How to Build a Website In Under 5 seconds for Prospects (Insane Agency Tool)
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 08:28 PM

How to Build a Website In Under 5 seconds for Prospects (Insane Agency Tool)


How long does it take you to build a site for a client/prospect? Bet it’s more than 5 seconds. ????
Chad Kodary from DashClicks shows Robb Quinn and Temple Naylor from Agency in a Box how it’s now possible to build a website for a client or prospect in under five seconds! This is a live video recorded on the Marketers Mindset by DashClicks Facebook group!


I haven’t read that was going on. Allien Bazell Nico’s call fight or what’s up guys? Guys, you definitely want to hang tight because me, Robin temple are about to like, we’re going to get that explosion being happening. Okay. And we don’t say that very often. No we don’t. Every one of my lines are mind blowing and explosive. Explosive. I want to ask you quick questions if we can get some engagement in the chat. Let me actually open this back up really quick. Give me one second. We should bless them with the f word Lewis. We’re going to fucking do it for you brother.
All right. I gotta get this going on my end. How are they side pies? I have a side by side with Zune, Kevin, because we’re fucking amazing. Oh, we did it again, ladies and gentlemen. He dropped the bomb again. This is one of those secret top secret side by side on zoom. How to become, what are we doing Joe’s today? We’re done yours today. All the costs. First born child and that’s me. A sound. That sounds good. I’ll ask you a couple of quick questions like if we could get you guys a tool that you guys can use. I know you guys are in this group and his group is about sales and making money and that’s why this is, this is probably my favorite group on Facebook, just being straight up with you guys. This is essentially like even if this group like we started dash clicks in this group, so like big props on my boy rob temple, like you guys kill it and smash it.
Obviously I’m going to be posting this live in our marketers mindset group, but like we had to go big and do it in this group. I’ll be honest with you guys, right? So I want to be, I want to show you guys, me, Robert gonna show you guys two crazy things today. Two things are going to happen. Okay? The first crazy thing is, is going to show you guys awesome new program that he’s coming out with. And I’m super stoked to hear because he’s only told me a little bit about it and I asked him for more. He’s like, Nope, I’m just going to tell you in front of everybody and blow your mind together with everybody. So that’s the first thing that I think is going to happen right now, right? Oh, we’re not going to hold off too much of a tease, but I can be too much of a seed. And then the second thing is for those of you guys who are like, you’re out in like that prospecting world and you’re like, how the hell can I like who’s done cold calls before? Can you drop a one on one in the chat? If you’ve ever done a cold call, warm, warm to check. Alan said Chad finally got Temple’s name Right, Aka Taylor.
I’d been caught. You don’t funny. I was watching her and I was like, did I really call him Taylor? I felt so bad after canceled the trip to Nashville. Hey, so like drop a one oh one in the chat. If you’ve ever done a sales call, I just want to know, let’s do a quick poll. Drop a one zero one in the chat. It’s not that hard guys. One-On-One, three digits, one zero one drop in the chat really quick. So like if you’ve ever done a, if you’ve ever done a cold call how hard is it to bring that gate down, right? To bring that barrier down. We all know how hard it is right to to get on the phone with somebody and just a straight, straight up cold call and be like, hey Bobby, the painter I want to say some shit.
Right? And that’s what it sounds like when you guys are cold calling and unless obviously you have a technique and you’re in the on sales or an agency in the box, like it’s really difficult, right? But what if we can create a tool or what if we did create a tool that allows you guys to break that barrier and at the same time build a shit ton of excitement to a fresh ass cold call. Do you think that that would be cool if you think that that would be cool. Can you drop the 300 in the chat really quick? Just go really quick. Let’s get some higher. Yeah. And if you drop a 300 in the chat, I’ll actually demo the tool before you and that if you’re really cool, maybe we’ll put you on the waiting list and allow you to join. So just drop in 300 to chat.
We’ve got to get at least like 5,300 below and then we’ll start. So we’ll wait for you guys. So it might take a minute, 300300300 everybody in this, you guys, if you guys are watching this and you’re not dropping in a 300 I’m not giving you the tool and I’m going to actually go back to it. Okay? We’re going to build engagement here with people. I will go back, if you join the waiting list, I’m going to go back to the comments and if you didn’t drop the 300 I’m not letting you on the prelaunch list for this. Again, just being straight, making a list, checking it twice to get that waiting list or not. Let me tell you guys, hey, this is the tool that, so you actually the room that I’m in, so rob, you guys were actually in this room, both rob and I’m not going to do what I was gonna say Taylor.
Just don’t let it Robin Temple, you guys were in this. Remember when you guys were in this room? Like when we started building out the room, you guys came here and it was like half of it was cubicles or that I remember it’s like before you guys came, the other half was cubicles suits. So this, this is our studio. It’s actually used to be our call center. These can be about like 15 people here. Okay. And the tool that I’m about to show you guys and then I’m about to give you guys is how we took this call center right here and did at least over $1 million in sales. So you guys want to see that and you’ve got to be crazy. If I can show you guys a tool that you can use to make at least over $1 million in sales. If you guys want to see that, just drop a hell yeah. Chad in the comments below. Hashtag Mash that bet your ass in the in the yard.
Hashtag bet yo ass drop it in the chat right now. You guys are going to build up engagement. Okay, let’s go. So in, in, in a second, I’m going to literally share my screen with you and I’m going to just demo this tool for you, man. It just blow your socks off, right? I think we’re, we’ve got enough people on, yeah. Yeah. We got a little over 50 so we’re not doing too bad. Let’s go ahead and get started. Let some trickle in. All right, I’m gonna roll in. I’m gonna share my screen real quick. All right. Do what you have to do so I can see this. Thank you. Thank you. You’re welcome. Right? Let me get all this shit off to my side guys. So what if I can tell you that you can actually, and don’t be slick and try to go to this domain name.
It’s completely IP box. So even if you try, it’s not gonna work. I’m just going to get there. Get that out of the way really quick. Okay. but what if there was a way where inside of dashboards who has her dashboards account, who has her dashboards account? Rob, can you drop in the link really quick? So if somebody doesn’t have their dashboards account, they can just get their dashboards account. I can certainly go ahead and drop a drop. Drop that link in there in the chat. And if you want to just pin it this is not going to work for you. Okay? So if you don’t have a disastrous account, you’re probably like, what the hell is dash quicks I don’t even know what you’re doing on this check. I’m personally a little bit slightly super confused. Yeah.
Was that a good one? Me, me, me. Yes sir. We’ve got the chat is blowing up. Woo. All right, that is going up guys. So first thing is this tool that I’m about to show you is only going to be available to all bashful clicks. Users. Now you can go get your dashboards account 100% for free. Rob’s going to drop the link inside under the chat. We’ll pin it for you guys. You can just go really quick and your dash gets counted. So 100% for free. Really easy. That’s out of the way. Okay, now what if I can tell you guys, wouldn’t it be cool? If you can call and we’re going to do this on specific industries. We’re gonna have tons of industries. They’re going to be able to call and let’s just use painting as an example. What if you can call a painter right now?
