How to 10x Your Operations with INSANE Momentum in Sales
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 04:00 PM

How to 10x Your Operations with INSANE Momentum in Sales


What have you done in the past to grow your operations?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks talks about how you can 10x your business operations with INSANE momentum in sales! This video is a highlight from the second video of our YouTube series, Marketers Mindset.


Step number four.
How to 10 x your operations when insane momentum in sales and revenue. Yeah. Who wants to know how to get go from one client to a thousand clients? Three steps. That triggered the growth of my agency. Okay, guys, I’m going to walk you through this, some personal shit here. Okay. This is very personal stuff. I shouldn’t be sharing this with the public, but I’m going to do it because I love you and I want you to learn, okay? So this is probably all of the bs that I went through and what you should do. Who wants to hear that?
Okay, well, it’s the same about a million dollars in r and d right now. I’m about to give it to you. Who wants to do that? Well, that’d be cool. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Here we go. Here we go. First step, I decided to open up a small office and turn this into a local business. Okay? I worked for about three or four years inside of my parents house. Okay. This office that you guys are seeing right here is not a big office. This is literally enough for about three people. Three people could sit in that office, okay? And I opened up a little, and this wasn’t even my office, I shared an office with a good buddy of mine, okay. And he had this big open space and I had this little corner in the side, but I was like, you know what?
I want it to be a boss and I want it to do this the right way. I want it to have a place where I can invite customers over us for a meeting. So I said, screw it. I pulled the trigger and I was like, dude, let me rent out this space. You’re not using it. You don’t have nobody sitting here. Let me just rent it out from you. Okay? And I rented it out and I decided to open up a small office and turn into a local business. Step number two, to free myself so I can delegate my tasks. I hired my first employee, her name is Angie. That’s a picture of her right there in the office. Okay. My first employee. Okay. Okay. Step number three. I created a simple process using a project management system called teamwork. Okay. Teamwork is great. You guys can use it.
It’ll help you keep you guys organized. Okay. Now I was ready to actually scale my business. These were honestly the, I know they sound my new small, but these were honestly the things that allowed me to actually go out and scale my business. We go from the 10 or 15 or 20 clients that I had or whatever it was at the time, to actually hit a thousand clients. Okay. That at the beginning of 2000 and fell team 15 I felt like I was still missing something. Okay. He sees huge office space. It’s not mine. Okay. How was fun? This company’s called Matawan or media and they’re based out in Colorado. They were honestly my inspiration. I want it to be just like them. Okay. Big Office. Lots of employees. Awesome work. Okay. So I basically studied their business model and reverse engineer what they were doing and how they were doing it. What I realized next guys changed my life forever. Who wants to hear this? Life changing moment. Okay. Who wants to hear this? Life changing moment. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Who was it your this life changing moment, you know, you’ve got to build the momentum up, guys. Right? All right, here we go. Here we go.
Recurring revenue, recurring revenue. Guys, this basically means they were signing people up for service and charging them on a monthly basis, just like your cell phone bill or your cable provider. Right? All these elements had one thing in common. They were all needed. Okay, you need these things, right, and you had to pay monthly for them in order to keep the service going. The process was simple. Find the customer, make a sale, service them monthly, and get paid monthly. That was the model that they were using. It’s a huge company. Okay. Okay. That was a model that they were using recurring revenue. Okay, so I changed my business model. I started offering services in which people would pay me monthly for it. I stopped selling the one-off services like graphic design and business cards and designing Facebook pages and doing stuff like that. I stopped doing all that crap.
This is what I started doing. Search engine optimization. This guys and a lot of you guys are like really into like Facebook ads and stuff like that and that’s cool. We do a lot of Facebook ads and it works, but SEO guys. Okay. Okay, I see. Oh guys, sorry guys. I’m still a little sick getting over my cold. For most of you guys who were on episode one, you know that I lost my voice completely after that episode and I’m probably going to lose it again today. I feel it coming, but SEO guys, SEO is a powerful service. Google ad words, [inaudible] managing Google adwords accounts, social media management, and this can be Facebook ads, posting on their Facebook and Twitter pages, recurring website maintenance, having them pay you on a monthly basis to maintain the website. Here’s something in common here guys. Who’s ready to see what my next three years look like after I moved into that office?
