How to Get 10 Scheduled Appointments Per Day With An Automated Outsourced Call Center
Chad Kodary
Mar 4th, 2020 at 07:38 PM

How to Get 10 Scheduled Appointments Per Day With An Automated Outsourced Call Center


Chad Kodary, CEO of DashClicks walks you through the exact strategy he uses to get 10 scheduled appointments per day, on autopilot, while using an outsourced call center…
You don’t need a big team, expensive equipment, etc…
You just need yourself and a computer…
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what? Scaling dash crates, fam. Can I get a 700 in the chair, baby? We’re going to have a live webinar for you guys today. 700 in the chat. Guys, if you can hear me, if you guys can see me, let me feel the momentum. There is literally hundreds of you on here. Drop in the chat. Where in the world are you from? Joplin. We chat. Let’s go everybody. Let’s go. Today I’m going to show you guys how to make a little bit of money or actually a lot of bit of money with a little bit of time, maybe something like that. Something really cool like that. Where am I? Where were you from? Dropping in the chat. Let’s get this webinar. Let’s people, let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. What’s going on? Dash clicks. Femme. Boy, it feels good to be on here to do another beautiful marketer’s mindset webinar for you guys today, guys.
Today we’re going to be talking about something that was for me revolutionary. Um, we’re going to talk about how to get 10 scheduled appointments per day with an outsourced call center. If you guys are okay with me showing you how to make some money today with an outsourced call center and I had to automate a lot of the stuff that you’re going to be doing. Drop a yes in the chat. Drop a yes in the chat for me. Let’s go. People drop a yes in the chats. Woo. Let’s go. Oh man, I love you guys. First and foremost, thank you guys for showing up and showing up strong. You guys are showing up hot right now. There’s people from all over the world in the webinar, hundreds of agencies right here on my side screen. I see the love. I see all of your comments.
If you have anything to say, drop it in the comments right here. I see everything that you guys are saying right here on the side screen. All right guys, let’s go straight into it. Guys. Like I said, I’m going to show you guys how to get 10 scheduled appointments per day with an automated outsourced call center. Okay? Now I want to talk to you guys. Let’s go pee and pee real quick. Uh, I want to talk to you guys about memory lane really quick, okay. Because for you to really understand how this whole system works, you really have to understand the backstory and everything that I went through that led me to be able to basically create a lead generation machine. Okay, so first and foremost, I want to show you guys where I started. Okay? On September 13th, 2009 this is literally where I started my agency, okay?
It’s just like many of you in my room at my parents’ house with just a computer and a chair. Okay, so you see Chad from dash lakes. He sees a very successful person. This entrepreneur, this whole journey that I’ve been through, guys, this, this wasn’t easy, okay? It wasn’t all glory along the entire road. I want to show you guys just a glimpse of some of the stuff that I went through and then we’re going to talk about some amazing frameworks that you can take today and literally run with as fast as you can to start using this method because this method changed my life, okay? This was my 90 degree moment. If that’s what it’s called. Okay. And also if you guys stay all the way until the end of the webinar, all the way until the end of the webinar, I’m going to be giving you guys a freebie and give you guys something for free.
It’s a training that we’ve never released before to the public. I’m going to give you guys a free training at the end of the webinars to go ahead and stay all the way until the end. Not only are you going to gain all the knowledge, but you’re going to get some freebies at the end. Okay? You guys cool with that? Say yes in the chat. Say yes, chat in the chat. Awesome. So guys, just like many of you, September 13 2009 um, I literally filled, I went to K cause I live down here in Florida, filled out my application to incorporate my LLC was called social agency in 2009 guys is over a decade ago. Okay guys, but I want you to see exactly where I started. Okay. Now let’s fast forward. Let’s do a little fast forwarding, cause I’m not gonna sit here and waste your time.
I know you, I know what you guys are here for, but like I said, you need to understand the backstory. It’s very important, okay? You’re four in business. Okay. August 2nd, 2013 I decided to take a leap of faith, okay? And by leap of faith, I mean, Hey, I’m gonna make this a real business. Okay? Now I want you guys to understand something, okay? It took me literally four years. Okay? Took me four years to actually personally make a decision on if this is what I wanted to do with my life. Okay? I’m going to swing backwards really quick. Now what? I was in this room, guys, I was in my parents’ house. This was my room. This is my room at my parents’ house. Okay, well he should sit in that chair. And I used to work, I used to try getting clients just like you guys are trying to do every single day.
This is my job for four years. And every single day my mom would walk into the room and say, Chad, are you sure this is what you want to do with your life? Are you sure this is a business? Are you sure you’re actually gonna make money? Are you sure this is your career? Now keep in mind, guys, at this point in time, I really had nothing else going for me. Um, I was working really crappy jobs just like most of you guys are. I used to be a grill man at two different restaurants down here in South Florida, flipping freaking hamburgers, okay? This it, this was like, this was, I felt like it was my calling, right? So for four years I sat in this freaking chair right here, that exact chair. And I thought, and I thought, and I thought to try to make this whole conception of owning an agency, owning a business, being an entrepreneur, I wanted to make it a reality. Okay? So I took the leap of faith. My friend had an office, had about a 2000 square foot office and the entrances offices, the lobby, there was literally one small office, as you can see right here with the glosses. And then there was one desk and then another little side desk here. It was just enough for three people. Okay. So I took the leap of faith. I said, Hey,
I’m going to, I don’t have any money to pay for an office. I want to be honest with you. Um, but maybe we can do some, some bartering. Okay. So I ended up doing SEO and content writing for my good friend in order to get this little nook of an office space after four years of even figuring out this whole agency, thinking about it, this is what I wanted to do. Right? August 2nd, 2013 okay. This was my office right here. And you can say it a little window, which was basically my project manager. This is her, her name was Angie. This was my first employee that I ever hired. Okay. Now guys, going from zero to an employee is very difficult, especially when it’s your first employee, okay? Because in your mind you’re like, dude, I’m making all this money and then if I bring an employee, now I have to pay that employee and that’s going to come out of my pocket.
