Does DashClicks Run Ads for Gym Apparel?
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 05:06 PM

Does DashClicks Run Ads for Gym Apparel?


Gym apparel marketing is huge. This makes sense, since fitness apparel is growing at a time when many other segments of the clothing market are struggling. Learn what marketing strategies we recommend for gym apparel marketing clients.


Jake asked a great question. Does Dash licks run Facebook ads for gym apparel?
And we actually do run Facebook ads for all types of apparel brands. The, the avenue that works best for apparel and all of those different kinds of industries would be Facebook ads because it allows you to actually, you know, create a graphic or a video that they can see, you know, other people wearing the clothing as well as you can target their ideal demographics on Facebook using different interests targeting that allows us to get really niched down to who actually sees the apparel. So Facebook ads would be the avenue for that. You would just really want to set the expectation that you would get a lot better results if your client can produce some really nice videos. I’m using maybe a model or something from their brands so that other people viewing this product can actually see themselves as if they were wearing the product that you are actually promoting. So that would be the strategy that we recommend and that’s going to be giving you, that would give you the best results.

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