Wants to see some money numbers. All right, let’s compare to compare with the stats from the previous three years. 2012 okay. 78 K and sales. This is like after I started picking up a little bit, okay. I started in 2009 do that answer in 2009 2012 I barely made shit. I don’t think I made anything. Okay. I’m s cause I had no process. I had nothing, okay. I learned nothing, okay. And I didn’t go to school. I didn’t go to college just for most of you guys know I didn’t take classes. I learned, I educated myself online alone. Okay. 2012 sent me to cane sales. Okay. 2013 97 cane sales, 2000 1,442 cane sales. Cute numbers. Right? It’s going up every single year. Pretty cute, right? Here’s the stats for the last three years after we changed our recurring based business model. Who wants to see those numbers?
Drop it. Yes, in the chat right now. If you want to see those numbers, I’m not going to give them away for free. I need some engagement here. People dropping us in the chat. If you want to see these numbers, everybody always wants to see the numbers. Huh? 2015 588 in sales. Look at that jump. Wow. What is that like? Four x five x, right? Probably more than that. 2016 817 Kane sales, 2017 1.2 $3 million in sales. Pretty cute, right guys? You see what happened when I switched two-way recurring business model [inaudible] over heroes, having people paying me for one off services and I was delivering the goods and that I probably never see them again and I’d have to scramble to go out every single day to find new customers here. These people were paying me monthly on a service, so what happened is I just kept stacking and stacking and stacking, making sure I’m providing good service, but stacking in, stacking in, stacking, and this was what a recurring base business model does for you guys.
My team was like, Woo. Hey, that’s what my team was like to call Carlos in the back. I was like, where the hell am I? [inaudible] This is what my team was like. Okay. If you guys want happy teammates, like this is an old picture. Just want happy teammates like this. Put yes in the chat. Drop it. Yes in the chat right now for me guys, you to build a team, you want to have happy employees, you want to be happy, you want to have a happy Christmas. You want to, yeah, all everybody’s excited. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here we go. By the way guys, I forgot to mention one really important thing. I also made it on the front page of the Miami Herald, which I’m just going to throw in there because I think it’s cool shit. Okay. I thought it was cool. That’s me. Front page, Miami business section.
That’s worthy. Pretty cool. Next, let’s recap guys. Total stats for nine years. 2009 eight grand in sales, 2010 18 cane sales, 2011 24 cane sales, 2012 78 2013 97 2014 one 42 2015 five 80 2016 eight 17 2017 1.23 you tell us, see what happened there guys, you see what happened right in between 2014 and 15 so for the, my company Social Agency has done 3 million, right? Over $3 million in sales and that’s not counting 2018 okay. Oh, there’s a shot from quickbooks just to prove it. Here’s the crazy part. In the last three years alone, when my company switched to a recurring based business model, we did $2,785,000 in sales. I would say probably like 85% of the sales out of the whole nine years. That average is two nine 283 imagine $28,000 a year. He knows me here. Okay. Who thinks that they can do that? So I basically had what I always dreamed of at growing the business. I was making money. I was my own boss, I had thousands of customers, I had full time employees and had a big office space. I had my dream car, which is a Lamborghini that I just purchased last week. For those of you guys who follow me on my Facebook page, I have my dream Wifi. I had everything that I wanted. So after all this, I’ll be honest with you guys, I didn’t feel fulfilled. I really didn’t.
And I know it sounds weird. You’re like, man, this guy has everything right. I don’t think I did. I really didn’t feel fulfilled. Okay. I always dreamed to have all these nice things and honestly I just wasn’t fulfilled. Okay. After all the hard work after everything I’d been through in the past nine years to build this all up to where it is now. I felt like I had a mini empire, but for what I just honestly, I didn’t understand guys well. I realized was that I had already surpassed my goals without even knowing. There’s a picture of me at the Lamborghini dealership last week. Over the last couple of years, I built a process that was so easy to manage and highly profitable. My process was so good. I literally put myself out of a job. I went to my office every day and had literally nothing to do.
