Top 10 Fastest Ways To Add Additional Revenue to Your Agency
Chad Kodary
Apr 13th, 2021 at 01:01 PM

Top 10 Fastest Ways To Add Additional Revenue to Your Agency


Let’s get straight to the point… you want to make more money, right?

Chad Kodary, CEO of DashClicks will be pulling back the curtains and showing you the top 10 fastest ways he’s managed to add additional revenue to his agencies bottom-line.

If you’re an entrepreneur that loves scaling your company, making more revenue, and growing internally as an individual at the same time… this is for you!

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What’s going on? How are we doing everybody? What’s going on dash fan, super excited to have all of you guys here. We haven’t done one of these webinars.
It’s been a while and we’re super excited to bring everybody back. And we’re excited to start doing these moving forward a couple of times a month, actually.
So without further ado, what I want to do is Carlos. If you can quickly hit the GoPro on me, let’s do a quick tour of the room. How many people is this? Your first time live with us on a marketer’s mindset webinar, drop a number one in the chat. And this is your first time ever live with us. Here on a market is mindset webinar drop-in. Number one, if you’ve been on one of these before drop in number two in the chat, God and dropping number two in the chat. Love it, guys. I’m going to give you guys a quick tour. So as you guys can see currently we are inside
Of the marketer’s mindset studio right here on our DashClicks office in sunny, South Florida,
Looking at me right now on the GoPro. So you’re up top. You can kind of see the surrounding areas, lights,
Cameras. I got my side monitor over here. So we’ll do a quick test. Where are you guys from this world? Go ahead and drop it in the chat below. Go. What are you guys from dropping in the chat below? We’ve got Leslie from Kelly, Clearwater, Tampa, Indiana, Albuquerque, Madison, North Miami Beach, Kelly, West Palm Nicaragua. Edmonton. We got you. Got you. You guys are from all over the place. On another note, we have a side cam right here, what you guys can see
And you guys can kind of see the monitor here on the side screen, blown up.
So side screen, and then let’s go BNB really quick. And then we got the beautiful monitor and I’ll be right down here in the bottom. Right? When you see this screen and today I got some really exciting
Stuff to show you guys, like I said, at the beginning of this, I’m going to show you guys 10 quick things that you can do to add extra revenue to your agency right now.
Now, if that’s something that you are slightly interested in, go ahead and drop the number five in the chat. Let me know that you’re with me. If you’re interesting, if you’re interested in adding more revenue to your agency, go ahead and drop a number five in the chat for me really quick, five, five, five in the chat. I love it. I love it. I love it. Let’s go from there
Face real quick. So, and of course the beautiful front view as always yours truly. So I’m super excited to be here with you guys. You know, the reason why I actually did this webinar is taking a couple of steps back for the last couple of years. We’d been running DashClicks, but even further than that, since 2009 for most of you guys that don’t know my story, we’ve been running our retail agency, social agents, who’s basically doing the same that you guys are doing right there at home or in your offices, right? Running an agency, selling services, trying to build a team, trying to scale up. How many of you guys out there are trying to do any of those things dropping number two in the chat form, a really quick, quick poll. How many of you guys are trying to make more money for your agency? Add more revenue, build a team, get more clients, get more leads coming in on a daily basis.
Get some
Traction, maybe even pick up your first client, right? How many of you guys are trying to do that and just go on and drop a two in the chat if you resonate with anything.
So a lot of you guys are here to learn. And usually what we do on these marketers mindset webinars is I am here to not only educate you, but I’m here to entertain you and we’re going to have some fun and I’m going to give away some cool stuff. So without further ado, if you guys are cool with me, kicking it off here during the chat really quick in the chat, I want to make sure that we break the chat. I want to make sure that zoom sends me a support ticket. After, since Chad you’re under, you’re unavailable to use the chat anymore. You’re broke the chat it’s done. It’s done. You are banned from using our chat As you guys all know. Usually what hypes me up the most. What gets me the most excited. What gets me going is you guys is writing in the chat, dropping numbers in the chat, dropping comments in the chat, dropping your feedback, letting me know exactly what is going on while I’m sitting here, standing hit the GoPro for me alone in this room.
So we got Carlos on the ones and twos, but you can’t see him cause he’s behind the GoPro, right? But I’m here to help you guys take your agency one step further. Okay. So let’s go front face. So here’s what I want to do, guys. If you guys go ahead and stay with me all the way until the end, I’m going to be guys are really cool offers something that is irresistible for you. But what I want to focus on right now is I’m going to be going one by one all the way to 10. Okay. And I’m going to show you guys the 10 fastest things that you can do right now in your agency to add more revenue. Okay. And also on top of that at any point in time, if you’re interested in making a step further or moving faster, what I am going to do is offer you this right now.
So for you guys taking the time to sit here and listen to me and join us live on this webinar. I’m going to give everybody in this room, 50% off of anything in dashclicks right here right now. So you can use that coupon code DC 50. You can take 50% off of anything in dashclicks. So keep that in the back of your mind. Okay. And this coupon code is going to expire after the webinar. Okay. So what I want you guys to do is at any point in time, if you’re excited about something, I want you to go ahead and use that coupon code while you can. Okay. Actually, I just got a note. It’s going to expire tonight. So nice enough for Carlos to send us that. Thank you, Carlos. So it’s going to expire tonight. So [inaudible], that’ll get you guys 50% off.
Everything in dashclicks, 50% off fulfillment, 50% off an agents who website insights, install reports 50% off at all. And you can use it on multiple purchases starting right now, literally all the way until the end of tonight, 11:59 PM E S T. All right. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and kick things off. And I want to start off with number one and Carlos, you can rip that banner off the bottom, DC, 50 guys, 50% off of everything. And what we’re going to do guys is as always for those of you guys have your first time on here. Go ahead and try to hold all questions until the end. I’m going to hang out with you guys after we’re going to do a full blown FAQ, and somebody did ask the question, I’ll answer it now. And it’s just off the first month of services.
Somebody asks you that 50% off lifetime or first month, just the first month. Okay. So what I want to do, and yes, I’m organized and I do have a handy-dandy sheet here. Okay. What I’m going to do is I’m going to start with number one. And I think that all, I think I actually know. I think the most reason why the most reasons, the most important reason why most agencies fail nowadays is their initial product offering, okay. Their core offering. And if you can think about it, most agencies, what they’ll do is they’ll just try to go super, super high ticket, right? And there’s nothing against that. Going high ticket is really good, but going a low ticket and working your way up to high ticket is even better. I’ve actually split, tested this method, not only myself calling, but throughout our entire call center, where we had about a total of about 20 people split up between fronters and closers, right? Your appointment setters, and then your actual sales closers. And we’ve tested this method. And this was not like a 30 day test. This was like a two-year tests within our call center to find out long-term what was actually better. What is it better to sell a high ticket item first? Or was it better to sell a lower ticket item and then escalate up from there? Right. And I’m going to give you guys a perfect example of what an initial core offer is. Okay.
So while most of you guys, so most people do
Is they’ll try to sell, let’s say like Facebook ads,
Right? So Facebook ads, and you’ll try to sell it
Facebook ads for let’s say like two K a month, right? Yeah.
Now this is good. The only problem with this is most people, especially on this product
Itself has a super high churn rate, which means the second that somebody comes in here, you might be lucky to keep them for like tops three months. Okay. Now, once again, some of you guys are going to be on here, like Chad, I’ve got a Facebook customer for more than three months. I get that you have, but statistically showing from our business and our call center, this does not resonate well. Okay. What resonates well with people and what will actually make you money? Thoughts stir. It will actually help you in the long run is selling a lower tier item. Okay. And we basically call it that barrier to entry product, right? So psychologically, most people, when they’re making a sale, it’s a lot easier for you to swallow a smaller pill than a really, really large pill. What I mean by that is if I come up to you guys and say, Hey guys, I got this crazy offer for you right now, go out and give me 200 bucks.
And it’s yours. Obviously I have a beautiful sales pitch surrounding that, but you get the concept or I say, Hey guys, I have a crazy offer for you guys. It’s two grand. You can get it right now. And it’s yours. Now guys, instantly, even if both products were the same or even if they were completely different, your mind shifts straight to that cheaper product. Because as human beings, we’re always are trying to catch a deal. Or we’re always trying to build a little bit of trust before we make a big intent purchase, right? $2,000 a month, a thousand dollars a month. These are really hard pills to swallow, especially if you’re dealing with small to medium-sized businesses. That’s why we realize that. And for most of you guys that don’t know, but we focused on home services for a lot of our career as a digital marketing agency, right?
So you’re good. All painters, plumbers, electrician, roofers, solar, all those guys that you can think about that really have do anything within your home. Right? And I want to do a quick poll here. And if you guys can help me out, who is your current niche that you guys go after? Who is it that you guys speak to? Who is it that you start conversations with? Go ahead and drop it in the chat below. So Gail said real estate. Who is it that you guys actually go after life insurance flooring, real estate agents. What else, guys, who is your ideal target audience? Who are the people that you want to sell to? Who are these people? Frank said, business owners, roofers, what else we got guys. So little fun fact. Med spa, pest control, HVAC auto sales. Okay. You guys are going in the chat right now.
Accounting firms, home services, such as plumbers and electricians, vacation rentals, tree services, pet stores. Okay. So you guys kind of get the gist here. There are so many different niches available out on the market. What I always recommend doing is so people will pick one specific niche. What we liked and what worked the best for us was to pick a category right in the category for us was home services. And within those home services, we had all of these different sub niches and that’s plumbers, painters, roofers, electricians, a pool repair garage, door, repair, carpet, cleaning fencing, tile, contractors, literally anything, like I said, that surrounds your home. So if you go to your home and you look around and you’re like, if something breaks here, I need to call somebody to repair or fix or create. Those were the people that we were targeting.
