DashConnect Program from DashClicks! Get Paid now!
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 08:31 PM

DashConnect Program from DashClicks! Get Paid now!


What strategies will you use to get people to purchase DashClicks subscriptions using the DashConnect program?
Chad Kodary is joined by Gil Golan and Tommy Sela from DashClicks to discuss the DashConnect program from DashClicks and how you can get paid using the program! This is a live video recorded on the Marketers Mindset by DashClicks Facebook group!


That’s the problem with the community. Now with these, I just, I’m not sure if they’re ready. We keep dropping bomb after bomb after bomb. We’re like, we’re like it. Got that military force just dropping bombs. All right people. What’s going on? Everybody who want to talk to you a little bit about our new program called dash connect. Connect wants to make money while you sleep. Make money while you eat. I like my work your own hours. Be Your own boss. Who wants to do something like that and join a hell of a company. All right, so what we’re going to do here guys, we’re going to go over, we’re going to take some questions on our dash connect program. What a couple of people piling on. I’m actually gonna open this up. So I can see all of your guys’ questions.
We’re going to go over everything right here, right now. What’s that? You’d be excited. You gotta get the excitement up. All right, let me get this going here. Give me one sec guys. Yeah. This is going to sing a song for you guys. In the meantime, go ahead. Go and attain the audience on the side. What’s on? What’s on? I need the genre. What song do you guys want guild to sing? We’ll start off with a little song, little song singing songs, singing in strip tease by Gil Golden. What’s going on, Cole? Reagan that Josh, what’s up everybody? What’s up everybody? The problem is, here’s the main problem, okay? The main problem is so many people these days want to make money. Wait, how can you make money while making money? That’s a conundrum right there. This is, this is an issue we’re having him people. Okay, how are you going to make money while you’re making money? Okay, so we’re going to tell you guys exactly what we’re going to do for you guys right now. We launched this program, x, O, Bellini, and rhapsody. Go ahead. You know, this is your time. It’s your time to shine.
I love this, right? Hold on. Oh, come on. Go, go. [inaudible]. My mind’s going blank right now. Sorry, Matt. Apologies once again. Oh, there we go. You had it. Ooh Mean to make you cry. [inaudible] We’ll do a little Superbad in here. What’s going on guys? We’re going to let some people pile in and then we’re going to unload on everybody in here and just dropped some bombs. We’re going to do one like this bone right on top. Then we’re dropping another one over here, boom to the side and we might’ve jumped a little boom, another two just like that. Like it ain’t nothing. So what we’re going to do guys is a, we ever talk about a little bit about our dash connect program and we’re going to excite you guys. So I’m super excited about the program. I want to talk to you guys about how the idea sparked for us and how the program kind of came together.
Okay. So we have, as you guys probably already know, a huge influx and a huge demand for people that want to speak to us. For people that are signing up to the platform, we get close to a hundred new signups a day in dash clicks. So if you do the numbers, it’s pretty crazy. And it’s only going up from there and we haven’t run any ads and we’re about to start running ads and we sat, we’re like, damn guys, you know, we’re in a good situation. We’re in a good situation, in a bad situation. The good situation is we’re getting so many people interested in working with us. The bad situation is we are like a week booked out just to even speak to us over the phone. And that is an issue because we want to speak to all of you guys right now.
Right? So what are we, we opened our new business development department about what, how it is in a month and a half ago. Yes. About a month and a half ago. And our, our, our awesome or awesome friend Angel is actually in that department. That’s why he’s not here because he’s probably on a call right now. Kicking ass for you guys is doing consultations. Most of you guys have been on those calls. Went through the half hour phone call. Really it’s not a sales department. We’re not here to sell anything. Okay. What we’re here to do is show you guys how dash clerks is a good platform, show you guys who everything works, demo the platform for you, answer any questions that you have about our process, our protocol, our skill sets, like anything at all, anything that’s just lingering in your brain. You want to be able to answer those questions for you so you guys can feel comfortable working with us, obviously.
