How to Be (and Stay!) in the Result Getting Business
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 03:50 PM

How to Be (and Stay!) in the Result Getting Business


What do you do to make sure your clients are getting the results that they are paying for?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks talks about how you can grow your business to be results oriented and how you can stay that way long term! This video is a highlight from the second video of our YouTube series, Marketers Mindset.


Step number three
How to be in the results, getting business versus plowing through customers and getting stuck in a hamster wheel. Guys who feel sometimes, and this was this might be for those of you guys who have had an agency or I’ve had clients who has had clients in the past and they’ve left them and you feel like you’re getting a new client. They left, you go out and you get a new client, they leave, you got another new client, they leave. Who feels like that? Has that ever happened? Anybody? Guys drop a seven in the chat if that’s happened to you. It has. Okay, it’s happened to us all the time.
And now guys, I cannot emphasize all this enough. If you don’t get results for your clients, you’ll be one of those who struggle and scrape your way through and have nothing to show for. And that’s just kind of being completely honest with you guys, okay? If you cannot deliver, you’ll be stressed, fearful all the time, and your client relationship will wear you down and more importantly, you will be out of business fast, okay? If you cannot get results for your clients, they will not pay you. It’s that simple. Okay, guys, no, I don’t want that for you. I don’t want you to have, I want you to have an insanely profitable business. One that creates a kind of impact that matches your bank account. Okay? Guys, who wants that? Who wants a crazy business? Who wants a six figure business? Put your hand up. Put your hand up.
Put your hand up. Dropping. Yes, drop it. Yes. Put your hand up. The world’s a six figure business. If you’re not putting your hand up, you need to leave the Webinar because this is not, this webinars is not for you, okay? If you don’t want to go out and excel in your business, okay? This webinar has stopped for you guys. Yes, yes, yes. Charleston says yes. Damien says yes. Who else? Guys? Who else wants a six figure business? How about a seven figure business? Let’s talk about how you can get the best results for your clients, guys. Okay. First, understand you don’t need to be the biggest or most experienced expert in the business. Okay? I know a lot of people talk about that and they’re like, oh, go find your niche and become the boss in your niche. Right? That’s great. I mean, you can do that, but you don’t need to do that.
We didn’t do that. We serve as whole niches. Okay? You don’t need to have a big team to provide excellent services. You do need to be obsessed with giving clients a return on their investment guys, okay? If somebody is giving you 1000 bucks plus a thousand in ad spend, give me two great, they pay two grand a month, you better damn sure be getting them more than two grand a month. More than four grand a month back in revenue, okay? And you need to set those standards when you first sent signed them up. You need to have those expectations set, okay guys. So if you’re signing clients up, you need to figure out that metric of what they’re looking for as far as an ROI. And you need to then at that point, before you sign them up, figure out if it’s a good client for you.
Because I’ll tell you right now guys, I’ve had tons of clients that’s like, yeah, I’ll give you 100 bucks in ad spend, but I want to sell 50 grand. Like okay, you’re not a good for client for us. Thank you for your time and have a great day. Okay? You need to find clients that understand the expectations. And you know what guys, if they don’t understand the expectations, try to explain it to them, okay? Cause if you can get that down pack before you start month one and they’re understanding what the expectations are, they’re going to be lifelong customers, okay? As long as you’re providing good results. Okay guys, now, incidentally, okay, we’ve already covered the one thing that your results depend on. Can you guess what it is? Guys? It’s your offer. It’s your offer guys. Now you’ve already seen how to create an offer that will send your prospects into a buying frenzy.
But there’s a catch, a critical distinction that you need to know, okay? Wow. When your clients with above and beyond outcome is not just about the offer, but how you deliver that offer. Okay guys. So we created something that’s called the rule of four. This is what we follow here in our agency and this was what I would recommend that you follow to in your agency cell. Go out and make sales, do whatever you gotta do. Run Facebook campaigns for your agency, do cold calling, get referrals, walk into places, the linkedin prospecting and do whatever it is and you need to do to get sales onboard the customer and during this process set proper expectations. Actually set proper expectations here, but revisit those expectations here, making sure you’re getting all of the information during the onboarding document. Yeah, to get the best campaign possible. Make sure you’re communicating with these people and building a report here during the onboarding process.
Okay. Fulfillment. Make sure you actually fulfill the order, makes you fulfilled. They bought a website and a Facebook campaign. Make sure giving them the best damn website and the best possible Facebook campaign before you even start. Okay. Make sure you are delivering the results on fulfillment and I’m not going to sit here and try to sell dash clicks, but you guys are probably all in dash clicks or any, that’s [inaudible] dot com fulfill all your orders and make sure that your clients are satisfied. Okay guys, next is service service your clients. Okay? Most of the services that we sell or on a recurring basis service your clients, okay, and dash clicks. We’ll service your clients too. They’ll do that for you. Well, make sure that we provide you guys monthly reports. Make sure that we provide you guys the best in class technology where your clients can log in and see everything that’s happening. Make sure that we send your clients daily, minute wise, weekly, whatever it is, notifications, what’s happening on their account. All white label and branded under your agency. It’s not hard guys. Yeah, sell onboard, fulfill service. Very simple. The rule of four, learn it, screenshot it. Here we go. Now guys, whoops. Come with that again. All the time when it comes to clients. Chad? I hit my revenue goal last month, but this month because I’m focused on client delivery and not as much sales. Okay, Chad, how do I keep generating leads every month while still having time to deliver results for my clients? Great questions.

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