Okay. And the reason for that is because most of those people, what we realized when we were making hundreds of thousands of calls a month in our call center to these people is a lot of these people are small mom and pop businesses. A lot of these people who will pick up the phone because the phone, when you call them is not all the time in their office, it’s right in their pocket. So when you’re actually calling their number on their Google business listing or on their website, what you’re actually doing is you’re calling their cell phone. Right? And if, if any of you guys have ever done any cold calling before, and, and, and, and I like to actually do a quick poll at the same time too, because I want everybody to get a feel
For the room. How many of you guys right
Now do cold calling in your business to try to pick up yup. New clients. And if you don’t do cold calling, go ahead and drop in the chat. What’s your method of prospecting? What is your method of prospects? You’re running Facebook ads. Somebody said LinkedIn messaging said emails.
What is your method to actually go out,
Start conversations on a daily basis. I said, word of mouth emails and phone, Instagram, DMS, praying, praying. Sounds good.
What else guys? What is your method to go out and actually get new customers? What is it? What is that method? There’s a lot of agencies on here, guys.
You said everywhere. Everyone mixers, when it comes back up. All right, guys, the fastest way for us to pick up and get a client was using a phone, picking up a phone, making a phone call and actually creating an offer and starting a conversation. Okay. And what we did with that was the first, our initial core offering. So number one here on the list, right? The number one thing that you can do to add additional revenue to your business business is come up with a barrier to entry products. Something that’s easy to go through. Okay. We really liked things that were around 199 bucks. Okay. We realized that that was kind of the sweet spot for us, right? When we didn’t go in and try to tackle somebody for a thousand dollars or a $2,000 credit card swipe. And what we did was we tried to get somebody for $199. We realized that that actually allowed us to sell more. It opened up
The funnel, okay. Open
Up the funnel completely and allowed people to come into the funnel into our world. And actually for us to say, Hey, how many new customers did we get this month versus, Hey, how many sales did we get this month? We were focusing not only on sales, we were focusing on customers because customer acquisition is where you want to be. Because if I have a thousand of these guys and 10 of these guys, I would actually much rather have this. And I’ll tell you why I can sell to a lot more people, which is going to lead me to number two. Okay. But before I jump into number two, I’m going to give you guys a perfect example of a lower, a low barrier to entry product, right? So who here is familiar with insights as an example, just say me in the chat, if you’ve ever heard of what insights is, if you have not seen no. If you’ve never heard of what insights is. Okay. And I’m going to give you guys a perfect example of what I would do for a really quick, low barrier entry product. All right. So I would log into my DashClicks account. Okay. Let’s go. And real quick, Carlos.
All right. So what I would do is I would log into my dashes account. I would go to insights, right? I would go to single insights builder. All right. Now we’ll just go right in here. Okay. And what I would do is my offer, my core offer. And this is something that we’ve actually tested. Okay. On thousands of customers. Okay. My barrier to entry product was $199, basically an InstaSize okay. 199 bucks. It’s a free website. Okay. As we would call it a free website, and there’s a bunch of ways to spin it off, you don’t have to call it free. You can just say got a really low budget website, but it’s beautiful. All right, go ahead guys. Let’s do it. I’m going to do a quick test for those people who haven’t seen insights is literally going to take six seconds. Go ahead and drop in a couple of niches below and I’ll pick one and build it into site for it really quick. Go ahead and drop that in the chat below. All right. First one said roofer. Cool. Let’s have some fun with it.
All right. So let’s go Bobby, the roofer. So literally all I would have to do to build an entire site. And for those of you guys are like, Chad, what is it that you’re doing? I’m actually building a custom website for a potential prospect in a matter of five or 10 seconds. Okay. And when you’re thinking about a core offer, really what you want to think about is okay. If I’m going to offer something that’s low budget, which means I’m not going to make too much money on it. My spread has to be pretty decent and I really don’t have to do anything. Right. It should be me like doing nothing. Okay. And that’s the beauty of what insights is. You can literally just come in here. Okay. Bobby, the roofer. Let’s just say, that’s the name of the company? This is Bobby’s information. We got his phone number, his email address, his street address, and then his first and last name.
Bobby Jones. Great. Okay. I’m going to go in here and I’m going to search for roofer. Cool. So I’m going to go ahead and let’s do this new modern roofing template, right. And I’m just going to go in here and I’m just gonna click build in society. All right. So what our system is doing right now, it’s actually going out and it’s building a website with the information that I put in. Okay. And not only is it doing that, so right now, it’s in the queue. So you’ll see it queued up and in about a couple of seconds, you’ll see it tee off to the prospect phase. And what it’s essentially doing is it’s allowing me now to have a tool. So most people what they think about into sites. Okay. They think about insecticides as a sales measure, right? It’s technically not that when you want InstaSize for is insights is great to get your foot in the actual door and get that initial customer.
It decreases your customer acquisition costs like crazy. Okay. If you’re ever doing anything, that’s revolving around, okay, well, how much does it cost? What’s the core cost for me to get a customer. If you do this method, that that number will drop significantly because your barrier to entry is almost nothing. Okay. So now I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to go to prospect and we see that it’s done Bobby, the roofer, I’m going to go into, I’m going to preview the website. All right. I got a brand new roofing website. We can see Bobby the roofer, right? I got a brand new roofing website. It looks amazing right now, this is a website that I can go out to any roofer. And literally just by filling out a form, a couple of seconds, just go and actually build them a custom website. And look how many pages we have here.
Look at all the services that we have, right? Commercial roofing, new roof. Re-Roofing corrective roof. I mean, think about this like roof inspect insulation, right? There’s a page for every single one of these websites. So these insights are really powerful because what you can do now is you can say, Hey, your website’s no good. Here’s a brand new website. It’s 199 bucks. Okay. Option number one. Or you can say you don’t have a website. Great. Here’s a brand new website for you. 199 bucks. Okay. What we realized by using this method. Okay. What we realized by using this method is that once we made that initial sale of $199, which to most people will sound like nothing, right? It’s not, it’s not a crazy amount of money. You’re not going to become a millionaire. You’re not going to become a seven figure agency by your selling into sites.
But what we realized is this was the best way for us to get our foot through the door. So we can then use the value ladder approach, which is going to be number two on my list. Okay? So upsells and down sells how many people within their core offer have upsells and down sells how many people within their core offer had the upsells and down sells, say yes, in the chat and by upsells. I mean, things that cost more money that you can upsell them on or things that might be a little bit cheaper that you can down sell them on. Right. How many people have that in their business? Frank’s got, Thomas has got one. Daniel’s got one. How many else? Nobody else has got it was going to be fun. Okay. Now you guys are going now. You guys are going all right.
Cool. And by the way, guys if any of you guys are like, wow, InstaSize is really cool. Once again, I’m going to hook you guys up. I’ll drop the banner here, down at the bottom. You guys didn’t get a 50% off of any insights subscription. Just go ahead and use the coupon code below DC, 50. That’s going to expire tonight and midnight EST. Okay. So take the time right now. If that’s something that you’re interested in, go snag it before it’s too late. All right. Let’s go back in a P and P. All right. So what I mean by sales? Okay. And what I, what I mean by value ladder is like I told you guys before my initial sale was $199. Okay. Set up fee. And then there’s also a small fee of $49 a month, which includes an SSL certificate, web hosting access to a drag and drop website builder.
Okay. Inside of their very own custom dashboard. All right. It’s a pretty, I mean, think about it guys. I’m running your, if you’re a business I’m running your credit card for 250 bucks, but you’re getting a freaking brand new website with like licensed images, right. With content, with customized copy tailored to your business. Right. SEO friendly, right? Like all of the fully responsive. Right? All of these things, this company for 250 bucks, the value of what you’re, what you’re giving versus what they’re getting is, is like this, the scale is way up here. Right. And when you can create an effect like that, what happens is you open up that funnel once again, even wider. Okay. And that’s really what you want to do. You want to open up the funnel is so wide that you can get a lot of these customers, these new customers coming through the bottom of your funnel.
Because after I get a new customer, what I do is I’d go ahead and I up. So, all right. So what I’ll do is, as you can see far over here to the left is number one. That’s my core offer. That’s my barrier entry product. That’s my product to get people in. Okay. Then after that, what I’m going to do is a week later, I’m going to call them and I’m going to upsell, okay. Here’s where the upsells come down. Okay. I’m going to call them and I’m going to upsell them. But when I do it, I’m going to do it in a way where it’s not salesy. I’m going to call them a week later and say, Hey, Bobby, so excited that we got your website hooked up. It looks like everything’s lives up on the web. Okay. Just want to see if you had any questions for me.
If you had any issues with your website that you need help with, right. It’s a customer service call. It’s a customer service call. So you don’t sound like that. Salesy rep, they just trying to shut things down people’s throat. And because that’s not what you want to come out fast. Right. But at the end of that call, you can say, Hey, by the way, Bobby, if you’re interested or we’re currently running a promotion. Okay. And it’s for directory listings, it’s 199 bucks a month. Okay. Plus a one time setup, fee of $99. And it gets, you listened in to about 70 plus directory listings. Okay. And for those of you guys who have ever ran an insert report, you can easily go to agency tools. Okay. You can go to insert reports. And this is where like, okay, I use a tool to create a product, to be able to sell to you in society.
Right. Then I’m using another tool. Okay. I’m using another tool. I’ll just give you the sample report. Right. I’m using another tool now to show you exactly where your listings are. Right? Because it would be unfair for me to sell you something. If, if what I’m selling you is not really what you need. Like if you’re crushing it in directory listings, there’s no point in me to sell you directory listings. I’d rather just move up the value ladder. Okay. And I’d rather sell you social media or other. So USC, I’d rather kind of swing up that value ladder. But I can tell you, if you use InstaReports inside a dashclicks and you run a report on a business, you’ll see that most businesses actually fail with directory listings. And the problem is, is that local businesses actually need this to survive, especially brick and mortar stores.
So if you’re talking about some of your, if your niche is restaurants med spa barber, a lot like any brick and mortar store, this is huge for them, even that service industries, right? Because they are, a lot of them will have offices or they’ll use their home as an office. Right. But it’s a way for them to actually get people, to find them online. And you as a marketing agency or consultant or whatever you want to call yourself, you as a person selling digital marketing services, it’s your job. It’s your job to actually go out and make sure that they’re going to get results. Okay. So to come in here, run a quick insert report for the person and say, Hey, by the way, Bobby. So now imagine you’re on that phone call, right? You’re on number two, you’re on that phone call seven days later, you say, Hey, Bobby, I hope everything’s doing great with your website.
