How to Make 10k a Month: Step 1 – Setting a Goal
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 07:13 PM

How to Make 10k a Month: Step 1 – Setting a Goal


It sounds simple, but setting a goal is the first step you need to take before you can start seeing success.
Do you know how much money you want to make per month? Do you understand how many clients you’ll need to onboard to make that per month?
As a bonus, Chad gets excited over Social Agency’s 10-year anniversary.


What’s going in lockers mindset. It is so lovely to be back to come on here and serve you guys to make sure that I can fill your brains with as much knowledge as possible in the agency space. I’m so excited today because we’re going to have a pretty bad ass webinar today. Today I’m going to talk to you guys probably about the most important milestone that you need to focus on when you’re trying to start an agency. And that’s how to get to your first 10 K in recurring revenue. So if you guys want me to show you how to hit that 10 k milestone mark, do me a quick favor. 476 in the chat. Go for it. 76 in the chat.
Awesome. Woo. When you get live on the live, you guys see what I did there and we’re getting alive on the live people. I feel so alive right now. We’ve got some cool, exciting news. Everybody forward 76. Thank you guys. Oh by the way, guys, before we get started I know there’s going to be a lot of you guys, some people are going to be coming in and it looks like the crowd is still building. We got a lot of people on here from literally all over the world. And the cool part about marketers mindset and dash clicks is you guys are all like minded. You guys are all agency owners. You’re all on the same page. You’re all here to do the same thing. You all share the same goals. If you guys think that, that’s cool. Just say go in the chat Geo in the chat right now.
Let’s get this lit right now guys, let’s go. I gotta bring the excitement all the way up. Go in the chat. Let’s roll people. Amazing. For those of you guys, if this is your first marketers mindset, want to give you a quick heads up? Sometimes you’ll see me turning to the side screen. Can we have the GoPro real quick? We are live in multiple places. We got my side screen right here, which is where I am reading all of your comments. Or if you have something to say, say it, drop it in the comments. I got you over here on zoom, I got the live chat. And I got you guys on Facebook over here too as well. So for those of you guys who are in the marketer’s mindset Facebook group, for those of you guys who are watching this on my personal page, and for those of you guys who are on zoom, your comments is right here.
Literally everything you guys are typing in is right here. Okay. Secondly, we have a front facing camera right here. Hit that front facing camera for me. We’ve got a side camera right over here. Hello. Beautiful. And we got Instagram going right here on the side screen, little computer or a little computer, a little iPhone and and obviously our beautiful touch screen TV, which I’m going to do a bad-ass for you guys today. So once again, guys, if you are ready to roll 498 in the chat, let’s go people four 98. Everybody got to wake up. Let’s go. Four 98. Don’t you guys feel the excitement that you guys love coming on here? I get so excited to come on here with you guys because you guys just make my day. Honestly, four 98 of the chats. All right, beautiful guys. I want to go over a couple of quick announcements.
Some pretty awesome stuff that’s happening in dash cliques. If you guys are in the marketers mindset Facebook group, can you drop the number two in the chat from a really quick, if you’re in the marketers mindset Facebook group, drop a two in the chat. Yeah, most of you guys are in there. Awesome. Drop a number three in the chat if you’ve seen our new expansion and what we’re doing inside of the dashboards. Head quarters. Lot of you guys saw that video. So I was actually out of town out of the country in Israel about three or four weeks ago. And towards the end of my trip I get a phone call from our CFO and says, hey, the people next door moved out. And of course me as a business owner, I’m like, all right, I see value. So what we decided to do is literally take the office next door, which is literally going to double up on our space.
We broke down the wall, we’re going aim. We’re doubling up on staff to make the platform better. I know guys by any means, we are not perfect. We are human beings. If you guys can agree with that, drop a five in the chat. Nothing in life is ever perfect. We are a growing business. We are a growing software and SASS company. We are growing white labeled fulfillment center and we are growing education platform and we are growing every single day. And my goal as a CEO of dash clicks is to make sure that you guys had the best experience possible. Okay, so in order to do that, I know that you guys want to get your answers faster or your questions answered faster. So we’re going to hire more support staff to help you out with that. Okay? I know that you guys want better results may be on your fulfillment services. We’re going to be hiring more people in every single department to be able to achieve the for you guys and get you guys even better results. Even if it’s the best. We want to get it better. We’re going to be hiring more developers to be working with Carlos so Carlos doesn’t have to answer support tickets anymore to help you guys literally in everything that you guys need. We’re going to be working with angel on expanding our education department. Can we hit the go pro really quick? Angel Carlos say what’s up to the team.