Right? And I don’t know if that’s something that I want to do, right? But as an entrepreneur, we need to think differently. We need to think about expansion. We need to think about growing your business, right? And creating something for you guys where it might be your dream, it can be a reality, right? But you’re never going to get there without a team. I can tell you guys that from experience, okay? So I decided to put on my big boy pants and I hired my first employee and her name was Angie. Okay. And she would sit at this desk every day and every order that I sold, she would fulfill. This was my dash clicks basically back in the day, my own internal little dash clicks. This was my fulfillment company. Okay. Guys who remembers a story about Bruce, which is my sales rep that used to go door to door walking in. He was a bank robber. Say yes in the chat. You guys remember that story?
So as I was growing, a lot of you guys, so as I was going through the time capsule, remember I told you Bruce was this old guy. He used to have on this these khaki pants and this button, a button up shirt that was always open with his gray hair, a little sweetheart, but he was a bank robber. I found that after I hired him that he robbed the bank a couple of months previously and he got out of jail. Well guys, I found a photo that’s Bruce in my office. So my rotation of me being in this office was, Hey, I’m over here all the way to the left. I’m doing sales, right? I’m closing deals. Then in the middle I had Angie fulfilling orders, banging out all the orders and also filling and then all the way to the right. I had my fronter, which was Bruce, who is going out on the street, literally getting people interested in our services so that way I can call and close that.
It would go to Angie, she would fulfill and then I would get another client and we did the same thing. We circle back and I was in there for a couple of years until I decided once again, you got to put on my big boy pants. I’m going to have to take this to the next level. So literally five years after the opening of my business, October 20th, 2014 I decided to get our first real office. And by saying real, not to say that the last one wasn’t real, just wasn’t my office. Um, I was doing SEO for one of my friends to share the space. I wasn’t paying rent. Okay. This was a first office where I had to pay a rent check every single month. This was also the first office that was big, that held the capacity of like 15, 20 people. Okay. So for those of you guys were entrepreneurs going on this journey, that’s a scary move to make, man. Okay.
On top of that, when you’re not just going to get an office, big office without any employees, without a team, right? So I actually went out and I started hiring a bunch of people and I said, I mean, as an entrepreneur, I want to take this journey to the next level. Okay? And like most of you guys have, you see something working, you want to expand on that, right? And you want to scale it out and you start getting excited, the excitement starts to build in you, right? Let’s just like what happened to me. So literally I started hiring a bunch of people. This was now my new fulfillment center.
This was my sales team. As you can see, they’ve got all the sales maps. They were all working off of territories. This was our conference room. This is us in the office hanging around. We’re actually shooting some videos. That was actually my office. So I had my little own little space and then we were a storefront. So I had our little sign and you can see on that side it says web design, SEO, online marketing and printing. So your five of my business, October 20 2014 this is what we did. Let’s keep going. You’re seven. Let’s fast forward now two years, October 1st, 2016 seven years later. Now guys, I want you guys to focus on something when you, when you see these numbers, it says year seven that seven years of my life, that’s hard work. That’s me going through this entire journey. That yet within five minutes I’m quickly fast forwarding it, but I want you guys to understand what I went through to get to this point so you can see what real entrepreneurship is and you can really take it in and digest it and see if it’s a good fit for you.
Okay. You’re seven October 1st, 2016 because I got to pick up my big boy pants again. We got to expand one more time. Okay. We were at the point where we had about I think like 12 or 13 employees, something like that. We’re getting to capacity in our office. Um, and I said, I got to expand again. We got to go into a bigger space. So on October 1st, 2016 we moved into our current office, which is the office that we’re in today, and we throw a little opening party. This is what it looked like. Okay. That was our sales team. Some rooms in the office of our production team, people working fulfilling orders. That was our team, right when we moved into the office, this was our call center, which is the room that I’m in right now. Can we hit the GoPro real quick? So this room on the bottom right is the roommate you’re looking at. This was a call center. Look familiar to you, right? A lot of big moves throughout this journey. Guys, I want you guys to really understand everything. Let’s keep going. February 9th, 2017 was the middle of the night. Literally. I can remember this like it was yesterday. Middle of the night. Okay. Started thinking. I started having all these thoughts and I was like, well
I think I feel like we need something. We were growing really fast and time is I think we need something to really help us organize everything that we’re doing. I think we need something that’s going to help us be transparent, more transparent with our clients. I think we need something that’s just going to connect us and our customers better. And I think that that’s what we were missing. Right? So I’ll, October on February nine 2017 I literally got up out of my bed in the middle night and started mocking up what we know as today, the first version of dash clicks. Guys, this is what dash clicks look like in my mind on February 9th, 2017 what do you guys think about this? Drop your comments in the chat, drop your comments in the chat guys. February nine 2017 this is what dash clicks looks like guys, all the software that you guys are using today. But then something really cool happened. I actually decided that this was a really good idea and this was something for me that I also had a passion for. I had a passion of innovating and building in this entrepreneurship was built in me, mixed in with the marketing and everything combined,
so on October 1st, 2018 she’s literally a year later, my dream became a reality. We launched version one of dash clicks. The software that you guys know today that you guys know and love that you guys are logging into every day to help manage your clients that you guys are using for your white label fulfillment, your education, your tools. This is literally it. This is what we had. This was the first launch of dash clicks
Then 10 years later, literally July 1st, 2019 so about a year after launch, we, I got a call. I was actually out of the country. You got a call from Tommy, which is our CFO and said, Hey, the office next door to us just moved out and I think we should take this advantage because we’re growing the company. I think we should take this this moment in time to literally break through that wall and double up on our office space and we were at the point where we were like, okay, well this Daschle thing, it’s taking off, but we don’t really know how far it’s going to get. It’s scary right now. Keep in mind guys, we’re already in like we were already like a 2,500 square foot office that can fit like 25 people. Now we’re talking about taking another 2000 square foot office. It can fit another 20 people.
It was scary, man. So being an entrepreneur that I am without hesitation, hesitation, I said, Tommy, call our landlord. Work out a deal. See what you can do. Let’s get this office next door, bro. Let’s, let’s take this. Let’s take this thing to the next level. He literally called me back an hour later, said I spoke to the landlord, I worked out a deal. She sent him over the contract right now, July 21st, 2019 we decided to bust through our wall, which had our social agency logo on it. As you guys can see right here, a little logo was on the wall.