Okay. And builds him a website on the spot and send him the link, a custom website on the spot. Let me just say that and send him the link instantly. All with, with under like within five seconds. You guys that that be cool. How cool would it be Bobby? The payer, Bobby the painter? I don’t, I don’t build a website for you. I want to send you the link right now and we’re going to do it. Who wants to see me do that? Y’all guys wanna see that? Is that something that maybe you want to see? Can I get some love in the chat? Real quick. Hashtag Hashtag love in the chat if you want to see me do it cause I’m going to do it right now for you live. I’m going to build an entirely custom website and we’re going to do it in five seconds, maybe 10 depending on how our developers are because we’re running some tests today cause we’re building the tool out. But who knows. All right, let’s roll guys. When you guys are about to see right now is going to change the game. It’s going to completely change the game. We saw this and immediately we were like seven figure opportunity immediately. So pay close.
So check this out. I’m just going to just for the sake, for the sake of time, okay, I’m just going to pre fill out this form. For those of you guys who know me, you know my sample that I use is Bobby painting. Bobby the painter. Alright, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to refresh this form really quick so you guys can see the fields that you’ll need to be able to fill this out. So all you need here is a business name, a phone number, an email address, a street address, city, state and zip code. A lot of these fields are not going to be mandatory. The only mandatory fields that you really need is a business name, phone number and email address. You don’t even need the street address, but if you want to make the website a little bit more custom and user friendly and beautiful and effing fucking awesome.
And this is what you gotta do, okay? All you gotta do to come right down here. I’m going to fill that out with some tests and vo and I’m going to say Bobby painting is the name of the company. I’m going to drop in a random ass phone number. I’m going to drop into a test email test that Bobby I’m going to put in Bobby the paintings, a street address for his business, which is one, two, three Ridge Street. It’s going to be Hollywood, Florida 33 zero two one and then in under this little dropdown right here, it’s going to have a shit ton of industries that you can select right now is four year. We’re just going to use this as a demo, but let’s say I know Bobby, the painting obviously is a painter, right? So all I gotta do is go in here and pick painting, okay?
And then I’m going to click generate website and then we’re going to wait. One, two, three, four, five. Don’t make me look bad, Carlos, six, seven, eight, nine I told you, you might take 10 seconds right there. Bam. It’s done. Bam website is built. And I guess what? I’m just gonna flip over this tag. Guess what guys? Look at this shit. This is the link that you’re going to send to your customer. This is what it’s going to look like. Now imagine this phone call. Who’s ready for this? Hey Bobby, the painter and wanted to reach out to you because I was taking a look at your website and I realized that your website is really outdated. It’s on an older platform. So I actually decided to just build you a completely new website, 100% for free. Want to see if you want to reach, I wanted to reach out to you, just send you the quick links so you can check it out.
What do think Bobby’s going to say? You just called him and told him you built him a website and you want to send him a link to the website. Does that make sense guys? Check this shit out. Okay, so now it’s got his company name here. Bobby the paint Bobby painting. It says NAEA qualified payer. Bobby pink can help get injected. Bobby, the painting’s phone number here. Look at this. It’s even, it’s even optimizing the website for SEO. Lincoln is trusted services in Hollywood, Florida. Look at this shit. Okay. His phone number is everywhere. It says Bobby depleting a year. It injected Bobby the painting inside the fricking content. It’s all over the place. Look at this. Why choose Bobby the painting? Nine five four nine nine nine eight eight, eight, eight. Check shit out. Like look at this. All of his information. Look at his address.
Phone number, like everything is here. Okay, but check this shit out. This is like a 50 plus page website. Let’s say if I go to residential, who’s running Google ads or Facebook ads or doing SEO like you know that you need landing pages for each one of these. What if I told you that this website is like a 65 page website? I look at this shit. Interior painting, exterior painting docks and decks like this is every single service that upon a painting service could possibly offer. It’s here. What about commercial services? Oh, condominiums and hose. Not holds, but Hoa Retail Offices, hotels and resorts. Apartment built like, look at this. Look at this. What about industrial? Well, Geez, Bobby. The painting also does industrial. Look at this. Providing professional services, Hollywood industry, real painting services. For those of you guys who know SEO, know that you have to have locations and keywords on specific pages.
Looking at this shit guys. Okay. Looking at this with Bobby, the painting, you’re working with the best painting company in Hollywood. It’s like B. It just built you an entire 50 page website and what did take like eight seconds or something like that. Okay, so check this out about us. Look at this. Oh that about Bobby. The painting tells you everything about Bobby, the painting contact page. Look at this. All Bobby, the paintings information is here. Dropped a freaking pin on Bobby, your paintings office. Okay. Like everything is here and fully ready to go and it’s fully mobile responsive so it works on desktop, works on tablet, works on mobile. Look at this like let’s check out the mobile version, right? Like this has got a commercial. We see all the commercial services. Look at this. Look even Bobby, the painter’s freaking phone numbers injected like everywhere on here.
Now don’t you think if you had a tool like this and you were doing your cold calls or your prospecting, that this would be of somewhat abuse? Does anybody agree with me? Can you drop the three Oh three in the chat? If you agree with me that you think that this would be maybe of some UC you guys, this is a game changer guys. Let’s see some examples. This is going to change everything and there’s a lot of ways to do that. We’ll talk about that in a minute, but this is the next level there. And what if I told you that it gets better? Hello? The fuck you just said it gets better. So what’s going to happen here?
Did you share what you said? Oh, I heard her. I heard it. Okay. Can we just cut out? Do we cut out? Is this like the pause and this building suspense.
You want the drop off? Is this the suspense? I don’t know. For frozen or this is suspense.
This is one of those awkward silences that you use. The ones about. We’re connected. Are we go? We thought we lost you guys. He scared shit out of me. I was too
Hot fire. We just cut out. Oh, you scared me brother. I was looking for your feedback and then you were gone.
Alright, cool. I’m going to keep you all the sexiness. Check this shit out guys. Check this out. Look how crazy this is. Okay. So aside from being able to build, and I want to make sure that you guys can still see my screen. I’m just going to refresh. For some reason mark Zuckerberg decided to kill the bandwidth on Facebook today. So let me just reload it up. Backups. I can see you guys’ comments and stuff. What am I? A mental seniority. Able to learn a mass [inaudible] baby. All right, cool.
Yeah, it looks like we’re still good. All right, we’re good to go. Yeah, we still got like six years. Some odd people on there. We’re good.
