DashClicks Affiliate Center
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 08:54 PM

DashClicks Affiliate Center


Are you looking to make money using the DashClicks Affiliate program?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks walks you through how to use the DashClicks affiliate center so you can start making money today! It’s super simple!


Hey, what’s going on? It’s Chad and I am so excited to show you how our affiliate center works, but you know what I was thinking about and I was like, let me just, instead of sitting here talking about it, let me actually show you how it works. So let’s jump into my computer. I’m going to share my screen with you. Let’s go what’s going on? Dash cutters. I’m gonna give you guys a quick tutorial of our affiliate center, so on, why don’t you guys see how awesome this is and how you can make money so quickly by literally just sharing a link to what I think is the best dashboard in the world, right? So I’m going to show you guys how easy it is and how the whole thing works and what all these crazy metrics mean in what everything. What actually happens when you make money, right?
I’m going to share everything with you guys. So check this out. So for those of you guys who are obviously on this page, the first thing that you’ll see is this right here, which basically says welcome to your affiliate center. And then it gives you your actual affiliates link. So I’m going to talk about this really quick. So how does this work? What does this affiliate link do? Right? So essentially if you’re a dashclicks user, every Dashclicks user is actually automatically an affiliate of dashboards. And what you can do is you can take that link and you can share that with other people, other agency owners or other freelancers or lead designers or anybody who’s in the space. And you can just say, hey, sign up to this awesome platform. It’s called dash accolades. There’s a bunch of free videos in there. You can go in there and sign up and get your forever free account, get tons of access.
You can get live marketing support from marketing Ninjas in the live chat. You can schedule a call with an awesome person to do like agency consultation with you. Like everything is free, right? You just go over here. And also if you need a white label, anything all of the, all the white label services are on the platform, you can purchase services from there. There’s tons of cool agency tools, right? Like, so that’s how I like get people into the dashboard and it’s so easy to use. So all you gotta do is literally just click this button. The link will be copied to the clipboard and then you can share that with anybody that you’d like. Now I’d seen a lot of people do some cool stuff with this, like I’ve seen people create like a Bentley out of it. So if you want to go like B, I t.
If you want to shorten the link so it doesn’t look like an affiliate link, you can do that and you can shorten the link out and then share the bitly link if you want. And you can share it in email bias. I’ve seen people create youtube videos on the platform on how dashboards works, and then they drop in their affiliate link in the description section. I’ve seen people do email blasts or their entire email list, like I’ve seen tons of really cool. So I’ve seen people run Facebook ads getting people to sign up for dash looks as they’re making more money on the affiliate side versus the ad spend. Like two, there’s a lot of really cool stuff that you can do with this guys. Okay. So I’m going to go through the dashboard really quick. I’m going to show you how the whole program works.
It’s very important that you watch this video so you understand how to create your account. You understand what all the metrics means. Like I want you guys to be able to understand everything from a to Z. Okay? So first and foremost, if you’re watching this right now, I’m currently, our affiliate program is available to everybody in the world, but the payouts are available to 12 countries. What’s your right? All right here, right. And those those countries right now are currently going to be paid out via stripe connect, which can go right here. You can create your account and then you can actually be paid through stripe connect, which is like a direct deposit which is going to go straight into your debit account or your a bank account. And I’m going to show you guys how to create that. It takes two seconds.
Hey, so in order to create your pay system, which is stripe connect, you just gotta Click this green button that says create account. So I’m going to go ahead and click create account and then it’s going to take you to this next page. It’s going to ask you for your mobile phone number and your email. So I’m just going to put a random email and phone number here just so I can get past this and show you guys what it looks like. All right, so in this screen, it’s basically going to send you a text message to verify your phone number. So once you get that text message, you just drop in the confirmation number that it sends you. So I’m going to go in and drop in the confirmation number and then Bam it’s going to bring you here.
So for here, really just filling out your information. It’s just putting your business information here. Putting all of your information in here, right? And then over here it’s where are we sending your actual money to? Are we sending it to a debit card? Are we sending it to a bank account? So you have the option to choose either or. In this case, I mostly would put like a bank account in here so you can get like a, just a quick transaction going straight into your bank. That’s just my preference. But once again, you can use a either or. Then, so if you’re using your bank, you just put your routing number, your account number, and then you confirm your account number again and you click create an account and that’s it. And then you’re just gonna get to the next page where it says, let me show you your payouts, which obviously you’re not going to be paid yet if you’re creating this.
