How to Acquire High Dollar Clients & Retain Them – w/ Bob Mangat
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 01:34 PM

How to Acquire High Dollar Clients & Retain Them – w/ Bob Mangat


What are your strategies for acquiring high dollar clients? What do you do to retain those clients?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks is joined by Bob Mangat and talk about how YOU can aquire high dollar clients and what you can do to retain them… FOREVER! This is the fourth video of our YouTube series, Influencer Secrets.


What’s up, what’s going on? How are we doing people? How are we doing people? Hey, what’s going on? What’s up man? What’s going on brother? I’m going to actually roll this over to Facebook, so just give me about two seconds. We’re going to let some people pile in anyways. I’m live on Facebook. Yeah, I’m going to just roll this over. Give me one second. We’ll get this in the group.
How are you doing Bob? I’m all right, man. Yeah. How are you? I’m doing pretty well, brother. Doing well. So where are you right now? I’m in my office. I’m in a Vancouver Awesome chillin show in Canada. Candida. I’m hands across right now though. Right after our call. I’m heading across, I was telling you earlier, I was busy with some real estate. I got like three or four transactions going down this week, so that’s why I’ve been a little bit noncommunicative but I’m usually, I’m not like that. It’s all good. It’s all good brother. Don’t worry about it. Well actually got some people on already, so I’m going to actually roll this over right now to Facebook and then we’ll get going. We’ll, we’ll get people a couple of minutes to drop in. Guys. What is going on? We got Philip, we got droopy guys, if you’re on this live can I get a 454 to drop in chat so I know that you can hear us and we’re live and this is exciting, right? Jumping into chapter four 54. Let’s go. We are live on Facebook now to get this muted. What’s happening here? All right, cool.
That’s quite the setup you got back there. Thank you brother. I saw you yesterday. That’s good. It’s going to be good. Yes, it’s been crazy. It’s been insane for us, honestly. But we like insane. Keeps US alive.
Right? So we’ve got some people piling in. What’s going on everybody? Four 54 in the chat. Drop it in. Let’s welcome Bob. Let’s roll. People are good. We’ve got the Facebook going, we got people joining us on the marketer’s mindset Facebook group. We’ve got people piling in here. Let’s go to the panelist section. We’ll wait like a minute or two. Just let people pile in before we get started. Everybody for some reason loves to be late all the time.
Come on guys. You should know that you’re not supposed to be late. What’s going on? Alisia chase, drewby Immani. Jeremy’s Johnny, Matt, Meredith, Michael Filler, Ron William. What’s going on guys? Kim Man. Zach Vito, Josh, Eric. Well, we got people from our, where are you guys from? I like to do this always when we get started because it drives me insane knowing that there’s people watching us from all over the world. I think it’s so cool. Right? So where are you from? Can you go ahead and drop it in the chat for us to drop the, maybe the country that you’re from or the state and city if you’re in the USA or if you’re in Canada, the province, whatever. Drop it in. So we got people from California, Dallas, Illinois, Toledo, Ohio, Atlanta, Georgia, Tega, [inaudible], South Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia.
We got people from all over. And by the way, Bob, just so you know, I’m alive. In a couple of different places. So I’m live with you right here. I’m looking, I have my DSLR camera behind me so I’m not not looking at you, just so you know that I’m right here. And this is actually live on the zoom, which people are starting to pilot is on the zoom call. I also had this live in the marketer’s mindset by Dash Clicks Facebook group. People are actually starting to pile in there right now too. And then right back there I have my Instagram. So Instagram always gets kind of like the behind the scenes, but it really sucks for them cause they don’t get to like join in and engage. Right. Okay. So for those of you on Instagram, if you want to watch this, you’ve got to go to just registered for your free account or run the marketer’s mindset by backstreets Facebook group and you’ll be able to watch me and Bob, I’m going to show you how to make 15 k average per client a month. I think that’d be pretty cool, right? Would you want to see that? Awesome. We’ll see you.
We gotta we got to get everybody excited in here. I don’t think everybody’s excited enough, man. We’re not Phillip. We got to get everybody excited guys. Let’s get a nine 94 in the chat right now. Let’s build some engagement up. Let’s build some momentum up before Bob unleashes everything he knows on you guys and shows you guys gonna make a shit ton of money to pick up some really solid points. So if that’s something that you’d like and you want Bob to start, can we drop a nine 94 before we introduced Bob to the world? For those of you who might not already know who Bob is
So said that any for Chris? I didn’t for Jeremy Drew B. William.
Somebody said hype train. Juvie said a hype train. All right. Awesome. So, so Bob, what do you have in store for us today? I think people are, people are slowly settling in. They’re getting on live.
Yeah, I got a, well today we’re going to, we’re going to go through the three tactical shifts that we use in our agency and that we teach other agencies in our mastermind and other programs and that kind of stuff. And I know we had conversations about this before, but basically my agency is built on a process called less clients, more money. In fact, I’ve actually built it back in the real estate business and I’ll share a, I don’t know if I can go into, but I’ll share a quick story about how I kind of built this. Yeah. Go for it now. So I built that quite a large real estate company in Vancouver here. And as I was going through, this is probably about 15, almost 17 years ago. And that was, that’s what I was kinda going through this whole process.
I was starting to get like, you know, mentors and courses and all of that kind of stuff. And I was basically running the regular retail side of business. So jumping in my car, showing a buyer a home, and then every five or six years they would buy a home, right? And I was like, man, this sucks cause I’m like trying to acquire this customer and they’re buying once. I’m like, I just want to keep getting them to buy things. And so I went to this conference one time and some of you guys may know, but a Dan Kennedy’s conferences guy stood up there and he’s like, you know, he said something about less clients, more money. And I was like, man, that’s it. And so I switched my whole model. I went to dealing with real estate investments and investors, cause they’ll buy 10 homes in one year versus one home every five years.
And so I always say that, you know, there’s like a three or four ways to grow a business. And a Reese is a big part of it, right? So selling the people that have already bought from you because they’re easier to sell to versus selling to somebody that’s never bought from you. Right. And so I started to build this system up and then as I started to transition to my agency business I basically built the same thing and I was like, man, I don’t want to deal with hundreds and thousands of clients. I want to deal with like guys that are paying me 10, 15, $20,000 and maybe have, you know, 50 or a hundred of them, you know, and so and give them the real good service. So that’s what I’m going to teach you guys today is how to, how to acquire high dollar value clients and what they expect for their money so that you can retain them for a longer term guys. And not only that, just to get some engagement, make sure everybody stays until the end. We’re going to be doing some swag guy giveaway. So I’m going to give you guys stuff you stay all the way until the end. We’ll do some, some swaggy bags. We’ll get everybody I’m shipping straight to your door. I also have a couple of pretty cool announcements that I’ll make, but we’ll do that after. We’ll do everything after because first we want to blow your mind and provide you guys with a shit ton of value, right? And then, and then maybe we’ll do something really cool. We don’t know what’s gonna Happen. We’re just going to go with the flow here. No, I’m just kidding. You guys know what structure we’re going to get you guys. Let’s go. Who’s ready to learn this? Right? So how Bob, your average client is, how much around Like both 15 k yeah.
15 k and change, right? So like this, the average amount, right? So guys, if you want to learn, I know most of the people in here, just to kind of maybe introduce you to some of the people in gastric to demographics, right? So a lot of the people inside of dash two x or kind of a hybrid between starting there agencies or smaller, smaller agencies that would say, you know, agencies with maybe zero to clients where they’re trying to get their first client, they’re trying to get their, their, their first client going through that path of prospecting and making the sale and fulfilling the orders. And obviously right? Dashes is a great system for them to go through that and watching these marketers mindset videos definitely helps them enlighten them, gets them all the knowledge that they need to know, right? To go on and do the prospecting side, which is a lot of these that we’re doing, right? And then we might have some agencies which already have maybe five, 10, 1520 clients. We have a couple of handful of agencies that already over seven figures
That might be right here in this chat. Right? So I think where most of these agencies are, is they’re, they’re getting clients right now and they’re signing deals for like 1,002 thousand bucks a month. That’s like the average, right? So what really, what we want to try to do here is shift that mindset. Bob’s gonna help you guys shift that mindset from how to go from getting a hundred clients, paying you 1000 bucks a month and doing a hundred k monthly to getting maybe 20 clients to pay 15 came up and do whatever that equals two times, whatever that equals two cause I’m not an athletic shoe. Right. So it shifts less clients, more money. Right. That’s like your whole, that’s your whole way to do it, right? Yeah, for sure. Awesome. So can you guys drop like a 500 in the chat and if you want Bob to blow your mind right now and then I’ll let Bob take it away. We need 10 people to drop 500 and a chat. At least right now. Let’s go people. Let’s go. 500500500 Jason, 500 a man just said 500 Chris. Jeremy says 500 Juvie more. Marcin. Boy, we got $500 this way. So all right, I’ll let you take it away, Bob.
Right? So I actually did some slides. I’m going to pull up.
Yeah, go for it brother. Let me just get after it here. So this slide decks get me very excited for some reason.
So I actually did some work on it. I revamped it all. I put some time and energy into it. So hopefully you guys like it. Let me know if you guys can see it. Hopefully you guys can, but this is basically what I’m gonna talk about is my three thriving agency strategies that gets me 15,451 plus per month average on clients and retains them for 12 to 18 months. Some of you guys are just,
I think the biggest thing, I’m sorry to cut you off, but for, for especially for the people in here, like retention, what you’re saying, you’re 12 to 18 months, guys let that sink in. That’s insane.
