How to Get 10+ High Value Leads per Day on Auto Pilot Using One Simple Instagram Hack
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 02:53 PM

How to Get 10+ High Value Leads per Day on Auto Pilot Using One Simple Instagram Hack


Can you get 10 leads a day?
How hard are you working for those leads?
Sales don’t happen when you immediately try to close leads. They happen when you talk to people…
You have to connect with them, let them know you can help, let them know that you care.
But all that conversation takes time. You don’t want to spend time with leads that might pan out when you have to worry about fulfillment, accouting, and closing warmer leads.
How do you make it work, then?
I know, I know…
You think it can’t be done…
Good thing I proved it works in this video…


They’re not gonna trust you if you’re going out there like that and going straight for the kill, we’re poor, right? To see if it’s a right fit. Come in, slide into the DM as a human being that’s not there to sell them, but someone who actually cares to serve them and growing their business to see if it’s a right.
You guys ready? You guys ready? Ready? Oh, they can hear us. That funny, Mike. Check God. Making sure everybody ready for the chat. Guys today is going to be a wild one. It’s a wild checked. I want to make sure that everybody is in this to witness, so I need all yours. Oh, hamburger to put your hair. Good shake. Shake it all up. Let’s get a thing on seven 30 on the chat. If you’re watching this right now on Facebook, I need you to do me a favor. It’s a very important thing. It’s going to take you probably less than a second to do [inaudible] 74 in the shot. We need to make sure that we can build as much engagement as possible to make this video go as viral as possible. Also a favor, do it. Make sure you also Hashtag live if you’re live, hashtag replay if you’re jumping on and watching the replay, we want to make sure everybody watches this webinar cause we are about to drop some bombs, some cashed money bombs. So when you’re ready, who’s ready?
I know I’m ready. I don’t know if you guys can tell, but I’m ready. Should we do another poll real quick and we do seven point check. Go seven 74 see, oh wait. They are, I think they’re ready. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They’re ready. They’re ready. They’re ready. That’s the last. Let’s just do this guys. Let’s just do this. Let’s do it. You guys. Most of you guys like, Holy Shit. There was two beautiful people on camera. We need to figure out why they’re on camera and why there is going to be hundreds of people live on this webinar. Literally between Facebook, between Instagram, we’ve got the cameras, we’ve got multi cameras, Facebook, Instagram, live on zoom. We got this broadcasted to the world people. Okay. Yeah, they’re ready guys. We’re going to be talking about an important topic today and I want to do a quick poll. I want to make sure we’re all on the same page. Who is struggling, okay. Who is struggling with getting leads daily? Can you yes. In the chat say yes in the chat.
And when I’m talking about, I’m talking about like 10 leads a day incoming without you doing anything. If you guys are doing that, don’t say yes. But if you’re not doing that, say yes because we’re going to help you out today. So yes.
Yeah, 10 please. He’s like, please, please. Heck yeah. That’s what I’m talking about. [inaudible]
Important thing about sales. How do you actually get leads, right? It’s leads are all based on conversations, right? And I did a whole live the other day talking about how important conversations are. Everybody’s, everybody’s always focused on conversions when he shouldn’t be focused on conversations, okay? And action and connections and networking. Right now. That’s one of the leads actually stem from. So take a step back. Today we’re going to go right on my tree school and we’re going to teach you guys how to start conversations because we all have
Such a busy, hey, well how the hell are we going to do this? Hold on a minute.
Let’s start here. Actually before we even jump in, right? We can do it. Let’s ask ourselves this question. How many opportunities or how many connections are you currently right now getting per day? How many people are you connecting with per day right now? Like those guys are saying, I got no leads, I got no clients. This and that. Ask yourself a serious question. How many people have you actually tried to connect with? Right? To actually offer them some help? I don’t want to see out
How many people, how many connections that you can do today, right? How many [inaudible]? Five per day.
Two. Two. That’s it. That’s it. Do you want me to go into the Perez? Cause I will start calling people out. Let’s go guys, if you’re not on here, we’re not. First of all, we cannot spit fire and we cannot give you guys the guids and just another thing because we’re not supposed to be doing,
Yeah, you guys go well we are about to drop lives. The one out of a hundred different automations,
The tactics that I go through in the dash accelerator program. Okay. So if you like this and you’re not on the dash accelerator program, you’ve got to make sure you get in there. Okay? So this is just, what was that? Okay. Now I want to do also another quick thing. Okay. So somebody said 50, 2013 physical outreach businesses called emails 50.
Good, good. Hi. Cool. So who here generates 10 leads per day doing email outreach or cold calls or anything? Just go ahead and put 10 in the chat if you aren’t doing that, if you’re generating at least 10 leads per day.
Not this guy. Somebody said no, no, no, no people, I did it. Well that means you guys are in the right place. Oh yeah. So what if I can tell you, I don’t know. It sounds crazy. They’re not going to believe me. And most of you guys, you read the
That we sent out when we did the broadcast for this live. Most of you unfortunately didn’t believe me. So you’re here today for us to prove it to you. Now, do you want me to show, I don’t think that, hold on one second. You gotta make sure they’re alive. Are they awake right now with me? Guys? Are you to seven seven in the chat? If you guys are with me really quick. Seven 77 in the chat. There we go. Seven, seven, seven in the chat, talking about, hey, everybody’s up. That’s the marketer’s mindset, fam that I know. Let’s go, let’s go. Let’s go. I listen to me guys and now I had to come a little bit closer because this is a secret that I’m about to show you. This tactic I use personally to get new members into dashboards. Okay? We’ve also used this to generate sales for a retail agency. And what I’m about to show you is if you can think about a Leprechaun walking up to your house, knocking on your door and leaving the gold bucket for the Kobo state. Let’s set a goal and you’re just going to gold.
Gold. Yeah, somebody does leave a pause. Go on your doorstep. This is that pot of gold. Okay? So what I’m about to show you today, I need you to make sure that you take your phones and you put your phones away. I need you to make sure that you close out of every single other tack. Okay? Because in a minute I’m going to go here on this big screen wondering to go p. And P and I’m going to walk you through the software that I used to do this. I’m going to show you how I do this. I’m going to show you the results of my actual results of me doing this. I’m going to walk you through everything of how to actually automate Instagram conversations, which turn conversations into leads and then turn the leads into sales. And you guys want to see how I do that. I need you to say yes in the chat.
I think they are ready. Not Enough people. I think there are not enough people were in a way. A little bit. You want some coffee? Should we grab food? Let’s do quick ubereats. A tour, some Philbrook yes. Everybody wakes up. Yeah cause I don’t think they’re up. I’m going to order some Uber eats. You wants. What do you want? I want a double express. So please cause I’m about to close some deals. Yeah, we’re going to order. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yeah. So you guys, where else are you guys willing? [inaudible] Happy wants some chipotle there. [inaudible] Please. Alright, terrible. Double please. Here we go. Let’s do this. Here we go. So go first before we do jump in, jump in.
I want to see how many people, because obviously the subject of the day is Instagram. If you have an Instagram account, drop a seven, five, two in the chat right now. Yeah, that’s going to be important cause you’re probably gonna need that. If you have an Instagram account, you’re halfway there. Who wants the other half? I think we all look
Drop and drop in the a drop in the URL. Pay. Alright, so now we know we have step one right now. Let’s dive into and how you actually leverage it. Instead of scrolling through Instagram, staring at other people’s food, let’s actually make some fricking money out of it. Who’s down for that? All right, so this is where I’m going to do people. Nobody leaves any comments? Okay. What I’m going to do in a second is I’m going to drop an affiliate link, which I will make money on because I’m taking the time to do the shit before. Okay? This is going to help me pick the software that I use, which I’m about to show you how to use. Okay, so I’m going to drop the link. You’re going to click on this link and it’s going to open up into another tab. We’re going to start with that guilt.
Go ahead and click on that link and I wanted, what I would do guys is create a free account. So if you can, if you have two screens, like most of you do, probably you can set it up as we go literally so that after this live, by the end of the day, we should have posts in the group of people getting results. Oh my gosh. I actually just sent out 10 messages and I got three responses. Wow. Oh my gosh. Right. We want more of that because right now you guys are doing no outreach. So let’s set this up right now together. This is what this is for. Chad is going to show you how he does it and then we’re going to tag team and show you how, once you’ve created that conversation, how to actually now take that conversation and turn it into a customer. Who’s ready for that all guys, I’m going to go through everything. Okay, let’s Go pee and pee real quick. Okay. So if you click on that link, you most likely have ended up on, it’ll go incognito for this cause I’m already logged in. I don’t feel like doing this shit again.
So if you click on the link, let’s go p and P. Click on the link. This is where you are right now. Okay. This is where you are right now. Is Everybody on this page? Can you guys say yes? We’re going to go through this one by one people. I want to make sure everybody does this the way that I do it. Okay. It’s a different color. It’s a different color. Okay, no problem. Just let say yes in the chat. We’re going to go through this together as a group. I’m going to show you how to set the whole thing up and I’m going to walk you through the whole process. Say yes in the chat. He says their screen doesn’t match there. Do you want to test the link real quick? Can we test the link? No, cause it sure doesn’t matter. It should be somewhat like this. Okay. Okay. Darn you guys on the website that says instant oval. I guess that’s what we need to know. Yeah. Are you guys on Insta Noble? No one’s the normal. It’s completely different. Some people are saying yes. Some people are saying no. Make sure you’re clicking the link. Yeah. Make sure you go to the link that Chad just posted.
Him on the page. Okay. That’s not a problem guys. So all you’re going to have to do guys and then just go ahead and click the top left. You just created an account. Yeah, pretty much password required. Yes. You just click sign up. There you go. Okay. Click sign up.
Yeah, just log in via your Google account or just create a quick account here so you can be on the same page that we are and we’re about to be right now.
Yeah, I’m does. Everybody who’s watching this on the top right, you’re gonna see a signup link. You can sign up before you, this doesn’t cross anything guys. You can do a three day trial and try this out.
Go ahead and I want everybody, we’re going to wait 30 seconds. We’ll sing a song. In the meantime, everybody go ahead and set up their account for the free trial. Okay. You don’t like it. Set a reminder in your calendar and cancel in three days. Okay. Samuel says he has the best song we’ve ever heard.
I’m going to go ahead and work your way. 30 seconds. We will sing a jingle in the meantime to give you guys some nice elevator music.
You guys all right in your account. You guys have done that already. We should take you know no longer than 10 seconds dropped by a seven five four in the chat. If you are already created your account and you’re ready for our next step,
This is a complete walk through of how to unload on leads. Seven five, four guys, it should take you two seconds. Okay. Just take your two seconds. I don’t even think you have to put in a credit card if I’m not mistaken. Like you just fill out the form and you’re in. That’s it. Let me know once you guys are in. We’re going to wait another 15 seconds and then I’m going to get started guys. Okay, we are going to wait 15 more seconds. We are going to wait 14 seconds. We are going to wait 30 more seconds. This is like that one. Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi, Mississippi, five Mississippi, six Mississippi.
Let’s go. Let’s go everybody. Everybody who’s done it already dropped the seven them in the chat and you have done this and you are ready to roll.
Started here peeps.
Look guys, this is in your benefit. If you guys aren’t going to walk us, you know, walk through this. This is just going to be like watching another course, right? Not taking action. It’s like how much information you guys need to hear before you start taking action that that’s what this is for. So you guys can implement as we go and we’re waiting on you to make you more money. How about that?