We started expanding dash clicks. So behind that wall, I’ll go back really quick. So this little wall is now what we are. We have our task flicks, lounge expanded, opened up, more deaths, expanded our department, more employees, bigger team, bigger, better, stronger, stronger than ever. In fact. Now guys, I want you to understand something. This is literally 10 years later. So for most of you guys who come on to these webinars and you see me preaching and talking to you guys and teaching you things, most of you guys are trying to go out and you’re trying to do something right now really quick and you want instant gratification, instant results, right? But you don’t realize this is behind the scenes. Maybe you haven’t known, you didn’t know this. Maybe to notice it. All right? It’s a bit of a process. Okay, let’s keep going. I want a fast forward to current day, current day, 10 years later, after all that hard work.
You guys seem to go through all and keep in mind guys, there’s a lot of nitty gritty in between. A lot of nitty gritty in between hiring people, firing people, losing accounts, thinking that you’re going to close the company cause you don’t have enough accounts or clients to keep it up to speed. Making sure that you’re going to hit payroll this week for the 15 employees that you guys have as an entrepreneur. That shit gets scary and as you’re expanding it only gets scarier. So what I want you guys to know is don’t let this scare you. Just keep moving, okay? Cause 10 years later, now I have a growing business. I’m making money. I’m my own boss. We service thousands of customers, full time employees, big office space. I bought my dream car that I always wanted. I’m married to my dream wife and not because of the money I met her before.
Some of you hassles out there. Um, and uh, I’m not saying this to brag guys, okay? I’m literally showing you that your dreams can become reality and I’m living proof of that because this is where I started 10 years ago before this entire journey, but now I’m able to speak on stages at events in front of hundreds of people. I’m able to speak at local events. This is a real estate event that I spoke at about 150 people in the room talking about marketing. I’m able to have people from all over the world fly down to the Dashchle IX headquarters for an entire day and let us teach them.
This is some inspiring stuff guys. Hopefully let’s keep going though. One thing I do want to say and I want to be very cautious of what’s happening here during the story is I don’t want to let the looks to see view because we literally struggled for years. There was moments where I wasn’t making any money. And as an entrepreneur, you take all that money and you dump it into your business because you know it’s for the good of the business and you put your emotions and your head to the side and you’re like, you know what? I’m not gonna make any money for the next year. I’m just going to grow my business and grow my team. Right? So, and that ma, that was my story, right? But I might not be your story and everybody’s different, but I want you guys to, to see and to realize when you’re watching all of these gurus out there on the web, that they’re showing you how to go out and start an agency and it’s, you know, one hour a work week, you’re building out your agency and you only got to work on it for one hour a week.
Do you guys really think that I was able to grow an entire team in a business by working one hour a week? It’s not reality. Okay? Are taking all of these courses that teach you how to do one off things, right? It’s like, Hey, I’m gonna figure out this LinkedIn strategy and I’m gonna crack the code and I’m going to be a millionaire and I’m going to have a huge team. Guys, it’s unfortunately, I hate to break it to you because we sell courses too. It really doesn’t work that way, okay? These are all frameworks that you can implement into your business, but this is not the entire picture, okay? Even what I’m going to teach you guys, now, I’m going to teach you guys something amazing here in literally about a minute or two that’s going to blow your socks off and you’re going to take it in.
You’re probably gonna use it and implement it, and you’re going to make a lot of money doing it. But this might not get you to what most of you want a huge agency, right? Because this is just one framework, okay? So after all of this, I’m running and I’m running, I’m running in 10 years later, I finally hit my aha moment. And if you guys ever have an aha moment where you’re like, Holy shit, this, say yes in the chat. And if you guys ever have that aha moment where you’re, you’re, you’re running, you’re running, you’re running, and then you, you hear something or see something or you do something and you’re like, Holy shit. Like I think, I think this is it. This is crazy. All right. Yeah. A lot of you guys. Yeah. A lot of you guys are pumping in the chat. Thank you. Well, I found a way to duplicate myself multiple times, which as an entrepreneur and as somebody who’s growing your business, that’s like what everybody wants, right? You grow your business, you start hiring your team where like, well, I don’t want to hire this person because he can’t do it the way that I can do it. Right? I can do it better.
And unfortunately I felt like that for years and that’s why it took me four years to hire my first employee. Right? And that’s why every time I hire an employee, I struggle in my mind, I’m like, shit, if I hire a point, am I going to still do it better than this person? But you have to let that go. And once I let that go, once I freed that, that’s when everything started really rolling. So I found a way to duplicate myself multiple times. And here’s the crazy part. It was a simple framework, not people. So you’re probably wondering, well Chad, well I need 300 people and maybe five of them can do what I can do, right? When I realized this, it’s actually not. And if you look right here to the right of that, this is our actual call center. I went back in a time capsule, okay, this is our actual call center when we first opened the new office.
Um, and there’s probably about maybe six or seven people in there. It fit about, I think like 13 to 15 people in that call center. These are all of our closers closing deals. These are not fronters. Those people that you see on the phones, they’re in the middle of consultations, closing deals. Okay? But what I realized going through this journey going through this journey is it’s not only about the people, but it’s about the frameworks. Because if you can create a framework of the way that you do things in a process of the way that you do things, then you can take that and find a good person and implement it into them and teach that person and they can take your frameworks and then they can become you. You guys on the same page here, can you drop a five in the chat if you guys are with me really quick, five in the chat, if you guys are all on the same page, I want to make sure everybody hears a lie.
There’s hundreds guys is hundreds of you on here. I’m so excited for this. Just hundreds of you on here from all over the world. By the way, guys, if you guys are jumping on right now, I want to make sure that you stay all the way until the end of this webinar. We’re about to get into the frameworks right now of building basically a lead gen machine, and at the end of the webinar I’m going to give you guys a freebie, so just hang tight. Okay, so I finally found a way after 10 years, literally, I found a simple way to multiply myself. Okay? What I realized was there’s literally an entire world out there. Okay? So I did what every true entrepreneur does best. I took a risk. I went full force and applied the frameworks across the world, the frameworks that were working for me.