Yeah. And so if you kind of do the math, like a, you know, a client of mine is worth 150 $200,000. So every time I acquire somebody, I keep them for quite a long time. And it’s pretty much the opposite of a lot of what a lot of guys are talking about. And I’m gonna show you how to create that shift and how you need to create that shift in your clients minds in order for them to stick around with you for, for quite some time. But before I do that this is not going to be one of those webinars. I’m not going to be sitting here talking about my story or anything like that. I will introduce myself quickly, but you know, you can do your own research and find out a little bit more about me. I’m going to be putting this information content out there because the marketplace is changing rapidly and old stuff is about to stop working.
That’s why I love what Chad’s doing and dash clicks. And they really got a great program for especially those guys that are starting out or even ready to scale. They’re giving you the resources and tools. Man, I wish I had something like that when I had started because it would make life a whole lot easier. So it was not going to be about creating a lifestyle business and making six figures sitting on the beach while you can. But at the end of the day, you still got to go out there and do some work. We, I worked, Chad works every single day. We’re up at four or five in the morning and we’re going to sleep at, you know, 12 one o’clock at night. We work our fricking asses off. I were amen to that. I was up at 3:00 AM feeding my baby this morning. Exactly. And a lot of times, you know, you, you, you see so many different messages in like, Hey, this is a push button system or a software or whatever it is.
And yeah, it can be right. But you got to work at Man and you gotta be able to build your system and processes and align yourself with people that want what you have, you know, have what you want. Right? And I always say that like, listen, if you’re, if you’re aligning yourself with people that have less than you or don’t really have what you want and get away from them and get involved with people that you know, want what you got. And if you follow them and just ask them, say, hey man, how did you get that she has got a Lamborghini? If you go to him and say, Cha, how’d you get that Lamborghini? He will tell you step by step about how he got that lab or Boolean. It didn’t come easy, right? It didn’t come a post about better than in the group last night.
It didn’t come easy. Right? And I understand that and that’s why I respect it because we work our tails. I telling you, I’ve been doing this for 17 plus years. I’ve been self employed since I was 19 years old, right? And so everything that I’ve built is self made. I basically, when I was growing up, we didn’t have a whole lot, you know? But I’ll get into that story. So this is about dominating industry is building a real and sustainable company and making it do what you always want. So if you want it to sell it later on or exit out of it, you can do that as well. This is my family. I’ve been in internet marketing for over 15 years. I was building funnels back when there was no such thing as funnels, right? I was doing it from a, a an offline perspective.
So what we would do is we would run a newspaper at an advertorial. Now you get see them as newsfeed posts. We’d send them as an advertorial. People would pick up the phone and call our one 800 number and they would request a, what? They would request a free report on our system and we would mail it out to them. And inside that mailer would be an application form and they would have to fax it back to us and then we would get them on the phone. So that was our funnel. We’d get them on the phone and then we’d bring them in and we’d do a live consultation. There was none of this stuff out there before. And so for us to be able to transition and do it, it’s just a beautiful thing for me to see guys like Chad guys, like everybody that’s out there, there’s really just trying to kill it out there is beautiful thing for me to see because I see the transition.
I saw it for the last 15 plus years. I’ve spent millions of dollars on my own marketing education. That’s the difference, right? Everything that I’m going to teach you here is not theory. It’s actual stuff that I do and I have done and I have implemented, so I’m not going to sit there and say, hey, maybe you should do this because it works for that guy. No, I don’t. I don’t know what’s worked for that guy. I know what’s worked for me and I’m going to sit there and throw it down on the line so that you guys can actually take and say, hey listen, he spent his money, he’s done the homework, and maybe if I implement and test and track and tweak and then implement again and then test track and tweak again, you’ll have the same results in success. Right? I generated over a hundred thousand plus leads at $40 million in sales for myself and clients two times a two comma club award.
A, we did it in six months and then four months. Right? But asking back to prove it brother, the plaque is on the back to prove it. It’s right there. And I brought it up here just in case because I knew I was going to say this. I was like, man, if somebody doesn’t believe it’s right there we were able to build a $30 million in less than 18 months and charge 80 to a hundred k to work with clients one on one to build this out for them, right? Here’s why it’s critical to pay attention. You see, every guru out there is teaching the same thing about how to land clients and become a Facebook ad agency, right? And the reason why I love what dash likes and these guys are doing is because they give you a variety of stuff and it aligns with exactly what I’m about to teach you today, right?
There are different people in different segments of the population in industries that don’t want Facebook ads, they don’t care about it, right? And a lot of them just want to maybe a website or maybe they just want to do some email marketing or maybe they just want to you know, have a, a, a brand or a position out there, right? There’s different people in different segments of the market that you might be going after and have no idea what Facebook ads are, right? And you’re trying to bark down that same tree like everybody else’s. And there’s just so much, so much competition and people are giving it away for free. People are doing things that, you know, I would never ever do. Right? Here’s the truth. Markets are becoming saturated. Simple laws of supply and demand. People are treating it like a commodity and all the old SEO guys have coming running into the Facebook ads.
Gold Rush. It’s hard to find a really good SEO guy. Five years ago everybody was doing SEO. Right? Now it’s really hard to find that person because we’ve been looking at agencies coming to market add costs up slices into your budget. Now people can’t afford to pay you unless you have a real solution that gets real results and remember guys, results means something different to every single person. Okay? It means something different. It doesn’t mean that you have to get them a patient or a customer or a client. A result means might mean to them that, hey, we are going to build out a email marketing program or an SMS marketing solution or a result might be that I got to build a great website for them, right? Everybody has a different idea of what their end result is and the only way that you can understand it is if you niche in a specific business. Now if you’re just starting there, it’s very difficult. Just get whatever you can get and get the business, do whatever you can for them and knock it out the park and eventually you’ll figure it out. What business works best. And I’m sure Chad, you’ve done the same thing as well when you were starting out is less like let’s just grab whatever we can because I gotta feed my family. You know, at first I remember we, we we used to do, we still kind of do, well it’s a little different cause we what were white labeled then we serve as everybody else’s niches. Right? So we’re just that good. No, I’m just kidding. But for our retail agency hub one of our main niches was home services, right? So going after like painters, plumbers, like anybody that was offering services and essentially the campaigns would be very similar. The websites would be very similar. The call to actions are similar. They want, they want like a, it’s normally after mostly residential, right? So like that was our target market and who we went after. We knew we’re really good at it.
Yeah. Yeah. And so we built it in the medical space and we did, we did really good at it. But before that, you know, we were, we were dabbling in many different industries, you know, industrial stuff, real estate, mortgage and [inaudible]. And now as we built our niche, I’m actually looking at acquisitions right now to buy different niches, guys that have built their agencies and by their different niches so I can build up my agency. And so when you get to that point in and you understand how to niche it and how to like go after those different industries, then you know, that becomes a skill set in itself. You see, like what I’m going to talk about is, is might be a little bit controversial for some of you, but most agencies will choose to ignore this. But really the proof is undeniable. I, in my opinion Facebook ad agencies in somewhat will be dead.
And here’s why. Basically supply a Facebook ad agency or drastically rising so the agency rates go down, right? Guys are doing it for free. How do you compete with that? How do you say, like, I’m going to do it, you know, you can’t compete with that. Right? And I’m gonna show you a few things. The supply of available ad space on faces is decreasing. So the ad costs are up, right? So if you’re trying to acquire customers, guys like me or Chad will all spend you. So it’s very, you know, it’s difficult for you to be, and we’ve got people that work for us that do these things. You know what I mean? So Facebook game, 2 million advertisers in one year, this is back in 2017 that’s correct. 2 million advertise. Check this out. Facebook triple their advertisers in one year, in 2018 they’re at 6 million advertisers.
Okay? If you go on Facebook and you’re business owners or people that are, they can actually get a Facebook rep and they’ll take them through a five week or a six week course or a process of how to launch and scale their agents. So their Facebook’s actually building their own agency within Facebook. So they’re teaching these business owners how to do it. It’s so simple because it got this little boost post. And even some of my clients, they’re just pushing it, putting their credit card saying, hey man, I boosted my post. Right? So understand that, well, the Facebook market is still there. I’m not saying it’s completely, completely dead, but you got a couple of with other things and I’ll show you why. Here’s a Facebook cost per thousands increase, 171% of 2017. There’s a, there’s a ton of stuff that is just increasing the average cost per click, cost per thousand, all of that kind of stuff.
And as they continue to rise, the amount of agencies entering into the space goes up, right? It’s getting harder and harder to get results and compete, isn’t it? And here’s the thing, what is everybody teaching out there? They’re teaching Facebook ads, right? Getting Agency clients is already more expensive because you need to spend more on ads to get results. Plus getting your clients results is also becoming more expensive because ad costs are higher, right? So the battle that agencies are already undercutting your prices, like I said, lower, lower and lower, right? Retention rates are lower. The average. I have an agency master my program and then the average retention is that the guys have before they come in to me is almost be free between one and three months, like one month. Guys, are you kidding me? I don’t do Jack Shit in the first month.
Like you know it’s that’s, you got to build it, right? Retention rates are lower because someone will do the ads you previously charged money for for free or on a performance only basis. Now if you are just starting, that might be a great way. Go to your buddies, go to your chiropractor, go to your dentist, go to your lawyer, go to whoever it is in your local market and say, Hey, listen, let me build a case study out of this, right? And if you got a little bit of money, go there and spend some money on some ads because it’s only your education that you’re spending it on, right? This, all this stuff is already happening. The writing’s on the wall. This is why all the thriving agencies are implementing these three critical strategies and these are the three shifts. Okay? The positioning shift and how we get $50,415 a month per client on average because of a small positioning shift.