Yeah, you guys were giving me free shit and were giving me free shit on top of it. So let’s go.
Let’s do this. Let’s do this first. We don’t want to do and this a by slowpokes about people who are and can’t fill out a form or I’m not done. So yet this or by you. A couple minutes. Okay. First thing that I want to do is talk about Instagram as a whole. Okay. First and foremost, if you have not or do not follow me or ready, just go right there and follow me. It’s at Chad Kodary. If we can go pee and pee real quick. Very simple guys. It’s my name, Chad Canary. You can search for me. This is what my profile looks like and I got a bunch of cool shit here that I post. Okay. Instagram is probably one of the coolest tools that I use. Okay, and I’ll tell you what all you guys familiar?
With what Instagram pages are with what? Instagram pages, let’s say if we can be truthful at stay a p p for a little bit. Instagram pages. What’s an Instagram page? It’s just, this is a page. This is my Instagram page profile. Hey, profiles should probably be a better keyword. Okay. Now did you guys know, okay, we’ll do this. Then you can actually go to Instagram
And type in keywords. Let’s say realtor.
Yeah, I’ll check this out guys. That’s a Hashtag [inaudible] Hashtag [inaudible] thank you, Angel. You can hold on one sec. Oh wait, let me try it. Let me learn how to type real quick. Angel’s learning how to type or you guys again, one more time. Rates. Size. Now it doesn’t matter. Where are you on this world? Country is all realtors everywhere. Okay, so what I want to do is let’s type in, Real estate. Look at that real estate. What if we type in, Roofing experts. Roofing world. Yeah. We want to do some associations. Let’s type in Real estate association. Oh, that’s one.
They’ll say to associates, no, that’s not what to do. Let’s just do this. Let’s type in rotors and let’s hit enter. Let’s get to the page. Get to the page where it shows us everything.
Why is doing this? Instagram? Try Miami real estate for Miami. Let’s use this as an example. Okay. The Miami realtors. Okay. This is basically all people who [inaudible]. Look at this. It says it right here with a description. Miami Association of Realtors Official Instagram of the Miami realtors, the nations largest local real estate association. 47,000 members. That’s great. They have 8,573 people. Okay, let’s go front facing real quick. I want to talk about this.
What have you been in a room and you got to speak with 8,473 people and have you done it automated? When are we never right? Literally never. Right? So there is 8,473 people. Now they want to do a little pop quiz real quick. Can we go P and p? Now if I’m on a page that says the Miami realtors and the description of the page says the nation’s largest realtor association. Okay, and the title says Miami Association of Realtors. Who Do you think these 8,473 people are that are following this page? Can you drop it? The chat really quick? Let’s see. Here. Are these people that are following this, this page filters, right?
Oh, it’s hers, right? They’re all realtors. Look at this. What’s this? Holy Shit. Look at that. The National Association of Realtors, 137,000 people. Okay. Who Do you think? Once again. Oh those hundred and 37,000 people. Can you guys drop it in the chat for me really quick?
Who Do you think those 137,000 people are? That is right. Realtors or a big portion of them, right? Yeah, a big portion. A big portion. Yeah. And there’s going to be people like someone said in thing that they use different following things, but to focus on that portion. Realtors, if you write this page and you’re not a realtor, you are bored with your wife. Yeah. Cause this is some boring shit right here. Okay. This is like all your role through like investment and opportunity. Why would anybody care about this if you’re not a realtor? Okay, let’s just be straight up. Yeah. Okay. Let’s keep going. No, we’re not sure.
So I want to show a little secret here. Go ahead. So let’s say this is a like, so if you know for a fact that your ideal target audience, let’s say you’re a marketing agency, targeting realtors. Here you have obviously a realtor page and we can all agree that our target market is within this audience of 137,000 but when I click on this little arrow, what it’s going to show me her pages at a relevant or most likely to be, you know, pages that the same audience follows. And so it’s going to be super easy to also find multiple associations. Not only that, but large brokerage firms in this case, for real estate that can also qualify to be your clients, right? So there’s an endless amount of opportunity. It’s all about how many connections and how much outreach you’re wanting and willing to do. But you can literally get crazy with this in any niche and simply type in the main keyword, right? And, and just start doing some research, right? Instead of just doing this cold, we want to do some research prior, but the research is going to allow us to get a higher quality audience, right? So that we can target them and get our intended results. Our right are at least talk to people who can be qualified to actually say yes or no to our sa our services. Right?
Oh good. That San Diego role, tourists, 1,118 people. Are you guys getting the concept here of just, this is just a quick way to find people that gather in one place. Think about this as a list. Okay. It’s a group of 1,118 people or 137 people. One 90,000 people. Okay. Or whatever it was. And you guys are all the same pages and me, go ahead and drop a 550455454 [inaudible] the chat over on the same page on how easy it is to go in there and just find something. You can, we got p and p really quick. We’re going to do another example of a different industry. Let’s just do plumbing cause I always use plumbing or plumbing association. Let’s see if I can find something as plumbing and air condition. 818
Oh well you want to find, go to here real quick. This is a lot easier to do on the phone. Yeah. Fire away. Cause you can search by top top keywords on the, on the phone.
Even top hashtags. So just fine. Like plumbers, local union, what does this 31 people,
Essentially you’re gonna have to do some research obviously, but once you find that account, it’s going to be 100 times easier to find more of them. So initially you’re going to happen to do some research, but I guarantee you, you know, eight out of 10 businesses have an Instagram account, whether they use it for selling their services or for branding or for whatever they’re going to have an account. And not only that, because it’s their business account attached will be their business email and phone number. Right. So once you do reach out to them and let’s say they’re interested, you could simply just call, their information should be on their Instagram page and it’s going to allow you to connect with them and further that conversation.
Yeah, 100% I’m going to try to look for some other things.
Does that make sense so far guys, while we’re waiting? Does that make sense so far? Drop off five, five, five in the chat. And is it on mobile? Cause that’s upsets for Instagram. Just throw that out. Not only that guys, but you can also start, you know, get creative with it. So for example, let’s go back to real estate because that’s a niche that I’m really, really familiar with for real estate. For example, let’s say you’re not just going after brokers. Maybe you’re going after investors, right? You could just add that Hashtag, right? Because if you’re an investor, right, you’re going to want other investors to find your posts. So you’re going to Hashtag investors, because that’s going to be basically, you know, the group of people that I want to see my posts. So if I were to type that in, I should be able to find, if I type in Hashtag investors right, I should be able to find, let’s just click on this, or I’d be in the vista for anything.
So let’s say, yeah, let’s type in real estate investing, right? So real estate investing, okay, right? And now guess what we’re going to find? So most of the time an investor themselves would tag or Hashtag that under their posts. So what we’re going to see are going to find, we’re going to find businesses who do real estate investing, right? So let’s just see dream homes association, obviously investment property. But what I can do now is I could just click on their actual page. This page, it looks like it just started, but if I were to keep going and doing some research, I would find actual businesses that are real estate investors. You’re going to find larger pages. Exactly. Yeah. This is too new. But just to give you an example on how to find them, that’s another way to, with the hashtags. So as Bill said, also plumbing contractors of America, Hey, let’s see if we can do that. Plumbing contractors, can you see it?
Wonderful. Does that too. Yeah, let’s it with a roll. Say just for the hell of it, because desktop sucks. So I’ll give you guys a little, a little secret. So if we go to Google real quick, just go to Google. Can we open up a Google page? Yeah, like a Google. So I’m going to give you guys a little hack on how you can do this easily. Because what Google knows everything, right? When we don’t know how to make hot pockets, we ask Google, right? So we’re going to go here and we’re going to type in what the information that we don’t know. So we’re going to type in plumbers association, right? Yep. And what we’ll find should be misspelled. We all live off a spellcheck. I know. I do think we’re still misspelled it. Google fix it. And let’s fix it again. So if we scroll down, we’ll find plumbing associations and organizations United Association of plumbing, right?
If we click on it, sometimes just like a regular business page, they’ll have their social media posted. But what we’ll do here, this is like a direct number is to build them an instasites. Yeah, this is like a directory. So go United Association. Let’s see. Okay. So this is a good one. Union of plumbers, thrillers, welders. So let’s find you a local. Are they on it? Is this the Instagram one? Is that an Instagram? What does this, no, I think that one term. Facebook. Nope. So see what they are on Facebook. So United Association, let’s type that on Instagram. Now,
Go back to Instagram. Hold on one second. Yeah, let’s go back really quick. I don’t live with this. Okay, let’s get that for one second.
So yeah, guys, if you guys, if you guys p, you know, are looking for that information, whether it’s real utters associations are basically groups of people that all do the same thing. So, right? Like Dash Clicks would be an association and marketers in a way, ain’t that the truth, right? So you just want to find where your business owners collaborate, right? Whether it’s at a trade show that’s really big known and they do a bunch of advertising, you can chart target them and those that go to the trade show by finding that trade show page, which they all have one like Miami Expo, et Cetera, et Cetera, and target all of those people in that association, which can all be an ideal customer for your business.
All right, I’m going to keep rolling. Let’s go p and p we get the point. You guys can go, go out and do the research. I’m just going to find a couple and I’m gonna show you guys what I do and I’ll make life really simple for you guys. Okay, here we go. Here we go. All right. If you guys are inside of your instant account, if you are inside of your instant mobile account, the first thing that you are going to want to do, and I’ll try to make this bigger. There we go. So that way you guys can all see that’s a little bit better. That’s good. So if you guys are inside of her, it’s a little Kev, you click the link in here inside of your it’s and open an account. The first thing that you want to do is somewhere on the left. It’s going to tell you like right here at account, you want to go ahead and add an account, okay? So all you have to do is put in your Insta, Instagram username and password. So go ahead and do that. Hooked up your Instagram account takes two seconds.
You guys are also going to want to for Instagram they’ve gotten really strict. You’re gonna want to remove double verification on your settings, on Instagram. If you haven’t already done so. Also, you’re going to need your profile on public for this to work. So Business, Instagram account, and a business Instagram account. It’s super simple. You just log into your Instagram account and switch it from personal and business. Takes One sec in the setting somewhere in this sentence. Okay. So I’m gonna keep going here. Alright, let’s go p and p. So once you have your Instagram account hooked up, guess what guys? You want to go into the two things that I use in incent Obo or promotion right here and by right k promotion. I do not use posts. I do not use comments. I use promotion in direct. Now if you use both of those, it’s like 30 bucks a month. That’s how much it costs. Okay, so you say you need a business Instagram guy. Yeah, and just switch your personal to business. Okay guys, so very simple guys. Once you go, the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re going to set up the promotion.
You’re going to go into your Instagram, you’re going to hook it up. Then you’re going to go to promotion and you’re going to click new target. Okay? Now here you can set a target melted by ways I like to do competitors and hashtags. Those are the only two things that I do. I don’t do anything else. Okay? So if you want to do something successful, just do what Chad does. I promise you works. You go to competitor or are you going to Hashtag? We’re going to start with competitors. Okay. I’m going to flip back over to Instagram. Let’s say I want to target these hundred and 37,000 people that I know. Most of them are realtors, okay? Cause they like them. They’re part of the National Association of Realtors, okay? So why don’t I do is I want to get the user name, which is m a r d o t realtor, okay. National, whatever the hell that stands for DLT realtor. Okay, so I go to here [inaudible], m a R, g o t realtor. I give it a second. It’s gonna run up the pages.
