How to Get New Clients for Your Agency
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 03:34 PM

How to Get New Clients for Your Agency


What do you do to try and get clients for your digital marketing agency?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks walks you some strategies to help you get clients for your digital marketing agency! This video is a highlight from the first video of our YouTube series, Marketers Mindset.


Okay, you guys only go there. A couple of different things really quick. I’ve been getting tons and tons of questions inside of the dashboard and everybody keeps asking me, how do I get new clients? Okay, how do I go out and prospect and how do I actually get new clients for my agency? So today, first part of this lesson, I’m going to go over three different tactics that you guys can use today to go out and actually get more clients for your agency. For those of you guys who don’t know Dash [inaudible] before, before I jump into that, a dash clicks is essentially a white label platform that helps agencies scale, right? So you as an agency can go right inside of dash clicks, you can purchase services, have our team white label, fulfill all the services for your clients, and then actually scale your agency. You don’t have to worry about all the fulfilling and all the hiring new employees who are going through that entire headache.
We take care of all that for you guys can just drop into clients and run with it. Okay? So for those of you guys who don’t know, I’m social agency, which is our main company. It’s our retail agency has been open for almost about 10 years. We’re about to hit a decade guys. Okay? So all of these tactics that I’m going to be going over with you guys, these are all stuff that we actually use within our retail agencies. So this is stuff that we use on a day to day basis to actually go out and get new clients. Okay. Now I know most of you guys who are probably in the platform are mostly beginners and I would say entry level. You might be just starting an agency or you might be in the process where you have a couple or a handful of clients and you’re working on scaling your way up, right? So I’m going to go over three tactics that we use within our agency, all the way from the beginning of our agency, all the way till still today that we use to generate clients, right? So I’m going to go over three of them.
First one guys said I’m going to be going, laughter is cold calling. Okay, second one, walk-ins. Third One, Facebook ads. Now, are you guys doing any of this? Three if you’re doing cold calling right now, go ahead and put one if you’re doing walk-ins per two, if you’re doing Facebook ads, put three if you’re doing all three, put one, two, three. If you’re doing one or the other for one in a three go ahead and drop in. What is it that you guys are doing right now to generate business? I’m going to say that this is the winner.
Looks like most of you guys right now. We’re doing cold calls, right? So I’m going to walk you through the way that I like to do cold calls and how I close deals. Who wants to hear that once a year, had to close a $5,000 monthly contract and a retainer and sign them up for a minimum of six months. Would you guys like to hear that? Hi. Here we go. Alright, first thing I want to go over is whose time is super valuable right now? Who feels like cold calling throughout the entire day takes up a lot of time, does it not? Right? Imagine making a hundred phone calls a day only to get hung up on 80 times. Maybe speak to 10 clients, maybe set up one appointment, maybe even speak to one person and possibly close the deal if you, if you are on the same page as we put a one in the actual chat right now.
Do you guys feel that that’s your everyday struggle? For those of you guys who are doing cold calling, that all you’re doing is just literally calling as many people as you can every single day. One, one, one, one. Right? Okay, so wouldn’t it be cool if I can show you guys how to actually create this system without having to make a phone call? What’d you guys like that? Who would love that? Who would love to see how to actually cold call without cold calling? Dropping one. Drop a yes. Show me some love guys. Let’s go. You got to pump me up if I’m going to be sharing this [inaudible]. All right, here we go guys. So what most people fail to do is you right there, you are the most important asset inside of your business. So the issue is if you are making the phone calls, then you don’t have time to do anything else, right?
So what I recommend doing, and this is what we’ve done and I’m actually inside, I know it sounds crazy, Carlos can eat the back of the GoPro for me. So I’m actually inside of our old call center. And let me know you have to go pro on Carlos. So I’m actually gonna show you guys behind the scenes really quick. So I’m inside of my, there was literally cubicles all along this wall on this wall. We still have a couple in the back for our customer service Reps. So there’s about five cubicles in this doc in this room goes pretty far back, right? And you can switch back and p and p Carlos and basically guys, I used to do that for about four years. We used to cold calling all day. We should just cold call. And what we realized is when we were going out and I was cold calling, I didn’t have enough time to do anything else or when my sales reps were cold calling, it would cost me hundreds of dollars a week to have really solid sales reps go out and cold call. Right? So who think that that’s crazy, right? Would you want to spend 40 hours a week just dialing? If you do not want to spend 40 hours a week dialing, put yes right now.
Who has ever heard of this term called fronters? If you’ve heard of what a flunked or is, put a one awesome guys. For those of you who do not know what a fronter is, a fronter is somebody that actually does the cold calling for you, does the screening and sets up the appointment for the closer. You guys should not be cold calling. You should be warm calling and you should be on schedule the appointments. Okay? Now I know most of you guys are like, well how do I get somebody to do all the fronting for me? Right? It’s pretty simple.
