Brand Winning 2 ClickFunnels X Awards For Doing Over $20M In Revenue
Chad Kodary
Oct 13th, 2020 at 01:00 PM Brand Winning 2 ClickFunnels X Awards For Doing Over $20M In Revenue


Shaqir Hussyin, founder and CEO of the well-known brand and, doing over $20M in sales and winning 2 ClickFunnels X awards.

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Here are some questions that the video had covered:

00:38 What is and how does it work?

01:24 Who’s your ideal customer avatar & niche?

02:57 How many clients are you guys servicing right now?

09:08 How big is your team size right now?

14:08 Do you have a value ladder in your business?

15:14 What was the one thing that you did that drove the most revenue for your business?

18:29 How much are you spending on Facebook ads a month?

18:45 What CRM are you using to track all the leads?

19:34 What does your sales process look like?

22:04 How much revenue has generated in the last 12 months?

22:30 Where do you see yourself in 12 months from today?

26:06 What’s the number software that you use in your business?

26:24 What’s the number one tip that you can give new entrepreneurs that would save them a lot of time?


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What’s going on everybody today, we have a Shaqir Hussyin who’s seen from all the way out of London. How are we doing today?

Awesome, man. Thanks for having me here. I’m just very grateful to be here.

Amazing, amazing. And Shaqir, what is it that you actually do and how do you generate revenue for Which by the way, I want to throw out you have the domain name,, which is pretty crazy. Russell must be trying to buy that from you. Yeah.

And a few others too. So I appreciate it again. My name is Shaqir was saying founder of and we help entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants that are usually at the six figure level, the experts they’ve got some domain expertise and they want to build a seven figure or even an eight figure business where they they’re the position as the only one in their own view ocean. So that’s what we really help them do from a consulting and coaching perspective. And then you know, the backend for that is my funnel as, which is basically where we offer our done for you. Sales funnel.

Love it. I love it. And what out of all of your customers, and you might have a different customer avatar across your entire business, but who is your ideal customer avatar niche? Who’s like the type of businesses or that type of niche that you’d like to focus on the most?

Yeah, so it’s a financial planner. 46 years old makes 200, $200,000 a year wants to take his expertise and his decades of experience as a business owner online and scaly and too, so he can help more people. The three big problems are the relying on one on one sales re organic traffic and re relying on referrals. What they really want is an automated marketing system that positions them and gets them leads days. So that’s basically what we focus on. That’s the ideal target market.

So would you say that for this financial planner, let’s say I’m a financial planner I come in, is it just that I want to basically create an online business? I don’t have one and I want to create an online business and you’re going to help me out by offering me the coaching to actually go on and do that. But you also, you said you do and build the funnels and everything as well. Is that, is that correct?

For some clients where we feel it’s a fit, we would basically build their entire infrastructure out, probably about any of the tech stuff, any final stuff we do the whole from copywriting, putting the offer together, all of that.

Yeah. And now I know you have two ClickFunnel awards, right? You have to click funnel X awards for those of you guys listening. That’s each one of those awards, essentially that you have ran $10 million to run a funnel, right? So essentially you’ve done $20 million through either one or two funnels. And you can tell me how many funnels that was used for. But that’s, that’s a lot of transactions being run through a funnel. How many current clients are you guys servicing right now?

So our model is essentially, you know, Facebook ads to a webinar, to a phone call. And then we figure out what the pain point of that customer is. And depending on what they’re interested in average ticket price is actually $10,000. That’s why we like working with business owners that are doing already six figures, or maybe low seven figures they’re established. They could pay you. Yeah, that’s it. They can pay us. We want to work with clients premium level clients, that value premium level business, and they want a premium service. So we basically offer them the whole shebang from done for you, funnels, copywriting, webinars, all of that. Once they come in, so first we coach and consult them. And then if they can’t do it themselves through the done with you, then we offer a done for you option. And I want, wanna, I want to dive into