There it is. National Association of Realtor. It’s a 137,000 followers. I’m going to select that and I’m going to click add target, okay? Now what I want you guys to do is once you add the target, the first thing that you are going to do is you’re going to scroll down and I’m gonna show you guys how mine is. You’re going to scroll down and you’re gonna find that you can see that mine join here on the bottom right and you’re going to pause it, okay? Just make sure it’s pause. Okay. The status should say paused. Do not run this yet. Okay. Now what? Amuse again, I’m going to go ahead. I’m going to go to new target and I’m going to go back to a Hashtag this time. I’m going to do a couple of these pages first and then I’m going to run to hashtags. Realtors are all right there. Realtor.Com bro. No, I don’t want to do cause that’s people. Regular people follow that. Realtors here. Let’s do this one. I’m me. Real Miami Realtors, Miami Association of Realtors. Okay. He’s wanting to do this guy’s. There’s also look for associations. Just super easy. Okay. What was the thing again? That too and also a magazines is a good one too. So if you can find a magazine, cause a lot of magazines have also Instagram pages. If you can find that as well as the association. Both of those are going to be, yeah, The Miami Rotor is followers. 8,478 I’m going to select that. I’m going to click add target.
I wrote two. Scroll down. There it is. Amanda Realtors. I’m going to pause it. They can’t see what you’re clicking. He says, can’t see what I’m clicking. Okay. Sorry about that. Just explain as you go. Yeah. Just go. Oh, you guys have to do, really is in the box. Just make sure that the play button then can see the play button. Okay. The status to take pause,
It’s going to default to automatically active. You’re going to want to just pause it by clicking the
The campaign line. Make sure the campaign is paused. Okay. Very simple guys. Next to status, it should say pause. Okay. Let’s do this again. I’m going to go here. I’m going to click out here to target and I’m going to go here and let’s see if I can find some related pages really quick. Yeah, you should be able to, on this right there. I’m going to go to here in Miami and now that’s now the national association or have battery.
Is that the same bade? No, this is Miami real. Oh, you already added it? Yeah.
Go to the National Association and then go from there. Yeah. It’s what we got here right here. Leaders of real estate, top real estate pros.
Sure. No thing. Two guys. So what you want to do real quick and it takes you a half a second. Scroll down and make sure that obviously the content, look, my character when I do cold calling real estate needs closing like this is and tailored to a real estate agent. So make sure that that is [inaudible] of real estate. Let’s go, how are you getting the suggest in Ricardo asked? So Ricardo, great question. When you login or when you’re on the profile page and whatever business, there’s going to be a little, a little tab like a little arrow that points down next to the follow button where you click on it and it’s gonna populate multiple different pages that are related to the main o leads that you’re on. Realtors in this room,
No problem.
Leaders of realtors, we give him a second bang, Bang, Bang, Bang. What am I doing wrong guys? And if you have any questions as we go cause we’re moving kind of quick, drop them in the chat and I’ll make sure that it’s handled. As we go. So you guys are clear on everything moving forward. Wow. I’m having an issue typing today. Me and you both spell check doesn’t work on the realtors. Oh, liters of real estate. There we go. Okay. 70,000 people. Boom at target. Let’s scroll down Paul’s campaign. There it is. Liza leader, leaders of real estate status is active. I’m going to hit that pause button now. It’s going to be parks. Okay everybody can we drop off there? 75 if you guys are on the same page as me so we can continue for 74 let’s go down. It’s four 74, 74 it’s pretty simple.
Guys. You find pages on Instagram that have a group of people that follow that page, that are niche specific. Javier, ask how many pages and hashtags would you suggest? Honestly, Javier? I, I would start off with at least 30. You get your count? Yeah, you get, can you recap it on one wall? What I mean is research 30. Right? And then if your cap is 20 at 20 and then you have backup plans, right? [inaudible] You add 20 total, 20 little 20 targets. Okay? So whether it’s a Hashtag or whether it’s an actual page, it’s 20 okay. And Talk. But you can never do enough research. So yeah, that’s, that’s exactly true. Okay, so let’s do a Hashtag. Okay, so let’s go to Instagram and let’s say Hashtag. So I would do something like  Realtor. Realtor life. Okay. I don’t know anybody that went. Why the hell would you Hashtag realtor life if you’re not a freaking realtor? That’d be awkward, right? Would you guys agree with me? Would you read it? That would be awkward. Just say yes. So yeah, it’s a new group. Things that’ll be awkward, right? If you think about, you’re putting up an Instagram post and your Hashtag is realtor life and you’re not a realtor, it’d be awkward. Okay? So let’s do it. Those 3 million people, 3 million people, 3 million people that typed in
Wrote your life. Okay, let’s go. Here we go. It’s the normal new target. Look what Hashtag we enter the Hashtag realtor. Was it life? Right? What’s your life? What it loaded up real quick. 3 million, Bam. Tit add told you we scroll down,
Go all the way down. Realtor rife. We see it’s in green because it’s a Hashtag we pause a campaign, make sure the status as paused. Okay, now I’m not going to keep doing this. You guys I think get the point here, okay, so that’s how easy it is to go find pages and hashtags. It’s so simple, okay? Do you guys think that was a little too complicated? If you think this is complicated, right? Then get off this lot because this can’t get any easier. Guys, this literally cannot get any easier. If you guys do take action on this right now as rely and you can already start building connections. So action, make sure your campaigns are paused. Okay? I’m going to say that because there’s other steps that we’re going to have to do. Make sure your campaigns are paused, okay? You can go in and you can set up 20 of these.
I don’t recommend doing it right now. Do it after the live so you can follow us throughout the other steps. Okay guys. So I’m going to show you guys how mine is set up. Okay. So for us, Mike, my personal profile, you see it’s connected here, okay. And I’ve been using instant Ogle for about a year now and this is how I get a shit ton of people sign up the dashboards. Okay? Some of you guys have probably got this. Okay. So, so the way that my Instagram Bot works is I’ll go out and I target, once again the people who were my industry. Okay? So as an example, Caleb Maddix social media examiner as my lead. Greg Cardon, Gary V. Dean Ross Coc, ty Lopez, Sam Ovens Hashtag digital marketing Hashtag funnel Hacker Hashtag Marketing Agency Hashtag Funnel Hacking Hashtag digital marketing agency. We’re also Brunson, Cat Howell, Dan Henry, Billy gene is marketing. Those are people that I know that are in the digital marketing space. So what did I do? I went out and I found those people.
The people who like Billy Jean is marketing. A majority of them are marketers, okay? But people who like Sam Ovens or Tai Lopez or cat Howell, those are people who have taken their course on most likely in the social media marketing world. Somebody who’s hashtagging funnel hacking is most likely building funnels, right? Somebody who’s hashtagging digital marketing is most likely doing digital marketing. Somebody is hashtagging marketing agency the problem with a freaking marketing agency. Okay. Somebody who wants Russell Brunson is in the funnel building space. Okay. Are you guys getting this? Does this make any sense? Is this making any sense? This is making sense to you guys.
Who excited to implement this right now? And this is, that’s what I want to know is that we’re just scratching the surface. Who was excited to set this thing up as soon as we get off this live? Who’s excited? Who’s even more a better question? Who is ready for tomorrow morning after you set that up to wake up to responses? And the cool part is I’m going to show you guys the results I get with this towards the end of this cause we have it all screenshot and I’m gonna show you guys everything okay? So He’s like, I’m not going to sleep.
Alright, so make sure you go and you add your targets and your campaigns, or f or sorry, pause. Okay. The status should say pause. It’s very simple, okay? It’s all you gotta do. Go there, add on, pause. Okay, great. Now we’ve done that. We’ve went out. We’ve set all of that up. Phenomenal. Okay. Now I’m gonna walk you guys through the settings of instamate will to make sure that you don’t get your shit bent, okay? Very, very important, okay? The first thing that you want to do is you want to make sure that you get a private proxy, okay? Most of you guys are like Chen. What in the God’s name is a private proxy. Let me show you guys what it is. Relaxed. It’s okay. It’s going to be easy. It’s going to be simple, okay? And we’ll show you this really quick, okay? We’re going to open up a new tab, okay? You’re lucky I don’t have my affiliate link here or I would send that. You know what? Fuck it. I want to get my affiliate link for this. We’re going to do this when we do this right way. Honestly, I just don’t remember the names of the name of the website that we use. I’m going to answer some questions while you go through that. How do you get like retail? So retail you can, you know, it depends really you can try targeting locations, but that’s gonna filter in everybody in that location. So that’s going to be a little bit different. But for retail though you can find like specific stores, right? Like malls for example, right? That they, maybe the stores within that mall follow. So similar to association, you’re just going to want to find out where are all of the retail companies hanging out. It’s going to be easier obviously to target individual businesses, but the wanting to go that route, you can, I mean like restaurants, you can even find associations or a restaurant chains, like the places that sell food maybe to businesses or to restaurants, right? Like those kinds of things. Think about like if I was a restaurant or retail, like who do I buy from? Like where do I hang out? Who Do I do business with? So those are the things you want to really think about. You want to think outside of the box. So next question. Okay. That’s what, what do we got? Real estate and marketers are big item clients. Yes sir. Where did the campaigns look like? Are you sending messages? We’re going to get into that.
I’m going to send you guys a quick link. This is the proxy company that I use. Okay, let’s do it. This is the proxy company that I use.
Go ahead and click that there will open up a tab. Okay, go ahead and click on that. It’s going to open up a new tab.
Yes, pat, this will have a replay. You can watch this later.
Cool. All right. Setting up the proxy, so our area, actually we don’t even have to go there. That’s fine. Hi. Let me know. Let me know if you guys are there. Let’s Go pee pee real quick. Here we go. Here we go. By the way guys, this is just, if you guys did this is getting you excited and you’re all crazy and it’s like Christmas. You if you have not purchased your dash accelerator access yet. First of all, it’s still on discount at three 97 second of all, this is one of like a hundred things that I go over in the dash accelerator. Okay, so step or Jayla. Here we go, guys. Okay. Once you’re here, you are willing to go to, let’s see. Yeah, there it is. Yup. I know. Proxies that we don’t need a dedicated no red or proxies. You’re going to click private proxies in the main menu.
And you are going to order, you don’t need to do this right now. You can watch the replay. This takes two seconds. You’re going to hear the NPP run. It’s $2 and 49 cents a month, okay? $2 and 49 cents a month. You get one private proxy, which is all you need, $2 and 49 cents month. Okay? Go ahead. Click on that. Get started. Get your private proxy. Once you are inside and you have your private proxy, you need to do one. Also important thing after you buy your private proxy from my private you’re going to want to open up a support ticket the second you buy it and you need to send them a support ticket and the Auntie within 24 hours. Very, very important guys. Okay? And this, this caused me like weeks and I’m trying to figure this whole shit out when I it out.
Okay. I’m gonna tell you what to do. Once you purchase your NPP. One proxy, it’s a private proxy. You Click private crises in the main menu, you scroll down, it’s the first one on the loose and BP, one, $2 and 49 cents per month. You couldn’t get started, okay? And you go in there and Bam, you go and you do all your stuff in your order. Okay? It’s $2 and 49 cents. Don’t be cheap, okay? You need this. Then once you do that, you go over to contact, okay? And you open up a support ticket. They answer very fast, usually within a couple of hours. Okay guys, once you open up a support ticket, you need to say this to that. You say, I just purchased a private proxy from you. Period. Can you please open up the sox five port for me? I’m going to repeat that. Can you please open up the sox five port for me?
