Facebook Group Report Template & Facebook Group Audit
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 04:32 PM

Facebook Group Report Template & Facebook Group Audit


Do you have your own Facebook Group?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks is joined by Arne Giske to talk about how you can improve the setup of your Facebook Group for optimal performance and usability! This video is a highlight from the sixth video of our YouTube series, Marketers Mindset.


So you’re kind of like doing the switch of like, Oh, here’s the most people’s train of thought. Here’s why you shouldn’t be thinking like that. Let me introduce you to the next thing. So you have a mindset shift up front or you have a result up front.
First off, I want to hear from you guys. Do you have a Facebook group? Let me get the title of your Facebook group in the chat number one. I’m gonna give you guys some feedback on your Facebook group names. And I’m going to take you through my whole Facebook group report template that I use to check out stuff with my private clients and see how the groups doing. Give it a little health check and give you guys the ability to do this on your own. That sound good. I can make sure to attach this a, this group audit as one of the other bonuses for the Stream. We got all the, all kinds of stuff for you guys. So
I want to also, I’m just gonna say I’m a little pea back again. I want you to audit our group cause we just launched it yesterday. I am not a group person, Facebook group person. This is the first Facebook group that I launched. We did a prelaunch. I’ll talk to you a little bit about the stats. We did a prelaunch where we just shot out an email. We said, hey, we’re opening up our marketer’s mindset by batch group, which is our brand for our whole bribes and all stuff that we do. Join if you want to join. I think we had like 300 people would join on like sending their member requests. We had the three things, the three questions. We got the group funnels Dingo and we’re s we’re putting them into our intercom on an email list. So I want, I want to actually w we’re going to do this too, but we’re also gonna do what I want you to audit the marketer’s mindset group because I want real feedback. So these guys, we can go back and actually edit all this stuff tomorrow. And I know we have both of our moderators on here, which is drew being Chris. Shout out to Jurby and Chris, which are awesome moderators who have been helping and providing tons of value in the market as mindset group. We already launched it yesterday and there’s tons and tons of feedback they’ve been getting. So thank you both for your awesome work. But guys, listen, let’s see what [inaudible] has to say and maybe we can make the group better. Okay,
Let’s do it. So if you want to pull up the group all all problems in the reports, Ambler first and run you guys through real quick what I’m looking for and then we are signed out. Alright, well we’ll fix that one real quick. There we go. All right. So groups are private. This is the name of my program. And that’s what it’s all about. Making highly chronicle groups that are fun, that people actually want to be a part of too and doing it efficiently. So what I would do is we have these little color codes, right? So we’ve got, green is good to go, yellow needs a little tweak, orange needs a lot of work, and red is, something’s just missing. You’re like totally bad. So what I, what I’ll do is I’ll run through each of these steps and I can probably do this in 10 to 15 minutes per person depending on what their group has going on and just give some feedback. So you want to pull up the group will do it.
Carlos, can we take that screen and put it on your screen so I can log in real quick?
Alright, let’s go. So let’s go. This is, this is the group that launched yesterday is the group that launched literally yesterday. A lot on the 15th, right? I think we launched, right? Yeah. Yesterday. Okay, good. So let’s, I want you to honestly give me your honest opinion and rip it up because I want to make it better. Let’s do it. There is nothing to talk about that I know I did a good job, but yes, rip it up. Tell me what you can do, drew me. Alright. Make notes. All of you guys that are watching this to like pay attention because what I’m going to tell you guys is honestly, it’s going to be applicable to all of you guys and here why I have good feedback and bad feedback and you’ll learn from both of them. So we start out with the group name and the link.
So we have marketers mindset by dash clicks. Cool. So one thing I see a lot of people doing, which we did write this time, but a lot of people do backwards is putting the brand name in the front. So if they said dash clicks marketers mindset or something like that people don’t know who that is yet and knows it’s not Tony Robbins, it’s not Russell Brunson. You can’t have your name or your brand name in the front of the group name. So what I like about it is very simple marketers mindset. So this is gonna appeal to marketers. What I would do is I would add a, another level of qualifier in there somewhere. So it could be something like like what, what’s something that your ideal people identify with marketing and getting clients, social media marketing, stuff like that. They’re all agency owners.
So maybe something that relates to agency owners, but yeah, so I would definitely put agencies somewhere in there. Maybe agency owners, marketers, Meyers, something. I don’t know. But I get what you’re saying. So to drop it. And what does that do when you drop that in? I know obviously it’s perception of them seeing the name of the group and relating to it, but does it also do anything like in the related searches and stuff like that or related, oops. So, so what happens how groups grow like crazy the most is when people immediately identify with the group name. That’s why when things are like somebody’s brand name or somebody who man in the front, they don’t recognize that immediately unless they do. The group name is more for generating leads than it is about having the brand awareness of that in there.
