GymLeadsFast Sells For Over 6 Figures In Just Under 9-Months
Chad Kodary
Sep 11th, 2020 at 01:00 PM

GymLeadsFast Sells For Over 6 Figures In Just Under 9-Months


Andrew Pabia built an incredible agency called GymLeadsFast and was able to ramp it up to about $700k in sales in just under 9-months. Then decided to exit the company and sell it for over 6-figures. This was a well-built machine with a duplicatable process.

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Here are some questions that the video had covered:

00:14 How does GymLeadsFast work?

02:00 How many active clients were you servicing?

02:14 What was your business model look like?

04:38 What’s the GymLeadsFast pricing model?

08:46 What was the biggest needle mover for your business?

11:10 What marketing strategies do you use daily to start conversations?

12:57 What’s the most successful automation that you setup in your business that either saved you the most time or makes you the most money?

14:31 What CRM are you using?

15:52 What’s the sales process for GymLeadsFast?


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What’s going on everybody today, we have Andrew Pabia from GymLeadsFast. Andrew, what is it that you actually do and how do you generate revenue?

So, like I said before, I sold this, that company. But yeah, basically the way that GymLeadsFast generated revenue was we would offer digital marketing services to gyms. We productized the service and we scaled it out that way.

Nice. So you were basically focusing on the gym niche, you were going out, this is an agency model going out, getting a bunch of clients that are gym owners. Right? Right. Okay, cool. I just want to make sure that the audience who’s listening by the way, for those of you guys who are listening, try to engage as much as you can. Another question for you, Andrew what customer avatar or niches do you currently service obviously? Was it just purely gyms? Was there any niches within that? Cause I know some people will do like yoga studios or we’ll do like Pilates or anything else or was it just purely gyms? It was just

Gyms. We marketed to gyms, but Hey, if a if a yoga studio came in and they, and we could run our productized offer for them, then we would sell them like, you know, but we only ran one campaign. We did one thing over and over and over again. And that’s what made it scale.

So rinse and repeat model, something that you found that work, that you could just keep flipping and flipping and flipping. I love it brother. And just so everybody knows, Jim leads fast was an agency that how long have you had, did you have the agency?

So I had, I ran that from March to September, 2019. We went from nothing to 75 grand a month in that time.

Wow. Okay. So just in a couple short months and then you sold the company, correct? Yep. Do you know how much you sell? The

Everybody asks that I have an NDA, so I can’t, I can’t really,

I tried to pull it out for those of you guys. I tried to pull it out, but I respect the NDA. Was it enough to make you happy and move on to your next adventure?

It was, we sat comfy for a number of months and then I wanted to get back on it and then we started this new venture, so hello.

All right. Let’s keep going. So during that time of you having that agency, how many at the peak, right before you sold the agency, how many active clients were you servicing?

Over a hundred across the United States, Canada and Australia.

She had over a hundred clients. Okay. And what were the actual, like, I know you’re doing a rinse and repeat model, right? Yeah. What were you doing? Was it just purely like Facebook ads funnel? Walk me through that really quick. What was that model that you had?

So we have, we literally, we were selling, you know, Jim campaigns. We, one month free was a massive success for anybody. The idea was, Hey, we’re just going to create that initial connection between customer and the gym and Hey, you guys take it from there. And so we, we set the expectation from the very beginning with the gym, like, Hey, listen, this is where our job ends. This is where you need to pick up. And we can’t really promise anything from there, but we’ll guarantee you this per month

You were generating leads. It was lead generation, right? Yep. Cool. And what was that guarantee? Like? What, what did you,

Right. So they would pay us anywhere between six 97 to nine 97 a month, depending on, you know, if they closed three, six or 12 months. So they close for three months, nine 97 a month, our fee six months you know, seven 97, 12 months, six 97, something along those lines. And then yeah, so they paid $500 in ad spend. We would guarantee 30 to 50 leads off of that. And

Yeah, getting those leads. How would you get those leads?

We literally would just set up the same funnel, copy paste the funnel, punch the client’s info in there and then run it as an ad. Same copy. We had like three or four different sets of ad copies that we would cycle through. If the campaign likes to lay down or wait,

I’m going to ask this. Cause I know a lot of people probably want to know what was like the sweet audiences. What was that sweet spot? The audiences that crushed it, that had the lowest CPA. What, what were those audiences as far as targeting? Yeah. So gym owner wants to get out of your guys’ mind. Let’s go.