Socks by the spelled like it sucks. Yes. Socks five. You’re right. Yeah. S O. C K s the number five sites. Five. Can you open up a sox five port for me and then you’re gonna, you’re gonna add another one liner. I am using this with the software called INSTA. No halt. You will tell them the name of the software. Okay. And you say, I need you to open up the sox five ports so I can use instant noble. Okay, that’s right man. You got our fit. Can you open up the sox five port for me so I can use a synovial. Okay. Say Time. Because if you don’t say instant number then they’re going to email you back and they’re going to say, well what software are you using it farm. And then you get into wait time. Okay. So all you do is you say that I need you to open up a sox five port for me so I can use your proxy with the normal software period. Send it to that. There’s email link. No link. Did your link work? No Lick. Let’s see. That should be the link guys. Hopefully.
Yeah, the link works perfectly fine. Got It. Okay, great. Let me actually drop the link in a Facebook to give me one sec guys. Sam, that’s fine. Yeah, the way you wrote that there is fine. That’s the way through the proxies for those of you guys who are watching on Facebook, saw the pen Devin and time. Yeah Man, I’m not, I’m not flash on it unfortunately. Cool. So that’s what you got to do. Let’s go back p. And p. Okay. That’s going to happen guys, is they’re ready to email you back and they’re going to say they opened up that port for you and they’re going to give you a different port number. Okay? So once you had that information, all he needs to do is just go here. Okay, you need to put your IP address. You need to put your port number, you need to put your suddenly to select from the drop down sucks the five.
You need to pull your username, your password, and you need to click save. Oh, test proxy. Make sure it works and I don’t wanna say proxies. Okay? In the bottom left, then you click save. You want to make sure that this toggle is on. It says use proxy for this account. Use proxy for this academy. You don’t see this and the account settings, it’s because you do not have a toddler on that says use proxy for this account. Okay? Once you buy the proxy, they will give you this information. You just put it in, you copy and paste, and you put it in and you click save none. Now you have a proxy, which basically means that your account is somewhat secure, okay? That means insulinoma was going to be doing all this stuff from a proxy, okay? Which is different IP address. Okay? Let’s keep going.
Okay, so now you’ve got your proxy set up. Great. You’re all excited. Now when you want to do is on the top right? You’re going to see a settings drop down regular. See that? Yes, it says settings. You’re going to drop down lists, settings. This is screenshots. I take screenshots of this. Take screenshots of this. Okay guys, these are the exact settings you want to use. Trust me, I played around with the settings for months. This is like the dialed in settings, that work. Screenshot this, okay? Under the actions, these are the settings that you will put in under the filters. These are the settings that you are praying,
Under the unfollow, these are the exact settings that you will put in under the comment. This is standard and do not change anything here. Just leave it as is. The mission part of that is limits. Make sure you guys screenshot this. Make sure you guys screenshot this. This is an ocean portal. I’ll make sure that your limits are at this. Okay? Now, here’s what I want to tell you guys to do. If you have never used insulinoma before, which probably most of you have not. What you want to do is drop your limits by 50% of this using snowball for 30 days. And then after that, bring it up to these. Okay? Starting at a slow pace. Start at a slow pace. Okay? Somebody said, can you go back to filters? Those filters. Very simple guys, you don’t need to send this all go play now. I’m going to keep rolling so we can get that. We can get the momentum going.
Everybody. Good? Good. So far, this is just scratching the surface scheduled by the get to the phone call 500 if you guys are on the same page. 500 we’re on the same page. There we go. Let’s do this. Let’s do this using Instagram not to show you how to do it. All right, let’s go. Good. So now once you’ve got all that, you want to go, Dang. You know, you set up all your settings, you click safe, great. It’s going to save everything. Graduations. So now you have set up your targets. Okay? You’ve set up on your targets.
You’ve set up your own Instagram or sorry, your proxy. Yeah, you’ve added your account, right? Obviously you’ve added your account targets, which is either hashtags or pages. You’ve set up your proxy and then you’ve actually went into the settings and you’ve adjusted all of the settings. Okay. Congratulations. Step one of Insta noble is complete. Okay. Congratulations. For those of you guys who have missed this or are in and out, there will be a replay. It will be on our youtube channel. All you to do, just go to youtube, type in dashboards. It will be in our marketer’s mindset Facebook group as well. It’ll be in both of those places. Okay. Make sure you are subscribed to our youtube channel because we spitfire every single week and we do not want you to miss it. Many people in the community are saying that the Instagram set new limits for 6,000 followers per day and our Brock and beaten for 30 days. Yeah, I don’t, we don’t do 6,000 followers per day. I don’t know, per month. She’s saying, oh, per month. Let’s see.
So guys would you get and do is you could just lower the activity if you’re, if you feel like it’s a risk which this has been the Max for a really long time. I mean you know, I, I’ve done this before too as well. What you want to do here too? Yeah, just lower it to three 50 or something. It’s more than what you got, you guys are doing right now. So you know, ultimately you want to, you know, lower this so you feel a little bit more safe, but you want to make sure, most importantly, the proxy is going to be the biggest, the biggest one.
Just to throw something out there. This might happen to you and it’s okay. Okay. Once you start running this Instagram, if you don’t, you like a photo from your Instagram profile. Instagram might say, Hey, you’re blocked for 30 days or five days from liking a post. It’s fine. You’re just don’t like any posts for five days. Make money instead.
God said I had 70 plus accounts get blocked randomly. People are saying in 200 day Max is the new Max. Hey, bounce off 200 but if that’s what you want to do and you can go for that. Instagram constantly is changing, but you know, we’ve been running this for for quite some time.
I love this. I’m going to show you guys the metrics. I’ve run this for over a year, probably close to a year. Okay, so you said I got blocked the 24 hours. Yeah, just bring down your limits so you’re not going to get brought from Instagram. Not going to delete your account. I mean they didn’t delete for me or any of the other accounts. So is what I use. Okay, so just start with Sarah. Let me tell him. Work your way up. It’s fine. Okay, let’s keep going. We don’t want to get into all the negativity. All right, so now we got that set up. Congratulations. You’ve set up everything. Now your promotion is done. Now when you want to do is you want to go to direct message and I’m going to talk to you guys a little bit about the psychology here. Okay? For a second. I’m going to talk to you about the psychology that a, about this.
The way that in Sonoma works is not only really grow your following on Instagram, I get about like two or 300 new followers per month from this. I don’t really use it for the following week. I don’t care about that. I’m mainly, what I use it for is the DMS. Okay. The DNS is where the money is. It’s the conversations. Okay. So the way insta works is, and I’m going to draw this out for you really quick. So let’s go p. And P.
So you guys can all understand what’s happening here. So instant noble is going to basically go and it’s going to follow all of these people, let’s just use the realtor group as an example. Let’s say this is the group, okay. Of Realtors.
This is the 130,000 people that are in the National Association of Realtors. Okay? Instant is going to go on fire out of these people. It’s going to comment on their actual pulse. Okay? And it’s going to write their posts and what happens if, what’s your, they will view their stories as well. It does human activity. Okay. Then what happens? Then what happens is you go
And what do you do?
Well you let it do its work, right? You’re going to connect that account and incident mobile based on the settings that you set up is going to do the work for you while you’re basically doing other things, right? You have to be home eating and chilling. Yes, we’re going to connect for you and generate conversations while you’re doing other things so that you can then just come back into your profile instead of clicking on it and just scrolling through other people’s food again and again, every day you’ll actually log in and see new replies from new businesses or new markers or whatever you’re targeting that are actually willing to hear you out. Yeah, exactly.
And then what happens guys is these people go and because you’ve interacted with them, they now like your page. They’re like, who is this guy following you? Who is this guy following me? Right? Cause they follow your page. All you guys, I guarantee you right now, you guys all check who’s following you. Not only that, but every time you post a selfie of yourself and you scroll through who’s liking it. So just like that, this real turn his case with, see, okay, Chad is following me. All seems to be a marketer, right? And then if you message him right or message that business owner about whatever it is you’re offering, right? It’s just going to generate that conversation.
What happens guys? The way that we set it up in instant bull is every person that follows your page, we have it set up an insurmountable that the second that they fall in you, a couple minutes later, okay, they’re going to get a DM. It’s going to send them a direct message, okay? And I’m going to show you how to set that up in a second. This is how we automatically start conversations, okay? This is how we automatically start conversations, okay? It’s going to go to every single person and it’s gonna start deeming them, okay? So let’s go back really quick.
Let’s get out of this, right? Let’s go here. So are you on new guys is you want to go ahead and you probably don’t have this. So there’ll be a button somewhere right in here it says new message. Okay. So you want to go in here and you want to create a new message. Okay? Now when you want to do is make sure you create randomize messages. Okay? So the message is also make sure are in brackets, which if I can find on this keyboard would be good. Make sure they are in brackets. Okay. What this basically does is called spin text. Basically randomizes the messages so you’re not sending the same message to everybody. Make It gives it a human effect. Okay, so I’m going to go back really quick. I’m going to show you guys what my looks like. What I do is I messaged people that follow me because I know that my instance, my boss is working on people that like Russell Brunson and Dan Henry and Billy g and all those people.
Those people are in the marketing industry. So guess what? What do I ask them to start the message or are you a marketer and by the guys? You’ll see a little line in between the sentences here. Okay? That line is basically spink techs. That basically means that we use the, did not the other variation of that. Okay, so it sends people, ask them, are you a marketer? I will send them, do you do marketing? Do you do marketing as well? Hey Karma, are you also doing digital marketing? You do marketing when you see what’s happening here, so you set that off and you make sure the destination is each new follower. Okay? Each new follower, you’re going to do that. That’s all you
Have to do. Make sure your destination is selected to each new follower. Do not attach any images. You don’t have to throw them. Oh, Jews in ask one very basic, simple question just to start a conversation. Okay? Theresa said, I got hit with that. Yeah, there you go. You’ve got to have my bot. I ain’t talking to nobody. I’m just kidding. There’s a human element to this and I’ll show you guys that in a second. Okay. This is to start the conversation cause I’m busy, we’re all busy. I don’t want to go out and start reaching out to people all day. I let the Bot do it for me. It starts up the conversation and then I’ll jump in. Okay. And I’ll show you guys that in a second. Okay. So let’s get back to the PNP. Okay. So what you guys might want to type in is if you’re tolerating realtors, what would be the question that you asked the realtor?
Go ahead and drop it in the chapter. And you guys, if you’re targeting rotors, how do we navigate to the message? Oh, so all you gotta do is it’s an old, well you want to click direct in the top right, the little direct app and you’ll see on that screen. So the two tabs, once again, don’t use guys as promotion and direct promotion and direct. Right now you set that up on the direct page. So let’s see. We have, are you, are you a realtor? Yep. I mean that’s straight to the point. That’s [inaudible] question mark, right? That’s what I would ask more quality leads question now. Yeah, your instantly is trying to sell them right there and they’re going to literally disappear. They’re not even going to read your message. So let me talk to you guys about the psychology that definitely you need say don’t say more quality leads cause that will turn somebody off.
Okay. Why don’t you want to say is are you a realtor? Yup. Do you do real estate? Are you a real estate agent as well? Something like also like if you focus on residential properties, do you focus on commercial properties? You know, things like that. Things that are, you know, essentially related to them in a way where it’s like, oh you know they answered this question that automatically qualifies them as someone you can help, right? Yeah. 100% and you have to assume that their realtor Samsung a hundred percent right. So speak to them. But don’t, I won’t even get into technical stuff too because I tried so many different messages and guess what? The one that worked the best is one that I’ve had on for six months and it works. Okay. I’m going to show you guys my dms, my inbox in a second. Okay.