The other strategy is the retention shift. How we increase client retention to 12 to 18 months by becoming our clients CMO, our chief marketing officer, marketing life support with this simple back end solution and the self management sit. How we get our clients to manage themselves so we can effortlessly scale to 113 clients plus beyond the positioning shift is the first one that I’m going to go over. As you know, Facebook ads are becoming a commodity, right? Don’t pay until I get results. Check this out. Performance based Facebook ads. If I don’t get your results, you do not pay. How many you guys see that, right? Like did I see that like five times a day on my newsfeed? It’s crazy. Like literally like every other company like [inaudible] that just so we can drive some engagement up here and wake people up. I like to shake people with numbers.
Can you drop the 350 in the chat? Are you guys sickness in your Facebook feed to three 50 like pays, you’d go performance-based ads, right? Are you guys seeing that? Everybody? Three, three 53 50 it’s crazy, man. Yeah, I mean you see this [inaudible] all day long. Everywhere you go get two to three leads per day. If I don’t get you leads, you don’t pay. Like I don’t know about you, but I like to work and get paid for it. You know, I don’t want, I don’t want to do things for free and we all know that this is a bait and switch program, right? And smart marketers and smart business owners understand the guys that pay us 10 15 $20,000 they ain’t looking for this. So if you want high dollar value clients, they’re going to look at this and they’re going to say, you’re full of shit.
I’m going to somebody that’s actually going to charge me for it because I’ve been through it. Those are the smart business owners. If they’re doing seven figures, they don’t need this. Understand that. Right? The guys that you are acquiring with these types of ads, that’s why you got one month, two month, three month maximum retention is because you’re acquiring people with these types of ads. So those are like the bottom of the barrel, like scraping the bottom of the barrel. Exactly. Pretty much. And even like I said, and even if you do land a client, they’ll usually say these leads suck, right? They’ve got no reason to take your leads that you give them and actually do anything with them. They’re just gonna be like, man, it’s free. Right? And we all know that. You know those are pay pay attention, right? The fact is that if you, all you do is run Facebook ads and get leads for clients, you’ll never be able to charge five, 10 $50,000 a month and keep clients on for that long.
Okay? Unless you’re like the top of the top stop being just a Facebook ad agency, there’s a need in the market and you’ve got to fill it. Most small business owners don’t have a COO. Guys, listen to this part here. Most small business owners do not have a chief marketing officer. Okay. Guys that are up to seven figures that are making seven figures that can pay you $10,000 a month or even a million, million and a half or even up to 2 million. They do not have a chief marketing officer. You know what they have? They have a receptionist that just takes over marketing and that’s the person that they get shifted into it. That’s it. And they do not, if you’ve done any of the stuff in the marketer’s mindset, if you’ve done any of that and you’ve listened to what Chad told you, and if you using their systems and processes, then you have more knowledge than that person will ever have because we’re just in that space.
Okay. And it’s usually headed by the owner himself a lot of the times, or like a, like I was talking about the receptionist and they don’t have the time to manage it properly. So if you become your client’s chief marketing officer, your value is tenfold and it’s infinitely scalable if you’d do it right. Okay. Think about it. Most companies pay a chief marketing officer $160,000 a year for their base salary. You guys getting this $160,000 a year for a COO. Okay. We call it a full stack market. A lot of the big marketers out there are talking about full stack becoming a full marketer versus just being a one trick pony kind of thing. Right? Doing Facebook ads here. If you guys don’t believe me, I just pull this up. Go to a, I think it’s pay scale. Average chief marketing officer’s salary is 169,761 okay. Plus bonus plus profit sharing plus commissions, so you can, you can put this into your presentation when you are trying to convince them of not to hire a CMO, but to hire you that have the skills and the resources that you have that are available to you in the dash flux platform that gives you this access.
Yeah, that, that’s insane. Can you go back to that slide really quick? Where can, where can they find this?
Payscale.Com screenshots on guys screenshot while you can because this is something to literally drop into your proposals. Like at the end of the proposal, this should be the slide, the BC, I’m charging you 15 k a month or you can pay 178 year for one person.
Yup. And then you got to pay them benefits and then you got to deal with their sick bullshit. Oh did you actually, you know give them vacation times. We’re never going to call in sick. We won’t ask you for vacation and we won’t even ask you for benefits.
This is powerful man. If you guys are, if you guys are understanding the power of this slide right here, can you guys drop like a 460 in the chat right now just to make sure that you guys are like aware of what we’re looking at right now because this is crazy. Four 64 60 yeah, like it’s insane, right guys and it makes sense to, you know what I always do? I just go option one. You can hire this guy and I’ll just put a like an image there and I’ll give him this option to you can take us and, and we just put all of our skillsets there. You’ve got, you’ve got, you know, if you’re not running your own agency with all your own people, but you have, you know, Dash Cooks helping, you’ve got web designers, you have, you know, a social strategist. You have everybody there that is going to support you, right?
You can, you can have one person or literally like for those of you guys that are industrials that are working with us, like when you sign on an account, we’d like instantly drop in anywhere between five to 10 people from our team that are marketing gurus, right? Facebook ads, guys, copywriters, web developers, SEO guys. Like any [inaudible] you can imagine. Right? And or you can get this one person, 170 k. Yeah. So crazy, man. I just want it to like focus on that slide for a second because this is amazing.
Yeah, no problem. Like I said, all companies are currently operating without one. And I go, my market is anywhere between three and 15 to 20 employees. So here’s the thing, when you have the both three employees, they don’t have time to do all their marketing. They’re starting to grow, they’re starting to get to that point and they’re probably around the five, $750,000 range. And when you get down to the 15 employees they’re still probably like, you know, kind of, you know, and this is based off my experience of dealing with these types of things. They’re still kind of fighting with trying to build and grow their marketing department at that point in time. So you can come in and inject some real life into their business. If they’re over 15 or 20 employees, chances are they’ve gotten stuff figured out. They’ve hired consultants, they brought somebody in and you’re really gonna fight with somebody that they aren’t actually paying 160, $180,000.
You’re not going to be able to take their job. Right. It’s just very, very difficult for you to do that. Not only that, they’ll probably hire some, you know, overly priced digital agency or marketing company or advertising firm that is going to do a lot of their work for them. And so it becomes a very, very big challenge. And I’m telling you from experience, because I go after these clinics and prospects and I always dominate that specific market. I don’t go after one or two employees because they just can’t afford me. And the retention rate will suck on those. This is how I charge between eight. Do you guys understand like, do you understand how I’m able to charge it? So the initial, you know, a headline of, of the talk was this and a lot of people were like, wow, I wonder how much he cha wow, how we charge.
This is my shift. This is the way that I changed the conversation from, Hey, I’m going to generate you 30 opportunities or leads a week or month, whatever you guys are doing out there, right? To, hey listen, I’m going to be this person that is going to manage everything that we’re going to do for you. Okay? And so a charge between 80 and a hundred k for myself, my team to work with clients one-on-one in their business. This is why I call it less clients, more money, and it’s still a better deal than hiring just one person to be their CMO. Because I put that screenshot there and I showed them exactly how much to charge, how much this is the average. It’s not my results. This is not my step. Go on pay scale right now and go find a person.
Let’s laugh. Let’s replicate that and become our clients. Simo we do it with a simple yet strategic process. Okay? First of all, go on. We have to high value niches, right? This is something that I do right now. Currently, you can’t charge someone $5,000 a month if they’re only making 20 for $5 for one new client, patient or customer, okay? If you’re, if you’re selling $5,000 a month to a cupcake company, which we did by the way a long time ago, but it’s, it’s very difficult. You’re going to sell a lot of cupcakes. You know, just to justify that $5,000 a month and they’ll be sweating all month and you know what, you’re not going to renew them. Then next one, okay, look at nick niches with the average ticket value of five to $7,000. So it’s easy to justify your high rates, stem cell injections, interventional pain and eye aging, orthopedic plastic lawyers, general contractors, roofers, real estate investors. And I’m that that’s why you went over the home service business because that you could justify it, right?
Roofers were huge for us because we would run adwords campaigns and their average ticket was about 30 K so this is like screenshots on guys, but like this is like a powerful slide right here because we get, we get quite, I get, Oh my God, I get questions like I have like a canned response for this question already. Like what industries and you served as that are getting right? Like here’s your industry and guys, this is what you should go after. These are your high ticket industries guys. But those of you guys, like Bob said, closing deals, these guys are closing the deals for five k 30 K for roofers, general contractors we work with, they’re closing deals on commercial buildings that are like a half a million dollars build outs, right? Like this is what you should be focusing on. It’s 100% right?
Yeah. And not only that, like if you, if you look at general contractors, well there’s specific subsets of each of those general contractors that you, you could go and deal with. So you have a contractor for pools, right? For example, a pool costs 50 to, I’d a buddy of mine I was talking to yesterday and he’s wanting to put a pool and he said it’s going to cost him $150,000 to put a pool. And we don’t have a lot of pools out here. It’s probably cheaper out there, but down here, that’s how much it’s gonna cost us. So imagine you just get one person, one pool contract. The guy will love you, right? He’s going to do business with you over and over and over again. It’s very easy for us to be able to charge five 10 $50,000 but again, if you’re just going after somebody that’s taken a transactional value of $50 75 or $100 or whatever it is, it’s very difficult for you to justify that.
