How to Make 10k a Month: Step 4 – How to Sell
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 07:30 PM

How to Make 10k a Month: Step 4 – How to Sell


Once you’ve set up your services, you’re ready to sell…
But how do you sell marketing services?
To start? Chad recommends cold calling.
In this video, you’ll see him do cold calling LIVE. You’ll see the trivialities of answering machines, the triumphs of warming leads…
All you have to do is watch the video.


Number four is probably the one that you guys are going to love. How to sell this shit. How to sell this shit. Should I stop here guys or should I keep going? If you guys want me to stop here, just let me know and then I’ll just, while I’m gonna I’ll see you guys later.
All right, fine. I’ll come back. I can’t leave you guys hanging like that. Here. We drop a 78 in the chat. Let’s go. This is a fire as part of this whole Webinar, how to actually sell this shit. How to sell this shit right here. I liked that hand movement. Can we get that side hand movement really quick back? Hit that side note for me. How to sell shit. How it go. Somebody’s going to create a jiff out of this. How to sell shit. 78 in the chat. Beautiful. All right guys. I’m going to teach you guys how to actually sell this shit right here and for this, I’d like to welcome you to the stage, Chad Kodary. All right, here we go. The first thing that you guys are going to want to do, get these little boxes. I started with the box. I got to keep going with it. What did I write down here again? Okay, just making sure I was on point. Start with cold calling. Start with cold calling. Now some of you guys are probably like, oh, oh, you ain’t going go. Oh, I don’t know how to go. Go. I don’t even have a cell phone. Oh, that’s probably the noises that you make when he cried.
Dude, just pick up the phone and dial. Go Watch you all for Wall Street. Get lit up. Watch a couple of my webinars. Pick up the phone and dial. Okay, now I’m going to tell you guys something. Cold calling is the number one and the easiest way to literally get a business owner to talk to you. Now, right now, I don’t want to wait. I want to speak to somebody. Now you just pick up your phone and you dial, okay? Pick up your phone and you dial. Okay, so here’s the next thing that you do. Go to Google maps. I’m going to give you guys the free version of this. Go to Google maps. You know what? Screw it. I’ll go to Google maps with you. I might even do a cold call. Get me a little nervous. Getting all excited for no reason. Carlos is over here. It’s going to go maps. Let’s go to maps. Google maps, Google maps. Look at that free. Awesome. Let’s do this once to see me do this together. Who wants to do this together with me? Say together in the chat, say together in the chat. I need at least 100 people to say together and we’re going to do one of these live right here. Right now, baby. Right here. Right now. A angel. Do me a favor. Can you grab my phone from over there? You should call the landscaper.
All right, here we go, peeps. Here we go. All right, here we go. Throw out an industry in the chat. Throw out an industry in the chat. I don’t want you guys to think they should’ve scripted. Throw out an industry in the chat. All right. Everybody heard said landscaping cause they heard angel. You know what? Screw it. Let’s just do landscaping. It’s one of the new templates.
I go to Google. Look at this. It’s so crazy. Look how hard this is to do. It’s probably gonna be so insane. Oh my God. I just got so many leads. Look at that. See what I did there? Did anybody see what I did there? You guys see what I did there? I know it’s magic and it’s crazy, but did you see it? I want to make sure it zoom in a little bit so you guys can see what I’m doing here. You guys see that? It’s insane. All I did was a Google search on Google maps and I typed in landscaper. Well I typed in one escaper.
Landscaper. Okay. Landscaper. That’s it. I just typed in landscaper. Okay. I want to make life easy. Now, when I told you at the beginning of this, said you’ve got to pick up the phone and dial, which means you need to do work. You need to fight for that 10 grand a month. You need to fight to get those 10 clients. Okay guys, so check this out. I’m going to pick up my phone and I’m going to call a landscaper. Here we go. It’s good. The volume up on here. All right, Walter lawn services.