So it’s totally fine having at the end, but having it more targeted upfront. And the first three words is the most important. So if it’s too general, like, like right now, I would never start a general entrepreneurship networking group nine and a general marketing group right now. There’s a million of them out there and it’s hard to differentiate. So you gotta add those extra, you know, it’s just like SEO. You gotta add those, those you know, not super long term long tail keywords, but a few more in there so people know exactly that they’re in the right place. And this might be a little bit too broad right now. Marketers mindset. So we gotta think of a, we had a couple of things in here. Like Dorsey said, marketers mindset for agency owners buy dash clicks. Philip said, marketers mindset
Agency owners by dash clicks. Drew Ruby said marketers mindset for agency owners. He didn’t even include the dash clicks. Join me as a moderator
Or like a like build, build a marketing agency by DAS place, something like that where it’s like a, it’s like a promise. Like another really good example of this one is become a social media manager with Rachel Peterson. She has the promise of the thing and her name in it in there as well and it works really well. Her group is like 18 k or something like that and like that. So that’s a really good one as well. So that is the first step there. The name. So what do you guys think? What’s the rating you guys want to give? It is the green is the yellow is an orange or red. Let me know in the chat.
Drop it in the chat. The what we have right now. Drew me said yellow. We can do better. Yep. Who else? Drop it. Yellow. Chris said orange. Phillip said he’s, we’re getting ripped up. All right, this is perfect. We’re getting perfect. Then said yellow. I think he meant yellow. So you asked for it. The,
Where are we got the member count right now? 369. So she yesterday. Yes. Come on. Give us a little bit of pro. Awesome. Awesome. For launching yesterday. But this is where it just gets interesting. You know, so most people, they don’t get to lodge and have 360 people in the group the first day. That’s totally fine. What I want you guys to think of is a, I have this other rule in my program, you cannot complain about engagement until you had at least 300 members. So if you have over 300 members and still nobody’s engaging your content probably sucks. If you have under 300 members, it’s literally just a small group. You don’t have to worry too much about engagement yet, worried about your growth instead. So if you have, you know, between zero and 300, just keep focusing on the growth. Put out content, get stuff going.
But that’s going to be the hardest number of members to get in. Like your first 300. So you’re already over that initial hump. The next hump is the 300 to a thousand range. This is where the voice starts to form. You get in the, in a better habit of creating content understanding what your audience responds to best. But you still have to hustle a lot here. This is where you are still the primary driver of traffic to your Facebook group. So you have to use all those growth strategies. You can. You have to put in that extra leg work and then something magical happens at that one k member mark. Facebook starts sending you a bunch of new people. If your group name is on point, if you have engagement, you start showing up higher in search and suggestion. You have all these people who have mutual friends in the group and they get the Fomo and then they want to join and then it starts to snowball like crazy.
So I’m always keep that in mind. Don’t worry about engagement until you’re past 300 and keep hustling on all your growth channels until you hit a thousand and then it will start taking off on its own. That’s where it gets really fun and really profitable. I got a question for you. What like, or like if I get to, let’s say a thousand people in the group, let’s say two weeks go by and boom, we get a thousand members. What can I expect on average may be, I know it’s a hard number to gauge, but what will, what, what kind of group? Like what kind of like amount of member requests can we like w what happened when you hit a thousand? Like how many new new new member requests you start getting on a daily basis. And started going up a bunch more. So, okay. When I first said a thousand it wasn’t like an immediate switch, but that’s when I really realized like, okay, I’m onto something here.
People won’t even take to get to the thousand also too long. So it, it, so millennial entrepreneur community a now over 70 k it took me six months to get from zero to one k. Wow. Yeah. So for those of you guys who think you’re going to drop in a dollar and get $5 back today is not gonna happen. Work at it yet. I’m happy to ask that question. Yes. People need to have like real expectations, like in their mind. Good. But the cool thing is guys, with everything that I’ve learned in practice with all of these, you know, 1500 plus customers, I tell people that it should take them no longer than 30 to 90 days to get to your first one k members. Like I wish I could like pit that time and go back and do all the stuff that I know now. But you guys can do that. So that’s why you’re here. That’s why you’re paying attention, but it’s to use. So all right, let’s see. Member count. We’ll, we’ll, we’ll give them a, a, a green. Good to go for now. For now. But if this was like two months into, I’d be like, Ooh. All right, you can do it in hours. 369 can I get a three 69 in the chat below? Yeah, we passed it on tests three 69 in the chat below. Let’s go.
There we go. Cool. So I’m cover photo. Let’s see what we got. Don’t even say anything about me. You may have 90 here. I looked that good. I’m just kidding. All right, hit me. So you are almost on point almost so close. Just saying that in a nice way because I’m standing right next to the what we got to change our knee. So when we do the what I want and your cover photos guys is number one picture nice. Number two, a promise. What’s the promise? What are they there for? Number three, what I like about this, which most people don’t have, I don’t even think I have much of is what to expect in the group. So that’s cool cause they click on it and they’re like, oh that’s Kinda cool but what we’re missing here is a link. Where did they go?
Dash Clicks, dash clicks, dash clicks.com dash clicks where boom now I’m just kidding. Boom. But yes, I agree with you. See? Yeah. Good. So we definitely do need to add that so we can add that little key. What you could do there is I would do like a little pinch right there where you could say something like you know, start your account or like get the seven agency hacks here and then you can have that point into there. And then instead of having that there, it could just say that place.com. Okay. Alright. There you go. And I designed this myself, people nice. And I’m not even the graphics person just to show you. You can do anything you want. All right guys. So I’d say that’s another yellow on the cover photo. We are good to go there. Let’s see, we got four like pin, post description.
