How to Make 10k a Month: Step 3 – What to Sell
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 07:23 PM

How to Make 10k a Month: Step 3 – What to Sell


If you want to make 10k a month, you should start with simple services that are easy to sell.
Sure, you could create some complicated algorithm that no one understands…
But why would you? And how are you going to sell it?
In this video, Chad recommends four services that can help you hit that 10k a month goal.
The best part of all? He recommends how much you should sell each service for…


What to sell? All right. This is where we get into the fun stuff, okay, guys, now you got your mindset. Good. Now you’ve got to figure out, well, what the hell am I going to sell? There’s going to be multiple products that I’m going to list right here and I think I got about four of them on the list. Yep. Four on the list. Now, for those of you guys who are in digital marketing, you’re probably like, Holy Shit. A lot of this stuff is really hard to sell. Well, in reality, the only reason why it’s hard to sell is because you make it so confusing. So what you should do, especially if you’re trying to hit your first 10 cane revenue, is sell the shit that’s not confusing. Sell the easy stuff, the stuff that is not, you don’t need rocket science to actually go and like create algorithms to do all this crazy stuff.
So Shit, that’s easy. Just be good salesperson. If you’re a good salesperson, you can start an agency and blow up. All you need is just sales. Especially with dashboards, you don’t even need to fulfill the orders, you just need to sell and drop it in. So the first thing that you should focus on, okay, number one is you should focus on entry level products. Now DashClicks I think offers like eight different PR services, which we also call products. But take like the four easiest ones, which I’m going to show you guys right now and go out there and sell those. Those are something you can sell like hotcakes, like really, really simple fast sales, low entry products to get people get their foot in the door, okay? And everything I do in everything I preach is all about the value ladder by getting somebody in at a small rate, building that trust, building that rapport, and flying up the value ladder.
So if you, if you want to go out there and you want to start up at the top of the mountain, what’s going to happen is you’re going to fall down the mount, you’re gonna work your way down versus starting at the bottom of the mountain and crawling your way up. Now this is gonna take time. Like I said, you need to set at least three months and you need to be full time doing this. Okay guys, here we go. First one website and I’ll tell you guys why website is the most stickiest products. Okay, so if you’re in a service bays, your fingers, SAS based business, there is a term that’s called sticky means. It’s a sticky product. It’s something that people sign up to and they very rarely cancel that service. Now, if you think about the a website and signing somebody up for a website is probably one of the easiest things that you can do.
And DashClicks has made it even easier for you. You can use insights to go out there, build these people websites before they even buy it from you. When they buy it from you, you click a button to purchase it in dash clicks and then you point the domain name over and you’re done. You don’t need to build the website, you don’t need to do anything. You just need to be a good salesperson and explain to the person why they need a website. Now, how hard is it to explain to somebody about why in 2019 that they needed a nice website? You guys are on the same page here. 98 if you guys are on the same page, let’s go jump in the chat. 98 98 sell them a website. It’s the easiest product that you can sell. Okay guys, now you’re going to sell a website for $199 oh t o let’s say set up, whatever. I’ll just call it Oto, which is one time offer, but this is actually set up. So actually let me take that out set up. And then 49 bucks a month.
Sell them a website. Now who in the world is going to turn down a website that’s $199 and $49 a month? It includes hosting their SSL certificate, access to the dashboard, like everything is rolled up in there. It makes life super simple. Okay, super simple. Okay, so stop focusing on selling Facebook ads and Google ads if you’re not even there yet. Okay and I’m going to tell you why that shit is hard to sell. Okay? Because if somebody is coming in to buy Facebook ads from you, they need to at least pay you $1,000 a month in service fees. Then spend at least another 500 bucks a month in ad spend. That means every month you need to literally go into their pocket and make them pay $1,500 so that transactional sale is much harder than selling somebody a website. That’s it. You guys see what I’m saying here? Website 199 bucks. Set up fee one time. Charge them 49 bucks a month. Most of you guys like Chubb, what the Hell like I’m not going to be, I’m not going to make $10,000 a month. I get to sell a shit ton of websites at $49 guys, use the website product and use instasites