Okay, great. Everything’s running good. Your website’s up. Great. Awesome. You love it. Phenomenal. By the way, Bobby. We got a promo going on right now. It’s directory listings. And what I did was I actually went ahead and ran a complimentary report. Let me go ahead and share my screen really quick, but let me give you the zoom code. So you can just jump into a meeting with me really quick. I want to share my screen and show you what I found. And I think that this product would be really good for your business because right now you have the 60% accuracy score, right? And you can see that a lot of information here is inaccurate. You got the wrong phone number on places. You got the wrong hours of operations. You’ve got the wrong address, right? And all of these listings are all inaccurate.
So what we’re going to do with these directory listings program is we are going to sync up all your directory listings. We’re going to get you listed into the ones that you’re not listed, and we’re going to fix the ones that are not fixed. And we’re going to optimize all of them from a to Z. Okay? We’re going to make sure that you have a good public profile. So when somebody’s going and searching for a plumber in Chicago, or if somebody is going in searching for a roofer in Miami, Florida on Yelp, that they’re going to be able to find you or on Google business listing, they’re going to be able to find your arm being local listing. They’re going to be able to find you on 401. They’re going to be able to find you, right? Because this is where consumers go to find businesses, right?
This is another outlet. And obviously we have, we see that you have issues, right? Right. We see that you have issues. And here’s my solution to fix it. Number two, directory listings. Okay. Number two directory listings. Okay. Then I would swing back over. Right? And you can use this to your advantage. I mean, customize this, however you want guys, this is the way that we did it. Right? If listings wasn’t a good fit for them, I push them up to social media. Right. Or if they were ready to take a bigger leap of faith with me, okay. Then what I would do is that what actually goes straight to SEO. This is my favorite one because SEO actually includes directory listings inside of it. Right. And it’s a higher price point, but I’ve already earned my respect because I sold them. Number one. And by respect, by respect, let’s go from Facebook to creates the most of you guys understand what this is. Okay. When I run your credit card as a customer, has anybody ever bought anything from dash clicks, dropping number one of the chat anybody ever bought anything from dash clicks? Whether it was a course, whether it was a tool fulfillment. Yeah. A lot of you guys have, you can. I mean, you guys can all see the chat blasting.
Now. Those same people that drop the number one in the chat. Okay. Do you guys trust me? Do you guys trust our company? Dash clicks? Can you say drop a number two in the chat if you trust us. Okay. Yep. Tuesday across this point, I earned that trust. By the way I earned that because I provided value, right? Maybe you watched some content or you came in from a friend, whatever it was us as a company, we earned that trust. Why? Because I ran your credit card one time. Okay. You are now my customer. Those of you guys who dropped the number one in the chat and number two in the chat, you guys are my customers. And it’s my responsibility to earn your trust and make sure that you love us. Let’s make sure that you love our company and make sure that you want to buy more from us because this is a business.
That’s how we grow. Right? We’re not hiding that. Right. That’s just general business ethics right now. How many of you guys who dropped the number one and a two? How many of you guys would buy from us again? Dropping number three. If the offer was right and the money was there, how many of you guys would buy from us again? Right? Drop it. Number three in the chat. Okay. So you see what happens, guys? It’s pretty much, it’s a trend. The same people who dropped into number one, drop the number two. The same people dropped the number two, drop the number three, right? I’ve earned that trust. I’ve earned your respect for you to go out and buy again from me. So now when I come back to you in a week and say, Hey, by the way, this could really help your business. You might, depending on the situation, right?
You’re never going to get a hundred percent conversion rate, but you’re a lot more likely to make a buying decision then. All right. Now, how many of you guys right now? Can we go pee and pee real quick? How many of you guys right now, if I said, Hey, I would love to run an SEO campaign for your agency. I’d love to get you guys listed in 70 plus directories. Okay? I’d love to get your website reign. So if somebody types in web design in your location, SEO company and your location, PPC company and your location, I’m going to get you ranked. Plus, I’m going to add some content. I’m going to do a custom blog article on your website. Every week, it’s going to be 699 bucks a month. There’s no contracts, $199 setup fee. We just go easy way in. How many of you guys would buy that? Drop a number four in the chat. How many of you guys would buy that dropping number four in the chat.
A bunch of you guys dropped the number four in the chat Carl’s can drop the banner below. Now’s your chance. People go ahead. Now’s your chance? Take 50% off. It’s a promo DC, 50, 50% off. So now you’re going to get that for $350 for the first month. And you’re going to pay a hundred dollars for your setup fee. Okay. And you’re going to get a whole SEO campaign. How many of you guys are going to go buy that right now? Dropping number five.
Not expecting you guys to go by that. But what I am saying is the concept of what we’re doing here, right? So I got one conversion out of that. There are a couple of conversions out of that. Okay? Once again, you’re never going to get a hundred percent conversion rate, not a hundred percent of the people who bought number one on this list are going to bind number two and three and four and five. But the pro the, the, the whole concept of a value ladder is to keep pushing people up is to keep pushing people up the value ladder. So that way you can make a small amount of money, earn their trust. Now, when you go and you want to swipe that credit card again, or you want to make that sale again, there is no guard gate. There’s nothing in front of you holding the back from saying no most rebuttals and go front face with me real quick.
Most rebuttals okay. Are geared towards two different things in sales. Okay. First it’s always a money issue. I don’t have money for it. I’m just not quite ready for that commitment. Right? The money’s not right there for me. It’s too expensive for me. How many of you guys heard that say yes. In the chat? How many of you guys have heard that before? When you’re doing a sales pitch? Oh, it’s just too expensive for me. Right? I just can’t do that right now. Right. Or the second type of rebuttal you get is anything else other than that. Okay. And if you get anything else, other than that, they don’t trust you and they don’t believe in your product. Okay? If you get anything else other than a price rebuttal, they do not trust you. And they do not believe in your product right now. If I bought, if you bought something from me before you trust me, and you obviously believe in my products, when I go and I sell you something again, I get a higher chance in selling you that something.
Okay. And what we realized was we had to learn that the hard way, like guys I’ve been open for almost, what is it? September to October covered September, 2009, we opened our agency, social agency. I’ve been doing this for awhile. Okay. I’ve had to literally do a ton of trial and error in order to figure this out. And I figured it out. I’m telling you guys this right now, and I want you to take my, if you’re here on this call, you need to sell a product that allows people to come in quick and then upsell them from there. You’re not going to become a millionaire up front, but you’re going to build the most stable agency and the best customer base you will ever have in your life versus selling somebody, Facebook ads for two K them turning out three months later. And then you back with your hands in your pocket, trying to figure out how to pick up another client, because you only close one client that might because it’s really hard to close.
A two came on deal. Okay. Can I get an amen? Say yes. In the chat, say yes. In the chat, let’s go people. We gotta make some noise, breaking up a little bit, say yes in the chat. All right, guys, I hope you guys are feeling the vibes. I hope you guys understand the importance of this. And I’m going loud because I want this to sink through in your head. Like this is a big thing. This was a big shift for our agency. Okay? So we went through number one, get a low barrier entry product. We went through number two, which is using a value ladder go P and P from a real quick, Carlos, number three, guys. Number three, sell recurring services, always sell recurring services, always sell recurring services, always sell something that gets you paid every single month. Never sell something that gets you paid once.
Always sell recurring services. This was like the biggest, okay, let’s go from phase real quick. I want to tell you guys a short little story so you can understand what I’m dealing with this. Okay. I opened in 2009 from 2009 to probably like 2013, like maybe like four years, three or four years. Ish. I basically made for my agency because I was selling one off of services. One off services. Okay. That was selling graphic design services. Okay. One time somebody comes, they buy a business card design from me. Great. I designed them a flyer needs to be graphic designer back in the day. Okay. That’s how I got started. Okay. Go out. They buy a flyer from me or I sell websites. One off websites, no hosting, no nothing. Just the sell, designed for a website. Great. Somebody would pay me a thousand bucks.
I built them a website. It’d be done. I never see them again. I used to sell printing, okay. Somebody to come buy business cards, buy flyers by brochures. One time. Next time they run on a business card. Like four years later, they would call me, do you understand that? How difficult it is to try to acquire new customers every month, over and over, and imagine trying to acquire the same customer every single month, over and over and over and over. It is literally the wall that holds you back from scaling. You cannot scale that way. It’s impossible. Okay. In fact, I actually feel really bad for companies that don’t have a recurring based business model. Luckily for us, you’re in a digital marketing space, which means you have the opportunity. You had the opportunity to go out, get paid every single month for a service.
Every single month, like clockwork keeps, somebody buys something for you in the fourth. You’re going to bill them on the fourth. Every single can I go pee and pee real quick. Every single one of these services have a recurring fee task shirt. You see that first line. You see where it says number one, website, right under that line. What does it say? $49 slash month. You’re paying me monthly listings. You’re paying me monthly social media. You’re paying me monthly SEO. You’re paying me monthly PBC or you’re paying me monthly software. You’re paying me monthly. Do you understand the importance of what it is to make sure to get your clients on a monthly recurring subscription? It’s it’s the biggest game changer. It allowed us to go from like doing like 50 K a year to like a million dollars a year in sales within just a couple of short years. Okay. Because we were able to stack. Okay. And I want to draw this out for those of you guys who do not understand the stacking method. Okay. Let’s go P and P real quick here. We already know.
Great. All right, let me go get a new sheet going here. Okay.
Let me, let me draw this out for you guys. Okay. And here’s one month. Okay. This is one month of somebody’s not selling recurring services. Here’s another month. Okay. If somebody were selling recurrent services, you go, you sell three clients in that month. Great. You sell three clients and this month, great. These three clients will continue to pay you. These three will not. This guy is the winner and can scale his business faster. This is probably the most mathematical diagram, the craziest document that I’ve ever created since I’ve been here at dashclicks, but I want everybody to understand the importance of it. So I physically drew it out for you. And what is on the screen right now does not look right. And I’m just gonna get past that right now. Is everybody understand this? Before I move forward to number four, can you guys drop a number two in the chat forum? We’re really quick to make sure that everybody understands how important it is to only sell recurring services and nothing else, but that nothing else. But that goes into your system, goes into your Stripe, goes into your QuickBooks. Nothing recurring services only are allowed in your system. Nothing else is allowed.