They’re right here in the room with me. So guys, we are ready for expansion and we’re thankful. I want to literally say thank you to you guys for sticking with us through the things, through the outs, through. I don’t even know that the actual proper terminology of that phrase, but thank you guys for everything that you do. We just want to say we appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts and it’s because of you that we’re able to grow our business and expand and in return. I promise you guys, I want to make you guys all successful, so if you guys are ready to rock and roll 16 in the chat, let’s roll 67 in the chat. Let’s roll people. It’s been a week since I’ve done a live marketer’s mindset episode and I am ready to drop the heat right now guys.
Now I want to make another quick announcement. Calls, get that finger ready is happening soon. Let’s go front facing real quick. For those of you guys who don’t know this my birthday is actually this weekend. It’s this Saturday, July 27th I am going to be turning 31 years young. I’m going to be turning 31 years young and I am so excited for it. So excited to the point where I feel, you know, usually when you’re a birthday person, everybody’s Zoe’s buying you gifts. But no man, I feel like this time around I feel like we need to do something crazy. I feel like we need to do something insane. I feel like we need to do something extraordinary. If you guys want me to give you a birthday present, just go ahead and drop a 72 in the chat and I’ll give it to you right here, right now. 72 in the chat, Carlos flipped that switch.
31% off anything in dash clicks for the next five days, 31% off any order in dash clicks. If you don’t have an agency website, go get one. If you haven’t got instant sites, go get one. If you have not got fulfillment services yet, go get it. If you have not bought the dash accelerator, go get it. 31% off everything in the entire store, in the entire dashboards platform and you can use the coupon code Chad’s 31 and get 31% off everything and you can use it multiple times. This is not a one time coupon. If you want to buy something today, go for it. If you want to buy something again tomorrow, go for it. If you want to buy something, you get in two days, go for it. 31% off everything, 31% off the entire dash clicks platform. Guys. Now I’m going to tell you guys a little bit about what you need to know.
Obviously, if you’re gonna be using the Copa Coupon, I wrote it down here. The coupon code is actually right down here. It’s Chad’s 31 c, h a, d s, and then the number 31 no spacing. All lower case Chad’s 31 go ahead and add anything to your cart. Use a coupon code chats 31 it’ll knock off 31% off anything that you guys to buy in Dash Clicks for the next five days. Now that coupon code expires July 29 2019 at 1159 p. M. E. S. T. Once again, guys. That coupon code expires on July 29th, 2019 at 1159 p. M. E. S. T. Okay guys another thing that you should know is the coupon cannot be used and will not work with any current subscriptions or past orders. This is all for new stuff. Okay? Also the 31% off. If you’re buying any subscriptions, it will take 31% off of the entire order, including set up fees and it will be for the first month. And then next month’s bill and subscription will be at the regular rate. Okay guys, so who’s ready and who’s ready to rock and roll? 79 in the chat. Let’s go guys, let’s get started. 79 in the chat.
79 in the chat. Seven. All right, now that I’ve got the steam off, now that I’ve got the steam blown, can we get hit that side camera? Let me let them see that side face when I’m hitting this vitamin water.
It’s a vitamin water commercial right there for you. Okay, I’ll leave that right there so that way you guys can be on the same page as daddy. All right, here we go.
Well, let’s roll people.
Now, I brought you guys onto this webinar because hell, I want to teach you guys how to make more money. And I know the only way to do it is to share my experiences and to share everything that I’d been through in the last decade. And what’s cool is we are about to turn 10 years old or company in our business. We opened in October, 2009 and we’re literally about one month away from hitting our decade old birthday. So we’ve been at this for 10 years. So any advice that I’m giving you guys is stuff that I literally went through. I’ve experienced, I’ve done r and D, I put my personal money into and have tried. Okay? So I want to make sure that if I’m giving you the advice and I’m setting you up for success, okay guys, so we’re going to start with a couple of different things and let’s hit up the whiteboard really quick.
Let’s get this bad boy yelling. Let’s get this bad boy going. You guys got me lit on Thursday on a Thursday. Oh, maybe I should take a breath real quick and hanging out. Guys want to hang out? You want me to listen to some music? Play a little guitar, do something cool. I don’t know. Maybe not. Maybe we should just do it. All right, let’s do it. Alright guys, we’re gonna talk about one, two, three, four, five and yes, I’m going to be organized on this. When I wrote it down, I got my little sheet here and we’re talking about five different topics, five different topics today. One,
Two, three, four, five, one right there. Two, three, four, five.
