How to Approach Potential Marketing Clients
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 03:38 PM

How to Approach Potential Marketing Clients


How do you approach potential marketing clients to try and convert them?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks explains how you can start approaching potential marketing clients so they can become your actual clients! This video is a highlight from the first video of our YouTube series, Marketers Mindset.


Who wants to hear the second step that I did to go out and to make six figures in recurring revenue within a couple of months. No, that’s not a castle. Whatever. That’s a business. You, Mr. Happy should be walking inside of every single business that you go to or that you pass by. When I started my business, I used to walk into every single business that I laid my eyes on. I usually literally go eat and I used to ask the restaurant owner, hey, you guys doing marketing, you guys doing any websites? You need somebody to post on your social media channel. You need somebody to run your Facebook ads. You need a new website, need to get into listings. Better yet, I would actually go into these places and I would use my mind and I would sit down at the restaurant and I would order my sub or my pasta whenever I was in the mood for that day.
Okay. And I would look around and I’d be like, Holy Shit, it’s two 30 in the afternoon and I’m sitting here eating lunch and no one’s here. And this is a restaurant. There’s like four people working. You have four waiters and I’m thinking as a business person, there’s a four people working. I’m looking in the back. There’s like three or four chefs in the back cooking food. You got one lady on the register in the front and you got a hostess in the front. There’s like 10 people on staff here and I’m the only person that I’m sitting here eating a $10 sub. They’re losing money. That’s a problem. Do you guys see that? Do you guys see that? When you walk into places and you see that when you walk into places, drop a one. Okay, now what about if you don’t, what about if you go to a local gym or you go to a yoga class or you go to a massage or you do any type of event, you’d go to a go kart racing with your kids.
What if you go there and you’re looking around and it’s freaking dead and no one’s there? You shouldn’t be the first person to say something because if you say something, they will pay you to fix the problem. Guys, if it’s a restaurant and it’s fricking dead, go speak to the manager or go speak to the owner and say, hey, wouldn’t it be really cool if I can fill this whole place up for lunch tomorrow? Would you be okay if I did that? W what do you think he’s going to say? Yes, no, I don’t want, I don’t want you to fill up my restaurant. Please don’t do that guys. Of course he’s gonna say yes as long as you have a plan of attack. Okay, so the plan of attack for a restaurant owner that’s completely bed while you’re sitting in the freaking restaurant is, hey, would it be cool if we ran a campaign on Facebook to 15 mile radius around your location, offering them a free appetizer with the purchase of any meal?
And I fill this whole place out for you within the next 48 hours. And we do the coupon promotion only available between 10 and 4:00 PM so I can make sure that the times that you’re dead, I fill up this whole spot for you. Would you like that if you’d like that, just sign here. Okay. He’s not going to say, yeah, I mean guys, that’s what it is. Okay. And I’m just being realistic. Okay. If think about you as an agency owner, okay? If somebody came to you as an agency owner and said, hey, I see that you don’t have a lot of clients, but I can help you get more clients. I can bring you five clients a week. Would you be interested in that? If you’d be interested? If somebody bringing five clients a week, drop a one.
Walter says, not as smooth as you. Thank you, Walter. I’m trying and I’m wearing my marketers who sees this t-shirt. How about this t-shirt, guys? Who wants one of these t-shirts? I’m going to be giving out some swag bags. At the end of this, we’re going to be doing some Q and a. So if you’re still around at the end, I’m going to be giving out some free swag. So stay tuned all the way until the end of this, and I’m gonna throw out some free swag to you guys. I know. By the way, just so you guys know, we’re on this webinar. We’re live on Instagram. We are live, but we are live on Facebook too, Carlos, we’re live on Facebook. We’re live on Instagram. However, if you are in dash clicks and you registered for this Webinar and you took the time to be out here with us, you are the only people that are going to answer the questions because I see your questions right here.
The people on Facebook, the people on Instagram, if you do not have a dash of clicks account and you did not register, you did not register for your free dash clicks account. I will not be answering your questions. Go Register, go to dashboard create your free account, jump in and register. We’re going to be doing these webinars every single week, multiple times a week. Okay guys, so if you want your swag bags, you all, some really cool stuff that we’re going to be giving out, staying until the end because yeah, grabbing a tee shirts. Cool. But what I’m about to drop knowledge on you guys is probably 10 times better. Okay? So who’s ready for more? Who is ready for number three.

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