How to Differentiate Your Marketing Agency From Competitors
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Sep 13th, 2022 at 10:56 AM

How to Differentiate Your Marketing Agency From Competitors

If you are a digital marketing agency owner, you must be quite familiar with the fierce competition in this industry. Still, it is surprising to see most agencies promoting themselves as full-service agencies with an integrated marketing approach.

Can you drive any benefit out of this strategy that has already been practiced by 90% of the agencies?

Using such tired cliches is the most common blunder agencies make worldwide, only to see dismal results later. This is the effortless method to get obsolete.

That is why every expert and consultant would suggest you differentiate your marketing agency from competitors. The Internet is crowded with such advice, but the big question remains unresolved: how to stand out from the competition.

Why Your Agency Needs to Outshine Your Competition to Succeed?

With information overload all around us and social media content exponentially multiplying, marketers will not be able to catch the users’ attention if they repeatedly use the exact phrases and terms.

As of July 2022, there are about 4.70 billion active social media users globally, and over 200 million businesses used Facebook to reach their customers.

Platforms like TikTok are rapidly penetrating the masses and are responsible for decreasing attention spans.

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In such a scenario, your success as an agency highly depends on your ability to catch users’ attention. You should be able to engage them with your content.

Nobody would pay attention if you blew your own trumpet or used common strategies and repeated terminologies. What if everybody targets the same audience, offers similar services, and uses identical advertisements?

So, if your marketing sounds like another “me too” product, you’ll have a tough time winning clients and surviving in the market.

By choosing a different marketing positioning, you’ll be able to do the following –

  • Attract and convert new clients.
  • Exponentially increase the referrals.
  • Meet special needs of specific industries requiring specialized skills.
  • Build brand image and loyalty, trust and authority.

Many agencies try to differentiate themselves based on the following points.

  • We provide excellent customer service.
  • We hire trained professionals and digital marketing experts.
  • We have a proven track record with years of experience.
  • We offer cutting-edge SEO / SEM services that work.
  • We understand your business goals and hence implement the best strategies.

It sounds pretty obvious.

It might make sense for a novice, but we disagree. We believe that almost everybody talks about conventional things in their adverts and marketing communications.

What Do Businesses Look For in an Agency?

Before we discuss how to differentiate your marketing agency from the competition, let’s discuss what a customer would look for in an agency before signing a contract.

A. Successful Track Record of Proven Results

This is one of the most crucial requirements for a successful agency as every other buyer needs to hire an expert who can deliver results.

Most of your competition is focused on making money, so what differentiates you from others are results.

You can use the following three methods to showcase your expertise.

1. Client Testimonials and User Reviews

You can find client testimonials on your websites, user reviews on Google, social media, and directories.

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2. Experience Quantified

It includes the data that proves your expertise, such as the number of clients serviced, years of experience, and the number of projects handled.

3. Content Marketing

It includes content that showcases your expertise, search as awards, certificates, trophies, memberships, seminars, case studies, and educational videos and reels.

You can create a fantastic agency portfolio this way.

Pro Tip: If you are an absolute beginner, you can publish ebooks, long-form blogs, branded content, run email marketing campaigns, and create social media video series, etc., to add instant reviews and kudos.

B. Timely Communications

Since digital marketing is data-driven, timely and consistent communication is one of the most sought-after qualities of an agency. For long-term relationships, it is important that you and your client are on the same page. So, you should consistently share digital marketing reports to keep them updated with the latest developments and achievements.

C. Excellent Customer Support

Lastly, people expect excellent customer support from their digital marketing agencies. Nothing can frustrate a client more than poor customer service. So, make sure you’ve trained customer service representatives onboard.

Your customer service staffers should be accessible & approachable and should promptly resolve their customers’ pain points. This one quality alone can differentiate your agency from others. They should be well-informed about digital marketing and how to interpret reports.

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How to Differentiate Your Agency and Outshine Your Competition?

So, what differentiates you from others?

This article will discuss unique ways to differentiate your agency from the rest and enjoy the strategic advantage.

A few actionable steps can easily differentiate your agency from your competitors. Here are the top three steps.

1. Focus on Results

If you focus on results, you can easily knock down your competition. If you promise 4X ROI and try to deliver 10X, your happy customers will become your brand ambassadors, and you will never have to spend a single penny on marketing. Your results and expertise will speak for themselves.

Pro Tip: Focusing on results will blow your competition out of the water. If somebody gets 10X ROI instead of the 4X initially promised, they will spread the news everywhere, and your business will grow like wildfire.

Remember, most of your agency competition is focused on making money and not on results, so here is an ample opportunity you can capitalize on.

Pro Tip: To deliver the best results, you can outsource from DashClicks fulfillment services and concentrate your energies on customer service and marketing. Dashclicks’ digital marketing fulfillment services are world-class yet affordable.

2. Focus On One Niche at a Time

A general marketing approach will never yield fruitful results. It will make you look like thousands of other cookie-cutter agencies, and your advertising dollars will go down the drain faster than you can imagine.

Instead, if you are focused on one niche at a time, you can soon become an expert in it, and word-of-mouth publicity will help you rope in dozens of customers without spending a single penny on advertising.

For example, if you are an agency dedicated to plumbers or dentists in your area, you will soon have an impressive portfolio of successful clients. These clients will refer other clients in the same niche.

Soon, businesses in your niche will start trusting you because of your expertise in the field and your ability to deliver results positively. They will choose you because choosing a full-service agency can be a gamble for them as they don’t perceive such agencies as experts in that niche.

Once you position yourself as an expert in one particular niche, you can soon expand your portfolio and include other niches. However, it would be best if you kept your primary niche the same.

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3. Become the Best in the World in Your Niche

 In The 10X Rule, Grant Cardone says, “competition is a limiting concept. For extraordinary success, you shouldn’t worry about competing with others and focus instead on domination.

According to the principles of capitalism, competition is good. However, its drawback is that it creates dozens of choices. If you are focused on extraordinary success, do not go for competition, as it is a limiting concept. If you’re looking for 10X success, do everything you can to dominate your field and not compete with your rivals.

Competition limits your perspective because when you compete with someone, your energies are focused on what they are doing. It prevents you from seeing the bigger picture and thinking outside the box. The most successful people are innovators and not competitors. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk are all innovators. They are driven by global objectives, invest in highly creative and innovative projects, and try to dominate their fields instead of competing with others.

Final Words

There are three key takeaways from this article, and you should religiously act on them to differentiate your agency from competitors. Focus on your results, try to dominate your marketplace, and specialize in one niche at a time. Once you become a well-known face in your niche, it will be significantly easier to scale and autopilot your business. This strategy will reduce your marketing budget and increase your efficiency manifold.

Differentiate Your Marketing Agency from Competitors

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