Funnel Doc Hits $180k In Revenue In Just 3-Months Helping Coaches Scale Their Business
Chad Kodary
Oct 30th, 2020 at 01:00 PM

Funnel Doc Hits $180k In Revenue In Just 3-Months Helping Coaches Scale Their Business


Jeffrey Banek, CEO and founder of Funnel Doc hits $180k in sales in the last 3-months helping coaches scale their online business.

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Here are some questions that the video had covered:

00:14 How does Jeffrey Banek and his program work?

00:36 What’s your ideal audience and niche?

04:08 How big is your team size today?

04:21 How many active clients are you guys servicing today at the Funnel Doc?

04:34 How big is your audience right now?

05:10 Where are you getting all your leads?

05:30 What is attraction marketing to you?

06:07 What’s the pricing model for your coaching program?

08:07 What was the one biggest needle mover for you that took your business to the next level?

09:24 What strategies are you using to start conversations with new potential clients?

09:49 What’s your sales process for Funnel Doc?

13:06 What’s the number one automation you have that either saves you the most time or makes you the most money?

16:53 How much revenue has Funnel Doc generated in the last three months?

19:53 What’s your favorite software tool you use in your business?


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What’s going on, everybody. We have the Jeffrey Banek from the Funnel Doc all the way at Las Vegas, Nevada, Jeffrey. What is it that you actually do? And how do you generate revenue for the funnel doc?

I used to do funnels, but now I teach coaches how to do their high ticket offers using funnels and create organic marketing attraction, marketing, and scale from six to seven figures.

Awesome. And, what would you say that if you could take all the people that you’ve worked with, who is your ideal niche, who’s your ideal avatar of that person that you want to work with? Walk me through that really quick.

Yeah. right now it’s just any coach really that has a passion for what they’re doing. They know what they’re doing or not in the beginner stages. We need someone that’s already like, has an idea of what their product is, that type of thing. And then I just take them through the paces from six figures on up to a million.

Got you. So you’re essentially looking for somebody who might be already doing six figures and

Usually they’re right around the 10 to 20,000 Mark and then we’ll scale them up in my 90 day accelerator to 30 to 60 K a month.

Awesome. And can you name like two or three people maybe that you work with? So the audience kind of knows that type of avatar.

Yeah. Well, the ones that I’ve had, two that I’ve had the most success with just in the last 30 days was Tim Madden and Ben Nader. They were both,uTim,uthey started out, they were doing 80,000 a month and now they’re up to one 50 in the last 30 days. And Ben was roughly about 30 K and he just did 75 less in the last 30.

Those are, these are big, you’re talking about monthly, right?

Yeah, these are [inaudible].

And and and that’s great. And you’re, I’m assuming you’re doing all this, your funnels. I see. You got to click on

That’s that’s the funny thing is we do scale it out through funnels, but initially we’re teaching organic and attraction marketing because so many people want to be that attractive character. So we’re showing how to do that and to make sales organically using the first 10 to 30 grand or all organic. And then I teach you to come in with a funnel to support it. So you can scale up to that million that’s when you start running ads, right. That’s when we start running ads. Exactly.

Okay, cool. And these guys, these two guys they’re selling courses.

Oh no, they’re doing coaching. They’re doing a coaching actually. Yeah. They have a 5,000 and a $3,000 coaching offer. And one of them’s teaching, and this is why I can work with any coaches. One’s teaching someone how to they’re teaching six figure CEOs that can’t don’t have a job, how to present themselves properly, how to do everything so that they can find another six-figure job again. And the other ones has a, has a coaching offer teaching people how to create a six-figure recruiter agency. Like they’re actually teaching people how to recruit, find people, jobs, that type of thing. Wow. I mean, I’ve also had success. I have another coaching student that,uhe’s actually just in greeny, the guy who came in second on American idol, he I’m teaching him back in the day with Kaylee cards, with my students, my clients I’m teaching him how to help people to be able to find and be able to get jobs in this Corona time, how to be able to have the perfect audition.