We never, we never targeted. We never talked. Never. Wow, dude, did it boiled down to the offer? The offer was just so irresistible and we didn’t have to do any targeting. What was the offer one month free what’s up? You know it, you know, what’s up area, we’re doing something insane to help you get your summer body before summer. You know, we’re giving away 30 vouchers for one month free at our facility. Click learn more to, to grab one.

Wow. And how much would it cost you to get each one on average? Roughly? Well, two to five bucks to get a lead for a gym owner. Awesome. So you were basically generating, let’s say 30 leads a month. Just on average, you were, you were guaranteeing that three times three is let’s just say, I don’t know how much it is and I’m the worst mathematician in my hands for you? $3 times 30 leads is, I don’t know, whatever that is. Okay. And you were charging them on average between 97 to nine 97 a month. And you were, what, what package would people take the most? What’d you have

Nine 97. You know, the thing was at the end of the day, like my costs were, it didn’t matter if I closed them at three 97, I would still be profiting. And it didn’t matter if we closed them at a month a month, we didn’t do that too often. But if we could tell somebody was right on the edge and they were just like needed to be thrown ever, we’d be like, yeah, listen, what we can do for you is we can put you on the six month agreement for a month to month term. You have to cancel with a 30 day notice and you could just try us out. And if you love it, then you know, we’ll reevaluate three months from now and we’ll get you on an actual,

I love it, man. I love it, brother. So let, let’s go through another question really quick is I really want to know, I see a lot of people in the agency space, they have the value ladder approach, right? Where they go in with one product and then they’ll sell them up the value ladder. Did you have a value ladder or was it just you’re talking about purely three products are the same product.

My favorite thing to talk about, because this is what I do now. This is why we literally are launching agencies back to back to back. Cause I’ve dialed in on the client acquisition process for agencies so much that I know I could go into any industry and pretty much close. And it just boils down to the way that you’re generating clients. So I developed this system, you know, obviously pre-framing the clients and getting those people sold before they ever got on the phone with our sales guy quickly, like 60 seconds.

Walk me through that system.

All right. How did, how do you get somebody sold before they get to you? So they need to see three things. They need to see that you’re an established company. They see need to see a bolt and they need to see that you’ve done it for somebody like them. So developing a process to, to pump that out repeatedly is what has allowed us to have launched so many agencies lately.

So you’ve literally, you’ve got your, your system down. It looks like he just built a machine. Right? That’s what it sounds like to me.

Yeah, but it was just a landing page literally. And then you get, we get clients through three strategies. We never tap anybody on the shoulder with cold outreach and say, Hey, like, look cause there’s a big difference in the people that you tap on the shoulder and say, Hey, can I have a second of your time? Those people are a little bit stingy and they, they act like you should be honored to be on the phone with them. But if you can get them to come to you first that it’s a whole different ball game, the positioning. So we do that three different ways. We run ads is the fastest way to grow. Yep. Is the number to me is the fastest way to grow. And then referrals have an insane referral trick that I’ll drop here in just a second. And then and then organic marketing. So setting up your profile or LinkedIn or whatever,

Peel the onion back really quick, Facebook ads, you’re running a campaign. I’m assuming you have a funnel. Obviously, if your sequence in the funnel where they opt in, maybe show them a video or whatever the case is. You go through that. They schedule a call at the end. That’s the main goal I’m assuming. Right? Targeting. Talk to me about targeting really quick to get clients that were gym owners. Are you targeting physical gym owners? How do you do that on Facebook talking completely oblivious about it,

Right? This was such a breakthrough for me, because for so long, I was like, how do I get it to the exact audience that I want to get it to you, that you got to target like a specific interest and stuff, but then a hired into a bot. I paid somebody like for a thousand bucks for their time. And one of the biggest golden nuggets that they dropped to me was like, Hey, go to [inaudible] lead finder, download a list and then upload it as a custom audience. And it’s as easy as that, you got to pick an industry.

Yeah. So the golden nugget of the day. Cause that’s just something that I learned too. I didn’t even think about that. So let me ask you a question, cause I’m going to have to hit you with a rebuttal here. I know that Facebook sometimes slaps you on the wrist when you’re uploading big custom audiences, because they want you to upload your own data. Right. Have you ever had any issues with that or was it

We’ve uploaded like over 50? Like dude we’ve uploaded. I’ve never had an issue. Not once.

