Content Creation vs Content Marketing
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 05:26 PM

Content Creation vs Content Marketing


What’s the difference between content writing and content marketing? Is content marketing important? What should I recommend to my clients? In this video, all your questions will be answered.


That’s the great question. What’s the difference between content marketing and content creation?
The difference is is content creation is a onetime project. So whether it’s a one time, 350 word article or a onetime 500 word article or a one time, 1000 word article, that’s what content creation would be. And you can use those articles for a blog post, the service page, or post on any of the avenues that you want. Now, content marketing would be the same content creation package just on a subscription model of either, you know, two of 350 word articles to 500 word articles or two of a thousand. So depending on your goals and what your clients are looking to do, whether it’s content marketing and supplementation with SEO so that they can have fresh content every single month. It really depends on your goals, but really it’s the same service, just one’s on a subscription basis and one is a onetime project and that’s basically it.

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