DashClicks' New Store for all your Digital Marketing Fulfillment Needs!
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 09:01 PM

DashClicks' New Store for all your Digital Marketing Fulfillment Needs!


Which DashClicks’ new store product(s) will you be pushing to sell the most?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks shows off DashClicks’ new store that you can use to fulfill all your clients’ digital marketing needs!


Who’s ready for some new updates inside of dash clicks. Who wants to see this crazy feature that Carlos calls? Can we hit the GoPro really quick? Carlos, put your hand up. Show them where you are. Carlos, who wants to see this crazy feature? A step into the camera. Step into that Candler Carlos who hasn’t seen our lead developer who also see our lead developer. What’s going on? Carlos has coded something special for all of you out there. We are. Our goal here, a dash clicks is to make your life super easy. Okay? So our goal is to make your life super easy. Okay, so we coded something crazy, something insane. It’s the platform who wants to see what it is? Does anything look a little different right around here? Do you guys, let’s see, you can catch it. Anything in the store. We finally launched our store guys and it is live right now.
You can literally log into the dashboard. Okay. And I’m going to show you guys how to use it and what it looks like. So check this shit out. Okay. Store billing. Yes guys. Tons of really cool stuff. So you can literally log into dash likes guys and flip through tons of different services. Okay. We have our popular services. Okay. And our most popular services. Just for most of you guys case, you want to know what our top sellers is, it’s SEO, it’s Facebook and Instagram ads is Google and bing ads and funnel building. Those are our top four services that we sell the most of that agencies are pushing. Okay? You can literally go into Facebook ads, okay? And you can literally check out every single package. You can literally see exactly what’s included in the setup, what’s included in the monthly, what the key features are.
You can even compare plans. You can see what every single plan includes. You can download the resources. Holy Shit. You can download pricing guides on boarding dot guides, case studies. You can get all the general FAQ that all of you guys had been asking me for months. We went answering the questions a little. Did you know we’ve been tagging these questions inside of Intercom and we’ve been saving them and we’ve answered all of them right here inside the platform. Okay, so not only that, you can literally go in here, you can check out funnel building. We’ve got two different types of funnel building. You can check out SEO. We’ve got four different types of SEO. You can check out Google ads, social media, posting listings manager. Look at this. Content marketing, content creation, call tracking, everything guys, okay. Now let’s say I wanted to purchase, who is ready to make a purchase with me? Okay guys, if you’re ready to make a purchase, press one please. Facebook, who wants to buy some Facebook ads?
I’m going to do some crazy first. I need to do something crazy first. I need everybody to, if you’re on a computer, open up a new tab. If you have a pen and pen handy, get your pen or write this down. I’m going to give you something crazy, okay? Check this out guys. You can actually go into the store and you can literally check out everything. Okay. So let’s say I want to go right now and I want to actually buy Facebook ads for one of my customers and buy a funnel for them. Okay? So you know what? I’m going to go here and I’m actually going to compare points. Okay? I’m going to compare the plains and let’s see. Hmm? Do I want to buy this? Maybe not. Maybe I want to buy the plus plan. Maybe I want to buy the premium plan. Screw it. I’ll just buy this crime. Okay? And I’m going to go in and I’m gonna create a new company. All right? And I’m going to go in here and I’m gonna call it my cool company. Okay? And I’m just going to put [email protected] rates. Okay? And I’m going to add that to the court. Awesome. Now I have that inside of the court. So I have my Facebook ads and you know what, who not true? I want, yeah, actually I’ll add that.
Let me start over. Add this to the car, drop it into a pending company. My cool company added to the cart. Boom. I got one in the car. Now, for most of you guys, we’re running Facebook, Facebook ads, who gets funnels with Facebook ads? Drop a one into the chat if you’re getting funnels with your Facebook ads, if you’re doing lead Gen and you’re do not have a funnel, what are you doing in life? Okay, we need to get a funnel. So let’s go here. Okay, I’m going to get a two step funnel because that’s really all I need. Okay? And I’m going to go in here. I’m going to click pending companies. Since I already just added something and I see it right here, it says my cool company. I’m going to add that to the court. I’m going to view my court.
Who Remembers that code? I get you guys. Can you guys drop that code back in from before?
Who remembers that code? Who Remembers that code? 40 FP. 40 FP, 40 FP guys. How would you like it if dash clicks ran a Facebook campaign for your agency to get you clients and then we service your clients so you don’t have to deal with your clients and you can just go out and you can get more clients and then you can do the same thing and bring them back in and out. Who wants that drop and run? If you want that, I’m doing something for you guys who showed up on this webinar. Okay? If you want dash clicks to do this for you, and we’ve done this for our agency, we do this for hundreds of other agencies across the world, okay? If you want us to run a campaign for you, I want you to follow these steps, okay? And it’s only going to be available I believe until tonight and the coupon ends.