Okay, so really what our dash connect program is, it’s a way to connect other people to dash clicks, right? Think about it. There’s hundreds of people every single week that sign up to dash clicks and we don’t get a chance to speak to everybody and that’s our fault. We want to speak to every single person that signs up. That’s our goal. And you sign up the dashboards, we want to speak to you like literally within a couple of hours, right? So we thought about it where like, hey, you know what what, how are we going to fix this issue? How are we gonna fix this issue? Right? Right now we’re, we’re using currently as our booking system and counting as a shared booking system where multiple people can jump in. And we can, you know, the way to do it is you start opening up slots, right? And if we open up the more slots we open up, the faster we can speak to people.
But opening up those slots we need humans, we need people to actually go out there, be our ambassadors and work with us. Right. And said, you guys have been fantastic so far with our own services and questions getting started with you. Awesome. Megan. Thank you so much. Gavin said you’re getting like video today. Thank you brother. I don’t know what the video’s about, but let’s do it. Oh, the dash connect video. Okay, so guys, so the issue that we’re trying to solve is we have a high demand for something and we’re trying to just keep up with the demand, right? So dash connect is once again away when a new user signs up to the dashboard’s platform, they’re going to be able to schedule a call on our calendar and we need you guys when you guys to help us, right? We need people who are familiar with dash selects, who have intaked our videos, who understand the platform, who have possibly even used our services and understand how everything works on the backend.
Like those would that, that’s like our ideal audience to be able to go out and share your experience with other people who also want to use us. Right? So that’s really what dash connect is. It’s a way for every new user when they sign up to be able to speak to somebody fast. Okay. So what we actually did is we created a program, obviously it’s called dash connect and you’re going to see a little a link and I think it’s somewhere, it’s somewhere, right? Right up here somewhere, right? Guys should be there. There should be somewhere right over there. I think there is, yeah, there is. Oh look, this is right there. There’s a link right there. Okay. So I’ll just double check. Sure. So there’s a link right up here, guys. It’s right. I can almost touch it, but it’s like they can’t, I can’t, I’m like stuck.
I can’t get out of the screen. It’s like blocking me. Right? But there’s anyways, there’s a link right there guys. And this is a paid program. Okay. And you are going to be compensated for your time. You’re gonna make a lot of money and you’re gonna be able to do it while you’re sleeping. And I’ll explain to you how the program while you’re sleeping. So usually when you schedule a call with dash clicks, if you’re a brand new user, what we do is we do a 30 minute demo call with you. We go over how dash clicks works, we answer all of your questions. We help you strategize on any campaigns that you might want to do. We walk you through all of the tours on our platform, all of our educational videos. We tell you to join our group. We, we just, we’re there to hold your hand and guide you through this crazy journey of being an agency owner, right?
And those of you guys have c like I even have a security guard that I hired for dash connect, his name, his guilt. He’s standing behind me awkwardly. No jokes, no jokes. And and so it, it’s a paid program. It’s a way for you guys to be our ambassadors and help other people go through this dashboard attorney, right? So it’s, it’s being able to open up your calendar for couple hours a day, couple hours a weeks you can work at your own time. We even are, are open to the opportunity for, to have dash lakes customer service with these demo calls in dash connect run 24, seven. Right? So even if you’re like in Australia and you’re not in our time, so guess what? We have tons of users in Australia that want to speak to you guys on their time zone, right?
Same thing when people like in the United Kingdom, people in Canada, people like anywhere in China. But like our dash is worldwide. We have a worldwide user base, right? So anywhere you are in this world, you can join the dash connect program and be our ambassadors, be there to help people and be there to guide people in the, in the dry and the right direction and make them successful. Okay guys. So I think what’s really cool about the program is the fact that when you do this 30 minute phone call at the end of the phone call, you can actually give that person a 20% off coupon code, right. And that 20% off coupon code allows them to go out and make their first purchase with dash clicks. Whether they’re a brand new agency and they want to buy an agency website, whether they want to buy one of our courses whether they want to go in there and buy some Facebook ads for their clients or Google ads or a website or whatever it is, join the insights tool that’s coming out, like anything that they want to do, they’ll be able to take that 20% off and apply it to their, to their cart, checkout for a full checkout so they can add like 50 things to the cart and then use that 20% off code and checkout and it’ll give them 20% off everything.
