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How to Generate Boatloads of Free Traffic and Authority While Skyrocketing Revenue (Ep. 4)

How to Generate Boatloads of Free Traffic and Authority While Skyrocketing Revenue (Ep. 4)

In this episode of Whiteboard Wednesday, Chad Kodary, the CEO of DashClicks, discusses how to attract boatloads of free traffic to your website.

Attracting quality traffic is the key to generating leads and revenue for your business, but it is still a riddle for many. Most business owners opt for paid advertising to generate quality traffic.

Most agencies kick off PPC-style advertising campaigns leveraging the ad space to achieve their sales objectives.

By attracting traffic, agencies strive to send the incoming leads to a landing page to increase sales. It helps scale their business.

However, in this episode of Whiteboard Wednesday, Chad discusses an entirely different strategy, which is fully organic and will change the way many agency owners think.

This strategy will help agencies skyrocket their revenue and rush their sales pipelines by attracting thousands of clients; that too without spending a single penny on paid advertising.

DashClicks Case Study

Today, we'll explain it with DashClicks as a case study.

First, let's explain what DashClicks is and what it does. DashClicks is an agency platform, which is a marketing agency and also a SaaS company. Serving as an agency platform, it offers white label marketing services to other agencies. It also provides tools and technology that agencies can use to achieve their sales and marketing objectives. So, without further ado, let's discuss this fantastic strategy.

As clarified earlier, this strategy doesn't involve any paid ads. It focuses on increasing authority as an influencer. There can be a variety of companies such as online course creators, agencies, SaaS companies, and other businesses. Let's contemplate how we can increase sales and revenue for these companies. To do that, first, you need to figure out who your audience is.

Know Your Audience

Your clients can be marketing agencies and/or freelancers, who can be considered small and medium agencies that you should target.

Know Your Audience

Source: Episode 4 - 7:26

So, we analyzed the users, i.e., signups that the DashClicks platform received over a year. A total of 10,628 users signed up to the platform the previous year, amounting to almost 30 users per day.

Paid vs Organic

DashClicks spent $20,507 on FB ads and received 1859 signups, almost $11 per action. So, only 18% of the signups came from the paid ads on Facebook. The remaining 82% of our users arrived from free organic outreach, which equals almost 8823 users. Let's discuss how we achieved this.

Here is the secret recipe. We achieved this because we started a conversation with the right people. It is also known as relationship marketing.

Initiating Relationship Marketing ā Step-By-Step Method

We used Facebook groups and Instagram stories to initiate relationship marketing.

Here is how you can do it. First, go to the Facebook search field and type in your niche. For example, if it's real estate, type in "real estate," and from the filters on the left, you can choose "groups."

The search results will provide you with a list of groups you can join to interact with your target audience.

Pro Tip: Join the groups with the highest number of members.

Implementing this process, we found a group named SMMA - Six-Figure Sales Secrets. The group has 7536 members, including various agencies, so it's safe to assume that our audience hangs out there. Chad wrote to Rob Quinn, the admin, that he wanted to speak to him to discuss how they can mutually promote each other.

SMMA - Six-Figure Sales Secrets

Source: Episode 4 - 17:22

The message Chad sent was - "Hey Rob! I want to jump on a call with you to discuss some possible opportunities. I have a setup that is similar to yours. I also have a big agency in Fort Lauderdale. Let me know your availability. Thanks."

At first, Rob didn't respond. But, when Chad followed up with him, he responded positively.

Chad Kodary with Robb Quinn Live in Facebook Group

Source: Episode 4 - 17:56

So, the first step is to approach and pitch group admins for collaboration, mutual interviews, and building long-term relationships with them. It's essential to be friendly with them.

However, it's important to make sure that you offer some value through those activities, i.e., hosting interviews, creating podcasts, or conducting webinars. Chad didn't go to his group to sell his products.

Pro Tip: Be friendly with the admins and offer value when conducting outreach for relationship building using the influencer method.

Unfortunately, most people abuse the system and start spamming, which should be avoided. We approach admins as a commoner without any influence. So, we believe that agency owners can easily replicate that.

Another group we at DashClicks approached was Funnel Closers, and its admin was Ryan Stewman. It comprised 742 agencies.

Funnel Closers-Admin-Ryan Stewman

Source: Episode 4 - 18:24

Chad sent them the following message:

"Hey brother, can we jump on a call with you sometime this week? We just launched our platform which is geared towards agencies. I think I can provide tons of value to your user base and a rev share opportunity. I know you're busy, but I promise this is worth your time."

A link to the DashClicks website followed the text.