Wow. So these are essentially not your every day. Hey, let me teach you how to start up a digital marketing agency and come with me for the ride, not your everyday coaching program. So that’s pretty outside of the box, which is it’s cool also because I’m sure you have to do some tactical stuff there to make these campaigns.

Oh yeah. I mean, and I do have, like, I’ve had a couple of agency, like digital marketing agencies that want to learn how to scale their offer up. And we have them as well. I have one guy that he came in, he was doing like three K a month, and now he’s doing like 12 K a month. You know, it’s also, it’s really funny because I’m able to take like all the skills I’ve done to get these and now put them into actual whatever niche, frameworks, frameworks. Yeah. That’s the cool thing is because you just, you are the expert. I don’t need to be the expert. Like if I’m doing a funnel, if I’m a funnel, I have to know everything about it. Getting coaching. I just have to know what questions to ask you to get you to tell me the right information so we can make it work.

Yep. Makes sense. And how big is your team size today? Break that down for me

Right now. We have six people right now. We have three coaches, two VA’s, and then I’ve also got a mini ads guy that we’re working with.

Awesome. And how many active clients are you guys servicing today at the funnel bar?

Today right now we are up to 10 people right now. We’re in my coaching program. We’ve had about 20 that have gone through it. It’s only been active for probably about 30 days now. Maybe a little more than that. Got you.

Okay. And and how big is your audience right now? I mean, if you could take your email list, your chat bot, subscribers, your I don’t know if you have a Facebook group business page, whatever it is. If Jeff wanted to send a message out to the world tomorrow, how many people we hit?

I would say probably anywhere because some people are on the list. I mean, I’ve got my email list is like seven K my Facebook groups like too. I mean, I don’t know, like 15 grand, 15,000 people probably would put a message out.

Great. That’s awesome. And and what is your pricing level look like? So let’s say I come in, right. I come in and first of all, how am I finding you? Let’s say one set back. How do I find you? Where are you getting all your leads? Where are you getting

Attraction markings? It’s what I teach, man. I practice what I preach. I go out there, I’m constantly doing posts, helping people engage with people. And then they just come to me,

Peel the onion back really quick. So attraction marketing for the, for the people who are listening and watching this, that don’t know what that is. Break that down in 30 seconds. What is attraction?

Attraction marketing is basically, you’re one of the attractive character out there talking about your product, talking about the problems, getting people to know, like, and trust you so that when they’re ready, you are product and you are the only thing they think about buying base up.

And you’re doing this obviously through social media,

Right? Yes, exactly. Social media. So we follow it up with email and different things like that so we can get the follow up.

Yeah. The nurturing going on too. Okay. Very cool. And then let’s say, I find you on Facebook and I’m like, Oh my God, this Jeffery, guy’s amazing. I got to work with him. What’s the fees. What does it look like? What am I getting into?

So right now my coaching program is only 5k. It’s a 90 day program. It’s an accelerator. We get, you started launched and making anywhere from 10 to 30,000 during that 30 K. So it’s a 12 week program, all laid out for you. Step-By-Step and they have coaches that come in and support we, a weekly group chat or group coaching, all types of support, Voxer, you know, that type of thing. So nobody ever gets stuck.

And is this, after the 90 days, is it done? Then they spread their wings in there on their own. And then you got your new people that are coming in. So it’s essentially, you’re working with people for 90 days.

Well, the good thing is, is that’s getting you to the six figure using those people are anywhere from zero to, like I said, 20 K. And then we get them to teach them growth up to the 30 to 60 K range. After that, once you get that, you get to join my seven figure elite. And that’s where we take you. That’s my next step. That’s my value ladder right there. Hey dude, like Russell Brunson says only two times people stop buying when you stop putting offers in front of them. And when you insulted, so those are like two times, so we’ve got to have something. So yeah, my next skill is taking you from that 60 K up to the a hundred K plus a month range where you’re going for a million plus.

Got you. And what is it? What’s a fee. You got 5k. So your first step in the value ladder is the 5k 90 day accelerated Raider offer. Next step in the funnel is your elite sort of very close one-on-one mastermind. And what does that, what’s the fee for that,

That one’s 3000 a month or 3000 a month or 30 K paid in full for the entire year. That’s a one year program.