If you guys actually go to upwork, which most of you might be familiar with, go to you can actually go out and hire VA’s, which are virtual assistants or like we did, you can actually look for a cold calling center, right? A call center that actually has reps already inside of the call center that will actually do all of the fronting for you guys, right? And these people might be in the Philippines or they might be in India or they might be in many different parts of the world and you can find these people for about three to $5 an hour, okay. And they will make a hundred cold calls for you every single day, if not more than that. And you just provide them either a data list or you can use sales genie and you can sign up for sales genie, I think it’s like 100 bucks a month or something like that. And you can go after specific niches and you can have your fronters that you pay three to $5 an hour for calling and closing appointments for you and setting appointments for you guys who actually, who’s done this before. Put a one if you’ve done this before.
Yes guys, so really all you really have to do guys is you just go to upwork. You find really good solid call center employees. What I would recommend doing is don’t hire people that aren’t working inside of a call center. Don’t hire people that are working from home. Go out and actually find people financial call center that’s established. Do a Skype call with the call center and look at the operations. Look at the office because a call center with an operation that’s already built most likely is going to be successful call center operation for you to actually go out and do all of your actual cold calling. Okay? In our call center, we used to use a predictive dialer, which we used to do. We used to make like 1500 to 2000 phone calls a day in our call center. Okay guys. Now I’m going to go off of one rep just to do the math and we’re gonna make it pretty simple. Okay. So essentially if you can have, if you can have one rep. Making 150 calls a day. What do you guys think an average conversion rate is on a rep making 150 calls a day? How much actually, how many actual appointments do you think that will come out of this? How many appointments do you guys think? Five. What else? Five. Oh, 10% 10% 1515 to 15 five to 15 so guys, the answer is it’s up to you. You can literally get one lead or you can get 10 leads. It really depends on how your script is and it depends on how you’re structuring your script, right? So what we like to do is we like to go in and we like to actually provide value. Okay. We’d like to provide value first instead of going in with every other cold calling tactic, which is, hey, my name is Bob and I’m a web design company here in Miami, Florida, and I want to build you a new website because I think you need a new website guys.
How many calls do you think they get like that a day? They’re going to hang up on you right away. Okay? You need to actually have a script that converts, OK? A script that converts is, Hey, my name is Bob, I’m taking a look at your Bob’s landscaping company out in Chicago and I’ve done a little bit of research on your landscaping company. I took about 30 minutes and scan through your website and I see that you’re having issue a issue B, issue c, you’re not coming up in the rankings, you’re not coming up in any of the local listings. Plus you’re not doing any paid advertise. So you’re missing out on a ton of of potential clients that could be coming your way. I’d like to run a free visibility and a free scan report to actually show you how you can get better progress.
It’s completely free. Would you like to speak to one of our account executives to actually create a 30 page or a 50 page or a one pager pdf report and I can send it to you? It’s completely free of charge. Now, how many people out of 150 calls per day, how many people do you actually think will take you up on that free report or the free offer? Right? How many people guys? So out of 150 hang dials, this is ham dialing. This is using your hand to dial, okay. Out of 150 hand dials, we actually used to get [inaudible] okay, ready for this?
We used to get one appointment per day, one appointment per day. That’s really crappy guys. Okay? But then something happened. We did something crazy. Okay, who wants to hear this crazy thing that we did? Drop her one right now. If you want to hear the crazy thing that we did to actually 10 x this number. So we actually signed up for a predictive dialer and basically guys would have predicted dialer does is it actually makes those phone calls for you. It connects to your actual reps and their round Robin of the calls. So they all get an equal amount of calls, but instead of the person actually hand dialing and waiting for the actual call to go through live calls, get transferred to them. Okay, so now this is what our stats look like. We don’t do this anymore because we’re fully inbound now, but this is going to work perfect for you guys. Okay, so now if you have, and I recommend probably not even doing this with one rep, I recommend doing this with at least two reps. Start off with two reps. Okay. Go to upwork, get two reps that are inside of a call center. Okay? Then you can go sign up for this tool, which is called call
Maybe but I dunno, just Google call tools. You’ll find them. You can even speak to our old rep. Okay, I’ll give you his damn. His name is chase. Okay. Excuse the handwriting. His name was chase. You can speak to him. Tell Him Chad from social agency sent you, he’ll help. He’ll hook you guys up. Okay. Two people inside of a call center we used to do with two people, about 800 calls per day, 800 calls per day, 800 calls per day, okay guys, and out of those 800 calls per day, each and every rep used to book about four to six appointments per day and out of those eight to six appointments per day, guys, we used to have a skilled closer jump on the phone with those four to six appointments per day. Now I’m going to tell you guys right now, an issue that you’re going to run into here is people are not available. When you call them back, you’re going to have probably about 80% or 75 80% of the people. Then you actually call your four to six appointments or not available, okay? So make sure that you get a CRM system. You can use pipe drive, I think pipe tribe’s like 12 bucks a month. Drop them into your CRM system guys, and just keep following up with them every single day.