Right. And you guys are going to be the ones who do that. So it’s kind of like, have you ever went on a website and you’re like, so like you’re ready to buy, you’re like, you’re in the buying stage. And then it’s like, okay, like you ever did that. You never like go home and you Google a coupon, you see if you can get a coupon code for light, you get to the checkout page and it says insert coupon code. You’re like, damn, like I’m about to check out and it’s like a $1,500 over, I wish I had a coupon code for this to save money. Right? How many times have you guys done that? Well, you guys are going to be that savior. You guys are going to be the people to go out there and give them their coupon code. So not only are you helping them run their agency, you’re giving them this insightful information, you’re showing them how dash clicks works.
Not only you’re doing that, but you’re also giving them money back that they can use, right? You’re giving them that coupon code or just something that they’re looking for, right? So right now we’ve been running this dash connect program with just angel. He’s been kind of building the whole department out. He’s doing a killer job and he, he’s created, in my opinion, something insane for you guys. Like a whole training course on how this dash connect program works with videos and tutorials. And he’s going to be personally working with all of you guys who are in the dash connect program one-on-one making you guys better. Like giving you guys insights, giving you guys like first access to all of our crazy tools and features that we’re going to be launching because you guys are going to be kind of like in the back end working with us to help us grow dash clicks and help us grow our user base in our community.
And at the end of the day, our company in your pockets, right? We know that you’re going to work hard for us, so we want to be able to compensate you, right? So that coupon code that you guys give out, and once again, this whole thing is automated. After the call, you just click a button and automatically activates a coupon code in their account. For those of you guys who have been on phone calls with us, you know how it works, you’ll see a red bar at the top. When you log into your dash leads account with a coupon code, it’s a 20% off coupon code that lasts for 14 days. And then after the 14 days, on 15 days, it transfers over to a 10% coupon code for life that you can use whenever you want to use it, okay. It’ll just always be there. And then we put you on a whole email campaign, which sends you the email with all the coupon codes and post phone call information, all that cool stuff, right?
So all you gotta do, just go on, just click a button once you’re done with a phone call and our system will go out there and do all of that stuff, right? And the cool part about it is, I’m right. Instead, every time I do the Google’s coupon codes, they never work, right? I know that happens all the time. So the cool part is about the program is you’re going to be the ones who want for one, giving the coupon codes out and that coupon code acts as our tracking system, right? So once you press that button, that coupon code that gets assigned to agency ABC automatically tracks back to you and you get a commission when ABC makes their first purchase with dashboards. Okay. Now our, we’re still working on our commission structures. It’s going to be a wildly hefty commission because at this point we’re not looking to make money.
We just want to grow the company, grow the brand, right? And we need, we know we need good people to join us and dock us up and help us out. So like we’re going to be giving a very generous commission. Like I can say one thing, like you’ll probably make more money working one day a week with Das Felix and you’ll make it your nine to five job or maybe even at your agency to be completely honest with some of you guys, right? So once again, there’s a link right up there and you just gotta sign up, fill out that application. Now some of you guys, we’ve already got, I think about 30 people who filled out the application. We sent out an invite yesterday by email and an in app message. And then we had some many chat blasts going off today. We already had about 30 people that sent in their resume were probably expecting about 150 people over the course of the next week to go out and apply for the program.