Awesome. Cool. Woo. Well is not playing on my end. No freaking a. All right. Whatever. That’s fine. I’m gonna bring you into my world right now. So aside from having like this crazy 60 plus website that you can instantly deliver to a person, you can also have the opportunity to one, send them an email on the spot with the link so they can view their website or better yet, because we know everybody’s on their phone nowadays, you can just shoot them over a quick SMS as you like that sent them over a quick text. When I say, hey Bobby, I just built you a website. I’m just going to say, I’m going to send a quick text message really quick. I just want you to see the brand new website that I’d built for you. Okay? So you can do that, which is in fucking scene. That’s the first thing. Okay. And the second thing which is going to make this even crazier is what if there was a way? Okay, and this is not 100% built yet. We’re still working on this. What if there was a way where you can do this in bulk? Hold on. I just, yeah, I know. It’s crazy. What if there was a way that I can do this in bulk?
Say it again. I can’t man. I’m sweating already. Well known. Is that from say with your chimp, Kevin Hart, baby, come on. There we go.
So wait. So what if we gave you the opportunity to go out and either scrape data or just buy a list of a bunch of let’s say painting companies and all you do is just upload that list, pick a template. Now these are just dummy templates in here. Once again, this is just a rough draft. This is going to be available and I think about three weeks to everybody publicly. Okay, so hang on to your socks because they’re about the fly off. Just give us a second. Okay, so you can either upload a CSV file or you just freaking copy and paste the whole, etc. The excel file in here, or you can just build them right in here, one by one and drop it. Any information here? Pick a template. Let’s say you upload a CSV file with 300 painting companies. You’ll upload it, you’ll pick the painting company template, you’ll submit, and it’ll automatically start cuing the websites and building them out.
Boom, boom, boom, boom. Every five or six websites, it’ll start building. The websites are five or six seconds. Okay, so you’re running it like an hour. You come back and then like Bam, like everything’s done. But you’ll also have the option at the same time to once again send them an email or send them a text message. So now what are you, what are we doing here? Now we’re just blasting people with a brand new website that you just freaking built for them. It’s fully mobile responsive. I think about somebody who gets a text message to that link to their brand new website. It’s gonna say, Hey, Bobby is Chad from social agency. I just built your branding website, wanted you to check it out. Here’s the link. Bob is going to click on the link and the fricking thing opens up and it says, Bobby, the painter with all his information in a brand new website for Bobby. Is that like cool or what?
That’s fine. Now wait, it’s going to get just a little bit better people. It’s always gotta get gotta jump a little bit of that. Saw some fat. Okay. So now what we can do is once the websites are built, you can literally go right in here into dash clicks. Okay? You’ll see a list of all the websites that you built, okay? And they just go right over to here and you click out the court and you can actually purchase these websites from dash blitz. Okay? I don’t know how much we’re gonna charge yet, but I think it’s going to be maybe like less than a hundred bucks to buy this website. And you can charge your customer like 500 bucks, 1000 bucks, $2,000 whenever you want to charge them for a website that’s already built to do zero work, like literally zero. Do you guys see that zero zero work, the whole thing completely automated.
Okay. Now don’t you think if you called the any person on the world and said, hey, I know this is a random phone call, but I was just looking at your website and I thought, you know that our web team can do a better job. So I just want to hit in freaking built your brain and website. I just want to send you a link to it. I can email you the link or I can text you the link right now. What’s better for you? You think they’re going to say no, don’t send me the brand new link that they just built my whole brand new website. Hell Nah. Hell No. This is way. So for us, for us, this was the way that we broke that freaking barrier. You know when you do a cold call, there’s always that wall, right? And you’ve got to drop that wall in order to gain the trust of the person that you’re speaking with.
Then you start doing your pitch, then he starts selling, right? This for us was like, not only are we breaking the freaking wall down, there is no more wall when you’re calling anymore. You’re also giving them a product that’s already they can physically see, right? So you can actually see the product, right? How many guys sell marketing? Right? It’s a little hard to sell marketing because they can’t see the results, but they can see the freaking website cause it’s right in front of them. So you’re breaking the barrier, you’re showing them the freaking product before they’re even buying it, and then you can even give it to them for killer deal and be like, you know what Bobby, I want to do business with you so bad that I spent weeks building this website and I’m just going to give it to you for 499 bucks.
I usually charge like three grand for a website like this. It’s got like 60 pages. Every page has copy on it. It’s got graphics, got called to Action, fully mobile responsive, like everything is built for you. I’ll give it to you for 500 bucks. But after I build you this website, I’m going to call you back in a week and I want to find out how we can send traffic to that website so we can start doing some marketing for you. And that’d be okay with you, Bobby. Dude, we used to do that. We used to close, we had a whole call center here. Okay. And in one year we did over seven figures from this call center using this tool. Okay. And we use this tool to gauge is we used to sell them the website using this tool. Okay. And we still call him back a couple of days or a week later. And we used to sell them SEO, we sell them Facebook ads. We used to sell them Google ads, sending traffic now to this crazy beautiful website that you have. Does this make any sense to you guys? Can somebody jump like a holy shit in the chat if this is a game changer for your prospecting, right.
Hashtag Holy Shit Yo, can I just say I wish I fucking had this and I was coming up and building my agency. This would have made it so easy, so easy. I was making endless cold calls and it works, but a lot more rejections. I would’ve gotten on this getting out of website if this is me all honesty, seeing this, I’m like, why don’t I have this? I’m, I’m, I’m upset. Right? Chad, you’re pissing us off.
I’m dragging. You guys are like sort of like straight up. Like this is, like I said, this was the tool. Most of you guys like how the hell do Chad get so many employees? How did he build his Dash Click software? Like this tool funded everything that we did to scale our agency. It funded the build out for dashboards. It did everything for us. Like this was our game changer. And I’m sitting here and I’m sitting with calls and we’re debating, we’re like, Carlos, what’s this next tool? Cause most of you guys know inside the Dash Looks, if you’ve got a dash weights right? There’s a whole agency tool section. Anybody ever see that? Right? So we’re planning on building out a whole array of different tools. We already have the agency websites, right? So for those of you guys don’t have an agency website, I don’t know what the hell you’re doing.
You’re sleeping, But all of these tools are all going to be right here. The next tool that we’re going to have is, this is called instance sites, okay? It’s called insights. So who wants to first before we even move forward, who wants to get on the prelaunch list for this once immediate access to this when it comes out? Does anybody want that? And the guys want that. If you guys want that, say me and the chat, say me in the chat if you want to get now guys, this is not a free tool. So if you’re looking for free shit, this is not for you, okay? This is like a pro tool for you to go out and get customers and make sales. And if you can’t give away websites for like a couple hundred bucks, then you shouldn’t even be in business.
That’s just me being straight up you guys, this is like the easiest way to jump in and make sales. Now, even if you’re at that sorter stage, a lot of you guys might be there, right? A lot of you guys [inaudible] a lot of you guys in this group, you might be in a starter stage and in your mind you’re like, how the hell am I going to go on and get clients? Like what if you can get like clients now? Like today, stop what you’re doing it. Just go out and get clients, right? So if you guys want access to this, I’m going to send you guys a little link. Okay? All you gotta do, it’s my many chat link. It’s, that’s how we get you guys on the list. I’m going to send you guys this. All you gotta do is just click on that link. I don’t think it sent it or maybe it did.