If you look to the right over here, the backstory on this is I literally took a flight all the way to Tijuana. Mexico actually took a flight to San Diego, landed in San Diego, parked my car at a hotel, took a an Uber or a taxi or whatever it was across all the way to the Mexican border. One entity went to Mexico from San Diego, found the call center. This was a call center. Obviously I found it before I went there. Right? It’s not a call center that was already built that can literally, I can just go and dump in my frameworks. Right? I didn’t have to do anything. I don’t have to worry about all the heavy lifting, the building, getting computers, getting deaths, hiring processes. I don’t want to do anything. I got my framework, I got this shit that works. I want to just figure out how to take it and dump it. Okay. So I went out, flew all the way to Mexico and this was their call center. And those people that you guys see there that are chatting, those are the reps that we’re going to start on their first day of work as a fronter. Okay. That was our fronting team in Tijuana, Mexico. I literally flew there so I can train them and be with them for an entire day.
Talk about knowing big. Let’s keep going. You guys want to see what our daily results look like? Say yes in the chat. Say yes in the chat show you guys some results. Let’s go pee and pee real quick. So from doing this exact approach, here’s what our Skype looked like. So every time after they scheduled an appointment with a person who was interested in hearing what we had to say more about our digital marketing services, um, we were using schedule ones back in the day, which is similar to [inaudible] or whatever other scheduling software you want to use. And they would literally copy the appointment. They would drop it in Skype and they would write some notes. Okay. But if you guys see here, look at the difference. 1138 new lead, 1144 new lead, 1211 new lead, 1231 new lead every couple of minutes. There was a new lead that was going into our calendar that was booked.
I love talking about like a form filled guys. I’m talking about leads that are actually booked on the calendar. Okay. And if you guys can see here, look in the look in the second lead in here. He spent $2,000 for a three page website and he doesn’t like it. He’s expecting a call from us by 4:00 PM today to hopefully help him. These are qualified leads. He’s interested to review the website and it doesn’t have a current website. He’s expecting a call from us in 30 minutes from now. I’m talking about high level quality leads. Okay, let’s go back P real quick.
At the end of the day, we used to get a report, our project manager in the call center, you sent us a report. Her name was Jeanie. Okay. Now six 58 my time, seven 58 which we had at this point, we had our closers here in the United States. We had one, um, um, prospecting call center in Tijuana, Mexico and one prospect and call center in the Philippines. Okay. Now this is for three reps, 22 new booked appointments in one day from three reps and each appointment is a 20 minute appointment scheduled on our calendar. Guys, would having this change your life, can you say yes in the chat? Having a way where you don’t have to deal so much with the prospecting in where your focus is more of just jumping on calls and closing deals. Man, that’s what we all want, isn’t it? As entrepreneurs, as business owners. Let’s keep going guys. Who wants the five step framework for building a lead generation machine? I’m going to walk you through it right now. Drop a yes in the chat. Yes in the chat. We’ve got to make some noise, guys. You guys gotta pump me up. Yes, in the chat. Let’s go.
All of you guys. All right, let’s get to it. All right guys, I want you to get your notebooks out. Get your screenshots ready because shit’s about to go down here, people. We went through the backstory. You understand the struggles. Now when we’re talking about some wins, step number one, team building. Let’s get to it. Now, the first thing that you guys need to understand is what a fronter is. Most of you guys have heard this word, a fronter. It’s a prospector. It’s I’m an appointment scheduler. They all mean the same shit. We call them fronters, right? A fronter is somebody who, the first thing, their responsibility is to memorize their pitch and rebuttals to be conversational and not robotic, okay? Conversational and not robotic. What does that mean? Well. That means I don’t sound like a robot. How many people sometimes when you read scripts, you sound like a robot name or how many people have heard scripts where you sound like a robot dropping us in the chat? Anybody?
Yeah. A lot of you guys, so Frontier’s responsibility is to make sure that you can memorize the pitch and that it’s conversational and not robotic. Okay. Also, her frontage responsibility is to make as many calls in a day as they possibly can. The next thing is a firm’s responsibility is to get people slightly interested in your unique offer. Then schedule a call for the closer you realize how slightly is underlined. You are not trying to sell here. You as a front of your job is not to go out and sell things. Your job as a fronter is to get people slightly interested in your unique offer and not for them to say, yes, I want more information. That makes sense. Let’s talk about a closing really quick closing and responsibilities. Introduce the offer now in further detail so the front end went out, told them a little bit about what you are offering, a little bit about the program, didn’t mention pricing them, talk about anything like that.
That’s not the front of the job. That’s the closer’s job. Okay. The closer job is to introduce the offer in further detail, which is most of you know it as a consultation call, as a demo call, as whatever it is that you want to call it. Okay. The closer’s call is also to handle any rebuttals or objections during that call because during the closing process, that’s where most of the rebuttals actually happen. When you’re like, Hey, your price are too high, or people like, Hey, is this going to work for me? Or I gotta speak to my wife, or I gotta call my grandma, make sure it’s a good fit. Right? Is this a good fit? Right? Your closer needs to be able to handle those rebuttals and objections fall asleep.
The last thing that a closer needs to do is close the deal and actually take payment. Okay. Guys today for the lead generation machine for step one, we’re going to be focusing on the fronters, okay? Because your job, especially if most of you guys are in an agency or in a business where it’s just you or it’s you, maybe another one or two people and you have a small team under five people, you need to focus on your fronting, okay? Fronters is where funders are, the people who go out and actually get the money without actually getting the money, if that makes any sense. Guys, don’t make any sense you guys so far to say yes in the chat. Say yes in the chat. We’re going to keep going here.
Yes, yes, yes, yes. Yeah, guys is hundreds of people here. Let’s go light up the chat. Say yes in the chat if it’s making sense. Get a lot of you guys. All right. Awesome. All right, so we talked about team building. All right. Actually I go back a step really quick. Okay. Most of you guys like, well Chad, Oh, what do I do to get fronters? How’s this done? Well, there’s tons of places online where you can go and you can hire fronters, you can build call centers, they’d outsource call centers that you can find online, right? Tons of people where their responsibility is to do this right here. One of three things, actually all three things, but your responsibility is to give them the framework that works. Okay, let’s keep going. Next step. Step one, we talked about team building and the difference between a fronter and a closer.
