1147 does that make sense?
You sell them a website. First hundred and $99 setup fee, $49 a month. You wait seven days, you upsell them to listings manager. It’s an easy upsell. 199 bucks a month get you into 70 different directories, full dashboard, the whole nine. Then you wait 14 days after that, seven days and you sell them social media posting for one fee or sorry for $399 get your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linkedin, and Pinterest. Then you call them 30 days after that and you sell them, you upgrade them to SEO, and your end goal for this client is to pay you $1,147 now we all know we are not magicians. Not everybody will take your offers along the way. We also know that some people very rarely will jump from the website and they’ll go bam, straight to SEO. They’ll just buy the whole shit. Okay? And if you’re good enough at doing that, sell the whole damn package, but it’s a lot easier to get your foot in the door. Okay? So it’s a numbers game. Everything about business is all about numbers. Say so if your numbers are right and you set expectations properly, do every single freaking day, every day. Now what happens is in your sales systems, in your CRM pipe drive, you put them into the CRM. That guy I would have put into my CRM, I would have called my Monday. Hopefully I would have sold them a website. You’re not going to sell 100% negative 100% closing rate, which is why it’s a numbers game.
You’ve got to keep doing this shit every single day. You gotta keep doing it every day. Okay. Put them in pipe drive. Let’s say I sold them on Monday. I would set another task for myself in seven days from that day to try to upsell him on listings manager and I would have left notes on the conversation. Okay. And usually what I like to do is when I go in with the upsells, I don’t go with it as a sales call. I go on as a customer service call. So I call him back in seven days and say, Hey, Chad from social agency and I see that you just recently purchased our website seven days ago and have a task in here on the system to call you to see how you’re enjoying your website and if everything is working perfectly for you, just a little friendly call just to see how everything’s going or if I can help you out with anything.
Get your foot in the door again, slide in and ease in lightly. Okay. Then what happens is during some time in that phone call and you’ll know where the right time and you say, Hey, we’ve got a promo running by the way I know that you’ve got a website, but we can get like traffic to the website. We can start getting you generating new leads and we got a promo running today to $199 puts you into about 70 different directories. Also once you have that, it activates in the dashboard too. You know that dashboard they are using to edit your website? Yeah. It’ll all be in there and that’ll really start accelerating stuff for you. Now it’s on Promo for today only. It’s $199 a promotion that our company’s running. Okay. And a, it’s normally three 99 and we’re selling it today for one 99 and one to see if you’d be interested.
There’s no contract. You can run month to month with us and see how you like it. If you don’t like it, you can cancel at any time. I don’t like doing contracts too much because I like people to just get in. All right. One 99 just, I mean, I already have your credit card on file. I got your already in the system. It’s as easy as just you saying, okay. And I can activate in the system, run your car and we’re good to go. Right? One 99, then you wait and in pipe drive after you make that sale, hopefully you put another task reminder in 14 days from the day of that listings manager sale and you call them in 14 days and you say, hey Bobby, I just wanted to see how everything was going with your website and your listings manager package, how it looks.
I was looking at some of your analytics for your listings. It looks like we’re starting to generate you some phone calls. Looks like all the listings were processed and everything’s running through perfectly. It looks like your website is running smooth. How, how are you enjoying the service so far? Just want to make sure everything’s okay. Can I help you with anything? Is there anything that you need help with? Right. And then at some point in that phone call, you hit them with another freaking Promo, three 99 per month. Hey, usually Bobby I was looking at your social media presence. I see that you don’t even have Instagram you to Facebook and nobody’s posting on it. You don’t have Pinterest, your Linkedin, somebody creating a company page like four years ago. It’s got pictures of your old trucks on there. Oh Man. I would really love it if we can just upgrade your social media presence because we’re in 2019 and social media game has to be on point. Okay, now we’re running a promotion, Bobby. Usually we charge six 99 a to do social media postings. But for today only we’re running a promo. It’s three 99 per month. I already got you all set up in the account. If you’d like, I can just add that to your service. And I can just activate everything. We can start posting on your social media accounts.