Follow up with them everyday, fire off an email to them, send them a text message, go become friends with them on Facebook, do whatever it is and you’ve got to do, make sure that you speak to these four to six people. Make sure you find a way to speak to them every single day. Okay guys, once we used to speak to these four to six people, even if you close one, if you close one at at least four to six people, four to six scheduled appointments per day, okay. And each one of those appointments are between a half hour to one hour slot, depending on how the conversation goes, right? Somebody can jump on the phone too and hang up with you after two minutes. Or you can have a full on conversation and go over the guy’s entire website presence within one hour. Right? And that’s obviously a hot lead. So if you get 46, if you close one guy’s okay, if you close one of these per day, what do you guys charge for an average? A campaign? Say you’re doing Facebook. What are you guys charging for Facebook campaigns? Go ahead and drop it in. Chad said two k 50% 2,900 2,501 yellow Lamborghini 2,500 2,500 okay. Awesome guys. Let’s just say we use a roundabout, okay? Let’s say we use 2K
Let’s say you have a really shitty week and you don’t close one a day, okay? Let’s say you close one a week. Let’s say you call those 20% of what you thought you were going to close. What’s two k times four guys?
Who wants to do the math from you guys? What is two k times four? $8,000 wouldn’t it be cool if you can just keep stacking $8,000 a month in recurring business and let’s, let’s now dial in and see what your expenses would be on the two k a month.
So we got eight k a month. What’s $3 and 50 cents times? We had our guys working 50 hours hours and this would be on a weekly basis.
Well it’s $3 and 50 cents times 50 hours. Guys, can somebody do that math for me? $3 and 50 cents times 53 50 times 50 how much is that? Somebody dropped them in the chat for me. Really quick. Hundred 75 bucks, right? $175. What’s one 75 times four which is four weeks. One 75 times four guys, come on. What’s 175 bucks? Times four 700 right? So it costs you $700 per rep for the entire month, okay? And then you’re going to do this times two. Okay? So the price is 1400 cause me $1,400 to employ two reps full time at 50 hours a week. Now, 40 hours a week, 50 hours a week. That will call on your time zone on your schedule and we’ll fill up your calendar. Does that not sound like a good deal, guys? Now minus 14 from eight k.
What’s 1400 minus $8,000 guys? 1400 minus eight grand. What is that? 6,600 right? Now want you to do this minus your expenses of call tools, call tools is, I think it’s like a hundred bucks a rep, right? So minus another $200 now you’re left with, 6,400 6,400 bucks. Now, if you guys tell me that you can’t spend one day to go on upwork and find a couple of reps, train them on a script, QA, all of their phone calls inside of call tools and make yourself at a minimum of eight k a month, then you’re in the wrong business. And I’m going to be brutally honest with you guys, if you don’t have the dedication to go out and do that. We did that, but we did it times 13 we had 13 reps in this call center that Amen. And that’s reps that were closing. And we had an additionally for every reps, we would have two fronters. Okay? And we did that for a couple of years and that’s how we scaled our agency to hundreds of clients paying us on a recurring basis to service them. And that’s all the way from Facebook ads to Google ads, to website design, to SEO, to Google business listings.
Excuse me, guys, to tons of other services and just the most of you guys. Now I feel like shit, I’m completely under the weather and I’m sick, but I’m still here and I’m going to crush it for you guys right now. So excuse me for coughing and being out of breath. I apologize guys. This is simple. Okay, don’t think that you can just, and I’ll be completely honest with you, don’t think it takes one day where you can just do it and run away and you know, have your guys call and everything’s all set. Go in and listen to the phone calls, QA, all the calls, tweakers scripts. Keep doing this and perfect your system. Once your system is perfected, duplicate the model, hire more reps, hire more sales reps, close deals, make money, and then what’s really cool about it?
Just go into dash clicks and just drop them in there once you sell the service and continue on and not have to worry about anything else. Right, so a lot of the big agencies that have signed up for dash clicks, their main goal is it’s not fulfillment. It’s not worrying about how do I hire three Facebook ads specialists and how do I hire an SEO expert and how do I hire a web designer? Their main concern is how do I actually go out and scale my sales and just let dashboards do the rest? Does everybody agree with me that they can go on and just create a sales system like this? Drop clients into dash clicks, maybe get one project manager once you start scaling up to have the communication between dash clicks and the client and not really have to worry about anything else. Drop in one and if you think that that’s a good idea guys. All right. That was just one. Who wants to hear number two? Who wants to hear the second little secret that I personally used to do when I started my agency and it brought me to probably zero to six figures and then a couple of months. Who wants to hear that?

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