It did. Actually, I posted it into this and I’m putting it in there with you.
Beautiful. So that’s the link. All you got to do is click on that link. What’s going to happen is it’s going to send you a many chat message that says, Hey, if you want to get on the prelaunch list for this program and you want to be the first person to be able to purchase this and get access to this tool, all we got to do is just do three things and it’s, most of you guys already know dash shoots. It’s like every other pre-launch. Let’s say you’ve been on one log into your account to open up a live chat. Three say, add me to those lists and that’s it. You’re added to the list. Okay. And then this tool, okay, we’re going to have, we have a group of Beta testers already that are going to be Beta testing this tool from the 15th all the way until the end of April.
And on May 1st, which is literally in less than three weeks, we’re going to be launching this tool to the public. Okay? So for those of you guys who are on that list, we are going to be sending you the link first. We’re only letting the first 200 people. Once again, two zero zero there’s only going to be 200 people there. We’re actually going to let purchase this tool and have access to it, and then we’re shutting it down. Okay? We’re gonna shut it down for a couple of weeks and we’re going to do a controlled study to see how that works. And then we’re gonna Start doing some upgrades. And then when we feel ready, then we’ll launch it back out to the public once we hit 200 users. Okay, so we’ve got a couple of questions here. I’m just gonna do a couple of quick questions. Somebody said, how much will the website’s costs?
We don’t know exactly, but they’re either going to be like $47 or $97 it’s going to be like pennies. Okay guys, like you guys should be selling this website easily for like four 99 minimum. Like you can go out and sell it for 500 bucks all day websites, guys for $10,000 it’s like, dude, like how much do you think it costs? Let’s say you didn’t have this tool. You want to go out and build a 65 page, 65 page website. You need content for 65 pages. Okay? You need graphics for 65 pages. You need a web developer to build you the freaking website. How much do you think it’s going to cost? Minimum of five [inaudible] 10 k like to build a 10,000 or to build a 65 page website, like no brainer. You guys can charge whatever you want for it. Okay? We’re just going to have our fees that we charge and that’s it. You guys put your shit on top of that. Just like every other dashboard service.
Hey Chad, somebody said here, let’s thin the herd. How much is the cost of entry? I don’t think they heard how minimal that was. Can you tell?
Yeah, so we’re going to have three different tiers and we’re working on the tiers right now. So each tier is going to have cool different options. We’re going to have a light version. I have it actually written on my board. I’m looking at the board right there. We have the light version, which is going to allow you to have fully free access to this tool, but it’s really just like a test for us for you to just go on and test it out. And I think you’re going to be able to build like three websites a month, which is nothing because I can build those like within 15 seconds. So it’s like, it’s not going to do anything for you. It’s just a testing tool to get a feel for it and see if it’s good for you. Okay. Then the next step up, how much do you guys think it is? How much would you guys pay for this tool? Can you guys drop in the chat? How much would you pay for this tour on a monthly basis? Go ahead and dropping the chat tool. Chad. Somebody saying that your link isn’t working? I think it’s working.
Yeah, you got some to buck. Okay. Actually, yeah, working. Yeah, you guys. If you click on that link, that chatter on there I put on for Chad. If it comes up where it says get started, you need to hit get started and then click on his link again. Yeah, that’s all you gotta do. It’s about you guys. I’m getting you on my list and telling you straight up. I’m putting you on my list upon your mother’s, because that’s the only way I can tell you when this program launches, I’m going to send you out a little message says, hey, it’s available for purchase. Here’s the link to go purchase. Okay guys, I’ll tell you what, I sold websites that were this quality at the yellow pages before I started my own agency in 2018 and January. I’ll let you know. We sold websites for $10,000 okay, $10,000 and they weren’t, they weren’t a whole lot different than this $10,000 guys, do you know what your margin is on that 9,999 not $9,900 but people that can count like myself.
And guess what the cool part is is that you don’t even have to do anything. Like if you a web design company, you would sell a website for 10 k then you’ve got to worry about going to build a website. You don’t even have to build the website. So think about how much power you’re giving the customer. You’re saying, Hey, I built you the website. All you gotta do is pay for it. I’ll just activate it. And it takes like five seconds and like literally within like 10 minutes from now, your website can be live on the web. This can be your brand new website in 10 minutes. Like is this, is this what you want? Like let’s do it right now. Okay, run the guy’s credit card you to dash clicks and activate the site point. Actually the domain name over to the servers, which will have the white labeled video that we’re creating for you guys, where you can do it yourself.
You can have your customer do it. It’s going to be a three minute video. It takes three minutes to do this in five minutes. A website can be up and running. Okay. I want to go through some of the comments because some people said $2 and 34 cents you’re not getting access to this. Say said $12 and 99 cents. This is not a tool for you. What Paula, can I address that real quick? I’m sorry that doesn’t bother anyone else. I can’t buy out the fucking big big Mac for $2 and 34 cents. Okay. And me just explain why
That’s such a big deal. Because society deems big MACs to be shit. There are shit food and if you don’t want, even if you’re going to pay more for a shit food than a high quality software guys, the Internet game is not meant for you.
Yeah, it’s not. If that’s your mindset, like did you jump off this slide? This isn’t even for you.
I spent more on steak dinner the other night. Then I did like for $12 and some odd cents, Bro. I spent like 10 times out of a steak dinner the other night. We’re going to pay for a high end software. Come on guys. The Internet needs not for you.
Know some people are putting in. A Brock said three to $500 a damn good price. Let’s see. Alexander said, I think 300 to $500 is reasonable. Mike C says 300. What else do you guys think? How much would you guys pay for this software if I, if I said, hey, you guys should get this software right now it’s a monthly fee guys. So it’s a monthly subscription to the software. How much would you pay for the software? Right now? I want to know, I want your feedback. Shelly said four 99. How much would you guys pay monthly for the software if I gave you templates that you can use? Not Temples. I heard that templates, templates that you can use. Okay. Access to the builder. It’s all in Dash glyphs. The whole thing’s automated. You got your SMS, your emails, like everything is there for you to go out and sell how to be like the best killer tool in the world. Okay. Brian said one 49 Isaiah said $97 Nice. All right, so we’re going to have three different tiers. Okay. The first tier is going to be nine, seven bucks a month. The second tier is going to be two 97 guess what the third tier is going to be? Tell me.