Trust me guys, this isn’t a bad thing, okay? It was simply the results of making the four shifts that I just walked you guys through. Now, this isn’t fluff are untested ideas, guys, okay? This is practical information that I used to grow my seven figure plus digital marketing agency. Okay, so why did you show up today on this Webinar? Why are you here now? I don’t know why you showed up today, but it’s most likely one of these two things. One. You either want to start an agency and you don’t know where or how to get started. Or two, you already have an agency and you want to make more sales with predictability down to a dollar end date, guys, okay? Now, if that’s why you showed up, take a moment to consider what if you could, what if you could create service packages that are so in tune with what your target customer wants that they will pay you without a moment of hesitation.
What have you had powerless full systems that problem more of the right people into your door and gave you all the tools to deliver mindblowing results for them? Well, you had an entire team to help you grow and sustain this profitable powerhouse of the business guys, right? Who wants that? You guys want that? Guys? You’ve seen the results. You’ve seen the numbers, okay. And the results are not because I’m smarter. I’m not smarter than you guys, okay guys, and it’s not because I have no resources at my disposal. You saw, I started probably where most of you were just starting now with zero. I had nothing. Okay, guys? Yeah, but simply because I have a formula that works, one that has been years in the making guys nine years to be exact and continues to serve my business to this date. Okay? So the obvious question is how do you get the system set up and running so you can start seeing results quickly like this?
Okay, well, you’ve got some options. Option number one, he can go and do what most people do, which is go out in a loan or keep using the same strategies that don’t work the time suck, distress, defeat that they can continue to be your story. That can continue, right? That can be your story. If that’s what you guys want. No problem. Option number two, you can choose to build a digital marketing agency that reaches crazy income levels and as in measurable impact on the people you serve. Because guess what, guys? Your clients will be taking action. They will be seeing the results that you promised. They will become fierce advocates of what you have to offer. This is how you have a dang good time running an agency that transforms your life in the lives of your clients. Okay? Does everybody agree with me on this? Can you drop a hell’s yes in the chat with a z at the end of the hells? Hells yes. Exclamation point at the chat. If you agree with me, can I get some wealth people? Do you guys agree with me on these? You want to drop some rough? Who agrees with me on this? How’s it? Yes. Hell’s yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. We got love inside of the Webinar. Awesome. Now, at this point, you probably think that I’m going to try to sell you something, right?
Well, not I believe in pure value, guys. Okay? I’m not going to sell you anything. I’m not going to sell you a course [inaudible]. I’m not going to sell you these training guides or tutorials. I’m not going to sell you any of that stuff. This is the reason why I started dash clicks, okay? For those of you guys who don’t know what dashchle x is a screenshot of the dashboard. Okay guys. Beautiful Dashboard. Okay. One platform, one platform logins, one platform, proven processes. Guys, nine years of proven processes that our agency went through. Multiple Solutions, multiple solutions that you can offer your clients. Tons of different services. Okay. We have the best in class technology for agencies and it’s only going to get better. We have the certified production team where Google certified. We’re Google partners. Okay guys, we’ve been, we’ve been at this for years.
Free education, which is huge. Free education. Jump into our education center. Watch videos, jump in on a weekly live broadcast like this. I’m teaching you this for free. I didn’t ask you for a dollar, okay. Branded client dashboards. Your clients can log into your white labeled under your agency’s brand. Everything that we do is completely white, labeled everything from a to z Ninja style support. Okay? And that’s support from our marketing team inside of the live chat, inside of Dash Clicks. Okay. Weekly broadcast just like this and we’re going to be doing this multiple times a week, not just once a week, multiple times a week, guys. Okay. Yeah. Downloadable documents plus so much more guys. All this for free, all this four free. You just go to [inaudible] dot com and you create an account. We don’t ask you for a credit card number. We don’t ask you to pay us anything.
You get everything here for free. Hey guys, dash clicks, [inaudible] dot com or we can use Google dash clicks. It’s probably the first link cause we’re so damn good at SEO. Okay. Now how would your life change guys, if you could charge more for services if you know exactly what software to use and how to use them? Yeah. I had an entire team working for you so you can enjoy life and worry about high level tasks. You never had to worry about losing clients because your services and processes were perfected. You can make enough money to support yourself and your family without being stressed, which is probably the biggest ones for some of you guys. How would your life change if you had that guys, it would PR. I mean it changed my life. I’ll be completely honest with the, you saw I just showed you changed my life.
