How to Build a Social Media Sales Funnel That Sells
Chad Kodary
Sep 7th, 2021 at 01:30 PM

How to Build a Social Media Sales Funnel That Sells

How to persuade someone to trust you enough to purchase your product? A long time ago, a marketer called Elias St. Elmo Lewis provided an excellent answer to this question. He talked about a “funnel” –  a number of steps that the customer follows, with each step bringing them closer to buying your product. With this funnel, a stranger can potentially become a raving customer of your business.

As per Lewis, people follow these 4 steps before they are ready to make a purchase:

  • Awareness: You have to make people aware that your service or product exists.
  • Interest: People must be strongly interested in visiting your website or reading your ad.
  • Desire: You are required to get people to express curiosity about your product.
  • Action: Whether adding a product to their cart or placing a call to your sales team, your audience needs to decide to take the next step.

Even though this concept first arose in 1898, professional copywriters still use it. Nowadays, companies have some kind of a funnel in marketing, with stages’ names modified according to the company/industry. For instance, you will see an ‘evaluation stage’ in B2B marketing. In this stage, a person puts in a lot of consideration before making the purchase.

Creating Your Social Media Sales Funnel

To build your social media sales funnel, we will take the concept discussed above and apply it to social media. We will expand it a bit more with these two additions:

  1. The Evaluation Stage (as nowadays, it has become convenient to research and compare products online)
  2. The Advocacy Stage (because the biggest power of social media is helping customers attract even more customers)

Whenever you create a social media strategy, make sure that your tactics cover every stage in the sales funnel. As mentioned below, every step has a particular question your marketing strategy must provide an answer for:

  • Awareness: How will potential customers find you via social media?
  • Evaluation: How will they use social media to compare similar products? How will they use it for comparison between you and your competitors?
  • Acquisition: How will you get them to purchase or convert today?
  • Engagement: How will you utilize social channels for staying in touch with your customers (to sell more things in the future)?
  • Advocacy: What will you do to get them to suggest your product to their friends on social channels?

A mistake that many amateur marketers often commit is to invest in only some stages of the funnel. For instance, a small business has a great website with product videos, sales content, and case studies. However, they don’t have a strategy to bring people on their website. For instance, Facebook videos or Instagram influencer accounts.

Now, a quick note before we start..

Your social media sales funnel must answer the five questions that we have mentioned above. If you don’t consider a particular stage of the funnel, you will weaken your marketing. For every stage of the funnel, choose two tactics at the most. And when you master these tactics, you can go ahead and add new ones.

1. Awareness: How will potential customers find you?

There are many ways to capture the attention of your potential customers. Select one from this list:

I. Organic tactics

A. Social media contests

Let’s save you some time when it comes to planning social media contests. Here are the top two contests that we recommend:

  • Comment or/and like to win

The “comment or/and like to win” contest is held on almost all social platforms to create engagement. For launching this contest, create a post with an informative caption, an entry deadline, and guidelines. While writing your post, do mention something like this – “like and comment for a chance to win…

To let more people know about the contest, use Instagram or Facebook stories. Using hashtags will also increase the contest’s reach.

  • Photo caption contest

An exciting way to encourage followers to comment on your picture and engage with your business is a “caption this” post.

Photo caption contestImage Source

B. Use Youtube and SEO to gain new subscribers

If you have a YouTube channel for your business, here are some ways to promote it:

  • Strike a balance between trending content and evergreen videos

Upload a few videos which will always hold relevance. When you do this, your subscribers keep returning to you again and again. Famous evergreen content includes tools and resources lists, how-to guides, tip roundups, and more. This kind of timeless content can rank well for years to come, boosting both traffic and SEO. Use social media plugins to share content and build connections with your audience.

  • Stay active in the community

Subscribe to channels that have a similar audience as yours. Like and share their content and mention them in your videos or thoughtfully comment on their channels. Doing so helps you know your competitors and gain new viewers.

II. Paid tactics

A. Instagram Ads: Some of the advertising formats on Instagram include:

  • Image ads: Image ads help businesses advertise their products and services using a single image. They can add text to the image as well.

Instagram Image AdsImage Source

  • Video ads: These ads allow businesses to give a closer look at their products and services. Although in-feed video ads can be a maximum of 60 minutes, shorter videos prove more impactful.