Now we’re going to talk about finding data. This is a very important step in building an outsource call center. Okay? So let’s go through that really quick. Well, what are the different options that I have with data? Well, I can go out and I can purchase data or I can go out and I can get a subscription to a data company where I can go in there and download lists and look at data, right? Or three, I can go out there and actually scrape data. Now there’s hundreds of people on here. Most of you guys are doing one or the other, okay? But I want to break down the benefits and what things that you guys need to be looking at. Okay. Purchase data. Usually if you’re getting good qualified data costs between 1 cent to 25 cents per record, right? So the download, Bobby the plumber and all his information can cost you about all the way on the low end from one set to 25 cents.
Next subscription data, that data that actually has a subscription to it, so $25 a month. Usually I’ve seen some subscription software is all the way up to a couple of hundred a month, right? Where you can actually go in there and actually download data. So you can build the list and say, Oh, plumbers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and I want to download the entire list. Okay, you can do that with subscription data services. And then the third one is scraped data, which most of you guys might already be doing. The data costs are practically free because you’re actually going out and scraping the data. Okay. Let’s keep going though. Here’s some things that you guys need to focus on when you’re getting data. Well, what are the valid data sources? Well, where’s the data coming from? Right? And you guys might not understand this until you build a cost and you’re making thousands of calls a day, how important that is, right?
So finding good qualified data that’s been verified and filtered and up to date. These are the things that are so important. So when your funders are getting on the phone, they’re not actually hitting a wall with businesses that are closed, companies that are out of date, contact information, phone numbers that are phone numbers from the guys, businesses from 10 years ago. It’s no longer active emails that don’t work anymore, right? Finally, good qualified data is what you need to make sure of. So you always want to ask where the data is actually coming from. Next is verified and up to date data, which I already told you guys after that. These are the fields that you want to make sure that you get business thing, phone number, website, having a contact name is a plus. Okay? These are the main fields that you get. Now guys, when you guys are doing any of the three data sources, these are pretty generic data sources that come with your business except for a name.
Names are usually harder to come across. Okay? But when you have a name, things change. So when you’re asking a question or when you’re talking to a specific person, you can say, Hey, it’s Bobby. And instead of saying, Hey, is a marketing manager in, does that make any sense? You guys? You guys say yes in the chat? If you guys are on the same page so far, cool. Lastly, but not leastly. You need downloadable and industry segmented data. What does this mean? Well, I need to make sure that one, I can download my data into an Excel so I can take that data and do stuff with it. And secondly, I need to make sure when I download that data that it’s segmented per industry. So as an example, if I want to go and download a list of plumbers in a certain city, I can do that.
If I want to go download a list of roofers in a certain city, I can do that. As long as they are industry segmented, this process is going to be so easy for you guys. Okay guys. And most data sources, depending on where you’re getting them from, you can easily do that with a filter option. You can say, Hey, I want to get all the plumbers, uh, that live in Fort Lauderdale floor or that plumbers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You can go even more in depth. That had been a business for five years. I do over $1 million in revenue that have a website that have an email address and have a point of contact attached to them. I want that list. That’s the list that I want, right? So going into data, you can find these more detailed geographical type stuff. Okay? So this is all about data.
So you got three options. You can purchase your data, you can get subscription data, or you can actually go out and scrape data. Okay? So we talked about team building, the difference between the front end, the closer we talked about finding data, right? Where’d you can find the three different options to find data? You can purchase a data, you can scrape the data and go subscription route. Okay, and now let’s talk about the dialing software. Step number three. Okay, so for most of you guys and for a lot of my career I was literally hand dialing and you guys ever do cold calls and hand dial? Say yes in the chat you guys have doing cold calls and hand dialing. Drop it quick. Yes in the chat for me. Let me know who you are. Still do. A lot of you guys said yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Cool. All right, we’ll check this out. I want you guys to see something.
Usually when your hand dialing, you can make about 150 calls per day, okay? On average now this is your offer down. Don’t be like Chad, why make 200 calls then their child, you going to make 75 calls a day? It doesn’t matter. Okay. This is an average. That’s why the point of having the AVG, sir. Okay. And the reason why is because it depends on your talk time. It depends on your answer rate. There’s a lot of things that it’s like a domino effect that happened, right? So hand dialing, you can make about 150 calls per day. Okay? All average number two. Well, if you take your list and then you upload that list to a power dialer, you can make 400 calls per day on average. Okay. Or number three, you drop it into a predictive dialer, which you can make an average of about 1500 calls per day. So I want you guys to check this out. Hand dialing, which has been me picking up the phone, dialing the phone number, waiting for the call to ring. Oh, you didn’t pick up the phone. [inaudible] hang up now go get and do it again. Attain dialing.
Right hand dialing is doing things or dialing one by one by hand. It’s pretty self explanatory. Power dialer is one by one also, but it’s done by a software, so you don’t physically have to look at the number. Type it into your phone. It’s literally going one and it’s waiting. It’s going one and it’s 20 but the system is dialing it for you. And then the other predictive dialer, which makes multiple calls at once by a software. So as an example, if I have three reps all cold calling at the same time for each rep that I have, I can have multiple channels. Well, I can tell the system, Hey, call five numbers for every rep that I have, three reps, I will be calling 15 numbers at the same time. Okay? And it’s going to, the system is going to call those numbers and whoever answers it actually live connects to the agent. You hear a beep on your phone and you start talking right away. Okay? This saves from one
not having to have any downtime or wait time. Literally our call center used to literally say they here [inaudible] Hey, start going with their pitch. Right? And when they used to hang up, these are your beep again, start going again. There was no wait time, no wait time at all, okay? Because what’s most of you guys don’t realize if you haven’t done the stats yet, is most of the people, probably about 75% of the your calls that you’re making, they don’t pick up the phone. They go to voicemail, right? So by doing this, you’re cutting out 75% of your time and more than that, you able to make 1500 calls per day per rep, okay? Now you’re talking about next level stuff. Okay? So guys, let’s keep going. We talked about step one, team-building. Step two we talked about finding Dana step through talking about the dialing software.