Cool. All right, let’s go to number four. Let’s go front face real quick. Actually. I’m gonna drive. Carl’s crazy. Let’s go back PMP.
Okay, cool. I’m gonna go back to this real quick. Okay.
Number four, offer promotional prices, offer promotional prices and offer it for longer term contracts. Okay. Everything you see on here is always on sale that $49 a month in that $199 a month, that $49 a month. It’s usually $79 a month. That one 99 a month. It’s usually two 99. Therefore you now get it at a promotional rate of $49 a month and $199 one-time setup fee. How many of you guys feel better right now that you’re a deal drop number three in the chat.
How many of you guys, if there was literally next to that, 49,
$10 a month, if on top of that, it said $79 a month and it was crossed off in rent. And then now it’s $49 a month. How many of you guys go shopping on black Friday and literally tent up in front of a Walmart to save $3 on a $500 TV. Okay. Because you’re getting a deal.
People love deals, no matter what you do, people absolutely love deals. They are in love with
Saving money. They are in love with promotions. So can
Pitch your core offer. Okay? And if you can pitch your core offer in a way where you can actually make everything always on promotion,
You will actually sell more, but there’s a strategic way to do it. Okay. And somebody said the audio cut out. Number four. Okay. Number four is you want to make sure everybody heard. Okay. Number four is actually making sure that your core, making sure that your offers any offer that you make was on promotion. It’s always on promo. It’s always on sale. Okay. So bring it up and then bring it back down on sale. Okay. To your regular price. If that’s what you want to do or really make it on sale, give them a discount. Okay. So this strategic way to do it and say, Hey, okay, I sold you a website. That’s fine. And dandy. Let’s go to number two. I call you back in a week. We’ll use the same method we used before. I want to sell you a directory listing. Okay.
Now my directory listings are usually $399 per month. And it’s usually a set up fee of $199. Okay. One-time setup fee. What I’d like to do Bobby, because you already bought a website from us and I’m going back, right? Because I’m on an up sell call. I’m going back because you already bought a website from us. What I would actually like to do is give you a discount and get that price down for you. So if you can sign a six month commitment from us, okay. Which is something that we think is a good idea anyways, because it takes some time to get results in marketing. It’s not, nothing is instant, right? So if he can sign a six month commitment with us, I can get you that deal at $199 a month instead of three 99 a month. And also cut your setup fee in half from one 99 to $99.
Okay. But that’s going to be a six month community. See what I just did there. Okay. All you really did is you shifted over, you created a promo shifted back, and then you just tagged on now a contract. Now this sale that you’re doing is getting you six months of revenue guaranteed. Okay. Versus the one month. And you really did nothing. You just positioned the offer in a different way. Okay? Once again, guys, the title of this webinar is to show you guys 10 fast things that you can do right now in your agency to get more revenue. Okay? The first four things, everything I’m going to tell you on this list, there’s nothing crazy that you have to do
It. Just small little shifts, small
Little shifts in your sales and in your marketing tactics. That’s it. Small shifts, okay. To make, make this work. Everybody understand that. Can I get a three in the chat? If that makes sense to you three in the chat. If that makes sense, make sure I have everybody on board here.
All right. Cool. Now we’re going to go to number five. And it’s talking about building a sales team. Fronters and closers. Okay. Most people like Chad what’s in front of his friends is an appointment setter. Those are the guys who set your appointments up on your calendar. Okay. Once you start building a real sales team. Okay. And in our agency you know, we obviously had a big operation in our agency. We had an actual call center where we had about 20 people. And it was kind of a hybrid of an appointment centers and then actual closers. So people actually going out and making phone calls, right. In booking appointments for the sales reps calendar, right. In the sales rep, jumping on the call and actually selling the website. So that was our approach. Right. I’m going to draw that out for you really quick. So you can, you can understand what we were doing. Okay. So pretty simple. All right. So step number one, we were literally have a fronter, which is what we called it. Okay. We would have a fronter making phone calls all day. Okay. And this is a phone. All right. We would have a front door making dials all day. Okay. And that dial was literally to book a call. Right? So here, what would happen right here is interest.
Right. All they would do is get interest. So that way my top paying sales reps don’t have to get that interest on their own. So my fronters right here, their job is to gain the interest of somebody. So they would call somebody and they would say, Hey, Bobby, super excited to be speaking to you today. Just wanted to give you a heads up that I went ahead and created a custom website for you. And I would love to show you what that website looks like. It’s about a 25 page website it’s already done. It’s got all your company information on it. Our web team went out and built the whole site for you. I would love to show you what this website looks like. Do you think that that’s something that you would be interested in now? I know you already have the website, Bobby and I already start hitting, you know, this is where you’d come in to train your Fronteras.
Right. Somebody has a website go this way. If someone doesn’t have a website, you go this way after. Right. Right. Now I know you already have the website. Right. And then you’re crushing your rebuttal right there. Right. You’re crushing an objection right there. And I already have a website, but I would really love for you to see this brand new website that I built for you. I think it’s really going to crush your current website that you have. It’s going to be faster. It’s going to be better. It’s going to rank faster online. If you run a PPC campaigns, man, a load times are crazy. I love for you to check this out. This was this guy’s job right here. This guy here. Now this is what they would do. You know what? All right, that’s fine. Go ahead. Book me. Let, let, let me, let me, let me see what it looks like.
Okay, great. What I’d like to do, Bobby’s, I’d love to get you on a phone call with one of our sales reps who can actually go through the process. They’ll demo the website for you. They’ll walk you through the whole process. And if it’s a good fit, they’ll let you know how much it is at the end of the call. Right. And that pitch can go any way. You can change it up. I’m just using this as an example for you. But what did I do here? All I did was gain interest of somebody who’s willing to buy. I got somebody who put up their hand that said, yes, I’m interested in this product or service. I would like more information. And what they would do is they would go right here on a calendar. Okay. Let me ask this as a calendar. This is not a jail, so, okay.
And then would go right here and they would book a call. Okay, great. Tuesday at three 30. All right, good. You’re going to be speaking to John from our sales department. He’s going to go through and demo everything from me. He got you booked up here. Great. John comes in Tuesday at 9:00 AM or whatever call that was. He goes in and he tries to sell them that website, that website for $199. That’s it small plus $49 a month. I want to get that monthly in there. Okay. $199. One-Time setup fee $49 a month. That’s what he’s trying to do. He’s trying to make a little bit of cash right here. Okay. And what he’s trying to do, really that most importantly is to pick up a new customer because this is the most important thing that we want in our business. We want to be able to look in our CRM system at the end of the month and say, Holy freaking.
I don’t have four customers that I can call and try to upsell. I got a thousand in my book of business. And at any point, if one of these big time customers, one of these whales wants to drop their account on me. I’m not screwed. I got a thousand of these guys that I can call and literally upsell right now today and make some money. How many people ever heard the term? The money is in your list. Okay. Say yes or actually let’s drop a number five in the chat. How many people have ever heard that
Money is in the list? What do you think that means? Guys could be an email list. Okay.
It could be your following on Instagram or social media, whatever it is, your customer list, right? Whatever it is, these people, they go on your list of people who will buy from you. The bigger your list gets the more money or the more chances you have at making money. Okay. I have to put this in logical sentences. Everybody. Does that make sense? Everybody dropping number one in the queue?
Yeah. That makes sense. Everybody. I hope it does.
Okay. So really what you want to do guys, is you want to build a sales team fronter and closer. All right. What you want to do the secret here. And this is what we kind of we’ve done in our agency is about two, depending on your sales rep and how good they are. You want to have about two to three appointment setters for every one sales rep. You have. So usually if you’re really good and you’ve got good Fronteras you can stick right here. You got about two fronters that will book for one sales rep. Okay. Two fronters that will book for one sales rep to keep one sales rep busy. Full-Time okay. That’s kind of, you want to be at that’s the sexist spot right there. All right. Now we’re going to go. So everything that we spoke about, I’m going to recap real quick.
We spoke about five things so far, we got five left. Okay. Hang out until the end for me guys had got something cool for you. All right. So five things we spoke about so far was one number one, most important. Start with a low barrier entry product. Number two, use the value ladder upsell down, sell number three, sell recurring services. Number four, offer discounts, contingent on longterm contracts. Number five, build a sales team. Fronters and closers. Okay. Now here, we’re going to go into number six here, and this is going to be a big wow factor for you guys. Okay. Well, you guys are like, Chad, you’re crazy for even talking about this. Cause it’s not what we want to talk about. Right? So one through five. Okay. One through five. Okay. It was based on sales. Now I know most of you guys are dirty sales reps.
Okay. And you love making money. And all your focus on is just making more sales and piling and more customers. Right? And that’s how you think what’s going to happen is I’m just going to keep making sales and my business is going to grow. How many of you guys think that? If I can just keep making sales, my business will continue to grow no matter what dropping number three in the chat. If that’s your mentality right now, man, I’m just gonna make a sale a day. It’s over. I’m going to be the richest man in the world. Okay. I’m a sales rep.
All right. Here’s
A news flash for you. That is not the case. Okay. Cause guys what happens and I’ll use an example here. What happens if you sell five customers a month? Okay. So in month, one month one, you sold five customers. And then at the end of that month, you lost all five customers. You are now back to square one. Okay. This is called churn.
This is called churn. This is the ratio of how many customers you’re losing on, on average, it’s calculated on a 30 day spread. Right? So if I had five customers, okay. And I lost five customers, 30 days later, I got a hundred percent churn rate. A hundred percent of my customers are turning out every single month. Okay. If I had five customers in month one and the last one customer, I have a 20% churn rate. Okay. The goal is not just to make sales. This is not the way to think. When you have a business that is not the goal of making money or operating a business properly. Okay? What you want to focus on is how do I decrease,
Increase churn.