What’s happening up in here? You’ve got our pin posts right here, the announcement or though, oh, I see. All right. Group is for purposes of bringing judges or marketing industry professionals together. Share ideas drafted by Chad also agency owner, a scaling marketing agents. Just over seven figures, sharing strategies, resources. This group is for please do this. Please don’t do that. Nice. Alright, so a, you get an a plus on the group description. Most people don’t. I’m here in the chat. People jumping in the chat. Let’s go. All right. So why do you guys think I’m given an a plus right now? I take one quick look through and I checked all my boxes. Let’s break it down. You could be the example of group description now through it, a star student. So a first step it shows, okay, who is this for?
Who is this created by you? SEO Dash looks for free platform does it, so you’re already pre-framing them to the thing that you have. Number three, where most people messed it up is they don’t share any kind of results or credibility because if it just had everything else brought that you would blend in with everybody else who has a marketing group for networking and entrepreneurs and agencies and, but it’s all the same shit, you know? So when you’re flexing your stats right there, we’ll see, say like, oh, it’s over seven figures in annual revenue, but I heard it from Marnie. Yeah. So when, when people are not seeing stuff like that. Like I, I’ve consulted with some of the top people also running a seven figure agencies on their groups and I come in and you know what, they have this section, do this, do that.
Here’s what to expect. We got cool livestreams and we got this. And I’m like, dude, how many millions a year do you make? Like, why are you not telling people that how many clients do you have? How many people you helped out? And they’re like, oh yeah, I should probably share that. Huh? So I’m always, always look at that one. Oh Hey picture and picture that awkward moment where you’re watching yourself all over the place. Cool. So what we also have here is you know what to expect, but we also have a a call to action to the next thing. So this is where we want to drive them into somewhere else and get your dash clicks account. So fit Dolly’s slash desk clicks if you have not gotten it. Yes. All right, so good to go on the description there. And let’s see how, let’s see how different the pinned post is from this.
I think it’s the same thing. I think it’s literally a duplicate but with some video of some sexy ass guy. Alright, cool. Same One. Pretty, I think it’s similar. Which one? No, that’s right here. Cause you’re sitting in front of the tag suite. Oh Yep. Same One. Awesome. So you guys can do the same one here. So is your, your page is linked to the group, the pages linked to the group yet, which is ratchet the group by. Okay. So most of the time I don’t recommend people do that. What a lot of what happens a lot of times is the organic growth can get stunted. So this is where like if any of you guys remember a couple of years ago, Instagram only had one type of page. It was not [inaudible] business page. It was all personal, small, all business pages were personal pages.
And then they started rolling out all of these shiny features and analytics and all this different stuff and saying, hey, if you have a business, let us know. Hey, if you have a business, let us know, hey, if you have a business, let us know. You can start to get all these Chinese shiny features and numbers and stats and all this cool stuff. So a lot of businesses were like, yeah, yeah, I’m a business. I want those shiny features. And guess what happens? Their reach got dropped. They said, Oh, you’re a business. Cool. Pay Us. They immediately set, set it out and got ransom from everybody who went on Instagram and identified as having a business. So my prediction when they first allowed the opportunity to link pages and groups was that they would do the same exact thing. Facebook is goal is to sell more ads.
That’s what they want to do. So if you’re making some money out of the platform, they want to make some money off of you. So as soon as you link your group, you’re identifying to Facebook that you’re probably making some money off of this group somehow. So we saw across the board a lot of people were having issues with group growth, with engagement after linking a page. And it, it just kinda hurt their ability. Also, Facebook has been experimenting for the last year or so for a, the ability to run ads in groups. I saw another little thing out there. Somebody had an op option to place an ad in a Facebook group and it pops up every now and then. It’s not widespread adopted yet, but I think as that really rolls out, they’re going to make it a lot more pay to play. Just like how business pages were a few years ago, tanked the reach all that.
So that is your warning. And so should I, should I put a personal page there instead of personal page or should I use link? Nothing. Yeah, just nothing. Okay. Yeah, cause I know it’ll still show up as you, as the admins and everything like that. You know, some groups do it and they’re fine with it. And then it’s funny, I’ve seen people really defend it. They’re like, oh, this has no impact on your reach or your growth. And they haven’t grown their group like that much. So I’m like, man, I dunno. I’m hearing, I’m hearing other ways. So be careful of that one. All right, let’s see what else. We got a pin, post and description. You can keep those the same. Awesome. I tell me about your recurring content. What, well, you got one day of group. So let’s go to it really quick. Let’s do what we did. Cause I know we did some posts yesterday. Yeah, we can see what we did. So I can show you. Let’s, let’s go to discussion. All right. So I know I did a couple of yesterday. So this is just our welcome message. This is, some guys go in live. I know what the hell they’re doing on our page. This was Chris went live in the group yesterday, introducing himself as the moderator. This was Aaron, who shared a post. It looks like a video. Wow. So I didn’t even see this. Got a couple of DMD yesterday about my comment on automation process for CRM. He actually shot a whole video. Thank you Aaron. That’s amazing. Derby. This was me yesterday. Starting a digital agency is so hot right now. And just good quality. I think content got a couple of, got some engagement, likes, comments. So I mean 24 hours, not a lot to see, but I think we’ve got pretty good engagement. You’re telling me, I mean, yeah. Good engagement. I know we had good a comments and stuff. So there’s some stuff happening in here for sure. Some little golden nuggets are happening in here. Like a lot of this stuff I haven’t even seen. To be honest with you is great. People are adding and I guess that’s the point of groups. Yeah, right. People are going in there adding in content. This is awesome. So people are engaging? I think so. Cool. I’m going to say I got an a plus for that, but I don’t know. I’m not, you know, I’m not. Right.