Step four, pinch and schedule. This is the most important thing, okay? Step one, we’re going to go super, super easy here. Guys. Pitch well. Every good salesperson has to have a pitch, but what’s you’re pitching? You ought to make sure that you’re not selling. You are pitching a unique offer, okay? Step number two, get a yes. Get that person to raise their hand and say, yes, Chad, I’m interested in what you have to offer. I want more information. Step number three, schedule the call with a closer after they say yes, so guys, a pitch. This is a tactical sales pitch you used to get a prospect slightly interested. Once again, the word is slightly interested. You are not a closer at this point. If you’re dealing with fronters, your main goal is to get people who were interested in what you have to say and you let the closer handle their job.
That’s why they’re called closers because they close deals. Okay, getting yes, the prospect has to say, yes, I’m interested in hearing more in any way, shape or form that you guys can get that three. Schedule the call directly for the closer at the earliest time so that person says, yes, I’m interested in getting more, hear more about you have to offer. He said, great, I got a four o’clock this afternoon, 4:00 PM EST. I can schedule you right in. I’ll have Bobby from our sales department go over the entire program with you. Is that a good fit for you? Schedule them on the calendar. Okay. Make sure you’re using a calendar to makes using a scheduling system as well. Very important guys. Okay, so super simple. Most of you guys to overcomplicate shit. Well, if you just look at the frameworks, well I’ve got step one, I gotta do my pitch.
Step two is I got to get the person to say yes. And step three is I scheduled the call and now they’re closer, has a call. So when you take out all the complexities of it and you actually simplify the frameworks and makes things so much easier and you actually start seeing results a lot faster. Okay, let’s keep going here guys. Step one we did team building. Step two we did finally data. Step three we did the dialing software. Step four we talked about pitch and schedule. And step five is now scaling this whole machine, okay? So scaling the machine. Step one, hire more fronters. Step two, quality assurance. Step three, hire closers. More of them. Okay, so hire more fighters. Let’s talk about that really quick. Once you’ve literally perfected the systems with at least one or two fronters, you now have the opportunity to hire more reps and duplicate your process, which is your framework.
Okay? And I’m going to give you guys a rule of thumb, the frameworks that you create, okay? Those are the frameworks that you have to physically test yourself first and then you apply it to other people and then you work with them and optimize their processes and make it even better. Okay? Then you start scaling. You don’t scale. You don’t just jump up and hire 30 people. You start with one person and two person than three person and you build the frameworks and the processes. Okay? Quality assurance. Start listening to recorded fronter calls daily and work directly with your reps on how to get optimal results. What does this mean? Well, like the slide I showed you guys before, the lady Jean is our quality assurance rep. The end of the day, she would message us how many leads we had scheduled today. Give us a breakdown of the reps and who scheduled what, but she would also throughout the entire day, listen to the calls and make sure that the reps were saying the right things to the actual customers or the prospects, so we actually get qualified scheduled calls.
Okay. If that weren’t saying the right things, the quality assurance reps would actually go back. They would speak to the fronters and they would make sure that they’re saying the right things. They would fix those issues. Okay? They would bring it up to them. Higher closers, guys, you should be the one closing all deals during this trial period of you testing out this entire framework, okay? Once you’ve perfected the system, once you’ve closed deals and have credit cards ran, then you can go out and hire more closers. When I started my business, you guys saw the first slide that I have, that outlet little office with three people. I was closing Bruce, that old guy with the shirt that was open. He was a fronter. He was fronting. I was closing deals. Only until then when I opened my call center that I start hiring more reps because I had that process down of what I was selling, the offer that I was creating.
Does that make sense guys? And you guys say yes and this makes any sense to you guys? Just understanding simple frameworks. Okay, guys, screenshot this really quick. This is the five step lead generation machine framework. Okay? It’s building a team fetters and closers. It’s finding data, whether you’re scraping data, you’re purchasing that nav subscription to a data company. It’s a dialing software. Whether you’re hand dialing, whether you’re power dialing, whether using a predictive dialer, it’s a pitch and schedule where you’re pitching the service, you’re pitching your offer, you’re getting the person to put their hand up and say yes and then you’re scheduling the actual call and then it’s actually scaling the machine. Okay? Which is hiring more fronters quality assurance and then hiring actual closers. Does that make sense to you guys? So yes, in the chat, yes. In the chat. Oh yeah. In the chat. Let’s do
a quick team exercise. I want to do a quick team exercise with you guys and you guys will see, cause there’s literally hundreds of people here. I want you guys to see how other people have the same mindset. Now guys, if we’re going to do this exercise, I really, really, really need you to actually interact and engage with this. Okay? I’m not asking you for much, okay? If dropping number three in the chat. Wait. Okay. If you’re facing any of these issues while I’m listing these out, okay? We’re new little shot social experiment. You guys are gonna see what I’m talking about. So I’m going to start listing out you dropping threes. I don’t even listen to anything. Come on guys. Get with the program. How can you be struggling with nothing? No, but seriously guys, I’m going to start listing stuff out and if anything resonates you, and at any point in your mind you’re like, yeah, that’s me. That’s me. I want you to drop a number three. Okay? And guys, by the way, don’t forget, stay until the end of this. I’m going to be giving away some freebies. Stay until the end. I promise you, you got some fire coming.
And if you’re having issues with getting predictable and qualified leads into your pipeline every single day, drop a three in the chat, drop a three in the chat. A lot of you guys, and then you guys consistently closing new deals every single week like clockwork. You’re having an issue with that where you can consistently close new deals every week like clockwork. I want all of you guys to take a look what’s happening here in the chat. Everybody’s dropping threes. It looks like everybody’s struggling, right, and everybody’s got different struggles and you’ll see what they are. Are you struggling with knowing the exact services and bundles to offer potential prospects that will actually get them results? Drop a three in the chat. Are you struggling with building a company with steady growth so you’re not always strapped or stress for incoming revenue? Drop a number three in the chat. If this resonates with you guys, drop a three in the chat. Are you struggling with creating a truly transformational experience for yourself, your team, and your clients while running your business? Drop a three in the chat.