Actually it’s $97 one 97 and two 97 there’s three tiers. 97 bucks, one 97 and two 97 and with those three tiers, you’re going to just be able to build more websites and have access to certain parts of the tools. Okay. That’s it. So you’re telling me for under the amount that it would cost for a Philemon Yon Steak, which is at least a hundred bucks if you’re getting it with some taters and veggies on the side. Okay. And you’re getting a Butterfly Cup at a boss ass restaurant. You’re telling me that under $100 a month you can have this prospecting tool and go out and start giving people links to their freaking prebuilt websites and be like, hey, you liked this website. Like let’s just do the deal right now. Let’s close the right now.
And we used to sell these for 10,000. I know, I keep emphasizing on that, but 10,000 fucking dollars guys to sell a website and they buy it. They buy it. Okay. I sold a lot of websites and the yellow pages, they buy it. Okay. And now we’re in a different league guys. We have tools they didn’t have.
You want to hear something? Cool. What do you think a study show and I was reading this the other day, studies show, how long do you think the retention on somebody buying a website from you is sometimes in marketing, right? Maybe customer might stay with you for like six months or a year or two years, whatever the case may be. Right? What do you think a website is when somebody buys a website from you? Oh and by the way guys, I forgot to mention completely that this is also recurring revenue in your pocket cause at the same time you also charge them $49 a month and that gives them access to the web builder. They get hosting and they get an SSL certificate and they get all that inside of your dashboards. White labeled account. Okay, so you’re selling shit and you’re building recurring revenue stream for yourself.
Okay. Now guys, what do you think? Just drop it in the comments below. Drop it in the comments below. What do you think the life cycle is? Average life cycle of somebody who buys, buys a website for me and pays you monthly for hosting SSLs and stuff like that. What do you think that is dropping in the chat? I really want to know, Mike sees said forever, Matthew said many years dropping in like an actual year amount. Like how long do you you think if I right now with the Bobby the painter and sold them a website. What based on the stats and the studies, how long do you think Bobby, the painter would pay me on a monthly basis from my website? Go ahead and drop in. Drop in the chat.
I love this step guys. This stat is mind blowing. He told us this, we worked for, and I worked with another company. It’s mind blowing
Two years. Somebody said [inaudible] guys 10 years. It’s actually seven years. Okay. Which means when we had our call center here and we started our calls from like two years ago, the guys that we were selling our websites to, the only reasons that they would cancel their account is if they’re going out of freaking business or if they find something better, which they’re not going to, okay. It’s their website. What business is just going to shut down their website or cancel their website? It doesn’t happen. Right? So you’re going to go out and you’re going to sell these websites. Chances are these people are going to be paying you for seven years. Study show seven years on websites. Okay. It’s crazy. Like think about that guys, think about that. Like it’s insane. So like if you want to get access to this for coming on right now and you’re watching this, you want to get access to this, like all you gotta do is just click the link. It’s a many chat link. Just click like opt-in will put you on a prelaunch list. And that’s it. We’re done. That’s it. That’s all I got to say. I’m just gonna drop this. That’s all I got to say. We’re done. Oh,
And by the way, if you wouldn’t make edits on this check, can you explain that? Cause David had a question. What, what if the client wants to make edits? Can you answer that one?
Yeah, it’s a drag and drop platform, so it’s as easy as this. Check this out. So here’s that. A like, here’s like just a video chat from Dash. We was gonna jump in here. You can edit the website. So if I click edit, it’s going to now take you into the web builder platform. Like how easy this is gonna load up is what it looks like behind scenes. Yet. It might build your platform. It’ll look like this and you’ll be able to scroll down and you can essentially edit anything on the entire website. Now I want to go through editing just quick, quick. I changed the background [inaudible] it looks like for those of you guys that have the agency website, it’s the same platform, same technology. Okay guys. Well you want to make the kids, that’s all it is. So you just have all your information here.
So what’s cool is the customer can literally just go and edit their website so you can have two options they can do here. Is this something that we did? Okay. Unfortunately, don’t do it anymore just cause it’s a headache. But you can do it if you want. It’s extra money. One, you can have the customer do all the work themselves too. You can charge them to do it. Charge 129 bucks an hour is what we used to charge. You just log into their dashboard and make the quick changes to the website and you’re done. You make 129 bucks an hour. Can you make more than an attorney? Okay. Whatever the hell an attorney makes tick, like that’s how easy it is. Drag and drop. Quick pack form. Okay. You don’t need to be a coder. Okay, amazing. That’s amazing. Then Ryan said his prelaunch May 1st. Yeah, so anybody on the prelaunch list, we are actually going to give you a link to buy and get into this software or this tool.
It’s all going to be in your dash, this account, so just make sure you have your dash six account. Click the link that rob gave you, if you do not have dashboards, makes you go out and get your dash shoots account once you have your dash user account. When you’re in dash x, we were going to fire off an email to everybody on that prelaunch list and we’re going to give you access to go out and purchase this tool. Okay? It’s going to be three tiers, 97 bucks, one 97 to 97 very easy, very simple to use.
Love it. Do you charge them $50 a month or can you go elsewhere? No, you gotta charge them 50 bucks a month, 30 bucks a month. I’m 40 bucks a month. I know our fees for the web builders, 25 bucks a month. So it’s up to you. You need to break even on it and just get a client and a charging for a lot of times when we did it, we did this for a lot of times is we package this shit. We get this whole thing away for free. We gave them the website for free, we gave them the whole thing for free and we packaged it and we sold him $1,000 a month SEO contract. We said, hey Bobby, we’re going to give you a completely free website. You just got to sign up with SEO for us. 1000 bucks a month. Hey, I know I see tempo like Dan, that’s fire.
You guys go after Realtors Temple, right? So our the realtor template is actually the next template on the list that we’re building is going gotta be available in like probably like a week or two weeks, maybe three, whatever within like the first 30 days of us launching that realtor template is the next one on the list. Okay. Which means you can go to all the realtors right now and how fire would it be to just be like, hey dude, like we’re just going to give you this free website. If you sign up for any of our services. That’s it. We just give you the, give you the website for free and just eat the cost. It’s 25 bucks a month. That’s it.
All right. I’m going to jump off this cause like I’m not cool. I’m a cool dude.
Whoa this to you. So anyway, so guys get on this, click that link, pre enroll. It’s silly not to and we can tell you right now from two people that sell things regularly to clients, this is the easiest sale you can possibly make. There’s a lot of different ways to make the sale and if you guys want to learn how to make the sale easier, okay, first of all, make sure you’re pre enrolled because if you’re not pre enrolled for, I’m about to tell you this defeats the purpose, but we will teach you, okay? Temple and I have a coaching program that’s coming out next week. Okay? And we will coach you for seven days for a dollar, for a dollar.
Wait, hold on a second. Hold on me and tell me that shit. That’s what you’re holding back.
