Facebook Ad Strategy for a Restaurant
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 05:16 PM

Facebook Ad Strategy for a Restaurant


Restaurant marketing is relatively simple. You want a small site, and you want your Facebook ads to make a compelling offer. Hear our page-by-page recommendations for a restaurant site.


Angel asked a great question, what would we suggest as far as a restaurant’s website for the amount of pages and amount of content that they’re gonna need to actually start their website?
And so for this, you know what, what I would do is definitely go out and see what other restaurants are doing. Typically a standard website you’re looking at to be five pages at most. You know, you got the homepage, you got the about us page, you got the services page. Sometimes you’ve got the about me page. And a little bit about more about the business and even testimonials. If, if, if you know, you want to add that too. But typically a page for a restaurant isn’t going to be a thousand pages. It’s just going to be a standard five page. Right now we don’t have an instant site template for restaurants. But what you can do is you jump in our website calculator and you can actually order a five page standard website with five pieces of content, and you will get your quote that you can give to your restaurant owner and sell it for a little bit more than what we’re quoting you for. That way they can get their site and start you know, building that presence online.

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