Okay. You heard it from the man’s mouth first. He’s never had an issue, so I love that. Okay, cool. Let’s keep going. I want to ask you, I know in most, in most businesses, obviously in the agency space, just in business in general, there’s always that one thing that made the needle move so fast where it’s like, okay, like, okay, I’m getting a client, I got another client that school. What was the one thing that you did that completely shifted you from like bang, bang. It was like going to the next level turbo boosts like just Jetpack to you into success. Like what was that

One secret dude? I’m so glad you asked this. So for me and I tell every single one of my students like commit financially to ads. And so if that means putting a thousand bucks and even if you don’t feel like you got it, if you’ve to go put a thousand bucks on a credit card, just trust the process. Because I look at it like this, even if it cost a hundred dollars for a call, let’s say, let’s say we were like, in the beginning, it was like, you know, it would go up. But anytime I seem to get above 50, I was like getting sketched out. But then I realized it, like, I look like, look, if I put a thousand bucks in ads for the week and I booked 10 calls, that’s a hundred dollars per booked call. Yeah, I’m going to close one of those 10.

Cause we have a really, really good script, but I’m gonna close one of those 10 that then I just added, you know, anywhere between, well, for Jim leads fast, it was six 97 to nine seven, but a lot of people charge about a thousand. So if let’s say we just broke even in the first month, it’s just committing financially to that. So cause like I look at it like, look, let’s say you charge a thousand bucks for your service. You spent 2,500 bucks in ads. You, you know, you book 25 to 50 calls depending on what it costs out of 25 to 50 calls. If you pre-frame them correctly with those three things that I mentioned earlier, dude, you, if you suck, you’ll close two to five,

The clients, I think most people have an issue and that’s why a lot of businesses fail. Most people have an issue investing in their, in themselves and in the process, that’s a big one. And also, and they also get scared of cost per acquisition. They want freely, they want things that are going to come to them, Aston free, where you’re going the other way around. You’re basically saying, I don’t care. I’ll spend a thousand dollars to get a thousand dollars back, but I know that that client’s going to be with me for three exams. So the back end is where you went

And it’s not even that. It’s like, I’ve never seen it really cost a thousand bucks too. But I’m saying that was a very conservative, like number I’ve never seen. It cost a thousand bucks to get a thousand dollars per month client. I really, I think, I think it was between 200, but between 200 and $400 is what it ended up costing us to get those clients

Acquire clients. So cost per acquisition was anywhere between two and 400 bucks at the peak of your peak, when you guys were like turning the machine, what were you spending in ad spend?

We really, I think we were spending like five, six K a month. Like it was it never even got that. That’s what, no, it wasn’t bad at all. Which was the thing, dude, there was a day where we closed 15, nine 97 a month deals in 24 hours. And I was like, Holy shit. I was like, dude, where is it?

Yeah, well that was the needle mover. That’s an needle. Okay, good. Good. All right. Let me ask you another question. What marketing strategies do you use daily to start conversations? Is it purely just Facebook ads? For me

Ads, a lot of people love the organic stuff, which like I said, I’m cool with organic stuff and just posting as regular. And then when they want to come to me, they, they will you know, just kind of warming them up with my content, my personal content, whatever. But ads is the main, like I said, needle mover. And then the referral strategy that I was talking about, should I drop that now or drop it in? I want to hear it. Okay. One of the, one of the biggest needle movers for me is I found these pools of people in my niche. And then we had one client post and say, Hey, we’re using Jim. Lee’s for something literally it wasn’t even anything spectacular. They’ve gotten us this and this month and we’ve signed up two or three memberships in the time that we worked together.

We got like six to eight clients from that. And then I sat on that for two weeks and didn’t think anything about it. And I was like, I need to see if I can get another client to do that for me. See if, see if it, you know, if it was just a fluke or something, they did it. And we got six to eight clients again. And I was like, Oh snap. I started getting, I started offering every single one of my clients, half off their, now it didn’t matter if they paid me six 97 a month. It didn’t matter if they paid me five grand a month. I was like, listen, if you go post in a group about us, you screenshot it. You send it to my team. We’ll give you half off your next day.

And this group that they’re posting, was it like a niche specific gym style group? Is that what it was

Dude? Yeah, it was, it was a gym owner group. So wow. So go find pools of your audience, where they’re hanging out and talking and masterminding and stuff, and then go get your act of clients to go drop some, you know, incentivize your clients to go talk about you and make sure they put the link. So I was like, listen, make sure you put Jay we’ve been using the gym leads system. Not just gym leads fast so they can just easily go click it.