So you know, that’ll, that’ll come soon. Now once again guys, this is all done through stripe. So you can see right here, I’m not on Dash Clicks, I’m in stripes. So this is a very secure payment gateway. This is all handled by stripe. Stripe is the biggest merchants. You guys don’t have to worry about putting a sensitive information in here. This is a completely secure system. Okay guys. So this is basically how we, we’re sending guys those payouts. If you’re inside of those 12 countries that are listed on the affiliate dashboard homepage if you’re any, if you’re outside of these 12 countries, guys, don’t worry, you can still, you can still share your link with everybody. You’re still on our affiliate program. The payouts for that will be done via paypal and that’s coming in just a couple of weeks. Our team is working on v two of our affiliate dashboard already.
So there’ll be an option for you to actually select paypal as your checkout or as your payment gateway for us to be able to pay you. So if you scroll down right here, I can see a couple of cool things. First thing you’ll see here is probably a picture of yourself. You’ll see your name, you’ll see your unique affiliate id. And by the way, guys case that I mentioned before, this is a unique affiliate link. So everybody’s affiliate link will have different numbers at the end of it. This will be your unique code, so don’t worry, it’s not the same as everybody else’s. So let’s scroll back down and you can see here on the warning. So lifetime journey is essentially the total amount of commissions you’ve earned to date. So as you start becoming an affiliate, let’s say you fast forward six months from today this is basically going to show you how much actual earnings you’ve actually gained with dashboards.
Affiliate program here, you’re going to see commissions breakdown, you’re going to see the last month of total commissions, right? And then here you’re going to see the pending commissions. So for any reason we haven’t paid you, maybe you haven’t set up your account yet or whatever the case may be and you haven’t been paid, don’t worry. That’s all going to be stored and tracked right here in pending commissions. Then if you’d see a pretty quick snapshot of what kind of your metrics and your commissions look like, so you’ll see today how would you been paid today or how much you earned today, sorry how much you earn in the last seven days and how much you’ve earned in the last 30 days. And then over here, it’s almost like a little calendar where you’ll see a seven day stretch of exactly on a pretty much on a daily basis of what you’re earning.
So you can see on Wednesday, March 27th as an example, I earned $152 and 30 30 cents a USD in affiliate commissions. This is actually how much I earned. That’s coming into my pocket, right? So what’s cool about this is this is the money that you can earn without pretty much doing anything. That’s like the beauty of an affiliate program, right? And within dash [inaudible] affiliate program, like I said, guys, it’s third. They’re not. They’re signing up to a free account and then we’re going to work and do our magic to be able to, to call them and consult them and make sure that they’re a good fit for dash flags and explain to them how the whole program works. And then from there they can make purchases and you can get paid, right? So that’s pretty much a seven day stretch. These are our benefits of our affiliate programs.
Over here, we have client lifetime payouts. So this basically means anybody who signs up, you’re using your link we actually pay you guys for life. This is not like I’m just maybe the first time purchase or something. We pay you guys for life. And a lot of the services, like I said, that we have our recurring based services. These are services that people pay us monthly for. So that means as agencies are signing on their clients you’re just going to continuously get a B getting paid literally, probably daily. If you’re really active in sharing your link. And not only that, I want you to think about like the trickle effect of how this works. I client liked pails. Think about this really quick because think about you signing up a hundred agencies under your affiliate link. Those hundred agencies are now going to start signing up their clients and that might be five clients or 10 clients.
So this is going to start stacking really, really fast. Okay guys. Then we also have a lifetime cookie for affiliates. So I’m gonna explain to you how this works to make sure that you’re not confused. So this basically means if somebody clicks on your affiliate link, aim doesn’t sign up, but then they come back without clicking your affiliate link. Let’s say they come back to the website, they find one of our ads on Facebook or anything like that. They come back a week or three months later or a year later. If they come back and they register, you still get the credit for even just sharing that link with them and them clicking on that link one time. Now also keep in mind guys at the last link wins the last click on the link wins, which basically means if you share your link with somebody and a, they don’t sign up, they leave the page without signing up and then they click on somebody else’s affiliate link and then they sign up.
That link actually gets your credit for it. So just be very cautious. So you wanna make sure you get these guys to sign up asap. Another thing is our actual commission payout. So we pay out 5% commission and this is recurring on any service that anybody buys from the store. Okay guys. So this is our agency tools that we’ve launched. This is any of our white label fulfillment services that we’re going to be launching. So anything that they buy from the store, you guys get 5% commission for life. So pretty quick example, if somebody purchased something, and let’s say this service is $1,000 a month, you guys get $50 a month on a recurring basis every single month until they stop paying us for until that person cancels their subscription. Okay? Payouts are released on a first and 15th of every month. So once you guys set up your account here, and I’ll show you guys how to do that you actually get paid on the first and on the 15th of every single month you’re going to get a direct deposit that’s going to go into your strike connect account.