Alright, this looks picture of his house or if that’s the launch, he needs to do some work. It’s Kinda need something. For six seventh. All right, here we go. Okay. Like how easy this is guys. I’m sure you guys had him do magic here. Hello. Please leave a message after the, by the way, guys, you need to make at least 100 calls a day. 100 calls a day. So you can speak to maybe 30 business owners. Okay? So yeah, this is going to take a couple of minutes, but we’re going to do the Shit Damien did I exit out of it? Landscaper the scaping of the land. All right, let’s get this bad boy going. Let’s get this bad boy going. Cool. All right, let’s see who we got. Sustainable landscaping and loans. All right, whatever. We’ll try this care.
Everybody’s scaping projects. Everybody’s doing some scaping some landscape. Oh, there he is. All right, let’s see. Do, do, do, do. Oh really quick. All right, let’s keep going. I hope one of these guys call me back cause I really do new landscape, but from my house true image.
Work with you. Nobody want money. What is happening here? Nobody wants money. Huh? Let’s keep going. Let’s keep going. Let me go deeper and let’s go a little bit deeper. What’s going on everybody? If you guys are with me and you’re ready to roll. Seven 88 in the chat. Seven 88 in the chat. Let’s go people.
It’d be nice to just one person answered if I need to just to speak to one person. Alright, I’m about to pick a different industry cause it’s raining. New Industry. Landscapers are all drinking beers at shenanigans, a new industry. Jumping in the chat,
Plumbing. Let’s do it. Well Liz will, but you see how easy this has guys? Like, literally don’t overcomplicate Shit. Just go to Google and start calling people.
Yeah. How are you doing? Who can I speak to that’s in charge of you guys’ website? That would be me. Also moves your name. I’m sorry. My name is Rick. But those sites get, I know how it doesn’t look great for you, but we’re, no, it actually, it looks great. No, I wasn’t gonna say anything about that actually. We’re, we’re, we’re a local marketing company right here down the street from you guys and Fort Lauderdale and I just, I built you guys a free website. We just launched our new website platform for plumbers and I just, I want to send you a website and if you want it, you can have it. It’s, you can use it as like a side website to generate leads and stuff. And I can send you the link right now. It’s already done.
Sure. Info [email protected]
Let me just go ahead and you know what most of your stuff is probably yeah, so it was [email protected], right? Correct. Cool. And what your name was Rick. Right. Awesome. Thank you so much Rick. I appreciate it brother. What I’ll do is I’ll just shoot you over the link to the website and I’ll probably maybe call you sometime next week. I don’t want to bother you. I know you guys are busy over the weekend. Perfect. All right, cool brother. Bye. Just let me speak to somebody. Just let daddy talk. Just let daddy talk. Wake your way in. Hang on during the chat. Let’s roll. Let’s roll. C D Bam. I’m going to go here. Check this shit out. Debt is about to unload. C D plumbing. C, d plumbing. What was it? It was c d plumbing, right? CD plumbing and dropping the number. I just called probably this guy. Cell phone.
Good Bang. You said it was [email protected] Let’s get a street address from here. Four, nine. My copy of this. Did I copy it? Copied. Bang. It’s gotta make it hard on me. Huh? Got Make it hard on me. Who sees what’s going on here guys?
Let me actually get the suite number in here. S T E and I’ll put it just like they have it. A one on one. Let me delete it from here. Street. Ah, let’s see. Just to make sure I get everything right here. Davie Florida. Three three, three, one four
Three, three, three, one four, right. It states in. This guy’s name was Rick and I’ve got his last name. We don’t use the last name. I’m going to fight him off a quick email. I’m gonna use my new template I always have. And here I’m gonna use my outreach template for SMS. This guy’s a plumber, right?