Yeah, the chat is going crazy right now. Are you struggling with scaling your agency to dozens of paying clients and not just the handful that keep turning out on you every day? Jump a three in the chat. We’re going to do this experiment one more time. This time, I want you guys to drop a five in the chat. If anything that I list on here actually will change your life, which means you will literally have a life changing experiment from this. One thing that I start listing listing on this list here, okay, drop a five in the chat. The first thing, how would your life change if you were getting leads in your pipeline every day that are actually interested in your services? Look at that guys. That’s crazy. A lot of you guys are struggling.
How would your life change if you could charge more for your services of you’re charging $200 a month? How would your life change? If you could charge 1000 bucks a month, how would your life change if you knew exactly what systems to use and how to use them? Drop a five in the chat, dropping the five in the chat if you had an entire team working for you so you can enjoy your life and only worry about higher level tasks. Maybe you don’t want to do prospecting. You don’t want to do closing. Sort of focus on growing the business. Drop a five in the chat, Joppa five in the chat. If you never have to worry about losing clients ever again because your services and your processes will be perfected. Five in the chat guys
drop a five in the chat and you can make enough money to support yourself and your family without being stressed. For me, this was a big one.
Do you guys see some patterns here? I want you guys to know something. We’re all human and though some of you guys might feel like you’re struggling, you feel that pressure, you feel everything weighing down on you. Look at the beginning of the slide deck. It took me 10 years to get to where I am today. You’re not alone and every single person in this chat is just like you. Okay? So don’t feel like, Oh, because you’re not closing deals and you’re not good enough to become an entrepreneur or own your own agency. Don’t feel like because you don’t get leads in your pipeline every single day like clockwork, then you’re not good enough for this industry. Okay? When you need to do is just change your frameworks a little bit, okay? It’s not you as an entrepreneur, it’s the framework set you’re using to actually help you scale your agency. Okay? Does this make sense? You guys say yes? Say yes. If anything here made sense he guys. Okay. I want to do one more thing really quick. Another social proof real quick. Drop a seven in the chat. Okay. Dropping number seven in the chat. If working directly with me for an entire year would change your life
working with me directly for an entire year, that’s 12 months. It’s 52 weeks. That’s 360 days. Drop a seven in the chat. If working with me for an entire year would absolutely change your life. Where if you had somebody like me to bounce all your issues off or if you had somebody like me that would show you how to go more in depth, all of these different frameworks and build everything out, drop a seven in the chat.
Okay? Very cool. A lot of you guys. Okay, so this is where we come to a turning point. Okay
guys, if you said yes to anything, if you dropped a three in the chat, a five in the chat or seven in the chat, I’d like to introduce you to our new flagship mentorship program for agency owners,
Dasha Lee.
Now for most of you guys, we have not released this to the public for everybody who actually came to dash day, which was a three dash days that we did, we launched this program to them internally and we baked, we’ve been beta testing it for about three or three or four months. Now we have about 15 people in the program that we are working one-on-one with myself, angel, the dash clicks community, the tribe and life changing experiences are happening.
so first and foremost, if you can one, erase money out of your mind, cause I see some of you guys like, Oh, it’s too money. It’s too expensive. If this didn’t involve any money, how many of you guys would jump into this program? Drop a one in the chat,
drop a one in the chat.
Every single person in this group dropped the one in the chat. Let’s do another little quick social proof. I want you to drop a two in the chat. If you knew that this costs money, but it was an investment that you are willing to make to better yourself and better your business and move as fast as possible. Drop a two in the chat really quick.
Drop a two in the chat really quick. Carlos,
drop a two in the chat
for me really quick. A lot of you guys guys really quick call us. I’m out here. Here we go.
Really quick, I want to talk to you guys and then at the end I’m gonna give you guys a freebie. I want to talk to you guys really quick about what dash lead is Daschle is for those who actually need to create an agency with massive momentum without all the turbulence and time suck. Okay? So if this is, if you’re looking for something, if you’re looking for a program where you can work directly with me named Joe for 12 months and I literally hold your hand and walk you through the whole process and build this whole thing, then this program is for you. Okay? This program is not for you. If you’re looking for an overnight get rich quick scheme, this program is not for you. If you don’t want to hustle or actually work, this program is not for you. If you want a one hour agency work week, this is not for you.
If you want to build a business like the business that I built that I showed you guys, which took me 10 years to build because I didn’t have any mentorship or I don’t have any guidance, I was literally just trying to figure everything out on my own and you guys want to build a real business like I did where now we operate two multimillion dollars companies, social agency in Dashchle X, both of are doing seven figures in recurring revenue. If that’s the, that’s a place where you want to be in. That’s a lifestyle that you want. Then this program is right for you. If you’re on the flip side of that where you don’t care and you just want to be a freelancer, glorified freelancer, there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s totally cool. You can do that too. This program isn’t for you. Okay. I want to quickly go over what dash dash lead includes and then we’re going to give you guys some freebies for one.
If any of you guys who guys who’s who here in this chat is using any of our softwares in society. Insert reports, the dashboards platform drop of three in the chat, three in the chat. Really quick. Three, yeah, hundreds of you guys are using it. Okay, cool. So you actually, with this program, you get the entire gastrics platform. You get into reports premium and insert report into sites premium. You can all premium versions of everything. Okay, let’s keep going. You also get access to all of our courses and trainings and curriculum stuff that we haven’t even released yet that’s done. So our proven prospecting system, irresistible sales force with our dash accelerator, our call center secrets where there’s just this one call center secrets is a four hour training of me going in depth on all the frameworks that I just built. I’m showing you what software to use.
I’m giving you guys my call center. I’m literally walking you through the entire program ins and outs of how to actually do everything for our training on how to do that dash university, which is no longer available. We’ve taken all those videos, we’ve created an online university and of course out of it you get access to that. You get access to ends report secrets that day. For those of you guys who really want it to come but just couldn’t fly across the country, well we’d recorded two dash eight dash days one dash eight two you guys get the full day recording of both of those events. Okay? You’re also going to get our two new programs that we’re coming out with here shortly in the next couple of weeks. Life performance optimization and seven figure systems. Okay, let’s keep going. The most important thing is you get access to us, which is myself, an angel.