And then usually it takes about 24 hours for, for stripe connect to take it out of your strike connect account and just drop it into your bank account, right? So we basically pay out essentially almost every two weeks, right? Depending on what the date falls on. And once again, that’s into your bank account or into your debit card. So either or you can hook up either or, and I’m going to show you guys how to do that in a second. The next thing is payouts are obviously done in direct deposits via stripe connect, which is something that we just spoke about. So it’s a secure payment. We don’t store your bank information, we don’t store your debit card information. I’m sure you guys might’ve heard of stripe. They’re the biggest merchant in the world. We use them and we had their API into our platform.
And all of your financial information and your information that you’re using to connect and create your account is actually all done on stripe side, not done on Basquiat side. So it’s in a secure platform. You don’t have to worry about putting in your, in your information and then going anywhere crazy. Right? Now let’s talk about some affiliate metrics. So check this out guys. So you can actually see metrics of what’s happening. So we basically created custom calculations going to show you exactly what’s happening. So here we have the MMR, which is the monthly recurring revenue. So this is the active monthly subscription times 5% right? So what’s happening here is let’s say you signed somebody up for you know, let’s say they’re paying $5,000 a worth in services to dash clicks or whatever it is that they’re, they’re spending five k a month with dashboards.
You’re gonna get 5% of that. That’s, let’s say that’s $500 as an example. Or actually, sorry, it’s $250 as an example. So that’s going to be your monthly recurring revenue and that’s going to continuously just keep stacking and stacking and stacking and all these numbers. Guys wants to get her in you as the, just make sure it’s, we pay out you as the they don’t read here we have how many signups you actually created. So these are, this number is basically showing you how many people signed up using your affiliate link. Then we have a metric over here that’s paid users. So this is basically saying how many people actually signed up using your link and actually paid dash clicks anything, right? So how many converted into a paid user? And then you have that same number as a percentage right here. So you can see 24 people signed up under this link, 20 of those people actually signed up for a service.
My paid conversion rate is 83%. So 83% of the people that I sent my link to actually made a purchase with dashboards and I make commissions off of that. You can see that right here. And then we can see churn rates. So churn rate is basically the canceled subscriptions in the last 30 days divided by the active subscriptions in the last 30 days or 30 days ago, times 100. So that’s how basically calculate the churn rate. Churn rate is basically kind of like how many people are canceling and almost like a last 30 day period. Right? And then if I scroll down here, we have referred agencies over here. You can see like a list of all of the agencies. So the system is tracking every single agency that signing up under your affiliate link. It’s tracking the purchases that they’re making. As you can see one right here.
So this, this agency so far they purchased $1,348 worth in stuff from us from dash clicks. And your commission on that was $67 and 40 cents. And this this person signed up on February 5th, 2019. So this is just giving you an example and this is going to keep stacking up. You can see here the 24 links that have signed up. Now guys, I want you guys to see how powerful this program really is because really all you’re doing is just sharing this link with people, right? So you guys are probably already in networking you know, groups, you’re probably in Facebook groups. You probably have tons of people on your Facebook pages that are in the agency life, that are in the social media marketing space, that are freelancers, that are web designers. There are, that can benefit from using dash clicks, right? So it’s all as easy as just sharing this link with them and getting paid.
That’s how beautiful our dashboard is. So that’s pretty much a metric section. And another cool thing that we’re going to be adding, and if you can see that right here, you can actually see the submit and you’ll see where it says affiliate center. In just a couple of weeks, we’re going to be adding another tab over here, which is going to be called like affiliate tools, I believe. And in that we’re going to be providing you guys with tons of images that you can use, videos that you can use, swipe files that you can just take email copy that you can just swipe and use and send out an email blast to your list. So there’s gotta be tons of tools that we’re going to be providing you guys. So that way literally taking your link is so easy. It’s as easy and just going into the tool section, swiping one of our images, uploading it into your Facebook posts, creating a post and say, hey look how cool this dashboard platform is.
This is all the things that you get complete for free by signing up. And here’s the link to sign up. So once again, guys is how easier our affiliate program is, how you can make money really, really quick and fast. And hopefully guys, this basically explains how our affiliate center works. And if you have any questions for us, you can always just open up a quick live chat right here and we’ll be more than happy to help you out. So hopefully you have a great day guys, and happy affiliate marketing. I’ll see you guys soon. Bye.

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