All right. I’m let the teacher, so over the next few it kind of calculates more of the, the all the stuff going on the group. So like recurring content is something where you can create it once and use it again. So there’s a few different types here. You know, there’s the traditional theme days, which I’m not a huge fan of to be honest. They, they work, but when it’s like super boring and the same as every other Facebook group did. So it was share your goals Monday. It’s like, ah, boring. You know, the will I think, I know one of the theme things like that that we have is our marketers mindset that we do from two to 4:00 PM but that’s this. So I dunno if that’s boring. Nah, that’s cool. All right. Yeah, so interviews, interviews is definitely up there too. You know, doing those, at least weekly is going to be a really solid content strategy, especially for those of you guys who aren’t super good at written content.
You feel like it takes too long to produce or whatever press go live. It’s super easy, zero production value needed, you know, hold up your phone like you said earlier and you can get stuff going. You don’t have to edit, you don’t have to produce, you don’t have to do anything fancy. You just gotta show up and share what you know. I just a quick question for you is I want to know I know we hired a video guy, full time video guy, he’s going to be starting on February 26th. So his goal is to produce tons of video comments to push on our group, on our Facebook page and the Dash Luke’s university. So what would you say that we can do with video content? Should we just be posting it in the group every day? Yeah. So here’s a really cool strategy you can use for that. So first up and you know, three walking questions got asked for the email, of course. Got It. But you want to do a customer research questions as well. So you have three questions. You can have two of them be, Hey, what’s your biggest question about starting agency? Hey, what’s a, you got razor. But I think our first, our first question is how did you find us? Second question is, what do you want to learn more about by being an agency owner? And third question is the email. There you go. Can I get a green? Can I get a green on that one? Can we get a green? Did we get a green on that with drop green in the chat if we want on that one.
There you go. So on, on that, what you have is a very simple version of, you know, simple and dumbed down version of the ask survey. You guys are marketers, you should know what that is. If you don’t, you’re not a marketer. So look it up. Ask Surveys, start doing some customer research and you’re gonna to find all of this gold. So one of the coolest ways to create content from your group is just looking at that ass survey, taking a list of all of those questions, all those thoughts, all those pain points people have and flip them upside down. So let me know guys in the comments. Let’s do this real time. What’s your number one biggest question about growing an agency? Leave a comment and I’ll show you how to flip that upside down and use it as a headline.
So drop a comment, we’ll check it out. What are some of the common ones you hear that I hear? Yeah. The, what’d you say the hardest part about growing an agency? Yeah. What’s your biggest question about growing age? I can’t get clients. That’s like the, I think the number one thing that we get support tickets for is like, I can’t get, I can’t get any clients. What do I do? How do I just get my first clients? We can start getting Pete, how do I get my first client? So if that’s the top question, all you have to do is flip it upside down and make it a, make it a statement, make it a headline. So you could say something like you know how to get your first client without, you know risking your reputation and how to get your first client, even if you have no results.
You haven’t seen all of this in the Webinar titles and the you [inaudible] stuff. So I’m just like, flip it upside down and it’ll be easy. You can also take all that customer research and turn it into a bunch of different headlines. And then what you do from there is you have this gigantic list of headlines. Like I paid somebody the other day, my content manager, a j to look through all of that customer research and create me a list of 100 headlines. Say, Hey, I’ll pay you 100 bucks if you make me a hundred headlines. He was like, sure, let’s do it. So he went through my list, he made a hundred headlines. And what I’m going to do is I’m going to create a targeted video series around those big questions. If I was just sitting there and I was uninspired, I wouldn’t know what content to create, right?
But if somebody says, hey, Arnie, what’s the best way to grow Facebook group? I’ll be like, oh, I’ve got some, you know, I’ll tell you how right now. So when you are not inspired to create content and just go back to that list of all your headlines, check it out and you will create something on spot. So I was, you know what you’re talking about. So use that research to use that as content planning. Have that core set of content and you can recycle that as well. So if you have, you know, a month, two month, three month worth of content that you create, you can repost it, you can bring that back up or reshare it and your production time will go way down cause you make it once and use it again. True be Chris, this man is dropping a golden bombs. So let’s pick that up. We can do that. We started doing that in the group trip. You said it’s fire. Chris said I did that yesterday. So Chris, his title, he actually did this one yesterday, said I used one yesterday. How to focus. There’s so many people don’t have time management. So I think we did one of those where we did that. And you know, if we want to use a quick example, Josh, what’s up Josh? Oh yeah man. Yeah. Nice. So he put one up in here, let’s say is, let’s discuss. It’s easy to get distracted and pulled in multiple directions. When building an agency, you had each of you focus. This is more of like a question to start getting engagement, but I think where you are referring to is how to actually come up with like solutions to their problems. Yep. Right. So I think a, a drew being Chris, and then good thing that we can do is start surveying people, get a list of questions and we’ll start creating content. Come with them. Bad ass headlines.
So that’s awesome. Totally. Yeah. So just look at all your stuff and your group funnels a list there. You’ve got that all collected and just pretty much have people ask those questions. Turn on the video. Beautiful. All right, I’m going to do it that easy. I’m going to do it. Let’s keep it all. Let’s dive a little bit deeper. So some of the easy engagement things. So here’s a funny thing. So sometimes, you know, I’ll make some kind of a, a post that’s not relevant to my business. Not Relevant to a whole bunch of stuff, but it’ll get some crazy engagement. You know, hey you know, drop a comment, tell me what your city you’re in. That’s not relevant to anything, but it gets people engaged. What happens is that’ll boost that, boost you up in the algorithm, make it easier for your posts to reach more people the next time you post something that is related.