Now obviously I’m making it sound easy. It’s not going to be as easy as that. You’re going to have to work for it and fight for it, which is a reason why you use your pipe drive CRM system so you can keep doing those follow ups. There’s going to be a lot of stuff that happens in between. You call that person, they don’t answer. You follow up with them. Again, they’ve got to think about and talk to their wife. Then you call that person again, they’re not sure they’re still thinking about it. Then you call them and get right. It’s a process, which is why you dedicated, and I told you the beginning of this three months, you dedicate three months to this and you keep at it every single day. If you can do that, you will add $10,000 a month in recurring revenue to your agency.
Okay guys. Now after that, 30 days from that day, so you don’t seem like a savage with all these promos, you hit them again with another promo, six 99 to do SEO, but you don’t even go at it. You go at it as an upgrade. If they’re in listings manager and say, Hey, you see your listings, we just created a new package or coming to create a new package and it’s on promotion. It includes a listings manager that you’re in, but we’re also going to be doing SEL to drive more traffic to your website and we’re going to be doing content writing every single month to fill up your blog. Is that something that you’d be interested in upgrading? I think it’ll definitely help bring more traffic to the site and help you help your company get more exposure. Right. 1000, $147 is what your end goal should be. Now, not everybody is going to take advantage of that. Some people just buy the website, some people buy it all. Some people buy two out of the four. Okay. But as long as you are consistent, as long as you have a goal, you just need to consistently keep doing this and you will be successful. I promise. You just got to put in the work.
This was a pretty good one, huh? 49 in the chat. If you guys think this was a bad ass webby so far, 49 in a chat. I don’t care where you are in this world. I don’t care if you’re in Zimbabwe and it’s 7:00 AM 49 the chat, somebody probably is from Zimbabwe in here. I always wanted to go there.
Yeah. 49 chat. That guys want to do a quick poll
Which will take about two to three minutes. Then we’re going to go to Q and. A. Then I’m going to be giving out some free swag bags with some swag. So first thing, let’s do a quick poll. Who here is going to take advantage of the 31% off coupon? Drop a 31 in the chat, 31 in the chat. A lot of you guys, what are you guys going to use that coupon on? I’m curious. Just go ahead and drop it right here in the chat.
Tell him he said happy birthday. Well thank you. The first person on here that said happy birthday. You are so kind. I’m sending you a swag bag. In society, subscription, social media, posting everything to me. I’ve mentioned today plus a funnel Facebook ads and an agency website two ad sets and one funnel for me, an agency website, agents who websites and insights upgrade. I liked that by the way, for those of you guys who are in subscriptions already, like insight, if you have a $97 plan, you can use the coupon and upgrade to the premium plan and get 31% off that upgrade and the system will do all the calculations and everything for you so you don’t have to worry about that. Just put it in the coupon code and check out. They said happy birthday. Somebody said 31 in society, upselling people, Facebook ads and SEO upgrade.
Which of the subscriptions? Just the tools mostly instasize pretty much. So we want to upgrade insights. You can do that now if you guys are an agency owner, the first thing that honestly you should have is a website. And the easiest and cheapest way to get it is literally just by logging into your dashes account. I’ll do this really quick with you guys. Take two seconds. Okay. You go to insert, you go to a, you go to your website or you go to your, go to your account, your dashes account. You go to agency tools, you go to agents who website and you can literally check out the agents who website. You can preview the website by just clicking on the preview button. It’ll show you exactly what the website looks like. It’s a beautiful like 25 page website with content, with graphics, with illustrations, with the whole nine yards fully functional, connected to your dash clicks account.
So if you ever want to change your logo or your contact information or anything like that, you just go to your agency profile right here. So you’re going to my agency a and then go to your o right here, agency profile. If you fill this out and just click the save button, it automatically updates on your website. So if you guys don’t have your agency website yet, you can just literally go here. Agency tools, go to agency website. You can preview what your website would look like. Once again, just make sure you upload everything and your my agency profile and in your branding profile, like your logo and all that, our system will take all that information injected into the website and you just hit the preview button, will show you exactly what your website looks like, and then you can purchase it. It’s $349 25 bucks a month, which includes hosting SSL certificate and access to the drag and drop platform.
But today you can use the coupon code, chance 31 and get 31% off of that entire order. Okay, so this is for your agency website. Then insights, obviously you can go in here and purchase instance sites. I just demoed in societies right in front of you guys. If you don’t have insights, you can purchase insights. You can also upgrade your insights account. So if you, for some reason on the basic or in the plus plan, you can literally go over here and click like the upgrade button, depending on what plan you’re in. And it will automatically upgrade that plane for you. And you’ll get 31% off the upgrade. Okay? And that will be good for the first month. Just to give you guys a heads up. Okay guys, so that there’s all that. Then for those of you guys who said, I want to get funnels and Facebook ads, obviously just go right into our fulfillment store.