The funnel a little bit, because I know a lot of the audience, a lot of the people who are listening are marketers and they’re agency owners, and they like talking about metrics. And and I think everybody does, especially if you’re in the marketing and analytical space. So walk me through one of your funnels. Cause obviously you have a $10 million funnel sitting there somewhere in your ClickFunnels account. Walk me through, you said you’re running Facebook ads throughout the woods is pretty common in this space. So you’re sending Facebook ads, traffic to a funnel. It sounds to me like, obviously it’s a webinar, is it a webinar funnel where you’re basically, and then at the end they’re filling out an application. Would you say that that’s

Yeah. That’s, that’s basically the webinar to phone call. Yep.

How much are you spending in Facebook ads a month driving traffic to that funnel?

For that specific $10 million funnel. So I’ve got quite a few, but I’m just going to talk about, you know, the webinar funnel. Let’s go through that. Yeah. Let’s just call it that because if it’s a market or they usually like to do what’s called funnel lacking. So yeah. So so I just tell you straight out, we would spend, you know, whatever, a dollar, $2 per click to get the click, but the most important CPA that I’m looking for is how much I’m willing to spend to get an application. So for me, if it’s a booked call and I’ve driven like 7,000 booked calls over the, over my lifetime, basically I would spend anywhere from a hundred to $200 per application per booked call. And my average ticket price would be 10 K you know, on the low end to make this model work, you have to have a three K offer. So those are the two price points that I’d say basically to have three K and a 10 K offer. Yeah.

Let’s I want to peel the ending back a little bit more because I’m actually interested in this because we also run webinar funnels. We send Facebook ad traffic. We have applications, very similar concept right here at dash clicks. Talk to me about traffic that’s being sent. You said you spent an average about a dollar or $2 per click. Let’s just say for the hell of it, it’s two bucks a click. You send a hundred people to the website. Okay. Or to your funnel, it costs you essentially $200 to get those people on the website, out of those hundred people that land on your website. How many are actually opting in to watch the webinar? What’s the webinar opt in cost.

Yeah. So we, we would, you know, I don’t really care too much about the obtaining just, you know, I’m just telling you just when you’re operating at a level where you’re doing, like, you know, like you’re focused on eight figures and beyond these things are a little bit for me anyway, that’s my own personal opinion is it’s a really bit, little bit irrelevant, right? Like all I care about is cashing cash out. If I’m going to spend 10 grand, am I going to make 50 K or am I going to make a hundred K that’s what I’m looking for.

But don’t you think that don’t you think that webinar cost, you know, those are the, those are the optimization factors in between the funnel to the backend.

Oh, a hundred percent. A hundred percent. So I want to dive into it. We typically aim for around 30 to 40% Upton, the 30 to 40% opportunity. You can see the pages were always split testing. I have a guy that does all of this on You can go there and see what’s working. And then from, then we have around a 20%, I think it’s around 15 to 20% of the people that watch the webinar they book. And then we want to always end for at least 20 to 25% close on the sale.

And that’s a $10,000 deal essentially. Yep. Okay. Awesome. And essentially, you’re just, that’s an engine, that’s an engine that’s running. I like to call it a simple,

Boring business. I have a very boring business. I’ve literally had this funnel before people knew what funnels were like. I just had a 10 years ago as very fortunate. I became a millionaire when I was like 23, 24. So it’s like, if you asked me back then when I was doing it was that I found a pain in the marketplace. I created a presentation that saw one or two or three of the pain points. And then he invited people to learn more on a phone call and then we would basically sell them. Yeah.

Now when you’re, when you’re running ads, are you targeting financial planners? Are you targeting

Various different niches? So I give you the, the thinking behind it, rather than just telling you I’m targeting. So that will help you a lot more. So when we find a group of people that’s working, let’s just say financial planners, we’ll craft our webinars, our presentation to speak to that one, client will then take that. And then we will duplicate it into different markets, different markets, meaning different industries, but not just different industries, different geography as, Oh, in terms of different countries. For example, I know the people in, let’s just say in Asia, in Asian countries, okay. They vibe with my marketing message. They vibe with my products. They like my, you know, what present. And so I’m able to sell to them much more efficiently than, you know, just trying to target people in America. If that makes sense.