as a way to get in. That is a way to build clients. I keep saying this, use insecticides to go out and just get clients. The reason why most of you guys are on this Webinar, it’s probably because you have no clients and if you’re sitting there in the room and you’re touching your tenure, like damn, this motherfucker’s is right. It’s true. Most of you guys are struggling so much to go out and get clients because you’re trying to sell these campaigns for like five grand a month and you’re making it so complex when you can just be selling a shit ton of websites for 199 bucks one time, set up fee of $49 the easiest sale in the world. You can sell it and show them the product before they even buy it, okay? It’s so easy. Do this first. I promise you guys, this is our strategy. This is what I do. Sell them a website first, okay guys. Then the next thing that you should be selling is listings manager.
Listings manager, sell a 499 bucks a month, hundred 99 bucks a month. It’s not a crazy jump. It’s not something that will turn people away and make them scared to work with you. It’s a very easy to just jump right up. Okay, so value ladder approach, guys, it’s super simple. I sell you something, one 99 $49 a month. Then I sell you listings manager. It’s the perfect add on product, okay? Because you can literally sell them the website and then you sell them 70 plus directories where they get listed in which sends people to the website. Think about how easy that is. Start generating traffic to go to the website. Start generating some phone calls and some leads for them. Okay? Listings manager, hundred and $99 what’s that phone call like? Hey, I’m gonna put you in 70 listings. You want it, great. 199 bucks a month. That’s it. It’s not. It’s not rocket scientist. I don’t need to check if you have any pixels. I don’t want to check. Do Keyword research and find out how many keywords and your cost per click and your acquisition. Like guys, it’s a no brainer. It’s a no brainer. Next, social media posting, three 99 a month,
Is it brain surgery to sell somebody to post on their freaking social media channels? Do you need once again to go out and check their pixels? Do you need to look at the code of their website? Right? Do you need to like consult with 400 other people on how to post on their social media channels? Okay guys, if you sell the easy ship first, then you can unload on the harder stuff, but you do not sell the harder stuff up front. Solve their immediate needs and the simple problems. Okay? Website one 99 set up $49 a month. Listings manager, one 99 a month, social media posting three 99 a month. Next, and this is starting to get a little bit harder. You see how each one of these gets a little bit harder to sell. Okay? This value ladder approach, so we the value ladder works.
Next one is SEO. Everybody and their mother wants SEO. Everybody right now it’s like Facebook ads is so hot. I’m going to sell Facebook ads. I’m going to get Facebook ads going. I’m going start my social media marketing agency and I’m going to call it social media marketing agency and it’s going to be crazy. Stop it guys. Stop it. Sell Easy Shit. Everybody knows what SEO is. SEO has been around for years is to get somebody ranked on the website. Yes, it’s a harder sale, but you can sell it and it’s not $1,500 out of that person’s pocket. Once again, guys, okay? You guys understanding what’s going on here. Now you can sell SEO for six 99 per month. It’s not breaking the bank. Every business can afford this, okay? Every business can afford this. Sell the easy shit. Okay guys, please sell the easy shit. Okay, so I’m going to leave this up. Screenshot this guys, let’s go out front facing real quick screenshot. Guys, do me a favor. If you guys are on the same page as me and you’re live in this bitch, put a 97 in the chat right now.
97 in the chat right now. By the way, for those of you guys who are coming in late and you see this beautiful red banner down here we’re doing 31% off everything in Dash Clicks. So if you need an agency website, if you want to sign up to insights, if you want to add get fulfillment for your clients, you want to get fulfillment for yourself, you want to go out and get the dash accelerate, you want to get anything, use coupon code. Chad’s 31 at checkout. It will expire on July 27th, 2019 in a couple of days I believe, which is Monday night, 11:59 PM Est.
Two two, two two two. And the reason why I’m doing this cause my birthday this weekend, I’m turning 31 years young this weekend. 31 years young. Okay. Alright guys, by the way, for those of you guys who have questions, I see a bunch of questions popping up. We’ll do Q and a in just a little bit. Probably in about 20 or 30 minutes we’ll run through some Q. And. A. We’re not going to keep this webinar for like two or three hours, like usual ones, where to condense it down to about an hour to an hour and a half tops. Okay. And then you guys got stuff to do getting ready for the weekend in a day plus. So just get excited. All right, let’s go to number four.

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