Anything that you want to purchase, you can purchase something today. You can purchase something in two days. You can purchase something on Monday, you can purchase it whenever you want, literally. And take, just use coupon code chats 31 and you’ll get 31% off. What about our dash accelerator program? You just go over here, you go to education and you go to dash accelerator and we’ll, I’m not on the sales page, I’m on a demo, but this is what the dash accelerator program looks like. If you thought that this content was good, holy freaking moly with a pilot’s shit on top, this is so much better. Okay? This is literally a 21 plus hour with tons of assets that you get tons of bonuses like swipe files that you get bonuses of the our live sales calls that we recorded just like the ones that I did right now, but fire five fronting calls, which is prospecting calls, five calls of actually calling and closing deals recorded, getting a credit card over the phone and closing a deal using these similar strategies. Right? and then just a bunch of stuff that you get in here, man. So 31% off the dash accelerator. Literally anything you want inside of Dash Clicks, it’s 31% off until July 29th, 2019 at 11:59 PM Est. Okay guys, so we’re going to run through, we’re going to do some Q & A real quick.
We’re going to do some Q & A real quick go ahead and drop in your questions and then we’re going to do some swag bag giveaways right after that. Not said do they need to purchase their domain or do we charge them for that? I’ve learned something with domain. Don’t purchase domain for your clients. It’s something that they should own. It should be an asset that they should own. Let them go to like GoDaddy or hostgator or anything like that and purchase a domain name and then it’s like 10 bucks a year or 20 bucks a year, whatever it is. And then they can just point that domain name to our servers, which we have two and a half minutes tutorial video, which shows he had to do it at super simple. Let’s see furry and says any plans for e-comm companies.
We do actually a coming soon in the feature, so hopefully soon Chris has said, I never got my swag bag. Oh boy. I don’t know. Open up a live chat and we’ll tag somebody from our department to help you out. Hey, sue says how can we get a pressure cleaning in society? We’ll go ahead and angel, if you can write that down. We’ll add that for you. Car dealership template coming soon. We will add that for you guys to make sure that it’s on the list for you guys. What other questions do we got? Any other questions? Is SEO good for gyms? SEO is great for gyms. Facebook ads is great for gyms. Listings manager is even better for gyms because it’s local listings and people were searching for, James are looking within like a five mile radius of their location.
Right? can I bring an ecom business from marketing 100%. We do tons of E-com. Cody said it is a discount. Apply month to month or no, just for the first month. Right? So if you go and you buy, let’s say Facebook ads, that will knock 31% off the setup fee and the monthly fee for your first month. And then every month after that it’s just regular rate. A Mack Adam said, review and reputation management coming soon. That’s already on the list. Cooky Robinson said happy birthday. Chad. Why thank you very much. [inaudible] Sites ranking Google. Yes, we do SEO for insights and we ranked them. Why would they keep paying $4 for a month if it conflicts with their main site? If anybody’s got to pay for hosting, you gotta pay for an SSL certificate at the convenience of having the drag and drop builder in the platform. Everything’s rolled up in there. That’s why. Let’s see what we got to go. Tell us about the new audit tool. You guys are working on. Kenton, you’re going to get me in trouble here with Carlos. Hit the GoPro Cross with the GoPro. I shouldn’t even be showing them. I can’t show this shit.
I can’t show this shit. This is dangerous shit like that. Kids dangerous. You guys are gonna end up getting me in trouble. I’m just gonna say this. Let’s go front face real quick. We are coming out with a new agent or a new agency tool that’s going to be coming out and a couple of short weeks and it’s going to allow you to audit a business from pretty much everything that you can find on their business online. It’s going to be just a quick scan tool. Can’t tell you what it’s called, can’t tell you exactly what it’s gonna do. Once we get closer to launch, we’ll take guys a little bit more about it, but it’s going to be the best tool on the planet because we freaking built it. Okay. let’s see a question. How effective is the today only promo, that sales approach?