Well, there you go. Get it. Go ahead and do it. It’s cheaper than a snickers because that’s cheaper than a candy bar. I saw kissing booths that costs $2. I was, I was literally but true story. I was at Ikea. You go to kissing booth for $2 and get whatever diseases from that you could just coach the one dog. Seriously. So we have the artists sealed, right? I mean it’s so good you successful. However, we know not everyone is at that level yet. And something that rob and I do find fulfilling is to pretty much put out there what we wish we had coming up. Learning sales. Okay, and this is what that is including with obviously artists sales and for one color we will coach you guys twice a week. Plus I’ll let you get into the bonuses in a second because it’s more than twice a week, but just just for this only, we’re going to coach twice a week and critique your sales calls. We are going to break down our sales calls one by one, everything through minute by minute and true that what’s going to happen is [inaudible] download. We’ll check us in light of everything we said. Summarize in the secret immediately. Take Action Group, your sales calls. What does that sound like to you guys?
Honestly, like I, for something like this, I’m about to say something stupid like our personally pay $100 I will, I’ll pay $100 for a hundred people to sign up to this program. Like I will pay you a dollar each and you sign up for this because if you don’t, you’re crazy. Like, I will pay pal you a dollar each. Every single person. If you sign up for this, screenshot me a receipt. Well I can, I will send you a paypal link.
I will send you a hundred people, like a hundred people, but to be signing up, let me tell you something. I would lose money at that point. No one would take you just to paypal you, but I’ll do it. Do it. Like if that’s you and you want the dollar back, I’ll give you $2 back. Like sign up for this program now have no excuse
Guts. You have no excuses to try it out. And as far as not just critiquing your guys’ sales calls and that’s awesome. And all that jazz. We have something else too. Yes. So as a bonus guys, because here’s the thing, and I said this already, what Chad just showed you, I’m not kidding guys. I say this, I used to sell these types of websites for $10,000. The fact that this is available now is fucking mind boggling. I used to be about developers. We sold a website, two way resorts or $16,000 guess how many pages were on that website? Three pages. Yup. And it was just basic info, directions from the phone number, guest lists, all that. That’s it. So if you guys think you’re gonna struggle with selling this for at least one or $2,000 with a $900 profit margin minimum down, I’m telling you right now, let us coach you for seven days for free.
Click the link in the description or the one I just put into into the a description in here. Here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to get in there. We’re critiquing calls twice. We’d like temple told you, but we’re all for going to include all of our live poses. We’re going to drop in a new sales training video every day for 60 days. A new video every day for 60 days. Why or why not? I’m doing this shit I’m setting up right now. And the reason we don’t drop them in all one sky is like a course. Okay? Cause we have coaching programs for that. And like temple said, people are making their money back like 22 x and all that. But the reason why we’re doing it this way is so you can absorb and digest the information at a little bit more controllable pace because a lot of people are newer to sales, so we’re going to give you the principles and concepts to close these websites and other services, right the way we do for thousands of dollars a month with an insane margin, in this case, 900 to $1,900 what’s
Like, this is a no brainer. This is a no brainer. How can I, is there like a pot in here? I can just throw 1000 bucks and cause 1000 bucks into a thousand people need to join this program today. Like right now I’m about to sponsor this shit right now.
I can’t even think onto the damn desk. I’m going crazy. Your account like why do you have so many $1 and somebody says something, David Stuart’s said, I’m in a glass case of emotion saying I really am mind boggled
By the way got dropped. Just so I know because I’m going to take this video after I posted in my group too, like if I’m going to, I’m going to drop the link in the corner, but just in case this video floats around anywhere else and people share it, like where? Where can they go to join that dollar program? What’s the link?
All right, so guys, what I’m going to do right now is I am going to put that link inside of the description right now or you can scroll up in the description and then you can click it. It’s in the description. Go open description of this video and you do that or you can click this link I just posted into the newsfeed boiler room break down. It’s our boiler room ranked down
And that’s for those of you guys, for some reason, if you’re watching this outside of Facebook and this gets embedded anywhere because somebody loves this shit so much or if anything to get shared and for some reason the link is not there, the link is bit dot leap slash boiler room breakdown wait lists. You’ve got to go there and get that. Now like you just get off this check, get out of here, go and get it. Like right now, like is this going to be limited, is going to be for a limited time or can they only jump in this?
So initially we’re gonna let a hundred people in for the test and then after that we’re going to have some different rules, but anyone will be able to get into it. But if you get into it right now, we’re gonna have a special gift for you when you get in for the initial people on the waiting list only.
I love it. I love it man. And it’s not either. Yeah, that’s how you get people. Okay. That’s how you get the hurt. The hurt for the diabetes. No thing Max. No kisses. Just sales training. That’s it. Great. So Alexander says these both start May 1st. So when does your store business? The first years? I think it’s sooner, right? Are starts on Monday. Oh Shit. No. Singles ready chat. Oh, hold on, hold on. You know what, hold on, I’m just getting the singles. Sponsorship is real now. Oh, snap money to join the program to join the program.
Here’s the deal guys. It’s $1 per seven days. Try it out for free. You’re going to get an email, you’re gonna get an email two days prior to cancel it, okay? We’re going to let you know it’s going to end. If you don’t like it, you’re gonna get an email two days prior to cancel it and you can cancel it, okay? But if you stay on, it’s only $47 a month and we will still critique the videos twice a week. You’re gonna have a new video dropped in for sales training every day for 60 days and you’re going to be able to access all the pre recordings with our checklist of the criteria. We break down on those sales calls. It’ll be downloadable.
Let me tell you something. My own grief last night for me and my wife is more than $47 okay? Like, think about this guy. This is like a group that you can go in and like, like obviously rob and temple are not, you can’t pay them $47 to speak to them. Okay. It’s just, you know, they’re there. We’re, we’re at the point we’re working with the masses where we need out the masses. Right? This program like $47 okay. $47. Okay. Does anybody like you guys, is this registering for you guys? Cause I’m going crazy between the two stuff. Between the software and this product launch and you’re launching like, I think I’m going to leave here with a fever. Whew. This is not shit. If people, yeah, this is the highest guys and this, this will go 40 sevens our entry for people coming into the Beta launch. So this will increase. Well this is for anybody that gets in right now. So we’d love to have you guys in because be honest, sales doesn’t have to be a guessing game. And then if you have all the right tools to sell and you have a team reliable, it makes the game so easy. I hands down if I had Chad software.
Yeah, this is like everything for some reason. Well, I don’t know how the world is brought us all together. US three, but every time you guys have a product launch we have like the software or something that the marriage is like freaking perfect dude. Like I don’t even, I can’t, I can’t, like I’m getting excited. I’m trying to hold onto the chair. My socks flew off and now with no shoes and no socks and my pants fell off like this. I would say,
Hold on. Are you, are you saying like peanut butter and Jelly? Pete, dude, peanut butter and jelly cut in half without the crust homey. Like that’s like, it doesn’t even get better. He said. Yeah, and if to do a wrong guess. That’s the way my mom made it
Now. Well, I see like a bunch of people asking questions. Let’s, let’s do some Q and a asking questions about the software or about the program. Maybe we’ll go up a little bit. Yeah, let’s scroll up a little bit. Check this out. Let’s, I guess we’ll start maybe from the newest ones. I’ll just work, work our, we have. So these are both awesome. So on May 1st when this drops, you’ll help us sell that as well. Alexander asks, so May 1st is a software, but Rob’s program is launching on Monday. What’s that date, you know, with Ddos?