You want to ask a question that only a real estate agent or broker can answer? Yeah. Craig, I’ll now said either I’m looking for realtors in your area or interested in expanding their Instagram results. No. All I would ask them is, are you a realtor? You can say, Hey, are you a broker or a real estate agent? Question Mark. That can be simple. You want to know the whole point of this guys is to ask a question that they will respond back to without them feeling like this is a spam DM. Okay? It’s a friendly DM. I’m asking you if you are a digital marketer. Okay, so those are the really big guys and if you want it, you want to see this live. Just go to my page. No, right now. Okay. Everybody go to Instagram, go to Instagram, type in Chad Kodary and go follow me on Instagram. You’ll get there with my bottle. You’ll see the whole way through what happens. Okay. You want to check in every on Instagram following me.
That’s my name. C H A, v. K. O. D. Air Y. That’s it. Just type that in into the search box. You’ll see that beautiful face and then just click follow. Okay? That’s all you got to do. Very simple. Okay, so once again, guys, look at what I have. Okay? I’m going to show you this very simple approach. Okay? [inaudible] do you do marketing? Do you do digital marketing as well? Hey. Oh, you also in digital marketing, you do marketing question mark. It’s very simple. Oh, you’re a real estate agent. Do you need real estate? Oh, are you a realtor? Are you a Roofer? Oh, you a landscape
Dentist. Are you a gym? Are you anything? What are you awarding? Are you going after? Just ask them that question. Yes, exactly. Literally qualifying them in their role. Like, yeah, I’m a realtor like
That says your Bot, then respond to me. It does not respond and just ask the question and then when you respond, I’m waiting. Done. Dump too far. I’m gonna show you exactly what you gotta do. Okay? You asked if I was a marketer but never responded. There you go. Okay, so here we go. Very, very simple. Okay, you get that and what does that do guys? Go ahead and drop in the chat. What is that going to do? Why are you doing Adam damming a bunch of people dropping in the chat. Go ahead guys. Come on. Wake up, wake up. What is it going to go? Drop it in the chat. Lead leads. Trigger response. It’s not leads. That’s not a lead. Somebody to responding to your question is not Lee.
There you go. There you go. There you go. James starts a conversation. Not only that, but it peaks curiosity. It’s like, who the heck is this guy? Right? So if you get someone to message you that you don’t know, what are you going to do? Just like you know you’re going to go, let’s say do a new business. You’re going to do your research, right? So the first thing I would do, if Chad sent me that message, I’d be like, who the heck is chat? First off? And then I would go through his profile, scroll through his images. First off, another thing, very important and we should open up your profile real quick. Like your Instagram profile. I want to touch base as we’re on this topic. So when you send the message, people are going to do the research, right? Even before they even message you back cause they need to make sure that you know any of it.
Make sense real quick. So yeah, you want to go here. So in this case here, are we, can they see the, the main screen? Okay. All right, cool. So when, when you message them, right, it’s going to Pique curiosity, which is going to what? Bring them to your page. And what they’re going to see is what your digital profile, it’s like your digital business card. Right now this up here says, you know, basketball or whatever and you’re going after digital marketing clients. Obviously you don’t qualify to even ask that question right in their eyes because it says something unrelated to marketing. So you want to optimize your, which is this right here. And you can do that through the settings. And if you have some type of landing page or let’s just say you wanna you know, have a, a checklist or an ebook or something that you’re gonna basically, you know, create to attract more of those ideal customers.
Right. You would put that in your bio here. Right? So then they can click on it and learn more about you. Right. And if they find something they like, guess what, I’m going to message chat and be like heck yeah I’m a marketer. What do you got? I checked out your stuff, I loved it and lets do let you know what we got right. So similar to to to anyone that’s doing this, you want to optimize your profile. Another thing too I saw on the questions should I use my personal page or should I use my business page? So if you guys were alive when [inaudible] was here, we talked about this too. Like go open up the Instagram real quick if you have, if I scroll down your pick your, your pictures and I see your meals for the last two weeks. Right. We’re going to have to change the profile because if I were a business owner and I’m getting hit up by a marketer, right, I’m going to scroll through and figure out, okay, is this guy even a market or what is he? Right. It’s cause the beautiful person show for baby. And I can see if I was, you know, in the marketing space I see, you know Google, youtube, Facebook, I see that he’s talking about marketing Sta click funnels hat this guy has to do with marketing, right? So if I was a marketer talking to a marketer, I would probably be able to relate and find those things and be like, oh, this guy is obviously somebody I, you know, can compensate with. Right. Does that make sense guys?
We’re going to do also a bunch of Q and a at the end. I want to keep rolling through this cause there’s a bunch of people asking questions. All the questions guys, we’re going to get to Q and a because I want to make sure this is making sense for everybody. Okay? So all we’re doing there, we set up the dim. Okay. We select on the drop down, send it to all new followers, click save. Okay, that’s it. Click save. Once you have done all of those things and we just went over, then you can go back to promotions. Once you add your proxy on there and that might take 24 hours, okay? Once you have your proxy on there and they unlocked your socks, five per, you’ve got all your settings, you’ve done the research, you’ve set up all your promotions, everything is good to go. You can literally in bulk, just go over here and click start all or puzzle or you can just go one by one if you want and just go and click. Start, activate, click start. Okay. Then the status is going to change to activate. I’m going to go here, accolade, Bam. Let’s go. Start changing to activate. All right. Active. Come on touchscreen.
Don’t do this on a touch screen guys. Yeah, don’t do this on a touch screen. You just have your touch screen there.
Oh there. Okay, so it’s like a little delayed touchscreen. You guys get the point. Okay. I also brought, I use it. It’s a normal for my phone. I log in from a desktop.
I do this all from my phone. Okay. So I literally do this. I looked, first of all, I haven’t touched this shit in months. Okay. I don’t touch any of this. I’m going to delete this just so it doesn’t mess up a profile cause they got stuff going on here and then you can also delete them. Okay. And what’s cool is you can see your conversion rates and you can see your metrics. I want us to see some of my metrics. Can I get an a 900 and the chat if you want to see my results, who I said see what you would wake up to every morning if you set this up now. Hundred for all of you sneaky people who want to jump right into my DM. Who wants to see this slide in the DM? Who wants to slide in Chad’s DM right now?
Yeah. Okay, here we go. Slot. So guys, I’m going to pull apart. Let’s do try it out. Set the all time. But you know what? Let’s go, let’s go. One month to apply. Okay, so in the last month and you can see all the results right over here. Okay. See it right here. I don’t know how to like draw a circle around it, but whatever where it says likes, comments, followers, viewing stories on follows, followers covered skips. So you can basically see exactly what’s happening. Okay, so in the last month, instant overall automatically went out and did 5,135 likes on peoples images. It commented 1,443 times on people’s images. It followed 4,356 people. It viewed 2,524 people’s stories and unfollowed 5,202 people. If I got 213 real followers, cause these are all real people from it, my conversion rate was 1.6%. Okay? I don’t care about the conversion rate, I don’t care about any of this.
What I care about is my dms. What I cared about is my inbox. Look at my messages log, okay? Regularly. Some of you guys might be here. This might be somebody you guys, you do marketing, right? 11 minutes. Some of you guys just followed me. Probably just got hit with this. Anybody on this list right now? That’s me. That is, I can see some that’s, that’s me, right? So if you go on and follow me, you’ll get hit with my bot. This is going to shit. It going to show you on exactly what I do. Okay? So you can see 11 minutes ago, 31 minutes ago, 52 minutes ago, one hour, two hours, three hours, six hours, nine hours, nine hours, 10 hours. It goes in. It sends a bunch of people dms every single day. Okay? That’s what it does. Very simple. Okay. That’s what I use in Sonoma for. I want to get into their inbox and I want to open their eyes. Okay. Now we’re going to get to the fun part.
Drum roll please. So excited to see what those messages you saw turn into, right? Everybody always wants to see the results. I want to see the results. So what I did was, because I can’t hook up my phone to here because Instagram doesn’t let you show dms on desktop. You can only do it from your phone. If I, we tried to put my phone up to it, I’ll do it in a second just to show you guys that I’m not lying. I just screenshot at a bunch of IBM’s like literally at right before we went live at like one 45 a Ese and I just put ’em on a Google slide for you guys. Okay. So if you guys want to see the results that I get from using Insta numbral let’s do a 500 in the check by my mint in the chat.
500 and 500 in the chat right now. 500 in the chat is what everybody’s been waiting for right here, which I’ve been waiting for. Now before I show the goods’ intrude, I want to talk with you guys about something really quick. Okay? Once again, guys, this instant oval trick, this is one out of like a hundred things that we do in the dash accelerator program. Okay? That guys, the dash accelerator program is still $397 it’s on sale valued at 2100 okay. If you are not inside of the dash accelerator program, you can learn a hundred other things just like this. Okay? Do you think this is cool? You can learn a hundred other things just like this and you can also learn a hundred other things that tied in to all of this stuff, right? So I actually actually go out and I show you like once you start a conversation, how do you take it from a conversation to a lead then to a prospect into a sale?
How do you go through that whole process? Like literally. Okay, so dash accelerator is still on Promo. It’s $397 you can get it right now inside of your dashboard. You just go up here, you got to Dash Chris, you go to education in the main menu, okay, let it load up. You go to education. All right. Education, really quick dash accelerator. Okay? And this is what it looks like. This is what the actual course looks like. Look at this. You get all the swipe files, you get all my sales calls, like literally this is behind the scenes of what you get. Everything. Okay? There’s about 21 hours of content, 21 and a half hours of content on here. Okay? It’s insane. I promise you. Okay, it’s three 97 if you haven’t get gotten it, get it now because we’re planning on pushing that back up to nine 97 very soon. It could be today. Tomorrow it’s going to be back up. Okay guys, so let’s continue. Let’s go over results. Preview.
Can we go PNP? Perfect. This is a screenshot from today. You can see the time is up one a (403) 140-4144 you can see the time slots. Okay, so you can see here two hours ago, rugged or people are saying, if I’m asking you if you’re a marketer, you’re either going to tell me yes or no. Most of the time, right? When you guys agree with me, you’re, you’re going to say yes or no to those questions that we’re asking you guys to with me. 455 in the check for 55 in the chat, you’re going to say yes or no most of the time, right? That’s what we want. All we want is you to be engaged so I can speak to you. That’s it. Okay. Very simple. Okay, so check this out. Two hours ago somebody said no. Then somebody said yes. Then somebody sent me a live video.
Then somebody said no. Yes sir. All set here. Yeah. How know somebody like my message, somebody sent me two messages in which way? No, we do wet bed, a wet bed, no personal training. No I don’t, but we’ll, somebody said yes. Two messages reply. Yes, yes, yes. A bunch of people said yes. Let’s keep going. Keeps going. We’ll do this and you can see right next to where it says the actual message. It says like one day, two hours, one. So you can see like I haven’t answered these in days. Okay, so check this out. All of these are new conversations that are started, new conversations that were started. Okay guys, there’s probably like 40 leads in here that I can easily tackle. Okay. And usually on average are probably about 10 to 15 of these every single day on average. Most of the time.
