How to Build your Brand to Accelerate your Digital Agency – w/ Dennis Yu
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 01:43 PM

How to Build your Brand to Accelerate your Digital Agency – w/ Dennis Yu


What do you do to build your brand for your digital marketing agency? Have your strategies been successful?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks is joined by Dennis Yu and talk about how to build your brand so you can accelerate the development of your digital marketing agency.. or ANY business in general! This is the fifth video of our YouTube series, Influencer Secrets.


You’re not taking advantage of those remarketing audiences natively. You’re not building. Why, what, you know, why, how, what content, you’re not boosting posts the right way. Like all of the problems that the agencies have can be traced back to checklists that they are not implementing.
We have a dentist you on today from blitz metrics. What’s going on Dennis? Hey, what’s going on guys? I like to do this. I like to do something fun. So we have people most of the people here that are watching are all inside of our software platform. It’s called dashboards that you’re familiar with, Dennis. And we had a conversation the other day and we have people from all over the world. So if you guys are watching this, can you do us a quick favor and let us know where in the world you are? Just dropping a city name and state a country. So I guess Dennis I want to make sure that everybody in here knows who you are, what you do. So maybe you want to give a quick introduction of yourself, let people know maybe who you are, what you do, your business, your experience with Facebook ads and agency and all that cool stuff and also where people can find you in case I want to follow you two at the same time.
Yup. Happy to guys. So I’ve been doing digital marketing for 23 years. I built my first websites back and like 90 94 95 and [inaudible] claim to fame is that I ran analytics for Yahoo. So all those internal properties like male sports, finance, shopping, all this. And when Facebook first opened up in May, 2007, we were the first on the scene. We built some of the first apps and we got a good look at the analytics. We even help build components of what’s Today’s current Facebook API. They’ll pull data and that engineering data-driven background, that process driven background is what led us to be able to grow our agency. And I’m going to show you guys the things that have worked for us, which would want to talk about today. I’m so excited to share so you guys can get that. I don’t think we’re competitors at all cause there’s so much, so much room to grow in the digital marketing space and we’ve been very fortunate to build up our team in the Philippines. We have a bunch of folks in the U S and we’ve spent $1 billion on Facebook ads.
That is definitely something, and we were just with Facebook actually on Friday eating their food and looking at some of the latest updates. I could even pull some of that if you guys are interested in looking at that, the kinds of things that are coming. But you know, I’m, I’m here to serve you guys. I think there’s a ton of opportunity to be a successful entrepreneur. Facebook and Google and other digital channels as a way to be able to drive sales for customers. And then you make a profit off of that.
Love it man. Love it. And it also, just so you guys know, just so I can let everybody know, I’m at least for me. So I’m, I have a couple of different things going on here in case you see me like moving my head. So I have my DSLR right here in front of me right up top, which is going to be recording this and we’ll also have the replay which we’ll share with you guys after because they didn’t get a chance to see it. We’ll post it on youtube also to the right of me. So you’ll be seeing you look over here. I have my side screen and that’s actually a live broadcasting Facebook. So I’ll be reading any comments that you guys have coming through from Facebook. And then right over here, I don’t think you guys can see it, but I have Instagram, so it’s been it’s live on my personal page. We got a bottle of 12 or 13,000 people back here and there’ll be able to watch it live on the Instagram page and they’ll see the replay. Also, obviously on the story feed as well. So we’ve got this going on and a couple of different places. And then obviously the recording will also be inside of the dashboards dashboard as well. For those of you guys inside of Dashboards, you’ll have that for free inside and you can watch it later and yeah, just eat up all the content that Dennis is about to drop on you guys.
Okay. So what I’ll do, Dennis, is I’ll kind of let you take it away. I think we got everybody in here. It looks like people are still piling in. But I don’t want to hold you back. We can get started right away. We just do it. Awesome to share my screen. Yeah. Cool. And instead of giving you guys a traditional PowerPoint, I thought we’d go live behind the scenes and show you what that’s like. You guys seem to screen here. Yup. Give me a call in the chat if this looks okay. What do you, what do you guys see on the screen? Yup. Guys drop in a 200 if you guys can see Dennis’s screen, what do you see on the screen? 200. So I see dentists use personal brand manager. Your slide, Derrick. Very good. Now that’s a deck. Now we’re going to shift over into linkedin.
Yeah, see my linkedin feed, and you can all see that I’m linked in here on Facebook. I’m sorry, I’m on Facebook here. So check this out. You can see like people are literally chatting me. So it was my friend Dr Karen Freberg and she writes the book for Social Media Marketing for professors. And why does that matter to us? What does that have to do with growing an agency or getting clients or executing everything? Because what I’m going to show you, as you guys already know, those who are experienced running agencies, it’s all about people. It’s all about managing communities, relationships. So you got our little chat here, chat. And when you make these relationships via a process, which I want to show you though, the exact one that we use, this is how you overcome problems that happen. This is how you get new clients. This is how we’re able to execute better.
This is how people will pay you more because they know who you are, right? For those who wanna admit it. The agency business. See this is Darryl leaves. He runs vidcon. Oh, big summit. I speak at that thing here. There’s Michelle. This is my buddy Jason Miller, who, yeah, until recently ran content marketing globally for Linkedin, right? So I’m going to click like on that, anything he does, I want to click like on, and this is how we generate influence. The influence [inaudible] turns into leads and the leads that turn into clients, the clients that turn into recurring retainers, okay, this is why I literally am doing. You want to know what I do? I’m not working on making Facebook ads. I got other people that are doing that, right? And maybe you’re not at the stage where you have enough people to do that, but see what might be coming for you in the next few months as you start to grow. If you’re successful at managing your agency, you will get to the point where you have to manage a team and you have to manage relationships and you also have that have to have a tight process. Amen. Oh yeah, I agree with that, man. I’m all about processes now to check this out, I want you guys to see this one little video that’s a minute long and I’m not gonna give any comments cause I just want to hear what you guys think about it for it.
Look at that. Oh my God, that was expensive and worth every penny, Dr Karen.
To the rest of the world, it’s Dr Karen Freiburg Perez Hilton here. And if you don’t know who Dr K is, I’m thankful that Dennis, you let me know. She is an expert in the world that I am a part of social media. She had the number one well among social media professors, it’s social media for strategic communications. This book cover here, I don’t know if you can see it, it’s on Amazon. You better get it right now. But in addition to that, Dr Karen, Fred Burke is a very busy writing correct. Rick, your love for American Dream University for Berlitz metrics and more. She’s busy training young adults to be their best selves. Plus she is an expert shop, put her NCAA champion true story. And Dennis went to school with her that SMU had had the same track coach and Dennis is from biggest band and I am a new fad and you should too. And I am thankful for this. I can really learn a lot from that social media constantly trying to learn and improve and maybe we could actually collaborate together. Dr Karen. Yeah. Anyways, you’re amazing. So are you Dennis? A big hot tea about not had everybody else watching. So Perez Hilton on [inaudible] Instagram. Follow me, listen to my podcast, that Perez and of course check out Perez, right now.
Okay. What do you guys think of that? I’d love to hear in the comments. What do you think of that? What are your immediate reactions? I know my immediate reaction is amazing testimonial, that’s for sure. Social proof is probably another one that came to my mind too. Yeah, everything and digital, especially for the larger clients. When you’re running an agency, it’s about social proof right now of course you have to be able to execute and drive the sales and drive the result. Whatever. They said they wanted cost from leads, phone calls, ecommerce, sales, whatever it is. But when you drive this kind of social proof, now imagine if we took that and look, she just said this, oh like 30 minutes ago. Thank you again. I’m still blown away. This was one of the kindest things that’s ever been done for me. Right?
So then I take that and then [inaudible] I want to amplify it, right? Cause you guys know Perez Hilton, he’s a celebrity, a blogger, all that kind of stuff. Unless I come to my public figure page, I want everyone to know, but I want to do that in a way that is, it doesn’t look like I’m bragging. And you do that by saying thank you so much. Thank you so much Karen. Thank you so much Perez. Thank you so much. Whoever it is, and you’ll see this is what I’ve done where I’ve cross posted. Now notice this is my public figure page. This is not my profile. This is a fan page with my name as the page is, right? So you can see here, where’s the one? Oh, we’ve got to scroll down a little bit further that I took it and I boosted it because I want people to be able to [inaudible]. I want the key people to be able to see this. So I said, I think the world of you, Karen, right? 14 hours ago, published by me. Remember this is a page, not a profile. Get these words right. I guess the Ad’s not been approved yet cause I don’t have any, it’s a boost. I boost things all the time. I boost vertical videos. Now let’s look at the stats here. Oh look, this, her sister’s click like on it.
I’ve gotten, well it looks like it’s men 25 to 34 in California. Okay, that makes sense. Actually. That’s celebrities in California, actors, that kind of thing. 11 second average watch time and so far gotten 149 people to to watch this for at least 10 seconds, which is not bad. Right? And I can see on the post stats that this is doing okay, not fantastic, but certainly above average 872 reach three three 48 three second views. The average on Facebook is [inaudible] the third, so I’m a little bit over that. And then on top of that, 31 reactions, comments and shares. One Oh eight post clicks, that’s 140 so 140 here it’s a little low. I want more than 10% so 10% of three 48 34 I’m about triple that. That’s not that. And I have no negative feedback, which is fantastic. You guys know that relevant scores being broken into three components, right?
And engagement, general quality and a conversion score. And these are the metrics they’re looking at to see here, these 84 other clips or navigational flips and navigational still on the 108 clips, 84 of them are, they’re clicking, maybe they don’t know who I am, so they click on this or they click on Karen. I noticed when I, when I mentioned other people, those people will get a lot of friend requests, so that’s always kind of neat. You know what? I want to ask you, Dennis, if possible on this topic, because I get the question asked a lot too, and this is like a perfect thing to show people. So I know a lot of people are always contradictory between like should I boost a post or should I run like a campaign, the Facebook ads manager? Like is there like a preference or like a rule of thumb for something like that. So when you’re creating an ad, Facebook will ask you or campaign, they will ask you, is this for awareness, consideration or conversion? So you have to have all three steps in the funnel. So if you are drive and conversions and you have landing pages and you have something you’re selling and all this, then boosting drives a lot of cheap engagement. And I don’t, I don’t mean cheap as in low quality. I mean as in very low cost effective stuff, right? So here’s one that I have pinned and I boosted the heck out of this so far. Right? And what does this, what does this do when you see something like this here, I’ll just take this down off the plate. The cofounder of blitz metrics at CNN, Logan Young Co founder of what’s metric metrics. Metrics exist. Okay now this helps people see, well what does glitz metrics do and it creates social proof and you can see here on this boost 9,000 people stayed for 10 seconds.
That’s 9,000 people that I’m putting into a remarketing audience. Gotcha. You guys understand with Facebook remarketing, if you’re not doing this by the way, you’re not able to grow your agency and you’re not able to grow your clients exposure with the funnel. A lot of people talk about funnels and I don’t mean just click funnels, I mean building actual funnels that go across different channels. When I set up remarketing I can take this and I can boost it to people who have seen this particular video. People who have been to my website, people have been to like whatever combination of custom audiences and then those are the audiences that tie back to any of these particular accounts. Then I’d be looking, I might be looking at, so let’s say that I’m looking at the custom audiences for, we got so many in here. It’s really hard to tell what’s going on.
I can choose any of the people like a a one seven 28 day video view. I can choose particular video views. I can choose where’s the one I want to show you? It’s not on this one. There’s, there’s one particular one that’s got a ton, a ton of ton of time of audiences on it. Actually, you know what, Nah, Nah, I’ll do this one bit later. But when people see who you are, when people understand your story, when people see that you’re authoritative, then they want to work with your agency. You don’t have to waste hours and hours getting on free phone calls saying, Hey, let me walk you through for an hour or what we do. They already know who you are because maybe they’ve seen you on TV. Maybe they’ve seen you on stage. Maybe they’ve seen you hanging out at go daddy with important people. Maybe they see that you can hook it up with Paris Hilton, right?