Okay? I think it’s tonight or tomorrow night. Maybe we’ll let it extend for one more day. I’ll ask Carlos when he gets in here. Once you add, now you have to add a Facebook is when you’re running a lead gen campaign for your agency. You need a Facebook campaign and you need to go and you need to get a funnel build Facebook campaign in a funnel built. Okay? Then you go in here. The total is usually $1,348 that’s for a Facebook ad campaign, which is four 99 monthly, $350 setup fee, and you’ll see right here, the funnel building is a one time set up fee of $499 let’s proceed to checkout.
I get my total here. Holy Shit. What is that guys? You can now control all of your billing inside of dash place, so you can literally use a pending card that you have on file with us or as a default payment method. You can update your payment method. You can check your billing, you can check your invoices, you can check your active subscriptions, you can cancel subscriptions, you can do everything right inside the platform. Guys, who thinks this is freaking crazy? Drop a one if you think this is crazy, guys, this is what you need. Okay, going here, what is that code again, guys? 40 FB, right? I’m going to go in and apply that code.
It’s going to knock this off for you right now. The code is already active inside of the dashboard. Okay, so instead of paying 1350 for all this cool stuff that we’re going to do for you, who wants to just pay $800 drop a three if you’re going to take advantage of this tonight guys, screw it. I’m just going to check out for you and show you what it looks like. Who else has seen me check out and see what the confirmation page and everything else looks like, right? You guys want to see that? Alright guys, let’s check out. So then you can literally use an existing card that you have on file. For those of you guys who don’t have the card on file, you can literally add a new corn to the actual platform. You just fill it all out here and you click place order to save time. I’m gonna use an existing demo card that we have on file. It’s going to go ahead and it’s going to process your order on the spot, no room order confirmation complete, and it’s going to give you a summary of your order as well and you’re going to see a little happy guy on the right hand side. Okay, so it’s that easy to place an order. Now with Dash Clicks, okay, it’s that easy.
Somebody said, can we delay the start of it? Yes, if you purchase it now you can delay the start of it. If you want to get the discount, that’s not a problem. Then you just go to back to store and shop again guys. Okay, so now this is our billing section. Know that’s our store section,
Now we’re going to go to our billing section and inside of the billing section. Now there’s nothing in here just cause it’s a demo account, but essentially you’re going to see all of your invoices populate into here, okay? You’re going to see all of your active subscriptions populate into here. You can see the one from my cool company, right? All of your subscriptions and everything will be activated right in here. So let’s go back. I’m going to go back and do this one more time. I’m going to purchase something else. I’m going to purchase SEL, okay, and I’m going to purchase it on an existing company that I’ve already added, right? So if you have the customer’s already inside the dashboard, you can literally, this is how easy it is to just go add to cart view cart, proceed to checkout already have not caught on file, great place order.
That’s how easy it is to add a customer into dashboard. Now order confirmed. How cool is that guys? How cool is this guys? This is how quick it is to add a new customer into, Gosh what says, and once you guys add added, add this ordering to dash clicks, it automatically sends out a notification to our team and all of us, whether you’re ordering SEO, recording Facebook, you’re ordering clickfunnels, you’re ordering ads, you’re already Google ads. You call tracking content directories, social media posting, website design. Anything that you guys were ordering or team will automatically start working on it. The second we get this order process button because this sends a notification out to our entire team and tasks automatically gets shot out and we start working right away. How cool is that right?
It’s a store available to our customers as well. No, the store is not available to your customers. I’ll actually gonna walk you through what it looks like as a customer. Would you guys want to see that? They want to see that. All right, let’s do it. I’ll walk you guys through that too. The storage should be up in the next five to 10 minutes. Call actually just left the room to fix it for you guys. They should be hopping back. Get back in here in a minute or two. Okay, so I’m a just stay out here with me live guys. The second that that story goes live, I’ll notify you guys. Also guys, I’m going to be giving away some freebies at the end of this. If you want some swag bags and stuff like that, stay on. We’ve got a couple more minutes. I’m going to let you guys up with a little bit more fire. Okay. So this is what the news store, what the new billing center looks like. So if I swing back over to doing center and if I go to, let’s see, subscriptions,
So eventually those all populate. It takes a bit of time. Those are all populated inside the dashboard. And then automatically what happens is the second that you add the company, you purchase the service, it automatically activated inside of the account. So it’s already inside of the account and you can see in here whatever you purchased is already activated in the system. So this is going to streamline everything for you guys. As much as you guys love speaking to me, I know you guys have, speak me when he placed orders out. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to, you can literally just place an order by yourself in the comfort of your home and do it quickly, swiftly and just keep on moving to the next thing. Okay guys. So I’m going to show you guys really quickly, a client dashboard. Let’s roll through really quick and then we’ll do some final Q & A.
