How to Consistently Generate Leads and Close Sales
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 03:47 PM

How to Consistently Generate Leads and Close Sales


What strategies do you use to generate leads and ultimately close sales?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks talks how you can start generating leads consistently so you can close sales! This video is a highlight from the second video of our YouTube series, Marketers Mindset.


Step number two, how to consistently generate high ticket leads and swiftly close the sale.
Who’s ready for step number two guys? Who is ready for step number two, how to swiftly generate high ticket sales and swiftly close to sale consistently. Here we go. Here’s the thing, to lay the groundwork for an agency that has a potential to scale to seven figures, you can’t just have leads that trickle in. Unfortunately that does not work. Okay, and you certainly can’t afford to only be closing one or two sales per month. You need to be closing oh month like clockwork. Guys who wants to close all month or who wants to close deals all month long like clockwork? Clockwork. I do it. I do it all time. You want to know how well I to know how I do that you guys? Because the hard truth is if you are not making sales, unfortunately you don’t have a business.
You can be creating all of these awesome things. You can be speaking to a hundred people a week. You can have the best looking website. You’re getting the best looking funnels and campaigns. You can be generating hundreds of leads a week, but if you’re not closing deals, guys, you’re stuck at zero, okay? And I’m going to help you guys cause I can’t have my community stuck at zero. It hurts, okay? Especially during the holiday seasons. Okay? So I’m going to be providing you guys with a couple of little gifts right before Christmas. So start on packing people. Here we go. Now that may sound like a big demand, but don’t worry, it’s absolutely doable if you have a proven action plan to get those hot leads flowing in consistently and converting them, okay guys, how to generate high ticket leads? Hmm? Here we go. Guys, who wants to know how I generate high ticket leads?
You guys want to know that drop a yes exclamation point in the chat caps. I’m going to show you guys how I generate high ticket sales. Now I scaled my agency to over seven figures in sales using these exact sales tactics to generate leads. Now most of you guys are probably going to see these in Mueller, Google. It’s what everybody else is doing to do, right? Well, I did it and it works. And we generate over seven figures in sales. So just trust me. Yeah, this works. You just gotta do it, okay. On foot traffic. Now for those of you guys who want episode one a marketer’s mindset last week, you saw me talk about a couple of these different things on foot traffic, okay? This is how I catapulted my agency from $0 million to over six figures in a couple of months, okay guys, that right there on foot traffic.
Get off of your butt, okay? Walk into places and start speaking to people. It’s the easiest surefire way. Just start generating leads and close deals. Okay? Facebook campaigns, guys, for those of you who are not running Facebook campaigns, I don’t know what you’re doing, okay? I have no clue what you’re doing. This is like the easiest way to generate leads and close deals. We do it all the time and it works amazing. Okay guys, Facebook campaigns, do it. Okay. And not only that, guys, before I even go any further, just so all of you guys know, we’re running a 50% off everything in our store today. It’s going from the 24th to the first at night at the night Est. Okay guys, so you use coupon code 2019 coupon code 2019 at your checkout. Just go pet store, add whatever you want to the court.
Use 2019 at checkout. Facebook campaigns guy. So if you’re not running Facebook campaigns, guys, guess what? We can run Facebook campaign for you. A lot of you guys have already purchased Facebook campaign from us. If you want us to run a Facebook campaign for you mean it would be the, they do it guys, go to the store, check out at a funnel to your cart. The basic funnel at a basic Facebook ads campaign you use 2019 a checkout, get 50% off. Start generating leads. Oh, that’s simple. Cold calling. I went over this in episode two or in episode one last week. Cold calling. This is the easiest way after these two. Okay, this was going in order of easiness to hardness. Okay? Easiness, coke home. Pick up the phone and start calling. Start dialing. Who’s heard that? Okay. Tons of movies and all those of you guys who’ve seen like wolf of Wall Street, boiler room, all these like crazy movies.
Pick up the phone and start dialing. Make a hundred calls a day because guess what guys? One of these guys are going to pick up the phone and end up paying you two grand a month. Well to rent times 12 months. Who doesn’t matter for me? [inaudible] Times 12 months, dropping in the chat to raise times 1220 4,000 thank you Justin. 24 grand. Now I want you to ask yourself a question, is it worth it for you? Forget about it one day. What about you call it the whole week and you make a hundred calls a day and you end up making 500 calls a week? Wouldn’t it be cool if you can just do that and closed the deal for 24 grand?
Like I can pay you two grand a month for a couple of different services? That’d be awesome. We do it all the time. It works. Okay guys, so go do it. What about if you amplify the cold calling and you opened a call center? I’ve spoken about that one in episode one of marketer’s mindset last week. [inaudible]. Thank by the way, for those of you guys were missing these lies, live episodes, may God be with you. You’re losing tons of knowledge. OK? Call center. You take this method and you amplify it and you turn it into a car. You do the same thing and he [inaudible]. Okay. Can you turn it into a call center? I’m actually in the room right now where our call center used to be. Carlos, can you go with ’em and they hit the GoPro for me. Guys, check this out. This is our costing and you’ll probably see some cubicles. Over on this side, we had 13 seats in this call center. Okay. We’ve been doing call centers for like three or four years straight. 13 people filled out the whole room. I was doing cold calling and then I text to cold calling and I turned it into a call center.
Who thinks that they can do that? It’s not hard. Trust me, you can do it. You can do anything that you want guys. Okay, last one is referrals. Guys, do all this stuff. Start generating leads. Drop them into dash lakes. Let us serve the clients where you start getting results and guess what happens? Cause people are just Kinda send you to other people. Referrals. Just like amplify your business. It’s so easy guys. Okay, so these or the steps on how we generate tickets in social agents. Who, which is our retail agency. That’s exactly what we do. We’re not hiding anything. You know a lot of you guys might do like linkedin prospecting. That’s great. It works. You know a, a lot of you guys might be like privately Facebook messaging people. Cool. It works. A lot of you guys might be sending out cold emails, maybe Mike Italy, Mike might work. This is what we do and we hit seven figures. So that works for us. So you want to do it. That’s how you do it. Okay guys, here’s an example of Facebook lead generation. These are actually one of the campaigns that we ran. Yeah. This campaign was running from April 1st to a July 8th, 2018 so that was this year. Would generate the 260 leads. 25 bucks. $25. 71 cents per lead. We spend like five grand, almost a little over five grand.
Guess what guys? Yeah, 206 people that we spoke to that were completely warmed up on the phone call when we were calling them. We probably turn this 206 leads to a hundred grand in sales spend five grand guys, how do you how do you do that anywhere else? Where can you just drop in five grand? Somebody gives you back a hundred. Okay. Do it. It works. Okay. Do it. Cold calling. Here’s some results from our call center. This is from looks like February 1st to the NFL. This is all February. This is 2018. It’s, this is this year. Okay. Check this out. Look how many connects we had. You know, we, this is our friend list, so we would have painting. We made 4,000, 452 calls the painters in that month. Totally. We made 2100 calls and telling people locksmiths made 1100 calls for Watson. Ms Plumbers, six 87 med spa four oh nine. Yeah guys, I mean, just look at this. Okay. This was all call center. This was some results from our call center.

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