Well, this changed your life. Yes. Yes, yes. Hells yes. How’s? Yes Bro. Yeah, it would guys. Okay, so there you have it guys. You’re ready to create and scale your wildly profitable digital marketing agency or are you, he should be. Okay. Now at the beginning of this training, I made you guys a promise and I’m going to keep my promises. Okay? Let’s give away some free swag bags, but first, before we do that, I also told you I had something for you that you couldn’t refuse. Who Remembers me saying that at the beginning of this chat? Who remembers me saying I had something for you that you could not refuse? You guys remember saying me that you remember member. Remember Matt says, I remember, but I remember in the chat if you remember that. Remember that at the beginning of this.
I’m sure you do. Guys. What if your agency had a website that was also integrated with dashboards? What if your agency had a website that was integrated with Ashley’s? Now I know a lot of you guys have been asking me for this. A lot of you guys had been asking me for this feature. What if everything was sinked to one ecosystem? What if your website and everything inside of it with sinked one ecosystem? I feel like Steve Jobs like too and like this little like Carlos crowd. Carl’s, can we get the GoPro action? Let’s get some GoPro action.
What if everything was sinked into one ecosystem? Okay. All right, let’s go back to the big picture. I just of them to see the behind the scenes. I’ll do a little dance. What if it was saying to one ecosystem guys? Shit. What if your website look like that? What if your website it looked like that? What if it looked like that? Okay. What if it looked like that? I mean, would you just look at it? What if it looked like that guys? Shit actually wonderful look like this guys. What if your website looked like this?
Yeah. Don’t you think you can convert a lot better? Holy Moly. What does it look like that guys, what is your agency website look like? This? What about a corporate website? Look at this guys. Cool. Woo. What if it looked like this guy’s looking at all this services, man, I set up the services pages. What a fear if your website look like that. Yeah, this guys, what if it had [inaudible] services that dash clicks had to offer fully integrated inside of your website? What if it had all the technology, the dash cliques had to offer fully integrated into your website, all white labeled with your logo, your contact information, fully editable after to on our web builder platform forums. Call to actions, proven methods that we built. What if you had that? But if you can also just click the client login and it will take them, take your customers to log into your dashboard.
Hm. What if you had it? I think it’d be pretty cool, right? I mean that’s just my thought. Well yeah, that okay. Yeah. I think it’d be pretty bad ass. Anyone want access to this guys? This website is valued at $6,500 that’s how much it cost us to build this templated system. Okay. It’d be a little even more than that with images, with content, with graphic designers, pain, our content team, professional copywriters that go out and write sales copy. This is probably like a 25 page website, something like that. Okay. Fully integrated into Daskal lakes, right? Wants it. Anyone want it guys? We’re doing preorders for a limited time only. Okay. This feature is going to be released on February 1st, 2019 okay. You’re going to be able to log into dash clicks, your agency profile inside of Dash Clicks, click a button and everything that’s inside of your agency profiles.
Automatically going to create your very own agency website within about five seconds. Come on, set guys. The regular price guys will be a one time fee of 499 bucks plus $25 per month after that. Okay, but because you’ve am guys to listen to what I had to say and to take the time on Christmas on New Year’s for whatever you want to call it during the holiday season. So listen to what I had to say. Anyone who preorders this feature today, well pay one time fee of $249 plus $25 a month after that, that’s 50% off. Forget about the 50% off. You don’t got to pay like six or seven grand to do it all yourself and it’s integrated into dash. Okay. Let’s recap guys. It’s $249 is a onetime fee. 250 bucks is what you pay for this website, okay? Then $25 a month after that.
Which includes a sexy as hell prebuilt agency website as you can agree with me. Hosting an SSL certificate, which alone and that’s a sales were different costs about a hundred bucks a year and a hosting for good hosting costs about $10 a month. Okay. To build an agency website will cost you. You saw about six or seven grand to do it the right way like that. Okay, and access to our web builder platform. We’re after the website is done, you just log into dash clicks, you click a button and you have full edit or editable drag and drop capabilities to edit this entire website, full drag and drop capabilities to edit the entire website after it goes live, which means you can add pages, you can do anything you want. Okay? Okay. Now to make this deal even sexier, anybody who preorders this within the next 15 minutes, I’m also throwing in a free swag bag. Now those of you guys are probably wondering, well, how do I preorder? How do I get this guys? It’s really simple and it’s live right now in the dashboard. Well, we’ll be live. All you gotta do is log into your dashboard.
