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How to Unlock a Flood Gate of Inbound Leads Using TikTok

How to Unlock a Flood Gate of Inbound Leads Using TikTok

Welcome to DashClicks' Digital Marketing Training Sessions. Today's training session is about using TikTok to get inbound leads. My name is Daniel, and this training session is based on my personal experience of generating leads using TikTok. TikTok is an emerging short video platform that has set a benchmark for all other social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

We will discuss the entire process of using TikTok to generate inbound leads. It will help you build your brand from scratch within a shoestring budget.

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So, without further ado, let's dive in.

TikTok has grown out of its old image as a short video platform known for teenage dancing girls' clips. Some people still look at it that way, but the platform has come quite far. Whatever be the truth, TikTok has revolutionized the social media world.

Today's training session is based on our real-life experience and includes proven tips to generate inbound leads.

However, you need some buffer period to grow your account on TikTok. In the meantime, you might encounter some uncomfortable situations. You might also need to do a few things you have never done before and walk through rocky terrain.

The Salient Features of TikTok

There are multiple ways you can attract inbound leads on TikTok, but let's discuss its salient features first.

1. High Engagement

The platform is designed to interact with your followers and other content creators in a way that no other platform does. That's the reason it has a very high rate of engagement.

Salient Features of TikTok

Source: DashClicks Training Sessions ā 01:35

2. Acts as a Search Engine for Short Videos

Apart from that, TikTok is also emerging as a search engine. They have also increased the character count of a video description from 120 to 500. It implies that your content stands a chance to rank based on various text strings used in the video title, description and hashtags.

For example, if you love “smoking ribs” and use a search query “smoking rib recipes,” you’ll get a 15 second video on the topic rather than long tutorials on YouTube. It’s much better and more time-saving if you want a quick understanding of the topic.

Whenever a social media platform gets bigger, it soon becomes a search engine, and TikTok is no exception.

3. Allows You to Respond to Questions via Videos

On TikTok, you can interact with content creators and people in your audience by responding to comments or questions via your video. Your response showcases your expertise. TikTok uses a content library for this purpose where anyone can ask questions.

For example, if you post a TikTok video and share three ways to increase your conversion rate on your website, you might get a question like, “Do you really mean this?” You can take this opportunity to respond to the question and increase engagement.

4. Provides A Massive Platform

TikTok started as a dancing video platform, but now it’s flooded with customers. It’s an anomaly that grew too fast, just like a black swan event.

It was so much so that every major social media platform is now copying it in the form of “reels” and “IdeaPins” and scrollable short videos. It’s creating waves. People love this platform and the way they interact with each other on it.

5. Has More Searchable Content

TikTok has now moved to searchable content using hashtags and location factors. Apart from these, searchable elements in your content also include sounds. When you click on “music” below a video, it will list all the videos that use the same music. With so many search parameters, finding your content has become comparatively more straightforward.

People are also using the platform for education, and it’s indeed a fantastic place for learning.

Your TikTok Checklist

Here’s your TikTok checklist for getting started. After that, we can move on to the strategy.

  1. Focus more on benefiting your audience
  2. Use the content to become the go-to expert in the field
  3. Post frequently and regularly
  4. Pick a specific topic (such as marketing, sales, NFTs)
  5. Educate through entertainment
  6. Engage and connect with like-minded individuals
  7. Make sure you are posting quality content that offers value and is engaging

Content is the soul of social media and every other online marketing vertical you can think of. Your audience should love the content you create. It should offer value, address people’s pain points, and entice them enough to click the video and watch it fully.

TikTok Checklist

Source: DashClicks Training Sessions ā 07:02

Your content should be shareable to offer value. TikTok offers you tons of ways to share your videos. Cross-platform promotion is one such way that can also make your videos go viral. TikTok doesn't provide you with a shortened URL or a link while sharing it. Instead, it shares the whole video across other platforms. People love to share good content, and TikTok's easy shareability contributes to its popularity and success in a big way. You can easily find TikTok videos in Instagram reels, etc.

Pro Tip #1: Focus more on education and offering value while creating content. Avoid sales pitches and aggressive direct promotion on TikTok. Let your content answer people's queries and address their pain points.

Pro Tip #2: Push forward the narrative of benefiting the audience and always try to add value through your content. You should keep the number of salesy videos to a minimum.

Pro Tip #3: Use content to become a go-to expert in your field. It will help you prove your credibility.

When you successfully establish yourself as a go-to expert, you appear in more related searches and people's feeds. When the masses watch your videos and follow you, more and more people share your content. This way, your content is multiplied and distributed across numerous communities.

What Should You Do to Attract Inbound Leads

Source: DashClicks Training Sessions ā 12:29

What to Do?

TikTok is a different social media platform, but not difficult to learn and use to drive results from. To succeed on TikTok, you need to do the following things.

1. Learn the Platform

Jump on the bandwagon. Don’t worry about messing it up, as you always have an option to delete it. Just try to learn the platform. The earlier you start, the better you will get at it and receive more rewards.

2. Start Conversations

Leave comments that trigger conversation on relevant content. If you haven’t posted a single video yet, you might be a bit anxious about doing it. It can be nerve-wracking at first, but you need to take the plunge. Check your customer’s profile first. Are they landscapers or eCommerce business owners? Now, find a piece of content and comment on it. It can be a question or any other form of a conversation starter.

