A Guide to TikTok Ads for Agencies: From Setup to Reporting
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Jul 13th, 2022 at 09:07 AM

A Guide to TikTok Ads for Agencies: From Setup to Reporting

TikTok is the new in-vogue social media platform that marketers can’t help but adopt! With over a billion users worldwide, TikTok has evolved into the fastest-growing bandwagon and one of the world’s most prominent social media apps. Thus, to monetize the platform’s influence and expansion, TikTok has launched a ‘global agency team’ to develop and foster relationships with agencies that administer the majority of the world’s advertising dollars.

Similarly, brands are exploring unique opportunities to incorporate TikTok advertising into their marketing campaigns to creatively publicize their business offerings to their desired audience.

However, compared to the other well-established social media platforms, TikTok Ads are a reasonably challenging addition to the marketing industry. So, suppose your business wants to connect with millennials or looking for strategies that work as a masterstroke. In that case, TikTok is an excellent platform to rapidly boost the audience engagement of your brand.

Read on to understand how to advertise on TikTok; from setting up your ad campaigns to reporting and showcasing your success metrics effectively to your client.

How to Advertise Content That Succeeds on TikTok?

Depending on the type of TikTok Ads you want for your business, bear in mind to consult a TikTok ads specialist to assist you in creating unbeatable advertising campaigns on the freshly minted social media platform.

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Here we have some practical tips to assist you in setting up and launching effective TikTok Ad campaigns for your brand –

1. Create TikToks, Not Just Ads!

TikTok is a visual platform that leverages the content graph in lieu of a social graph. Thus, the phrase “when in Rome do as the Romans do” suits perfectly when running highly successful campaigns on social media platforms. Hence, always make sure to create or select a marketing agency that is willing to develop indigenous content for TikTok Ads, which will allow your content to closely align with your targeted community.

2. Capture the Content in 720P Plus

Always make sure to create high-quality video content for your TikTok Ad campaign. As this is a visual social media platform, it is imperative to focus on producing videos with a resolution of 720p or higher to ensure its ranking among the top-performing content.

3. Focus on the Orientation

Remember to optimize your video’s vertical orientation and ensure that it perfectly fits the screen when viewed vertically. Incorporating this single trick in your content creation will significantly lift your impressions, enabling you to create better engagement with your targeted audience.

4. Do Not Forget the Audio

Sound plays a remarkable role in engaging your targeted audience with your Tiktok Ads content. It equips you to deliver the information, boost the production value, and stimulate the emotional responses of your viewers. Thus, always talk or add some sound effects, music, or a voiceover to dramatically elevate your content.

5. Make It Crisp and Connected

Storytelling skills come in handy when creating content for TikTok advertising. However, developing brief, interesting, and engaging content is the ultimate key to connecting with the targeted audience. Thus, while designing the content for your brand, keep yourself updated about the latest trends and use different angles and transitions.

6. Make Use of Hashtags, Captions, and CTA Buttons

Incorporating persuasive hashtags relevant to your brand and the targeted audience will help accelerate your content’s performance and engagement rate. Therefore, make sure to frame meaningful captions along with the content to strengthen the overall message of the Tiktok video.

What Are the Types of TikTok Ads?

Following are the five types of TikTok Ads that are easily accessible to marketing agencies:

1. In-Feed

The in-feed TikTok Ads appear when users tap their “For You” page in TikTok. These Ads automatically blend with TikTok’s indigenous feed, leading your business to achieve relatively high visibility and engagement with your targeted audience.

In-Feed Ads Example - TikTok AdsImage Source

Remember – Add a CTA button that leads the audience to your campaign’s landing page.

2. Brand Takeover

Brand takeover TikTok Ads pop up on your viewer’s screen once they launch the app. You can include CTAs and add links to your brand’s landing page to allow your targeted audience to dive deeper and connect with your business.

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3. TopView

Like Brand takeover, Top view TikTok ads auto-plays immediately after the user logs in to the app. However, these Ads capture the screen after 3 seconds of signing in and play automatically for 60 seconds. Thus, make sure to offer awe-inspiring video content to your targeted audience to reach your desired goals through these ads.

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4. Hashtag Challenge

Hashtags allow users to tap and reach the landing pages of TikTok and visit the collection of other TikTok videos participating in the same hashtag challenge. This type of TikTok advertising uplifts the user-generated content, leading you to enjoy the perks of extensive brand awareness amongst your targeted audience.

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5. Brand Effects

When creating content for TikTok Advertising, always make sure to add customized brand filters and other special effects in your video to garner accelerated engagement. Consider taking the assistance of an experienced TikTok marketing expert to help you create compelling content for your brand by combining the top-performing ad formats.

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How to Establish a TikTok Ad Campaign for Your Brand?

Once you are done with the signing-in and approval of your TikTok Business page, follow the below-mentioned steps to launch your first TikTok Ad campaign:

Step 1: Create a Campaign

Create TikTok Ad Campaign

Step 2: Select the Most Appropriate Objectives

Select the Most Appropriate Objectives

Step 3: Give a Name to Your Ad Campaign and Set Your Budget

Name to Your Ad Campaign and Set Your Budget

Step 4: Build a TikTok Ad Group

Build TikTok Ad Groups

Step 5: Create Remarkable Ad Content

Publish Your Ad

How to Measure Performance in TikTok Ads — Marketing Reports?

Tracking the performance of your brand’s TikTok Ads campaign is indispensable to ensure your marketing campaign’s efficacy. So, once you have successfully launched your brand’s ad on TikTok, it’s time to navigate your performance reports, check whether your ad campaigns are working desirably, and determine the areas for improvement.

Here are a few in-house tools ‌you can use to check out the data and insights of your TikTok Ad campaign:

1. Obtain a Complete Picture on the Dashboard

Head over to your TikTok Ads dashboard to have an overview of how your ad campaigns are performing. This will allow you to determine:

  • Your current ad cost.
  • The status of your ad campaigns, including ad groups.
  • Performance metrics, including CPM, CTA, CPC, CTR, and other relevant parameters like gender, operating system, and location.

2. Acquire In-Depth Insights From the Campaign Page

The campaign page will offer an in-depth analysis of how your ads perform individually. For instance, it will provide you with a breakdown of several marketing metrics, including audience analysis, clicks, views, reach, engagement rate, and conversion cost.


While TikTok advertising is pretty new in the industry, it offers you immense opportunities to boost your brand and expand your business before the platform gets flooded with competition. Thus, it is recommended to consult a professional, whether you are here to understand ‘how to advertise on TikTok’ to run a campaign on your own or looking for ways to improve your established TikTok advertising campaign. Hiring the experts will ensure that you’re able to create captivating content to enhance your brand’s visibility amongst your targeted audience. However, remember not to settle for the first ad that brings results. Take time, embrace the trends, experiment, use variations, add creativity, and make the best “magic potion” out of your available resources.

Happy TikTok advertising!

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