So easy engagement is good, but I don’t want you guys to just post stuff to get people to respond all the time. There is no heart and soul in that. There’s no value in that. So you have to have that as less than 10% of your content strategy is these, you know, easy engagement questions. These you know, stuff to get people to speak up and really try and put some thought behind it too. So do more of that. That’ll help out also events. So w how are you guys using the events feature right now?
So right now this is pretty much what we did. So if you go over here and you go to events, so because obviously we opened yesterday we had event, which is this one right now. And then we had the one, which was yesterday. I’m with Ryan.
Nice. So I don’t know where it is, whatever. Just get back to maybe cool. Well yeah, so that’s how we are doing events. So if you click on this, you’ll see kind of what it is. Yeah. Created this, where to get it. It’s actually happening now for those of you guys who are on it, you probably know already. And then we just leave the information where to go and register and stuff like that.
There you go. So yeah, events is really good because it not only helps you create a new kind of like signal that you’re doing something, whether it’s an interview, workshop, a live stream, something in person, whatever, a deadline. But it also uses Facebook’s built in notifications. So if somebody says they’re interested or if somebody says going, you guys probably gotten a notification. I know I did like an hour before this is, hey, reminder, there’s this event coming up in an hour. I was like, Oh yeah, I should probably, like I’ve forgotten my, I gotta be there. Cause I’d probably leave my airbnb right now, you know, and go go out there. So that is what happens. And getting people to show up for all of your online events or in person, whatever it is use the events feature. So you’re good to go there. Let’s get another green for the events. Backlinks. So this is where group growth gets interesting, especially in that zero to 1000 members. Stage guys is backlinks. You have this whole spiderweb of your online presence, whether you know it or not. And the more places you can point back to your group, the more everything will start to snowball and bring you up faster. So here’s an exercise for you guys on this one is list out every single place online that you have traffic social profile, attention, eyeballs, shout-outs, UTT and features and wherever. Write down that whole list and think how you can say like a one line statement that makes people want to click through to your group. Your group name is the lead magnet. So you can say, you know, are you an agency owner? Wants to get more clients, check out this group, buy dash flakes, you know and then link it.
And then the more of these you have out there, the more people will start trickling in from these different places online. Cause growing a group is a lot like filling up the swimming pool. You gotta have more hoses in there to speed it up. And so think about those other social channels you have. Think about licking on your thank you pages for your opt in, your email sequences, your chat boss, all these different places and you’ll be good to go there. So I can’t see, you know, where all you have. I have all the back links on here. We don’t have any yet. So that’s actually a big one for us. So I know we have tons of youtube videos that we loaded. My first thought when you said that is to go to all the Bluetooth youtube videos to all the Vimeo videos.
Start plugging that and go to all of our blogs that we have posted. Start plugging them in. We’re actually going to reformat the UI in dash leaks itself. So I know we’re swapping out university and we’re swapping out the, actually the whole menu. We’re going to create a whole education center in here and that’s going to be one of the sudden menu and she’s going to say Facebook group and that’s going to bring them over. So we’re going to bring them everywhere. There you go. So when you can have that everywhere and also hook people in, especially like if it’s a, if it’s a hook for, they need this, if they want to access the thing, you know, so like when like some of the funnels I run, it’ll, it’ll sit like have an email often and then on the thank you page and it’ll say, you know, click here to get the thing and then they click it and it’s a chat Bot. So now I have them on email, I have them on retargeting, I had them on a chat Bot and guess what the Chat Bot says, go to the Facebook group. So I got four channels all in one. And now they’re super hype deck. And I can reach them anywhere. So that’s, that’s really good one as well. So that’s the funnel tip for you. So back links gotta get those going. Target market. Let’s check out how you talk about your target market. You can press back up there.
There we go. Oh and Ammas click on. Alright, there we go. Cool. So with the pin posts being the same as the main announcement. So we have agency owners group is perfect for people with an agency, hopes of starting people currently in the marketing world, all like my individuals. Awesome. So that is, is some pretty good qualifiers and any more like would you add anything else that you think that pretty well I think for, so for us maybe freelancers also we could probably have in there. But for us it’s all about who are starting an agency and an agency wanting to start an agency. That’s what baskets is all about. Awesome. So that’s pretty much a people that we’re targeting. Cool,
Good. Go. So in your, in your pin post, all that stuff, make sure your target market is clear and your content consistently. Make sure your target market is clear and the more a Dow than your group name can get. That’s your first filter. Forget attracting quality members. So if all it said was mindset by Dash Clicks, you’d get all kinds of Weirdos that wanna learn about mindset. It wouldn’t be just agents, people, marketers, mindset. We would get all kinds of marketers. Now if we say agency owners are build your agency, you’re going to get people who want to build an agency. There was one there that I liked, I’m gonna have to go back to that and find it. That was something like agency owner. So like recruiters mindset or something. The more people know whether they’re in the right place at the wrong place, the more they’ll show up and engage.