If you, now, a lot of people think that personal branding and motivational speaking is this, and what I’m going to play here, this is not what it is. This, this is, look at me and I’m famous. I’ll tell you [inaudible] that’s not what it is. This is what you should not do. Okay? Because you might not have that. You might not be on CNN. Yeah. So what do you do? Ask You for fun? Do you guys see me on CNN? I was. I was on CNN five times. I flew into the studio. Check this up. This is George House. Oh, he is the, the anchor [inaudible] CNN international. Well, yeah. This is the, this is, I remember I’ve gone to the studio. I have no one idea of what I’m doing. I’m confused. They pick me up there. Four o’clock in the morning. Look at this. This you as the chief technology officer for the blitz metrics joining us now on set an industry insider, an expert, but they had the witness.
Did you see that? That was seven seconds where I’m just blank staring because there’s seven cameras. I don’t know which one’s going on. There’s a guy whispering in my ear say, hey, you know the producers saying, Hey Dennis, this tie isn’t straight straight in. Oh, we’re moving to commercial in a minute 30 you know, whatever it might be, but look at, look at what happened the first seven seconds here. I’m looking at, now I’m just looking at the screen. I’m my holy Molly, that’s, that’s a, I’m on. You know, I’m in this studio and CNN, look at how many seconds on frozen Facebook’s role in each. Just use Knology officer for blitz metrics joining us now on set in industry. They are an expert, but to have you with us too. Give some context to all of this. Let’s talk about, can you imagine that? Right? And [inaudible] the funny thing is that I got calls from people who are in the airport saying, hey dude, I was boarding the plane.
I looked up on the screen. I saw you on CNN talking about this whole Facebook thing. Do what were you thinking? Right? And by actually sharing the vulnerability sharing that I didn’t know what I was doing instead of perfection. That’s what drives connection. That’s what drives leads. That’s what drives clients to see that you’re legit. So I continue to answer these questions. Users, there’s Facebook, the company that we’ve all opted into, and then there’s Cambridge Analytica that intern use that data, personal data. Many people are upset about that. But here’s the question. Who’s to blame here? Is it a combination of all or, well, what, what are your thoughts? I think is Facebook to blame for not educating the users about what’s possible with data because Cambridge analytic, they could not have done the massive targeting and the massive psychographic profiling that they claim to do.
What they did was they used, okay, so this goes on and on for four and a half minutes. Right? And then I’ve had five segments on CNN, so I’ve had over 20 minutes of live TV in front of three and a half million people watching. Do you think that that helps us? Like what? I’d love to hear the comments. What do you think is the value of that red, that exposure? Mass awareness shows expertise. You’re only one problem is obscurity, but that fixes it. That’s right. Thank you Brad Authority. Thank you Dana. And for those of you that are, that are managing clients and have multiple of them, you’ll probably know that 60 70% of your [inaudible] time, if not more, is spent educating clients, setting expectations, getting them to trust you. If you’re doing Facebook ads, Twitter, Google ads, whatever for living, what percent of your time, let’s be, I’d love to like type in a number between one and a hundred what percent of your time are you spending actually running ads? Right? And I bet for most people it’s 10 to 15% maybe some people don’t the 30 but realistically, if you work eight hours a day or however many hours per day, do you work? How many hours are you actually inside ads manager or what have you making? Yes, there’s no right or wrong answer. I just want to see what you guys are saying, but to 20% okay. Nobody is above 50 right? No one’s ever, if you are like, I want to, I don’t understand like what you’re doing.
Let’s wake up. What do you guys think? What percentage do you guys, what’d you say it would be the, the time that it takes for you to run ads? I’m still brand new to industry. One to 5%. Matthew said, yeah, that’s normal. Thank you Matthew. So if you’re only spending one to 5%, what are you doing with the rest of your time? You’re trying to generate leads. You’re explaining what you do. You’re dealing with the headache of trying to hire other people. You’re creating documentation, you’re working on your website, you’re going to conferences, you’re trying to grow your knowledge. There’s all these things that you’re trying to do, right? So if, if you know that let’s say only whatever 10% of your time is actually running ads, you need to maximize that other 90%. Amen. So you do that by building authority. Now you don’t have to be on site CNN, you don’t have to be in the Wall Street Journal.
You don’t have to be hanging out with Gary Vaynerchuk or or whatever it might be, right? You see this here, network for power. This is when we, we, we have VA’s get 70 in the Philippines and there they’re taking screenshots and documenting when I’m with, you know, Gary Vaynerchuk or Billy Jean or Ryan dice with these other people, right? And what happens is when I get a chance to hang out with friends of these like mine, I’m taking a one minute videos of their knowledge. I’m acting like a reporter in the same way that you see CNN asking these other people questions. So that reporter, they’re on CNN, the anchor, he’s not there trying to boast about how awesome he is. He’s trying to ask me, what do you think about Cambridge Analytica and about Facebook ads and about how the platforms changing, right? So when he shares that he’s elevated me by making me move me look good.
When Paris Hilton says something about me or Dr Karen that that cares, Ma carries way more weight than me talking about myself or Karen talking about herself. If you s if you struggle as an agency with getting clients, which is the number one issue I see with brand new agencies, the best way to do it is have other people talk about you. [inaudible] Are you talking about yourself? Isn’t it come off credible? So let’s say that you never know you, you don’t know who the heck is this Dennis, you guy, right? Versus you’ve seen me hang out with these other people that like maybe Carl rover or maybe you don’t like to call ro or maybe you know whoever it is, right? And, and you’ve seen me interview these other people and you see us hanging out. We’re having dinner. It’s not just Aza conference and I took a picture with them, but you can see like where I’m actually friends has actually some depth to it.
Let’s, let’s see. You see a few, you see a few of these things and then we talk isn’t, aren’t we in a different position now? That’s what people need to know and the world is so small. I see a lot of people that are brand new to digital marketing. They just started their agency and they think, oh, there’s, there’s now 7 million Facebook accounts. Can you believe that? That’s what Facebook just told us on Friday when we hung out with them and ate their food. There’s 7 million Facebook accounts and there’s 2 billion people about on Facebook, but right. Does that mean that there’s unlimited opportunity? No. It means that you have a certain audience you can influence and they’re all tied together when you choose a niche. Okay. World of digital marketing is so small. Chad and I have, I wonder how many mutual friends we have in common.
Let’s just see. Oh, one 11 still. That’s pretty amazing, right? Yup. As long as 5,000 so there’s only so many that you can possibly have. If I can do something good for Chad, I deliver so much value. People not trying to sell myself, then that’s all of his friends. That’s all of our mutual friends that are then saying, oh well Dennis is, you know, shared how to run his agency. I got some really good tips. So you have 24 70 if not 2,500 friends. Right. That’s another 20 people I can influence. And the same is true on linkedin. And the same is true on Twitter. And the same is true in the real world where people that ordered, you know, cinnamon lattes at Starbucks, right? What I’m trying to do to grow my agency, and this is where people mess up. You’re gonna have to trust me on if you’re new to running an agency, you’re gonna have to trust me on this giveaway.
All of your knowledge do not hold it back. Oh No. But if I share it, then people want to hire me cause I told them how to do it. No, they’re going to realize that this thing is more difficult than they thought and they’re going to come to you. Trust me. That’s number one newbie thing I get for people starting their agencies. They don’t understand that it’s about you put stuff out there first like Billy Jean and I, you know, we’ve done five of these videos and trainings, right? Things like this, please. That’s all. What would I do? It’s because, okay. This year [inaudible] Dennis, thank you very much. So this goes on for an hour 42, right? And no where here, do I ever say anything about us running an agency and how much we charge and the packages we have and the courses we’re selling? Like not once, right? But what’s the power of this? Especially when it’s on Facebook and Youtube and his group and it’s live stream, right? That’s what you want to do, but you better have some knowledge to share. You better build this kind of authority, right? So we have example after example after example of doing this. So the irony, and you don’t have to be a public speaker necessarily. Well a lot of people think you have to do this kind of thing, right? You have all these people that are saying good things. This document I’m showing you is my personal brand manager, which is how we collect all this authority. I’ve got a box full of badges. You ever do this Chad? All right, a box lunch. We’ll actually here. There’s somewhere we just actually passed them up. I’d probably have been to maybe like 40 or 50 different events.
At least you’d probably, you definitely have beat me on that one. I’ve got one of those large moving boxes and it’s completely full. I got a little small on the front of the office. I used to, when I first started working at American Airlines, which is just over 20 some years ago before I went to Yahoo. You ever do this? Like you, you save the ticket stuff just to like prove that you went to la or you went to London or you went to wherever it was and then once the stack got about this high, I’m like, you know what? Screw it. It’s not worth it, you know? Yeah. I think in the last, you can see this on Facebook, like in the last two weeks I’ve been in London. Yeah. In Austin and Romania and New York and in all these other places. And look, check out these notifications.
These are, these are people that are engaging on the content and you know, it’s what’s so cool about it. First of all, this segment that you’re talking about right now, how you build authority and you provide value and then you know it’s the other way around. People come to you. Like I even put up a post, I think in the marketer’s might say group about this last night and you literally hit the nail right on the head. Like this is something that I preach to. Like when I had my agency, which is called Social Agency, you know we’ve been open since 2009 that’s our retail agency where we were like, I was always like holding in like all of these like secrets and I was like so scared that somebody going to steal these ideas and somebody going to like go out and like do it themselves instead of hiring us.
Right? They’re going to like take, take, take. Right. And then what I realized when we flipped over and we launched dashboards, it was like a whole nother world for us was we’re putting out content just like this and providing value. And what I, I had never personally experienced before, this is all new to me like this. The incoming approach. Right. And this has been like maybe like six or seven months that we’ve just been getting flooded. I’m talking about like we get in that actually I think about like 50 to 100 new signups a day from agencies and we spend $0 million in advertising. It’s all done through personal connections like you know me and me reaching out to you, us talking, doing like providing like an awesome video with tons of value, uploading it to the web, getting engagement, people talking about it, sharing about it, liking, commenting, right? And doing that multiple times a week, just providing value and giving back to the community where what happens is they come back, it ends up all coming back to you. It’s crazy. So for those of you guys like tried, don’t like go out there and take, take, take. If you give, give, give, that’s going to come back to you like times 10 and then that’s something that I personally, like I said, this is all new to me. Like I just learned this in the last like six or seven months or so since we launched Dash Blake’s. It’s been a crazy experience. It’s absolutely huge. You need to follow everything the Chad’s saying about that. When you put your stuff out there, hey look, here’s an this, this literally got shared on Twitter justice. Oh, shelf follow on that. Just as we were talking, right? It’s 21 minutes ago. Look about, well, it’s not true. His mission is to help create jobs and provide mentorship to young adults. And here’s an article on future sharks, right? Let’s open that thing. Look at that. By the way, don’t get high on your own supply. And then here, this is the one with Karen Freberg and Perez Hilton. We saw this wholly as what’s going on here. You’re not gonna be taking soon. You’ll be on the celebrity speaking circuit, rubbing elbows with real influencers, right? Says Todd Meisner. Who is he? I don’t know, but he’s, he looks important enough. I’ll follow him.
Who’s Megan Meisner? Is that a celebrity? Must Be, I dunno. Clip, glottis, whatever that is. Right. And, and so you can see, right, Dennis, you and Logan Yon creating jobs for young adults with their agency. So we’re actually, we’re just actively giving stuff away and we’re not, you see, the funny thing is is like, oh, all of us are agencies here or you’re, we’re consultants, freelancers, social media consultants. We’re not here to compete with you. Right? We want to show you like we’d want to give you clients that we started off where we don’t want to manage any more, cause maybe they’re a little too small for us now. Right? Like a hand me down if you don’t mind. Right? Yup. Okay. So you do that by building your brand, you build your brand, do sharing everything that you know. So maybe on this Webinar you’ve learned something and that struck you and you can make a one minute video about that.
