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How to Create a YouTube Content Machine That Drives Insane Traffic (Ep. 10)

How to Create a YouTube Content Machine That Drives Insane Traffic (Ep. 10)

Welcome to episode ten of Whiteboard Wednesday. In this episode, Chad Kodary, CEO of DashClicks, discusses how to create YouTube video content that will drive tons of traffic to your website.

Today, you’ll learn:

  1. How to get tons of traffic from YouTube
  2. How to flood YouTube with videos
  3. How to convert that traffic into paying customers

The YouTube Strategy

Every time you shoot a video and publish it on YouTube, that video stays onYouTube forever. We have videos that we shot five years ago and they are still generating traffic. Here is a secret that I would like to share. If you are serious at video marketing, you should post quality video content and it should be your prime concern.

It should compel people to hit the like and share buttons and leave a comment if needed. Outstanding videos prompt visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Your YouTube channel will act like a winning content marketing machine if you can fuse quality with quantity.

An Easy Formula to Flood the Web With Tons of Videos

Make quality videos that bring tons of traffic, conversions, and ultimately loads of revenue to your business. However, it’s easier said than done. Most people don’t even dare to start it as they have several misconceptions about creating quality video content. Most business owners think they need to have the following to make quality videos:

  • Heavy ad spend to make it a success
  • A big team of professionals
  • Expensive equipment

However, the truth is far from it. All you need is a webcam, an Internet connection, a YouTube account, and a little bit of time. That’s all you really need to make quality videos.

So, let’s talk about strategy.

How to Shoot Videos in Bulk?

Today, I’m shooting a quality video, and I’m confident that it will receive lots of love from YouTube and my audience.

But I’m not talking about shooting a video once in a blue moon. My objective is to make it a routine practice, so you can produce bulk videos every single week and reap their unmatched rewards.

At the outset, it appears pretty hard. But remember, you can shoot the videos for the whole week in just two to three hours.

We successfully do it at DashClicks. I’ll explain here how you can do it for your business too.

We can split our week into weekdays and create different video series for each day so it doesn’t become monotonous and boring.

For example, at DashClicks, we have different video series such as Whiteboard Wednesday, Marketers’ Mindset podcast, DashClicks Demos, Agency Accelerator Summit, DashDay and Dash University, etc.

It allows us to create a string of YouTube videos that go live on specific days and times, every week or day. It’s up to you to decide the frequency.

You can create a playlist on YouTube and incorporate a calendar to this end.

For example, you can pick a day such as Monday or Tuesday. Weekends are an option too, but you should set a goal to ensure regular content production. My goal at DashClicks is to produce 20 new YouTube videos every month.

Pro Tip: Create a playlist on YouTube and take the help of calendar functions.

Pro Tip: You should condense your video content to not bore your audience with overly long videos.

Pro Tip: Set monthly video production goals.

Create a Playlist on YouTube

Source: Ep. 10 – 05:20

Very few people would want to watch a three-hour-long webinar. They would instead prefer to watch a 10-minute video on a specific topic. Make sure that you produce quality content similar to the one we have created for the current topic.

Try Different Formats and Keep Your Audience Hooked

On Wednesdays, we post our Whiteboard Wednesday episodes, and on the rest of the weekdays, we post videos from different series. It keeps our viewers excited. We try many variations, such as an interview-style podcast, a mini webinar in a webinar format with a slide deck, and an excellent whiteboard session.

The sweet spot for the video content is 10 to 15 minutes. The other considerations may include fantastic titles. Look at the title of this blog.

How to Create a YouTube Content Machine That Drives Insane Traffic.”

Today, I’ll shoot five of these Whiteboard Wednesday videos, and I will have the content ready for the next five weeks. We keep the video length at around 15 minutes max, so in two hours, I can create content for the next five weeks.

If I do that again the next day, I’ll get additional content for the next four weeks. I usually do this in batches of four weeks each as it’s the easiest way to do it. Today, I’ll shoot four such videos. If I do it every week, I’ll have 20 videos ready for YouTube marketing.

As I discussed above, we choose different formats for these videos, such as webinars, Whiteboard, interview videos, podcasts, etc.

Pro Tip: Have fun making such videos, but make sure you offer top quality. Nobody’s going to watch your videos if they lack quality.

Although quantity also matters in the long run, quality is supreme, and you can’t survive on YouTube without offering quality content to the audience.

Pro Tip: Create a posting schedule and segment your video series. Then, further segment those series by playlists to make it easier for your audience to find the videos they like.

How to Segment Your Videos?

Suppose it’s Wednesday, and we shot four videos for a specific playlist, Whiteboard Wednesday, and dumped all four videos there. Keep a set of thumbnails ready, as it’s crucial for YouTube videos. To create eye-catching thumbnails, you can use

Segment Your Videos

Source: Ep. 10 – 08:16

You can create a template for the series so the next time, you’ll just need to change the text on the thumbnail.

This way, people will be able to recognize that thumbnail template with that series. For example, our subscribers know that it’s a Whiteboard Wednesday video just by looking at its thumbnail.

Pro Tip: Use attractive and catchy titles for your videos to use them as clickbait.

Pro Tip: Write a fantastic description of your video in few words. You can also use bullet points to sum up its content.

Marketers also use little segments and timestamps in the video descriptions, so the user can straightaway jump to the part they are most interested in and skip the rest. It’s perfect for usability.

Pro Tip: Use a good CTA (Call to Action) in your videos; otherwise, you won’t achieve much from your videos.

However, ensure to not confuse the visitors with too many links to click. Just focus on something that’s most crucial for you.

For example, here at DashClicks, we want the visitors to sign up to our platform and create their forever free dashboards account.

Unlock Newer Growth Avenues With DashClicks

So, our CTA leads to the sign-up page on our website.

You can also add tags to your youtube videos that are relevant to you and your topic. Please don’t make it oversaturated with too many tags, though. Five to 10 tags are plenty.

Schedule Your Videos

It’s important to schedule your videos according to your content calendar. For example, our whiteboard videos get posted every Wednesday at 1 pm EST. So, I schedule all our other videos every week apart from Wednesdays at 1 pm EST, which are slotted for our Whiteboard Wednesday sessions. Make sure to add the videos to the playlists. It makes them easy to segment.

Customize the homepage of your YouTube channel. It also includes arranging your series and segments.

You can have several series and playlists added to your YouTube channel homepage. This is an excellent way for users to engage with your content and become aware of the multiple series. So, if they land on one of your videos and think it offers value, they’ll subscribe to your channel or even visit your homepage.

Here, they can see all the series that you have created. It will drive traffic to your business forever, or at least till the time your video continues to appear in YouTube’s organic searches. CTAs are used for the same purpose.

Schedule Your Videos

Source: Ep. 10 – 13:33

Your subscriber count will increase with more visitors, and you’ll start building a fan base.

It will also drive traffic to your website.

Final Words

To sum up, follow these pro tips to ensure marketing success on YouTube.

Pro Tip: Quality is the secret to success. Pay attention to quality and not just quantity.

Pro Tip: Avoid killing your time shooting the videos for the whole day. Shoot and schedule the videos in batches to make the most of the YouTube algorithm.

The best practice is to do this once a week, an hour or two a day.

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With this, we sign off on today’s Whiteboard Wednesday session. I hope our sessions are adding value and helping you in becoming a successful digital marketing agency.

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Please leave your comments below, and if you are happy with this session, feel free to leave some positive feedback here to encourage us!

See you in the next session of Whiteboard Wednesday. Have a fantastic day!

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