Hey, look, we know we’re in 2020 now. Right. Everybody wants to automate everything. Okay. Talk to me really quick about what the most successful automation that you’ve set up in your business that either saves you the most time or makes you the most money. What was that one crazy Zapier or whatever it was. What’s that one piece of automation that you absolutely love?

Dude. The funny thing about Jim leads fast, even to this day, we sold it as like a, like we just handed over the people that did this. Like we really didn’t have a whole lot of SLPs. Like we were at 75 grand a month. Had no like real concrete SLPs that we did, like just stuff thrown together in Google documents. So if that doesn’t inspire you, I’m telling you, you, you, you have a little bit of organization, you can crush what we did but yeah, like, you know, I would say honestly, man, I can’t think of one. Like it, that is, this is to inspire you to like go in and take massive action. Figure out how to systemize as you go. Like everybody, this SOP is such a selling point for agency programs these days, which they are good, but you don’t need them if you really want to go hit.

I think the biggest automation that you date is your inbound lead flow. They’re essentially automating your inbound leads that are coming in. But with Facebook ads and your funnel, that’s a pure, pure automation right there. Yep. So let me ask you another question going in. So let’s say you run these ads, so you’re going out, Andrew’s coming in on a Monday. All right. And let’s just say you don’t, you set up a brand new campaign, all right. You start generating leads for your agency. These are gym owners who are interested in actually using your service, right. And buying one of your free tier packages. All these leads are coming in. Where are they going in? What CRM are you using? A what process do you have to actually go through? Is it just purely Excel,

Dude? This is the thing, man. This is what I’m talking about. We had no CRM, every set that we made through that company was not their followup calls. Unless they called us. It was all front end, like Google calendar to me. I had no, like we’re just jumping

A lead would come in. You’re jumping on the phone.

Yeah. I mean, when they’re, when they, you know, they looked at it,

That’s the filter though. And organize what if we had 30 leads come in? How do you, how do you say yes.

So basically my, my system was my Google calendar. You know, I would just look at what we had hop on the call and you know, I’m just giving it to you guys raw. Like, this is what it was.

Was that working then let me tell you something there. So many people,

I would definitely recommend the CRM by the way. Like, don’t do it like that. But yeah.

Well it works. And that’s what I’m saying. There’s tons of people that we have in the dashboards platform. We have over 20,000 users in downswings right now. Okay. You would be so surprised about how many people never even heard of the word CRM. That’s number one on top of that, you would be so surprised of how many people that make millions of dollars that don’t use software that still do it, the old school way. If it works, it works, obviously there’s next levels to automate and optimize and do stuff like that. But then you’re doing something that works. Why change it, man? So you’re okay. So leads come in. Let’s talk about that really quick. What do you do? Are you, what’s a sales process that like you jumping on a zoom call, you’re doing a phone call. You’re doing a pitch demo, sharing your screen. Walk me through that thread

Close, bro. Like literally the whole process of the phone call. The, our script is finding out in vivid detail where they are in vivid detail where they want to be. And then we just placed ourselves as the vehicle at the end.

Was it a zoom call though? Was it a phone call? Would you do a phone call, pure phone call? Did you know, obviously you’re not sharing your screen. You’re not doing anything like that. You’re just purely just a sales call. And on average, what is it like a 30 minute, 15 minute hour. Okay.

When I got good, I got about 20 minute calls and I have, I have a ton of videos. You know of me closing deals like me, literally playing Fortnite and closing deals, bro. Like, dude, I had the system so down, I have video of me closing 10 K per month deals and look at all kinds of stuff.

All the people that don’t the people that don’t close as an example. So you’re closing deals, but there’s obviously where nobody’s got a hundred percent conversion rate. Let’s just break that. All right. So you got, you got, what was your, what was your conversion rate? What do you say? Hundred deals came in. How much?

A hundred deals, a hundred sales. Ah, you know, that’s a good question. I, I was bad. Like dude, Jim Lee’s fast was not as organized as it should have been. But I would say out of a hundred, you know, if we were sucked, it would be like, no, it’d be like 30,

30 deals. Okay. So you’ve got about 30% on average closure, which is freaking huh,

Which is great. Yeah. Well, I mean some days like if I had 10 calls, I’d close seven of them. Yeah.