Now, if you understand this now, okay, this is going to save you a ton of cash. And it’s going to increase your business a lot because if you never lose any customers and you are the best sales person in the world, you will have the best and most booming business that you can ever imagine. Okay? Because that means that every customer comes in, never comes out. And the more customers you get in, you’re just stacking stack one customer two customer three, four, five, six, three years later, you get thousands of customers. Okay. And your churn rate is like 5%. Okay? How many people here know what an average churn rate is for a business in the marketing space? How many people here know what that is? Go ahead and drop that percentage number below. If you think, you know what it is, what’s a good churn rate.
Where should you be at some of the guys like Chad, this is really high level stuff. I don’t have any customers yet. This is not something that I really want to focus on. I want to just focus on one through five. You have, well, if you don’t focus on six through 10, you can say asked the Lavista to one through five. Okay. Cause there’s going to keep turning up. Okay. So usually they’ll say for normal businesses, average churn rate is about three to 5%. Okay. In marketing agencies a little bit higher than that. Right? Because for some reason, people like to just come in and out of marketing campaigns. So you’ll, you’ll turn out a little bit higher than that. Maybe 10%, right? A little bit higher than that. That’s pretty average. And that’s pretty normal. That’s where you want to be. So if you have customers, if you could just take the customers that you had at the beginning of the month and the cut and minus the customers you lost at the end of the 30 days and get that churn rate, right.
Get right here. You’ll kind of see how your business is doing, right. If you have a 30% churn rate or a 60% churn rate, you’re not doing good. Okay. I don’t care how many customers you get. You’re just burning and turning customers. That’s really what that means. So the next five things is going to talk about, well, how do we lower our churn rate? Okay. How many of you guys want to hear how to lower churn rate based on actual statistics and things that we’ve done to our thousands of customers to lower term rate, dropping number one in the chat. While I sit here and sip on a monster dropping number one in the chat.
We’ll give it that awkward silence for a couple of seconds. And then we’ll get started. Carlos, can you play the jeopardy music please?
I’m just kidding. Hey, by the way guys flooded you guys coming in and out real quick. Before I get to the second half of this bad boy, six through 10, which is actually more important than sales. Okay. So don’t be that person and be like, Oh, I got everything I need and I’m leaving. Right? Because then you’re going to go out of business and you’re gonna come back to me and say, shout, I did one through five and a crushed it. Well, you didn’t do six through 10. Okay. And that’s your fault. All right. But what I want you guys to focus on right now for the next 15 seconds is I’m going to drop a banner right here below. Okay. For those of you guys who have not seen it yet, I’m hooking everybody up for taking the time to come on this webinar and listen to me. I’m going to give you guys 50% off of everything in dashclicks. You just take this coupon code right here. Let me see it really quick.
It’s right here, right? Yeah. Right down there. Okay. 50% off everything in dashboards, DC. Five, zero, really easy. Can’t forget it. It’s four syllables and letters and numbers, whatever it is, DC 50, you go at anything to the corn and dashes insights into report. Agency, website, fulfillment for yourself, fulfillment for a client, whatever you want. Go in there, add it to your cart checkout. You can use that coupon code a thousand times. By the end of today, it expires tonight at 11:59 PM. EST, which is in about, I don’t know, like 12 hours ish, maybe less like 10 hours. Okay. So this is just for people who are on the webinar. We’re not sending an email blast out with this. We’re not posting this anywhere on Facebook. Okay. This is just for you guys here. Dedicated time to hang out with us today. DC. 50 huge discount. 50% off everything in dashclicks hit me with the side cam so I can give him the big CTA here. Bang. Okay. That’s what you need to do. You just need to go into your district store, add whatever it is you want to the cart. Bang, bang, bang, put DC five zero, apply the coupon code. It will literally take 50% off of your entire shopping cart. Checkout done DC, five 50 and then go on Facebook and say, child. I love you for hooking this up on the webinar that says go back PMP.
All right.
Now that, that is out of the way. Let’s go six through 10. Okay. Let’s go six through 10. Okay. Let’s go from face real quick. Carlos, losing it. You’re losing it back there on the ones and twos. All right. Most of you guys. Don’t see, but Carlos is right behind me on the camera straight ahead. And every time he goes to get his drink, I switched cameras really quick. And I like two, three things. It’s got to stop doing what he’s doing and get his hands up. I anyways, just having some fun here in the studio guys. Comments, a chat. Absolutely love this training. Thomas. We’re halfway there and my brother, we’re not even there yet, but I appreciate you. And I love you.
All right. So guys, six through 10 number six, number six.
So yes, I’m looking at my paper cause it’s hard to remember. Okay. Cause it’s important stuff. Okay. Over deliver during the first customer interaction, I’m gonna repeat this really quick for those of you guys who do not get it the first time around. Oh
Your deliver during the first
Customer interaction. And I’m going to tell you why. Okay. How many of you guys have bought something and dependent on your first purchase with that vendor or person or whatever it is that you’re buying from that will actually make you think about making the next purchase? How many of you guys bought Amazon and put a number one in the chat? How many of you guys think it’s so cool and so quick that you can literally use, go add something to your cart checkout and not worry about the, you know, showing up to your door, right? If your box is going to get robbed, if the package comes and it’s going to suck and you get that refund, right? You need that refund. They just were like, Oh, just keep the product. And we’ll refund you the money anyways. Right? How many of you guys love that about Amazon?
Right? Right. Because Amazon focuses on the customer. They focus on the customer. First. They focus on making the best, first impression on you as a customer. And that’s what we need to do as businesses. And it’s not an easy thing to do, unfortunately, but we need to put some focus on it, right? If I can give you the customer, the best thing, the best product, the best customer service, the best, the best, the best. When I call you a week later, when I go for that upsell, you are more likely to buy from me versus you not having good customer service versus you not getting a good quality product versus you not getting this and not getting that. And you’re like, ah, how many guys have bought something? You’re like, dude, I’m never buying from this freaking guy. Again, this was a worst experience ever.
And I’m going to write a review on Google. Cause I’m so frustrated, dropping number two in the chat. If that’s happening before, how many of you guys would go buy from that person? Again? Dumb question. Right? Well, it’s logical. Most of the things that I say here on this, these are logical things. And this is the way that I want you to think because we are in a world where humans live and humans have mines and people will buy or not buy for very basic reasons. Okay. So I want you to make sure that your first experience with this customer is phenomenal. Okay. To the point where he jumps through the phone and wants to give you a kiss on your lips. Okay. Now, why am I telling you that? PMP real quick, Carlos PMP. So you sipping on the monster. Let’s go P and P okay.
The website, number one here. Number one website. I know for sure that if I deliver somebody a website that’s like 30 pages fully ready to go. Okay. And literally it only takes about five minutes to activate an instance that you just point the DNS records over. So I can literally give them something amazing. I can give it to him or her fast. Okay. And I can make sure that the product is great and the customer service is great. I can do all of these things, but number one, I can do all these things. Number one. Now here’s where it gets tricky. When you go up the ladder here and you start going to like two, three, four, five. Now you’re getting into a little bit of complex zones here. How many of you guys have ran an SEO campaign or a PPC campaign, right? And the guy calls you back to the business owner like, Oh, we’re not, we’re just not seeing enough. We don’t get enough leads. We’re not getting enough business. Right? Dropping number three in the chat. Right.
It was very unlikely that that will happen with a website. You know why? Because they’ve seen the product before they’ve even purchased it with PPC and SEO, that stuff doesn’t happen. They’re paying you with hopes, right? That’s why number one was always our barrier entry product. There’s a lot more psychology that goes into this average term for a website. What’s the average term for a website and not percentage. What’s the average retention rate. Excuse me. Let’s see. Average retention rate on someone buying a website from you. How many years will they stay with you? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. How many years will they stay with you? Go ahead. Drop it in the chat. I’ll name you. So you look cool when you’re on a webinar and your name will be there. Okay. John Medina says three Thomas peach. So seven Joanne says seven.
John says three to five years. Frank says three years. Well, dings is four. Nathan said six years. Leslie said 10 years. Isn’t it look at the psychological thing. Now I’m like, I’m going to say your name live on the webinar. Now everybody wants to start talking right again. You guys can see the chat. You get the point here. Okay. Studies have actually shown that people who buy websites, right? Average retention rate is seven years, seven years. So if you sell somebody package number one, now this is not, please don’t be that person to go post on the Facebook and be like, Chad, I sold somebody’s website. And then they lost them. Three months later. Would you sit on your webinar was a complete lie. These are average statistical measures. Okay. In studies that have shown that seven years, somebody will stay with a vendor for their website.
That is insane. Okay. So most people can’t keep a Facebook ads campaign running for more than 30 days saving you years for a website. Right? Imagine if I got that narrow bucket and I’m just shoveling people in with my my least barrier entry product, my really a cheap product for them to come in. Right. And I got the funnel open. Right? I’m narrowed out the whole wide. I’m sorry. Not narrow. I’m widened out. Right. And I got all these people just shoveling all these websites in chances are they’re going to stay with me for about seven years. Okay. Why do people cancel our website? I can tell you why. This is a trick question.
Actually, rhetorical question. I take that back. It’s not a trick question. It’s a rhetorical question. Why do people cancel their website? Me on the side came Carlos, I’m going to tell him how it is. Why do people cancel their website? People? Number one, they go out of business, which happens a lot. Okay. Number two, they can’t afford it anymore. Very unlikely when somebody is paying like 50 bucks a month. Okay. Number three, they get a new website, which most likely you will sell them. Okay. So what I’m saying is the chances that somebody will get rid of their website are way more unlikely. Front face here for me are way more unlikely, way more unlikely. Then somebody canceling their Facebook ads, campaign or SEO campaign, right? Once again, that’s why I go back to the value letter approach. PMP real quick.
Number one. It’s very important.
That’s why it’s also the first thing on this list. Remember I told you at the beginning of this webinar, I said, I’m going to list the top 10 things to make your, make your agency more money, the fastest. Okay. And the first thing that I sell on the list is core barrier entry, product, number one, sell seller website. Okay. Whether it’s an insight, I don’t know why the hell you guys wouldn’t want to sell it into the site. If you want to just build custom websites all day and that’s fine, or you just go for it and tell it, it’s assigned, just be done with it in six seconds. Okay. But you can choose and do whatever you want. And if you do choose insights, what I would like to do is drop a banner here below. Okay. Because that will get you 50% off of anything in dash clicks for the next 10 hours. Okay. That coupon code expires tonight. See 50. Great. We’ll take that off. Now. We’re going to go down on to number seven. Okay.