Sometimes I’ll get less than that. Okay, thanks. That can change your business. Starting 10 or 15 conversations every single day for 30 days straight. How do you think that will impact your business? Drop off five, seven, two in your business and in your, in your business, in the chat shot. If you think this will impact your business by 72 let’s go back. Pain pill. Your awake, by the way, is that a mini awake like we need to wait people because like we’re talking about making massive amount of money in reaching out to massive amount of people that can make you a lot of money, not us. You right? Why do we go? Let’s do this. Let’s do this. [inaudible] Rolled back in. Awesome. So then what happens? Okay. Then what happens for those of you guys who are, by the way, I’m going to try and get as close as I can because I want to make sure that everybody believes me. I’m going to go into my dance real quick. Be treated. You want to do a quick zoom in?
Slide in the DM
Everybody, if you guys have questions, drop them in the chat. We’ll take care of them at the end. You got to focus there. Three 18 just refresh, like scroll down like yeah, these are all answered. Oops. Don’t want to delete any. And these are all pictures that you’ll probably see that are on there on the slide. Can you see anything you could see very, you know, it’s a little drawn answered. Okay, you guys get the idea. This isn’t fake news. This was something we had to do like this cause you obviously can’t bring up the phone on the, on the, on the, on the, but as you can see, this is it brain telling the dream here. This is actually a real strategy that works. You guys integrate this right now in your business. As long as you follow the template, follow the what exactly we went through on this call.
You guys should get the same or reasonable, the same results. Bunch of the ams fuel me pumps. So it’s that simple guys. Okay. So check this out now, what do you do now? Let’s talk about another cool part. He thought, Chad, this is going to stop here. Hell No. Hell No. Chad and you set up called duets and your mirror, your hide phone onto your screen. Can you write that down? Truce. That’s actually a good idea called duets. Thank you. Appreciate that. We were looking for some shit, but we only had like 10 minutes before. Okay, now guess what guys? Can We go pee and pee real quick? P N P check this out. Most of you guys like shit. I’m going to have to sit here and start conversations with people all day. Hell No. I made that shit too. All right, so for most of you guys, Instagram, if you don’t know, has this feature that’s called quick replies.
Okay? Basically some people heard that. Some people don’t, which is pretty weird. I don’t know if they’re testing it out or not, but I know our dash clicks has it. I had it on my chat. Every pages, I don’t want to lay that it came back. They don’t want to wait for a couple of days, so it’s always like coming and going. Okay. But it’s called quick replies. Let’s Go pee up pee real quick. Let me show you what it is. So if you open up a DM and if you’ll see on the left you will see a DM. Both of these are BMS from the same person, okay? On the bottom right, you’re going to see a Brock plus Arrow of your DM right next to the typing screen or the the message box. Okay? All the way to the right, you’re going to see a black plus sign. If you click that plus sign, it will expand, okay? And then we’ll have a real like quick replies little icon. Okay. It’s like a little icon that looks like a chat icon.
Just as like for icon, just click one of them until you get to quick replies. Okay. I don’t know which one it is. Then what happens is you can set up quick replies. Okay. So the quick reply that I have, which some of you will probably get later today if you followed me on Instagram, is check out our new digital marketing agency software. You can create your own dashboard for your agency for free. Tell me what you think. I’m trying to get some insights from other marketers and I drop the link to the signup page. This gets me on the average about 10 signups a day at least. Okay. This gets dash clicks about pen sign up today cause guess what? Think about how niche specific I am. Okay. I went out and I targeted marketing pages or the marketing related pages. Most of the people, not everybody, not 100% but maybe like 60 or 70% that respond.
They say yes, they do do market, which means I give them dash cliques and you guys fricking know this dash, which is amazing, right? I give them a friend of free access to their dash links account. Then they go in, they click the link. They’re like, Holy Shit, this is amazing and it’s free. I’m going to put in my credit card. Where has this been all my life? What has this been all my life? So I go ahead and I send them that and guess what? They sign up. Maybe surprised. Can We go pee and pee real quick people? Because I put this little sentence in here. Tell me what you think. I’m trying to get some insights from other marketers. People were so nice that they actually sign up. Then they come back and tell me like paragraphs of insights on what they think about the software.
So what you can do, what you can do is all you need to do, just create a quick apply, okay? Now, if you’re targeting your realtors as an example, you can create a quick reply. Say, Hey, that’s where you, you’ve started the conversation. They say yes. Okay. Now you can also stack these quicker plots. I used to have one because I go straight in. I’m just sending them a link to the software, okay? You can even automate your conversation even more. You can stop one, two, three, Craig, different quick replies and call them one first message, two second message, three third message. And you can literally automate your conversations because you already know what the responses are going to me. You know that the first question that they’re going to answer is going to be yes. Which means my response can be, that’s awesome. Exclamation point. I work with a ton of realtors doing marketing. Would you be interested in chatting? I’m getting more leads. Question Mark, fire off. All you gotta do is just click the little plus button, select your quick reply, it’ll automatically send them the reply.
And guys, you aren’t limited. I mean Chad in this case, cause obviously he’s niched down to just marketers. But a lot of you guys I’ve talked to and you guys are thinking about going after dentists, chiropractors, roofers, right? I mean you don’t have to specifically go after one niche with this strategy. Cause what you would do is let’s say a a roof or replies, right? You know, you would be able to have a canned response for that roofer. And that way you can work faster with more niches and you know, just keep moving forward like that. So you can get really creative with this. He’s just showing you the strategy he uses, but this is just to lay down basically a blueprint so that you can then cultivate that and add your own flavor to it and implement this into your business.
No, no, it is, so you’ll add up first chap and then what’s the response going to be? It’s probably going to be either yes or no to that first message that you just sent so then you can craft another one. Call it to message two or whatever the hell you want to call it. Okay. Kim Responses. Correct, so that’s awesome. If they say yes to that or anything that revolves around being yes, that’s awesome. Here’s my Calendly link.
Oh, here’s my calendar link. Let’s, let’s, let’s schedule a call and jump on a call. I think I can help you generate more seller, buy your leads or whatever the hell you want to do. Okay. Whatever you want to focus on. What I’m giving you is the psychology and the automation to go out and set this all up and automate the whole thing and automate. Most of the conversations I get to do, just go click a button, click a button, go, go, go, go, go. And you’re done.
Okay. And one thing that I’m going to add to that, that’s going to increase your conversions is stay away from selling. Stay away from selling your product. People don’t care about your product. People don’t care about your service. Only until they like you. They have to like you. If they don’t like you, you can just throw everything away because nothing’s going to work if they don’t like you, they’re never going to buy from yourself. So for you even, this is why this is so powerful, this line, tell me what you think. I’m trying to get some insights from other marketers that kind of just lowered my, my, you know, fear of being sold to these. I realized that he’s actually just doing some market research, if anything right in my mind. So if he’s a marketer, I’m a marketer, why not? I would love if someone can give me some information on certain things that I want to know.
So that’s what the power of of this, of this message is. When you create your message, don’t say, Hey, I got tons of a realtor. I got tons of buyers and sellers that I can’t handle. Can you handle it? No, they can’t handle it cause they don’t know who you are. Right. They’re not gonna trust you if you’re going out there like that and going straight for the kill, build rapport, right. To see if it’s a right fit. Come in, slide into the DM as a human being that’s not there to sell them, but someone who actually cares to serve them and growing their business to see if it’s a right fit that will eventually lead into a sale if you do it right.
Hey guys, this, this what I want you guys to also know from this and we get, we’re going to go into Q and a in a minute, is this is a conversation starter and a lead generator. Okay. I get leads from this every single day. I’ve been using it for about a year. Okay, so you can go to insecurity PMP real quick. I think at one point I shut it off and then turn it back on. But for the most part, whatever we’ve got to all time. Yeah. So leave this shit. I’ve gained 2,419 followers from this alone. Aside from obviously doing all the video content and speaking at events and all that stuff, and I’ve gotten, the system has went out and done. 73,000 lights, commented on 15,000 pictures, followed 40,000 people view 21,000 people’s stories. Guys, you guys think that you can do this shit on your own?
I wouldn’t want to do this shit on my, I would not want to do this shit on my own. Okay. So I want to talk to you guys again about batch accelerator. Okay. And then we’re going to go, we’re going to jump straight into Q and a. Okay. So first and foremost, I want to do a quick poll. Has anybody ever, if obviously you’ve taken the dash accelerator you have, so don’t answer. But aside from that, has anybody for all of you guys watching right now, has anybody ever seen this software used in this way? Maybe from the software, but this strategy alone, if you haven’t, if you’ve never seen it, just can you put no in the chat really quick?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No. One person said yes. No, never heard that before. No.
So guys, wouldn’t it be cool if like first I missed you guys like this video. Can you draw it on the chat? If this was a good video, do you want to see more videos like this?
So Andrew, the chat is this guy. Is this helpful? Yeah. Well I’m doing the job and you guys need that and you guys think that this is going to be effective in your business cause we want to make sure we’re talking to the right audience. First off, yes, we want to qualify you guys, right? Are you guys the right audience for this type of stuff? 400 in the chat, right? Yes. Saves time.
That’s a great strategy. You know it 400400400 like 50 people at least just drop the 400 and half. Okay. So my question to you guys is if I can show you a hundred other things just like this, why the hell are you guys not in our dash accelerator program and why aren’t we not taking advantage of it?
Especially those who are in the group all day as the saying, you know, I don’t have any clients. How do you get clients? This is that. How do you get clients? Because obviously if you’re not connecting with people, how do you expect the clients?
And I’m talking about we go over and in the Dash itself where pee pee real quick. Beatrice in the dash accelerator program. Okay. There’s over 21 and a half hours of content. Okay, look at all this. Okay. There’s checklists on every single day. Like what to do like here, like look here, Instagram automation. Why don’t you run it? If there was like a whole checklist for all of this stuff. Okay. Not only that, there was videos. Okay, let’s do this. We’re talking about 21 and a half hours of video content and this one is ride shot with other people just like yourself. Agency owners. I do this live in front of like 15 or 20 people. Okay. Then I have all the swipe files, all of our contracts, website design, contract, social media, contract, directory management, content writing, SEO, ad words management, Facebook campaign is, then I have a live calls. Okay. Live calls. I live video old video mean are saw in our call center. This is our actual call center. For those of you guys who’ve never seen our call. Chad car down guys. Yeah. Have you seen me talking about our calls? We play this really quick car dog. Is there a call center? You’re not going to hear any volume, but we’ll play it. We’ll let it play. Figure this.
Do it up right? Okay, but you’re talking about like fronting calls, how to actually go out and do like all the front end calls. Okay. Then you’re talking about closing calls. You’re talking about like so much content. Okay. Look at this scripts. What about scripts your or script or closing script, phone calling, script referral, sales script, keynote speaking template, which is like a hundred page keynote speaking template that you can literally just take and use and don’t start speaking at either small or medium or large events and start picking up high end clients just to template the whole things there for you. Cost me thousands of dollars to create. Okay, so it’s dash accelerator program. You guys should all be inside of this. This lesson that we did was one of like a hundred things that I teach in the dash accelerator program. It stuff like this that I’ve been doing for years. It’s stuff like this and I’ve wet like thinking about it.