It does. It makes perfect sense. Yeah. Yeah, no, I agree with that. Okay. Awesome. And how big is your team size? Right now?

We have like seven people, six, seven people.

Oh, wow. You guys are running lean for that much revenue. That’s that’s great. Well, well, that’s, that’s impressive.

Hung up. When I was younger, I used to run a 55 person team and very, you know, I was doing a million dollars a month when I was 28 years old. So very quickly I learned, you know, what is revenue? What is net? And I was like, okay, now I prepared to have a lean mean profit making.

Yeah. And I think, I think the cool part about the coaching space is you can actually run lean. Obviously, you know, we have a coaching program, tuna runs very lean. You can literally have just a handful of people running a multimillion dollar coaching program. And it sounds to me like, obviously people are investing with you, so whatever it is that you’re doing is working. So congratulations on that. And so let’s go into a little bit further detail. So you’ve been doing this funnel for 10 years. I’m sure. You’ve probably, at some point you’ve, you’ve started building a massive brand for yourself, right. If Hussein tomorrow wanted to send out a message, right? How many people do you think you would actually reach? And that’s, you know, if you gather your, your, I don’t know if you have a Facebook group, your email list, your bot list, whatever it is, you put all those people together. How many people you actually hitting with your message?

I don’t know. You know, in terms of what, how many leads I’ve generated, it’s over a million subscribers. So my main focus has always been email traffic. It’s never been like social media. I do have a YouTube channel, by the way, those of you listening, go to saying 10,000 subscribers. That’s a platform of Egypt now. I still think I’m a little bit new, more new to like doing social stuff. You get, you get on whatever, but I built my business through email lists.

Do you believe it, do you believe in the, the saying of generating? I think it’s like, what is it like generating a dollar per email per month? Do you believe in that?

I believe in that, I think if you have a great list, you could do a lot more

Yeah. Engage list and engage list, right?

Yeah. You should. It’s just yesterday. I was speaking to a friend who’s got, he’s got a 500,000 subscriber list that gets a 30% open rate. That’s great. For an, especially in the marketing world where like 2% or 5% is like really good is getting 30%, 20 to 30%.

Yeah. The way that I like to look at it, cause we have a pretty big list of dashboards too, with all people that sign up and buy our programs and stuff like that. I like to see how many people are active and like the last 90 days, how many people opened an email of ours. Right. And I’ll put those in segment those into like a separate section. And those are like my active style users. Right. What you see in the marketing space. And as marketers start building lists attrition happens

When people actually start coming on, but a lot of people also start falling off on the back end. Right. and that’s one thing people should note out there for those of you guys viewing of, you see somebody like I have a million people, I have 10 million people on my list. That doesn’t mean that they’re speaking to those 10 million people they’re speaking. Most likely the people that I actually constantly communicate with I’d say is probably around 40 to 50,000. Yeah. There you go. You guys heard it first. And then even on, I’m just telling you these other numbers, right. Because a lot of the times people would say it made him subscribers and then it’s like, what does that must be a genius? It’s not that right. Cause I was buying lists and building lists when it was like way more cheaper through solo ads.

So like, you know, anyone that’s stuck in a comparisonitis mode just always know that there’s more, more to it than, than one of these. And a lot of marketers won’t tell you that. So I’m telling you this. And then from the, I’d say 40 to 50,000 people that are engaged, all of which I would say, you know, from an 80 20 perspective, most of my profits come from around 3000 to 5,000 of those leads. So around, you know, three to 5,000 people produce almost most of my profits make sense form the 3000. I could literally tell you I probably made 90% of my income from a thousand of them, 80 20 rule. Right. And it makes perfect sense. And it’s funny because I have, you know, I do a lot of these podcasts and very similar answers. We’re hearing where it’s like, you know 80% of the people are the small guys coming in and out buying small stuff, you know, 10 to 20% of the people are the guys who are making up the majority of the revenue for the company.