Click this store link in the main menu, select the service called agency website on the left sidebar. Could it be at the car button? Checkout using any major credit card and you’ll get the agents who website. Okay. Carlos is pushing this update live right now. Guys, this is going to be live within the next couple of minutes. Okay. Before we go into Q and a on just Q and a in general, does anybody have any questions on this while we’re pushing live? Alan said, how’s it integrated in what way? Very good question Alan. So if you actually log into dash clicks, all you need to do is just go to your agency profile and we’re going to have the little form is pretty much there. You just fill out all your agency information, right? Your logo, whatever you put inside of Dash Clicks, your contact information, your social media links will eventually be there, right?
Your phone numbers, your address, if you have a physical address, I’m pretty much anything that you have inside of the actual dash clicks platform, you just click a button and it automatically syncs over into your website and creates the entire website for you. And even after the website is live, you can always update it from Dash Clicks, right? So if tomorrow you change your phone number or you make a change to your logo or you move business addresses, right? You just go into [inaudible], you push a button and Bam changes for me. Not only that guys, but you can also log into dash clicks into our web builder platform. You can log into the web builder platform and you can actually make changes guys into dragon drop editor. Okay, so you can drag, you don’t need to be a coder, you don’t need to be a web developer.
You can take anything you want. You can drag it here and you can drag it here. You can make the website real completely different. You can change colors, you can change graphics content, you can do whatever you want. It’s fully customizable, but we built a website that’s already working. Okay. It’s a proven website. It’s got proven sales copy. The case got proven, CPAs and calls to actions. It’s fully responsive, works on any desktop. Mobile, tablet pretty much works on anything guys, fully responsive. Could we purchase SEO services now and wait until two one to use it? Yes, you can do that. Justin. You can preorder services and that after you preorder, once our team sends you the onboarding docs to fill out, you can just let them know that you want to hold it. Justin also asked if I already paid for website content, can we submit it to you for integrated site or will dash weeks create all the pics and copy from scratch?
Guys, everything’s already created. So it’s a templated website that’s going to look just like that. It’s going to come with all of the sales copy. It’s going to come with all of the graphics. It’s going to come with everything prebuilt. You don’t need to change anything. If you want to change something, you can easily log into the dashboard and change it right there from the drag and drop template. Okay guys, Carlos said that he just made the website live or just push you update lives. So Carlos, do they need to log out of their platform or no? You’re going to log out, log back in? Nope. You don’t even need to log out guys. Go ahead and go to the store. Go to the store. Guys. I’m gonna show you guys how to do it. Okay? All right guys, let’s go through it together really quick.
You’re gonna go here, you’re gonna go to store and you’re going to see agents who website preorder on the left rail, $25 a month plus $249 setup fee. This was a preorder, will be available until February 1st, 2018 after February 1st, 2018 the regular rate will be $25 per month plus four 99 set up fee. Okay guys, all you do is you click add to cart. If you’ve already ordered from us in the past for your agency, you can actually select an existing company and your agents who will be here. If this was your first time ordering anything for your agency for Dash Lakes, all you gotta do is go right here and create new company dropping your agency name and your email address that you use with dash clicks. Click at the cart. For the sake of the speed of this, I’m just going to click the company that’s already in there right at the court. Okay. Then once it’s added to cart, you click view cart. Okay, we’ve got a bunch of test orders in here, okay? But all you do is you’ve got to proceed to checkout. You don’t need to put in any coupon code. You don’t need to do anything. This is discounted guys, okay? It’s already discounted.
Well, we’re going to do guys is let’s give everybody five minutes to put in their orders for the agency website. Then after that, we’re going to do some Q and A’s and I’m going to be giving out some swag bags to guys. Okay? So if you have any questions, take the next five minutes to ask me any questions that you have.

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