And this is another big one. Educate people.
Well on the services you sold them. Okay. Let me go front face real quick. So people understand what that means. Okay? How many people buy? And I’m gonna use a really complex service here. How many people buy SEO from you, but know nothing about SEO? No, very minimal about SEO dropping number two in the chat.
How many people buy SEO from
You, but know nothing about SEO. And if it’s not SEO, it’s a product for me. How many people buy products from you? And don’t really know about that product too much. They’re expecting you to be their savior, to come in and save them and rescue them, say me in the chat below. Okay. Biggest thing here is if you don’t educate somebody, if you do not educate somebody, not by that, somebody, I mean your customer. If you do not educate your customer on what it is that they’re buying, they will turn out faster. If you, and I’ll give you an example, okay? So
You can come in and buy SEO from us, you know, for SEO. And I’m going to be
The sleazy sales person here. Okay.
By SEL, you know, we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to get your website
Ranked. Then they start throwing in these random guarantees.
I’m going to get your website right? With the next six hours.
You sign the contract. You’re going to be number one for plumbing. Okay. And everybody’s going to start clicking interrupts, and people are gonna start buying. It’s going to be crazy. It’s gonna be so crazy that you’re gonna call me in 12 hours and say that I’m a genius for doing this in six. Okay. That’s not the way to sell SEO, unfortunately. Okay. First is educating the customer and saying, Hey, yeah, this is what SEO is. This is how SEO works. Okay. What we’ve got to do is we’ve got to go and we got to optimize your website and yes, it’s going to take time. It’s not a quick thing. Right? We set proper expectations along the way. Right. It’s going to take time. And in what we do is basically go and adding content adds value to your website, right. And adding keywords on the page and making sure we restructure your website. So it fits Google algorithms properly. Right? To get you that little plus ones right in your SEO reports on the ranking report. Right? So like going and actually explaining these things to the customer. What happens is they understand the process. They understand the product, right? And at the end of that, if you can get a check Mark there, you’re going to have that customer for a long time because they understood everything. They understood everything that you told them about that product. Okay.
Let’s go onto the next one. Number eight, number eight. How are you guys
Currently onboarding new customers? Drop it in the chat. I want to know. And yes, I will say your name here on the live webinar. How many of you guys, how are you guys currently onboarding your customers? Got and dropped it in the chat. All John said, zoom live onboarding. Fran said zoom. Who else? Well, that’s the rest of you guys just don’t have any customers that are, you’ve never onboarded a customer. That’s totally fine too. Okay. Or you’re shy. Can you that’s that’s what it might be. You might be shy. It’s okay to be friendly here. I will not bite you. And you are on zoom. Nobody knows who you are and nobody will ever see you again. You can speak up. This is now your time. Okay? Somebody said onboarding forms, zoom, Microsoft teams, kickoff call. All right, cool. A bunch of different ways. Here’s how we onboard dashclicks, PMP real quick. When we really quick Purchase a service set, an onboarding form. Customer comes in, they get this form. They fill it out, bang, right? To answer. They start answering all these questions, go to business information. They put in all their business information. They go to ad copy questions. They put it in this competitors. They put on their competitors. Talk about scheduling. You can do this with your customer. You can do this without your customer. You can do your customer can do it on your own. They click submit. And that’s it. The onboarding is done. It’s
Seamless. It’s easy.
It’s organized. Okay. It’s a way for you. What is an onboarding? I mean, onboarding is usually you’re collecting information and you’re setting something up. Right? That’s kind of like what onboarding really is, right? Any, yeah. Doing a zoom call is great. I’m not saying you should not do that. You should do that. But how are you collecting that information? Right? How are you collecting that information? Right? Well, here at [inaudible], our way of collecting information is, well, we’re going to send you a form. It’s going to be in a form of an email. It’ll be white labeled. If obviously you guys are doing that, okay, it’ll have all your information on it. And your agency’s branding and the customer will get that form. They just click on the big button there that says start onboarding. They get here and their dashboard with your information all over it. It’s all white labeled and beautiful. And they fill out a form, takes them five or 10 minutes to fill out that form. They click submit, you get the onboarding form. You get notified that they completed. We get the onboarding form because we’re doing the fulfillment for you that we get notified they’re completed. And everybody just starts working. And it’s that simple.
Oh, and guess what, how many times have you guys been? How many,
How long have you guys been on a call with somebody? Okay. And you’re like, Hey, by the way, did you get the onboarding forms? You filled the onboarding forms two days. Go by, Hey, by the way, when you get a second, you go ahead and fill out that onboarding form. Or we can schedule an onboarding call by the way. Yeah, that onboarding form I sent to you like three weeks ago, can you fill out that onboarding form so we can get started? How many of you guys have been through that dropping number two in the chat really quick. If that’s that’s you have, you’ve had that happen to you before. Yeah, it happens a lot. Okay. Business owners, they get busy business owners. They forget business owners. Don’t know what they ate in the morning for breakfast. Okay. What I’m trying to say is we make it even easier. Somebody doesn’t fill out their onboarding form. We send them a reminder email every morning at 9:00 AM EST, actually 9:00 AM their time.
Okay. Every morning, Hey, it’s me Chad.
From social agency or it’s me, Ryan from my agency. Just want to let you know, I’ve forgotten to fill out this handy-dandy onboarding document. We’re waiting for it. We can’t do anything until we get started because we need the credentials to your website, or we need the credentials to this page, right. Or we need to know what you want to run a campaign on or what you’re offering. Right. We need this information to get started. We stress that, what we realized is before we had that feature inside of dash clicks, okay. What we realized is our average turnaround time for onboardings was like two to three weeks. Okay. You know what it is now who’s wants to take a guess by implementing this feature into DAS flicks, who wants to know what our average onboarding completion is?
Simmer is between, about you guys are really on point. It seems between like two to three days. Okay. About, usually about on the two day side takes about 48 hours and it’s also completely automated. Right? So it leaves you with just that hands off approach and just, Hey, I’m going to go ahead. And even your sales person can do it, right. Hey, by the way, at the end of this call, I’m going to go ahead and send you out some onboarding docs. You get a quick email with a button, just go ahead and fill that out for them really quick. Right? Making sure that onboarding experience in the service industry, it’s really, really important. Not only that I would couple that with definitely a zoom call. Okay. So I’ll throw that in there too. Number nine, increase communication with your customers. This will lower churn, like crazy increase communication with your clients.
Most agencies will not speak to their clients for weeks or months. And then the clients come in. They’re like, well, what what’s going on? My campaign, I haven’t gotten good quality leads in like six months. I haven’t heard from anybody from your team in decades. You guys just keep building on my credit card every single month. I don’t even know what’s going on with my campaign. I can’t believe this is happening. What’s on my website is wrong. Hey, who put this phone number? My director listens. It’s been like that for nine and a half months. Anybody get, ever get anything like that? Right? It’s craziness. Right? Why, why go through all of that? It’s insanity. Let me just call your customer like once a week or once every two weeks, that would never happen. Or if you just emailed your customer once every two weeks, usually it’s pretty good, right? Twice a month, you just say, Hey, by the way, so I’ll give you a heads up, Bobby, this is currently what’s happening in your account. This is what we did in the last two weeks, right? Or even a 30 day update. Maybe it would be nice, right? This is what we did in the last 30 days. And this is what we’re going to be doing in the next 30 days.
Okay. Here’s a rankings
Report. Here’s what’s going on with your website. Here’s how your website has been ranking last 30 days. And these are the things we expect to do next month to optimize your website, right? To make sure that we can rank for those things and continue that progress. Speaking with your customers. Guys is so important. I can’t stress it enough. I just can’t stress it enough people. All right, we’re going to continue going 10. And one of the most important things, transparency, transparency. How many of you guys are not transparent enough with your customers? How many of you guys are just not transparent with your customers? You don’t send them any reporting. There’s nowhere for them to log into their dashboards to see their reporting or what’s going on with their campaigns. Right. There’s just like I ran your credit card and take a hike. Right. And it’s unfortunate to say, but I see that happening a lot in the agency space.
And it sucks. Okay. Okay. When we built dashboards for those of you guys who don’t know our story, we started off as a marketing agency started up in 2009. Okay. We built dash clicks as a better way for us to manage our clients for our agency. In fact, we did not build dash clicks for you. I know it’s crazy to say I’m standing in front of all my customers saying, Hey, we didn’t build this platform for you. We built it for us. But then we realized it was really good for you too. So we let you guys use it as well. And then we realized that that was even a better business model. So we just went with that. Right. But what I’m saying is like, like w w we walked her shoes, right. So we understand the importance of it. Okay. Transparency is one of the biggest things that you can do.
Let’s go pee and pee real quick. Okay. If you’re selling somebody, an SEO campaign, how important do you think that it can be for them to just log in to their dashboard? Right. And to see their SEO rankings every single day and what’s happening with their campaign. All right. How many of you guys think that it’s important if you’re running a Google ads campaign, okay. That’s important for you to see all of your Google ads metrics, and what’s happening on your Google ads accounts, and what your ads look like and what keywords are doing good. And how much you’re spending. Right? What’s your average. Like these are the things that not only bring down, okay. These are things that not only bring down the noise, they increase the help for churn rate. Okay. They lower churn rate. They lower the noise. Having your customer be able to just drop straight into this bash board at three in the morning when their whole family’s sleeping. Like, what the hell are these guys doing with my marketing campaign? Well, dude, you can just log in whenever you want. 24 seven here’s here’s, here’s the link to log in. Right? You can see exactly what’s happening with your account, right? What leads, why does that Madame leads and not get any phone calls? I’m not getting all my leads. Where’s my leads.