And that makes perfect sense. It’s, it’s very similar to, we have our big enterprise customers, right. That’s spent a lot of money with us. That’ll load in a hundred, 200 clients. And then we have the guy who just comes on, adds one client, which is perfectly fine. We serve as both. Right. but just standard 80 20 rule. And that makes perfect sense. Do you, do you, I know you’re obviously you’re in the funnel world. Okay. With Do you believe in the value ladder that Russell brunch and preaches, or do you have a value ladder? I have my own vantage of data am. My one goes and literally be more extreme than most people do. But I do that in terms of like, if you ask me a specific question, I could go much deeper. I’m sure that your data. Yeah, absolutely. It’s just basic math, 80, 20, you know, one on one marketing, a certain group of premium level clients will always pay you a small. So I have $50,000 programs and beyond in my, in my business, but it’s not advertised because most people aren’t on their clientele. Does that make sense? You don’t really advertise those high ticket stuff unless somebody fully indoctrinated and worked with you for awhile. I feel like that’s when you open the doors to them, right. It’s like a very close, a very close knit circle

Essentially. And I agree with you. Yeah. I think that, that’s great. So you’re saying so 10 K’s just to start and then there’s some higher end products that you have on the back end.

Right. And there’s, there’s, there’s definitely more higher end stuff.

Okay. And what’s the biggest needle mover for you? You could take everything that you’ve done the last 10 years. What was the one thing that you did that drove the most revenue for you? That one,

You know, this might not be an answer that you like or most people like but I’m not one to, to, to want to be liked. So I’m just going to tell you straight up, it’s riding the trend with long lasting business principles. So for example, you know, you can ask me to stuff about, we run Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, all bunch of stuff we do. Right. Like I honestly don’t know don’t care about probably 95% of it. I don’t know. I don’t, I don’t, I don’t ever remember even placing a Facebook ad. Right? Like I spend millions of dollars of my cash. I spent a lot of money on traffic. I just don’t, I don’t do that because for me that’s still very tactical. Whereas if I look at the big trend three, five, 10 years from now, where is it going?

Why does it matter? How can I ride it? That’s been my, you know, like way back in 2009, when I started off, I was very fortunate to have real mentors. That’s big companies in Silicon Valley and you know, a few people that have done like nine figures, even billion dollars. And some of the wisdom that they imparted on me made me realize, Oh, I don’t need to know everything. I just need to know the one or two. So the one or two things, the big needle mover is making sure that you are riding a trend. So for example, and And I’ve had offers a lot of offers, but here’s the thing. People now see because I was actually building wealth Those two domains I spent between those two and a few others. I spent like six figures buying, but here’s the thing I bought it five years ago.

That’s when funnels were essentially just starting. Really? Yeah.

Yeah. And I remember paying post your 50 grand just for alone. Right. And, and so some people are like, wow, you own these domains. And I’m like, like that’s such,

I’m curious, what’s an offer you got for

Well, I just tell you full one. Oh, cause I own a wide variety of them. I got offered seven figures cash just for one of them. So I’m going to take each one, but just one of the, of the ones

I believe it I’m, I’m good friends with somebody who has a big domain, a selling company. And I am friends with him on Facebook and every day he’s posting. So this domain hundred 80,000 sold his domain 240,000. And these are, these are domains that he’s purchased. And he also puts the purchase price. So it’s like $3, but in like 2001

Sold for 140 grand, right? Like crazy stuff like that. So there’s a lot of money in domains, especially if you’re building your brand, like somebody, you know, I’ll go back to Russell Brunson who would love to get re, sales funnels, dot com. Those are big brand names that would attach a lot of traffic going to his actual products, which is great. What, what, you know, you’re, you’re generating a lot of leads. You’re running a lot of Facebook ads, traffic. What would you say on average? I’m just going to backpedal. Cause I don’t think we got the answer. What do you think you’re spending on paid ads a month for Just having a rough number. I go through phases, but we could spend anywhere from a hundred K all the way up to two, 300 K. Okay. That’s pretty good. Good. And then you’re obviously generating a shit ton of leads coming through that.