When you close them on that call you can use it. Sometimes you can use like instead of like today, only you can use for the next three days case and want to take some time to think about it. I like to personally put pressure because pressure’s really good sales tactic. Sometimes when people overthink stuff, they end up not buying from you. So I like to do today only and no monthly, right? Today only you can just try it out. No monthly contract. Right. let’s see. Can you use paypal for payment or is that recommended against? I’m not sure if you’re asking for us. We don’t take paypal. If you’re asking for you to charge your clients, I don’t recommend paypal either. I don’t recommend paypal period. Just get stripe. Mac Adams is webinar fulfillment. We definitely do do that. Ed. He says, what if the business owners saying that for $9 a month, it’s too expensive for hosting?
What is a good rebuttal? I’m giving you a $6,000 free website and you’re paying 200 bucks just for us to set it up for you and you’re paying $49 a month. I think it’s worth it. Amber said, how do you help a client determine what ad spend is right for them? We usually like to start with 500 bucks a month at a minimum and then go from there after you start seeing a bit of results. Can we talk about, Jayson says, can we talk about how to sell gym personal training and just say, give us an example. I have the same thing that I do. Just keep calling. That template can also be used for personal trainers as well. You just gotta go to Google and do the same thing. Type in personal trainer, you’re probably gonna get in touch with a personal trainer way quicker than you would with the gym. Cause Jim’s will have receptionist, personal trainers are phones are in their pocket. They’ll answer you right here, right now. So just do that.
Duke d said, Hey Chad with Facebook ads we’d be charged with contacting declined to get images and any other information you might need for the ads whenever you needs. So we have a whole automated onboarding process that does a lot of that. And for assets and stuff, you just send it straight to your project manager in slack. It’s as simple as that. And the SEO focus getting here business in the first three of the Google maps. Yeah. So listings manager includes Google maps and we do focus on doing that. Yes. And that’s in that listings is included in a SEL, so yep. And that Lopez says a can’t wait for the audit tool thinks that can’t wait for you. Awesome. Anthony says, can I watch a recorded version of this later? Yes, it will be on our youtube channel. Also be in our marketer’s mindset Facebook group.
If you’re not in the marketer’s mindset Facebook group, just go to Facebook, go to the little search bar and type in marketers mindset by dash clicks and they will get you Mack Adams. Can I currently order a Webinar for a, where can I currently order a webinar funnel from a, you just go right into the fulfillment store. So you log into your dash sheets account, hit fulfillment in the main menu. On the left side, you’ll see funnel building. You Click on that order of four step funnel. That’s usually what you need for Webinar funnel. And you get 31% off. Blah, Blah said. Are there any alternatives, alternatives of strike that you would recommend? No. unfortunately not a furry con. Does the website include a backup in case there’s website? Get back? Yeah, we back up every single day. You can also restore to the previous state backing up or the week before is backing up.
I think it’s up to like 30 days or something like that. Maybe even more. I’m not sure. But yes, we do back up every single day. When we purchase SEO for clients, do I get them in the first three of Google maps? I just answered? That answer’s yes. I heard payment funnels was pretty good. They might be, I’ve never tried them. Can give you an answer on that. Thanks Chad. Shawn says, once we add SEO package, we drop them into the listings package and the other way around you add them into listings and then you upgrade them to SEO. Shum a Tom asks, are you confident that dash was to bring results for our client ad campaigns in any Mitch? Yes, we will definitely do our best. We are not a magicians. It’s all all about strategy and all about working with your clients to set proper expectations.

  1. Cody said any thoughts of when he’d be creating a cleaning main templates? I think we have that on the list. I don’t think it’s that high up on the list. We haven’t really had too many people asking for that to be honest. Cody, I hate. Sue says when can we see dash who said automated payments for our clients and descriptions. Do you recommend for payment processing? It’s something that we’ve talked about. It’s not yet on the Dev outline but maybe in the future Anthony asked what are additional selling points for SEO in listings manager? That’s like a whole nother thing that we can talk about. We’ll leave that for another time. That’s, that’s there’s a lot of stuff that we can talk about. I recommend going to our youtube channel or I know we’ve done a couple of videos and stuff on that already.