Ryan also recommended DashClicks as a white label agency for his funnel closure program. He also invited Chad Kodary, the CEO of DashClicks, to speak at one of his events in Dallas.

Chad Kodary Speaks at an Event in Dallas

Source: Episode 4 - 19:34

Chad also contacted Arne Gaske's Millennial Entrepreneur Community on Facebook.

It has over 78,000 people, most of whom are entrepreneurs who want to build businesses. Some of them must be agency owners as well. It is essential to understand that you should target larger groups because the bigger the group, the more scalability you can achieve.

Chad sent the following message to Arne.

"Hey, bro! I would like to get you on a live Marketers' Mindset Webinar with me. The attendees are all agency owners. I usually get about 250 people live on a zoom call. It's followed by another couple thousand viewers on YouTube, Vimeo, and our dashboard. Let me know if you're interested. You can sell your course there as well."

Chad had received a warm response from Giske - "Hey man! Sounds awesome! Thanks for thinking of me. Let me know if you have a calendar link".

Entrepreneur Community on Facebook

Source: Episode 4 - 20:50

Therefore Chad recommends creating your own Facebook group to leverage that for outreach, networking, content promotion, and increasing traffic. Invite others to your group and ask them to share valuable information and interact with your community.

Pro Tip: Create your own Facebook group. It will help you in multiple ways, including growing your own community.

Pro Tip: Double your exposure by leveraging each other's groups.

Another option to instantly increase online visibility is to go live on your YouTube channel. Rebroadcast it in your Facebook group. You can also post a recording of that video in your group.

You can use BeLive, a tool that allows you to do live streaming on Facebook.

Be Live - The Streaming Video Tool

Be Live - The Streaming Video Tool

Pro Tip: It would help if you did it like clockwork and soon, you'll see the results.

If you're in the agency space, you might see similar faces here.

These guys are influencers, but they are not inaccessible or difficult to reach out to.

The easiest way to interact with these people is to slide into their DMs. You must be aware that these people are just like us ā- humans. They, too, want increased engagement, so they are very likely to respond to your outreach if it is done correctly.

Pro Tip: To access influencers, slide into their DMs.

After implementing this strategy for some time, magical things started happening. The results we achieved were phenomenal and incredible.

The more interviews you appear for, the more influencers you tap. And the more webinars you conduct, the more exposure you get.

Interviews and Webinars-More Exposure

Source: Episode 4 - 26:13

When people see you as an expert and an influencer in your field, they recognize you as a celebrity. Soon, you start receiving invitations to speak at events or appear for interviews.

Chad Kodary Apperaing for Variours Interviews and Events

Source: Episode 4 - 23:43

Our advice, try the influencer method for the best results. You don't need to run paid ads to achieve similar results. It simply requires initiating one-to-one interactions with the influencers and waiting for them to start reaching out to you.

Influencer Method for the Best Results

Source: Episode 4 - 25:34

We noticed that 25% of the group admins didn't answer our message, but 75% of people positively responded to that. It means that this strategy works. This tactic will surely help you skyrocket your business.

Pro Tip: The influencer method is the best thing you can try for your agency. Even if you send 20 DM's and just one person answers you, it can be your first step to fame. It will also help you scale your agency.

The Results

After one year, we got 8823 new organic users. So, an average of about 30 people expressed their interest and signed up for our platform almost every day. If you can convert 30 persons even in a month, you will still achieve your business goals.

Here are some of the results of implementing this strategy for almost one year.

Results of the Influencer Method Strategy

Source: Episode 4 – 30:01

  • New organic users = 8823+
  • Recurring revenue = $1,000,000+
  • Facebook group members = 2600+
  • Monthly website visitors = 10,000+


The live videos of the webinar or interviews will stay on the internet forever and continue to provide you hot leads in the future. Your subscribers will get a notification every time you upload a new video. So, the video keeps on getting more views.

Here is the summary of this method –

  1. Create a Facebook group.
  2. Go to the Facebook search field.
  3. Type in your niche.
  4. Choose “groups” as the filter.
  5. Join these groups.
  6. Message the group admins with a mutually beneficial offer that gives value to their group members and helps them increase engagement.
  7. Host an interview and ask the admins to interact with your group members.
  8. Send a friend request to the group admins.
  9. Upload the webinar or interview on your own group as well.
  10. Once published, promote it like your life depends on it!
  11. Do it repeatedly and frequently until you become a familiar face in your niche.

So, ask yourself, “When will your first conversation start?

This strategy, also known as the influencer method, will bring tons of traction to your business and help you grow it beyond your imagination.

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