Right? What are you doing with all the leads? What CRM are you using? The tracking in control of everything? Active campaign infusion soft and the rest. Give me headaches just to be very Frank. I look, there’s tons of stuff I know from a software company. Cause we develop software. Just from a software perspective, it’s very hard to find one software that is like a perfect fit for your business model. Right. And that’s why sometimes you’ll have to get multiple, like you’re using infusion soft and active campaign versus having one that does both. Right. So is that working for you? Is it working smooth? No, it’s not a smooth, it’s working. It’s not smooth. It’s not smooth. You just sign up for, we signed up for OAP.

There you go. That’s all my, there you go. So next time we get your podcast. We’ll talk about your new one. That’s coming up. What is your sales process look like? Okay. Somebody comes in, they opt in for the webinar. They watch the webinar, they schedule a call that, what am I on a zoom call? Is this, what, what are you doing? The call what’s happening here is simple call with an enrollment advisor to see how we can help them, if we can help them. You know, what makes us really different is because I’ve been a brand well it’s, which kind of plugs into funnels. What happens is depending on where the person is located, we will host live events. So two things that really boost our conversions and kind of puts us in a unique perspective, unique field is because we do a lot of email marketing, but we also do live events. So you know, anyone that doesn’t want to buy our products online, that’s okay. We have a whole seminar company that will serve that person, obviously, because of COVID right now, we’re not doing as much. Sure. Are you doing the virtual summits? Cause I know we just did a virtual summit. We have close to 500 agencies on there, so that was a great outcome for us. That’s amazing. Yeah. So yeah, we do challenges and some aides and Zunes all of that stuff. Just to kind of scoop up the load.

How many people, like when you were doing the summits? W what’s the room size look like?

I like 200, I think my 200. And this is really just with me, so I don’t really have like special guests coming in.

Yeah, you’re just doing, is it like a one day, two day thing, five day thing. You said five days while five days of just you talking, you got a lot of energy, man. You got a lot of energy. I, we, we do something that’s called dash day that we used to bring a small group of people into our, into our headquarters here in Fort Lauderdale. Just fly around from all over the world. And I used to do a whole day. Then at the end of the day,

I can’t even breathe

For five days. Men bless you, man. That’s that’s difficult to do. And what, what was, I’m curious, I’m going to ask it. What was the closing rate? I know you’re probably telling people to go to the back of the room at the end of the seminar. What was, what was the closing rate

For, for instance?

Are you selling? Yeah. What are you selling at the seminar you’re selling them, obviously your program is at the 10 K program.

Yeah, I would, I would say 10 K programs would have a, you know, basically every event would be like a six figure thing. Okay. That’s good.

Good. And how much revenue in the last 12 months have you generated from just the brain? Probably around seven figures. Ish, maybe. Okay, good. Good. And where do you see yourself in 12 months from today?

In terms of revenue or company size?

I think revenue and company size. You can share both if you want. Like where do you see yourself? I know, look, I know you do a lot of things. You have the, you have wealth, right? So this is just one of multiple brands. Right. But we want it to do the podcast.

Yeah. Funnel call. No, I appreciate it as well. Farmers.Com should definitely do over eight figures alone next 12 months. My other brands should do equals similar amounts.

Okay. What do you have to do though? Because going from seven figures, obviously to eight figures, it’s not an easy task, especially in 12 months. What do you plan to do to get there? Is it just adding more team members, running more ads? What do you, what’s the, what’s the goal for you?