Very cool. And if you could, if you can, if you could take a look at your business model, you can take a look at anything that you’ve done. And I know obviously this 90 day accelerator program that you created is not your first rodeo. I know I’ve been friends with you on Facebook for Y. So you’ve been doing a lot of these types of things. If you can take everything that you’ve been doing ever since you’ve started essentially this style of business, what would be the number one, the biggest needle mover for you? What was that one thing that you did that was like, Holy crap, this made me the most money ever. This got me the most clients. What’s that one thing.

It’s funny because everybody, when they come to this, they want to help everybody. And I was the same way. So I started low ticket and starting out low ticket is literally one of the worst things you can do because there’s so little room for error. If you screw up on your ads, your funnel, your copy, whatever it is, you can lose your butt. Where if you come in and you’re doing like a $5,000, $3,000 coaching offer, you sell 10 of them. You just made 30 to $50,000. Now you have roommates, you can hire somebody. That’s an expert. You can buy the good ad team. You’re not just scraping your pennies together, trying to make everything work, which everybody starts low ticket. You sell high ticket, high tickets.

What would you say? You say three, K’s a good place to start off.

I always recommend everyone to start in that three to five K range. And then after they have a lot of testimonies or results, which we’re about to do, we’re about to Dublin and go up to 10,000 and Nick’s probably 30 to 45 days, but I always recommend that because it’s most people can afford that stuff.

That’s that’s great. And that makes sense. And what, what strategies are you using right now to start conversations every day with new potential clients? So is it, I know you’re doing the attraction marketing, right? Walk me through like one of the sexiest things that you do that you know, that that gets you clients.

It’s the, the thing that works the most actually is really simple. It’s I’m on a mission to help X people achieve extra amount of her or X result in this amount of time who’s in. And I’m sure you guys won’t see, but they work, man. It’s literally, you’ll have 30, 40, 50 people comment on them, reach out to them, talk to a messenger, move them into a conversation for a sales call and then close them.

So, so let’s break that down. Let’s go, let’s go through your sales process really quick. The funnel doc sales process. Okay. you get 10 people that come in 10 people come into your post and say, I’m in Jeff. I’m ready to rock and roll. I want to work with you. You got 10 of those, right? What are you doing from there? Out of those 10? How are you? How many are closing? How many actually show up to your phone calls? Walk me through that process really quick.

And I’m so glad you asked that because he’ll people skip over those KPIs. And they’re so important. We usually have an actually a 70 to 80% show rate because I have some special tricks that I do to help get people so excited.

Don’t don’t hold back. Tell you, I gotta tell him

I’m going to, I want to tell you the none, nobody that I know of is doing this. It’s called my five-part video nurture series. So imagine a video that’s five to 10 minutes long. No more than 10 minutes. Each one of the first three overcome the number one, limiting belief or objection that your target avatar has. The fourth one is going to be a testimonial or a case study showing your results. And the fifth one talks about you and pumps the call up and the need for this call and how, if you don’t miss it, it’s literally going to miss the thing that’s going to change your life. Are these getting dripped out though? No, here’s how they work. Imagine this. So they’re all embedded in ClickFunnels and say the video is 10 minutes at nine minutes and 50 or nine minutes and 50 seconds.

A button pops up. It says click to go to the next video. So imagine this, if I, we have a meeting and I go, Chad, I’ve got this amazing training. I’m gonna send you there five quick little videos, just watch it. It’s going to help, you know, what we do and, and inform you and educate you about our call. Watch these. And then I tell them, I’m like, when you’re in the last video says, when you’re done message the phone with doc back, I’m done with a button. It goes directly to my messenger. So imagine by sending this to you and they’re all five minutes long, let’s say, and in 26 minutes, you’re messaging me back. I’m done. How hot is that lead? Now I’m going to get you on the call right now.