So when we launch our program on Monday, keep in mind that’s what the 15th it’s a 15 yeah. So keep in mind guys, we’re not here to coach. You guys had a salesperson services you go to sell them and then we’re going to critique your process. Yeah, exactly. Do you want us to go? Do you want us to work with you on selling then you need to be an art of sales. Coaching are more of a smaller intimate coaching program, the art of sales. But this boiler room breakdown program is for anybody that’s trying to sell and get critiqued to be able to get better, right? Cause at $47 a month, to be honest, anyone can afford it. And if you can make one sale, which you should because what we’re going to give you, it’s, it’s, you’re going to see a return every time.
If you can make one sale from that, you can pay that full $47 for the next 98 years. Like that’s like, think about that. Okay. Like that’s how cheap that is. Okay. Set. Let’s see what else we got. Let’s say we got, let’s see what else we got near said. I’m in both things. Peace March. So he’s ready to roll. Mike C said affiliate link. Lol. Yeah, we are dropping affiliate links. That’s what we do cause we’re boss. Okay. Just get them in. Kevin said I joined in too late. I understand this is, but your excitement makes me curious. The best thing to do Kevin, is because we dropped so much like bombs on here. Just watch the replay. The replay will be right up in the group in a couple of minutes. Yes. Nero said, my mind is going to explode. I said, how much is it monthly for that? I think that was one that we just answered. David. Again, I’m in a glass of emotion. This live is effing fire.
Alexandra just said will we help you sell the software that goes way? No, you go to pitch the software upload, you’re going to upload your video into our membership area and then we’re going to critique these videos
Twice a week. Correct. And one thing guys, one I think that we’re going to have which I didn’t mention and I probably should mention is the software we’re going to be uploading I think like a three or four hour video. And I don’t know if we’re going to sell it as like an order bump or we’re just going to give it away for free. I have no clue what we’re going to do yet. But that software is not necessarily sales training, right? That you got to get from the masters, which is, which is Robin Temple. Okay. But this is more of just like things that you can do and how you can use the software and pitch and stuff like that. Like with the software itself, it’s just a software. Okay. So it’s definitely not a coaching program and it’s definitely not like a whole consultation being, we’re not doing that either.
It’s just how to just get the most out of that specific software. Okay. So that will be there as well. So that can kind of couple with everything that’s going on, man said, are these websites SEO friendly hell to the yes. Like our, our software actually injects all of like the cities and the, and the keywords for like, they’re a painter. It’s as painter in Hollywood, Florida, painter in or painters in Hollywood, Florida. How Florida painter’s like, it already creates like this whole element of SEO. They’re super, Super SEO friendly man. That Monique said, what’s the difference in tier levels? $97 one 97 and two 97 it’s going to be the quantity of websites that you can build on a monthly basis which we’re still working on that. So we don’t know exactly how much that’s going to be yet. And then it’s also going to be some things like maybe like the bulk uploader or the SMS or the email automations that they get sent out.
Those might be split up into the different plans. We don’t know yet. We’re actually having a group meeting later today to try to like finalize that cause we’re at the end of the building software. So but it’s going to be split into those three different plans near said about the software. If the clients have a shitty website, is there a way to swipe the info from their website and that I buy or build? Is there a way to swipe the, I’m not sure what that means and not put it manually. Oh, I get what you’re saying. Like to just get the information. I mean you can you just go to the website and if all the information, which is their name, email, phone number in business address, which you not their name, the business name, which is usually on every single website, you can just go and like do and build the website. I’ll take you two seconds. I’m like, yeah, you can do that. I guess. Well, there’s not a way for the software to go out and like scraping and pull the information and do that.
What real estate templates will be provided for buyers or sellers? We’re probably gonna end up building one which has both. And the cool part about the templates that we have is there’s a little eyeball button which looks like this. You just click on that and it hides pages. So if there’s sell, if they don’t do sellers and they only do buyers things, hide all the seller pages. And if one day they wake up and they want to do both, guess what? It’s still a light bulb button. And then now they can do both. It will be available. Okay. That’s the beauty of it. And if they want to do both, you charge them one 29 per hour
Damn. And you go and click that button for one 29 and you click the button and you click the button and everybody just goes and clicks the button for one 29 like that’s how easy it is. You can up charge the client to pull their info from their old site. We don’t want to pull their info from their old site because it’s probably shitty itself. We’re going to give them a brand new website. It’s going to be beautiful. But like if you want like if the, and this, and this is some are bottles that we got back in the days when we were doing this. Hey but I also offer this service or hey, I don’t want it for this service. And I see you put it on the website, it’s not a problem. You don’t offer it. We use it to remove it. And if you do offer something that’s not on here, which chances are most likely it’s not because we offer like every single, you do the research and we figure out like every single service that this industry can possibly offer. And it’s easier to hide than ad, right? So he’s going to just get the eyeball button and hide it. And if they want to add it, you can add as many pages you want.
Oh, Damien said what niches will be available on May 1st Ooh, alright. I’m going to tell you guys, you guys want to know drive a 300 in the chat. If you want to know 300 in the chat, we’ll take a little break. 300 in the chat. Let’s build up some momentum. We’ve got to get to at least 300 comments on this live video we got to, it’s just something’s gotta be done. Something’s gotta be done. Something’s gotta be done. All right. We’re going to be doing,
We’re well over there and we’re, we’re at like 470 comments.
So I’m, the ones that we’re launching with is going to be locksmith, plumber, painter tours electricians, HVAC guys. And what was the other one? Real estate. Now real estate is the next one on our list. It’s a mention that we’re building a, there’s one that I’m missing and that one is, I’ve got the list, right? Yeah. So we have HVAC, oh, roofing, roofing, which is like the best one that you can do. Like roofing is like high ticket. And so h once again, it’s HVAC, which is AC, roofie, electrician, locksmith plumbing, painting and towing. We’re launching with seven.
Is there any issues you guys need to go after? These are [inaudible] sales to go after. So that’s great. And keep in mind guys, get into our program. Let us coach you for days for $1 and then even that’s gonna get you off the ground.
No brainer man. No brainer. I will give you the dollar back here. I’ve got them all right here. I’ll give you him back. Dollar Bills Y’all. I’ll give them all back. And that’ll even have the cool part about it is we’ve made and we’ve dedicated our ledger, we’re going to be adding at least two new templates to this tool every single month. Okay. And if it goes really well and a lot of you guys buy the tool and it’s going well, we’re going to hire full time web developer. So just knock out like 20 templates a month and just spit straight fire. And you’re going to end up having a tool with like 300 templates in it. And it’s like every single template that you can think of or every single industry, sorry, that you can think of, this is going to be there in the drop down. You just go select it, Bang, Bang, Bang, build a site, Bang, Bang, charge them, Bang, ring up the thing straight in voice charge, get done. Like that’s it. Like that should be like a five minute thing. That whole thing should be five minutes, five on the threat. Squatter of single sis.