If things are too general, they don’t show up as much. And honestly I’ve hit, I’ve hit that problem with my group since my group is more general. It’s millennial entrepreneur. It’s not, you know, millennial you know, drop shippers or something like that. It’s, it’s more challenging but it’s easier to grow bigger and wider. So if you want to have it a really strong needs group, really tight community, keep those keywords tight and exclude a lot of people that will help more than it will hurt. So target market that helps. Do good to go there. I’d say we get another green interview. I’m here so you get a green.
Okay. All right. We get Greens across the board. Jump at three 33. Yes, three 33 in the chat guys, we got to shake people up. Wake you up. Hemanth to swag bag. Maybe we should do a swag bag if we really quick. Let’s do it. What’s one thing, what’s one piece of value that you can add to all of this about our group? What can we do to make marketers mindset amazing by stuff that you’re hearing so far? Dropping one thing in the chat and if I like it I’ll send you a swag bag or the one that I liked the most. I will send us swag bag to one piece of value by looking at our marketer’s mindset group. What would you change? What would you change by looking at our marketer’s mindset group? Alright, well lets you guys trigger in. We’ll continue. What I was looking for an x was storytelling. I didn’t go through and see all the posts, but storytelling is going to be one of the most key, the parts of your group guys. Once, once again I want you got to separate yourself from every other person in your space. And the best way to do that, the best way to stay memorable is by telling stories. So the better your stories can be, the more engaging that are, the more descriptive they are, the more people are going to remember you versus that other guy who never posts stories or that other guy who just posts about his business, that other guy who just posted by this dog, you know, you’ve got to mix things up. You got to tell these stories. And I’m gonna, I’m gonna tell you guys another little, little hack. I use it. Everybody should be using all the time. I call it a content sandwich. So like what’s, what’s one topic that you guys teach on how to get clients I think is like the main one.
How to get, so you could go live and you could say, here’s seven tips on how to get clients. And you could say number one, go do the WHO number three. No, no. Number seven. All right, thanks guys. Hope you enjoyed. Or what you can do is the content sandwich where you want to start it out with a mindset shift or a result. And you can put the mindset shift at the top or you can put the result at the top. So you can say, you know, most people are trying to get clients by cold emailing or doing this or doing that. But the thing is you know, that’s outdated because blank, what people should be doing instead is growing their authority through Facebook groups. Let me show you seven ways that you can get clients using Facebook groups. So you’re kind of like doing the switch of like, Oh, here’s most people’s train of thought.
Here’s why you shouldn’t be thinking like that. Well, let me introduce you to the next thing. So you have a mindset shift up front, or you have a result up front. You could say, hey, here’s a, you know, on this video, I’m gonna show you guys seven ways to get clients and make sure you stay to the end. I’m already Gheskio and I’ve, I’ve got over 1500 clients in the last two years. I’d be like, wow, okay, cool. This guy’s has guys are doing good. I better pay attention. So that’s your, that’s your hook. And then at the end you can kind of make it like moral of the story. So you can say, hey, you know, I’m already good ski. I’ve got over 1500 clients. I did this and now here’s your seven tips. And then at the end you can say, you know, I did all of this because I grew a Facebook group.
Not because I was cold emailing like everybody else. So you can twist it up. You can do it either way. But telling stories and using that content in sandwich format will make your content a lot better, more memorable and help you stand out at that helps guys type content sandwich down below. Let me, let me what you in the chat. Yep. Thank you sir. You’re so dry. What else we got? So just about wrapped up. So a lead generation brand positioning. So brand positioning that is kind of the content and say words type stuff. Where you want to make sure your, your like name-dropping your results a little bit. Letting people know, hey, you actually know what you’re doing. You, you put some numbers on the board, you’ve helped a lot of people, you’ll have happy customers. And lead generation is a really simple one, as long as you don’t overthink it.
So like I’ve tried all these different types of posts to generate leads and make sales and do all this stuff. And I found that for the most part, the shorter, the better. If you can have a really, really good lead generation posts, that’s one, two sentences, a really strong targeted question, everybody’s going to start signing off in the comments, speaking up and, and gay or everything going. So what we want to think about is the customer journey through Facebook groups and Facebook posts. So it’s not, hey, who wants to work with me? You might get some responses maybe depending on how cool you are, but what you want to do instead is, you know, try and give something away for free. This massively valuable. This is lead magnets one-on-one guys. If you can put the word out and say, Hey, I got this thing, I think you’re gonna like it.
Leave a comment. If you want it, drop a gift below if you want it. You know, drop an Emoji below, whatever it is you’re gonna start getting all these people thing, thing, thing, thing, thing, thing, thing. And it’ll boost the postop. It’ll hit more of your audience and a, you can bring them to the next step, which is getting them to actually click through, opt in and check out whatever you want them to check out. So here’s another little hack on that one too. You want to make sure to number one, like their comment number two, respond with their name. So a, you know, you reply and make sure it tags them. Number three, add the link. Number four also remind them why they’re clicking the link because a lot of people, they just, you know, drop an Emoji on something and they forget and then you come at a day later and then I don’t know what this link is.
Why is that there? You know, that’s just how people think. So you can say, hey, you know, doxy, thanks for your interest in the Facebook group guide. Here it is. Click here and like, oh yeah, okay, now I remember. So I always remind people on stuff like that as well. And you can follow up the next day too or you can say did tag and below in the comments and say, Hey, just in case you haven’t got the guide yet, here you go click that link above and you’ll be good to go. So that is how you maximize your followup on those lead gen posts. You’ll be good to go. So like what’s a, what’s one good freebie you can give away to people swagbucks swag bag and give them away all the time. Nice. Swaggy baggies, swag bags. I know we’re working on a pdf that we’re gonna start giving out [inaudible] of like 10 hacks to skyrocket your digital marketing agency or something like that.