This shit is a little complex and snowball, right? If you didn’t know how to do it and somebody didn’t walk you through it, like somebody didn’t tell you how to set up the proxies or if somebody didn’t tell you how to set up all the settings properly. Okay. If somebody didn’t tell you the strategy now to go on and do the targeting. If somebody didn’t tell you how to actually do the canned responses to save time, like all the shit is stuff that I figured out. It took me a long time to figure out and we bundled it all up right here in the dash accelerator course. Okay, so we’re going to go into some Q and a guys, if you want the dash accelerator course and just to log in, click education in the main menu, click dash accelerator and you can purchase it.
It’s currently on Promo right now, three 97 and it’s going to go back up to nine 97 soon. So let’s go out front facing real quick. Let’s do some Q. And. A. Let’s do some Q. And. A. Everybody jumps in your question. Now’s the time. Jargon questions people you’re up at like is hot. You got us both live or in the zone already. Whereas the plus button, the plus buy in is in your Instagram account. If you go into a new message, you’ll see a little plus sign. Yeah, it’s right where you reply back to the message on the writer that you’ll see a plus sign. If you don’t have that. I’m trying to switch your account to a business account. If you don’t have that then you’re screwed. Yeah. [inaudible] manually just got a notebook and just copy and paste it and then just go through.
What I do is the process that I take is at night. I’ll go through and I’ll answer a bunch of them when I have time. Sometimes I’ll do it for a couple of days. Okay. Can you just copy me at one time and then just paste, copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste takes two seconds. Okay. Do you create an Ige post? For instance, noble can’t remember. It’s like here. No you don’t. This is more of an automation to outreach. You don’t have to necessarily create a post. I mean obviously you want to have some posts on your page to make sure that they know you’re alive. Right. And you’re, you’re doing it. But yeah, you don’t need to physically post actually do this strategy. Can I, I want to ask good questions cause we usually ask, can you guys do me a quick favor? Whatever you are in this world dropping in the chocolate realm. I just love seeing it. I’ll see people from all over the world on squat and drop it right into where are you from girl? India? I know south, South Africa, Australia, Jacksonville. I’m from Texas. The traveling full time. [inaudible] Phoenix. I don’t think anyone’s from the same place. Wow. [inaudible] Korea, India, South Korea. Nice ramen in New York from all over. There it is trio fun. Awesome guys. To take this time and answer, ask any questions we have about, we have about 25 minutes left. Give or take. This is your time to ask anything that you want and we’ll go ahead and answer it live for you guys. Let me actually open up this. Would you convert Craig? Would you convert better if you create niche Instagram account per niche so you can prove local authority? I wouldn’t do that. I’m saying, I mean there’s people who do that if your niche down as an agency. But I mean you can act actually just get away with it by putting it as your personal business digital marketing account and that’s going to allow you to be flexible on your targeting.
Instead of you know, going after just the one niche. What I like to do and everybody, everyone, yeah, there’s no perfect up your strategy obviously, but the strategy that I use, obviously I target digital marketing into, so that’s what I would go after. I would recommend sticking to one niche if you can and then just let it snowball run for months. There’s so many people you can build up your audience to hundreds of thousands of people. That shit will run for months without you having to touch it. Okay. You don’t have to do anything. Okay. So pick one that should go to go do road tours or plumbers or painters or I don’t know what gym or personal trainers, whatever it is that you want to do. You can do anything. Okay. Just pick a niche and I would run with it for that.
Just to verify, you said the Max, the target is 30 pages, but to start with 20. Correct. So I mentioned Jeremy to clarify, there is no, you can’t do enough research, right? There’s never enough. You can always do research, research, retreat, research and it’s always going to be a positive thing. What I would suggest, you don’t have to overwork once you’ve gone through your 20 that you’ve targeted. Maybe you want to start changing things up cause you see your conversion rate maybe a little low. You had backup plans, right? So just go out and do 30 so you don’t have to, you know, go out and do research windows scope. You know when you’ve gone through those, just so that you have it as your backup plan so that you can chart those out. Just so while slippage, the cap is 20 in a [inaudible] so you can’t go past 20 you can do research on a hundred just keep them there. Sometimes I’ll go in every couple of months and I’ll al people love that aren’t converting cause you see the conversion rate. I’ll take them out and I have new people in there. So he got Javier asking, I need that shirt. Where can we get it? Yeah. A swag bag. Yeah. Swiped bags. Swag bags. You gotta win it. You gotta you gotta you gotta just win it. Yeah, we do. We do giveaways every so often.
Can we white label this? We don’t offer this service. This is just something cool that you guys can do. Let’s see. Can you work on different, can this work on different Instagram accounts? Yes, sure. I don’t say we’re, no. Jerome said, we’ll be very good follow up question for someone who is targeting real estate if they respond to your first [inaudible]. Yes. So I would say something and I w I would. All right, so when you’re thinking about human psychology, okay, me and angel are standing here. We’re humans. Okay. Let’s have a quick conversation. Angel, we’re just going to play down. Let’s show you like psychologically how this all works. Hey, are you a real estate agent? Yeah, I actually am. Awesome. What kind of real estate do you do? I actually focused on residential and commercial.
Actually have three real estate agents. We do residential. Commercial. That’s great. Yeah. I actually help residential realtors in your area or not even in your area. I actually help residential realtors get more leads so you guys can expand your real estate agency or your real estate company or whatever it is, but what I want to drill in to that second part, this is the first one, the Second D, n k the first DM. Let’s go back to what we said. I said, hey, are you a realtor? You said yes. That’s the first message you said, yes. Okay. You want them to say yes. That’s the first question that you should ask them for them to say yes. Okay. Then I would go back and say, Hey, what type of real estate do you do residential or commercial question mark? What am I doing? I’m making him engage more with me. Okay. Instead of being like, let’s do it a different way. You ready for this? Okay. You tell me what you think is better. A or B a was the side that we just did. B is let’s start from the ground up. You Roll Sir our realtor. Yup. Awesome. Here’s the link to my Calendly. Let’s schedule a call for and help you get more leads. Block. You see like think about human interaction. Okay? You have to think about human interaction. So what do you want to do is layer these and stats and further name before you take them on a date. Yeah. You never take a girl out on a date before you asked her her name. Right? So you want to take things as humans actually go, right? You want to just literally literally start a conversation and build rapport on things you can relate on. So if you’re in a real estate marketing, hey, you know, or you know, is this something, you know, I specialize in helping realtors generate more buyer and sellers. Would that be something you have the capacity to handle more of, right? Something like that. Can you have a team, right? Whether you or your team can handle it? Can you guys handle it? Would be the right stock stocks and just save them as one, two, three, four, five, six and just keep stocking. Have a whole automated in a conversation. Johnson said, so this room’s automated to gain followers to market to correct. Yeah, exactly. That’s exactly what it does. Gets you followers and then the dms, those followers.
So to clarify, Sean asks, we are a marketing agency that can do marketing for all niches, but I g we should set up our bio and insert the noble for one niche, run it with it for awhile and then maybe changed niche by on is the noble. Yeah. So Sean, you don’t have to necessarily tailor your specific incident and account for the one niche, but when Instagram was running,
I’ll tell you one thing I would, and I’ll tell you why. Okay. Because I used to do that and it got confusing. Okay. I would do it to one niche because what’s going to happen is you’re going to have people that get there that people don’t check Instagram every day. Right. A lot of people don’t know, check it once a week, once a, once I tell people respond back to me from months ago that they finally logged in their Instagram account. Right? And you want to make sure that you’re talking to a realtor, right? So if you’re going to do realtors, I recommend building huge audience and stay with realtors so it doesn’t get confusing in your inbox. Okay? Oh, that too. For me, I know that everybody that sends me a DM is most likely a marketer, so I’m just gonna fire off that response. Okay. So that’s what I recommend.
I used to do it the other way. Got a little confusing. You can still do it, but it gets a little confusing if you want to make sure you have a queen marketing campaign. Just stick with one niche. Do you think the strategy you discussed might work if we have to do it, if we do it a little differently or do you suggest it’d be done from a personal person’s account? I recommend make sure you do not do this from like Bobby’s marketing. Okay. You want to do it from Chad Kodary and you want to do this from Bobby Johnson. You want to do it from a personal account, but just make sure that account is a business account, if that makes sense. And you can still have your personal brand. You’re just a business thinking about this, right? Because if a business sent the message, what do you think their intention is? Straight up spin. Not only that, but selling. Why would business be even messaging you? First of all, they’re selling you something. No one likes to be sold. So you have to guide them to the purchase by just having a regular conversation. No personal relationships. People. Exactly. All right. What’s your answerable feature? Did you pay for, how much is it per month? So all I pay for is the, let me go back to it so I can make sure [inaudible] a is the promotion and the direct promotion in direct. Okay. So each one of these is, if I go, let’s just go here. Let me go here. Two, two, two, two, two. No, this is the balance of am I doing, let’s go back really quick.
Sad Day. So that’s what I do. Screenshot that.
30 days of using the promotion module is $19 30 days of using the depth on and direct messages is $14 it’s $33 a month. That’s how much it is. Okay. I just bought like six months or so and I just left it so I don’t have to renew that shit every month cause it’s annoying. Okay. That’s all you have to do. It’s super simple. Okay. 33 bucks a month. What it costs it super simple.
So Justin ass, we don’t need a big following now trying to gain followers. You don’t need any following because these people are just going to be, anyway, what I would do though is at least fill up your page with like five or six posts. So obviously they land on your page and it’s not like a spam blank account. Right. so just if you can maybe put a Gif about realtors, if you’re going after realtors, make it, you know, if the realtor landed on your page is like, okay, I want to have a conversation with this guy. Seems to be that he obviously is in my niche and he knows probably my pains and what I’m looking to do. Right. So that’s what I would do with that Dean Adisa ass. Do you think the strategy, you discussed my work, if we do it a little differently though, through our company account or do you suggest to be done per person? Yeah, so that’s back to it. You don’t want to be, you don’t want to have your client put a red flag that you’re trying to sell them something. So you just want to have that regular conversation.
Justin said, can this be used by multiple accounts or one account per purchase? It’s one account per purchase, but with an insensible we go back PMP real quick. With instant mobile you can go and you can add multiple accounts. They should ever modes that. Yeah. So you just go in here and you click add account on the left and if you now break your personal account and your brother’s account or whatever the hell it is, I don’t know why you would want that. Or maybe your clients can’t. If you want to start selling this, make a little bit of money doing it, this will be a great tool to sell. Yeah, all you gotta do Jim, do that and but it still doesn’t matter. You’re paying that $33 per account. If you want to add a new account, you have to pay another $33, but you can use it on the same platform.
Okay. what are the chains of Instagram blocking or shadow banning you for awhile? Shadow Benny. Here’s more realistic. Basically that just means that you can’t like anybody’s posts for like two days or 48 hours or so, I don’t know, 24 hours or something like that. That’s all that’s ever happened to me. I’ve been using it for a year. What I recommend doing is if you’re scared to use it and you don’t want to take those chances, just make sure your limits going down. Start off with a smaller limit. Okay? Don’t come back to us and say that your Instagram account was bang sound. Our call, some of the smaller limit. We’re just giving you the advice on what we do. That works. You can see my account, it’s been running. I’m not lying to you guys. You can see my dams. I’m showing you everything.
No nothing guys. I would suggest because Instagram is really strict on certain things. I wouldn’t use more than one tool. So this is the tool you’re going to use. Only use this tool. Don’t sync your Instagram account with 17 different tools because you’ll wake up the next day with advanced. Yeah, that’s Instagram. So if you’re gonna use this, use this alone and use it specifically for lead Gen, right? Don’t really use your account for liking a million people’s profile pictures and stuff. You want to limit the engagement and all this stuff to the tool so it could do its work and you’re going to follow with any Instagrams means cause that’s the purpose of setting up the settings so that you don’t have to do an easy engaging or any of the actual actions being done on your account.