And that’s where the retention really happens. You know, find a niche and dominate and build $1 million brand. Once you find that niche, build $1 million brand. This is what I do. I’m in the medical space. I’ve written a book called paint, ink medical times, practice growth specialists, the automated entrepreneur. I do all these things. I create a great brand visually, right? I go, I grow clinics. Will it be yours or your competitions? I drive everybody there. I retarget them. I get them to apply for my services. I don’t say contact me or anything like that. I say, you’ve got to apply to become a part of our business thing. No free consultations, no free. I mean, we, we, well, what we do is we get them to apply. Then we’d go through a set and then we’d do through, through a close.
I’m joking because I see all the CPA’s nowadays. Free consultation, free consultation.
Yeah. I mean, so we built, you know, the seven figure clinic. We built a different brand called honest doctor. And so these all things are supposed to be like geared to give me an elevated position when I’m going after business, right? I’ve got this, I’ve got this, I’ve got this, I’ve done this, I’ve done this, I’ve done that. And so if you’re just focusing all on, on just, you know, and not building your personal brand or you know, doing anything like that, then it’s going to be very difficult for you to command those larger dollar values. And, you know, agency influenced live was geared for the agency space. And so we built the, and that’s where, you know, I, yeah, exactly. So shifting your market position, become a solution provider. Don’t sell Facebook ads, don’t sell leads. Those are everywhere, right? Focus on what your ideal clients want, right?
Focus on what they want. More new patients or clients, recruitment campaigns. I just got a text message from one of our new doctors and they’re like, men. I had two people leave and their whole big thing was is we just need recruitment. Remember I said right at the beginning of the presentation of result is different from each person to person. They’re already making 2.5, $3 million. They could care less if I got them in a new patient or not. They have systems and processes that they need fixing up. Right? And those systems and processes that we fix up take longer. And what does that mean? More longer retention. Right. And so recruitment campaigns, hiring and firing, there’s a big issue in a lot of the medical space that we do, right. Feed their egos, right? I learned this in the real estate business, right?
Like if you go down and down the street, you see all the real estate agents, they love it when their, when their face is on the back of the bus, right? They love it when their faces on the bus bench on the side of the road or full page ads. Like those are the people. It’s like, man, we got to make you bigger than life on the Internet and you can feed their egos. Branding is massive. Solve your client’s biggest problem. If you could figure this out, you have a super high value, they’ll never be able to let you go, right? So what we do is we manage all of their communication. We say, listen, we’ll be your CML. Give us all your communication. Give us all your website, we’ll rebuild it. We’ll do all your email marketing. We’ll do all your social media marketing, we’ll do all your content creation.
We’ll create everything for you on a regular basis from print to digital, to offline, to postcards, to everything. Yes, it’s a pain in the ass sometimes to build those systems, but you’ve got resources here that helps you build those things, right? I built these things myself, so, but by doing that, you create all of you. You create somebody that’s gonna rely on you regularly and they’re going to consistently pay you, okay? Clients struggle with this backend converting leads into customers, right? This is the other part of the process. When you fix that problem for them. You know, a lot of times people what they’ll do is they’ll just run ads, right? I’ll get you opportunities and it’s not my problem if I’m going to actually it’s not my problem if you’re going to close them or not. We need to be vested in their success.
When I always say, I don’t work for you, man, I work with you. We’re going to do this together and we’re going to figure out what we’re going to have to do in the front on, you know, on the clothes. And a lot of that, 95% of the time I actually fly into the clinic and I work with them inside their office to see exactly what is going on. I fixed up their closed process right inside their clinic. The other thing that, that it does, it puts a face to the name. And when I go there and I shake hands and I break bread with somebody, my retention stays longer. Okay? So that’s what a true expert really does. And you’ve got to go in there and actually look at their business from the inside out versus just looking at it and say, well, we’ll just generate some leads and hopefully that you close them.
Okay? So like I said, you’ll be a service provider that’s integral to their success, not a commodity that they can replace by this time tomorrow. Hey, we’ll be providing extremely high amounts of value to your clients. Each new clients were 5k plus to them. And this will allows you to allow you to easily charge $15,000 a month or even more. And I’m going to draw it out for you in, in a, in a few minutes and I’ll show you exactly what I’m kind of talking about so that you guys get a visual of it. So here’s the other thing, right? Like would you pay somebody 15 k a month to bring you an endless supply of to k five K or 10 k clients? Of course you would, right? But there’s certain things that you have to build in order for you to do them. And I always say that to my clients. I’m like, you’re not ready. You’re not ready to take on the flood of business that were potentially be able to come in and do. So there are certain things that I build from the inside that is going to help them gear them up. So when we do launch Google ads or bing ads or Facebook ads or anything like that, it’s going to work for them.
Here’s a strategy number two, that retention shift, right? Like A, like Chad said earlier, there’s retention is an epidemic and and especially for the digital agencies, like people are jumping from one end to the other to the other and all they’re doing is they’re seeing these ads constantly and people are going out to the same markets and they’re just jumping from one person to the next to the next. And so once you have to do is basically, you know, we want to become our marketing life support and that’s why I said for most days in the number one client number one issue is is client retention Kloss to acquire one new customer, right? Is seven times that more have to keep your current in retain the customer that you already got. Okay, so why is this happening? Let me, let me explain this for you guys for one second.
A lot of the times when you take on a client, you’ll start to run ads. You could do a funnel and you’ll build a website and all that. The first thing that we do is we look at what is their database? Who Do we have in their database, and we can create a reactivation or an email marketing campaign so that we can actually create a great win right in the beginning because they, most of the Times, I would say 95% of the businesses that we work with neglect their database and they’re always going after new business all the time and it’s like, man, wait, before you ever go in and start acquiring new business, what about those people that you’ve neglected for so long? Let’s create a campaign for those. Let’s win them over because you’ve already sold them. It’s a lot easier to sell to somebody that’s already bought from you and to sell to somebody that’s never bought from you. So let’s create a reactivation campaign. In the first month, what we do is we build out the website and then we’ll create in the first six or eight weeks, we’ll build out reactivation. We don’t even do any ads. Here’s the thing, a lead, a contact visit and a patient, right? Each of those areas are different conversion rates, okay? So this is a funnel part of, of the, of this process. So what I’ll do is I’ll spleen in a little bit here.
Let’s see if I can actually pull it up. OOPS, food. Let me see if I can get this on Chad. Yeah, no worries brother. Guys, you guys like on the same page. Everybody caught up right now while Bob sets up, can we get a 450 and chat? Everybody shake, get up, stand up, shake your off guys. Let’s go because we’re just on number two.
Shake it up for 15 chat. Let’s go.
So here’s the thing, right? So if you looked at my previous slide, there are more people that are coming in and a lot of the guys, what they’re doing is they’re just focusing on this area, right? So they’re driving in Facebook ads, they’re driving in Google ads and they’re driving him in here and they’re saying, hey listen, we’ll get you 30 opportunities and we’ll get you this. And everything is stopping in this prospect space. That’s it. Most people are just stopping right here. And so for, in order for you to be a trusted advisor, you can’t just stop there. You gotta help them get that prospect to an appointment. They got appointment, has got to actually show up to a consultation, right? And then they got to close dollars. The reason why I actually go in inside of businesses is because I want to know if they’re closing the money, right?
Because that directly reflects how much they’re going to pay me. Cause if I can help them close more, I’ll actually make more. And that’s why we increased the average value of the customer on a regular basis. So here you might have a conversion rate of 50% and then 50% here. So you’re losing at each level clients, right? And so you have to be able to create a system and a process to help them with this. So let me give you an example. In here. You’ve got Facebook ads in here. What about a scripting, a script, training or call tracking and recording for their current people, right? So that you can get on the phone and say, Hey Mary, maybe you should say like this versus this, and here’s a great script that you can use, right? There’s value in this at each level, there’s value in here.
You see most people are just putting the value there, but there’s value here. Value here. Here’s also, what about a show campaign? Hey, listen, there’s a lots of times that you get somebody on the phone and they say, yes, I’ll come in for appointment, Bob, but that guy doesn’t show up, right? Why? Because maybe there’s not enough reminders, maybe not enough email campaigns, text message campaigns. Maybe there’s no social marketing. Maybe there’s no bot. Whatever it is that you’re going to do, you have to be able to create something where it’s going to allow them to show up to that appointment. Okay, here, here. So are you guys getting this? Like at each lesson is amazing. The each level that you create, you build more value. Just think of this 00010001000 you see what I mean? Right? At each level I’m building value, value, value. I just put $1,000 there. You can charge whatever it is, okay? I don’t just say, well, I’m gonna charge you 1000 here. I just roll it all into one price. Just so you guys know. Okay? So now I’m gonna be like, okay, they’ve closed a client. But guess what? Guess what happens after they close a client?
I’ll tell you what happens. They actually have to deliver the service, right? So how many of you guys actually go into a business and you’re like, man, I’m super stoked about this company. And they sell you and the does something, everything great from a prospect to become an appointment to a consultation and they’ve closed you. And then the delivery just sucks, right? So many times the delivery of it just sucks. So when you go and you start to look at it and you say, man, let’s look at your delivery of this service. How are you delivering? How are you, how are you building the wow factor with your clients, right? How are you building that wow factor? Because it’s going to directly create more business in our next phase, which is resell, right? Because if you deliver something and you create a result for that person, the next thing that you’re going to do is you’re going to say, hey, listen, I know that you bought this product. What about this product? So can you go into the businesses that you are dealing with and say, hey listen, maybe they need a warranty for this product or maybe they need this, or maybe they need that. Yeah, of course you can. So you can start to create a resell program and then also a referral program.