And I know our goal of something, we’re going to do that just to share ideas with you guys, cause you guys can use the two in your groups to be open groups is essentially to do that and then tie it into a mini chat campaign where if they drop in the comment, you know, send me now or something like that. Yeah, it’ll trigger it or automatically send them the actual pdf and then there’ll be on our bucket list and then we’re going to market to you guys forever. Yes. That’s our goal. I mean killer campaign. So we’re going to do, if you guys heard that and somebody say, Hey, I got 10 cool growth hacks to help you grow your agency, he’d be like, yeah, of course. I want to see that comment. I might even do that. Brett H. A. L. Yeah. Now that I’m thinking about it, how might do it for FHL? Do it. Keep an eye out for those ads. Yes. Should we, should we film one more ad real quick? Can you get me excited? We’re doing it. We’re doing it right now. I didn’t see an ad right now. Three other ad, three 33 right? So 10 tips to skyrocket your agency without spending a dollar 50 on advertising. Let’s go FHL specific shout out FHL crowd. Ooh, are you ready?
What’s going on in funnel anchors? We may have funnel hacking live and we’re there too. But I wanted to share some awesome information with you. If you like to get our top 10 tips for scaling your agency and building funnels and getting leads and getting clients and getting high ticket clients, all you have to do is just click the link above or below. We’re going to go ahead and drop that link right in the chat. All you gotta do is come and get me now. Come and get me now. Or We will send you the pdf instantly. So go, come in now. Give me no, go.
Do it. [inaudible] I forgot the film. No, I’m just kidding guys. That’s all. We need you to his phone. Oh, he needs a phone. All you need is one of these. If he got one of these, you can make $1 million. Yup. That’s it. All right, cool. So there’s another ad pretty guys. See how simple it is. Let’s do it. So let’s see. Let’s see what else we got. We got lead generation. I want you guys, here’s another exercise for you guys, right out one, one sentence question. It would make your target market light up. So if you are, so let’s say a marketer helping generate leads, you can say, Hey who wants to see how I help this a, this doctor generate 50 leads in the last week. Obviously you’re going to get a bunch of marketers and some doctors, you know, so I’m always, always just keep brainstorming stuff like that and keep testing things like that.
Cause like I, I’d say probably, you know, I post a lot every week, a few times a day usually across the group and the personal, all that, but maybe, I don’t know, five to 10% of my posts I ended up deleting cause I tried some new angle or some new something to get people to comment or click or like whatever it was and, and then it fails. It just happens. It’s normal. So keep trying. If you mess it up, if it doesn’t work, you don’t get any engagement, try it again. That’s your homework for today. And also write that out in the comments. If you guys are, if you guys are watching this right now right in the comments, what would your question be that would make your target market say yes, I want that. Think about your lead magnet, a case study, some result you had, whatever it is.
One of the best ones I had was if I put out a training on blank topic would you be interested? Drop a comment? That was it. And that was actually how I validated the demand for my Facebook groups product before it was ever built before there was ever an opt in before there was ever an upsell where there’s ever an ounce of content. I got like 200 comments on that post. It’s crazy, right? So I was like, okay, cool. It looks like my audience wants this. You know, they see I have a good sized group going and all right, there’s some interests. Let’s let’s keep this moving. So comment below, let me know what you guys would do as your comment post and then go post it. Give it a shot. Let us know how it goes.
So last one, an easy way to generate leads. Management is all good. I see we’ve got the management in the house, you know, no, no spam yet. So I’m good to go there. That will happen a little bit later. I’m going to give you guys another hack on how you can recruit a volunteer moderators without paying them a dime and how them happy to be there. So what you want to do is you want to find those people who are hardcore supporters of you, your mission, your brand, your group, and you want to just basically as spam comes in, which it always does, especially in bigger groups, you start deleting posts and things like that or reminding people of the rules by telling them the rules and, and opposed say like, Hey, just a reminder, you know, don’t do this, this or that, you know, do this instead or else we’ll block you.
And then you also want to make a little note and say hey, by the way, I really appreciate you guys who are reporting posts. So if you guys see any of this spam, make sure to report some posts and you’re going to get those hardcore fans. You’re going to get all those people who support you and love that group. They’re going to start reporting posts. And once you start to see somebody’s reporting some posts and report posts, a couple of times, all you have to do is slide in the dms and ask them if they want to be a moderator. Nine Times out of 10, they’ll say yes. So that’s the best way to get volunteer moderators who actually care about your brand and your business. Well, I think we have like two dozen moderators in my group. And you know, with that many people, anytime something comes up, it gets dealt with pretty quickly.
So that’s a one strategy you guys can use to get volunteer moderators in like a minute. Sound good? Love it. Love it. Yeah. Are we done with this or is there anything else? A recap and then the lessons to revisit. All right, so let’s do, let’s do recap for you and lessons to revisit. So I think the recap right now, the biggest thing is, is continue the growth. You know, you already have traffic and other places, you just have to point it back to the group. The more you can do that, the more channels you can point backwards, the more you can make sure that your all of your funnels going forward. Include a link back to the group somewhere, whether it’s a Webinar and account creation, a chat Bot, whatever, and just make sure that that’s a step in them coming into your world and you can reach them on that channel. So you’ll be good to go there. I think everything else looks good. One thing I would experiment more with is creating some more of that recurring content. I’m telling some more stories and let’s see, let’s see. Just making sure you keep up the brand positioning throughout it so you don’t look like every other marketer in the world. And you did a really good job of that. So far. Nobody has dash clicks, so we can’t do that. Nobody’s got it.