Boom. Alright guys. So this is what it looks like when a client signs up when a client signs into dash clicks. Okay? So as you can see up at the top, they don’t see all of your companies. They would only see the company that you assigned them to right now all I did guys is assigned a client account to dash clicks. Okay? So if you want inside of your actual account, you just go to dash clicks. Here, I’ll show you guys how to do it really quick. So you just go to your actual oak. Yup. So you go up top. If you enter you know, a lot of people ask me, hey, how do I add a potential client? I’ve got a potential client. And they want to see the dashboard, the ones see what it’s going to look like. So you can actually do that inside of dash quick.
Guys for one, makes sure your dashboards dashboard is completely branded. You can go in and change your logo, change your custom domain name. You just go to Brittany, swap out all of your Rhogam, go over here and go to custom domain name change your actual custom domain guys. Okay? Create a custom domain. It takes like five minutes to do. Okay? Go in there, go click custom domain add in your custom domain. So once you add clients to the dashboard, the whole thing is already white labeled for you guys. Okay? Got a call, right? Awesome guys. So yeah, once you do that, once you add the client in all you really gotta do is go over here and you click manage users and you can go over here and you can click add new user and you just fill this out and all the way at the bottom you’ll see to select role.
You just add them as a client and then you select a company user and you add them to whatever company that you want and you click add user. Okay. Once you guys do that, you can just give the client the access that you created to their account, shoot them over an email with the username and password that you created. And this is what they’ll see. Obviously there’ll be all of your branding. It’ll be your actual, a custom domain name. Everything will be fully white label for you guys. Okay? And they’ll see their dashboard and they’ll see your demo of everything that’s included, right? They can literally go into the activity feed. They can see everything that’s happening on their actual account. They can go to the CRM system, they can go in here and they can populate all of the leads. Guys, think about this when you’re on a sales call, okay?
Think about this. When you have your call center, you doing your Facebook ads and you’re generating traffic and you’re doing one on one with these guys, and you do a join.me session, or you do a zoom session and you get these guys all pumped up and then you show them this, you drop this on them and you say, Hey, not only am I going to get you leads, but I’m going to be so transparent with you. I’m going to show you how I find the leads, how I’m getting you the leads, the metrics for the campaigns that I’m running and this is all in real time. I’m going to populate, organize all the leads inside of the dashboard for you. You’re literally going to see every single move that we make in the activity feed. Every time we make a move on your account, you’re going to see every phone call that comes in. You’re going to be able to listen to the call recordings. Wouldn’t it be cool if you can just show them that right? Dropping them on. If you think that, that’s cool. Literally guys, check this out, man. You can show them all the leads. You can show them the details of all the leads inside of their platform. They can actually click over. They can leave notes on the account. They can say that this was a client. This guy became a client. Click Steve. Come on.
All right. It’s loading up there we go. Saved. Okay. I figure I’m going to demo company, but then you go over here and you go to overtime. You show them the lead breakdown over time. Look at this guys. You can see the lead breakdown and flow over time. The day the, the, the, the way that they’re getting the leads, like everything is just so organized. The actual customers see a breakdown of all of the actual customers. You can see the client journey of how the customers actually found them. Okay, well if somebody do an SEO with you guys, SEO for us is like our number one seller who’s selling SEO right now. Guys, SEO is amazing. If you’re not selling SEO, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. SEO is like the shit we scaled our whole agency selling SEO. So do sell SEL please.
Okay. Wouldn’t it be clear that they can log in and just see all of the keywords that we’re trying to rank for the pages that they’re ranking for? They can get a complete date range of, you know, 30 day spread of how their leads are. Maybe the the change between the last 90 days. You can see a spread over here all the way on the top right hand side, top level KPIs and metrics. What about for somebody who’s running Google ads? We have a full integration with Google ads where the client can actually log in and this is what they see, guys, this is what they see. They can actually see their Google ads running. They can see all of the ad groups that campaigns, the ads that are actually running the keywords that we’re running for the cost per conversion, the clicks, average CP or average CPC, total conversions, literally impressions. They can see everything. Same thing for Facebook ads, guys for Facebook ads, they can see everything. Look at this top level KPIs, okay? How many leads you’re getting, what your CPA is, what your impressions are, frequency link clicks, ad spend. Literally everything. Google analytics, Google analytics, split up by the total people that are visiting your split up by multiple different metrics on mobile, tablet and desktop listings. Guys, how important is local listings? Guys, look at this.
Google. Look in this Google views. Let me go pull the last 30 days for you guys. I love the actual listings that are happening inside of the account. Guys. Who’s ever served listings? Have you ever saw? Yeah. Local listing, Dan? Yes. Local listings is for USA only.
Our website builder, our calls, you can actually track and see all of the phone calls, listen to all the recordings of the phone calls, Kaizen. Everything is completely white labeled. So this is what your client sees when they actually log into the platform. Okay, so who’s pumped up about all this?

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