It’s actually got a demo here,
Right? Where all my leads are leads are right here, sir, Bobby, the painter, you can come in here 24 seven. Not only view your leads. If they’re phone calls, you can listen to your phone calls. You can see the sources that they’re coming in from. You can see everything that’s going on with your campaign. You don’t need to ask me those lead questions anymore. You do not need me to send you a list of leads every day at the end of my shift, right? It’s all right here in the dashboard. You don’t need to do that. Right. While we realize is this transparency was huge. Guys. We can go through calls, go through listings or
Their directory listings,
Right. Their analytics. This was put here on, you know, this was put here, obviously on purpose, right. Facebook ads, right. To what campaigns were running, right. Which ad sets are working the best. We know everything. Right. We’ll just go along and just be lazy and just go to my dashboard and get a quick overview of exactly what’s going on with my business. And I can leave my agency alone. Wouldn’t that be cool. How many of you guys like that? Where they could just be like, Hey, hands-off just kind of like do your thing. Everything’s here for you. Right. But still call them. But you don’t have to answer the repetitive questions every week when you’re calling them. You’re talking to them about new stuff. Right. Is that exciting for you? Drop it? Yes. In the chop, people drop a yes. In the chat. This all makes sense.
All right. I want to recap really quick. And I’m asking as a question and then I’ll do Q and a with you guys too. We’ll have some fun. All right. Number one. Okay. 10 most important things from one to 10 to increase sales for your agency. Start making money fast for right now with literally out doing anything, just moving a couple things around in your business structure. Okay. Number one, start with a low barrier to entry product. Number two, use a value ladder approach, upsells and down sells number three, sell recurring services. Number four, offer discounts on long-term commitments. Number five, build a real sales team. Fronters and closers number six over during the first customer interactions. So you can lower churn number seven, educate people on the services that you sold them. So you can lower churn. Number eight, create the easiest onboarding experience, lowering churn, right, and creating a good customer experience. Number nine, increase communication with your customers. Lower churn. Number 10, create full transparency and results. The good results and the bad results.
Lower your turn. Okay. To lower your churn.
All right. Once again, couple of quick announcements, I’m gonna do Q and a with you guys and you guys can fire on any questions you want at me. Once again. Number one, drop that banner here below really quick, 50% off guys, anything in dad’s Felix, this is going to expire here in a couple of hours expiring tonight. I did it for you guys. 50% is a lot for us. We’re probably lose money on these orders. Okay? so DC 50. I want you guys to just come into my world, come into my world experience. What dash is all about. If you’ve never used this before, if you’ve already used this before, this is going to be some fun for you to either drop in some new clients of yours, right? Who’ve gotten sell some clients before the end of the day. Right? And what you can do with this coupon is you can go out and you can buy, InstaSize get a subscription.
If you’re already having a subscription, you can upgrade to a higher subscription and get that discount too. And it’ll apply it there and prorate everything for you. That’s for insights, anything for install reports. If you don’t have an agent’s website, I don’t know what you’re doing. You need to go get an agent’s website. It is fire. Okay. So fulfillment services for your have and get agent SEO for your agency, go out and get Facebook ads for your agencies. Starting to leads, go run a Google ads campaign. This is the time 50% off of everything. Everything inside of dash clicks 50% off. It’s insane. Aside from education, because we don’t really sell that in dashclicks anymore. It’s like a side, right? So 50% off, I’ll leave that banner down there for the next couple of minutes. But what I do want to talk to you guys about is one of the things, okay.
And then if you guys are dropping in questions, don’t worry. I’m going to scroll up here in the chat. I’ll answer all your questions so you can start firing off questions. And I’m going to go down the list here in a second. Okay. So fire all your questions. I’m going to scroll all the way up to the top of list. I’m going to work my way down really, really fast. We’re do some rapid fire Q and a, so everybody can get their questions answered fast, and then I’ll stay until the end. We’ll do some live questions. If I get to the bottom of that list, we’ll have some fun. Okay. But let’s go ahead and take that off the bottom really quick. Get that banner out of here. Here’s what I want to do. Okay. we haven’t offered this service for a long time, but I feel like it’s something that we should be advertising, even though we’re really not because we’re so focused on everything else in the business, right. We’re focused on crushing it for fulfillment for our clients. We’re focused on creating the most bad-ass software that comes to date. Right. and, but the most important thing is, is I realized guys, this helped you guys drop the number two in the chat. If it’s helped you guys right. Drop the number two in the chat.
Do you feel that for whatever reason that like, kind of hanging out with me for this hour
Was really eye opening to you. Right.
Is it really eye opening to you? Do you think that you’d like to do this more often with me?
Right. Cool. So a lot of you guys said yes. Right?
So here’s what I’d like to do. Okay. If you guys are up for the challenge, all right. We have a program it’s called Daschle. All right. And basically it’s essentially small group coaching. All right. Where I have myself and a bunch of other agencies just like yourself. We do calls like this private calls like this once a week, there’s about maybe 15 people that show up on the call. So it’s like, you, you get direct access to me and you get my team and all your questions answered. There’s a private Slack channel. You get access to all of our courses. You get free access to insights and into reports and all that other craziness. Right. but here’s what I want you to do. Okay. We don’t work with everybody. Obviously you have to be a good fit for the program. All right. And don’t worry about payments and stuff like that.
We have payment plans and all that stuff. If it’s something that really is a good fit for you and you want, I’m not going to push on you too much, but if it’s something that you’d like to do and you want more information on what I would recommend doing is using this link below. All right. So go to URL Okay. And go ahead and schedule a free 30 minute agency breakthrough call with my team. And they’ll talk to you a little bit about the program. All right. They’ll tell you if it’s a good fit for you. They’ll tell you any pricing options or questions that you have. They’ll walk you through how the whole works, but essentially it’s like having me in your back pocket, not 24 seven, cause I do sleep. So I can’t lie about that, but a pretty good amount of time.
Right? Cause you get me, you get the DME on Slack whenever you want to. Right. And then you obviously get the group in my team and everybody’s in there. Right. It’s it’s really, this is a private coaching okay. For your agency. Right. So if you’ve ever hit a wall with anything, if you’re like church, I don’t know if I should do this or do this, or this should be my offer. Or maybe they should be my offer or should I push this instead of pushing now like, well, how does this work? Right? What are the numbers that you’re supposed to get when your callers call, like all of these things, like I’d been through that for the past 11 years guys we’ve sold millions of dollars worth of digital marketing services. You guys know that most of you guys have known my story already.
Right? If you want to build a team, we can show you how to build a team. We’ve done that many times. Okay. So if it’s something that you’re interested in, go ahead of what, this is, what I want you to do. Go ahead and go to that URL below. Okay. We have limited times available, obviously, because we only have a certain amount of people working this channel here that can actually do these calls with you guys. Right. So go ahead and go do that and go to URL Okay. and go ahead and book your call. If you book a call, do me a favor, drop a booked in the chat below
E D B O O K E D. Yep.
Booked right, drop booked in the in the chat below. Let me know that you went ahead and booked a call so I can expect to be speaking to you guys. I’m super excited about that. Okay. what I’m going to do for the time being is I’m going to scroll up really quick. I want to go through a bunch of Q and a. Okay. And we can leave this banner up in case you guys changed your mind. Once you asked me a question, you’re like, wow, Chad is the real deal. I am going to book a call with him. Right. We’ll have some fun with it.
Okay. All right. Cool. So I’m going to fire up. Ah, let’s go all the way up to the top.
We have a question from Jean DRI your Facebook ads, white label service. Do you do everything? Yeah. We pretty much do everything. We’ll help you craft an offer if you don’t know how to craft an offer. We do the graphics. We write the copy. We create the Facebook ads. We do all the budgeting. I would pretty much say that we do everything. We set up the pixels, we set up conversion pixels. We do it all. Yeah. So we definitely do do pretty much everything. Okay. do you help us structure the offers pricing? Yeah, I think that’s what you just asked. Yes, we do do that. Rebecca said anyone have a one to 10 written down that they can share. I’ll share, we’ll have this video up and I’ll drop one to 10 in there. So don’t worry about that. We’ll get that over to you guys. And by the way, guys, a couple of different things. One thing, if you, if you’re not in our group or Facebook group, go to Facebook, go to the search bar type marketer’s mindset by dashboard. That’s our Facebook group. There’s over 6,000 freaking agencies in there. It’s an incredible group to join and ask questions all day and get some questions answered by really high level individuals. Okay. And another thing, go follow us on YouTube. All videos get rolled over
To YouTube, all the replays. Okay. So go to dash clicks is a YouTube channel. You can go to our website, scroll down to the bottom, you see a YouTube app icon, just click it. It’ll open up our YouTube channel or just go to YouTube and type in dash clicks and go to subscribe to our channel, get a bunch of videos like this that we do frequently. All right. When is inside the dashboard going to go mobile? It’s something that we’ve been working on for awhile. I promise it’s coming soon. Just kind of hang tight with us. Leslie asks, can you buy and hold on a couple services until you need it? Usually I like to say no, cause it like confuses us. Okay. But if you buy a service, the best thing to do is try to use it like at least within the 30 days.
Okay. Because if not, then it depends on the service that you’re using to start getting bills and stuff that we got to prorate. We don’t like really doing that. Right. So if you’re, if you’re thinking about buying a service, buy it, but try to use it within like the next week or so, if you can what commission is split for fronters and closers? Commission is split. Usually, I mean, that’s a whole nother conversation. Actually. We have a whole video Gale. If you want to get into that you can go to our YouTube channel and just search, like fronters dash flags, stuff like that. We have the whole video that explains like phoners and closers and all that stuff. Well I need to apply to be an IDX broker reseller targets on in society, if not I’ve seen, so I don’t, I don’t know exactly the answer to that question, but I have seen a bunch of people add IDX to the insight.
Okay. and usually it’s an I-frame that they just embed in there. Okay. I don’t know what the backend tech is, but I know that that’s a pretty frequent app frequently asked question that gets asked in our marketer’s mindset group. Feel free to jump in and ask that question and somebody will probably pop in there and give you an answer right. By the way, guys, I see a bunch of people. So go ahead and go ahead and book your call. If you are interested in working with me privately to help you further your agency and scale up your agency. Okay. all right. Let’s keep going down. Hey, Chad, I’ll be able to rewatch this again. Yep. It’s going to be on our YouTube channel. If I have a real estate agent as a client and I buy your Facebook ads, white label service do you run, manage, optimize and do everything on my behalf? We do. Yes.