So these are the six or seven stages that you take somebody through and you can just show them saying, hey listen, this is, this is the area. Tell me about your delivery program. Tell me about your resale program. Tell me about your referral program. And in each of these areas you can actually build it out for them. This is how you build massive, massive amounts of value. And I think just to add on, like I think where most people are stopping right is right after the actual lead phase. Like a lead comes in and then that’s it. It’s like right. And, and
That’s, that’s a huge problem because God’s, if you guys are not working directly like dashboards, we’ll go out, we’ll, we’ll run campaigns, we’ll get leads. Right? But you guys also need to be able to work with the businesses. Like Bob said, build. Like in our retail agency, we build rapport as we build relationships, people know me on a first name basis. That’s why they do business, right? So you have to have that guides and you have to work also after the lead comes in, like going through and doing like creating programs like resells and upsells and stuff like that. Creating script for the actual customers that you’re working with. See, you need to be able to do these things guys. And if you agree with what Bob is saying, I’m just going to say, let me get a five 49 in the chat. Go. Let’s wake up everybody. Let’s go. Yeah. 49 49.
Alright. Everybody’s awake. Good. Making sure.
Keep it visual. You know, I learned this whole process from a visual standpoint, like drawing it out like this. So when I drew this out, you guys understood it a lot better than probably just me talking about it, right? And it’s very, if you have a chance and you know, maybe just post it in the the chat. If you have been to a timeshare presentation, those guys are rock stars. In fact, every time I go on a holiday, I’ll go to a timeshare presentation because what they’ll do is they’ll draw it out for you. They’ll make it look so valuable for you that you’re spending and wasting money on vacations or on this or that. You know, when you go there, they will actually, you know, map it out for you and they built so much immense value in, they’ll show you things and it’s like, man, I gotta buy this thing, right?
Like I’m stupid. You know, I gotta buy it. But they visualize everything when they’re building it out for you. So really sort of look at it that way. Keep it in sixth grade language, man. Don’t talk about funnels, don’t talk about automation sequences and that kind of thing. Like these guys don’t understand that shit right there. Like a lot of them just, hey listen, you know, wouldn’t it be cool if we got a website and then when they filled out a form, they automatically got an email letting you know and thanking them. Like you got to basically build it down to that level. Right. A lot of them don’t, they don’t speak our, our, our language. So a lot of the times, sometimes what we do is we build you know, quiz campaigns. We get some engagement, that kinda thing. We get them into the contact. We go through that whole process like I talked about. We’ll implement [inaudible] SMS text messaging in the appointments phase. So we’ll do SMS reminders, that kind of thing. 98% read rate they’ve read been within three minutes or less before, over and over emails. Like I said, we help our clients with their sales process, given the receptionist stripped and tracking everything on the back end so we can optimize it over time, putting the most dollar in their pockets, making them absolutely love us. Okay. There’s something that we use as a call tracking platform. Managing the whole patient experience is how you maximize sales, right? If you can have your hand in each one of those processes, you’ll be able to maximize your sales. If you’re good and you really don’t, you just need to know what it is that they’re doing wrong. You see, if you can come in and plug a leak inside of the inside of somebody’s business, they will love you. I’m not asking you to plug every single leak because a lot of times there’s a ton of leaks, but if you can plug and find out that one major pain point and work on that consistently and just plug that, they will love you.
Right? This is something that we created, which is the prospect appointment consults and closed process. It’s like this a, we call it a 10 x growth plan blueprint. And these are the different sort of, we use it in a visual format. I use a lot of cartoons, comic books, that kind of thing. And if you guys were at funnel hacking live, you probably saw against Calco out there doing all the cartoon stuff. He’s my cartoonist and that’s the guy who builds all my stuff. I’ve been using it for 15 plus years, but we kind of outline our whole process and when we go in to a a business, we do something like this and we kind of show them exactly why we’re, you know, why we’re doing what we do kind of thing.
As chief marketing officer is the only thing that your client has to worry about is dealing with clients. That’s powerful, right? This is the benefit of adding more value. Clients never leave our clients stay with us 18 plus months because it’s nearly impossible for clients to leave if you are their life support. Right? Like I said, you know, dash is going to support you guys and give you everything and tools that are necessary to be able to create a great result for your clients, but you gotta be that client facing person. You got to actually be involved in their business. Right?
Like I said, do so much. They can’t live without you. Right? It makes sense. By now you probably are starting to see how we can charge 80 to a hundred k to work with someone, our clients and all add up to a lot of work and resources for each client and then the self management shift. And so I’m going to stop kind of right here, right? Actually I’ll go a little bit further now at this point, understanding how to five k a month would be a win for most agencies. Anyone can do that. The real value is when you can start charging $5,000 plus and have systems processes in place that allow you to scale five 10, 1520 plus clients per month without overwhelm. And really Chad’s done a amazing job to be able to allow you guys to do that. Guys, I did everything that Chad did in his business and that’s what I said right in the beginning of the conversation and our presentation was that, listen, we worked our asses off to create systems and processes to make your guys’s lives a ton easier, right?
And he’s done a fantastic job. If you plug in to their business and their people and their services, then you know what? You can scale the 20 plus clients, 30 plus clients, a hundred plus clients per month without overwhelm. Right? When I tried to scale it was, it was complicated. I have my own software solution that I use and built because out of the need of for us to be able to go in and manage these clients ourselves. So we were killing ourselves in the process. But man, like you’ve guys got a wealth of a wealth of stuff available at your fingertips. So that’s all I wanted to talk about on the step three is finding a process and a system that you guys can use that will allow you to scale 200, 200 plus clients per you know, agencies. So it’s like, well, let’s get some love going for Bob. Like Bob, I’m sitting here like I’ve been on the agency space since 2009. Right? I’ve been through tons of clients, I’ve been through employees, I’ve been through building the process and the systems. The software is actually right and that shit is not easy. It is not easy at all. And for most of you guys who are beginning right now, we’re at maybe within the first six months or the first year, even two years of going and building out your agents needed scaling. Like the things that, and I said that in a couple of the other marketers mindset videos, like the tools and technology that dash league provides, like people like Bob, like the coaching and stuff like that. Like we didn’t have that when we first started in 2009 like I learned everything off of Youtube.
I had to struggle my way through and go out and like hire people and go through hundreds of employees just to find one good person. And if you think about that, that’s like millions of dollars in expenses just to buy. Find one going through hundreds of softwares to find one software that actually works in building a protocol. Every software that we use and then we switched in software. It’s like shit, that wasn’t a good software to get it out of the way. Let’s build a brand new one. Now we’ve got to rebuild the whole protocol and go through the whole system and retrain all the employees in like shit. Like if I had something like Dash Max and if I had coaching that Bob provides in like these systems and these protocols and these marketing mindset videos like at my fingertips at my disposal, like how easy is it right now to just go sell a client, drop them in for fulfillment, go through the platform and have the client go to the platform.
Like you just got to learn how to use dash and that simple like does everybody understand what’s happening now with the agents in spades? Like it’s getting so oversaturated, but like the people who are niching down, right? The people who are going through maybe like the higher end clients, like Bob said, like it’s perfect, right? Go after the guys who can pay you more money. Like you just make sense. Is everybody on the same page guys? Can we get like a Bob, pick a number, let them throw a number, any number you want Bob guilt. Let’s go. Lucky number seven is give me three, seven, seven, seven, seven, seven in the chat go like, are you guys understanding this? Like the mindset is shit. Like everything is so easy for you guys now where you can take it run.
Yeah. The other thing is is like those higher end clients are easier to close. Like they, they understand it. If you give them a pro, they understand that. They’re like, okay yeah I got a problem there. My receptionist is doing this. I love somebody that can just manage to take this all over. I’m sold. Okay, you can justify it. It’s done. It’s so easy for to close these, the harder ones become taking a person that isn’t conditioned to pay you for free, you know, free service that you’re giving them and then saying, okay, well I’ve generated this for you now and you’d be like, well I haven’t really like those are the hardest ones to convert because they don’t want to part with their money cause they don’t have it. It’s like going to like, just a true life example. I’ve seen it happen inside of DashClicks, it happened with other agencies that are inside of the community. It’s like they’re going out and they’re doing that like three the free performance based ads, right? They’re picking up an ecommerce store that just opened a Shopify drop shipping center and now they want to make millions of dollars and haven’t made one sale and now you’re the person that’s going to go and service them and start their business. Why would you do that? Just go start your own business. Like it doesn’t make any sense. Right? So what Bob is saying is 100% great goal after businesses that are established, right? And for us when we were doing like our criteria, cause we used to have a call center, right? And we used to use a software called sales genie, right? And most of you might be familiar with sales genie.
It’s owned by Infogroup, I think it’s like 99 bucks a month. You can go and you can like filter through data and we use the call center, right? Each one of our sales reps had a sale genie counter. That sales unit count, they would go and we would say, all right, we want to target all the roofing companies, but the filter data is what was the most important ones. We want to target all the roofing companies that have been in business for more than three years, so we know that there are established that have more than five employees that are doing more than 750 k in revenue annually. Right. These, this was our target market. We weren’t going after Bobby, the painter who just open, who’s working by himself with no employees who is just literally has one truck with a pink bucket and a paintbrush.