Very, it says insights for restaurants coming soon. Yes, we definitely got that one on the list. Bill says with social media posting look like for a bar restaurant, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, linkedin. Exactly that. Yep. And we post pictures of their restaurant and their hamburgers and all that cool stuff. Justin said when we buy a four page funnel, we’ll be able to edit if needed and have full access to it. The only way that you can actually edit the funnel, we build all of our funnels on click funnels. So if you want to edit the funnel or make any changes to that, all we’ll do is you can just get like a basic click funnels account and we’ll give you a shared link where you can just take that funnel, drop it straight into your account and make any edits or changes that you need there.
But you want to be able to edit within our account because we have all of our other agency clients in there. Tom Asks, will you add multi-lingual language support at some point for the agency website? Is that not? I think that might be there. Maybe, maybe not. I’m not, I’m not 100% sure. I’ve got to check on that. A Fareed agents website includes Insta Legion, Insta lead Gen. I’m not sure what that is. With social media posting, well, when will, will social media posting be available for Linkedin? It already is. We post on Facebook, linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram fairytales. I mean, can we run traffic to our site with instasize lead gen to run traffic to, we actually have that as an as an update or we’re going to be doing to insights in the near future so we should be able to do that in the near future. Christopher says when we buy the agent’s website, do we have full rights to ads? We can change the hosted font. Unfortunately not. It only works on our platform. Matt says covered linkedin marketing yet. Yeah, we’ve done tons of like linkedin lead Gen and stuff like that. What other questions did we go? Boy, I’m running through them.
Would you recommend walking into some local local shops with a tablet to demo? Oh hell yeah. If you can do that. Oh yes. Yes. He, I would highly recommend that. Now how do we, a little linkedin marketing. Oh, we don’t do linkedin marketing. Sorry. Alright guys, let’s close this out. I want to give away two swag bags, two swag bags. I’m gonna ask you a quick question. This is the way that it works and I’m what we’re going do is the second that I asked that question, Bang, you drop your answer right in the comments. First person to answer that question right? Gets a swag bag. So simple as that. Okay. What is the date of my birthday? Go 27 angel cut us yellow. I’m going to try to pronounce that. Go out and open up a live chat. We’ll go ahead and send you out a swag bag.
July 27th I turned 31. It’s this weekend. That’s going to be crazy. Alright, next question. Thank you. Happy Birthday. He said thank you very much angel. I’m happy birthday to you. We’re going to give you out swag bag angel and you’re going to get 31% off. Anything. So happy birthday to you. All right, next one. Next question. I wasn’t ready for this and let me think about it. Let me do a little walking to think about this question. Let me think about what I’m going to do here. I’m thinking about what I’m coming to here. Can we do two here? What are we doing here? What are we going to ask? What are these questions that we’re going to ask? Oh, here we can ask those questions. Really Carlos, he had to sign. Carlos hit the GoPro, Carlos and angel. So before it went live, I started doing the little, the little walk fee and they started cracking up so I decided to do it throughout here. So crawl inside the Hitler with the side cameras. You guys can see the gut. All right, let’s do this. Let’s do this. I’m going to ask you a question. First person to drop in their answer. We will send you a swipe. Meghan’s the last swaggy we’re gonna give out today the last swag bag we are going to give out today.
We’ll see you guys like, damn, what’s Chad doing? Is that a new dance moves? Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. I’m just stalling here cause I can’t think of anything. Ah, ah, for somebody helped me here. Someone help me. Oh God, what can I ask everyone? All right, I’m just playing with you guys. Alright, I’m going to ask you a question. First person to drop it in the chat gets a swag bag. So I said, well, there was a goal and hold up. I know you guys are gonna start dropping random shit. I’ll tell I’ll go like this. Then you guys can drop it. And somebody already dropped the 42. We didn’t know what the hell I’m asking. So when I go like this, then you guys can go ahead and you can drop in your stuff. Okay. so I ask a question. I said you need to make a hundred phone calls per day. Hundred phone calls per. Now out of those, how many out of those phone calls, how many people you might speak to go? Somebody said 31st person to say 31st person. Three 30 was Anthony. Oh no, sorry RJ. I apologize. RJ Richie, RJ. Richie was the first person to say 30. Go ahead and open up a live chat. We’ll send you out a swag bag, brother.
Alright guys, I love you guys. Thank you so much for your time. Make sure to use the 31% off everything in DashClicks code. The coupon code is Chad’s three one all lower case c h a d s three one use that coupon code on your wait out. As you’re checking out, we’re going to give you three 31% off anything in dash cliques. Love you guys much love. See you on the next episode.

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