Yo bro. You’re an O G I appreciate that. Thank you very much. What if I already have an agents who upset were WordPress? Can I still use all your services? You sure can. You don’t need to buy our agents who website to use our services. You just buy it because it’s awesome. And I’ll help you scale up and it’s easy and it’s sexy. Do you have proposals available as a template by chance for each service? So we, we don’t have that. We have that in our dash elite program and we give out like templates and a bunch of stuff. So if you’re in our Daschle program, if you’re interested in joining it all that will be right in there. When is listings manager going to be available in Nathan assets? Something that we’re working on? I don’t have an actual deadline for that yet as much as I’d like to.
We just recently launched Australia and UK not too long ago, a couple of months back. So we’re working on Canada. Do you charge clients? For insight reports? We personally didn’t have ever we have a bunch of people in our Daschle program that actually do this. They do, they do like a full blown business consultation and they’ll charge like 500 bucks to run an insight report and do a consultation for like an hour or two about it and give you like pointers on what you can do in your business and things like that. Are there DC plans for the new social media platforms? Maybe. Oh, you’re talking about like fulfillment services. Not at the moment. The ones that we have are pretty like the frequent, like re most popular ones like Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and all that stuff, but maybe in the future as they start trending up Shantay said, do you have any contract samples? So we have that our dash elite program. We also have that in a couple of our other courses, right. If you go to dash clicks and you hit the education there’s some courses in there where you you’ll be able to see contracts and stuff available. I think it was a simple sales formula is one. Let’s go down. Let’s keep going down.
All right, then I need, I got a long question here. All right.
I’m going to skip that because that’s a bunch of crazy stuff in there. I’m not sure what that’s about declines, have your insight website to get their service or can they keep their website? No, they don’t need an insight website. So clients can have their own website. We can do, we can do Facebook ads or SEO. It doesn’t have to be an insight. Obviously we prefer it to be an insight because then they can log in and they can edit it through their dashboard. And everything’s in one place and our insights are super fast too. And good for SEO and things like that. When buying services, how long does it take to become active by dashboards? It really depends on the service. Most services will go live within like 24 hours. Websites are instantly activated. That’s like instant. You just got to point your domain name over Facebook ads is that goes live once the campaign is done, but we start working on the campaign for fulfillment services.
And once the onboarding is done and we start working on the campaigns right away. So if you fill out the onboarding Docker, like a day or two, we’ll start working on it, right when you’re done, right? And then you get access to a private Slack channel where we can come in and work with you on basically anything that you need or answering your questions you can access to our team, our fulfillment team. Are there discounts on bundle services? John asks, unfortunately not at the moment. Frank asked when can we expect to see new insights? We talked about several weeks ago, something that we’re still working on. So hang tight with us there. If I have a client interested, how should I sign them up? What information do you need from my in order to run ads for them? So it’s pretty simple.
All you really need to do is literally just go to dash clicks, purchase a service. You can use coupon code [inaudible] to get 50% off of those. And then you can add your clients to the dashboard and send them onboarding docs, right after the service. There’s a page where you can do it, where you can go and do that. And it’s all white labeled. Right. and then the onboarding docs will essentially be the information that we need to collect. And that’s pretty much it. Do you, your website have websites have multiple languages? So they’re all in English. Oh, upsides, but we do have a translator tool on our website that you can use in the settings, which will give somebody the availability to go and like click the, the flag and change it to a different language. Right. So that’s there and that’s free. What’s the minimum monthly ads you recommend for flooring? If you’re running Google ads, I would start off with at least a thousand bucks a month at a minimum usually like in the contracting and home services, one to $2,000 a month should be like a minimum, a minimum budget. Right. If you go anything below that, it’s really tricky to start getting any results.
Let’s see chatter. I love what you’re doing. When you guys ever have an example ads that you can previously launched for clients it’s hard to sell when yeah. So like case studies and stuff like that. So our team is actually working on more case studies is something that we’ve been asking for for a while. So our team is finally taking the time and dedicating to add a bunch more case studies to the dashboard to give you guys that should be coming out of here in the next short couple of weeks. I think we’re going to be adding 10 new case studies for Facebook ads, 10 new for Google ads and 10 new for SEO.
Any whoops, get water, any live coupon codes or agency sites. Yeah. So Adam you can use a coupon code DC five zero to take 50% off of anything in dash clicks, right. Can your website have ADA compliance? I’m not sure about that, but what I would do is open up the live chat and hopefully somebody from our live chat team can help you out with that. Sergio, I don’t know the answer to that, to be honest with you. Let’s see, case has become awesome. Should I focus on selling each service separately? Yes, definitely. I would focus on, on the value ladder approach where you sell a website first week later, selling most things, couple weeks later, sell them SEO and work your way up the value ladder. That’s like the most important thing that you can do. If you try to shove too many services down somebody’s throat at the same time, it’s not appealing. And the chances are, you’re probably not going to sell them anything because they get overly complicated and it’s just like overwhelmed. Basically. It’s the right word for it. Right. chatter, the cannabis industry is growing. Can you set up some templates for InstaSize for this? Yeah, we actually have already built a couple that we should be launching with shortly. We got some for, for medical marijuana for CBD. We got a couple different ones coming out. So that should here pretty soon.
Anybody else got any questions? You guys fired off a bunch of questions I’m out of breath. Whew. Anybody else got any questions? Anybody unsure of anything in their agency, by the way, who booked the call? Who booked the call to speak with me, say booked in the chat right there below.
You want to speak to me? Go ahead and book a call. There, have some fun. If not guys without further ado is what I’m going to do. Is Leslie said I just became a dash elite. Congratulations to you. I’ll see you inside of dash elite. Amazing. how much of the elite Mike asks? We have a bunch of different options, Mike, like a six month program, 12 month program payment plan, one pay. There’s a bunch of different options that you can choose from. Mike. Best thing to do is just book a call below. For 30 minutes, our team will share their screen and go through the whole program with you. Talk about pricing and see what would be a good fit for you. Don said, is that a green screen? No, this is not a green screen. This is actually wrapped wallpaper.
And this is a touch screen. Ginger said so I need the client to pay me first and then buy your services in order to have the access to everything. Yeah, I mean, you definitely want to get your clients to pay you first and then you can go into dashboards and then buy the products that you need for your client. And then yes, you and the client will have access to all of those things. Like if it’s Facebook ads or whatever it is that you’re purchasing. Right. So you definitely want to make sure you get the payment first. Okay. So hopefully that helps. All right guys, love it. Lets things work for Mexico. I don’t think so. Not yet. No, I don’t. I don’t believe so. Chad, I would like to have a new website calculator in dash clicks.
Okay. Can I use coupon code on current subscription? Unfortunately not. They only work on new subscriptions. If we buy the agent’s website, clients can pay directly for their services, their payment processor hooked up. No, not at the moment. Mike, the agency website is just a regular informational business website. It just looks really cool. It’s got all the dash clicks like technology and everything’s fully white labeled in there. Right. So if you actually go to go pee and pee real quick, Carlos so if you go to agency tools here in the dashboard yeah. Agency tools and click agency website, and then click preview right down here, preview my website. You can actually see what the website will actually look like. Right? Like all the services it’ll have your logo. This is just a demo account, but I’ll have, it looks like this, right. You’ll have your logo. And it’s talks about all the technology, right. Reporting and all that cool stuff. Right. Everything in there. So when you’re selling it’s really easy to sell. Right. And then people can log in and right from the top. Right. So your clients can log in and all that good stuff. Right. let’s see, you guys are going in right when I’m about to do
No, you guys are fire away, all the questions. I’m gonna do a couple more
Questions and then I’m going to bounce out of here. And then you guys can ask all your questions, by the way marketer’s mindset, Facebook group. I don’t feel like logging into Facebook and doing all that stuff. Go to Facebook, search marketers, mindset by DashClicks. It’s a group 6,000 plus agency owners, all DashClicks members in there. That’s the community that you want to be in because that’s where you can ask questions all day and get answers. Okay. Tom has said, how do you charge of white label Facebook ads, the campaigns ad sets more ads for the same client in your offer on your website, one ad one ad set. Yeah. we just, we recommend going by budget. That’s really what it’s about. Right. So I think it’s like zero to three K is four 99 a month. And then if it’s more than that, the budget, then it just goes up from there.
Right. what’s the best way to accept payments for your clients? Stripe is, is really good. Let’s see. Do you do nurture emails on the funnels? We do have nurture email sequences that are included inside of a funnel. If we build the funnel for you we’ll set a course focusing on the agents who website, maybe in the future now right now, can I customize eating to a website with my own graphics and services? Yes. 100%. It’s fully customizable. You get access to the builder that literally the second that you purchase, you can go in there and change, whatever it is that you want. And we do not accept PayPal at the moment Deandra unfortunately, but we accept all major credit cards. So you can pay using anything essentially. You know, Oh, I think your question was, how do you pay us?
You don’t have to pay us using Stripe. You can pay us using any credit card you want funnels are built on ClickFunnels. Yes. if you’re, if you’re purchasing a regular business funnel, you don’t need an account. If it’s an e-com based funnel, then yes. You do need an account. January said yeah, just credit card. We accept all major credit cards. Yep. So guys once again, I’ll leave it at the bottom DC 50 here at the bottom. And before I close out for those of you guys who came on, literally towards the end here, I see people coming in and out. You can use this coupon code to get 50% off of anything inside of dash clicks. This code is expiring tonight. This is just for you to have some fun and get some, some really cool stuff at a discounted rate.
And just for, you know, for you showing up and taking your time to be with us here today. And then the second thing is if you’d like to book a call with me and my team to actually inquire about our Daschle program, which are private coaching permanent, we can work directly with you. You just literally go right here URL That’ll take you to our Calendly booking page where you can book a time and speak to me and my team to see if the program is a good fit for you. All right, guys, without further ado. Thank you so much for your time. Love you guys for joining us and enjoy the rest of your day. Guys. I’ll see you guys in the marketer’s mindset, Facebook group and inside of your DashClicks dashboard, have a good one. Everybody.

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