Okay? So every single week you get an accountability call. We jump on every single week. We talked about how your week has been, how it goes, how, how it’s what your struggles that you’ve been going through. Literally everything. One of the bigger things is, let me actually slide back real quick. You get access to a private Slack channel, okay? Where if some of you guys, you’re like, well shit, I can’t, I don’t know how to do this. I don’t know how to do that. I’m getting stuck here. I’m building my call center. The fronters are not morning. This recording is not working. I’m trying to send out this email blast. It’s not working. How many of you guys would like to have myself, an angel in your back pocket at all times? Drop a seven in the chat when literally you can ask us anything you want and I’m not talking about life chats.
I’m talking about a direct message to either myself or angel asks us any questions that you guys want? How many guys would like that? I might change your life and of course access to the private Slack channel where our entire Daschle community is so all of the people who are winners, who are entrepreneurs who their goal is to take their business to the next level. Only those people and nobody else is in this one tribe and in this one community right now is about 15 of them in there and they’re all closing deals weekly. Every single week they’re closing deals.
You also get access to, like I said to me and angel dark acts is access to the tribe. You’re also going to get VIP access and an annual ticket to our dash cliques annual event that we’re going to be hosting.
Plus you get tons of other stuff. You get access to the Daschle volt, which is available on mobile, which you have everything inside access to all of our swipe files, SLPs, sales structures, hundreds of documents literally in there, downloadable that you can use it. Just go out and run with your agency. Plus you get full access to all future trainings, all future softwares. You get access to literally everything that we do at dash place. Guys, would you think any of this might help you? Can you drop a yes in the chat for me really quick? If you feel like this is a good fit for you? Drop a quick yes in the chat.
Why don’t you guys, yeah. All right, so this is what I want to do. Guys sponsor this program. Obviously they’re very limited, okay? And this is not a scarcity thing. We’re only going to let 25 new members into the program and then the doors are closing forever. I’ll make, excuse me, not forever, but for a while. Okay? And the reason why is because this is a personal coaching and mentorship program, which means time is everything. This is not a course where you’re just going to go on and start watching some videos. This is literally me and angel working directly with you, holding your hand and building your agency for an entire year. Now, if you don’t think that that can help you, this program is not for you. Okay? So what I want you guys to do is I want you guys to schedule a free 30 minute breakthrough call.
We’re going to talk about pricing for the program. You just go to go to www dot join dot [inaudible] dot com I’m about to give you guys a freebie. So hang tight, okay? Now for those of you guys who are like, Oh, I don’t have money to pay for it, forget about money for a second guys, we’re gonna have a lot of options for you guys. You guys don’t even know what the price yet, so stop crying about money. Don’t be that person. If you’re crying money, then this is not for you. Regardless, just get off here. Okay, well you guys need the focus out. Is this investment worth it for you? Okay? Do you actually want a mentor and a coach and work with you? Do you want access to the entire ecosystem of dash clicks? Okay? And you want a personal touch to that.
And that’s a joining only live webinar, right? So what I want you guys to do is I want you guys to schedule a 30 minute call. It’s a 30 minute call where we’re going to literally talk to you about the program, but more importantly, we’re going to audit where you’re currently at in your stage in your business, and we’re going to give you guys pointers on how to actually help you and grow your business right there within the call. Okay? So not only are you going to get a free 30 minute call with angel Picardo, he’s going to blow your mind.
We’re also going to give you guys a mystery builders. And you know, I like to keep shit crazy. So at the end of the call, angel is going to give you access to something. It’s a mystery bonus. I can’t tell you what it is. It can be something big, can be something small, but I can tell you one thing that it damn sure will change your life. Just the bonus. Another thing that is going to change your life is just a 30 minute call with angel. And then another thing that will change your life is the entire dash elite program. Okay? So I want you guys to do is go to you can see the URL right there at the bottom. Join dash [inaudible] dot com schedule a free 30 minute breakthrough call. We’re literally going to go with you through your agency, talking about what you’re struggling is.
We’re going to give you pointers on how to fix them right there. Within the 30 minute call, we’re going to obviously talk to you about the dash elite program. We’ll make you an offer. We’ll talk about pricing and everything that you guys are probably curious about towards the end of the call below. Or most importantly, we want to know is where you’re at in your agency to see for even a good fit for the program. Okay? So all you gotta do is you just got to join or click the button below somewhere. This ends up being a live webinar. Click the button below and um, go ahead and schedule a call. We’re going to give you a mystery bonus at the end of it, which is an educational product that’s going to blow your socks off completely for free. You don’t have to pay for it.
Okay? You didn’t go to join now guys, one thing I want to say before we close out here is one, only 25 people out of the hundreds that are probably going to schedule a call are going to be approved and we’re actually going to let into the program. This is a personal program, which basically means we don’t want to work with you if you’re not serious. So if you’re not serious about growing your agency and growing your business the way that I did it, the way that I showed you here, and yet it’s not going to take you 10 years to take you way faster because you’re going to have me an angel by your side. Then this program is where you want to be. So go ahead and schedule a free 30 minute call. Go to now guys, we’ve opened up the calendar for the next two weeks, which basically means that 30 minute call is going to go in increments. So as you’re sitting here waiting and thinking about just scheduling a free call sponsor already getting full, which means you might not be able to schedule a call for another week from now. Okay? How many of you guys, curiosity went out and booked a call right now? Just say yes in the chat really quick. Let’s go ahead and say yes in the chat really quick.
Yeah, a lot of you guys. Okay. Honestly, you’d be stupid not to. You get a free 30 minute call, which is a breakthrough call. It’s going to show you how to actually go out and scale your agency for 30 minutes. Okay? I’m going to pinpoint all the issues that you have and then on top of that we’re going to give you a freaking mystery bonus and yeah, we’re going to make you an offer for dash elite at the end of the call. So don’t be sad if we try to make you an offer. At the end, okay? But it’s going to be an offer that’s going to change your life and help you actually scale your agency. Okay? So once again, guys, you want to schedule your free 30 minute breakthrough call, get your mystery bonus at the end of the call. And guys, I will see you guys inside of the dash elite program. Having a good day. Guys.

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