He’s not going to be able to pay you the five k that you’re looking for a month to run Facebook ads or do Google ads and SEO. Right? Like that’s what I’m saying, like the mind shift that you just dropped in here is literally amazing. Even for me because I learned stuff on every one of these videos that I do like just because I’ve been in this for 10 years, it doesn’t mean that I know everything. Right. So I hope you got sick, your screenshots, that’s for damn sure. I hope you check your screenshots guys. You want to do some Q and a. Bob, I’m sure these people have like tons of questions. We’ll drop in some Q and A. Yeah, for sure. Let’s see. All right guys. So let’s do some Q and a. Just go on and into dropping your questions. I have Facebook open and I have zoom open.
So for either on the Facebook group, the marketer’s mindset Facebook group, you can drop in questions. I’ll look at it there. If you’re on zoom and you want to drop in some questions, go ahead and drop in questions me and Bible both enter as many questions as we can for you guys. We’ve got some time. Then we’ll also give away some swag bags and then you’ve got something really awesome to tell you guys. So hang tight. Okay, so Joe said, so suppose that’s how you target them for an outsource client acquisition campaigns. So I suppose that’s what you target them for an outdoor. Yeah. So it’s different when you’re doing, like when you’re talking about like client acquisition campaigns on Facebook, you’re only limited to target like a certain group of people, right? That’s where a lot of people are going after. Like the dentists, the Chiropractors, right?
Because they, those are essentially high ticket clients are the ones that can bring up the value ladder. Dentists or dental practice will have money to pay you versus like somebody else. I’m an easy to target. We can target people who are, who are dentists on Facebook, they are literally telling Facebook that there are dentists, right? Or they’re telling Facebook they’re a chiropractor or an accountant or whatever it is. Right? So when you’re talking about like outsourcing or not outsourcing, talking about doing like outbound style campaigns like that through Facebook it’s limited, right? But when you’re like Bob, does it only do outreach on Facebook? Like Bob, why don’t you tell him, cause I learned this from some of the, some of the events like I know we both spoke at Ryan students funnel closer event, right? And I heard you were talking about like how you actually, you don’t even run Facebook ads a lot of times it’s like you go to events, right? Maybe you can talk to them a little bit about that because that, that blew my mind.
Yeah. So especially in a, it, depending on what niche you guys are in, like there’s certain things that have to happen. Like, so for example, I’m in the medical space, so doctors have to, you know, keep up their education and we call it CME credits, right? So continuing education credits that they have to get every single year. And really the, the ones that are making a lot of money, we’ll go to the smallest groups. And so if you can get inside these small organizations, so if you look around wherever, whatever state you’re in or whatever city you’re in, each one of them have associations. And those associations are usually started by a doctor or started by a dentist or something like that. And you’d go to him and you’d say, Hey, listen, I want to be able to speak or I want to be able to put a table there at your next event.
And if you can do that and you can deliver it, then you’ll have that whole market basically cornered. And that’s kind of how I did it is basically go into to those areas. Listen, if you think of, think about this for a second. A high profile doctor is not on Facebook, right? He doesn’t have time to go on Facebook. He has other people that are doing Facebook for them. So every time that we’ve acquired somebody from Facebook ads, I would say probably one out of two drop within the first three months. I’m not kidding you. And the reason being is they’re seeing the ads of everybody else. They’re seeing the ads of like, I’ll do it for free. And so their, their mind is peeked in and it’s telling me that and they don’t have anything else, just go through their feeds. And we, we struggled with that like a couple of years back.
We struggle with and I’m like, after that we’re not running any more Facebook ads. We’re going to put all of our stuff into events. So last year, you know, we did like 30 events and you know, we did a ton of ton of business. I’d get up, I’d speak at these conferences. Some were invited, some I just paid for them because it’s the customer acquisition costs. I knew specifically if I was like, if I’m going after 50 doctors and there’s 50 doctors in the audience, I knew I would close 20% of the room and I would just do the math. That was my number. You know, don’t go to big events, go to the small events, they’re cheaper and you get one on one time with people. You could explain yourself.
Perfect example, I literally just did one of those, I did one for real estate agents and developers, mostly estate agents. And it was like a Broward County real estate association where they had an event. They hired me to come out and talk about Facebook ads and funnels and how they’re so powerful for the real estate market. Right. So I think there was like a hundred people in the room. I went, I did my speaking event where they paid me to actually come and speak at the event. Right. And then there was a hundred people and then after we had like this little table where I had two of my employees sitting at the table with application forms and at the end of the event I didn’t say anything. It wasn’t a sale. We just at the end of the round like, Hey, if you want, you know, maybe if you don’t want to do this yourself.
And I showed them how to go out, how to build funnels, how to build a Facebook campaign. It was like an hour and a half thing. If you don’t want to do it, you know we can help you do it. We have it. We have a table right over there. He’s walk over there and fill out an application form and we’ll reach back out to you after the show. And I know you guys mostly were local. You can either come by the office or we can set up a zoom call or a phone call and discuss how we can build this out for your real estate agent or your real estate agency or your brokerage. There was a lot of brokerages there. Right. And what happened is, is that when they left, we got like 20 applications that actually filled it out. Out of the 20 applications. I think we did like 40 or 50 canes sales on building out funnels and Facebook ads because there’s going to be people that are going to go and they’re gonna want to try and do it themselves.
And there’s going to be a small group of people, which is more than enough and more than what you need that we’ll want you to do it for them cause they just don’t want to do it. They don’t know how to do it. They don’t want you to learn how to do it. They don’t care. And those are the guys with the money. Yeah, those are the guys [inaudible] listen man, that sounds all great. Here’s my credit card. Just can you do it for me? Like I don’t feel like just dealing with it. Like I don’t want to know how to do this funnel thing and running Facebook ads and retargeting and custom audiences. Like I don’t just go do it here. Here’s 10 grand, you’ll build me a funnel and a package. We do the same way. Like we just get up 30 45 minutes, speak our booth is next door at the end of the thing.
Yeah, we had a booth too. We just teach him very, you know, six straight language. We teach them on what’s going on out there and hey listen you know, our booth is back there if you have any questions. Exactly. And for those of you guys who like, I think I actually have one of my employees record it on Facebook and I think I uploaded the video of me speaking in front of everybody. So you can actually watch that whole speech on my personal Facebook page. So if you go to my, just go to Chad Cadbury, Frederick Crespi, I don’t care. I’ll approve you. You can go down my feet. If you’re thinking about doing this and you don’t know like what to say or what to talk about, you can literally watch my whole speech. It’s there for you to watch. Okay guys. So we’ve got some of the questions that are driven, said, Bob, this one’s for you.
What does a typical sales cycle look like for high ticket clients? They probably take more than one called a close. How long does it take to typically bring in high ticket clients? So what’s that sales cycle look like? So our anywhere between three to five weeks is how we closed them. But we have a very specific process. So when somebody comes on and they do an application they’ll book an application, we get them to a set call. So I don’t do the set call. I don’t do any of the close calls anymore. But when I did basically the set to the close in between that, so we’d set them, making sure that they have all the right criteria so that when Bob goes through his whole process that they’re going to be ready to go. At that point in time, but in between that set and close, we’ll send out a shock and awe box and we’ll FedEx it to them right before our meeting. And the shock and awe box has got, you know it’s got water bottles, it has my comic book, it has my actual book, it has a video card. I’m looking forward here, I don’t have it but it’s just right there. It has a video card with a personal message that basically explains, hey listen, I’m looking forward to contact some building value with them. You know, beforehand, like with all the email sequences and campaigns. And so when they do come on the call that we’re going to close them. You know, I have very, very few people that don’t actually give them my credit card. They don’t give me their credit card information or we do now right over the phone, you know, so that process can take anywhere between three to five weeks.
I love it man. Love it. So that’s like outside of the box thinking that’s like not doing the same thing as every other marketer, right. You’re sending them a box or doing personal phone calls, you’re touching base with them. It’s like I know you’re going to the events, meeting them personally. Right. So it’s, it’s a completely different approach guys. We got some more questions. So Brock ass, do you include ad spend in the 15 k a month retainer? So that’s actually a good question. You had type of like Google ad spend or Facebook ad spend or anything like that?
Yeah, we’ll do a little bit. It just depends on the client really. Some we don’t, some we do depending on, you know, the, the amount of work that we’re going to have to do on certain things. So awesome. Sometimes we won’t, I always say this to like like I showed you guys if I’m just getting, you know, if I’m taking on a five k client or a 65 cause that’s really kind of where we start, five and 6,500 and then we upsell them to additional stuff. But if I’m taking on [inaudible] you’re right. Honestly, make sure everybody’s on the same page. I don’t take any projects stuff, I don’t do set up fees. I don’t want to write up a monthly. But what I always say to them is for the five key, I said, listen, in the first 90 days or before that, I’m going to try to figure out how much we can acquire a patient for.
So I’m going to work with your staff on how we can get somebody into your office. And then after that 90 days, it’s on you. My fee doesn’t change. So they like that because it’s like, okay, well he’s working with us, he’s putting his money that we’re paying him, you know, and and they kind of, they like, they like that. And then after the 90 days, once we figured that out, then we’ll say, hey listen, this is how much we can acquire a patient for, whether it’s 150 200, $300, how much do you want?
And then we’ll ask them for more as beautiful, beautiful. Zay, that’s the question says how, how to close establish vigorous ends if you don’t have a strong portfolio of clients. If you don’t, I mean maybe it is your first time going out, picking up like your first or second client, like you might have like a lot of these books and presentations and all the stuff for how do you do that if like you’re just starting?