Just like Perez did. [inaudible] Bear that. And that’s what I do all the time to hear my mom breeze is the number one market, number one performance market on youtube by span. Youtube told me nobody has spent more money on lead Gen and CPA, you know, direct selling. Then this Guy Tom Breeze. What do you think a day of his time is worth? If I said, you know what Tom, I know a lot about Google ads and Facebook ads, but I don’t really know about how to drive sales on Youtube. Can you spend a whole day with me and teach me everything that you know? What do you think that would cost if he’d even do it? Rice list of my opinion, but he did it for free. Isn’t that awesome? So we recorded a a ton of training, just him and I together for free. This is our in in our internal library, right? I have been doing it. It’s okay to say it from Fugazi on with and it’s, you can see you man. Hey Tom, always good. Yeah. Now this is over to the, I just saw him in London anyway, in all of them in the studio and we are going to be talking a lot about Facebook and if you will, and then I interviewed him, he interviews me, right? We’re in his studio. So what is what if you’re a new agency and you don’t know anything and you don’t know enough to be able to give this [inaudible], then you just interview other people. Until I met Tom, I didn’t know anything about Youtube ads, not the Oh, youtube. That’s just where people go and waste hours and they [inaudible]. Pretty soon it’s like three hours are gone and you watch like 30 videos and you have 20 tabs that are open. Right. I didn’t know anything, but he taught me his whole system of creating youtube ads, which is in walked me through his clients. Walk me through the problems we have, what like just [inaudible] honestly sharing to the point where I’m thinking, holy Moly, I, I would have paid 20 grand [inaudible] spent a day with this guy.
Right? But instead he’s teaching me now maybe Tom Breeze won’t spend the whole day with you, but you meet other people and you could say, hey, let’s, can we just talk on a, I know I’d love to interview on my podcast for five minutes and here are two questions I want to ask you. Or you meet someone in person. It could be a friend, not even with digital marketing, just like whoever you know it’s knowledgeable about something and you interview them and you turn those into one minute videos. One minute videos where you’re talking about your favorite mentor. You’re talking about fears that you have. You’re talking about, you know you’re interviewing Chad on, hey, how’d you come up with Dash Clicks? Anything? You put these as one minute videos even if they suck because those are the ones that actually do well. The ones that you think suck, the ones that are still real well, they don’t look like the commercial and then you take those.
By the way, if this, if this does a little too complex for some folks that are new or you say, I don’t really have all the resources, do [inaudible] then consider, you know, future pace yourself to where you’re going to be in a year from now when you might have all these components as you start to collect these videos, one minute videos with these other people, not just taking pictures with these people, one minute videos with these people. And that means that you do have to be willing to pull this thing out, right? And this is tough, right? Because then you’ve got to go like this and say, Hey, I’m here with Chad and let me tell you about about blah, blah, blah, right? I mean, oh, I’m here to ask Chad this question. So Chad, what you know, and you’re doing this, you guys know how to do this and if you don’t know how to do it, learn how to do it. [inaudible] You’re going to need to do this. You cannot avoid this. Okay? You need you, you run an agency. The number one thing to remember from today’s Webinar is it’s about people. It’s about those relationships you cannot avoid. Yeah. Like that’s like saying you’re a swim coach and you’re afraid of water. Like you can’t, cannot run a social media agency and be afraid of developing relationships with people. That’s tweetable.
You know what’s funny, just to like piggy back off of it, this exact topic that you’re talking about, I personally know somebody he might even be on your right now, his name is Mike seat. And I personally been, you know, I’m friends with him on Facebook. He’s actually one of the dash clicks users and he’s been that exact strategy that you said he’s been doing it for the last couple of months where he’s going out and he’s taking his time. Brian, he’s devoting his time to go on and interview other people and create a library of content and create a community for them to watch it. And the other day he put up a post on Facebook that he’s, he’s been getting, I guess he’s doing so good in his business just because of the videos that he’s been putting out. Then he quit his nine to five job and I’m his agency.
So it’s like that just like a perfect example to show you how you can go out and literally like he’s not a video person, he’s not a professional videographer. You know, amateur video, just like I do like a lot of the videos when we started, they’re all just, you know, pulling your phone out or just doing like a little a B live episode, which I think is a lot of what he uses. Right. Just quick, he actually interviewed me when I started dash weeks, months back, right. And these videos are now building up and now he’s got a youtube channel now he’s got a Facebook group that he started and he’s got all these videos and all this library of awesome stuff in there. And like, that’s just like a perfect example of like taking something that was just absolutely nothing shooting videos. That’s it.
You don’t need thousand dollar cameras and all these crazy, I mean I know you guys see the background. Yeah. But like this happened months after we shot tons of just stuff. Like I was shooting stuff on my phone for years, for years until we ended up getting stuff like that. So like you don’t need stuff like that to start. I know a lot of you guys are in here. Like Dennis said, you might be beginners, you might be starting your agency. You’re trying to build your brand. Like you don’t need to have thousands or millions of dollars or millions of followers. Just go out there and provide value. You go out there and reach out. Like I don’t think you guys understand how powerful Facebook and Instagram is too, right? Like I’m DME people and it’s funny cause I, the list here literally, and you guys can see it. I’ll show you the list.
I don’t know if you guys can see it, but I’ll read off the names here. I’m doing a m a, I’m going to be speaking on the 15th at Jeffrey Benex funneled doc summit and there’s a bunch of people, there’s probably like 30 influencers that are all speaking at the event. And what I did was I went through the speakers and I found six speakers that I thought would be a good fit for dash clicks that I really wanted to get on an interview style like this. All I did was I just went to Facebook and I just DM them, I send them a direct message and I say, Hey, this is what I do. I’d really like to interview you. And I ended up getting six people that are all going through j like this happened all in the same like two hours.
Everybody answered me and said, okay, we have Cody near coming on as far as Sheikh McKinsey, Lieberman, Jose, the, the Instagram guy, Jim Edwards, I’m the owner of funnel scripts as partner with Russell Brunson. Like all of these people, it wasn’t because I’m popular or I’m a celebrity, I’m not, I’m a regular person just like you guys. I just took the time out and wasn’t scared to just go and direct message him. They’re just everyday people just like us and they would love to get the exposure. So like don’t be afraid of that guy. It’s like this is, and I just wanted to jump here because like everything you’re saying is like literally like something I’ve like literally, in the past couple of days too, which is so cool. So I just wanted to throw my 2 cents out there too. Absolutely. Now when I here, is it Jerome, what’s the best way to put stuff out there? If you’re still new to the market, you can’t really talk about experience in the industry. That’s the catch 22 right? There’s two ways of getting around that one. Well, before I answer the question with the two ways, let me, because I know most people won’t believe me and I don’t even, I didn’t even believe it until about 10 years ago. No. When clients hire you or when clients hire other people, let’s say you don’t have the experience, but when clients make a decision to go with them with agency a versus whoever, how do they decide? So if you’re new, you probably think the way people decide is, well, let’s see who’s got the most expertise and what’s their price and who has the most sophisticated system and how good are they really at optimizing ads?
All of these kind of like look under the hood. Let me evaluate how good they are. So I would say that we’re pretty good when it comes to Facebook ads, right? And I think that we’re good enough that the most clients couldn’t actually challenge us at depth to see like, okay, how well do they really know how to build custom audiences? How well did they know how to fire events and triggers inside Google tag manager, right? They don’t know enough to tell. It’s like when you bring your car to the dealership and they need to work on your car. You, if you’re like me, you just sort of trust that they know what they’re doing. Right. Because you know, you go to the dealership, they’re going to do it, right. Maybe they’re gonna charge you a little bit more, right? But you go into the dealership Honda or Ford or whoever, like you know, like it’s, it’s done well because it’s fellowship, right?
And the same is true here. They’re not buying from you because they’re not going to, to be able to quiz you on how well you know how to do X. Yes, they’re not. If they are, then it’s not somebody should be talking to. They’re doing it because they like you because of a referral from someone else that they know. And because you have some mutual interests, like they see that you’ve posted something about how you just went skiing and big bear then, and they like to ski too. That builds a connection. Think about the relationships that you build when you’re just out, you know, and downtown, having dinner, hang out with your friends, going bowling, doing whatever you’re doing, you’re, you’re engaging in activities that you guys have as a common interest, right? Just like, you’re building common interests, commonality. And the same is exactly true for clients.
I wish somebody told me this 10 plus years ago that when you build relationships with, when you want to get clients, you’re doing the same things that you’re doing with friends. You’re going out to meals. You asked them about that. Their kids not in a fake way but treating them just like real friends and that’s how we get $20,000 a month deals. It’s through literally just doing the things that we’re already doing with our real friends, not trying to act all fake. So this is my topic wheel. Actually let me go back and answer your questions wrong cause I realize I didn’t answer it. Two things, if you don’t know and you don’t have any experience with it, the whole catch 22 of running an agency cause this top, you want it pitch someone something that you’ve never done before and well of course you’re like hmm, I don’t know if I can do this.
Number one is you interview other people that have experience in what you want to do or have experienced in managing people or education. This is my topic wheel. This is, these are the top people in my network, right? Michael Stelsner founded social media examiner, which is social media marketing world, right? He knows how to mentor other people. Well, I care about that. So I interview him and I’m getting expertise from him. Even if I don’t know anything, I can interview other people and things that I care about and make simple one minute videos. Right? So that’s number one. And then that’s how you get around the expertise issue. Then how do you get around the experience issue? You partner with other people that kick ass. So I didn’t know anything about how to hire VA’s in the Philippines, but I knew that we needed to grow and you know, when we only had five or six and now we have an army, I went to Jeff Hunter.
Okay. I said, Jeff, how did you build such a team in the Philippines? He’s like, well, I go there twice a year. I have an office that’s set up. I have people that are managing the office. This is the way I train them. This is how I packaged things. This is how they track their time. This is how we deal with benefits. This is how, oh, we have this thing called the 13th month. That means every January we pay everyone the whole month of salary because that’s what happens in the Philippines. Oh, I didn’t know that. Right? So when you partner with other people, for example, I don’t know much about [inaudible] until recently about local systems where you are able to manage reviews and be able to do reputation management and be able to scale through, you know for, for car dealerships and real estate agents.
So I talked to my friend George Lee. George Leith makes software that does that. So I get experience with them, right? And our people are able to work with them. Their company’s called vendetta. So we’re vendetta partner and they give us clients to work on. Yeah, because they are the 800 pound gorilla and the local space. So there’s always other people that you might think are competitors. But if you view it from this damn point of, Hey, I’d love to find ways where I could learn from you. Maybe if you’re brand, brand new is just you and say, I’d love to intern with you for free or do whatever. Any way I can add value so I can gain experience. Because what I want to do is I want to be the social media agency for chiropractors. Like whatever it is, right? For Italian restaurants, for orthodontist, I want to be the social media or Facebook lead gen person for insert the name of whatever it is that you want to be.
And you go to whoever is number one in that space, they’re not your competitor. Okay. And say, I’d love to learn. You’d be surprised, right? You think like, oh, that’s my competitor. They wouldn’t want to talk to me. You’d be surprised how much the Wu willing to help you because let’s, let’s say that Chad, you and I are competing and we, we both do this for, for dentists, right? We do lead, we do, let’s say were in [inaudible] appears to be the same category where you and I, we specialize in doing Facebook ads for dental. Yes. And let’s say that you’re the number one player. You’ve got more dentists than I do and I have like no dentists and you have like 50 dentists and I say, Chad, man, I really want to do social media marketing for dentists. Can you help me? Like, do you have some tips or there’s some training that I can follow or like, what would you advise?