I want to make sure I want to peel this back real quick, sir. Once again, everybody who’s listening understands what Jeff is doing. So he’s obviously got some type of application page. They’re going, they’re filling out an application after the application page, you’re starting with the first video and they’re going through the rest of the five videos,

Right? Well, what they do is say, you’re, you CA you’re the 10 people to comment on this and I’m in, I’ll reach out to you or my team will reach out to you. One of my salespeople and messenger. And first of all, we qualify you. We have like four to five questions and make sure that you’re the right fit. And you’re not a tire kicker. So we’re not

Those questions. Cause I, I, I get that a lot quickly, real quick in 30 seconds. What’s like the top two or three questions. Yeah.

What’s your business? Where do you want to be in 90 days? Because that projection to what result, we’ll get them in 90 days. What’s eliminate. What’s the number one thing holding you back. What are you, how much money are you making now? How much money would you like to be making in 90 days? Roughly? So that gives them everything. We didn’t know if they qualify to be on the call with us. And it’s quick too. And when, once we get those in there, we’ll quickly move them to either a call, right. Then a call later that day, or book a call never more than 72 hours out. And if we know we booked the call, if they’re not meeting with us right, then, then they get the five-part video nurture series to help make sure that they’re engaged in a radio show up right now we have, like I said, a 70 or 80% show rate and our close rate is right around 40 to 50%.

Wow. That’s high. Okay. Well that’s great. And, and if you can think about, obviously we’re in 2020, there’s a lot of automations happening right now. What’s the number one automation you have that either saved you the most time or makes you the most money.

So Franco’s going to love this it’s pepper. Have you heard of pepper? I have not. No pepper is a messenger CRM that OB that not only is it a CRM, but you can go into groups, put in certain keywords and it will actually friend up to 50 people a day within the Facebook algorithm for you. So if you don’t have 5,000, and this is what helps with attraction marketing, if you don’t have 5,000 eyeballs on your 5,000 friends, you can get 50 new people a day. Every day on autopilot did just comes in and get friends I’m in. This is the cool thing. You can program it to send an introductory message like, Hey Chad, I saw your include photos group. And I’m in the photos too. I just want to say, hi, what’s up? There’s something like that. Simple

Pepper. You’re saying pepper.

It’s called pepper. He named it after pepper, which is the Ironman secretary in the Marvel universe. This is meant to be the ultimate of secretary. And then it has a whole CRM where you can tag people, track people. You can do, you can do canned responses so that if I type the same thing every time, which a lot of my team does because they have the five questions I can just hit a button. Now change a few things on it. Boom. Rather than having to sit in there type of thing.

So I’m assuming that’s what you’re using for your CRM to keep all your leads that are coming in and everything right

In that stage. Once they go past that, we actually use, what’s called air table. You keep track of everything. And that’s like an advanced version of basically Excel spreadsheet.

Andrew cruisey just came on here last week. And he was talking about that. That’s one of his favorite softwares that he uses. So that’s pretty cool. I’ll have to check that out. And uso let’s say you, you said you closed about, let’s say 40% of the leads that come through. What are you doing with the other 60% where they go going

Those go into the know like, and trust series, nurture series. They get on our list. We make sure that anytime we’re putting out any type of high value content, that we’re always tagging them in it. So if I’m doing a video training, I’ll actually tag those people in it so that they can keep building up until they’re ready to buy. Because that’s the thing you got to think. Most people need at least seven to 12 touch points to get them to buy a touchpoint is when they see or engage with you or your product. If they’re not, maybe they’re on tactically number one or two or three, when they first see that post, we need to get them up to that seven to 12 touch point range. So then they’re ready to,

Yeah, we, you know, it’s, it’s funny that you say that I want to touch on that a little bit, because that is such a powerful statement. And I always say, and I’ve heard, I’m sure you guys have heard the statement money’s in the follow-up right? You’re not only is it in the follow-up, but it’s also in the nurturing. Okay. Because what people do not understand is, especially in the high tech world, if you’re selling a product three to five, K 10 K, whatever it is, do you know how hard it is? I mean, people don’t just come up to you in the first shot and be like, Hey, here’s 10 kit, right? They need to know you. They need to trust you. They need to watch the videos. You need to go onto your social media. They need to see testimonials and reviews. They want to just dig into your entire world before they hand you a $10,000 payment.