Go on from Facebook said is the linkedin training in the dash accelerator. Ah Yes, 100% we actually do this. We do it for Linkedin as well. We do it for a lot of other things. That’s what I’m saying. If you’re not in the bash accelerator, now’s the time to be in it before triples up on price. Kate’s three 97 right now. Johnson, what our Facebook business page, bio and post will need to reflect the Mitch and your Facebook page has nothing to do with this. This is just your Instagram. That’d be met Instagram then. Yeah, you can like for me if we got P and p real quick, like for me, my bio basically says CEO of Dash Glitz marketing agencies scale faster with our agency platform. Get forever free access. To your very own agency dashboard now and then I have a link to the dashboard.
Okay. So yeah, you can do it. You can say, I work with realtors to get them more leads, you know, click the link below and then send ’em to your Calendly or your website, wherever you want to send them. OK. Javier says, what is your top strategy for lead generation that you teach in Dash accelerators? Do we go over so much things I saw, I talked to you guys about not only Instagram automation. I go for linkedin automation. I go over cold calling. I go over the psychology of actually using instasites and working within Sonobel. I teach you how to build a call center. I teach you how to actually cold call with specific scripts and specific methods. I do live cold calls. I talked to you about tons of other tools that we use and walk you through just like this, setting up the whole thing. It’s literally setting up your entire agency to go from zero to 100 fast as hell.
Okay. Real quick, real quick. Okay. No thanks guys. To add to that. There is no perfect strategy you don’t have, there is no perfect ideal strategy. There is not that doesn’t exist. There’s going to be a strategy that works best for you. Whatever you want to go with. Just pick one. A lot of people are like, what’s the best strategy? We just taught you one, but you’re looking for other strategies, right? It’s like you’re going to always be looking for information, strategy, strategy, strategy, and if you’re not taking action, none of them are going to work, right? You got to take action on the strategy so then you can justify, oh, this doesn’t work, but you can only justify that only after you’ve tried something that was taught to you that’s been proven to be effective and then you tell yourself it doesn’t work. Then I will pat you on the back and see what’s going on.
But up until then, you know you’ve got to take more action. We got to get serious with you guys. You got to stay and take action. Like a lot of the times we stay stagnant because we think we need more information. Like I did a cold call the other day, live in the group 20 minutes long. I got a client on the, on the call for fun. I did it for fun because someone asked the question, you guys can use this strategy, linkedin cold calling emails, go door to door with the sign doing whatever you want to do, but do something we teach most [inaudible] something, you know, get off of Youtube. Just start taking action.
Just start doing stuff failing forward. And you’re going to realize that once you start getting denied, no, no, no. What you’re really doing is learning what not to do, right? A lot of people, I got a question with the other day from somebody that said, what’s the difference between dash accelerator and you know, your marketers mindset and videos or your youtube channel and stuff like that, right? So I’m going to tell you guys what the differences. Okay. Dash accelerator is a course that first of all, does not teach. We don’t teach any of this stuff and marketers mindset, okay, this is the first thing that we taught that was in dash accelerators. If you’ve watched all of our marketers mindset videos, the stuff that we teach in dash accelerator, you’ve never seen it before because we’ve never talked about it because it’s stuff like this.
There was a couple of hundred people on this live webinar today, guys. There’s a still hundreds of people watching this live right now. Okay. Why do you think that they came out to watch this is because this is some fire stuff. This is stuff that, yeah, you can go and you can research and find [inaudible] do this all on your own. But this shit took me months to figure out, to get it dialed into where it was working perfectly. It’s not about the software, it’s about the strategy. It’s about how to do it, how to use it, the momentum, like everything from a to Z, right? So what dash accelerator does is it does stuff like this, which is very unique way of thinking. It’s my way of thinking. It took me 10 years to think like this, to take the softwares and you guys know me, I’m a super technical guy, right?
Is to take softwares like this and combine it with a marketing strategy. That’s my specialty. My specialty is software and marketing. Okay. Those two combined, I’m telling you guys like the shit that we do in the dash accelerator is you’ve never seen that in a marketer’s mindset. Okay? It’s two completely different worlds. Marketers mindset videos are more based on bottom of the line. Like I’m just starting my agency. I need some motivation, I need to watch some videos, I need to see how to build my agency and maybe scale it and get some tips and stuff like that. Dash accelerators like, hey, like take this and do this. Exactly. Just like I can just sit with you guys right here. Do this. Exactly. Don’t do any other way. Okay, this is what you gotta do. Just go and do it and this is how it works and here’s the results.
Here’s my IBM’s. Okay. This is how it works. Right? So that’s what, that’s what dash accelerators, that’s the use different. Add something to that. Right? People can buy tools, they can buy all these things and learn all these different things. Right? They know that the strategy to get results in the cold calling emails and things like that, you know what you need to do, right? But if he has never been taught how to do it effectively, you’re going to blame yourself because you think it’s not working. And so what happens is if that’s the case, then you’re just going to jump onto the next thing and you’re going to do it and you’re going to figure it out because maybe you don’t want to invest into learning it how to do it effectively by someone who’s failed on your times and actually figured it out, right? Shit, what an investment is. An investment isn’t an expense and investment is your investing into the time that he spent, however long it was to figure this out. That’s what you’re paying for. You’re not paying for the tool. You go buy the tool right now. Go for it. Right? But to use it right? Do you use it properly or cold calling? Right? Go pick up the phone right now and dial. But if you don’t know what to say, you’re not going to get a result and you’re going to blame yourself. But once you get taught how to affectively do it, how to get trained, that’s why people in sports by you know, trainers, why do you think they do trainers? I can go right now and throw a football or hit a golf club and figure it out. But is it going to be correct? No, and I think it is, but it’s not. So until I get a real training and learn how to effectively do it the right way, now that I know the skillset, it’s going to naturally happen. I’m naturally going to get better at it and naturally going to start getting results because now I know how to do it effectively. There’s a proof of concept on the strategy that I would just talk that I still don’t know how to do yet yet, but now that I know it, I can practice and actually go in and start getting closer and closer to my, yes.
It’s, it’s just, it’s taking a huge head start. That’s, that’s the easiest things you think about it. It’s instead of going and scrambling and watching a thousand youtube videos and trying to figure out what works, there’s 21 and a half hours of video content of stuff that only works. That’s it. You don’t have to go sift through millions of youtube videos and waste hours and weeks and months watching content and listening to 30,000 gurus. I don’t care. I don’t want to be a guru. I’m just telling you the shit that I did and I’m showing you what works. Whether I’m a guru or a master of marketing, whatever you want to call me, I really don’t care. It’s just a course of all the fire stuff that I know that I did. I wrapped up into one amazing platform, which is that clicks. Okay, and it’s on sale. Okay, so get that shit quick. Someone asked you to verify profile, take a risk
Following this strategy verified or non verified. It’s the same thing. Same Platform, same thing. So what you want to do is just follow the rules, stay within the means of verified profile. That means is you’re some type of celebrity that people copy your profile on. Instagram puts a little blue check so that you know, they know your official, but as long as you stay within the means, there’s no reason. It’s like you won’t get arrested unless you break the law. Right? Same thing.
Yeah. Nick said what, what works best cold calling or store to store selling both. It’s just the strategy that you use. We’ve, we’ve done a bunch of videos on that. We actually highlight that a bunch of a dash accelerator too. So you can, you can watch the free videos. You can take them batch accelerator. But that’s a whole other topic but both work amazing. Definitely highly recommend. Both. I did both for use. Made millions of dollars on digital marketing. Any other questions guys? We’ve got about five minutes before we jump off here. Yeah. Five minutes. Ask Your questions now. Ask Your questions now guys.
Rolling with the paperclip. [inaudible] You guys awake? We gotta you can keep waking these people up. He is. I’m doing the child. I would read it in the chat if you’re still alive. Get up and do some jumping jacks if you need to get some energy gone. Cause after this you guys all take massive freaking action. Also drop a three, three, three. If you’re gonna set this up for your business right after this call, who’s going to take massive action? I want to do an accountability challenge here. Who’s going to take action on this? And what I’ll do is I’ll make a post. What’s today? Today is a what? Thursday. I’ll make a post on Monday. Remember that post that I create, but all the wins on that Monday. When I create that post, I should see multiple people posting there saying, Hey, I’m in the Taco.
I’m talking to eight different prospects right now. This is crazy. You’re using the system. Oh my God, I just closed my first client using the system. Oh my gosh, this and that. This should happen if you take action. So if you’re going to do this on Monday, if you’re not posting in that group, I know for a fact you didn’t do anything. Yeah. Right? So this is what we’re going to have to keep doing so that we make sure that you guys are successful because if not, you guys are just going to go watch the next youtube video, the next guru, right. And do that all day and then scroll through and watch other people’s food on Instagram. Right? But that’s if you want to do that, go.
Alright, so Justin asks a, I don’t see software listed in the accelerator include section. That’s because we don’t tell you guys about all the software. This is the whole secrets. The secret nugget. That’s a secret sauce. This is one of the bunch that we use.
If we told you what the secret sauce was, would it be a secret? No, no.
Which is the group we are speaking here. Facebook group. It’s called marketer’s mindset by dash clicks. So if you just got to Facebook, just go to the search bar, type in marketer’s mindset by dash clicks to private group. Just click the join button and we let you in within a couple of minutes. You’ll see it’s a blue banner up at the top of my face. Doing some shit like this. Like literally with the same shirt and everything. It’s like this. So that’s what [inaudible]
And also guys, if you guys take action on this, where would be really cool for everybody in the group? Screenshot your replies, screenshot with page on your Instagram of your replies posted in the group and tell everybody how we’re you’re taking action, right? Motivate. Get people to take action, right? Get some momentum. Do this. Cause it’s only gonna also help you continue taking action, make yourself accountable, taking action and then make others accountable and taking action. It’s going to help everyone grow and win.
And guys, we only, we like to hang around winter so you know what I’m saying? We really like to hang around with us. Khalisa said will the replay be up? The replay is right now, once again, live in the market, his mindset, Facebook group, it will be there right now if you want to go watch it and it will be up on youtube within a couple of days after we do post production and edit the final copy. I that’s pretty much it guys. We’re gonna wrap up the day cause we got a bunch of other stuff to work on but we hoped we came in here and we dropped some fire from you guys. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it. If you once again are not in the dash accelerator program, we’ve we recommend getting in now it’s stream 97 it’s going to jump back up at nine 97 and it’s going to stay there for life. Okay. So again,
Okay also guys, one last thing closing out. If you guys haven’t yet scheduled a dash connect demo, right? Our team will walk you through on how to use dash clicks and all the different tools effectively in your business. And if you haven’t jumped on there, that’s the reason you’re still questioning a hundred different things because you haven’t yet done the demo where we can actually walk you through on how to best set this up for your business right now.
Yup. And Justin asked one question, he said, so when I buy dash accelerator we get the software hats as well. No, there’s no software included. All the software is separate. Gastric center just shows you how to go and set up all softwares and do all that crazy shit like we just did. No, but the softwares that we talked about their cheek or like 20 bucks a month, 10 bucks a month, 15 bucks a month. It’s not going to break the bank, I promise you.
All right guys, have a good one. I’ll see you on the next step to say an easy marketer’s mindset.

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