Can I work for you? Anything I can do to try to gain experience? What would you say 100% and how many dentists are out there? I have so many that, I mean that’s like the, the thing of dashboards do, it’s all agencies, right? So that’s like, you know, helping agencies go out and get other clients. How many dentists in the United States? The states? Hmm. There’s probably a large amount of law in 195,000 okay. So let’s say you have 50 clients. You’re, let’s say you have a hundred clients, Chad, a hundred dentists. That’s still 195,101 dentists that are still available. That’s great. And I can you like 99% of these dentists are not doing a good job with their digital ones? Marketing. Yeah. Okay, so are we competitors? If you have 50 dentists and I have one dentist, are we competitors? Not at all. If there’s a whole 195,000 dentists in the United States, holy moly.
It’s crazy. There’s more than enough people to go around. You do not have a competitor. And the other thing too, Jerome, is that when clients are evaluated, do they want to work with you or not? I can pretty much guarantee you 99% of the time they’re not saying, what about this agency or this agency or this agency? Let me compare. They basically decided to, do they want to work with you? Do they like you as a person? Yes or no? They want to do business with you, right? It’s if they’re out there shopping, don’t talk to them. You can say, Hey, look, okay, okay, love that you’re doing your research and all this. Why don’t you do all of this and then you can either go with these other clients and eventually you come back to us, right? Because we say we’re not the cheapest game in town.
We intentionally say that. Go there. You know, spend your time seeing if you can save money. It’s like finding the cheapest surgeon in town. I don’t think you want that from your operation, especially if it’s a [inaudible] serious operation. They might kill you, right? When you’re done with all that research and you see who’s good or you see that when you’re serious, talk to us last, right? We’re not here to [inaudible] to play this whole game, right? And we even say we’re probably the most expensive option of all the people that you’re looking at if you’re shopping, but you don’t have to worry about shopping. You worry about building authority and trust. And that drives inbound marketing because your network is your net worth. Your network drives the knowledge that you have. This is what we call the topic wheel. So in the middle here, this is your agency, this is you, this is your personal brand.
This is people that are coming to you because they want to hire you. Right? These topics on the outside are things that matter to you. Maybe your children, maybe you like the outdoors and you like to go rock climbing. Maybe you care about entrepreneurship. Maybe you’re a veteran, maybe you’re maybe care about digital marketing. I hope digital marketing is one of your six topics, right? And then okay, you surround each of these topics with other people and that’s how you’re able to build authority. That’s how you build your agency. That’s how you get your clients. That’s how you can charge a premium price. That’s how you overcome not having any experience. Okay, so I know we’re, we’re about two thirds of the way through and I have not even started the presentation that that I created for you guys. Let’s say let’s actually start the thing that we were going to talk about being so patient. Hopefully that was valuable. I know we took a detour. My bed.
If we need done, it’s also just so you know if you need it. I mean if you’re up for it, if you need more time, I’m, I’m open. We can go for as long as you want. I had the same issue yesterday. I had a two hour webinar. It ended up going for three hours and 45 minutes. Holy Model. Maybe we’ll go for it for that long but [inaudible] go for that line but I don’t want you to feel rushed or anything. Just go for it. I’m sure these people are eating up the content. They’re going to love it as well
And I’d love to hear what your thoughts are. Would you like us to keep going because I can either go for another 10 minutes or we can go for another 45 minutes to an hour.
I wondered if you want him to keep going 200 in the chat if you’re on Facebook, I see a bunch of you guys are on the Facebook in the marketer’s mindset group, 200 in the chat. If you want Dennis to keep going with this because you know you might get some other awesome golden nuggets out of it.
What I wanted to talk about originally is what happens when things go wrong. So when there’s a nine one one in your agency, if you want to, yeah. If we’re honest, we’re constantly moving from problem the problem. Now we might be flexing on Instagram and trying to pretend that everything’s perfect as most people are doing. But if we’re being honest, there’s always problems. And I want to talk about what some of those problems are and how you use a recipe to be able to solve it. You know, the fortune cookie was invented in San Francisco in 1908 it wasn’t invented in China. Isn’t that sad? Crazy. When you go to Panda Express, for example, and you order the orange chicken, cause that’s where it was invented in 1974 that was not invented in China. Right? How disappointing. Like clearly Canadian, you ever, if you ever had that as a sparkling water.
So I’m drinking a lacroix, but there was clearly thinking before there was lacroix and that was invented in New York, not in Canada. And here, this is Ben and Jerry’s, you think or not? Ben and Jerry’s Haagen Daas right. You know Haagen Dazs the heads of like European, this is 50 years ago when people were buying ice cream out of the tub for like a buck 50 it’s equivalent of, you remember before Starbucks came along it was unlimited coffee for like 50 cents out of the cup. Right now it’s like $5 so ice cream is cheap. No one wanted to pay like even a dollar for an ice cream, just like for coffee. Honga dies had to come out with this fancy European thing with the [inaudible] lot and the fancy letters. It was invented in 1961 in the Bronx. But if they said, hey, where, where are these MBAs in America and we want to come out with ice cream, that’s super expensive.
No one would buy it, right? Because it did. They had to make up this like fake European kind of tradition or right. But the key is that with food you have a recipe and there’s always things that are going wrong. My hats off to if you’re, if you’re running an agency because every day could kill you because the presentation is not ready because you lost a key employee because you’re, you don’t know how to do something that, you know, this client says, Oh, do you know how to do wordpress? And you need that to run the deal. So you’re like, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, I do. I do. Right? I need the money. Say Yes to this. I’ll say yes to that. What happens when you lose a key client and you need that money for payroll because you’re out of money and you’ve gotta be able to pay rent.
You gotta pay all your people, but you don’t want to tell your people, Hey Chad we actually don’t have enough money to do payroll tomorrow on Friday. Right? That’s why you don’t want to tell people that right there, right. Cause they’re working for you. And if you do have payroll, you guys know what I’m talking about. Maybe you don’t. Maybe it’s just you and you’re just trying to make your own, you know, take care of your family and pay your own rent. I imagine you’ve got over a hundred people on your team and you have to pay all their rent too. That’s a whole other issue with nets.
I know a lot of agency owners, I’ve, I’ve coached hundreds of agency owners and they, most of them cannot sleep well at night because they’re worried about their staff. They’re worried about clients that are out of money. They can’t keep up there. Yeah. Let’s be honest. Right. But I ended up there. I got a bunch of people on payroll too. It’s not easy. Yeah. we, I mean, we can compare, but you know, we write some serious checks every two weeks when payroll goes out. We’ve got 130 people at that, some serious checks. Thank goodness we have clients that pay us. Well, thank goodness that we have a repeatable process. I want to tell you how you can use repeatable processes. These called checklists or recipes. These are the recipes that we use. This is not going to magically solve all your problems, but this will solve most of your problems.
So you’re now with us at this point. I’m hoping that you remember this day that you’re with Chad and Dennis and this is what made the change in your agency. It was a things that you realize today that I can, my goodness, I had no idea that there is a recipe for how you onboard new clients. I had no idea there’s a recipe for setting up conversion, tracking the right way. I had no idea. And so I’m eliminating these headaches before they occur because when you have standard operating [inaudible] policies, so Chad, do you ever go to McDonald’s and eat French fries for example? They’re delicious, aren’t they?
And the taste because it’s [inaudible]. Yeah, it is. Even though it could be some teenager that’s like worrying about his girlfriend and not really paying attention, but the Fry’s still out. Okay, don’t they? Yeah, they do every time. And that’s why McDonald’s was the number one hamburger restaurant. That not because they have the best hamburgers, but because they’re consistent and you need to be consistent too, which means you need a recipe, right? And a recipe. It can’t just be a recipe where everything has to be perfect. It has to be a recipe that builds in failure. It builds in an expectation for failure because if you build in the fact that you’re going to lose an employee or client or a co founder, if you build in, if you plan in advance what you’re going to do with that, then you’re already 90% of the way towards solving these problems. So you have to first be willing to acknowledge that these are problems. Just like you know AA for steps to meet you, have a problem, and then build in process days. Because as these problems happen, they will happen. Then you’re already prepared and it’s not going to freak you out.
So here are the kinds of things that we see. People ask us all the time and these are, are answers to them, right? Are you charging enough? Most people, they need to double their prices. Do you have full time staff? Well, if it’s just you, you probably need to hire a VA for four or $5 an hour to take care of all the things that you don’t want to mess around with. Like making reports, preparing documents. Hmm. You know, setting up tag manager, edited videos. Video’s huge as you saw in the beginning here, right? Amen. Do you guys are huge on video type in video type the word video into the chat. If you agree that video is the number one thing you need to be producing. Thank you ma’am. Number one thing you need to be producing or agency, right? Chris? Matthew, fantastic. Brett video, right?
So guess what’s happening? If you are working on generating clients for the business and taking care of relationships, but you’re not working on those videos, you need someone to work on those videos, right? Maybe you can collect the videos. Like you could take the video of Perez Hilton talking about Karen and shopping it up and boosting it out there to all the other people that you want to see that. Like anyone in your remarketing list. You can take the video from today’s Webinar. Maybe. Maybe there’s portions of it if you want to chat, you know, Dropbox. Thank you, Damien. Right? Do you have a lighthouse client? Meaning that, let’s say we’re going into dentists. If you do a dentist, then you want to be able to have a hundred dentists. You want to have a repeatable process so that those fries, like Chad talked about from last night, are the same every time, right?
Does that mean you’re not creative? No. It means that you’re reliable and consistent, and when you’re reliable and consistent and everything’s planned, then on top of that, you can be creative, but you cannot be creative when your house was a disaster. Okay? Clients don’t hire you to be creative. I promise you that clients hire you for results. Don’t think you have to be unique and different. Right? So Chad, if you had an operation, some critical operation that you needed to have tomorrow, would you like to go to the doctor? It’s done it a thousand times in it’s routine or I come to you say, Hey Chad, I’ve got this really cool technique. I’ve never done it before, but it’s going to be super innovative for your brain surgery. I would never do this. I would definitely go with the first one is done a thousand times. My friend mark is getting lasik done for his eyes. Right? A lot of us have gotten Lasik, right, and he’s going to go to one where the doctor’s done it like 5,000 times the last 20 he’s not going to go to the one that’s half off or it’s like they can do it for cheaper, but it’s like, Hey, I’ve never done it before, but I watch all these youtube videos.
Patients don’t shop based on whoever’s the cheapest. They’ll never lead with price. Never say that you serve only small biz. Never say that you take budgets of all sizes will never say anything like that. That’s like a surgeon saying, I need business so bad. I’m willing to do a heart surgery for half off. If you just signed by tomorrow, never do it. Even if you need the money, never say that. Right. These are the problems that you’re dealing with how to get solutions. So you know that based on what Perez and Karen had said that we create jobs for young adults. That means we specialize in taking people who have no experience and putting them on as world-class marketers. This is last year at traffic and conversion summit put on by digital market. You guys have heard of digital marketer? Yup. We are speaking in front of a full room of 800 people.
There’s me here, there’s Logan Young, my co founder, and there’s some other people that are going around and taking pictures as you can see. Cause this is what do you think these videos came from or isn’t in this case a picture. And when, when Logan started, he was working at pizza hut for $9 and 10 cents an hour. And his previous job to that was at Jimmy John’s and his job previous to that was subway. Right? So he’s now working a job where he’s able to, you know, go through our training, get skills, and here’s, here’s the digital marketer blog. People are sharing what their home runs are and the home run that I listed was okay. Showing that there’s a process for taking somebody from, look at this, this, this is CNN. Like I’ve got Logan on CNN too, but at least see this background here, this is the same background here with the blitz metric sign, right?