That’s pretty much it. And that’s pretty much it. That’s what we just got. Got To let you know. You know what I’m saying? We have to let you know what else. They’ve got a shit ton of questions in here. Well Jesus,
The only like 500 comments got to keep up row. Is it really 500 comments. Yeah, we’re like four 84 90
Well that’s what happens when you go live with the three cakes or so. You know what I mean? And just good.
Such as sick Combo. Honestly this is, this is nasty. Like this is, this is crazy. This op. This is a major opportunity guys. I still can’t get over this. I used to sell these websites for $10,000 at my previous employer.
It’s like a no brainer man. Like when we had our call center, we were our our prices for these websites and so here was, I’m sure who’s ever heard of the value ladder. Come on guys. You heard the value ladder, right? Let’s go right. You heard the value ladder dropped. Value Hashtag value hashtag value in the comments. Okay. If you’ve heard of the value ladder, right? That’s what we use this for man. Who brought people up the value ladder? We started them at selling them this website. We sold this website at $49 a month for hosting and we sold it to them for, I think it was two 99 one time set up fee 209 so like $300 who’s going to say no? It’s like a 65 page website. Okay. We started them there, we sold them that and then we went back to them a week later and sold them SEO for 1000 bucks a month and then sold them a Google ad words campaign for another thousand bucks a month. Okay guys. So this tool is not only a prospecting tool to lower the gates, it’s a way to allow people into your life. Swipe that credit card. Okay. And build a relationship and a rapport with the client. So hopefully that makes sense
Guys. Do us a huge favor and go and like this video to expand the reach because more people need to see this. If you’re watching this live right now, watch the video and or like video to expand the reach.
Yeah, this is awesome bro. This is some seriously amazing stuff. We have like we have roughly five, seven more minutes guys, but we have top on our next call, what I’d like to do is for you guys to ask any question that you have in regards to the software that Chad has built out that is going to make your job super easy or anything in regards to the coaching program that we’re laying out for you. But let us coach you for seven days for a dollar. So either lay the questions out, you have seven minutes, this is live, right?
Go, go, go, go near. Just ask another question. How many 10 months do you think the software will have in every niche? Right now we’re just starting off with one. Keep in mind guys, we sold probably over a thousand of these websites over the course of like a year or a year and a half span. We were running our call center. Okay. And we, so everybody the same websites and the same template, we never had any issue. Okay. So right now for each or for, we’re going to have one template for each industry. Okay. And then as we start getting bigger and more people join this program, then we’ll create other templates for every single night. So you can have one. So choose from. Okay. Chad, will you please add solar to the roofing templates? Actually that’s already on the list. Jay already on the list. Well I feel like I’m doing like an alive jiff. Bam. You can customize the images on the site. You can customize the whole site chalice. You can customize the whole site. You can do anything you want. Jason, love it Bro. How many people that we have the joint, this freaking
We had 60 I think we got like, oh yeah. You know what? I don’t know the unique number.
Yeah, so like this is like here is my phone right now. It’s like going insane. Maybe can’t see it. I don’t know.
These are all people that are joining the prelaunch space. I think we’re up to like maybe about also like 40 45 what does this add? Like 45 50 and guys, just like I said, like for those of you guys who didn’t get like didn’t hear this before we are only letting 200. There’s a small group of Beta testers. There’s 15 people that are Beta testing that came from our dash accelerator bootcamp. 15 people at that that’s ending today. We’re not doing that again or that’s any Friday. We’re not doing that again. That was a thing that we did for some people. Okay. That joined the program and that’s it. Like those 15 people are going to be Beta testing it for two weeks. Okay. And then after that, which is going to be May 1st we’re unloading this to the world. Okay? Rob’s probably going to send it to all of his people.
I’m going to send it to all of my people in [inaudible] and only the first 200 people, two zero zero hundred people, the first 200 people are going to be able to join the program. In fact Carlos or developer has actually locked this. So when the 200th person g [inaudible] the program, it’s literally going to shut down the actual tool and say sold-out reopening soon. We’ll let you know when we don’t know. Okay. Because we’re going to create like a controlled study with those 200 people and just make the software better and better and better. So if you want to be within those 200 people, you’ve got to get on that waiting list because we are waiting lists like through the affiliate, the affiliate program, whaling lists, waiting, waiting lists was I think like 700 or 800 people. Okay. So like get on the list. That’s all I gotta say. Just get on it. Car dealer. Got It. Run. Great job. Romanos I think that’s brothers. Yeah, two brothers. Okay. I thought it was something else but we’ll let that slide. Awesome. Awesome. I don’t think anybody has any other questions. You guys want to say anything else? Cause I’m going to repost this in my group too. Anything else that you want to tell the world?
A dog. 25 sneakers or a dollar to MCU guys, coach you from sales that have close over really knows business is like $2 a walk or diabetes or two guys could help coach you in sales.
Well that’s it. That’s it. That’s all you gotta do people, he got to do it. You just, it’s gotta be done. You know what I’m saying? Just has to be done. Okay, so please make sure it’s gonna close out the call. Okay. You jumped on the list right now. Get on Rob’s list. He send the link. It’s freaking pain in the chat. I’m also, if you’re watching the replay in the marketer’s mindset by Dash Group, I’m going to take that link. It’s going to be in the description, so it’ll be right up there. Okay. And then I’ll also pin it down here. Okay. It’d be right down here somewhere. Okay. And then also join my list, which is a pre-loss pre-launch list to join the program. And it’s going to be right up there and it’ll be right down there as well. So go like click on the link. It’d be right up there.
And if you guys are watching on Youtube, then make sure that you’re clicking in the description under the video.
Will be in there, except depending when you’re watching it, there may not be a wait list anymore, so you’re going to be able to go straight to the offer.
Yes. All right guys. I think I’m out of stuff to say and I’m also added breath at the same time. I think I’m having heart palpitations.
Likewise. All right guys. We appreciate everyone hopping on and we’re excited to help everybody be able to send to the next level in their business. It really is as simple as taking a duplicatable process and running with it. Exactly. When I was starting sales and building my agency, if I had these two tools, I work on set. I’m not just saying that everything I say I fucking need it. That’s the truth from the heart, from the heart,
And it’s from the bottom of the heart too, so it makes it even sweeter. Not the top, not the top. It’s not the top. It’s from the bottom man. I’m in the middle and just the bottom. It’s awesome, man. All right guys, we appreciate you all. And we will catch you guys on the next live training. All right guys. Have a good one. Bye.

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