Yeah, I mean you, like I said man you I when I first started I co-branded and so you got dash clicks, you’ve got guys that like you can build a portfolio, you know, I’m sure if you said, Chad give me some websites that you built, give me this, give me that. I need to build this thing. He would write.
Yeah, we have a couple of case studies inside of Dash tricks that you guys can use and we’re working on building out a ton of more case studies and also we’re working on building a white label portfolio that you guys can eat. So you can include videos and like all that stuff. Yeah. And I’m telling you, man, it’s dropped at simple. But if you’re asking me a question, like, if you’re just starting off, I would say I like a lot of times there’s just so much fake shit that’s going on in the world, right? It’s just say to say to the person, say, man, I’m just starting out. I want to knock it out of the park. This is a business that I’m in. I’ve got such a passion for it and I want to do this and I want to help you with it. Like, just be real with somebody. If somebody came to me and said that, I’d be like, man, I’ll give you a shot. Right? And I think we try to like go around everything and build these, you know, slick campaigns. And sometimes, especially if you’re starting out as just like, Hey, I will, you know, bend over backwards and do whatever I need to do to get this as a success because I want more, I want more clients and just be real with them. But you, you’ve got, you’ve got case studies, you’ve got all that stuff at your at your disposal. Love it. Love it
Guys. Guys. Anybody got any other question before we go on to do some swaggy bag and giveaways and then I’ll talk to you about something really cool that’s happening. Any other questions? Last and final chance before me and Bob Stop entering your questions. Any final questions? And by the way, like in case somebody wants to follow you, I’m working, they reach out to you and you probably have social media channels and stuff like that.
Yeah. You just a, you can follow me on Instagram. Bob Mangat is the Bob Man. JT, you can go watch my story. I have less clients, more And yeah, those are pretty much the two areas that I’m kind of kind of on. There’s a couple of questions in the Q and a if you, if you want me to answer.
Yeah, let’s go to it. I didn’t see that. So Carl, Carl said, what practice off we’re using infusion or this or like the followup. What do you use for like follow up sequences?
Yeah, so I built my own ever genius and that’s what we use for email, voice and texts. Yep. Before that I was using infusionsoft and mail chose patching a bunch of shit together. And that’s kind of the reason why we ended up building our own stuff has got as, it’s like I’m sick and tired of all this other stuff.
And I, I’m in the same boat as you probably that originally we built dashboards for our agency, which is crazy. And they were like, you know what? Maybe other people can use those. We could give it to everybody and see what happens. Yeah. Matt says isn’t it, isn’t it tough to be responsible? Is there something you’re responsible and an expert for every single step of the customer’s cycle verse drilling down on acquisition, for example. So I’m assuming it’s like, is it, is it basically hard to go into the actual business and actually go into like every step and you know, you know, what’s hard is losing a client after a month, that’s fucking hard. You know, that sucks. So of course it’s going to be tough and of course it’s going to be a little bit more difficult. But once you create that, the money is there, you’re going to keep them longer term. Right. That’s tough. Like I, I hate that when we lose a client. It’s just even if we lose a client out, I mean it happens to us, happens to everybody, but even when we lose a client after 18 months or two years, I get pissed man. Even though I’ve created the amount of money that I wanted to create, it’s because men, I’m like, why did we lose it? Or how did we lose them? What or where did we fall short? What do we need to do to get better? Did we not serve us in this way? Like what? Where did this fall off? You know, because that’s the recurring revenue. That’s, that’s what we all thrive on.
It’s retention. Like if you’re not, if you’re not retaining your clients, you’re going to answer real forever. Like you can, you can go out right now and use Bob’s approach and get a six came on client and then if you’re not retaining them and they cancel next month, you’re going to have to do that again next month. And then your, they’re going to cancel a month and you don’t have to. So like don’t do that. Like retain your clients, focus on retention. Right. And communication is for us like one of the big ones. So like make sure you guys are communicating with your clients. Right. Matt asked another question. How do you deal with the quality pushback? Like maybe like the lead quality, like maybe the lead, like you said like, oh the leads aren’t good, or whatever the case may be. Like how do you deal with something like that? Is it just like, oh, you like going into like optimizing and tweaking, I’m assuming, right?
Yeah. It’s all about expectations, right? Or commitments that you set up with your clients right in the beginning. If you already know that the lead qualities have sucked and tell them on the front, it’s just be real and say, hey, listen, you know what? The lead quality might suck right in the beginning. But as we refine it, we understand, we go through the prospect to close process. We work with Mary at the front desk, we work with you on the close. The leads, eventually we’ll get better and better and better. And so, you know, I got a couple of positions that are open in my, in my business, and a lot of these guys, like I have, I’m looking for a social media marketer, right. To manage all my other stuff, but I don’t manage. And so they’ll come to me and say, man, I can get you x amount of business. I can get you x amount of business. And I’m like, I don’t want that. That’s not the result I want. I want you to create great content, great images, and post it for me. I don’t need you to grow my business. That’s my job. Yep. Right. That’s my job. And so, you know, you have to kind of understand that part of the process. And if you can help them with that one leak that they’re, that they’re finding, then, then it’ll be a lot better. You know, love it. Brock had a question he said, brought said says, should we have three different packages to close from or just like one set price? Like, I guess when you’re at the end and you’re doing your little stack and then like, should you close three, give them options or one.
Yeah, I always say like, if you’re not at, you know, the position that we’re at in our agencies, then do what I did when I first started. And so when I first started, I built tiers. Now I just command the dollar that I want, but I, but I build it up, shotgun off emails, videos, testimonials, case studies, comic books, you know, patient journey maps. Like I build it up. So I’m able to command that. If you don’t have that, then you’ve got to have choice for them because somebody might not be able to spend that money that you might want. So you know, I’ve got a, if you go to the youtube page, I got this thing called the the ideal lifestyle. A lot of times we get into business. I’m trying to figure out like how much money we’re going to make per package. The ideal lifestyle videos that I did, there’s like one to two videos I think really explains how to create the perfect agency so that you can go out there and charge what you want to charge and know that it has to do with your ideal lifestyle and your ideal the way that you want to live.
Amazing. Guys, any other questions? We’re about to get. It wasn’t close at the Q and a last. Guys, we’ll pick one last question. If anybody’s got one last question, drop it in right now. We’ll give you guys 30 seconds and if not, we’re just gonna continue. We’re gonna keep rolling and also at the same time dropping the three 33 if you love what Bob is saying, can we get a three 33 if you’re, if you guys are on social media and you’re watching this on the Facebook, the marketer’s mindset Facebook group, guys hashtag lives you’re watching. Lodger Hashtag replay for watching replay hit the love button. Just like, just keep tapping her love button. Get us pumped up guys. Cause the more you can get us pumped up, the more you know, the more you want to share with you guys. All right, let’s go straight to Q and A.

  1. What I’m going to do is, Bob, I’m going to let you give out like two swag bags. So if you can, you can ask me questions. Kind of what we do at the end of every marketer’s mindset video. If those of you guys don’t know what a swag bag is, we’re going to be giving you guys a tee shirt of your size. Cool marketers mindset tee shirt with a nice little quote on the back, right? We’re going to be giving you guys a metal pin. We’re going to be giving you guys the dash clicks mouse pad of bags. So a bunch of cool stuff. We’re gonna put it in there and send it straight to your door. Okay. So Bob, if you can just go ahead and ask them any question that you want and we’ll let everybody drop in shots and then we’ll pick your favorite answer and we’ll send them swag. Die.

Yeah. Cool. So any question that you want, any question? What is the biggest for those of you guys, I don’t know what from, you know, let’s just, let’s just start with this. Like what is the biggest challenge that you are facing today? Right now? Because I always say this, I gave you don’t get stuff done today. Tomorrow is going to be a mess and that’s just gonna keep going and going and going. Right? So what is your biggest challenge right now today so that we can solve that for you and get you moving.
Biggest challenge in your agency or your business guys dropping into chat. If you’re on the Facebook a marketer’s mindset, you can drop into the chat there or read those out. I don’t know Bob has that open or not, but if you’re inside of the actual zoom, go ahead and drop it
In the chat. So Jeremy said Gerald Pollack’s had sodded leads, coral said cashflow. Matt says clients only focused on ROI. They’d said high quality lead generation and conversions. See what else we got going. Go ahead and drop it in the chat. Guys. What is the biggest hurdle in your business? Jeron said, defining my client Avatar, John and Scott says, getting leads that are actually our quality clients to go after one pitch.
Defining my client Avatar. I like that one. The finding my client after to actually like that too. Chase said, connecting with the owners,
Defining your client Avatar will allow you to close more clients, will allow you to get more money and will allow you to get away from the competition that you think that you have.
Love it now we got a winner. Aye Jaron, winner. Winner, winner. Chicken dinner. Yeah, let’s do it. I Jared, go ahead and just a lot a login through dashes account. Open up a live chat and just say I was the winner of the swag bag and we’ll send you out a swag bag. Go. all right, let’s ask one more question. Get thrown another question.
I have no idea. Stumped. I’ll throw one out. You ready guys? What was the, on this marketer’s mindset call, what was the biggest thing that you learned? The biggest takeaway. What was the biggest takeaway that you learned from Bob during this call? Drop it in the chat right now. Go. Go, go, go, go. Go. The biggest thing that you learned real quick.