Okay? So this is something for you guys. If you’re not doing this, if you’re not, I mean, I’ve seen a lot of people, even like once they get into our world, we do to dash flicks. Once you, once you apply to our dash elite program, we have a separate Facebook campaign. That’s just strictly branding. Right? And all we do is once you actually apply during the next, like, I think it’s like 48 hours. We hit you with a bunch of different ads talking to you about our program. Testimonials. Usually most people will do that. Only before somebody signs up. We actually do it after somebody signs up as well, because it indoctrinates them better. And it makes them want to get a little bit deeper into our world, even though they’ve already filled out the application. So very cool. Now, Jeff, I know you’ve been this new venture of yours has been open for about three months. How much revenue have you guys generate in the last three months?

It’s been amazing. Like we’ve literally generate in last three months. Probably a 180,000.

Wow. So 180 K three months of work. Now, obviously this is not your first rodeo. I know you said that in the beginning. So this is, this is it for those of you guys that are watching. I don’t want to think that you’re going to open up a company tomorrow with zero experience and knock out 180 K, not saying that you won’t. I just like to set realistic expectations. Jeff has been doing this for awhile now.

I think for the person who’s starting out, that you’re saying realistically in 90 days, you should be able to get up to where you’re making 10 to 20,000 a month. Realistically, you know, we’re not even at 30 K

For most people. Those are life changing. Those are life changing numbers may and most people, I think it’s like average person in the United States. What they make like, you know, four grand a month, you know, a thousand bucks a week. I would say, I don’t know if that’s the right number. Don’t quote me on it. I’m just giving you an average. Right? So to be able to double, triple that for a person that can change your entire life, that means you can get into a bigger home for your family. Yeah. More funds to live your life and not be so strapped. Right? These little, these little movements, these little bills, you know, people are always like, I want to hit the seven figure. Mark. What happened to the person that wants to hit the six figure, Mark that that’s life-changing for people. And I hate my, what I see people say like, Oh, I’m starting out tomorrow. I’m going to start my business. I can’t wait to hit the seven figure club. I can’t wait to get my two comma club awards. Like why don’t you get a six figure award first and be happy with that? Oh my God.

I’m so glad you said that, man, because I feel the same way. So many people skip over. I’m like first you got to hit that 10 K then a hundred K and then let’s talk about a million. But until you’ve done that, forget it. And I don’t know about you, but before I got into this, I was a personal trainer. My average years were 30 to $40,000. We make that minimum every month. Now it’s crazy to think of how much it’s changed over this time. And like you said, 10 K for the average person, if you were to came to me three years ago when I was there four years ago, when I was a personal trainer and said here’s 10,000, I would have been like, wow, this literally is changing everything about me. So realize first it takes baby steps. And even not even baby steps, you can take big steps because going from 3000 a month, that’s 10,000 a month. That’s you? That is

Big. That’s a big, that’s a big move. Jeff. Where do you see yourself at, in 12 months from today, you did 180 K in the last three months, fast forward 12 months.

Well, I mean, again, now we started at the 10 K tilling for everybody else. But for me personally, I’m going to be getting my own two comma award for this within the next year and scaling it up. Plus the amazing thing about being in this spot is I’m going to have multiple people walking stage, getting their own seven figure awards next year, which is just, that is where it’s at is knowing that like cool for me, that’s great. But knowing that my clients, my students, they’re the ones that are having life-changing results. And knowing that I’m going to have a team of people there with six and seven figures,

Your results. I love that. And I’m going to ask you the quiet, know the answer, but I’m going to ask you anyways, what’s a favorite software tool you use in your business?

Well, if you’re watching this you’ll know, it’s click funnels. Of course, Matt, I cook funnels all day without them. I literally, they started everything for me. I owe everything that I have to Russell starting click funnels and being able to learn and master it and then move into the room.

Yep. There you guys have heard it. First. Jeffrey Banek, the funnel doc, all the way out of Las Vegas on the marketer’s mindset podcast. Jeff, thank you so much for joining us and we’ll see you on the next run in 12 months when you get your seven figure award for that. Thanks, Chad. Appreciate a good one. Bye.

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