And the picture with Mark Zuckerberg and yeah, like this, you know, putting this stuff in the background [inaudible] and that that’s how you build someone’s authority. So how do you think he got pictures with Mark Zuckerberg? How do you think he got on CNN? How do you think all this happened? It’s because you take someone and you associate the elements of authority of perceived authority. Like I was telling you, it’s one thing to be able to, to say that you’re good. It’s another thing to actually show how you do this, right? So we created Logan as a figurehead. We built topics around him just like you see with mine. And then we started to build out his network, going to conferences, speaking, teaching from what he’s done, right? This thing’s gotten 2000 shares on the digital marketer blog. This is high authority. We boosted these posts. We, we got them on USA Today. All these things to be able to show, you know, here’s this three by three grid, right? We do this for our clients as well. You should do it for yourself. Most agency people, they’re so busy working on clients that they don’t even work on themselves. It’s like the cobbler’s son has no shoes in that show. Right? Like I see these guys where they say their businesses, they build websites. Okay, let me go look at your website. I don’t have one. Well wait, but you said your business is making websites. Come on now. Right now, what would happen if you built up a cofounder?
We relaunched the company, built all the marketing materials around this guy here, and then he gets poached by a client. The client, which was tough to needle, which is a mattress company. They said, you know what? We’re just going to hire Logan directly and we’re not going to pay you the retainer anymore. And like you can’t do that. Logan is the one who’s been working on your Facebook ads. I know. He’s so good. We’re just going to hire him directly. Okay, well we need to talk about this, right? You can’t just do that. Right. That’s called poaching. That’s there’s no non-compete plus, and I bought Logan a brand new truck, a Chevy Silverado z 71 $55,000 not to leave, but he took the truck and he still left. So that crippled us in terms of the clients that we had and everything that we built here.
Right? Co-Founder lets metrics, linkedin, Instagram, other places, cofounder, blitz metrics. You know Gary Vaynerchuk hang out with all these other people. What would you do if your, if you didn’t have processes, these that would take your, that would take your company under, right? It would [inaudible] still working with you guys? No, he, he ditched us. You just completely goes through this. Wow. When was this? It’s a couple months ago. Wow. Sorry to hear that, man. No. But I want to show you through like the whole thing has to be real, right? I’m gonna show you how do you recover when you lose a client. In this case we lost tuft and needle, which was our client and they called and said, we’ll help you understand we’re not going to pay your retainer anymore because now we have Logan, right. Instead of, you know, that way we, we cut out the fat and the middle.
No, that’s not fat. That’s, that’s what we meet. That’s like we use that money to train up other young adults. The reason why you hired him was because he came through our program because he got this experience, right? Because he’s with Mark Zuckerberg, right. So that’s not cool dude. And the world’s a small place, so don’t do that, right? Yup. Yeah. This is, this is Twitter co-founder lets metrics, right. Teaching young adults. Right. So the way to get around that is that, and here’s another thing that we had to plan for him to be CEO last month. We built up this whole plan. We’re building up media publications, all of the training, the influence generator, which is what you see here and then we were going to then you know, so we were going to announce this last month. That’s crazy cause I’ve been fall. I’ve been following you guys for quite a couple of years now.
Yeah. We were going to launch this $50 a month young entrepreneur package where people could follow his journey and say, Hey, do you want to start an agency too? I’m going to show you exactly how I do all of this and in January we created our agency management course. We have our standards of excellence, we have our textbook. All these items that actually have like right here to show you is our agency management course, right? How we manage our agency, all the different components. Notice that it doesn’t have Logan in here anymore. We swapped it all out. Right? We put other people in here and that’s the beauty of when you have a [inaudible] process. What happens when the fry cook at McDonald’s doesn’t show up? Does McDonald’s not open? Oh it’s usually the manager. Somebody there fix this place. So this is something we call our operations tracker and this is how we’re categorizing all of our people according to the different levels, right?
And the skills they have. So let’s say that Jackie is, is doing stuff in infusion soft, but for some reason Jackie gets sick. We have other people that now Kevin or Kenny can come in and do infusion soft or Aaron can come in and do all the stuff infusion soft, right? So if one person doesn’t show up, you have someone else who can do that. And then we have the actual training. Why am I denied to that? We have the actual training that’s associated with that, right? If you don’t have everything categorized by who does what, then you’re going to get in trouble. When it comes to [inaudible], when you lose a client or you need someone who does a particular skill, we don’t do anything that’s not driven by a checklist. You guys even higher. Jennifer Lopez. Oh, there’s an, it’s another Jetta. Yeah, she’s a Filipino.
Jennifer Lopez. I’m just curious. And we have it organized by the kinds of skills that we have inside our library. Right? All this, we have a buddy system, we have figureheads. So then we put other people in as figure heads. So Natalie is our main figurehead now, which we’ll swap Logan out for Natalie and Natalie is is out there speaking or managing her, her brand. We’re putting out putting her out there on these different stages. So here’s Natalie. Okay. There’s w we actually put it on the page, Natalie stories, but she’s got, her name is so hard to say. De Salza Frey, she runs the social diegetic keep, which was infusion soft. They changed your name. Nope. Check this out. Here’s a case study signed by Cheryl Sandberg. She posted this yesterday, right about how awesome they are. And you can see I’m speaking at content marketing conference this year, a couple of weeks with the lovely Natalie and there’s pictures of her and I that is speaking together, right?
Joining me right here are the things that we are, here’s the things that we’re teaching, but she also has a public figure page. We call Natalie stories. Okay. And look at what we’re doing here. So in the same way that we built up Logan before, he screwed us over and he never, he blocked me too, so I can’t even talk to him. All he has to do is you like get back the truck and say that he’s he sorry you didn’t. Funny thing is the day he left he said, you know, I never believed in your mission anyway. I don’t even understand like why you’re training up young adults. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m like, dude, you don’t say that after you’ve been a biggest beneficiary, but, and we build up, we build up Natalie and look at how awesome this is working.
Look at her, look at her posts, right? There’s her onstage. She’s wearing a blitzed metric shirt. Check this out. Isn’t that cool? Speaking on stage and pretty cool even though she’s speaking and then we’re boosting it too so we can boost it to all the people that we want. So in this case, 30,000 people have seen it. An 8,000 have engaged on it. That’s pretty awesome. Right? So how was that for building her brand? Right. Oh look, this is the same thing from 15 hours ago, but this is on her page, not her profile. Same picture. And it’s saying, look, this is performing better than 95% of other posts. You should boost it. See this is funny you asked this question, Chad, should you boost it looks like with the boosted, you say this because we’re, we’re, we’re starting to run. We had a whole internal meeting about this, about, because up until now we, we really haven’t ran any ads for dash clicks at all.
I think we’ve, we’ve, we just started running a remarketing campaign like two months ago. We spent like 400 bucks or something, like very minimal just to, just to have the people who left the website and didn’t sign up bringing them back. Right. So we were, we were, we had this whole conversation. I had a, the, my Facebook party we were talking about like should we do boosts where we can boost, cause we have so many videos and stuff like this, right? Should we boost videos and then do like people who watch 10 or 15% of the video build that audience and then should we run an actual Facebook ads campaign, like a conversion campaign. So yeah, I don’t know if that was a good idea. Do you think that that’s a good idea? You do both. Both. Okay. Conversion campaigns. Okay. You’re gonna what you run to the conversion campaign is a remarketing audience.
So you have to build the remarketing audience first. You don’t want to just drive a cold audience straight and asking for their money. Yeah. 100% to see that will damage you. And I’ve seen other people get banned. There’s all kinds of problems. Just trust me on this. Oh yes. Is how I know, like on our, on our remarketing campaign right now that we have running, I think we’re getting signups. A dash clicks at about like three or four bucks, something like that, which is pretty decent. That’s fantastic. Yeah, and that’s right. [inaudible] Marketing though, right? [inaudible] They need to know who you are before they sign up. Exactly. Agree. That’s actually a great idea. I’m going to, I’m going to have to go to town. Even do that. Yeah, I love it. Look, I know a lot of you guys that you want to drive a sale on the first touch, maybe for your agency or maybe for your clients.
Don’t do that because then you become a pickup line artist. Okay. Now here are we this posted on boosting? Are we selling anything? What do we, what’s the purpose of this post? Well, we’re showing that we got an award that’s signed by Cheryl Sandberg who’s the COO of Facebook. Alright, got this whole award. Spent lots of money on Facebook, right? I think $8 million a year on Facebook ads. Right? I probably say the same thing, like authority, brandings, getting your face out there. Yep. And they’re thinking, Natalie must be awesome because she got this thing from Sheryl Sandberg. When’s the last time Cheryl Sandberg sent you something? Alright. I know people are probably going to one of those two. What do you usually like when you’re boosting? What do you like five bucks a day? 10 Bucks, a million. I want to actually boost this post because it’s not been boosted yet.
Okay, cool. That’s awesome. Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s go through the different components here, but if you, if you get one of these things wrong, it’s going to screw up. It’s just like if you have a recipe, four chocolate chip cookies and you turned the oven to five to a hundred degrees instead of three 75 you’re probably not going to be happy. You put it in the wrong combination of flour and sugar or like you forget to put eggs and they’re like, and then your cookies come out. Really like hockey pucks. Probably not gonna be happy if you don’t follow the recipe. Okay, I’ll follow the recipe here. Oh, okay. Now here they’re asking what objective do I want and if it’s a video that they allow me to choose videos we use as an objective, I would definitely going to go for video views if it’s a video, but because it’s not the choice that’s engagement or the choices messages.
Now you might think, well, I want to start a conversation so when I come here and click get more messages, no, I know I don’t do that unless it’s a chat bot. There’s multiple reasons, right? How do I stop this decline is what happens when you tell that you connect. So get more engagement because we want things that don’t. Some of them, if we, if like for example, Logan and I are both on the board of advisors of mobile monkey, which is a chat Bot company, Larry Kim started it and we do run things to chat, but maybe only one out of every 20 posts, right? So I want engagement. If I choose get more messages, it not only puts a message there, a a message button there, but your cost of the traffic will go up by five times. So instead of spending six or $7 per thousand impressions, you’re going to spend 30 or 40 they will absolutely nail you. Wow. And if it’s a remarketing audience and you’ve warmed them up and you really do want to start a chat with them, then yes, do it. But don’t do it unless that’s what you actually want. So I just want to generate engagement cause I want to remarket off of all of my engagement on Facebook. Okay. So essentially just so I, cause I want to understand this too, cause I’m learning a lot from him. I think he’s fantastic. So you’re, you’re essentially just building remarketing
Buckets. Yes. The boost and then the campaigns. You’re creating a whole campaign using those buckets. That’s right. I love it. That’s awesome and complicated. I’d want to literally do this here. It’s taking us like five or 10 minutes to actually step through it, but it takes me 20 seconds to set up a boost. And I do this every day. Just a few minutes a day. That’s it. Right? So you could spend all this effort producing the content, but if you don’t get it out there for people to see you doesn’t really do much for you. Right. Curtis said his authority, absolutely right. Jay said is for cloud. Damien said boosting creates remarketing opportunities. I would ask you guys, if you run an agency, how big are your remarketing pools? I bet you they’re tiny. Yeah. Either for yourself, right, to grow your agency client base, you need, you need seven to 10 touches before someone picks up the phone or chats you or dms you saying, Hey, I’ve seen all the stuff you’ve been saying about this and this is it possible we could talk about I campaign, I have, I’d love to hire you guys when you know whatever it might be.
Right. It’s gonna take seven to 10 touches. That’s, that’s 100% sure. I think I had Ryan Stewman on, he said that exact same thing. It was, I think it was seven touches until somebody actually decides to do anything with you. Yeah. Ryan Stewman is a client as well. Love Ryan. Yeah, so here you have a choice to putting a button too. I like to choose no button, but you might think, oh well we should put up signs and you know, learn more. I put learn more. Now I can put a URL here. Right? I can say Chad is is that a URL?