But it’s also inbound. So inbound a lot hotter you’re paying for those leads. You’re indoctrinating them. You’re warming them up. And then they’re finally speaking to Andrew, this person that’s been doing this, they, the authority figure. Right. They’re excited to speak with that’s. That’s awesome. Now what do you do? Let’s say those 70 people that didn’t purchase out of the a hundred. What do you do with them? Do you have a remarketing strategy? Do you, are you finding

If we would have, we would have easily been, you know, 150 to $200,000 a month agency if we did, but I didn’t. So, but yeah. That’s why I definitely recommend with what I know now, you know what I’m saying? After I’ve sold that company and realized, and really analyzed, you know, the things that we did really good and the things that we did bad, you know, it was the organization and the, you know, my, my, my goal of what I was saying earlier was you don’t need SLPs to go make a lot of money. Will they help you 110%? So set them up. But yeah,

Man, look, how much revenue did you, you were open for it? It was like eight months. How many, how many?

Yeah, so we, we ran that that was just a Jim Lee’s bass was a brand through a company that I had called the social media guy. So we really sold the agency brand along with the systems and you know, the clients, stuff like that. But how much revenue did Jim leads? Jim leads fast. While I was, you know, high six figures 600, 700,000, something like that. So it was, it was mixed in with other sales through the social media guy. So I didn’t get to see the full, but I would say six, 600

That’s that’s six, 700 grand in a couple of months.

Yeah, man. Yeah.

Most people don’t make 600, $700,000 in their lifetime. So it’s like, like, so you should Pat yourself on the back. That’s amazing. And to build that system and then to sell it to somebody who did you sell it to? Is it somebody that doesn’t want it?

I ended it. So it was it’s funny, man, and this is not to bash my ex partner at all. He’s a great guy, but I ended up bringing in a partner to help me systemize. He, he was an actually an ex client and he was like, man, I want to get into your business. And I sent him the Dan Henry stuff and he came back a couple of weeks later. It was like, man, I just want to learn from somebody who’s doing it already. And I was like, okay, well listen, you can fly in and you can learn from me for four days before I fly out to Cancun. So he paid me five grand and he came into to learn. And, and then in that time he helped me solve a few, really big pieces of the puzzle. And I was like, and we came up with this big plan and, and for Jim leads fast and I brought him in as a 50 50 partner.

So what we did was I kept all the existing clients in the social media guy. We started a whole new company and we moved that agency brand over. And essentially what I did was I sold my equity in that new. So I sold the, the my percentage of what we owned out of this entity here. So we ended up building it nice, like to a nice recurring again, like very, very quickly. The problem was I just was no longer passionate. The thing about me man, is I had 20 jobs by the time I was like 19. And I realized in myself being self aware enough, thank God that I just was, I wasn’t passionate. And it was mainly because I had to answer to somebody, what I, I thrive in environments where I have to answer to nobody. And you kind of have to do that when you have a 50 50 partner. So it wasn’t anything other than the fact that I didn’t feel passionate about the business anymore. So I just decided to make an exit.

I see a lot of agencies and some, some of the agencies that I speak to, all they want to do is they want to ramp up a company and then exit. And then there’s a lot of people that do that. And that’s totally fine. Did you, you built a company, it took you a couple of months. You got it up to six, $700,000 in sales and then he exited and now you’re doing something that you enjoy doing. I know what we’re going to have you on another podcast to talk about your other company. You have, what’s your other company called

Done for you? So the company is called online enterprises international. But the, you know, DBA, what we’re doing now is done for you agency launch and we’re just launching, you know, digital marketing agencies for people using my system.

I love it, man. All right. And we’ll bring you back on another episode to talk about that. So you sold your company. Now I’m going to ask it anyways. I know you’re not going to tell me, but was it over six figures of sale? Was that at least over six figures? It was. Andrew said it was over six figures. So selling a company that he made money on during the months that he was operating was profitable. I’m assuming during that time, I’m assuming it was yeah.

Oh my God dude. Out of 75 grand with all the bells and whistles in the ads and stuff like that, we, we probably made 60 to 65.

Wow. How big was your team at that point? What was it?

We had 60 days in the Philippines and then I was the only person selling.

No, it was you selling six. VA’s producing. I’m assuming the word. Yep. I love it, man. You guys heard it from the man’s mouth and your poppy off from Gym Leads Fast, Andrew, thank you so much for coming on the marketers mindset podcast, man. We appreciate your time and we’ll see on the next one. Thanks for having me.

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