For example, you can say, “Hey! So, I have a startup, and we have had some challenges, but we came through. You might be wondering, how did we overcome those challenges?

The idea is to start a conversation so that they respond to you. It will bring you under the spotlight, prompting other users to ask you questions. When you answer their questions, you build credibility and exhibit your expertise. It will also increase engagement.

3. Target Your Customers

Target your existing customers. Start comments and conversations. It will attract people’s attention. You can quickly build your brand and establish yourself as an expert by offering value, sharing insights, and building credibility. Also try to reel in people who comment on your content and send you DMs to become your leads.

4. Target People in Your Field and Interact With Their Content

You should also target people who do the same thing as you or are in the same niche. It gives you visibility in front of the masses and newer audiences. We have successfully got leads from people who commented on our content. We responded, and then they told us that they needed help. We have also got leads from people who sent a DM to us. Many of them wanted to work with us. It was all due to the content that we publish frequently. It builds credibility and showcases our expertise. People ask questions via comments on our videos, which we use as an opportunity to close one or two prospects.

Pro Tip: Leads will come from the content you produce.

5. Establish Your Expertise

The time and effort spent on creating high-quality videos ultimately establishes your expertise and increases your credibility. You get leads by responding to people’s comments. But, how do you make these leads into potential prospects and get business from them? Here are three ways you can do so!

  • Get Leads by Responding to Comments to Resolve People’s Issues
    Sometimes people convey their issues through the comments and seek insights because you have created content on similar topics. Experts take this as an opportunity and create videos on the same.Responding to their comment, they warmly say, “Hey! Thanks for the comment. Here is what I recommend you do to resolve your problem.” And then they add the link to the video they have created for the same. We also use such occasions as an opportunity to network and establish relationships.
  • Get Leads From People DMing You
    The content you create adds credibility and helps you establish your expertise. When people see these insights, they try to contact you through comments, DMs, or phone calls. When someone sends you a direct message, you can reply, “I would like to work with you. Could we discuss this over a call?” You can also implement this strategy for your customers.
  • Get Leads From Questions People Ask Under Your Video
    There are many questions people ask when you post your video. You should take this opportunity to answer these questions. There are high chances that these people will become your prospects.

Pro Tip: Stick with this practice and be consistent.

The best inbound leads I’ve ever received have been from podcasts, and the best place to get on podcasts is through TikTok, besides some occasional invites from here and there. That is why you should connect with people with the same interests and field. For example, they can be sales experts or marketing experts.

Attract Leads From the Content You Produce

Source: DashClicks Training Sessions ā 14:12

Every podcast I’m currently on has been found from outreach on TikTok. It proves how much visibility you get when you are on TikTok. When you follow people from a specific niche or profession and interact with their content, there are two primary benefits you’ll get:

  • You’ll get to know similar people
  • Similar experts will pop up in your feed

So if you are a digital marketer, you might see the content of a growth expert XYZ pop up in your feed. They might have similar content to you, and in fact, you might use some of their ideas to build your content.

However, that’s another story.

Taking Your Newly Built Relationships to the Next Level

This way, both of you can see each other’s content, get familiar, and start interacting with each other. You build a relationship, add comments on each other’s content, and start sharing a great camaraderie.

So, you build relationships well through TikTok. You may find that your contact also hosts a podcast when that happens. So, when they post a podcast clip, you might comment and say, “Hey XYZ! I loved the podcast! Can I be on your podcast too and share some of my own insights and experiences with your audience?

More likely than not, you’re going to receive a positive response from them as they are also from the same field, and it will benefit both of you mutually.

I created my first podcast this way. I built this relationship through commenting, and when I coined the idea of starting a podcast together, my contact immediately agreed.

The podcast that I sourced using TikTok and relations made through the platform opened the floodgates of leads for me.

TikTok offers tremendous opportunities similar to this if you are consistent. The procedure is simple:

  • Pick a specific niche
  • Offer value and build your credibility by posting quality content
  • Answer questions posted by people to gravitate them towards you

So, if you do it consistently, people will reach out to you and would express their interest in working with you.

In less than six months of practicing it consistently, I have created my own fan following, starting from scratch.

Building Relationships With the Experts

The second way is to build relationships with experts in your field. They’ll see your content, and if you consistently post content that offers value, they will start enjoying it and might even reach out to build a relationship.

You can create a podcast together and distribute it through TikTok. People who follow or listen to this podcast may contact you as your TikTok account name and contact details will be shared with the podcast.

Again, appearing in podcasts increases your credibility, establishes your expertise on TikTok, and ultimately leads to inbound lead generation.

It is by far the best platform that delivers results in this fashion. TikTok is a little easier and more manageable as you can easily set it up, and things work on autopilot if you are consistent.

Final Words

TikTok is known for entertaining content that focuses on interaction with people in an engaging way. The platform is designed in such a way that it encourages engagement and relationship building. It works with an AI-based feed system that provides you with the content you love to consume. If you compare it with YouTube, TikTok is more engaging and user-friendly. Comments and video responses encourage interaction.

I hope you found this training session helpful. It worked extraordinarily well for me. Let me know if you have any questions. Ensure you subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon for notifications if you want more of such sessions.

You are also welcome to suggest future topics in the comments section.

I’ll see you in the next training session. Until then!

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