How do you know if a business is running ads?
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 04:00 PM

How do you know if a business is running ads?


Facebook ad history used to be listed on the side of a company’s Facebook page. This was helpful if you were prospecting for new PPC customers, but the sidebar is gone. Where’d that information go? Facebook Ad Library.


Hey, so Kevin asked for some reason when I’m going to a businesses Facebook page on the left rail, it used to say Info and ads, and when I used to click on it, it used to show me all of their ads.
Unfortunately, Facebook took that away. However, it’s still available. It’s just in a hidden place, right? So all you need to do is, it’s a, if you just Google, it’s called Facebook ad history or something like that, where Facebook itself, it will be a Facebook website, will have history of all the ads that are running. And once you click on it, there’ll be a search bar. You can search for the business, click on that business, and then it will show you, once again, all the ads that are running. So it’s the same concept concept, unfortunately, just not in the left rail anymore. It’s in the Facebook ad history section.

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