But, but I don’t, but that’s not what I’m trying to do because now it looks like an ad. So I’m going to put no button unless I really want to get them to, unless it’s like really, really relevant and adds value. Not, not just selling something nobody cause I want, I want it to look organic and then here’s audiences that I can choose. So in this case, social media marketing world, social media examiner, yeah that’s a good audience are people who are friends of fans of the page. That’s a good audience. I keep automatic placements on because it gives me distribution into Instagram as well and other placements and I’d like to do a dollar a day for seven days.
I want to ask you a quick question also because somebody that I’m curious about too and a lot of people have, you know, controversy topics about this to the fact of, of rolling your ads over to Instagram
Or just keeping them on Facebook. Do you see that? And it helps when you do the, you roll them over to Instagram too. It does. You get a lower cost per engagement. But then again, Instagram, you got a lot more likes. Yeah. Cost per Mike is cheaper, but you don’t get as many real comments because Instagram is visually oriented and people there, they’re just to be inspired by people’s lifestyles and this kind of thing. Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah. And so if you have, if the content is such that it’s inspirational or aspirational, like here want an award or you’re having dinner with the client and it’s beach in the background, then yes, it work better on Instagram. But if it’s just a piece of text or whatever, it’s not gonna work in Instagram. Yeah. Think about the nature of the content. Do you think this would look good and like would it fit, would it be like going to the beach wearing a Tuxedo?
That’s probably not cool. Right? So if you have engaging, shareable content, there’s a video, it’s square or vertical or there’s some kind of image and it’s, it evokes some kind of emotion. Not just like, oh, look at me, I’m successful, but something else. Then it’ll work on Instagram and it should work on Instagram. Because if you’re putting content that doesn’t work on Instagram out there, then you shouldn’t put that out there in the first place. So we have a dollar a day, seven days against people who like social media examiner because we published a lot to that. And by the way, you should too. These are people that are, that care about social media, mark getting or sure. Your thing is dentists and make interest targets of people who follow the different dental magazines are that they’re a dental hygienist or they buy dental equipment or whatever it is, right?
Yup. And literally I clicked boost and that’s it. You just let it run for seven days, collect that audience. And then I guess once that audience is done, create a campaign off of it. Yeah, let’s take a look at that. Okay, so now it’s going to take whatever, a few hours it’ll get approved. And let’s look at the insights. I’m not in ads manager, I’m not using the ads manager app. I’m merely looking here inside. The reason I look inside insights is because I want to see what the organic impact is. I don’t see that one. I’m using ads manager. Yeah. So you can see that some of these, I’ll spend a dollar a day, $10 over 10 days, and they don’t really do too well. Right? Like this one. This is a promotional thing. This is why you should be at social media marketing world. Oh, well I spent $10 and I got only 820 people reached, which is a $12 CPM.
That’s not as good. It’s okay. It’s not great. This is even worse. $6 I reached 409 people. So the cost per thousand, right? This is four oh nine so I multiply by two and a half to get to a thousand I’m up at $15 it would cost me $15 to reach a thousand people. So where would you, where is like the rule of thumb? No rule of thumb, but where do you want to be? What’s like the goal for CPM? If you’re doing, if you’re under $6 it’s pretty good. If you’re under $2 you’re killing it. Yeah. Okay. So you can see these. We just let them run and then we just let them die. And I know that 90% of the time I’ll put stuff out there and she’s going to die. [inaudible] Once in awhile I’ll let a killer and want to have a killer.
I’m going to put money on it. Right? And let’s see here. This one’s okay. So this one, $56 seven people reached, so that’s an $8 CPM, but I got 1600 seventeen hundred ten second views. So think of it this way, my goal for ten second views, if I’m killing it, is I’m going to get it for a penny. And I’m not talking about targeting people in the Philippines or in India. I’m talking about people in the United States that like social media examiner, right? I’m not trying to get cheap likes and whatever for the heck of it. I want. Yeah. And once she likes against the good ideas. So here, if I assume that these 1687 ten second views cost me a penny, how much should I say? Yeah, $16 right? Yeah. If I actually spent $56 instead of $16 and I’m paying about 3 cents, pretend that I can view, that’s not bad.
Most people are up in the 15 to 20 cent range. Now here’s another one. Look at this. This is the one that’s authoritative. This is her keynoting on stage, right? And I put $177 so far on it, I actually put a budget to 90 on it. If you can see that. Why? Because initially I put a dollar a day for seven days. If it did, well, I put another $30 for 30 days. I put another a hundred dollars and just adding, the better it is, I’m putting more money on it. Right? And why is that? Well, $177 got me 30,000 that’s about $5 $6 seat. So it’s a little bit better, but check this out. I got a 8,000 people that are engaged and spent 70 $170 so it’s 2 cents in engagement. That’s good. Here’s one. It’s even better. Here’s the video and it’s spent $300 and I put a budget of six 50 and it’s going to run, oh finishes August 30th okay, well promoted almost a year ago.
Right? Now let’s do the math here. I spent $358 200,000 weeks. That’s less than a $2 CPM. That’s crazy. Okay. And not only did I did I reach them for cheap, but out of these 200,000 I got sixty five thousand ten second views. That is one third third of the people as they were scrolling, stopped and watch for at least 10 seconds. All right? I’ve got a hell of a bucket for $350 so I got sixty five thousand ten second views for $300 so that is less than opinion. Right? That’s pretty good. Look. So if I paid a penny for each of these ten second views, I’d pay $656 so this one’s less than a penny per ten second view. So something like this, I want to add more money on it. And the goal of this is video views, I’m assuming? Yeah. Because now [inaudible] these, these people, 65,000 of them who like social media examiner or whatever bucket I specified have watched this video, I can now remarket to all 65,000 of those people.
Yup. You’re warming up the audience before you hit him with the sale. Yeah. And the funny thing is that this one here as I’m, I’m so excited. Let’s see where is this? I think it’s, where did it go? Yeah. Cause I see in the studio between video shoots, so this, this is literally something we’re just off the, on the flashes that, you know what I just wanted to give you was like a behind the scenes kind of thing. It wasn’t something that was planned. It wasn’t something that was fancy. It wasn’t professional video. If you were to, if you didn’t see any of these stats, if we’d covered up this side of the screen and we showed you all these posts, do you think you could guess which of these [inaudible] been a winner?
You wouldn’t know. Oh, okay. Like I would have thought some of these, like I would’ve thought this was pretty good. Thank you so much to the blitz metrics team. So here she is saying giving us a shout out. Okay. Right. And it did. Okay. A $5 CPM, penny video views, but not as good as these other ones. Right. Some of these ones you might think are awesome, but they ended up just sucking here. I had last year, Isaac Irvine, that wouldn’t, this one didn’t do all that well. I mean did. Okay. Right. So the thing is you don’t know. You might think you know, but you don’t. And I’ve been doing it over 20 years. You don’t know what’s going through when you think you know, but you don’t know. Okay. Literally put it out there and let the system, don’t try to outsmart the system. Spend a dollar a day.
Let the system tell you if it’s good, then put more. But the thing is, what do you think happens, Chad? If you have one, you put a dollar day on it and it sucks and you decided, you know what, I’ll just keep putting more money on it. Maybe it’ll turn around. He was going to burn money. Yeah. Or even worse. What happens? Where are you, you know, you think like, oh, this one’s going to be amazing before I even test it. I’m just going to go ahead and put $300 against it before I even get to get even a little data. What’s going to happen there? That’s not a good idea. That’s risky. So you’re like, oh no, I’m hardcore. I’m willing to spend money. Awesome. Good for you. No, put a dollar day against it. Just test it just for a little bit, right?
Like go on a first date before you get married. Like, go on it. Like kiss her first before you propose and make kids and like do this sort of thing, right? So this is what we do. 90% of the stuff that we put out there fails, but we build failure into the system. So of question for you. So once you, let’s say once you have all those buckets, because they have a lot of, of, you have a lot of remarketing lists that you can use. Are you just, is it all the eyeballs? Let’s say you’re running, you’re doing that on your page on dentists. You write and have an audience of, let’s just say for the hell of it, a million a million people. Okay. Are in that bucket. Are you segmenting all of those or are you just taking all those million people in next time around like a core sale or something like that? You’ll just run it to that audience. Yep. We ain’t got, we’re doing all of that but for the purposes of the people here, just great one bucket. It has all audiences in the same place. Yeah. One bucket just to keep it simple, only when have a large enough base that it’s worth doing. Here I’ll show you like I’ll go to the blitz metrics page.
I love this cause I’m actually going to use this strategy cause we’re going to start building out for dashboards on the 15th of this month. I have the whole week segment that I’ll just focus on the ads, the videos and all that stuff. I’m going to use this exact strategy.
This is, you should cause it works and this is how you do it on Facebook. See, look, if I go here, two. Hmm. This one isn’t a great one, but let’s see what’s a good one here? Yeah, look at this one anyway. Okay. Okay. Okay. No, this is not the one I want to look at. I would’ve thought this was killer look about everything. Pretty much everything. Maintenance on equipment, all the way to how we’re going to jump out of a helicopter in a real world operation. And when I became an entrepreneur, the one thing that I didn’t have was checklist. In fact, I remember a specific time where this hurt pretty bad. So I hired her, hired a VA from overseas and I needed her to do my social media. But because I didn’t have checklists, our communication was horrible. I’d be up at night waiting for her to get back to me. I actually didn’t know that they actually have a rolling blackouts out there for do frequently. So I was kind of just letting her do, but we can never, we can never like connect. So that video didn’t do quite as well because they didn’t get to the point quick enough.
Can I see a question on that? And I bet we get tons of inquiries in Basque lakes about that, especially in our Facebook ads department. Yeah, I know obviously you probably use split testing, right? But what do you see since you’ve spent so much money in ads working better? Is it images or videos?
Huh? What do you think? Yeah, videos are killing it. The average watch time on Facebook. What do you think it is on a video? How many seconds? I would say six or seven seconds. Maybe mix the answers. Right. So when you can get one that’s over 15 seconds, you got a winner and you want to put money against it. Yeah, that makes, that makes perfect sense. And then I know I also heard another stat that 85% of people who watch videos on Facebook are watching them without volume, without any sound. It is. So let’s take a look at that. That’s where he dropped the captions into [inaudible]. Yeah, those captions. Yeah, like exactly. I’m been there right there.
You can see here. Engagement. Oh Ashley, where do we get the sound? Yeah, look, oh, well this is, wow, this is really high. Sound off 81% Oh, sound on? Sound on? Yeah. Wow. Why is so you’re right. 85 90% of the time it sound off [inaudible] 85% of the time. It’s also on their phone. Yeah. But we also put captions here so they can see it anyway. But betting the captions in the video versus using the captions that Facebook autogenerates we do. We test both. So this is the one that’s auto-generated. Watch this. When I was 27 I’ve been in business for two years and I got screwed over I, one of my business partners. Ironically we, he was working when we started the partnership that I would screw him over by stealing the clients. But it was actually a case of projecting where he screwed me over by suing my employee, breaking the noncompete we had in place.
So you’ve been trying to give us answers all of a sudden this field, the more questions. At first I was really upset. I thought about how accuse my marketing skills, Facebook hacks and sandwiches and brands and the ways I can kind of take him down cause I was pissed off. So as we’re starting to have the light shined on that again and just giving us more questions. So the more we know what we want to find out, how deep this rabbit hole goes, and then I remembered something my dad told me when I was growing up, he told me that once you give away your integrity or lose your integrity, it’s so hard to get it back. I believe too many people for Sake, their integrity in the pursuit of money and the pursuit of fame in the pursuit of following and building up their personal brand, you’re going to start to see everything that’s previously has been kind of hidden in the shadows and the fine print now is going to be shown for it in the light.