Obviously we’re not going to hire 150 people guys because the demand has to meet that. However, once we start running ads and once we start getting more and more booking appointments per day, we’re going to need more people to join that program. So that program is going to be consistently growing on a day to day basis, right? So if you haven’t applied, I highly recommend like don’t just go and click the link and just write some crap and then try to join, join the program. Right? We’re probably gonna look at your resume and not even, not even just think twice and just go to the next one, right? We’re looking for people who are standing out. We’re looking for people who want to help other people. That’s a dashboard’s model, right? We want to help other people, right? So if you’re not in the environment where you want to help other people, the dash connect program is just not for you, okay?
If you’re not in the environment where, and you’re not in the mindset where you want to learn and be an educate yourself on everything that [inaudible] has to offer and work with a team and be part of this awesome program, this program is not for you. If that’s, if that’s not the mindset that you’re in, okay? If you’re in the mindset that you think you’re going to become a millionaire overnight, this program is also not for you guys. This program is, can be done in a couple of different ways. The first way is maybe you have your agency or you have a nine to five job and you’re looking to supplement some income on the side. Make a couple extra hundred bucks a week, maybe add, you know, open up three or four hours a day on your calendar. Maybe take on some weekend hours, right? And you can completely customize your schedule and that’s the cool part about this program, right?
Because on our end, we’re just looking to open up slots on our calendar because we know that we’re going to fill them up, right? So the core part of the program is you can just go in there and open up some hours on your calendar, set a schedule with your, you’re a team manager, which is going to be angel and angel will schedule you into the program and your calendar will start filling up and you just take those consultation calls. They’re all gonna be done through zoom. So you don’t need a phone, you just need a computer. It needs to be in a quiet area. So you can do that 30 minutes a demo. And Angel obviously has tons of guides and trainings and structures and he’s creating a whole video course just on dash connect for the people who want to join the program, like a whole training course on everything.
Okay? So that’s the first type of person that this can be for the person that is working a nine to five, maybe as a full time job, whatever the case is, wants to add an extra couple hundred bucks a week to their payroll, right? Or to their, to their pocket, right? The next person that this might be for is somebody who’s literally just looking for a job. Somebody who is looking to work eight hours, 10 hours a day and wants to make a lot of money, make maybe make a couple thousand bucks a weeks. Who knows? Right? and it really depends on you, right? So if that’s you, then this program is perfect for you two guys. Okay? So all you really have to do, or Reagan said, I’m ordering my lambo a tomorrow, but in all seriousness, this idea’s awesome. We’ll be applying yet.
So what I recommend you guys do, and that’s just a mindset of the couple that, you know, you can work a couple hours a day, you can work full time, you can work whatever it is. Now keep in mind guys we’re gonna have a lot of people that our industry to this program as you can see the excitement already and in the comments that’s going on. And we already have about 30 people that registered late last night when we send off the emails and they’re, they, they keep registering throughout the day, right? So probably by early next week, what’s going to happen or even late this week or maybe on the weekend our team, which is myself, Angel, Tommy Gill, we’re going to be actually reviewing every single one of your resumes that come in. Now there’s one question on that resume that is probably the most important question and I’ll let you guys know what that is right now because that’s what we’re looking for.
It’s a place for you to drop in and record and drop in a link to a youtube video recording 92nd video telling us why you would be a perfect fit to work with dash legs and work with them. The dash connect program, it’s a 92nd. You can just literally like most of you guys are like, Oh my God, Chad, it’s crazy. Now I got to start shooting videos during this program. No, like all you gotta do is use without your phone and just record a quick video for 90 seconds. And all of you guys have smartphones. We’re in 2019 literally directly, directly from your smart phone. You can just upload it straight to youtube. It takes about three minutes and youtube will give you the video link. You just copy that link and just add it in here and you’re done. So the whole process will take like five minutes Max.
Right? And the reason why we want the video, and I’ll tell you the specific reason why then, because if you can imagine we’re going to be going through about 150 maybe 200 of these resumes, it’s going to be insane for us to actually get to know who you are without physically seeing you, hearing you like. We want to be able to connect with you. And obviously video, as you guys can see is the best way to connect with somebody, right? So for us, it’s really important that you actually go out and you do that video. It’s, it’s really, really important. Okay. CanNot stress that enough guys. So that will like skyrocket in fact like, I don’t even think you can fill out the form without putting a link there. So if you go through the whole form and then you fill it out and you drop in something like, I don’t feel comfortable doing a video, we’re not even gonna look at your resume and most likely there’s a delete button in Google forms.