The first topic, and I’m going to show you guys, is setting a goal.
Setting a goal because you can do anything without setting a goal. Okay? The next one, Setting proper expectations.
Bam, though a little less at the end of that. The third one is what to actually sell. What to sell.
The fourth one is how to actually sell it. And the final one is upselling.
400 in the chat if you guys are ready to roll with me. So we’re going to go, I’m going to talk about how to actually set a goal. And I’m talking about a personal, I’m talking about mindset because before you guys even get to any of the crazy technical stuff, which you think is technical, it’s really not. It’s gonna be super easy. I’m going to talk to you guys about how to actually set personal goals. Okay? Cause you need to do that. The second thing, we’re going to go over today’s how to actually set proper expectations. The third thing is I’m going to show you guys exactly what to sell for is I’m going to show you guys how to actually sell those things. And then the fifth thing is I’m going to show you how to sell upsells for those things. Okay? Now, if you guys use follow this really, really simple five step process, this is pretty much the process that anybody can take to add $10,000 in recurring revenue to their business and their bottom line. Now, if you do the addition, does anybody know what 10,000 times 12 is? Can you drop it in the chat for me really quick?
What’s $10,000 times 12 that’s a lot, right? 10,000 Times 12 that’s 120 grand. Okay. Now how much would 120 grand change your life if you were making that every year? Can you drop off number five in the chat for me? Really quick if 120 k a year would definitely do something to your bank account because that Shit did mine. It allowed me to scale my agency. Okay, five, five in the chat. Let’s go guys, come on guys. There’s over a hundred people on this live. Probably even more than that with Facebook, okay? We got to get numbers going here. We’re not going to play those game guys. We’ve got to get the engagement going. We have to get the engagement going. I got to get, make sure that my blood pressure stays high, super high during this life. Okay guys, let me open up a Facebook here too. Awesome, beautiful, and we’ve got a lot of you guys everywhere. Wow. Five. All right, let’s get started guys. The first thing we’re going to talk about is setting a goal. All right, let me drop this bad boy down here. We’ll put daddy’s little pin right there and let’s hit up a new one.
Number one, get your notepads. People Shit’s about to go down, okay? Number one, setting a goal.
And every time I do a live video, everybody says, Chad, your handwriting sucks balls. So I’m trying to slow down so I can make sure you guys can read what I’m writing. If you guys can see that and you can read it, it’s dropping to three in the chat. Make sure I know we’re on the same page here. I’m trying to get better at the writing. I’m a computer guy. Okay. All right, good. So the first thing that I want you guys to set a goal for is I want you guys to sign up. The goal is 10 new Clients, and each of those clients, should we be paying you 1000 I wrote it down here. $147 per month.
Very simple goal. We’re not doing anything tactical here. This is not crazy. This is not rocket science. Okay guys, very simple goal. I want to sign up 10 clients and I want each client to pay me $1,147 per month. And most of you guys are like, Chad, why the hell is it $1,147? That’s a really awkward number. It’s gonna make sense a little bit later down the road. Okay. Now most of you guys, and I think the issue, and we can go front facing here real quick. I think the main issue, and I went live on Rob Quinn’s Facebook page the other day. Shout out to Rob Quinn for having me. If you guys saw that the live video, can you drop a number 87 in the chat?
So what I really talked about inside of that live video was agencies nowadays, they’re not setting their expectations for themselves properly. And I’ll tell you what I mean, they’re thinking about bulk. They’re thinking about how can I sign up 400 clients in a matter of 48 hours? Okay? The issue with that is if you’re not being, if you’re not setting proper expectations with yourself and you’re lying to yourself, and then you’re setting yourself up for failure, okay? And that’s the number one reason why most agencies fail. It’s the number one reason why most agency owners get their mindset screwed up and think that whatever they’re trying to do can’t be done. Okay? So what we’re going to do is you need to change the way that you think. You need to change the way that your mind operates, okay? You need to set realistic goals and realistic expectations.
Now, what I drew out on this board, 10 new clients paying $1,147 I’m not saying that we’re going to do this today, okay? But as long as we have a goal and as long as we’re all on the same page and in your mind, you know that that’s the goal that you want to hit, that’s the KPI. That’s the target. That’s the bullet I got to get to that goal. As long as you’d go on and you hustle and you let nothing stop you to hit this goal, I guarantee you can hit this goal because I hit this goal and then I 10 x that goal, and then I 10 x that goal even more than I 10 x that I’m probably at like 400 x right now. Green Card don’t got shit on me right now. I’m just saying.

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