B. Facebook Ads: If you don’t want to go with Instagram ads, you can opt for Facebook ads. The types of Facebook ads include:

  • Image ads: You can create an image ad with a few clicks. All you need to do is boost one of your existing posts with an image taken from your Facebook page.
  • Poll ads: A poll ad is a mobile-only Facebook ad format. For creating a poll ad, you can incorporate a two-option poll to a video/image ad. You can then add separate links for the two poll choices.

Facebook Poll adsImage Source

2. Evaluation: How will they make a comparison with your competitors or similar products?

Getting attention will alone not suffice. You need to ensure you have the required reviews, credible information, and case studies to convince customers.

I. Organic tactics

  1. Show glimpses into your business via Instagram.
  2. Gain positive reviews on your Facebook page.
  3. Make video testimonials from your customers and post them on your Facebook page.
  4. Create YouTube videos that have your products’ demo.
  5. Have a support team that answers questions on Twitter.
  6. Put catalogs and product shots on Pinterest and Instagram.

3. Acquisition: How will you get them to purchase or convert today?

Sometimes you need to nudge your potential customer to buy. The tactics that we mention below help in this regard:

I. Organic tactics

Social traffic is the traffic coming to your mobile site or your website from social media platforms and social channels. Use this traffic for email sign-ups. Then, send offers as a next step.

Note: A mobile and SEO-friendly website is crucial for the growth of your business. Creating a professional niche-based website that is both mobile- and SEO-friendly can take several days. But, if you use DashClicks’ agency website tool, you can create a custom branded agency website (which is both mobile- and SEO-friendly) in just a few seconds. A fantastic way of impressing your prospects, isn’t it?

II. Paid tactics

  • Facebook Messenger ads: Let’s start with some social media statistics Facebook ranks 3rd in the list of most-visited sites in the world. Hence, you must use it to persuade your potential customers to buy from your business. Facebook Messenger ads enable you to reach more customers in no time. They are known to increase conversion rates.

A type of Facebook Messenger ad is a Facebook Click-to-Messenger ad that helps you reach new audiences. These ads are engaging and mobile-friendly. With the help of these ads, you get the contact info of the interested person and can message them on Facebook Messenger. A great way to increase conversions, isn’t it?

Facebook Messenger Ads ExampleImage Source

  • Facebook offers ads: These are mobile-only, customizable ads that attract your audience to make a purchase.

Facebook Offers AdsImage Source

4. Engagement: How will you stay in touch with a customer?

We all know that a lot of work goes into finding customers. Staying in touch with them opens up more sales opportunities in the future.

I. Organic tactics

A. Host regular Twitter Chats: A type of public conversation, a Twitter chat is organized around a particular topic.

Tip: Here are some tips to help you host a successful Twitter chat:

  • A hashtag creates a digital space where people can connect. Use a hashtag that is memorable, different, and relevant.
  • Pick an engaging, valuable, and relevant topic (it can be broad or super-niche).
  • Set a date and time and remind your followers about the schedule in advance.
  • Assign a moderator who will keep things moving during the chat by asking questions and monitoring the chat.
  • As there will be plenty of participants in your Twitter chat, organize questions in the form of Q1, Q2, and so on. Encourage the participants to answer the same way (A1, A2, and so on).

B. Reply to questions from customers in a weekly Facebook live series.

II. Paid tactics

  1. Make a private Facebook Group for your customers so that they can connect and discuss your products.

5. Advocacy: How will you get them to suggest your product to their friends?

Provide an easy way to your customers to talk about their experience so far. Provide them an outlet where they share their love for your products. This builds your credibility and attracts fresh prospects.

I. Organic tactics

  1. Create a private Facebook Groups for existing customers
  2. Create customer communities on Instagram. For instance, create a hashtag that attracts posts from customers. This way, you not only engage existing customers but showcase the amazing features of your products to new prospects.

Wrapping it up

The ultimate goal of a social media sales funnel is to get your customer to buy your products and services and recommend them to others. So, it is necessary to build one and focus on every stage.

Ensure that your marketing strategy provides an answer to the above-mentioned questions, and you are all set! Once you achieve success with the tactics you use for every stage, you can go ahead and add new ones.

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