Did you know we have an "Upsell" mode in DashClicks? Now you Can Upsell Easily!
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 08:59 PM

Did you know we have an "Upsell" mode in DashClicks? Now you Can Upsell Easily!


Will you be using the “upsell” mode in DashClicks?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks shows off the upsell mode in DashClicks so you can easily upsell prospects and clients!


What’s up marketers. Where’s all my marketers? What is the mindset of all my marketers? What’s going on? Marketer’s mindset Saturday. How you doing? I want to show you guys something cool. All right, I’m going to show you guys a little trick, quick little tactic inside of Dash Clicks that most of you never even knew, right? So a lot of you guys are probably inside of dash links. You have your clients inside of Dash Lakes. It wouldn’t it be cool as dashboards that automatically upsell for you and you didn’t have to do anything. So this was like probably a couple of weeks in development that we created and a lot of you guys are not using this tool and it’s probably just because you don’t know how to use it. So I’m gonna show you how to use it really quick.
It’s going to be like a five, five, 10 minute quick video cam and opened up Facebook. Give me one second guys so I can make sure I can see all your stuff. So this was all done in here. X in development that we created in a second here. What’s going on everybody? Alright guys, I’m going to show this quick little video. I’m going to share my screen with you in about less than a minute and I’m going to show this awesome trick in, in dash links that if you guys have clients and nationalists, you need to be using this feature. It will make money for you. You don’t even have to do anything. It’s like the best thing in the world. Who likes to make money without not really doing anything, right? So check this out. Check this out. Okay, let me pop this bad boy open here.
It’s Saturday. Most of you guys are probably not doing anything. You’re just hanging around, right? What’s going on, Jesse? TJ Veto. Hey everybody. How’s it going? Drop a one on one if you’re with me. Drop a one oh one in the chat. If you guys are with me, I’m going to share my screen with you and show this awesome thing. Show you this awesome thing. Okay, so check this out. Look how cool this is. Share my screen, share my screen. All right. Bam. Here we go. So check this out guys. Okay. So if you’re logged in into dash legs, right? You’ll probably be logged into dashboards and then Bam, you hit the homepage. Looks Awesome, right? But over here, and I’m at my demo account guys. Okay? So obviously do this in your account. So if you have a client, right? So you have demo, which is the demo that comes with dashboard.
So you can’t really change anything that’s just, you’d like go on like test drive the whole platform. But there’s also I added, well I just added a test company in here in test company too, just to show you guys this. So check out how cool is it? So if I go to demo company, the standard settings I believe, or to basically show you everything here, right? So if you’re client law or will show you only what your client has purchased, right? So if I go to test company, so if you see that in test company, what I have purchased is SEO, right? So by default, the system show me the dashboard, right? This is what your customer is going to see, right? Obviously not all this stuff, but when they log into their account, they’re going to see a dashboard. They’re going to see the activity feed, they’re gonna see the CRM system, right?
This comes automatically generated with every any purchase of services that you make for your client. They automatically get triggered and they’re allowed to use all this stuff. And then they have their SEO, right, which is a service that they purchased and they got their company settings where they can go in there and just edit and see all their cool stuff. But guys, check this out. Did you guys know? You can just go right in here onto the company profile section and you can turn this on. It’s called upsell mode. So if I turn this on, check this out. If I turn it on, let me go ahead and reload the page here.
There it goes. Test Company sec. So what’s going to happen now guys, is now that that is on when Bobby, the painter or whoever owns his test company logs into their account, they’re going to see all of the services that dash hooks has to offer, right? But Bobby, the pain only has the CEO purchase, right? So you can see that SEO is active. But what happens if Bobby, the painter now is like, oh, what? What is this? What’s, what’s Google ads? Right? And they’re going to click on that and then Ben, look at this. The system is going to automatically upsell for you, right? So it’s going to say, hey, Bobby Reich is, Bob is going to be logged into his account. Unfortunately, the Google ads account that you have is not activated in order to activate the service, please contact your project manager and this number is going to be the number for your agency guys.
So the system is automatically going to upsell for you. So I just wanted to drop in really quick and show you this amazing tool like this happens with any service. If they go to listings, Bam. Once again, and what it’s going to do is it’s going to say in the meantime we’ve added some sample data as a placeholder so we can show you what it looks like if you did buy this service, right? So if I Click dismiss, you can see it says this service is not active, you’re viewing this data because it’s just sample data, contact your account manager for more information and then we’ll show them just sampled data, right? She’s going to show them some sample data. So hopefully that helps you guys and just want it to show you guys who thought that was pretty cool. I know a lot of you guys we get out of this, I know a lot of you guys are not really using this tool and if you have calling to the platform, you should be using this tool. She wanting to come in and drop it and just share this awesome little trick with you. And that’s pretty much it. I’m going to run guys, have an amazing day. And if you haven’t gotten to the bootcamp guys, just go to-bootcamp.com we’ve got a couple seats left for April 1st bootcamp where I’m going to jump in and I’m going to teach you how to do some crazy stuff with your agency. So I’ll see you guys later-bootcamp.com bye guys.

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