We’ll just delete the button, we’ll delete your resume. We’ll just continue off. Okay. So guys, this program is amazing. It’s free guys to go out, be able to make some money, supplement money, and have a full time job. You know, at the end of the day, the way that we’re looking at it is we’re, we’re creating jobs for people, which for us is amazing. It’s helping our company grow. It’s helping us get the dash clicks and awareness out. So it’s helping us as a company grow, it’s helping you guys make money and it’s also helping the people that you’re speaking to build and skyrocket their agency by using the dashboards platform, understanding how everything works. So it’s like it’s a win, win, win for everybody, right? So this program in my eyes is probably one of the best programs that we’ve launched to date. And we’re super excited about it and we’re going to start scaling this program out to, hopefully we have 50 or a hundred people on our team, maybe even more than that. We don’t know where the world will take us, but it’s just something that we’re super eager about and we’re super ready to roll. Now guys, most of you guys are on this. Can you guys just drop a a a one 55 in the chat? Really quick job one five five in the chat really quick. If you guys are going to sign up for this program and register for it using that link above, drop a one five five and just want to see the type of engagement that we’re getting.
One five, five in the chat. There we go. One five, five one five, five one five five beautiful lights. So a lot of you guys. All right, so that registration is going to fill up quickly. Okay. that’s a crap. I was told to make a 62nd video. That’s fine. I think what we change it to a 92nd video, but it’s okay if you submitted your video, you’re good. Trust me, if you got everything out to see you got what you had the same 60 seconds, you’re perfectly fine. So guys like I said, I’m super stoked about the program. We are going to start hiring coming May 1st, which is like in like a week. Okay. So make sure if you haven’t registered you just click that link above. There’s a link right up there. Like literally right up there. It’s a blue link.
It’s right. It’s super close to us. Gosh, I wish I could just grab it and give it to you, but I can’t because there’s like this box thing that’s holding me back. But anyways, it’s, it’s right up there. So you just, you again, just click on the link and you’ll be good to go. Okay. So just click on the link. And and that’s it. That’s all you gotta do. So that’s pretty much it guys. I’m super excited to just tell you about the program. If you have any questions, please hold your questions first. Most of you guys want to chat. What’s the commission structure? How much money am I gonna make? We’re still working on that. We’re working on the Morgan’s and you know, at this point, we don’t care to even break even on orders. We just want to build a platform and build a community.
So we’re going to be giving out a very generous commission structure and while you guys to be able to make a lot of money, support your families, if you’re dedicating time to working with us. So once again, guys, if you’re just interested in the program, forget about like the commission and all the money right now. Don’t be greedy. Think about like helping other people. Those are the people that we’re looking for. So if you think about that, the compensation will always come. I preach it, I live it, like give value first and then you will be successful and you will make the money. Do not be greedy and take, take, take what they don’t worry about that. I promise you with bringing value, always come success. So if you’re interested in the dash connect program, once again, just click that link above.
All you gotta do is just register. It’ll probably take you like five or 10 minutes to register and go through the whole registration process. And within a couple of days if it’s something that we are interested in, you’re a good fit, we’ll reach out to you. If for some reason we don’t reach out to you in the next like, week or two, probably just means you’re going to get fit for the program. Don’t take it in a bad way. We’re just looking for a very specific group of people who are going to give, be able to go out there and motivate other people and you know, build out culture, which is really what we want to do at Daschle. It’s okay. So I’m super, super excited guys. Once again, that link is right up there. It’s right up there. I’m going to do, just click it. That’s it. That could be your future. Okay guys, just go ahead and click that link. I’m registered to join the dash connect program and I will see you guys hopefully inside of the program. Have a good one.

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