I want my USG as a business owner not to be that great. It basically dies or that I can make you a lot of money. I want to be technical officials, owners that I will work hard in your account that don’t care whether your counselor, I’m Logan, I do Facebook guys for a living. I may not be the best in the world, but I’ll work on your account. I’m going to terrible business owner. I’d love to connect with you. So look at these ones. Look at the watch times. Look at the performance here. By the way, he made that post six months before, ironically off the top the needle. Yeah. Ironic, right? I’ll even say that. [inaudible] Workshop. So at the end of the, on the third day of our workshop, everyone comes up and does a one minute video and they can choose whatever story they want to tell.
That was the story that he told, which I thought was ironic. That’s what it is. But look at how well this is performing. 53,000 people reached 27,003 second video views. That’s 50% half of the people that were scrolling through a newsfeed. So through this newsfeed stopped for at least three seconds. You know what? The averages? No, I’d love to know the third year. Wow. Nice. 30%. So this is killing it. And then of these 27,000 how many of these turned into a ten second video view? 17,000 wow. 27,000 of these folks stayed on for the full for at least 10 seconds. You know what? The averages a third. A third. So yeah, because we had a high reach to three second view and a high three to ten second view view through. That’s why our average watch time is 16 seconds. Right. So Facebook basically obviously I’m assuming based on the analytics and the data that comes in, the better the actual or the the better the ad performs.
They’ll just keep, oh you’ll decrease your costs over time. Yes. So here, here’s the point that you need to know that will work for you in generating views that will work for clients. Is that to your point, let me break it down in terms of the math side chat. Sure. When you have high engagement and low negative feedback, Facebook gives you a double whammy benefit. A, you get the traffic for cheaper. And then B, your engagement rate also gives you that compounding factor. So our cost per video view, well it’d be a penny or two. We’re left. Is this a per ad basis or unlike your entire account? It actually rolls up. Relevant score does roll up to the account level, but they don’t tell you what it is, but you can kind of guess at it. Yeah. Okay. When another Webinar we can talk about how do you optimize and look at those things that that’s a whole nother issue day if definitely, but this is great.
This is all the people that have engaged thousands of people that are engaging zero negative feedback. Yeah. That’s awesome. Okay. Yeah. And then people who watch this, we can sequence them to our dollar day strategy, which is what happens when you need to reach a particular audience. What happens when, let’s say, you know the car dealership screws you over, right? And we’ve done this multiple times. You guys have heard of the dollar a day strategy? I haven’t. That’s new to me. Yeah. So we’ve done this hundreds of times in the last 10 years. So my buddy at j can doll it. Tough the needle. This is the guy that hide Logan away. He, he sent me a note saying, Hey, I got a problem here with, with the the the auto dealership, right? So then we target all the people that work and Mercedes-Benz when the case of, we had a problem with Earnhardt Chevrolet.
So we targeted all the people who work at Earnhardt Chevrolet for a dollar a day. So then they can see that, hey, this problem’s not going to go away. Right. And this is, this has worked hundreds of times. One of my friends, Brian Eisenberg, his, let’s see if I can find it, get a problem with his mom had a problem with Sears. Okay. Because they came to, I can’t find the one that I want right off the bat. But Sears was supposed to repair something and they didn’t. And she tried calling in and complaining multiple times. They didn’t do anything about it. So we took that letter about the things that were wrong. Not By, you know, saying Sears is bad or we hate Sears, but like this is what Sierra said they were going to do, here’s what actually happened, you know, Blah Blah Blah and targeted all the people who were serious.
A week later they came in and they fixed everything and they had, they actually had to change their customer policy because of us. And they call that the dentist. New problem. Holiday Fan. He works hard. So this case here, a j had a problem with his Mercedes where they promised that they were going to, it was, you know, bought a certified pre owned but something was broken. Right. And they didn’t want to fix it. So he put all the information here showing that’s the case. Of course he had to try initially. Right. You don’t just, you don’t put someone on blast unless you give them a couple chances, a few chances first. Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair. Right. Great. Can you to continue to say, no, we’re not going to help, you know, it’s, you know, not our fault or what. And so while they continue to say no while they continue to dig themselves deeper, you doc, he meant this and he put it on a blog post and then you target it to all the people that work, get Mercedes or work at.
Like I remember I was at a, I was in San Francisco and I was keynoting at a conference and the person who came up to speak after me was the lady who ran digital marketing for Hotwire, which is a hotel and airline insight. And I use Hotwire all the time cause I travel a lot. And I, I remember I asked when she came off the stage, I asked her, so have you ever heard of our stuff? Like are you kidding our [inaudible] dos about your stuff all the time. Cause you know, one time I, I bought a room on Hotwire and it was at the Hilton and in Manhattan in Times Square. And I checked the thing where it said two beds and said, you’re guaranteed to have two beds, Zoe, you should travel with somebody or a couple of people. And they said, no, sorry, you don’t get two beds, there’s only one.
I said, no, here’s my reservation. It says on hot wire that you’re supposed to give me two beds. I paid extra for that or whatever. I checked the option that noble on hot wire, we don’t do that. So I ran that, that whole experience as an ad targeting people who work at Hotwire, not people who like Hotwire who work at Hotwire. And so everyone in the Hotwire office in San Francisco was getting absolutely nailed by that. And then this Yo went to the head of digital marketing saying, Hey, what can we do about this? Cause he’s thinking like the entire world sees that. But really I’m only spending a dollar a day. Okay that’s the power of a dollar a day, right? Cause you need something that’s $15,000 fixed by running at a dollar a day. It might take a couple of weeks and they might not do it right away cause they’ll try to ignore it or they don’t see it on social media.
But I guarantee you that they’re friends and their coworkers and all this are seeing it and eventually they then have to fix it. Once the relevant stores, a score starts to go up. A dollar a day is your weapon. Yeah. That’s so cool. Yeah. Steven says it’s a brutal tactic. It is, but it’s, and that’s why you don’t, you don’t screw over a digital marketer. Yeah. It’s truly over. Cause the world is small. Right. A lot of people say like, oh there’s a million people out there. But let’s go back to our original point. It’s all about relationships. Yeah. Right. And the, and so mentorship is so important cause you’re building relationships over time. Yes. I guess what’s your best marketing is it’s your clients. When you take good care of your clients, when you take good of your people, when you take good care of the partners that you have, then they do the marketing for you.
Do you ever, do you ever hear me say, oh I’m the best Facebook marketer on the planet? I would never say that. I’d rather have other people say that to him. Well, let me tell them, ambassadors of you and your brand. Absolutely. That’s where all the power is. That’s why I don’t think people quite, I understand that because there’s so busy focused on their brands, so busy focused on whatever it might be, right? So when you look here, now, this is in the last however long we’ve been talking. All of these things have happened. Look at all these notifications, right? And these are, these are people that are doing marketing for us. I hear, I think I posted this yesterday. It was a post or an image. This is a double whammy of Facebook guest. Let me show you. How do you boost a post? Right?
And now I’ve got 145 people clicking like 64 comments, right? And look, this guy who is one of our clients at $1 billion mortgage company says you’re a legend Dennis, right? That that guy’s doing basically doing the marketing for us, right? And this, this person, Sterling Valentine. I don’t know whoever sterling is, but if you’re here, awesome. Thank you. Yes. More of this incredible content. We don’t know each other, but you’ve got a new fan and follower. Keep up this great work. There you go. Another master. Yeah, and he’s a, you have tons and tons of these, right? This is the guy who runs social for Microsoft office. All for bready. This is very similar to the approach. We took an office. This guy’s got an infinity, budget’s freaking Microsoft. When I shared the potential storytelling model, retarget on 50% view in that case. 10 10 to 15 seconds. I mean over verse or versus your 10 right? Awesome. Curtis, who’s one of our new people doing one minute videos. Excellent example, right? Rob Snow. This is genius. Please delete this post before my competition sees a killer.
So here, here we are. We’re practicing what we preach. We share our knowledge, we engage with people, we recognize them in building relationships. And when people see, so all the friends of Rob Snell, all the friends of Curtis, all of Paul’s friends, Paul has some important friends because he’s a big deal, right? 83 mutual friends, former global director of social media at Microsoft. That’s pretty important, right? So his friends are probably people that run social media at all the other, the companies out there. Right. So when he says this, a lot of these people are seeing this as well. I don’t know who they are necessarily, but then maybe they’ll follow me and you’ll see more and more of this content and eventually they will reach out and send a message saying, hey [inaudible] that Karen will say or whatever, can I do anything for you? Right. Look, she says this.
Literally this just happened yesterday. So I said something like, yeah, I saw Aaron who is, who runs our operations share the life scale certification. We’re doing this for Brian Solis, Ryan Soul. This is probably the most famous person in marketing strategy out there. They’re top notch. I’ve not seen anything else like this is tremendous. Thank you. With the good people always deflect it back by talking about how good you are. People are because they are your, your your best assets are your people. Do everything to take care of your people and then they will take care of your clients. Absolutely. Like I will fire clients in order to take care of our people. If clients mistreat us, I fire clients. Amen to that. Yes, you’re very welcome. I’m blown away. This is going to become the new standard for certification programs and this is someone who creates certifications that carries a lot of weight.
When when Karen Freberg says this, right, it’s not just some random person saying this, right, and I hope I get our program accredited. She’s like, yeah, I’ve not seen this being done in other programs. Want to roll it out? And then she says, well, let me know how I can help you connected with my sister Kristen, right? I’m like, I don’t know who’s who’s that? Right? She’s in the military and could help and on and on and on. I think you may be connected. She’s a fan of your work. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. I am more than happy to help. You’ve been a great friend of me. Thanks for working together and because of that, I then got my buddy Perez to then make this video about her, which you saw, right? Look at that. Look at that. Oh my God, that was expensive at all.
Worth every penny. See you see how this works, this, so we’re working through other people. When you take care of other people, they take care of you. That builds your agency. You never have to go out and cold call. You never have to get on a one hour call and explain what you do. You never have to like, like everything will come to you. These people come to you. You do not have to be on CNN or be a big time, 20 years of experience or whatever you do not need that. You merely need to take advantage of the network that you already have and these people will take it. Caribbean like here’s one. Literally I’m just scrolling through the notifications. What of what’s just happened as we’ve been talking. So you can tell that I’m practicing what we preach. I’m not just making something up or something that I heard from someone else. Right? And that’s how you can tell what the digital marketing person is. Do they practice what they preach? So I posted this a year ago. Look, this is 2018 we hire a lot of vas. They’re still amazing. I love them. 149 comments and all these other people that are, here’s one of my favorite tips. Take a post, it’s killed it. That’s done really well from a year ago. And then just click like or comment back. Say this person said, you know, Blah Blah. They like our stuffs. Well look like on that, right. And yeah, someone should have come in and click like on this, I’ll click like on this and maybe I’ll come here. What is this? Connor says you got a lot of engagement as opposed to, thank you. And then I’ll say this, I’ll say we’d be, I’d love to say thank you because it’s honest. I mean it, I’m grateful without the amazing oops, work by r B a k now this revives the post from a year ago and then it’s gonna to, this is probably going to generate another 40 or 50 people that are liking and commenting on this because they originally got 200 right. And so with the algorithm, when you comment back on something that did well, it revives that post. So if I go to which used to be called slash on this day, they show me all the things that happened one year ago, three years ago, five years ago. I didn’t even know that. Yeah. See now, look, one year ago, it’s a tradition because we hang out with our buddies. I’ve been asked to con, holy cow, look at this pig, right? We are at their conference. Amazing, right?