Yes. Team needs to be expanded execution a little bit more execution cash. So, you know, I follow scaling up methodology. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Dan Harnish. So he talks about a team execution, cash and strategy. Right. So at any given time, that’s what my leave is. So let’s just say I have cash. Let’s just say I have execution and strategy. Okay. Now who’s the team that’s going to help me build it. Right. So one of the things the last 12 months actually I’ve taken lots of time off cause I got tired and stuff. Thanks. 12 last 12 to 18 months. I’ve kind of changed my focus, not just trying to do coaching and consulting, but I want to build a software for the next five to 10 years. And so, you know, I’m still in learning mode, if that makes sense. Like I’m learning about software and reading Marc Benioff.

Yeah. I’m in the same. Who’s your, who’s the number one CEO you’re following right now. Is it Mark Benioff? Salesforce. Salesforce, yeah. Yeah. He’s, he’s incredible also the CEO of HubSpot’s great to follow. I like to follow I’m. So I, I follow multiple different people and it’s just because of the niche that I’m in. Right. So I’m in the marketing and agency style niche. But the software that we’re building obviously is relatable to not only serving the agencies, but serving the end users. Cause they’re the ones using the platform as well. Right. So I follow the CEO of HubSpot a lot. I follow a Marc Benioff a lot. I like to follow Jeff Bezos a lot also just to see the way that you think at a, a company of that magnitude, right. Your mind has to work differently when you’re managing 600,000 employees, right.

Something up there has to be different. Right. So I just like to see how people think differently, I think is a big one for me. And then I also see, I like to see patterns. I’m a big patterns person. Right. So I like to see, I like to watch all of these guys and gals, there’s a lot of women, amazing women entrepreneurs that I follow as well, but I like to see what these people are doing and then see the patterns that’s happening. Right. And like you said, like the trends to trends. Yeah. So there’s a guy that I really, really like, like his Stein, his name is Jason fried from base camp base Yup. Yup. Just some of the things he says, you know, like don’t work. We can’t like you shouldn’t, you can work nine to five and build a bid.

You read their book, then you read the book from base camp. Yeah. I’ve got the books actually here. I listened to the audio version of the book. I forgot what I did. I should’ve called rework and they were talking about running lean. Right. They’re super lean. And they are super remote too. And they built this multimillion dollar brand, which is incredible. So that book is awesome for anybody out there. I’m really thinking about like starting a company and worrying about like big cost and getting an office and stuff like that. Like go read that book. That’ll change your perspective on business. What’s, what’s the number one software that you use? What’s your favorite software? We could strip everything back. Trello. Trello. Okay. Awesome. And last question I have for you before we wrap up here. If a new entrepreneurs coming into the space, what’s the number one tip that you can give them that would shave years off of their life, like wasted time off of their life. You would save them time. You know, almost most things in business don’t match except for delivering the customer a valuable product with a high converting offer. That’s it like if there was, you know, if you do 80, 20 on a hundred activities and then you do the 80 20, again, you comes to like 96 and four, that 4%,

That one must focus on develop, you know, all the time that’s an ongoing process is one high converting offer. Because if you can do that, everything else is easy, right? Like just recently, I just did my, my high converting offer. I’m now suddenly I’m attracting the right team members. Now suddenly, you know, cash is coming in much more faster than it’s it’s usually coming in. You know what I mean? And so it all starts with an offer that the marketplace wants. The big mistake people make is thinking that you need to be smart and that you need to come up with an idea. You need to go to a market that’s underserved. And that there’s a lot of pain and problems in that market. And then you need to find a unique way to add massive value into that market in the form of creating a product or service, AKA an offer. And then you need to find a mechanism like a phone call, a seminar, a webinar, whatever to sell the damn thing to sell your solution. So that’s basically,

I love it. Ladies and gentlemen, you heard it first. Shaqir Hussyin from all the way from the UK in London. Thank you so much, brother. We appreciate you having us on the marketer’s mindset podcast and we’ll, we’ll reach out to you in 12 months. When is doing over eight figures in revenue, you got your new software, we’ll have a whole nother podcast session. Thank you again, man. Awesome. Thanks.

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