Pick the plumbing insights template. Check that. Do a little quick dance for you guys and bet the website’s done. That sound quicken is to build a website using insta sites, insta sides. Let’s preview this guy’s website real quick. Oh, look at that. CD plumbing can help. Well, his phone number is everywhere. Nine five, four. Awesome. Why choose CD plumbing? CD plumbing, got all of his contact details right here at the bottom. Going to the contact page. Context e d plumbing. Oh Man. His website was nice, but my website, my website. Oh Man. All right guys. Now I did this because I wanted to actually show you guys this simplistic process of literally picking up the phone, speaking to somebody, using insights to just fill out a form and fire off the website. Then what you do, let’s go back here.
So now you go to Google maps, right? We went to Google maps. We did our thing here.We made some cold calls, right? We started making some calls. We started, we went to the map, to the Google. We started making some calls. We said, our goal is we need to make 100 calls per day, 100 per day. I’m gonna repeat this 100 per day, 100 phone calls per day. Okay. Then you’re going to go out and you’re going to send them websites, make a hundred calls per day. If you speak to 30 people, Great. Maybe five or 10 people will say, Hey, yeah, send me the website link. You will use instance sites to send five or 10 websites per day to people and then what you will do is you will go to your CRM, you can use pipe drive. Pipe drive is great. Okay, go to pipe drive. It’s like 12 bucks a month. Take that information of that lead, put it into the CRM system and apply your task for you to follow back up with him in one to two days. Usually I like to do 24 hours, so I would have followed up with that guy tomorrow, but I’m probably not going to call leave regardless. Doesn’t matter. Okay, so think about that simple process. Go to Google, make a bunch of phone calls, send a bunch of people ins to sites, put them into the CRM system.
You guys are on the same page. Most of you guys were like, oh my God, it’s so difficult and how do I do this? This is getting crazy. Was that difficult? How much people that I call call five people? One person answered the first one said, sure. Somebody guys like, well, he’s already got a website. It doesn’t matter guys, because we can create them. Another website that he can have, which you can brain something else just to use to generate leads. Okay. It doesn’t matter. It’s all, it’s your foot in the door. It’s your foot in the door. I repeat foot in door and every person you call, somebody might have a website, somebody might not a website. There’s rebuttals for everything, but guess what guys? I didn’t give up on that call. Okay. He told me, Hey, I’m already happy with my website. We got one thanks for your time. And I said, no, that’s okay. I already built the website. I just want to send it to you and maybe you can use it maybe as a landing page or to generate leads, do SEO or something like that and that’s it. The websites already built. I just want to send it to you. Rebuttal, rebuttal, rebuttal, rebuttal. There is a rebuttal for everything, okay guys? Rebuttal for everything. Okay, awesome. Then you put them into the CRM system. Okay? And here’s what you do.
Follow up daily. You follow up with that guy every single day, every single day until he literally says, I’m not interested. Thank you. You keep following up. You keep calling, okay? Now I guarantee you if you do this, make a hundred phone calls a day, five days, week, Monday through Friday, that’s 500 phone calls, okay? If you dial 500 any a week, going back to step one here, make a goal. If you’re just going to randomly say, Oh, I’m going to do this, and maybe you make five phone calls and you make four phone calls the next day and, and the next day you make a hundred in the next day, make three. No. Okay. You make a hundred phone calls every single day. When you hit the hundred mark, if you want to go in harder, you can go harder, but you make it a minimum of 100 phone calls a day. You can make a hundred phone calls within a couple of hours. Okay? But you have to do it every single day like clockwork every single day. That’s your goal. Your goal should make 100 phone calls a day. Is everybody on the same page but 100 in the chat? 100 in the chat.
Pretty cool. Pretty cool. All right, awesome. You guys are on the same page. You guys, we’re on the same page. I’m liking it. I’m looking down over here cause I got some shit going on. All right, awesome. So you make a hundred phone calls a day. You try to speak to at least 30 business owners. You might speak to more than that. You might speak to less than that. Every day is going to be completely different. Okay? Every day will be completely different. And side note, if you don’t have an site subscription, you can get one right now is go to your dash flex account, hit hit agency tools in the main menu, hit in society and purchase a freaking subscription. You get 31% off. Just use the code right here. Chad’s 31 at checkout.

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