Incredible, right? And let’s see, a year ago, why does Facebook run ads to test a dollar a day? Okay, let’s see here. Find a good one. Maybe it’s like two years ago, three years ago, two years ago in San Diego. Great Workshop to define a simple strategy. Thanks. Splits. And I can comment back and I could say, still works today and this is not going to get much because it only has two likes and two comments. So that doesn’t really give me much. But if I have one that’s killer, this is a dodger stadium two years ago in game on, right? 41 likes. So if I comment back,
I can say, you know I love the Dodgers. I actually asked for engagement. Do you, do you love [inaudible] the Dodgers? [inaudible] Too, right? I never hit share cause if you hit share it says, oh on this day this one thing happened. Right. What I want to do is I wanna engage on the post itself. Koka sexton. When Dennis, you thinks you’re a baller, you’ve hit a milestone, he gets a nice office, toys to boot. So this is the guy who ran the social for Linkedin, right? Linkedin is absolutely blowing it up. Right? Oh look. See he said something, I forgot what it was. Coca said something that made me laugh. So I went to Amazon and bought him these two little mini balls and it says here, good for you coca. You are a baller.
Literally like send them some balls. Went to again, you know Amazon, right? Here’s another one. Nearly every company struggles with this but doesn’t realize it, which is they don’t have any process and they’re not reliable, you know, whatever it is and yet, but when I have one that’s killing it, okay. Like this one’s 142 likes and all these comments, this is probably one I want to comment back on, right? Because Facebook’s an amplifier. If I, if I comment back on something that got only one or two views, that really doesn’t mean very much. Oh, this is not too bad. 91% of videos are autoplay. 71% would sound off. Oh, there we go. That’s what we’re speaking about. Yeah. But this was, this was three years ago. Yeah. So I can see the numbers go up. Yeah. Now what? W what might we say to reengage this post? I would say something about, are the numbers still the same today?
And by the way, the blue check mark doesn’t do anything for you. Don’t think that because I have a blue check mark that that, that helps with my engagement. That’s really just a vanity thing. Doesn’t help me. I feel like so it’s more social proof, right? Yeah. Yup. Here, five years ago, notice almost all my contents evergreen. You should post it almost all evergreen content life is a great instructor. Today’s lesson work with only the best people. Take shortcuts and you’ll regret it.
This guy said solid. I’ll click like on that because long term relationships matter work only with loyal people.
Not like Logan will screw you over. Okay. Six years ago, and these are all still good friends of mine, enjoying a great night. It’s an amazing group. This is Mary Smith. This is Nathan Laka. This is Heather Dobson. This is Christine Kio. These are all still great friends of mine and they’re all producing value. Heather, here, look, this is how important relationships are and the young people, I know I’m stereotyping, but they might not see. They might not, you know, believe in the value of nurturing because they want to see immediate results. But Heather now runs social at go daddy. Oh Wow. You heard it go daddy right there. Big. And they had like 30,000 employees or something like that. Here she is keynoting at a big conference. Yeah, here we are speaking. There’s the picture of her. This is, this is one of the conferences. This is her. This is me. Right. We’ll do this.
Do you know the difference between appreciation and gratitude? A lot of people seem to think that they’re the same thing and appreciation is the best word I can use to describe my colleague, my friend, my mentor, my inspiration. Dennis, you, I am eternally inspired by him. I am consistently appreciative that Dennis is just, Dennis is, he has been such a great role model for me.
I helped her build her career like seven or eight years ago. That’s great. And look at that coming back. And how, when is this video? Is that a recent video? This video was maybe a year or two ago. Oh look at that. And it, it compounds. It’s compound interest, right? Yeah. And when you build relationships, people that maybe they were in your mind, maybe there are nobody. Like Heather Dobson was a nobody seven or eight years ago, she came up to me at a conference in New York saying, Hey, I just broke into this new role and I’m trying to meet as many people as I can. Can I just, you know, ask you for help and mentorship. I’m brand new to this industry. I said, absolutely. As long as you agree that whatever you learn that you’re gonna pay it back, you’re going to pay it forward.
That you believe in Mentorship, that you believe in the mission of, you know, training up young adults because that’s how we’re able to grow our relationships, right? When you help other people, that’s just a, that’s the right thing to do. And Karma, it’s super powerful. When you do good things for other people and they’re good people, they will bring it back to you. And I would’ve never have known seven or eight years ago when I first met Heather that she would eventually become the big queen. [inaudible] Go daddy. Yeah, that’s crazy. And all these people that like we just held our workshop at go daddy’s headquarters. Like do how many people can just say, Hey, I want to take over the building for three days and invite people in. Right. You can’t just do that. But I w I would’ve never known. And that’s the cool thing about an agency. Yeah. I’ll show, I’ll show you one more example. So you probably, you guys probably know that we ran ads for the Golden State Warriors for five years. I didn’t know. That’s cool. Yeah. And the guy who ran who was there, their COO was Kenny. But I knew Kenny before. He was big and important.
And the reason why we connected was, I want to say it was like 10 years ago, we were at some meetup and there wasn’t a projector. Whatever’s we need to projector. So he went and he got one, I didn’t know who he was and I sent him a thank, you know, like, Hey Kenny, thank you so much for bringing the project.
And then we got to meet, we had dinner, he had some questions. I helped him out on a couple of random things. And then when he got the job to run digital ads and marketing at the Golden State Warriors, I was his call,
You said Matt, and of all the people I could call, and yet you’re the guy who I’m calling first. And that’s when we started to start to build things in the professional sports space. Right. Introduce us to the other teams we got to work with. Like the guy who ran digital [inaudible] actually Kevin Shoot, Kevin [inaudible], this guy ran, ran digital at [inaudible] for 10 years at the Golden State warriors and now because he was so successful, he runs this at Facebook, he runs global sports at Facebook. Right? Absolutely. Fantastic. Right? And we have a lot of these same friends in common, right? Look at all these people that are friends in common with us. So he, he does great favors for us and he has more, he has more value to us now that he’s at Facebook that he would be, even if he worked full time for us.
Right. And it makes us look so good. But who would have known, you know, now that he’s at Facebook and he has all this power and he’s worked, that his job is to work with these thousands of professional sports teams and college teams all around the world. Every single sport, right? He’s got this big position now, but it would have been w who would have known, right. And I’m sure a lot of people would like to get ticket. Well, because when we built the relationship, he comes to us and we help him cause it, it, I don’t know how else to tell you the most valuable thing to get out of this Webinar for all you guys that are still here. Wow. Amazing. You guys are still here. Yeah, we got a pro. Great. A great invasion. Right? His and my laptop’s at 5% so I only have so much time I’ve got to go plug in is that you build relationships.
Your agency is only as good as the relationships that you have. You build up other people, but make sure you have a contingency plan. Like Logan screwed us over 8,000 emails that were left here. We had to go back and clean up all this stuff because we didn’t want to leave any clients in the lurch, right? We want to take care of all of our people. And just simple things like this, like a new client in the snow teeth whitening. Like I commented here, the founder commented back and then Floyd Mayweather, this is just a couple of days ago, Floyd Mayweather says it, Dennis, you know we have a 99 cent like blah blah blah. I’m like, wow, now I’m building connection with Floyd Mayweather. Who would’ve thought, right? And then that’s, that’s just what it is. You’re building relationships, you’re sharing what, you know, this all comes back and you’re, as you’re doing things, you document them as one page or checklists, a one page on how you set up your digital plumbing. Cause you gotta do that every time you have a client. So why repeat the headache unless you know, you know, it’s, here’s what we do literally every time. Or maybe the problem is that you’re not getting enough fees. Well, you’re not measuring what you’re doing properly so people can appreciate what you have. You can’t charge enough. You can’t charge more because you haven’t proven that there’s ROI Cause your, your conversion tracking isn’t working. Your pixels aren’t working. You didn’t define those goals clearly.
Or the problem is that you’re doing 15 different things because they keep changing the scope on you as an agency because an agency you want to please the client, they say how about this and how about that? Yes, yes, yes, I’ll do all that. But you don’t update your, your your pricing or you don’t define the topic wheel, which is able to define what contents really valuable or not. Right. You need a content marketing checklist to prevent the scope from creeping on you or the conversion rate is low. That’s a classic one. Well it’s cause you’re not building remarketing audiences cause you’re not going cross channel or you don’t have the right targets. You’re not optimizing properly because you’re not getting enough volume. You’re not taking advantage of those remarketing audiences natively. You’re not building. Why, what? You know why, how, what content, you’re not boosting posts the right way.
Like all of the problems agencies have can be traced back to checklists that they’re not implementing. Like are you using the dollar day strategy to inset the media and create that kind of trust to begin with and you remarket off the trust? Are you doing lead ads through chatbots or through Facebook’s native lead ads? Do you have a lead magnet that then drives to a sale if it’s considered product, like all these different things, are you doing them right? Are you doing them for yourself to grow your agency so you get more clients? Are you doing them for your clients so that they will continue to pay you every month? You know what? When I Chad, when I hear people say that their number one problem, but the most, if I hear someone say that their issue is that they need more leads that then I know that they’re new agency.
I can tell if they’re [inaudible] the agencies that I can tell if someone is a pro agency or if they’re a larger agency. When one of the questions about tuning checklists or about processes or around retention or around training staff, that’s how I, I can tell those are successful agencies because those are the questions of people who already have something going. If you’re a new agency and you can’t hold onto your clients or you get someone that will pay you a thousand and then someone pays you 2000 but then you can’t hold on to them and they’re not continuing to pay you $2,500 every month, then your problem is not, you can’t get more clients. Their problem is you’re not keeping your clients and your clients because you don’t have a checklist. So be honest with yourself. If you’re spending all your time trying to like grab as many new clients as you can, but you’re not taking care of the ones that you have, you’re, you’re focusing on the wrong thing.
Client retention is is especially and I can vouch for that just firsthand because we have, you know, we have a 10 year old agency obviously now we have to ask Lexis is when you get to the numbers where you’re in a hundred, you know, managing hundreds or maybe even made meal for a thousand campaigns and clients.
Everything boils down to retention, everything, retention, customer satisfaction, customer service training employees. I mean we did a whole live video. We’re doing like trainings and stuff in here. It’s everything is all about the company and the clients. It’s not so about how do we get more of it, be greetings, want to eat everything up. Because at the end of the day, the more you save, the more you scale. Right. So that’s exactly, I, I cannot, I cannot agree with that with like a 1000% stamp on it. All right Dennis, I know your computer’s about dice. We’ll wrap it up. But I’m first and foremost, I want to personally thank you because I think this was one of the episodes that we’ve done where I personally, I would just like glued to the screen on what you were saying and I’ve learned so much from you personally. I’m sure. Like I can only imagine what the people are here on zoom and on Facebook and on Youtube.
We’re going to be learning. So thank you for that number one. Much much appreciated. And I guess secondly, maybe if you can tell people, I know probably they’d seen it on some of the screens he had. If they want to go and follow you and connect with you, where can they find you? What’s the best way to connect with you? Emma, if you want to throw some, some some linkedin or Instagram or Facebook. Absolutely. Look me up on linkedin. [inaudible] Not on Facebook. There’s a 5,000 limit. I’m at that limit. Connect with me on linkedin. I love to hear what you guys are doing. Make a one minute video. That’s what I had to say about what you’ve learned today. And I’ll give you a special gift and send, send the URL to [email protected] So make a one minute video posted on Facebook or youtube about something you’ve learned about how awesome chat it is about how you love using dash cliques, how Chaz been interviewing some of the best people for these agency webinars.
And then share that to [email protected] and I’ll send you one of our guys there. You guys go. And a guys is always I know we’re gonna probably going to take this and we’re going to reload it onto a youtube. So if you are watching this on youtube, just click right there. They’ll probably be a little button right there. Just subscribe to our channel. If you haven’t joined our Facebook group, it’s a marketer’s mindset by dash lakes. If you just click right there, they’ll probably be a little button floating above my head. We can join us on our Facebook group. And if you haven’t got your dashes account for any reason, I’m right, there is going to be a button you can just register to go to [inaudible] dot com getting your forever free account. Once again, thank you so much, Dennis, you hazing a influencer secret event. So thank you for that. Thank you guys for watching. Thank you guys for your time and I love all you guys. So we’ll wrap it up that, thank you guys.

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