We’re the only ones cause we created it. Carlos had the GoPro wave, Carlos GoPro wave wave in the GoPro. There he is. Now you Gail, put your hands down. Alright, so that does it for the audio. What did you learn? I learned a lot. I learned that I’m most likely gonna change some stuff inside of the name. I’m probably going to tweak some stuff here and add, definitely add the URL here somewhere or something. Maybe some type of clickbait or something like that I think might be a good idea. I know we just started, so we’re coming up with a whole content strategy, so to be adding more content frequently, I know drewby and Chris are going to be posting a lot. I’m gonna be posting a lot. I’m also going to make it a lot more personal too. I know I did one live video, which I think was pretty cool, which I showed them let’s go, go, go, go, go. I think I went live. It was a first day that we opened the group and I was so excited and I just want to do something [inaudible]
And I think it was, I think it was Chris Derby. Did you break my phone?
I think that was one. There you go. So I did one. I no, that was actually my live yesterday with Ryan. See that. Got that got pretty good. 133 comments, 200 views so far. Nice. So that went pretty well. This was me doing live, so like showing like behind the scenes, just getting people excited inside of the group. 31 comments, 120 views. So we’re getting some stuff happening here. We’re getting some stuff happening. I’m going to make a goal Derby, Chris, I’m making it go 1000. We’ve got to hit the 1000 number. What’s today? 16 by the 15th of next month we got 29 days or however many days that is. Now let’s go into the month into end of the month. Yeah, I believe in you. All right. End of the month. 1000 with no ads. Organic. Who else [inaudible] be, I mean shit use I or your current traffic.
We got thousands of dash looks members in four months without any ads. I think we can do a group. I think we can do it easy. Who wants to see me do it? If I don’t do it, I’m sending everybody swagged out now. Everybody’s going to email me in my hall watching you sir. Whereas this way much in the group, they’re all going to like defend the group, like exit the group feeling. Get the swag bags. All right, well we’re not too far away out. You wanna do some Q and a. Yeah, let’s do some Q and a and we’ll wrap up. Drop some questions guys. What are you, what are you doing now? We’ll get some stuff going. I go drop it and we’re gonna answer a couple of questions cause this I think went over, but we had so much shit to say that I think it was good.
So go ahead and drop in some questions guys. Me and myself and RNA or me, Arnie, we’ll answer them for you. Angel said, how old is dash clicks or clicked dash. It’s actually dash cliffs the other way around but very close. Dash clicks is actually four months, four and a half months old. Something like that. The software platform, however, the business itself that the agency that we’re all in right now, Carlos did the GoPro pro. We have a big officers goes way back with just tons of employees. Our agency itself has been open since 2009 our partner program where we’ve been out we’ve been a white labeling services for other agency owners, has been open for about four and a half years. And then the software that just sits right on top of that has been open for about four and a half months.
Alright. I think we interrupt this up because I think I’m dehydrating and guys are first and foremost. Arnie. Thank you brother. I appreciate you coming on guys. For those of you guys who are also going to be at click funnels, we’ll be at click funnels. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions for you personally. We’ll be there. We’ll be out and about. We gave you and had dinner, have drinks or make sure if you’re going there you can come see us there and we’ll see you there. It’s gonna be really exciting. Thank you guys. Once again, also another thing, if you are, if you want to go get a group photos, just go to group funnels.com right? Really simple. Go to group funnels.com and you can get that awesome software. If you’re coming on late for some reason you don’t know what it is, just go to group funnels.com you’ll check it out, watch, tell you all these little minute video and it tells you everything right there in the minute video. He sold me on it, I bought it. I’m a fan, a raging fan and I love it and already if they want to follow, I know you have a group with almost like 75,000 people. What’s that group called? Work and they find that, yeah, so the group is over at millennial entrepreneur community. You can find it over at a bit. Dot l y slash Arnie group. That’s a r n e group. If you can also
Just start just up, you’re probably already in there, so don’t worry about it. And yeah, if you guys want to learn more about Facebook groups and all that kind of stuff, you can check out groups for profit.com which is a lot more focused on the training side. Kind of like what I went through with you guys today. I have all these different hacks and things like that. We got a, a free training for you guys over there and group funnels. Got The hoodie on right here. That’s a software that helps you out. And so it’s a software and a training bundle that helps you figure out how to grow the group and a click those emails on autopilot. You’ll be good to go there. And, and like I said, if you are coming FHL funnel hacking live next week keep an eye out. We got a booth there. It’ll have a big banner that says group funnels and I want you to come over and shake my hand and let me know you saw this. And might have some cool stuff.
We’ll be like, oh my God, it’s already from best clicks live guys. I guess just to wrap it up, thank you guys. Once again, this has been episode nine for marketers mindset by dash clicks. If you’re watching this live on Facebook Hashtag live, you’re watching the replay hashtag replay. If you love it, love it. If you like it, like it engage, comment, piece out over and out. Thank you once again already for sure. It’s been a pleasure. I’ll see you on the next one.

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