Shift change. Phillip said, Walter said more money. More, more clients. I said more money. More pounds. Matt said Bob is a bad ass. Joe said, becoming a trusted advisor. Walter said less. Ken said, go after big tickets. Williams said focus on client businesses a whole lot and not just prospecting. Walter said, client’s mirrors said, show them what CML, what? It seemed a little makes. Alicia said a how to target high ticket clients. Christian said a full stack marketer versus one full site marketer. Damn it. Too many people typing. Full-Stack marketer versus one trick pony. Amanda said determination. Guts. That posit positioning yourself as a COO versus the prospect. Derby said, why be more than a lead Gen guy is important. Oh, like Bible that you pick it.
Yeah, let’s go with Drouvee’s. I like that one. What? Being more, I mean that, that all kind of, once you have that shift, you will start to create, you know, other things in your business.
Drew me for his 987 swag bag. Congratulations. You’ll be one swag bag. I feel like on every live episode you just open up a live chat. We’ll send you a swag read just to remind me, bro. Right guys, I want to talk about something really quick, something amazing. Something’s going to blow your mind. Something amazing. Who’s ready for it? Bob? You’re gonna want to hear too. You’re going to love it. And you’d be like, Holy Shit, this is unreal.
Are you ready for what I’m about to show you? Are you ready? Ah, dammit. They’re working on it. But anyways, I’ll show you anyways. But guys, I’m okay. So I went live in the marketer’s mindset group a couple of days ago, like the last two days. And our affiliate program for most of you guys know, is launching pre-launch lists. So we’re letting 150 people in. First we start off with a hundred people. Then I spoke to Carlos, our developer, he’s like, [inaudible], let’s add another 50 people and we really want to test that we have thousands of people on a platform. Let’s let some people in because you guys took the time to join me on the marketer’s mindset. If you for some reason did not get into that 150 lists, I’m dropping a link below. Go, go, go dropping a link below, go, go, go follow that link. Follow the basic three instructions inside of that chat, which is log into your dash tricks account, open up a live chat and say, I want to join the affiliate pre-market list.
Once you do that, we will add you and we’ll get a tag you into the intercom system that we use. I’ll tag you and on March 1st, which is literally in like I think like tomorrow, Tomorrow’s March 1st tomorrow we’re going to fire off an email and we’re going to get 200 people and affiliate link guys and if those of you guys who are like, holy shit, as everybody’s been asking me about Dash and affiliate program, right? How easy is it to just go and get somebody to like watch free videos and learn free content and get access to a free plot form and like it’s like it’s a no brainer, right? So it’s for you guys as an affiliate, as affiliate marketers, it’s such an easy link to send out because you guys are likeminded individuals. You’d probably go to events, you probably hang out with other marketing agencies.
You probably have friends that are in this space that are freelancers or graphic designers or web designers, whatever it is. All you gotta do, shared link said say this is Dash, let’s go create a free account and what’s going to happen now this is another new thing. You guys are gonna blow your mind. We are opening up a sales department. Wow. Right? So what’s gonna happen guys? If you guys are, if you guys are watching me on Instagram, if you’re not watching me and Instagram is going to add chat, very hit the follow button. Boom. And you follow me. That’s it. Then you can watch my stories. Okay? For those of you guys who saw me yesterday, we actually stayed work. We stayed at the office late and we open up our call center. We have four seats that we build out in our call center and this is not a call center of what you think.
We are not doing outbound calls for people trying to sell them dash lists. We are going to be providing demos for new people that sign up. So if you are signing up dash we are labeling you as a, if you have not purchased a product, if you’ve not got a demo, if you don’t understand what dash licks is, we are labeling you a B. Our sales team is going to take you from a to B. That’s what they’re going to do. They’re going to, they’re going to go, they’re going to show you the demo. They’re gonna work with you on strategies are going to do the whole thing. These are not sales reps, these are marketing gurus that will literally, that are certified Dash Lakes personnel that know the platform inside and out. They’re going to show you how to use it, how it’s beneficial to your agency from ADB.
Why I’m telling you guys this is not because you don’t know how to use dash flex is because those people that you’re sending those affiliate links out to every single user that signs up this is going to happen like in the next week is automatically going to get an email that’s going to allow them to schedule a 30 minute session with a certified Dash Glitz Rep. It’s going to go over all of that. And what that’s going to mean for you is we’re going to be selling for you and you’re gonna be making commission. So that’s, that’s how powerful the affiliate program is. It just literally sharing that link and like bone guys, are you guys on the same page going to yell like a 400 in the chat? If you guys are here with me and you understand how powerful this is, okay? Now for those of you guys want to say just one last time, we’re only giving 200 people and a couple of thousand users who are waiting for this affiliate program.
We’re giving 200 people the links and we’re going to do that probably for about two or three weeks. Then we’re unlocking it to everybody and we’re letting the flood gates roll and everybody’s going to be in. Everybody’s going to be sharing their link with everybody. So why I’m telling you guys this is like a Willy Wonka ticket to the Golden Frickin factory, right? You have the, you have your link before anybody else has it. Okay, go out and share your link with as many people as possible. Go create a Facebook live video and tell them how powerful that’s what isn’t the platform and drop your affiliate link in. Don’t send an email to your whole list. Don’t on Facebook, sell it to all your friends. Create linkedin automation to all the agents yours and fire off your affiliate link like that is your affiliate link. Take a headstart.
It’s a lifetime cookie, which means when somebody signs up to your affiliate link, our system tracks that which will have a full dashboard which I wanted to show you, but unfortunately our Dev guys, we’re working on it. It’s not available at the moment. Let me refresh. Dammit Carlos. It’s not available at the moment, but it’s okay. You’ll have a full dashboard and just a couple of days where it’s going to track every single sale that’s been made. It’s going to track every user that signed up. It’s going to track everything. It’s like 30 metrics with graphs and links and it’s connected with stripe connect, so it literally we’re doing direct deposits. Boom on the first and the 15th it’s going right into your bank account. The commission’s all automated like super simple process. All you have to do, just take that link, get to a, we’re going to get those A’s and I’m going to turn them into bs for you and we’re going to help you make money.
That’s how awesome our affiliate program has guys, is everybody on the same page? Can we get like a 300 in the chat right now? If you guys are on the same page? That’s how powerful it is. So all you gotta do is just drop me to drop the Lincoln one more time cause you guys are coming on late. Just literally go ahead, click that link. It’s a messenger Bot link. It takes two seconds, follow the three sets and we’ll add you to the list. Once we had 200 we’re closing that list out and everybody else is going to get their link in about two or three weeks after that, boom, I let it out. I have to let it go.
Powerful. Maybe. I don’t know. Who knows what was that? I think you are muted. I don’t know. I can’t hear you Bob.
Oh yeah, yeah. Sorry. You were going, I was like, I had somebody coming here so I was like, Oh man, that’s awesome. That’s, that’s I guess sad man. Yeah, you guys got heavier. Everything there that is going to make you a successful man. If you don’t, you’re not successful with what all the services and the options and the things that are being provided. I mean, and you might want to look for a different career kind of thing. You know what I mean?
I love it, man guys. Alright guys. I think that’s pretty much it. We’ll wrap this marketer’s mindset up. I think this was like episode, I’m already losing count. I think there’s episode 10 of marketers mindset, which is, I’ll call it a decade of marketing mindset video calls. We’ve had you when Ryan Stewman. We’ve had only just even that Jeff funner. We have Dennis, you coming on in a couple of weeks. We had so many awesome people that are joining us in this channel, helping us build this community for you guys, the marketers, the agencies, the freelancers, like we’re doing this for you guys when we already know this stuff. Need Bob, right? Well, I know some of this stuff. I learned a lot of stuff from you today, Bob. Thank you for that, right? But we know most of the stuff. This is for you guys to help you guys educate, to help you guys excel, help you guys change that mindset as a marketer, right? Change the mindset as a marketer. So guys, thank you so much. Let’s stay. Bob, can we drop the 200 in the chat? Let’s give a little cock for Bob, right, for coming up and showing up and leveling up. All of you guys. Thank you so much, Bob. If you want to follow by just going to Bob, man, God following you, just Google him. I’m sure you’ll get everything that he has. Okay guys, any, any final comments you want to throw in there, Bob?
No, I mean, you know, just, just keep at it. You know, some days you might think that this is not worth it. It is, you know, me and Chad are, you know, we’re not that talented or that, like I said, right in the beginning of the of the presentation man, like I, I, you know, I dropped out of college. I didn’t have the opportunities. I didn’t have the money and, and and so we have all the tools and things that are necessary. You just got to put them to work. You know, it’s not the tools. That’s the problem. That’s not why you’re not getting the results is because you’re not showing up every single day. You’ve got to freaking show up. And if you do, you will get the results. And it’s taking, it takes time. It takes a little bit of patience. I always tell my students that I’m like, I will, I’ll last any person and that’s why we’re successful, right, is because we grind it out every single day.
Keep pushing, man. I even put a post, it’s funny that you say, I put a post in the marketer’s mindset group last night talking about that like not giving up on like pushing through things and going through obstacles like what you guys see like me and Bob, like these big agencies, these people, the two comma club path plaques, the whole studios, Lamborghini’s like is we got through that like after time we didn’t get that yesterday. We didn’t start yesterday and get that now. Right? So like stick with it like push through all the shit you’re going to fall on your ass. Get back up. Like that’s what you need to do to be successful. Whether you’re an agency owner, just own a business, whatever it is. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you want to be successful. You’ve got to push through shit, keep fucking pushing. Go Push. Right guys, I exhausted all my energy guys. Thank you again Bob. Thank you guys for joining off of marketers mindset, episode 10 I love all of you guys. I’ll see you guys in the next one. We’ll wrap it up by everybody. See you guys.

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